Magic of the Kingdom Book 2: Chapter 4

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A month has passed, and Sarah's been enjoying life as Silvermist in the park, but can she handle life as a celebrity TV actress? She still gets nervous meeting "real" celebrities! And how will HRT affect her ability to play the role?

“Are you sure this will work?” Ratchet stage whispered to Ginni, better known as Amber, making sure the crowd could hear. “She doesn’t seem like the kind that would be afraid of spiders.”

“Look at all that jewelry and makeup she’s got on, she’s got to be a girly girl like Holly, I bet she’s definitely afraid of spiders.” Ginni giggled. They had somehow acquired a bamboo pole, which they tied a long fishing line to on one end. The other end had a gigantic, hairy rubber spider.

“I wonder how we can get up there?” Ratchet stage whispered. “I didn’t bring a ladder.”

The Evil Queen was distracted with signing autograph books and hadn’t even noticed the mischievous pair, as she stood in the shade of an old-styled two story building. Amber waved over a guy who actually had a ladder, one of the maintenance crew.

“We need your ladder,” Amber giggled. “It’s really important.”

“Well only for a moment,” The guy spoke as if he was used to park characters asking him for stuff.

“Oh!” Ratchet giggled as she opened a side door on the building. “It’s not locked!”

“Oh, nevermind,” Ginnigiggled mischievously as she bounded over. Silvermist popped up from inside the building.

“Just what are you two doing?” she said mock-sternly.

Ratchet giggled, and put a finger to her lips, “Quiet Silver, we’re trying to see if that nice lady there likes our pet.”

“Oh well why didn’t you say so!” Silvermist giggled quietly as she stepped aside. “The stairs are just over there,” she said, pointing further inside as she giggled. The two girls giggled showing Silvermist their spider before going upstairs.

Silvermist closed the door behind her. The maintenance guy had apparently decided to stay and see what happened, as Silvermist, hands folded behind her back, nonchalantly meandered over to the Queen.

The Queen had finished signing autographs, and was just about to leave, when she noticed Silvermist, and glanced down at her warily. “Yes?”

“Nothing your majesty.” Silvermist smiled sweetly. “I was just admiring your lovely crown.”

“I’ve heard about you girls. You like to steal hats, and tea pots.” The Queen leered at her.

“Oh my no,” Silvermist giggled. “I borrowed Hatter’s second best hat to go fishing with,” Silvermist said, nodding honestly. “And he let me keep it. How do you get it so shiny? It’s like Iridessa’s sunbeams.”

“Well.” The Queen smiled thoughtfully before answering, “I like to use essence of sleeping beauty to shine my crown.” She raised her hands to adjust it ever so slightly, and felt one of the spider’s legs. She froze for a moment and then slowly lowered her hands. Amber giggled, letting the spider ‘dance’ onto her shoulder. She glowered at the spider, and then looked up, staring right at the two Lost Girls.

“Eep!” Ratchet squealed, shoving the pole into Amber’s hands. By now Silvermist had made herself scarce as well.

Ginni dropped the pole and raised her hands mouthing, “It wasn’t me.” to the queen and pointing to Ratchet, or rather, where Ratchet was. She had already high-tailed it for the stairs. Ginni looked around. “RATCHET!” she screamed, grabbing the spider, and chasing after her.

What followed would go down in Disney youtube history - at least for a few days, as Ginni chased Ratchet, the Queen chased them both, and a crowd of delighted guests with cellphones and a few cameras, filmed the whole ordeal.

Ginni and Ratchet dove into some tall bushes near a wishing well, where Peter was standing and talking to a couple of teenagers as the Queen approached.

“You, boy,” she demanded. Peter grinned innocently as he took off his hat and gave a low, sweeping bow.

“Yes your Majesty?” he said, still grinning.

“Did two rotten little guttersnipes run past here?”

“Two what your majesty?” Peter asked.

She gave a weary sigh. “One of them had blonde hair, and the other as dark as night, and both were dressed quite shabbily.”

“There’s a lot of girls around here like that.” Peter nodded, “Like this one.” he pointed to the raven haired girl he had been talking to,.

“Yes yes, but she’s not dressed shabbily,” she groaned. “In fact, I should turn you into a toad for insulting such a lovely girl,” she half-teased, despite her tone, which almost never changed. The girl giggled.

“Oh well I didn’t mean it like that,” Peter laughed. “You know I didn’t mean it like that right?” he asked. The girl nodded.

“Of course not. He’s a perfect gentleman,” she giggled again.

“They must have taken the other path,” she grumbled, and turned to stalk off the other way. Peter hopped down off the well and strolled over to the bushes.

“She’s gone now,” he laughed.

Ratchet stuck her head out first, “Oh thank the Pixie sticks. That woman could scare the corns off your feet.” She paused and looked at the girls, “Oh sorry Peter, we didn’t mean to interrupt you helping out other lost girls.”

Ginni giggled and pulled out some buttons and handed them to the girls, “There now the other lost girls will know your honorary Lost girls.” they read ‘I’m a Lost girl.’, and the girls had been handing them out all day.

“Oh, that’s alright,” the raven haired girl said, laughing as Peter pretended to straighten his ‘crown’, adjusting his hat the way Maleficent would. “What did you do anyway?”

Ginni pulled out the fake spider. “We just wanted her to meet Ted.”

“That’d do it alright,” Peter laughed out loud. “You two are braver than I thought.”

“We’re not afraid of anything.” Ratchet nodded, except she ducked when she saw Hook walk by the pathway further down.

“Ah hah, speaking of challenges, I smell a codfish! Excuse me ladies,” Peter said with a grin, tipped his hat to the girls, and raced off after the poor actor in the Hook costume.

“Peter is like the coolest boy we know.” Ratchet fake swooned.

Ginni giggled, “He’s the only boy we know.” She stuck her tongue out at Ratchet.

“Well, that’s true,” Ratchet nodded her agreement. “He says there’s Lost Boys, says they built our treehouse and everything, but I ain’t seen any yet.”

“Me either.” Ginni nodded.

“They must be in another part of Neverland,” one of the girls giggled out.

“Hey that’s true!” Ratchet nodded her agreement. “Neverland is huuuuge.” She threw open her hands to emphasize the point.

“Really huge.” Ginni nodded, “I think Red has a map that Peter drew her.”

“I bet there’s treasure marked on it,” Ratchet spoke up excitedly, running off.

“Hey! Wait up!” Amber called, running after her.


“Sunflower seed for your thoughts?” Jade asked as she sat down next to Sarah in one of the employee break rooms. Sarah was sipping a bottle of water, but had been mostly quiet, and both had changed back to their street clothes. Sarah was waiting to give Annie a ride home.

“Hope you’ve more than just the one holding your dress together,” Sarah teased, getting a laugh out of Jade.

“Hey, I’m supposed to be the one cheering you up, not the other way around,” Jade answered. “Is everything okay?”

“Just thinking about... things,” Sarah answered. “Everything happened so fast. Inside a month I went from a janitor to a TV star, not to mention coming to grips with being transgender. Now I have the show to think about and my role at the park, and my sister-”

As if on cue, Annie walked through the door. She was leaning into Megan and crying.

“We’ll do whatever it takes to make this right,” Megan said. “I promise.”

Annie nodded. “I know. I’m sorry. It’s just not fucking fair,” she sighed. Sarah stood and ran to her sister.

“What happened?” she asked. Annie wrapped her arms around Sarah.

“Gretchen’s mom went full bitch mode,” she said, trying to dry her eyes. “She tore up Gretchen’s and Crystal’s contracts and threw them in Gennine’s face, and told me she never wants to see me talking to Gretchen or Crystal again.”

“Shit,” Sarah sighed, holding Annie close. “Did she even say why?”

Megan spoke up. “What I gathered was that, after realizing Gretchen and Crystal would be spending whole days at the park, and that they would have to homeschool once school started, she pitched a fit.”

“But that doesn’t explain Crystal,” Jade sighed, a mix of disbelief and concern.

“Yeah, no fucking idea what that’s about,” Megan said. She hardly swore, but she was furious. “Unfortunately the way their contracts are structured, they have the right to do this.”

“I’m going to talk to Gennine,” Sarah sighed. “Gretchen’s mom might be a lost cause, but maybe we can at least salvage Annie and Crystal’s friendship. Hey Megan? Can I get a huge favor?”

“Sure: anything,” Megan answered, nodding.

“Could you guys give Annie a lift home for me?”

“Sure,” Megan said. “We can take the limo. You can come hang out with us too, if you want? It’s just me and Juliette, and Carolyn and Amber. Rebecca’s going out for dinner with Carly.”

Annie sighed, giving Megan a hug as Juliette came into the room. “Thanks. But I just want to be alone right now. But I’ll take that ride if you’re still offering.”

Juliette hugged Annie. “I’m so sorry. I-”

Annie shook her head. “It’s okay. It’s not your fault. I’ve been expecting something like this. Gretchen’s mom is insane overprotective.”

“Things were a lot simpler when you could just make everything better with ice cream, huh?” Sarah said. Annie gave a small laugh at that and nodded, hugging her sister again.

“This is my fault,” Sarah sighed. “I never should’ve got them wrapped up in all this.”

“This is NOT your fault,” Jade said, rather sternly, which honestly startled Sarah. Jade was the least forward, least outspoken person she knew, so for her to use that tone, she had Sarah’s undivided attention. Jade sat down beside Sarah and took her hand. “Sarah, look at me.”

Sarah looked at her, and Jade smiled.

“I know it’s easy to blame yourself. Believe me, I’ve blamed myself for far worse. But if you give in to that kind of thinking, then you let them win. There will always be people like Gretchen’s mom, or my ex, who make you feel like you’re the one in the wrong. But if you give up, Annie will too.”

“She’s right, you know,” Gennine spoke up, but quietly as she finally stepped away from the door followed by a man in a black business suit. “This isn’t your fault.”

“Crap,” Sarah said under her breath as she stood. She recognized a corporate suit when she saw one.

The man nodded to the girls, “I’m actually not here for you, I’m looking for Katherine Dupree. Having witnessed the incident, I’m to negotiate with her, and failing that, serve her a lawsuit.”

“I’m not sure this is the way to approach this though,” Sarah said. “Won’t this just push her even farther? She has the resources to drag this out in court for a long time.”

“And according to Gretchen’s contract, only she can back out of it. There was nothing in the wording about her mother being able to end her contract.” The man stated. “My boss said to serve her. My hands are tied in this one.”

“I’m not happy about this either,” Gennine said, “But you said yourself, this isn’t something that can be settled easily.”

Sarah nodded reluctantly. “You’re right. She’s not the kind of person who listens to reason. She’s stubborn.”

Gennine nodded, “Besides this is what both girls wanted: to work with you guys.”

“What about their legal status as minors?” Jade asked. “They can’t legally enter into any agreement without a guardian’s consent can they?”

“Untrue.” Megan giggled, “In the state of California, it’s 14 to enter into a contract without parental consent. And because our legal team is based out of California, that’s the state law that applies in this case isn’t it?”

The man nodded. “Indeed. I’m willing to offer an olive branch to Mrs. Dupree, however when that fails, I’ll be forced to exercise our legal muscle in the matter.”

“Shit,” Annie sighed, much more loudly than Sarah’s earlier. “I’ll be lucky if Gretchen even wants to speak to me again after this.”

“I don’t think this is her doing.” Olivia spoke.

“I know,” Annie nodded. “But... this is her mom. I’m just some girl she just met.”

“Don’t worry.” Megan hugged Annie. “Everything has a silver lining. When does it all go down?”

“This afternoon,” the man said. “I’ll make the phone call myself, try to reason with her, and then failing that, I’ll proceed with contacting Crystal’s parents, and go from there.”

Annie glanced at Megan. “Is that offer to hang out still good? I ... sort of don’t want to be alone anymore. This feels like the sort of thing that could end really badly.”

“Try not to think about what if,” Juliette said. “If you want to make yourself sick, let’s get Amber and Carolyn and order enough pizza and ice cream to do it properly,” she said, smiling at Annie, who cracked a small smile now.

“Thanks guys... I’d be so lost without you,” she sighed. “I mean I can understand where she’s coming from. Gretchen goes to a very elite private school,” she said as they started out again.

“By the way,” Gennine said, “I’d like Silvermist and Tinkerbell to accompany a few guests on the Peter Pan’s Flight ride tomorrow before the scheduled Pixie meet and greet, if you two are up for it?” she asked.

Olivia brightened. “Of course!”

Sarah laughed a little and nodded. “Yes ma’am. You know, I’ve never actually been on that ride yet. This should be fun.”

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