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Imagine waking up one day and feeling that your body was attacking you. Imagine developing an overwhelming urge to tear your own skin off, you’re in that much psychological pain from what you’re experiencing. My parents told me that it was normal- that I was turning into a woman. It was at that exact moment that a switch flipped in my brain. I’d suspected previously what was wrong, but this confirmed it. I was turning into a woman, and I didn’t want to. I didn’t even want to be female. More than anything, anything at all… I wanted to be a boy.


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I get out of bed and stare at the disheveled youth in my mirror. Staring back at me is a skinny nineteen year old boy with long, scruffy brown hair wearing loose boxer shorts and a t-shirt. However, he won't be staring back at me for long.


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Soixante-Trois Airlines


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"You will be expected to follow the dress code and conditions of behaviour detailed in your welcome pack from the very start of your employment," the French interviewer stated firmly. "I trust that this will not be a problem?"

"It won't," Jesse said, trying to control his excited shaking as the interview neared its conclusion.

Soixante-Trois Airlines

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"Something you want to tell me, Jason?" Dad asked as I dramatically placed my hands on my hips.

"Dad," I said in a loud, proud voice. "I- I'm gay." An eternity passed as dad's face remained neutral, before he simply nodded once.


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I HATE ballet. I hate the stupid costumes, I hate balancing on the tips of my toes, leaving me in pain for hours afterwards, I hate sweating in tight lycra, I hate being stared at by everyone as I struggle to remember a complicated routine.


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I've never been the world's most masculine man- at 5' 5" and a slender 8 and a half stone- but this is just ridiculous.

When I went to bed last night, I was wearing my boxer shorts. When I wake up this morning, things are quite different.


Debbie V.

Blog Entry 13th January 2017- Waiting for a Story to Fall

It's two letters different. That's close enough for me- . It was originally going to be this one, and the blog title would've been the slightly non sequitur-ish 'inexplicable bagpipe solo'. :-)

Charlotte, part 22

I take a deep breath as I pin the translucent white veil to my elaborately-styled hair, before draping it over my immaculately made-up face. I fidget a bit in my dress, causing the voluminous strapless creation to rustle, especially as I adjust the low-cut sweetheart neckline. I nervously tap my feet in my low-heeled shoes (Low-heeled as my fiancé is only a couple of inches taller than me), before a call from the next room tell me that it is, at long last, showtime. I grab the bouquet of flowers from the nearby table and step out of my small annex with a wide grin on my face.

Jacinta, part 3

"...I think people might be staring," I whispered to Ophelia as we walked through the cramped shopping centre.

"What they wish to do with their eyes is their business, not ours," Ophelia replied, holding her head high even as every head we passed turned to look in our direction.

"Easy for you to say," I mumbled as I tried not to let my cheeks go too red.

Ashley, part 9

My heart beats faster at the breathtaking sight of the ballerina effortlessly performing her steps. From the tiara pinned to her blonde hair, through her beautiful, embellished tutu and soft pink tights to her shiny satin pointe shoes, she is the very image of grace, elegance and femininity. As I watch her dance in the mirror, I actually have to remind myself that the ballerina… Is me.

Jacinta, part 2

Over the course of the next few weekends I was given- and took- the opportunity to become Jacinta several times. Despite her own limited storage space, Ophelia (which, by October, was the only name I addressed my friend by) was more than happy to keep 'my' clothes at her house.

She was also happy to wash the clothes for me, especially the underwear- which came as a huge relief to me when I saw that she'd bought me a packet of thongs.

Blog Entry 6th December 2016- Ill enough...


...I couldn't even find the strength to find a song. :-(

Yeah, I'm really laid up with flu at the moment. I'm hoping this is the kind I can shake off in 24 hours, then again, when I could shake fly off in 24 hours, I was 24 myself, rather than 35. :-/ I've been spending a lot of my time huddled under a blanket trying not to shiver a hole in the ground. In short, don't expect Jacinta parts 2 & 3 or Ashley part 9 anytime soon.

Many thanks to Kris Traverse for acting as long-distance nursemaid, though. ;-)

Debs xxxx

The Fellowship

“Well, looks like we’re the first to arrive,” Stuart mused as he steered the car containing himself and his fiancée into the designated parking spot outside the studio where they’d be spending the rest of the day.

“If you think that means we can be the first to leave, forget it,” Jamie said with a smug grin. “Cheer up! I know you don’t like being on this side of the camera, but it IS only for one day, you won’t be wearing anything extravagant, and you yourself said this whole shoot was a great idea.”

Ian, part 8

I try not to fidget as the middle-aged man sat in front of me finishes reviewing the information we provided. My clothes aren’t exactly comfortable- but under the circumstances, they could easily have been a lot LESS comfortable.

Jacinta, part 1

I took a deep breath as I marched into the living room where dad was watching TV. Defiantly, I stood between him and the television set, earning a confused stare from the middle-aged man.

"Something you want to tell me, Jason?" Dad asked as I dramatically placed my hands on my hips.

"Dad," I said in a loud, proud voice. "I- I'm gay." An eternity passed as dad's face remained neutral, before he simply nodded once.

"Okay," dad said. "Can I go back to watching my TV programme now?"

"Wh-what?" I asked. "Didn't you hear what I just said? I said I'm gay!"

Blog Entry 17th November 2016- A Year Late

The song-

Exactly one year ago, 365- no, wait, 366- days ago, I started a (yet another) new story. I finally started seriously working on it this week. I don't know why my writing pattern always seems to consist of this ridiculous gap between starting and fleshing out a story, but, well, it does.

Nikki, part 26

“Aiiiieeee!” I shriek as I’m suddenly startled by several loud bangs, and my vision is dazzled by multiple flashes of light. For a moment I’m so dazed I almost forget where I am, before my vision and hearing return to normal and I stare, slack-jawed at the scene in front of me.

“Happy birthday!” Jamie squeaks, giving me a tight hug before leading me into the crowded main room of Charlotte’s house, where I’m greeted by yet more hugs, more bangs from party poppers (which cover my hair in streamers) and more flashes from the partygoers’ phones.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 15

“Please all give a round of applause to our newest in-flight supervisors,” Alana announced to the assembled crowd of stewardesses. “Miss Jessica Tyler!” Jessica blushed as she stepped out in front of the cheering crowd, nervously fiddling with the brand-new gold buttons on her blazer.

Stephanie, part 12

“Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth?” Becca, Adeola, Kayla and I sing into our microphones, trying our hardest not to grin as we’re almost drowned out by several thousand screaming fans. “Ooh, heaven is a place on Earth… They say in heaven, love comes first, we’ll make heaven a place on Earth, ooh, heaven is a place on Earth!”

Charlotte, part 21

“I’m Jamie-Lee Burke, on behalf of Infemme- THE fragrance for women, exclusive to!” I grin widely as I place one hand on my hip whilst another holds up a bottle of expensive, branded perfume for the video and still cameras that are recording me. Naturally, my look is perfect. In addition to professionally-applied make up and nail polish, I’m wearing a chic, tight top, a cute black skirt with wavy pleats, opaque black tights, and my long blonde hair has been teased and styled to perfection.

Ian, part 7

“…Well, I guess that’s that, then,” Rob sighs. “You all know what this means.”

“We tried so hard to avoid it,” I mumble. “But in the end, I guess we’re just going to have to face up to it.”

“Yep,” Neil says. “I think in the end, we all knew this was going to happen sooner or later.”

“Yeah,” Rob sighs, leading to an awkward pause. “Next game… We open up box 8.”

Nikki, part 25

“Ahh,” I sigh as I climb into the back of the black London taxi. After being on my feet for almost three hours- especially feet that are contained with platform stiletto heels- the feeling of being able to sit down is almost orgasmic.

“Do you want some time alone with your seat?” Sarah giggles as she slides onto the seat next to me.

“Maybe if the seat was a washing machine,” I whisper to Sarah, making her almost double over in a fit of giggles.

Stuart, part 9

It's said that every step you take in your life leads up to one moment, one defining point of your life that you can look back on and say 'this is who I am, this is my contribution to the world'. If this is the case... Then it's a very strange set of steps that led me to where I am today.

“God, I don’t know why I’M so nervous,” I mumble as I fidget in my seat. “It’s not like I’m going to be the one dancing up there…”

Laura, part 15

"Aww..." Suriya coos, playfully leaning her head onto my shoulder. "SO pretty..."

"So GORGEOUS, more like!" Harriet giggles as she adjusts her tight black leotard. "Not that I'm interested, of course- I was talking about the tutu, not Priya!"

Blog Entry 3rd September 2016- Walking on Broken Glass

Because whenever I feel unwell, her majesty Annie Lennox is always there for me-

In my case, I'm not so much 'walking on' broken glass as 'swallowing' it. :-( Been off work all week with a rotten case of tonsillitis, which has caused a delay to the next part of Laura. I'm not in any way blocked, as the story's flowing beautifully, it's just finding the strength to actually sit down and write it as opposed to laying on my sofa feeling sorry for myself.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 14

“Happy birthday dear Rachel…” The assembled crowd sang as the birthday girl cringed behind her voluminous blonde hair, “happy birthday to you… To you… To you… To you to you to you… To you… To you… To you to you to you!” Rachel giggled at the crowd’s use of the tune of Cyndi Lauper’s hit ‘Girl Just Wanna Have Fun’ to extend her embarrassment further, before brushing her hair out of her face and blowing out the 29 candles that had been placed on her cake- which was, of course, shaped exactly like the hat she and all her friends wore as part of their uniform.

Ashley, part 8

"Come on," George whispers, looking every bit as terrified as I am. "Mr. Jackson has said we can go into form early so that we- well, you- don't have the rest of the form staring at you."

"Okay," I whisper.

"Mr. Jackson your form tutor?" Megan- who has joined the 'convoy' of myself, George and Priya- asks.

"Yeah," I say as I take step after step on my quivering legs.

Ashley, part 7

A wide, happy grin creeps across my lips as I dance for the cheering crowd. My face has been made-up with thick stage make-up, making me look a lot older than my thirteen and a half years. My shoulder-length blonde hair has been tied into a bun, and a white, feathered headdress has been pinned to my hair- but none of this compares to my costume.

Blog Entry 9th August 2016- Work Hard

The song was fairly easy to come by as I've recently been rediscovering my love for early 80s music and I've always liked Depeche Mode-

I'm blogging mainly to announce a slight delay in the next chapter (Ashley 7). Mainly because we're slammed at work (hence the song) and mainly because... Well, see below.

Stephanie, part 11

“Is there any point in having a birthday party if the actual birthday girl herself isn’t going to be here?” Becca moans as she paces back and forth, nearly deafening everyone with the rustling of her petticoats underneath her knee-length pink dress.

“Oh, just give her time,” Adeola says. “She’ll get here eventually. It’s not her fault her family lives an hour and a half away and she’s their only child.”

Nikki, part 24

“I, Nicola Christine Thomas,” I whisper as tears start to trickle from my eyes. “Take you, Sarah Jennifer Phillips…”

“Beep,” the minister says, derailing my train of thought. “Beep, beep, beep, beep….” I let out a long sigh as the pristine white veil of my wedding dress is replaced by the dark brown veil of my hair, which had flopped down in front of my face whilst I was sleeping.

“Morning,” I whisper to the beautiful girl whose face is the first thing I see every morning when I wake up- and whose own brown hair is, of course, tied back and away from her face.

Ian, part 6

I yawn loudly as my alarm clock wakes me, and my yawns quickly turn to groans as I brush my growing blonde hair from my forehead and roll onto my sore, cramping stomach before grabbing my phone and switching off my alarm.

The War of the Angels, part 5

"How- what- why-" Stephanie stammered as the flame-haired Scottish girl looked at her expectantly.

"I think you might need to sit down," Lauren giggled. "As I said, I've got a car waiting..."

"Umm, okay," Stephanie said, following Lauren to her car in a state of near-shock. "Why- why did you-"

Blog Entry 11th July 2016- Down with the Sickness

Had this one saved for a while now, hoped not to have to use it-

So... Yeah. Made it two hours at work today before nearly coughing my lungs up and my ribcage feeling like it's imploding, a sure sign that I'm in the grips of a nasty chest infection. :-( This means that part 5 of the War of the Angels will likely be delayed. And/or split into two parts. Sorry. :-(

As a compensation, here's my entire upcoming schedule that I have planned for after the war-

The War of the Angels, part 4

"Uncle Joshua!?" Jonathan asked, his voice filled with panic. "Uncle Joshua! Get up! Please, please get up..."

"Oh my god," Viks gasped as she crouched down beside Joshua. "Steph, call 999! Now!"

"Uh, okay," Stephanie said, fumbling in her bag for her phone as Viks rolled Joshua onto his back and checked his neck.

"He's got a pulse but it's very weak," Viks said.

"What- what do we do?" Jonathan asked, unable to contain his sense of panic.

The War of the Angels, part 3

“Stephanie…” Beverly whispered. “Even if I wrote you a prescription, it’d still only be dated from today. I can’t backdate them for the time you were supposed to have been taking hormones.”

“It’s still better than nothing,” Stephanie insisted. “Please, if I have to get down on my knees and beg, I will.”

“Stephanie,” Beverly sighed. “We’ve been over this time and time again, you know that oestrogen isn’t a magical cure to all your problems-“

“Not all of them, but this one, it is-“ Stephanie interrupted.

The War of the Angels, part 2

"Oh shit," Krystie gasped as she gently lowered Mary onto the floor. "Someone get me some hot water! Joshua, do you have any towels?"

"There are some in the dressing rooms, I'll get them now," Joshua said, hurrying out of the studio.

"I am NOT giving birth on this damned floor," Mary said between gasped breaths. "And I am most definitely NOT giving birth without painkillers!"

"Jamie, call 999," Krystie ordered. "Charlotte, call Dan, get him here now."

"Will do," Charlotte said, dialling the number for Mary's husband's workplace.

The War of the Angels, part 1

Jamie-Lee Burke yawned as the alarm on her phone woke her from a dreamless slumber. It had been a long week, but it was now Friday- a chance to relax and let her hair down, which she had every intention of doing that night, surrounded by all her friends.

"Morning, sexy," Jamie whispered in the ear of her still-sleeping fiancé, who mumbled incoherently as he slowly opened his eyes.

"Does it have to be morning?" Stuart moaned, eliciting a small giggle from Jamie.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 13

“Now this is showing confidence in your series,” Natalie sighed as she poured out tall glasses of sparkling wine for her seven friends. “Broadcasting the premiere episode at half past ten on a Monday evening.”

“They couldn’t even have put it on last Monday, when it was a bank holiday,” Rachel sighed.

Blog Entry 12th June 2016- All Around the World

The song- (the options were Justin Bieber or Oasis. I'm 35 and live in Northern England. It was no choice. :-)

Chapter 13 of Fly girls is going really, really slow. It's not a case of writer's block, more a case of real life really getting in the way, but I should have done by Friday at the latest. My 100th chapter extravaganza, 'The War of the Angels', is also going really, really slowly. That one IS a case of writer's block.

Laura, part 14

“Laura…” Mum sighs as I head toward the front door.

“What?” I ask with mock-innocence, before sighing as mum simply stares at me.

“You know what…” Mum says, and I can’t help but roll my eyes as I tug down the hem of my short, straight grey skirt. “ALL the way.”

“Oh- come on,” I moan. “What am I, a nun?”

“No,” mum replies. “You’re a fourteen year old girl.”

Blog Entry 31st May 2016- The 4th of July

Here's the song-

As the next chapter of Laura is going to take a while and I'm also busy working on my (hopefully) epic crossover The War of the Angels, I figured I'd put up another little mini-scene here like I did with Nikki here- -only this scene is going to be focussed on the fly girls instead. Enjoy. :-)

Ashley, part 6

“Beautiful, girls,” Miss Fullerton announces as the twenty-odd teenagers bow, before extending their arms and legs into the most elegant shapes. “Extend… And pointe.”

“C’est magnifique,” Mademoiselle Renou congratulates in her refined French accent. “Group one, you will continue practising at the barre. Group two, you will practise your pas de deux.” I, as a member of group two, nod, before following Mademoiselle Renou- not to mention a dozen leotard-clad teenaged girls- to the centre of the room.

Blog Entry 24th May 2016- Bargain

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The song- (consider myself a bit of a casual Who fan, never heard this one before though)

The bargain? I just signed up for a $100 annual membership to the BC Hatbox. I've got so much enjoyment out of this site over the years, I felt like it was the very least I could do. Long may this site continue. :-)

Debs xxxx

Ian, part 5

I grimace as I feel the pressure increase on my back, and grip the armrests of my chair for support whilst my ‘friends’ all whoop and cheer. I force the corners of my lips to turn upwards into a smile, though that smile soon fades when the roar of the jet engine is drowned out by a loud squeak from my right hand side.

“Oh! My! God!” Georgie squeaks, shredding my nerves more and more with every word she says. “This is so awesome!”

Stuart, part 8

“Mmph,” I moan as I feel a gentle breeze blow on my left ear, worsening the thumping headache caused by the alcohol I drank last night.

“Wake up,” A familiar voice whispers, before the breeze on my ear resumes.

“Stop that,” I moan. “I’m on holiday, I don’t want to wake up…”

“WE’RE on holiday,” my fiancée reminds me, her blowing turning from a gentle breeze into a hurricane as she blows directly into my earhole.

“Ugh,” I moan. “Can I at least shift this hangover first?”

Charlotte, part 20

“Try and relax!” Stuart urges me as I stretch my bikini-clad body on the sun lounger. “It’s a nice hot day, you’ve got a VERY nice, VERY hot body…” I snort a laugh as Stuart takes off his loose t-shirt and sits down next to me, rubbing sunscreen into his hands. A genuine smile creeps over my face as I roll onto my front and Stuart unties the back of my bikini top, before smearing the cool liquid into my back.

“Mmm… Soft,” Stuart laughs as I remain silent. “Jamie… Please try and relax. Please? I hate seeing you stressed like this…”


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