Remembering to Sit

Remembering to Sit


Martha was frustrated. For what seemed like the thousandth time, urine was splattered around the toilet in their little bungalow. For years, she’d ignored her son’s inconsideration and cleaned up after him. Now, energized by the Me Too movement, she felt put upon. Of course, cleaning up after an eleven year old was a long way from sexual harassment, but it was all part of males mistreating women.

“Jerry, come here this instant!”



As a result of the many sexual harassment and discrimination scandals, the Fems swept the elections. In no time, they kept their campaign promise and passed the famous Pants Suit Act, more formally the GEA – the Gender Equality Act. With it, gender prejudice became, if not a thing of the past, at least illegal. For example, no one could ask your gender on a legal form or treat you differently based on gender. Mom, who voted Fem, said that was a good thing, so I thought so too.

Braintree Academy -- Part 2

Mel prepares for her first semester at Braintree. After graduating from middle school she is not as protected as she was. A near escape. Once at Braintree, things start taking n a momentum of their own.

The Courtship of Max Robinson - Chapter 1

Max, an unmotivated college drop out, applies for a Job, but is offered another opportunity. His mother sees it as a way to take advantage of his homemaking talents. In the end he makes his dad proud -- or does he?

James and Diane

Diane and James



They say that tall people have a competitive edge. I can't confirm that, but I do know that short men, such as myself, are at a disadvantage unexplainable by grades or accomplishments. In my last year of law school I got as many interviews as anyone else in the upper 10% of my class, but however smoothly they went, no job offers materialized. Thus, I graduated with no job and no prospect for one.

Georgie and Sandy Part 1

George, a barista, tries to better his station by applying for a job as as Admin, thinking it is an administrator. Sandy's interview probes his motives in applying for a traditionally feminine job.

Carlie, Part 8

Carlie has sissy predispositions, but overcomes difficulties with love, courage and increasing self-awareness. In this chapter, Sharon's new self-confidence blossoms into intimacy with Carlie.

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