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Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 1

"Mr. Tyler, your resume is very impressive," Robert Marotte, chief recruitment officer for Soixante-Trois airlines, said to the young American man sitting opposite him. "Two years working for Belman airways in America, fluent in English, French & German, conversational in Russian and Arabic, you could choose any airline you want. Why do you want to work for Soixante-Trois?"

Stuart, part 1

My name is Claire Olivia Milton. Or at least… It used to be.

I was born on 2nd March 1990, the second daughter of three, to two loving parents. My father is a manager at a big investment firm, my mother- 15 years his junior- was his secretary until she fell in love with him, got married and had three kids. Growing up I wanted for nothing- I lived in a big house, was spoiled rotten, went to the best schools… And yet, from a very young age I knew something was wrong, not with my family, but with me.

Nikki, part 9

“Come on, smile!” Katie urges me. Despite the cold, I beam a wide, toothy grin as Katie snaps photograph after photograph of me in my warm, snuggly outfit. I’m wearing a pair of tight, skinny jeans that show off my increasingly feminine curves, on top of which I have a pair of long, knee-high boots with a chunky 3” platform heel. My warm pink coat covers a tight red wool sweater, and my long brown hair is covered by a light grey woollen hat.

“Please tell me we’re done?” I beg as I try to warm my red-tipped fingers on my coat.

Nikki, part 8


“Stop being so nervous!” Dad admonishes me as I nearly hyperventilate on the back seat of his car. “This is something you want to do, it’s something you know you’ll be good at, so the sooner you relax and start enjoying it, the better.”

“I know, I know,” I breathe, fanning myself with my hands. “It’s just- it’s just all so new!”

“Well get used to it, because that’s life for you,” dad states bluntly.

Charlotte, part 7


I blink my eyes awake and roll over in bed, only to be stopped by an unexpected face full of blonde hair that isn’t my own. Turning my head to the other side, another long mop of blonde hair- again, not my own- blocks my view. Once I’ve blinked the early morning tiredness- and a moderate hangover- out of my eyes, the previous night’s events return to my memory.

“Krys,” I whisper, gently nudging the sleeping woman on my left-hand side. “Han, wake up!” I whisper to the slumbering figure on my right.

Charlotte, part 6

"Tighter," I order, eliciting a cry of exasperation from the person behind me.

"It's already closed at the back, it won't go any tighter!" Charlotte sighs in desperation.

"Are you sure?" I ask, gripping my dresser for support as I gasp for air.

"Positive," Charlotte replies. "If it went any tighter you'd probably faint mid-meal! Of course, if that's what you're going for..."

"This is date number three," I explain as Charlotte ties off the laces on my tightest under bust corset. "You KNOW what that means..."

Nikki, part 7

"God, this should not be this hard," I complain as I sit in front of my dresser, staring at my anxious (but impeccably made-up) reflection.

"You've taken bigger steps that this before, much bigger steps," Sarah reminds me, wrapping her arms around my shaking body. And she's right- I have.

Nikki, part 6

My palms are clammy and my breathing is erratic. I'm a bundle of nerves, but that's okay- most of the other people in this room are as well. I'm currently sat in a large hall with 200 other 16 year olds sitting my final GCSE exam- maths, a subject I'm not terrible at but not exactly great at either.

Nikki, part 5

I brush my shoulder-length hair out of my eyes and tuck it behind my ears as I listen to the middle-aged woman talk as she makes notes on the whiteboard. I fidget a little in my seat- I've been wearing my school uniform all day and even though three months from now I'll have worn it for the very last time, I'd pay anything to go home and slip into something more comfortable... Like a cute skirt and a pair of warm tights, as opposed to my itchy cotton shorts and polyester trousers.

Nikki, part 4

I pout my deep red-coloured lips for the camera as I take shot after shot of me in various poses. My dark brown hair has been styled into a feminine bob, framing my immaculately made-up face.

Charlotte, part 5

"Beautiful, Jamie," the photographer calls to me as I turn my head and look off into the middle distance, giving the photographer a perfect view of the necklace and earrings I'm wearing- not to mention the exquisite white wedding dress! The dress is strapless, but doesn't show off too much cleavage, and hugs my curves beautifully. I have incredibly long fake nails- extending over an inch from my fingertip- attached to each digit and my make-up is applied flawlessly.

Nikki, part 3

"Come onnnnnnn..." Sarah pleads with me, grabbing my free hand and trying to distract me from the task at hand.

"Nope," I say with a smile as I look at the increasingly-beautiful girl in the mirror in front of me. Smiling, I dip Sarah's mascara brush back into its tube and apply more of the wonderful make-up to my eyelashes, increasing their volume with every single stroke.

"It's my make-up, I get to apply it on you!" Sarah orders, pouting in my direction. "Come onnnnnnn, I haven't put make-up on you in weeks!"



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Ever since I was a little kid I've known I was... different from other boys. Known that deep down, I'm not what I appear to be on the surface. My name is Nick Thomas, and every day of my life, I wish I'd been born a girl.


Debbie V.

Nikki, part 2

Nikki, part 1

Ever since I was a little kid I've known I was... different from other boys. Known that deep down, I'm not what I appear to be on the surface. My name is Nick Thomas, and every day of my life, I wish I'd been born a girl.

Charlotte, part 4


"Let's just do this, okay?" Charlotte sighs as she wraps her arms around me and moves her body closer to mine. Nodding stoically, I take a deep breath and lean into my BFF, kissing her as deeply as I've ever kissed my boyfriend.

Charlotte, part 1

I've never been the world's most masculine man- at 5' 5" and a slender 8 and a half stone- but this is just ridiculous.

When I went to bed last night, I was wearing my boxer shorts. When I wake up this morning, things are quite different.


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