Magic of the Kingdom Book 2: Chapter 9

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A month has passed, and Sarah's been enjoying life as Silvermist in the park, but can she handle life as a celebrity TV actress? She still gets nervous meeting "real" celebrities! And how will HRT affect her ability to play the role?

Storm clouds rumbled overhead as the girls’ bus rolled up onto the filming site. “Is it really safe to be out here?” Sarah asked as they unloaded.

“As long as we wrap before noon,” Rob said, nodding. “Don’t worry, we’re monitoring the situation very closely. Katherine would have my head if I put any of you in actual danger just for a realistic shot,” he said with a laugh.

“And your ass in court,” Katherine, Gretchen’s mother, said sternly, but then cracked a smile. “Alright, we have thirty minutes for makeup because the outer bands will hit in an hour or so.”

Megan approached Olivia and Sarah, “Is that offer to get us into your shelter still standing, because we found out our hotel doesn’t have a shelter. Their plan is to take us to an evac station.”

“Absolutely,” Olivia nodded. “We have plenty of space available. Our super even told us if anyone needed to come shelter with us that they have food and fresh water for months.”

“I just hope it blows over by the 4th,” Annie sighed. “I’ve got a backstage pass signed by freaking Selena Gomez I want to use.” She giggled.

“Same here.” Sarah giggled too. They were definitely filming out of sequence what they were going to be filming today wouldn’t be seen till next episode, but at the same time, a real storm would be better than any CG storm or wind and rain machine. They just had to be fast and not have any major flubs of lines.

“Okay, so,” Megan said, “We’re relaxing by the bonfire roasting fish, a warning horn blows, Silvermist crashes into Vidya and lands on top of her.”

“There’s a storm coming!” Sarah said on cue. “Batten down the whatsits! Secure the doodads!”

“Kindly get your knee out of my crotch,” Morgan grunted, reading from her script even as they worked on her makeup.

“Peter says it’s the biggest storm in Neverland history,” Sarah continued.

The line reading continued for a bit as the wind picked up. “Okay it’s now or never,” Rob called. “We’ll start with Silvermist and Vidya’s closeup shot.”

Morgan lay down next to the bonfire as if she had just been knocked over, even wiggling a little to get some extra dust on her. Sarah listened to Rob’s instructions, trying to move into position without looking like she was trying to have sex with Morgan in the process.

“Perfect! Let’s get a closeup shot of the opening dialogue here,” he called. The camera panned in, and Silvermist said excitedly.

“There’s a storm coming!” She looked around frantically.

“Wide shot,” the director called.

“Batten down the whatsits! Secure the doodads!”


“Perfect! Everyone get to the bus,” Rob yelled as they began tearing down the cameras in the pouring rain. “No time to change! Grab the film and leave the cameras!”

“National weather service has upgraded it to a Category 4,” the driver said, as he listened to a weather radio broadcast. “It’s still south of Orlando so we have time to get everyone back.”

“Anyone who doesn’t have a shelter in their hotel or homes,” Sarah called out once everyone was on board, “You can come home with Olivia and me. Over half our complex is out on vacation, so there’s plenty of room.”

“It’s a newer building too,” Olivia said, “Built after Andrew so you know it’s built strong.”

“Ugh, god damnit, Mom, pick up,” Annie could be heard swearing at her phone. “Why pick today of all days to space out.”

Sarah got up and walked over to kneel beside her. “I’m sure she’s fine,” she said reassuringly.

“She’s supposed to call and let us know whether or not her and Dad are coming to your place to wait out the storm. I just wish she could be a normal mom once in awhile.”

Katherine cleared her throat. “Honey, take it from me, there’s no such thing as a normal mom.” Annie glanced at her, and she gave the girl a sheepish look. “My mom was a hippie too. She was never around. I had to learn to shave my legs from my gym teacher, which was awkward on so many levels because he was a man,” she laughed quietly.

“Grandma was a hippie?” Gretchen said, sounding shocked. Katherine nodded.

“That’s why I’m so overbearing and protective of you girls,” she sighed. “Overcompensating I suppose. I just never wanted you to feel like I did with her, like I didn’t love you.”

“I guess Mom’s not really that bad,” Annie sighed. “She does care, and I know she loves us. It’s just-” her phone rang. “Mommy? Oh thank God. Yes I’ve been trying to call you. We’re on our way back. The driver says it’s south of Orlando still so you guys have time. Yeah, Sarah says it’s fully stocked. I could use a change of clothes, but don’t put yourself in danger. Just get over to Sarah’s and we’ll meet you there soon.”

Megan’s phone rang next. She laughed. “Hi Mum.”

Sarah giggled as she hugged Annie, and then got back to her seat. Rain poured down on the bus in relentless sheets as they got closer to civilization. Olivia giggled a little. “Wish we could have changed first. We must look like the circus is in town.”

“I kind of want to see the look on your neighbors’ faces when you guys walk in dressed like that,” Carol, still looking like Fawn, giggled.

“We hardly see any of our neighbors.” Sarah laughed. “Should be fun.”


“Coming back from a convention?” the woman at the front desk teased Sarah as several cast and crew came pouring in the front door. She laughed softly at her own bad joke. “I’m just kidding. The shelter is open if you want to head down. We’ve provided towels, robes, and fresh, hot soup if you like.”

“Thought us costumed Con goers would head up to our place first. I have some stuff the girls can borrow.” Olivia giggled. “And we can change before heading down. We got a little time.”

The woman nodded and picked up a small, portable weather radio. “Here, take this up with you. They’ve completely shut down the park. The hotels are on lockdown. The upper floors should be safe, as they’re rated for category 4+ winds, but if it gets too much worse the basement is fully reinforced.”

“Thanks Katie. This is some of the cast and crew of that show I was telling you about.” Sarah said. “Last we heard they were upgrading it to category 4, so we won’t be long.”

“Katie used to work at the park,” Olivia said as some of them got on the elevator. “Some of our neighbors still do,” she giggled. “But Katie’s familiar with Disney NDAs so she won’t say anything.”

“Ohh, that’s why the convention line,” Emily giggled, looking like Silvermist had hit her with another wave.

“Don’t worry about tracking mud or anything,” Olivia said as the doors opened onto their floor. “A day or two stuck in here and Sarah and I will be scrubbing the entire building top to bottom out of boredom anyway.”

“So you guys rent or own?” Vanessa asked. “I like completely can’t remember,” she giggled.

“Own now.” Sarah said.

Olivia nodded. “The building super gave us a great deal when they found out Sarah wanted to turn the empty space into an artist’s studio.”

“This is a converted office building. all the apartments below and above us were built after fact.” Sarah added.

“Oh yeah,” Annie said, “They get gigabit up in this biz,” she giggled.

“Well it is sort of a business.” Sarah giggled. “At first I thought Annie was crazy getting us hooked up for such fast internet, but being able to upload my portfolio to the cloud almost instantly is just insane useful now that the Mouse is courting me for freelance work.”

“So hey,” Megan said as Sarah and Olivia showed them to the bedrooms, “Did anyone ever find out what Raven and Jade were talking about? I know Jade looked like she was about to faint afterwards.”

“I had to run and change,” Sarah laughed. “I could not face that many stars at once. Not as Sarah the psycho Disney fangirl. I bet Rebecca knows though.”

“What?” Rebecca looked innocent. “If you’re implying that I planted a bug in Miss Symone’s ear that Jade is actually a really talented singer, and got her to sing a silly song entitled, ‘Mouse of the Orlando Sun in front of everyone that we wrote in like five minutes the other day... You’d be totally and completely right.”

The wind picked up hard as Sarah and Olivia raced to close the hurricane shutters on their windows. Annie and the others, foregoing changing out of their soaking wet costumes for now, joined them in helping. Once they had every window sealed shut, and had a chance to change their clothes, they regrouped in the living room.


The apartments phone rang as the winds raged outside, “This is Katie from the front desk.” Katie spoke, “We’re shutting down the elevators. If you guys need to come down, please use the stairs.”

“Oh, that’s no problem. We’ll be down soon to rejoin the others,” Olivia said. They had been gathering more supplies in case of power outage as well as Sarah gathering some of her art supplies to bring down so she could paint. Annie had a big roll of canvas under one arm for her sister, too.

“That’s fine. David made sure the generator was updated and primed by the way.” Katie stated before they hung up.

“Have to take the stairs,” Olivia said. “Storm’s bad enough that they’re shutting down the elevator.”

“Now aren’t you guys glad I talked you into getting a short throw projector for a TV?” Annie grinned.

Sarah giggled, “I thought about getting Solar Windows incase of power outages but David said the generator in the basement was powerful enough to supply power to everyone.”

Carolyn, adopting her ditzy pirate voice, looked at Sarah and said, “But if it’s raining how would they get power?” She giggled and ducked as Megan took a play swat at her arm.

“That was horrible.” Annie giggled.

“I learned from the best,” Carolyn laughed. “Thank God I sprang for the weather sealed camera body,” she said as she filmed some more B roll of the girls gathering supplies. “Even so I’m amazed it still works after that deluge.”

“Normally you would put a plastic bag around it wouldn’t you?” Sarah asked.

“Just to be safe, yes,” Carolyn nodded. “It’s sealed against the elements, but I don’t like to take chances on something that cost more than this apartment’s monthly rent,” she giggled.

“True. Monthly rent for just the regular apartment was like $1,400 a month.” Olivia giggled as they headed downstairs.

“My camera girl is upstairs filming B-roll,” Amber said to her iPad camera, “So I’m shooting this quickie vlog update on the iPad. As you can see, I’m not in my hotel nor on set filming. That’s because I’m presently at a friend’s home, more specifically, in a hurricane shelter as Hurricane Annie batters Florida. It’s going to be nice and clear by the 4th for the big concert, though.”

Two familiar looking women had joined the “party” downstairs with their young daughters - one was tall with red hair and the other, a little shorter with blonde hair. Annie had the kids completely distracted with a game of Candyland, along with Rebecca.

“Is that?” Olivia whispered to Sarah, who giggled and put a finger to her lips.

“Hi there,” she said brightly to the two women. “I’m Sarah, and this is Olivia. We’re on the third floor.”

“Oh wow,” the redhead said. “The famous artist,” she giggled as she shook Sarah’s hand, and then Olivia’s. “It’s great to finally put a face to the names. I’m Misty. This is my best friend and roommate, Dana.”

“Nice to meet you,” Dana said warmly. “Do you work at the park too? Katie told us a lot of park employees live here. I’m an engineer myself.”

“Kiiiind of,” Sarah giggled.

“Oh,” Misty giggled. “Nevermind. I recognize you now.” She winked and lowered her voice. “I play Merida,” she said in her best Scottish accent.

“Oh aye!” Sarah giggled. “Since we’re all parkies, we’re the outlandish winged terrors.” she winked.

“This one, … and … I think this one,” Misty said, pointing to Sarah and Olivia, “Are the ones who helped us find the girls the other day.”

“That’ us,” Olivia said.

“Oh wow,” Dana laughed and got up to hug them. “I never got to thank you properly. We sent a note along to Gennine, but with Misty’s odd schedule and your new TV series, you’re a hard bunch to track down.”

Misty nodded. “Working at the park and doing community college, plus raising my kid and helping Dana raise hers. I wouldn’t trade any of it though,” she giggled.

“They’re good girls.” Sarah said. “They’re definitely smart for coming to me like that. How old are they?”

“Mine’s 5,” Dana laughed, “Jennifer. Misty’s, Daniella is 6 I think?” she looked at Misty who nodded.

The power flickered for a moment. A big guy with a bushy beard and really long hair in a man bun poked his head in. “No worries folks, just a power surge. We’re still on main power. I’ll be down as soon as I make sure all the window guards are down.”

“Guess we’d better get comfortable,” Lynn said as she came out into the room carrying a piping hot cup of coffee. “Thanks again for inviting us to wait it out here. My building barely has hot water, let alone a nice shelter,” she said with a laugh.

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