Magic of the Kingdom Book 2: Chapter 1

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A month has passed, and Sarah's been enjoying life as Silvermist in the park, but can she handle life as a celebrity TV actress? She still gets nervous meeting "real" celebrities! And how will HRT affect her ability to play the role?

“Honey, I’m home,” Sarah called jokingly as she came through the door to the apartment she shared with Olivia. Olivia had already been home for a bit, as Sarah had to go back to her parents’ to go over Annie’s contract as a Lost Girl.

“Hey stranger,” Olivia laughed as she climbed out of the pool, stopping at the edge to towel herself off. “How did it go with your parents?”

“They took it pretty darn well.. Annie’s so excited too, she’s a massive fan of Mark and Juliette - I mean Megan.” Sarah sighed. “Hard to believe that used to be Mark though.”

“I know right?” Olivia giggled. “Gennine is surprisingly cool with us taking off for the big time too.”

“Yeah,” Sarah said as she sat down on the sofa and picked up her art tablet. It was an expensive Wacom Intuos Pro with its own display, unlike the old Bamboo she had been using before her little sister geeked out her PC setup.

“Annie loaned me a thumb drive with some kind of lost episode where Mark comes out as Megan. I promised her I’d watch it, but I keep forgetting,” Sarah laughed. “I’ll watch it tonight for sure, after girls’ night.”

“Put it on the big T.V. so we can watch it together?” Olivia asked. “I actually really liked that show, plus we have a few hours before girl’s night.”

“Oh, good idea!” Sarah said as she jumped up and ran into her office. She returned a moment later with a sparkling pink translucent thumb drive. There was no question whatsoever that it was Annie’s or Sarah’s. Sarah walked over to the flat screen mounted on the wall, and began to inspect it, front, bottom, and sides. “Uhh...” she said, confused.

Olivia giggled softly as she watched for a moment, before offering to help. “It’s on the bottom but it’s kinda in the back a bit. You can feel it if you stick your finger up under the edge.”

“Sticking my finger in a light socket when I was three taught me never to repeat it,” Sarah laughed, instead getting down on her knees to look up underneath. “Oh there you are,” she said, trying to fumble the drive into place. It didn’t fit. She turned it over, and it slid right in. “Oh, so that’s what that weird symbol means.”

“You know I don’t think I’ve ever used it before. Oh, just give me a second to change,” she added as Sarah sat down on the sofa again. She picked up the digital art pad again, this time managing to turn it on, and began to add defining lines to her latest Silvermist sketch.

“You know what amazes me about CGI?” Sarah spoke, “The way they can actually shrink us down to real pixie size when we fly in, or create pixie magic that looks so realistic. I was talking with Regina in the art department and she showed off a realistic tidal wave that’s perfect for Silvermist.”

“Oh I know right?” Olivia said as she came back. “At first I thought they wanted us as voice actresses or something. I wasn’t expecting full on live action.”

“Neither was I. I was sort of embarrassed when Rob yelled Action, and I was like um..” Sarah giggled.

“You did great,” Olivia giggled as she snuggled into Sarah. “I was a nervous wreck. And I thought poor Jade was going to blow pixie dust,” she laughed as Sarah put her art pad down again, exchanging it for the TV remote, which she promptly offered to Olivia.

“All I know is,” Sarah sighed, “I’m going to enjoy tonight. I have plenty of steam that needs to be elsewhere.” She giggled. “We shall paint the air blue at IHOP tonight.”

“Was it IHOP?” Olivia laughed. “I lost track of where we were going on our wheel of destinations,” she joked. It had become something of a tradition to hit a different restaurant every other girls’ night, while returning to their favorite diner the next week. She raised the remote and switched it over to the USB-reading channel, and booted up the bootleg video.

Sarah leaned into Olivia as the traditional theme song played, only as the logo ‘My Brother Mark’ displayed, a CG graphic of the words ‘Brother Mark’ being crossed out appeared, and the look and sound of someone scribbling in ‘Sister Megan’ appeared underneath.


So far the Pixie Hollow crew had only faced one day of filming, but it was a longer, harder day than any of them had pulled working at the park. And it was only June. As Sarah came out of the bedroom, putting in a set of small gold plated hoop earrings, someone buzzed from downstairs.

“Lost Girls calling!” Megan and Juliette chimed in unison and giggled.

“Hey! Come on up!” Sarah buzzed them in over the intercom to open the front for them. Sarah opened the door, waiting for the elevator in the doorway.

Megan whistled as she stepped off the elevator, looking around. Several framed pictures, including some iconic Disney character portraits, were hung around the hallway, as well as various landscapes, and a few abstract works. Juliette waved, but she was as fascinated as Megan, with a big portrait of Tinkerbell, Silvermist, and the others sitting on a hill, watching the sun set over the horizon.

“Wow,” Megan giggled out. “That’s it. I want to work on a Tinkerbell movie so I can get cool promo art like this too.”

Sarah laughed. “Oh, that’s not promo work. I painted that a couple of years ago.”

“Wow, seriously?” Megan gasped. “Sarah this is amazing. This belongs in a Disney museum or something,” she teased. “Hey, thanks for inviting us out tonight,” she added. “You really didn’t have to.”

“We know from hearing you guys giggle about it that girls’ night is important to you,” Juliette added. “We’re really honored.”

Olivia giggled as she came to the door. “And we know how stressful filming can be, having to do retakes of retakes and getting everything just right. We figured you needed this as much as we did,” she said.

“Oh,” Sarah spoke up as they let the girls inside their main apartment. They owned the entire floor, but considered the actual living area ‘their apartment’. The rest was being renovated as studio space. “Just so you know, we’re not a drinking crowd. I’m not saying that because of your age though. I got the same warning when I joined.” She laughed.

“We’ve both tried it.. I sure don’t like it.” Megan said.

Sarah nodded. “Me either. I can’t hold my liquor at all, and Kelly is actually allergic.”

“The biker girl who plays Periwinkle?” Juliette asked. “Wow. That makes me feel better.”

Olivia nodded, adding, “It’s the taste that gets me. When I was your age a well meaning uncle gave me a sip of his,” she paused to make finger quotes, “‘homemade wine’. It tasted so bad, I could never go near the stuff again.”

“I think that’s the biggest reason Disney doesn’t want to let us go,” Juliette said dryly. “Megan and I don’t like to party.”

“But they don’t know what to do with us either,” Megan laughed. “We’re like the poster children for normal, except for the whole TG and possibly lesbian thing.”

“Nope we’re a pair.. it’s in our contract.” Juliette winked. “You can’t have one without the other unless we both agree to it.”

“I don’t really get why the TG thing would even matter though,” Sarah said. “I mean they were thrilled to have me as a park actress, and I know for a fact I’m not the first trans girl they’ve hired.”

“The whole boat rocking thing,” Megan answered. “They’re getting better about it, like I know for a fact there’s a lesbian couple in an upcoming animated movie,” she added, grinning innocently. “But you didn’t hear that.”

“But Disney has an old school image, and people expect certain things from them.” Juliette sighed.

“Ohhh,” Sarah nodded. “That makes sense. It’s like how as park actresses we have to keep a certain look or we can’t play our characters anymore. Don’t rock the boat.” She giggled a bit.

“Speaking of,” Megan sighed, “I had to add walking and jogging to my list of daily activities.” she motioned to her backside, and Juliette gave her a playful hip bump.

Sarah frowned. “Seriously? I thought it wouldn’t matter as much for a TV role, especially with you guys as creative consultants.”

“She has image issues..” Juliette winked. “She had them as Mark too.”

“Sarah’s the same way,” Olivia chimed in. “She’s constantly checking that her hair or makeup or boobs are perfect,” she teased.

“I think you found your walking partner.” Juliette giggled.

“Absolutely,” Sarah laughed. “I do tai chi in the morning, so I’m already up and around early. Anytime you want to go walking or jogging just give me a call, or a text.”

Megan started to sing, and Sarah and Juliette joined in on the second or third word, “Call me beep me if you wanna reach me. If you wanna page me it’s okay.”

“Oh, I love Kim Possible,” Kelly, dressed rather nicely in a spaghetti strap knee length plum colored dress over a short sleeved white top, which showed off all of her arm and wrist tattoos, said as she appeared in the doorway, holding the hand of a honey blonde haired girl with her hair in a white Alice band.

“Oh, FYI, we have three weeks before air of the pilot episode after we’re done filming it.” Megan smiled. “AMC seems to want to push it out, it might be Disney forcing their hands though.”

Juliette grinned. It was as if they planned to bring it up right when Kelly arrived. “We’re hoping that Periwinkle can atleast make an appearance in the Pilot, and then we can use her as we need her.”

Kelly laughed. “I’ll be honest. I made up that line on the spot because, if you do steal the others permanently, someone’s got to stay and train the new crop. Geninne's been looking for more girls to play us anyway, so we’re not being run to death. But yeah, I’d love to do cameo shots if you need Peri. It’d be fun.”

Megan laughed, “It’s in the contract that you can leave the show and return to the park any time you want. I’ve seen how much you girls like being the Pixie hollow girls, so I made sure you had an out.”

“Especially Silvermist,” Juliette giggled out. “I mean whoever they get to play her when Sarah’s busy has to pull double duty as an actress and lifeguard.”

“Sarah’s going to be a hard shoe to fill.” Olivia nodded.

Sarah looked down at her feet, and in her best Silvermist voice, said “Hey, Fawn’s feet are bigger than mine!” causing everyone to laugh.

“I didn’t want to say anything, but Megan and I were told last night, that the production crew is looking for some property here in Florida. They’re trying to find it near Orlando since the New Zealand deal fell through”

“It’s kind of a shame,” Megan sighed. “We were really looking forward to doing the full show in New Zealand, but Dad agrees with the AMC people. It’d be easier on you guys too.”

“That and finding extra’s is easier here stateside.” Juliette nodded. “And honestly... We really don’t want to lose you,” she giggled out. “When Megan texted me a picture of Tink, i was like ‘This girl is Tinkerbell. We have to have her’. Then she met Silvermist.”

Sarah laughed. “God, that was a crazy day. I really only just started working at the park, but I’d been doing the Pixie Hollow voices for my little sister for a long time.”

“Bull,” Megan laughed. “I refuse to believe you haven’t been there at least a year.”

Sarah shook her head. “Nope. Actually I’m still kind of learning how to be a girl too.”

“Same here on that part.” Megan laughed, “I mean sure I got to have a nice small time off and get to relax and stuff, but there’s still stuff about being a girl that’s just like ‘woah’. Did you know, if you eat too much, it goes to your hips and your butt?”

“Oh man,” Sarah whined, “And I was going to load up on the pancakes tonight. I’m so hungry.”

“Hey that’s what walking’s for.” Juliette giggled, “Don’t let her get you down.”

“Speaking of,” Olivia giggled, “The others are going to meet us there. You two need a ride?” she asked.

“Oh we have a car.” Juliette shook her head.

“Sweet,” Sarah said as she grabbed her purse.. “Liv and I can catch a ride with Kelly and Christina.”

“Juliette and I have been kind of independant for a long while, so we have a hired car that usually takes us anywhere we want to go.”

“My parents are like that,” Sarah nodded. “It drives Annie crazy though. One of her friends is like, one of those helicopter parents, constantly hovering. Our mom though? You’ll be lucky to pull her out of her studio when she’s in her Zen place listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd on 11. And Dad’s in a punk band, so... yeah.” She laughed.

“My dad’s a producer/director, my mom’s a talent agent slash manager, Juliette’s mom is too, and her dad’s a Football guy so he’s never around till offseason.” Megan nodded as they stepped off the elevator together. “It’s funny how much we have in common.”.

Sarah giggled. “Yeah. It really is. You remind me so much of Annie. Sometimes I forget she’s only 13.”

“Biggest diff is, we were actresses the entire time.” Juliette nodded. “I’m not going to lie to you, acting in the park and acting on camera are two very different things. But I guess you figured that out today huh?”

“Amen to that,” Olivia groaned. “We gained a whole new respect for what you guys do all the time and this was just the first day,” she laughed, waving as the girls got into their car.

The car pulled away, but didn’t go straight to IHOP, instead heading for another residential suburb first.

Annie came running out of a rather large two story as the car pulled up to a stop on the street to wait for Christina to pull away again. Annie hopped in the backseat of Christina’s new SUV, and soon enough they were off again. They pulled into the IHOP parking lot, where the group of young women had already gathered just outside to wait for them.

Olivia waved to everyone, “Hey guys. Had to stop and get Annie first.”

“Sorry,” Annie said wryly. “I meant to come to Sarah and Olivia’s sooner, but I kind of pulled a Mom and got lost in my work.” She still had some paint on her hands, but it was dried by now and would take a good scrubbing to remove. She sheepishly buried her fingertips in the pockets of her jeans.

A woman carrying an expensive DSLR camera around her neck approached but stayed back a small distance, “Hey is that Juliette and Megan with you guys?” she asked the girls. Juliette recognized her right off, but Megan hadn’t seen her face yet.

Megan groaned quietly, but Juliette grinned. “Oh! Hi Amanda!” She waved and approached, dragging Megan with her. “What’s up?”

“I won’t keep you girls too long, but do you mind if I take a picture of you all?” Amanda asked, “And ask you two some questions?”

“I don’t mind,” Juliette said brightly, turning to the others. “I promise Amanda’s cool. She’s with TMZ. They’re super respectful.”

“I actually ask before I snap.” Amanda laughed.

Megan giggled, relaxing. “Oh, Juliette told me about you. Sure, I don’t mind.” The others nodded or gave their general verbal agreement.

“Great! I just want you girls to know Juliette and Megan pictures are going for around a grand right now: just a heads up.” Amanda laughed, as she took a shot of all the girls in the parking lot that were there to hang out. Megan put one arm around Juliette and the other around Annie, the three grinning as the older girls crowded around them. Kelly tried to hide in the back, but Christina pulled her closer.

“So my only questions are,” Amanda winked, “Foremost, are you girls filming something together?”

“Well,” Megan said, “Annie, Juliette and I are. These gals are part of our film crew.”

“I won’t press on that.” Amanda said, “Ok one final question, Juliette are you and Megan finally dating? TMZ really wants to know. Our boss is a massive fan of yours,” she added. “He’s got several signed pictures of yours in his office.”

Juliette giggled as she looked at Megan and grinned. “Are we dating?”

Megan laughed, “That’s the billion dollar question. I think that our true fans already know the answer.”

Juliette glanced at Amanda just long enough to shoot her a mischievous grin. Amanda’s reporter instincts kicked in and she raised her camera just in time to catch a close-up of Juliette planting a kiss right on Megan’s lips.

“The first PDA we’ve ever done, and it’s for TMZ only,” Megan managed to giggle out as the others headed inside.

“I’ll make sure to watermark it so it can’t be lifted off the website easily,” Amanda laughed. “Thank you so much girls. I hope I didn’t keep you long.”

“Not at all, thanks Amanda.” Juliette waved as they followed the others inside. “She’s like the coolest Rotzi I’ve ever met.”

Sarah laughed. “She’s one of those rare breed of artistic photogs. I love those kinds.”

“So you two have a grand bounty on your heads huh?” Olivia asked. “Nice save on calling us your film crew by the way. Gennine would lay ten kinds of eggs if our names got out.” She laughed.

“Well for one, we can’t use your names till after the pilot airs.” Megan nodded, “And for two, Annie’s got a massive week ahead of her. They’re going to be doing a back story on her character now.”

“Which means it’ll be back to the park for us,” Carol laughed softly. “At least after our part’s finished this week.”

“Till after the pilot airs and we start filming the season.” Juliette nodded. “Oh God you guys have to meet Lynn the girl they got to play Hook’s daughter, Captain Steele. She’ll be on set Monday I think.”

“Is she the one we get to kill?” Annie giggled.

“No, she’s our recurring Enemy.” Megan giggled. “Peter Pan has Captain Hook. We get Captain Steele. They’ve already got three episodes written, we’re going to be doing about 15 per season.”

“Lost Girls party,” Juliette giggled out as a waitress approached them.

“Oh sure! Right this way ladies,” she said without missing a beat. Sarah laughed.

“AMC warned them we were coming huh?” she teased.

“Megan and I have watch dogs from the studio. I’m sure they’re in here somewhere.” Juliette giggled again. “Annie will have one starting Monday too.”

Sarah grinned over Annie’s shoulder. “Well, you’re always complaining about Mom never being around. Careful what you wish for.”

Annie groaned, and then laughed. “Yeah, no kidding.”


“... And the guy is like ‘Oh my God, you’re Debby Ryan!’. Poor Debby’s like ‘Oh God, please don’t be a stalker, please don’t be crazy’,” Juliette giggled. “Next thing you know he’s dragging his sister over to meet her. Turned out it was the girl’s birthday. It was really sweet.”

Megan giggled, “There were several times like that filming MBM, I missed a lot of them because, well you know, but yeah.” she shrugged. “After I decided to become Megan a lot of things have changed, for one I haven't missed much of anything cool.” she winked.

“Can I ask you a serious question?” Sarah asked as she put down her fork, having polished off her third plate of pancakes by now. The others were in various states of wishing they hadn’t eaten that last pancake as they sat around the large table, laughing and relaxing.

“Hey, we’re going to be family, “ Megan said, grinning as she licked some syrup off the corner of her mouth, foregoing a napkin entirely. “So you can ask away.”

“Did you have problems with depression?” Sarah asked.

“A lot,” Megan answered. She paused, took a sip of her soda, and let out a quiet burp. “This last movie Juliette and I did kinda hit home,” she sighed. “I was on a cocktail of antidepressants up until a year ago when I started living as Megan full time. it started out as a way to avoid being hounded, after my sister’s director mistook me for a girl and asked me to play that bit role in Dark Days. But I started to realize I didn’t need the drugs anymore.”

Sarah nodded. “See I had the same experience. My therapist has put me off my ADs completely. I even developed gynecomastia from one of them,” she laughed. “So it wasn’t all bad.”

“She’s more fun to hang with without them anyway.” Olivia giggled out. Sarah nodded.

“I’m kind of jelly,” Megan teased her, that odd inflection of California and Australia co-mingling adorably as always. “Well, I shouldn’t be. You are older, but you have boobs. I just have nubs.” She pulled on her top to tighten it a little and then let out a giggle.

“Yeah, but you get to experience puberty naturally. I’ll be honest with you guys... I’m not even on HRT yet, and going through with it scares the hell out of me.” Sarah breathed a slow sigh.

“If you want I can talk with my doctor?” Megan asked. “She’s like the best of the best. She’s even talking about moving here to work with me if we do end up staying stateside for the filming.”

“I like the one I go to. She’s not pushy, but some of the things she’s telling me really do scare the crap out of me.” Sarah laughed. “You know how Disney is about its park actresses looking a certain way. If I go on HRT, my whole body could go ass-ways on me. If I can’t look like Silvermist, my career’s done.”

Megan lifted her sleeve to show Sarah were her HRT implant was placed - a tiny thing just below the skin, hardly even noticeable. “This stuff is amazing, but man does it play havoc on you for the first few months, I was turning into such a Diva for a bit there.”

“Still are,” Juliette quipped and then giggled. “But I am too. It’s just part of being a teenager or something.”

Sarah laughed. “That’s another thing. Puberty was hell the first time around. I’ll have to do it twice.”

“There’s an older girl that goes to another doctor in the place I go.” Megan smiled, “She said that she had an easier time with the hormone changes, but it differs from person to person.”

Vanessa, the light blonde better known as Rosetta, spoke up. “I don’t think Gennine would let you go, Buttercup, even if your body did go ass-over-tits on you.” She giggled.

“Really?” Sarah asked. Jade, better known as Iridessa, laughed.

“Nah, she’d just make you run laps around the park,” she teased.

“I’d pitch a fit.” Megan giggled, “You’re one of my favorite pixies in the park.” She looked at the other girls, “Don’t take it wrong, you are all good as well.”

“Oh no, we understand,” Kelly said, nodding. “Silvermist is kind of the reason we got all these massive renovations to Pixie Hollow coming, even though she’d never admit it.”

“I did notice there were a lot of work crews over there.” Megan nodded.

“It’s going to be so cute,” Annie gushed. “Silvermist’s new hut is going to be one of Hatter’s hats.” She giggled.

“Cool.” Megan cheered. “Our set designers are working on a Pixie Hollow as well. Episode 3 has us Lost Girls visiting it. The writers are still working on how we shrink down to your size though.”

“Oh that’s easy Dew Drop,” Sarah said in Silvermist’s voice. “It’s the same magic that lets us grow big when we leave the Hollow for the park.” She laughed. “Sorry. I’ve used that speech far too often the last week.”

“A little bit of Pixie dust, and some happy thoughts, just like flying.” Olivia spoke in her Tinkerbell voice.

“Oh I love that,” Juliette said as she quickly grabbed her phone. “Gotta write that one down before I forget. Okay,” she announced, putting her phone away, “Texted Uncle Rob to pass those both on to the writers.” She giggled.

“God I’ve never been more excited for anything before.” Annie bubbled. “But I really hope I do a good job as Ratchet. It’s going to be so weird. I’m like the young human version of Tinkerbell.”

Olivia laughed. “I was just thinking the exact same thing. Tink is going to absolutely adore Ratchet. I can already see her going a mile a minute babbling about her collection of lost things.”

Annie giggled and nodded. “I did read a bit ahead, and the look that Tink is supposed to give when she sees Ratchet's lab area in the Tree House... It’s going to be priceless. I’m worried about the whole accent thing though. I’m terrible at character voices.”

“Take it from someone who’s been acting most of her life. Just make her you.” Juliette said. “We didn’t choose you for Rachet because of your accent.”

Megan nodded. “Juliette and I are actually struggling with ours. I used to talk like a Californian, but spending a year in Sydney has ruined me.”

Juliette laughed. “And I sound like some weird cross between a surf chick and an Aussie. People can’t decide if I’m from South Africa or Scotland. It’s really funny because they never guess Australia, let alone L.A.”

“That’s if they don’t recognize us right off,” Megan laughed now too. “Dad says it’s a sign of a good actress though so we just kind of roll with it. But yeah, if you want to get together and work on lines ahead of time we’d love to help.”

“I know a few people who can help you cultivate an accent too.” Juliette giggled. “If you want one.”

“That would be awesome - both I mean,” Annie giggled. “AMC put me in touch with some of the acting coaches at the park too, but they seem more focused on... well, park acting. Not that that’s a bad thing, but park actors don’t work from a script.”

“Exactly. Park acting is a good start.” Megan nodded. “But it’s only half of it.” she pulled out something from her small purse and handed one to Sarah, and a laminate one to Annie. The one for Sarah was for her Doctor/therapist, and the other was for a voice coach for Annie. She turned to Sarah, “Trust me, I have nothing against American doctors, but AU doctors, even EU doctors are way different.”

“Well, it can’t hurt to give her a call,” Sarah said as she looked down at the card. “Can’t help feeling like I’m cheating though,” she laughed. “I should at least talk to my therapist about it first, let her know I’m considering a second opinion.”

Megan nodded. “That’s a good idea actually. Like I said, they do things way differently. Sometimes getting an outside opinion makes things a lot clearer.” She winked as Annie jumped, letting out a startled squeal..

“Sorry,” she whined, blushing. “Phone’s on vibrate. It scared me,” she sighed as she took out her phone.

“Hi Crystal, what’s up?” she said quietly so as not to interrupt the ongoing conversation. They had a private dining area all to themselves, so she didn’t have to worry about other diners at least.

“What’s up?” Crystal repeated. “You’re famous girl! Twitter is crazy right now with that picture of you with Megan and Juliette.”

Annie covered her mouth, giggling behind it. Stains of blue and red from her recent project dotted her fingers still, dappled with blueberry syrup now too. “You know you could be famous too. They’re still looking for more Lost Girls.”

“Is that Crystal or Gretchen?” Juliette giggled.

“Crystal.” Annie whispered.

“They remembered my name?” Crystal asked, shocked, having overheard Juliette. Annie laughed and put Crystal on speaker.

“Hey Crystal!” the entire table cheered in unison. Crystal giggled nervously.

“Ugh, why did you put me on speaker!” she whined.

Megan laughed. “It makes it harder for you to say no?” she answered. “We’re putting Annie in touch with a voice coach to go with the acting coaches the company’s got for her. They’re super easy to work with.”

“But all those cameras...” Crystal said nervously. “Plus I almost peed when Miss Gomez talked to me at the after party the other day. Why not try Gretchen? She wants to be an actress, and she’s really good.”

“Because we want you both.” Megan giggled. “We’re going to corner her when we see her.”

“If it’s any comfort,” Olivia said with a lilt in her voice, “I’ve been working at the park for a year and I still have to fight myself not to get starstruck around celebrity guests.”

“And my first day, I blew fairy dust,” Jade giggled. “If I can play Iridessa in front of thousands of people, you can handle one camera. We’ll work with you.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” Crystal said finally, “But um... Why would you want to do all that for me? Why even want me? Annie’s a great artist, and her dad and sister are famous, and Gretchen’s an amazing musician and singer. I’m literally nobody.”

“Because, we want unknown actresses and actors, for one.” Megan said, “And besides why shouldn’t we do that for you? You’re more than nobody. You’re a friend.”

Juliette picked up at that. “There’s a great saying I’ve learned. We used it in the true final episode of MBM, but I believe it with all my heart. Friends are the family that you get to choose. I know I don’t know you nearly as well as Annie, or even Megan, but I’d like to change that. You seem like a really cool, sweet girl with a lot of potential. You just need to let yourself show it.”

“Aww,” Crystal sniffed. “You guys... You’re going to make me cry,” she sighed. “Okay, I guess I can try, but I won’t promise not to be completely terrible.” She giggled.

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