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swap 12 for 13 In Ginny's Story


To any one who just read Chapter 13 of Ginny's Story, and are scratching your heads, Yes, Chapter 13 went into Chapter 12's spot, and vice versa. How, I don't know. But it's fixed now. Any reader after 11PM EDT are wondering what I'm talking about, That's great that means it's now okay.


husband and wife actors

I've been trying to find a story about married actors where the husband wants a staring role as a TG. To prove he can do it, he goes through a producer's hoops, ending dressed as a Vegas showgirl. I don't think the final chapter was ever posted. Pretty sure it wasn't on BC/TS.


The Pirates

pirate ship.jpg

Day after blistering day a 'ship of the damned' flying the black flag followed in our wake. When the wind eased, we would gain a league, when the wind freshened, they would gain it back.

We knew those following were spawn of the Devil, from glimpses through our captain’s powerful telescope at night. When the moon was full, you could see the Pirates from Hell were a collection of bones, held together by ungodly power.


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