Zoe and Ashleigh's Story Booke Corner

We are Zoe and Ashleigh, authors of many genres and flavors, focusing primarily on LGBT fiction. We’re also game designers!

Zoe has been writing for 8 years with a semi-professional background in an editing environment as a photographer, despite being legally blind. Even with that sometimes crippling disability she continues to pursue visual arts like photography, painting, YouTube Video creation, and under Ashleigh’s guidance, game development.

Ashleigh has been writing for 5 years give or take a few months, and coding in Csharp and various other languages for 14 years. Notably she was active in Emulator communities for many years and continues to spearhead the historical preservation project “CellAO”, seeking to preserve Anarchy Online. Her ultimate goal is to eventually create her own MMO of any sorts.