A Girl for Halloween Part 9: Parents' Suspicions

After attending the Halloween Dance fully en femme, the next morning Jason has to deal with the possible consequences of the risks he took. Will he be humiliated, or get away clean?

A Girl for Halloween Part 8: The Dance and Romance

Jason (Jacie) is at his first dance dressed fully as a girl, so how will navigating a popular high school scene be different, as the date of a handsome, popular boy?

Becoming Sarah Part 1

Author's Notes: This is the first story which I ever try to write when I picked up this as a hobby. I finally went back and started to edit it. I know it is still a little clunky but like the story too much to try to major changes. I want to keep the same tone that I had while writing it.Changing too much would get rid of my mindset I had while I was writing this story.

The Pink Diva Chronicles Day 57-65

Day 57
I do not know where to start. First, I am not mad at Dana no not him, his actions, his action yes.I am mad at what he did. I am very confuse right now. I still cannot believe it happen. I am in shock, why did he do that? I mean what made he think I would like that? I hope he knows that what he did does not change how I feel about him It is actually hard for me to say what he did for I did not expect it. I cannot explain it but he kissed me. He thought that I was gay, I am not gay. Why would he think I am gay?

The Pink Diva Chronicles Day 31-43

Author's Notes: There were no journal entries for Day 31 and 32. Also I know I had not been putting this on each story, thank you all for the help. I had not for I did not want the thanks to come off as just being a pleasantry.

The Pink Diva Chronicles Day 18-30

Day 18
Dear Diary
Still no way of graciously backing out of being Tinkerbelle. I might have to do it, so what? People should not care about how I dress. If they give me a hard time or joke about it that is more about them than me. Nothing much other than that on my mind so it is just a small entry in you tonight.

Do not feel bad it is not long, for it is about quality and not quantity. I am open with you with these few words and that is better than doing a filibuster which has no substance.

Nighty nite

The Pink Diva Chronicles Day 11-17

Day 11
Dear Diary

Sometimes I think I am flighty. I want to write in you and then I don’t. I don’t know. It feels good but I do not think it is right. Even with it feeling natural to write in you I do not think it is right. I can keep a journal for my thoughts. I can keep a notebook even just lying around the house. No for some reason I do it in a book which I have hidden away in my sock drawer. Why do people hide things in a sock drawer? That is the first place people will look in a bedroom room if they wanted some dirt on someone. I know I will keep you under my pillow.

The Short Straw

The Short Straw

Author's Note: Thank y'all for the help and support.

Rita Soto came into the living room in her little black dress ready for her double dinner date with Elmer Rice and his friend and his friend with benefits. The dress’ hemline was high and showed her her wonderful legs, it was tight to bring attention to her curves and the neckline plunged to highlight her cleavage. She asked her beau “How do I look in this dress dear?”

Elmer would had said she looked great in anything she wore.The man who adores her said “You look great in it my love.”



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"Something you want to tell me, Jason?" Dad asked as I dramatically placed my hands on my hips.

"Dad," I said in a loud, proud voice. "I- I'm gay." An eternity passed as dad's face remained neutral, before he simply nodded once.


Debbie V.

Morning after the Night Before - Part 3

We continue with the changes to Olive and Samantha

Thank you all for reading and reviewing the story - all your comments and suggestions have helped me with the continuation of the story.

Once again, I must thank Cressar, for his time, support and encouragement with editing and tweaking this story, the changes, suggestions and comments make the story flow.

Any spelling or grammar errors after editing and review of the story are entirely down to myself

- - -

Jacinta, part 2

Over the course of the next few weekends I was given- and took- the opportunity to become Jacinta several times. Despite her own limited storage space, Ophelia (which, by October, was the only name I addressed my friend by) was more than happy to keep 'my' clothes at her house.

She was also happy to wash the clothes for me, especially the underwear- which came as a huge relief to me when I saw that she'd bought me a packet of thongs.

Smoky Corners: The Universe - rules and notes


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Smoky Corners: the Universe

"Smoky Corners, Montana, is a nice, typical small western town. Nothing unusual ever happens here... at least on the surface. But, if you happen to find yourself on Mulberry Street, 239, standing in front of a quaint little curio shop ran by an old, bearded Asian man named Kato Chigiri, you may find more than you bargained for. And EXACTLY what you need..."

Hi, and welcome to what I hope will become a new, unique universe for fans of trans-fiction. - Haylee V

Room 1408

After receiving a post card in the mail, Mike, a hard-core haunted house enthusiast, decides to check out the supposedly haunted Room 1408 at The Dolphin Hotel in NYC. What he quickly discovers is that no man ever leaves Room 1408.

Blinding Revelations


Blinding Revelations

By Ricky

Some teenagers would get all flustered in the lingerie department – was I stupid or not? I told the truth.

Jacinta, part 1

I took a deep breath as I marched into the living room where dad was watching TV. Defiantly, I stood between him and the television set, earning a confused stare from the middle-aged man.

"Something you want to tell me, Jason?" Dad asked as I dramatically placed my hands on my hips.

"Dad," I said in a loud, proud voice. "I- I'm gay." An eternity passed as dad's face remained neutral, before he simply nodded once.

"Okay," dad said. "Can I go back to watching my TV programme now?"

"Wh-what?" I asked. "Didn't you hear what I just said? I said I'm gay!"

Morning after the Night Before - Part 1

Morning After the Night Before

Feedback and comments posted or emailed have encouraged me to at least consider continuing the story of Olive and Samantha. Thank you all for the constructive comments,
I do appreciate all the feedback received

Thanks again to Cresser for taken the time to edit, comment and tweak areas of the story to improve the flow.


Alexa B-Side: #2 - Halloween

This was originally posted as a blog entry, but I have since decided to put the B-Side stories into a book. This was supposed to be part of Chapter 9 but I didn't think it fit. So enjoy, I know it is a little past Halloween, but I still thought it was a good scene and wanted to share.


Alexa B-Side: Halloween

Halloween 2 - All Saints’ Day and Beyond

Halloween - All Saints’ Day and Beyond

Authors Note: Halloween Getting what is Deserved I had intended to be a one-off standalone story.

Feedback and comments posted or emailed have encouraged me to at least consider continuing the story of Olive and Samantha.

Thank you all for the constructive comments, I do appreciate all the feedback received

Thanks also to Cressar for his time in editing, commenting and tweaking this story

--- ---
Halloween - All Saints Day and Beyond

Love and Zombies

Life is short, sometimes. Does true love ever die? This story is very dark, it came to me in a dream that should have been a nightmare if it wasn’t for the strange look of peace on the heroine’s face…
Sorry this is a little rough but this is the only day it makes sense to post this here. It's the first time I've been brave enough to post anything, enough of the waffle, on with the story...


Dress Like A Girl Pirate Day Chapter 2


As the five girls piled into the car along with two(!) full boxes of Krispy Kreme Donuts, six cell phones began receiving texts. It didn't take long for Marti to read her's [she only got one!]. With a face palm, she said "I'm so dead!"

A Halloween Engagement – 3 Sameo, Not the Same

Our Halloween Engagement began last Halloween... We're scheduled to be married this coming spring... If we can get through this Halloween.

Reading Halloween Engagement would truly be helpful.

The Wardrobe

When Mark Walker accidentally discovers a door at the rear of his wardrobe, he finds an Edwardian scene frozen in time. But the four female mannequins are not just a display; Mark discovers they have an ulterior purpose - and a history.

Author's note: This story is different from my more conventional Big Busts stories, but I hope you will enjoy this Halloween special.

Halloween 1 - Getting what is deserved

I wish to thank Cressar taking the time to edit this story and for his comments and input to this story.

The story was intended to be a stand alone and have added further chapters after reviewing readers comments, input and e-mails, all of which is gratefully received

All comments are welcome as a new author I am just starting out. I enjoyed writing this I hope you enjoy reading it.

Edited by author 31/10/16 after feedback from readers, further edited
01/02/17 change to introduction and story layout

( the Copse /corpse stays unaltered)

Halloween Again!

My thanks to Cressar for helping with comments, advice, encouragement, and editing

Halloween again!

Halloween comes around again

Witches and Warlocks all around

Ghosts and Spectres float in and out

Ancient covens of druids gather around open fires

In hidden groves among the forest trees  

Some looking for converts, others looking for victims

Here I am standing, waiting, willing for you to come 

The witching hour is drawing close and I am standing here 


'Nobodys perfect' - Silly September Entry

PREPARE TO BE BOARDED.png “Well.. we're not exactly scary are we?”

“What the hell are you TALKING about Reg? Of course were scary, we're pirates!”

“..we're floating about in a merchant ship full of rats and expired cabbage..”

“We have a Black Flag and a Canon! We're scary damn it!”


Stephanie, part 11

“Is there any point in having a birthday party if the actual birthday girl herself isn’t going to be here?” Becca moans as she paces back and forth, nearly deafening everyone with the rustling of her petticoats underneath her knee-length pink dress.

“Oh, just give her time,” Adeola says. “She’ll get here eventually. It’s not her fault her family lives an hour and a half away and she’s their only child.”

Surrounded on Halloween

Copy of The Calendar.jpgSurrounded on Halloween
A Timber Grove Story
by TGTrinity

On a chilly Halloween night in Timber Grove, William makes a wish at a wishing well that comes true in a very unexpected way.

Author's Note:
This short story was posted on Halloween in 2014, but I'm posting it for the first time here on Big Closet Top Shelf. I really hope you enjoy it.

In Good Spirits

aTimber Grove Story.jpgIn Good Spirits
a Timber Grove Story
by TGTrinity

On Halloween night a young man meets a friendly spirit that gives him a chance to be the girl he has always dreamed about becoming.

Author's Note:
This is the ninth story set in the "Timber Grove" series, but it is a stand alone story that you can follow without having read any other stories in the series. This is possibly my favorite story that I've written, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Story Themes:
Wish Fulfillment
Magical Transformation

Masks 46


He does the whole after you arm thing and I swallow and go leading him to the office my head still really after the whole miss thing and we just clear our first hall when I hear Elizabitch say.
“Miss!? Dude’s not a girl he’s a faggot! You might want to ask someone else?”
Greyson looks at her and he stops and lifts his foot and stares at the bottom of his shoe. “Wow…that was so hate filled and small minded and bigoted that I actually felt like I stepped in something.”
He’s staring at her with this unmasked look of contempt and Elizabeth looks shocked like someone slapped her.
He moves and looks at me. “I’m not putting you out of your way am I?”
I swallow. “Uhm…no…no this really, really isn’t that big a deal.”
He smiles and I feel it.
Like the whole butterflies thing from those guys and stuff that happened at the rink that time.
And I feel breathless too.
I blush and that actually makes him smile more and I look down and cough before looking back up at him.
“Okay it’s like this way.”
Yep…he kinda is.
He called me miss.
And he hasn’t like apologized for it or anything either.
I don’t know what to do about that or say but…
Maybe, maybe I don’t want to.
I kind of want to like bask in this…just for a while please?

*And Now…

A Girl for Halloween Part 6: Confusing Feelings

After his heart to heart with his sister, Julia, Jason (Jacie) is being helped out with dressing as a girl for work. However, Mom and Dad have just entered, and might have something to say about it. Will they be caught?

A Girl for Halloween Part 5: Bonding with Julia

Jason had just completed his date (completely dressed and acting as Jacie) with the cute work friend, Michael. However, Jacie learns that Michael had a sketchy break-up with Leslie after running into her at the ice cream shop. Her date ended with a kiss on the cheek, but the mystery break-up still looms.

Sorry for the long delay! Look forward to more chapters!

He Demon

By Ellie Dauber (c) 2002

Here’s something for that Halloween Challenge that seems to be going on. Hope it isn’t too late.

* * * * *

Lemuel stuck a twig into the fire and used it to light his pipe. "Well," he said, leaning back in his chair, "it being right 'round Hallerween, I 'spect you'll wants t'hear a story 'bout spooks and spirits."

"Yeah," Rafe said, his 11-year old eyes was wide. "A scary story."

Little Sarah scootched up against me and shivered. "But not too scary."

A Halloween Engagement

A Halloween Engagement

By Jessica C

I thought I was straight before my Halloween engagement... Jenn talked me into going t a Halloween Party as Little Bo Peep. What could go wrong; well maybe nothing did.

A Hard Sell

Tim tolerates his job as a car salesman to support his girlfriend Anne in her career ambitions but at some point things must change for both of them.

(Originally posted to Fictionmania on 11/05/2014, I decided to bring it over here with some minor edits. It could benefit from a rewrite but at some point stories have to be allowed to stand as they are.)


Where do devotion and obsession meet? When does devotion become insane stalking?

A short story I wrote some time ago and came across on my hard drive. I'm a fan of German lied (art songs) and this is a little tribute to Robert Schumann but a knowledge of the music isn't necessary to understand the story (I hope). It's seasonal, but not this season.

Masks Chapter 44


The trick is to not to put the popcorn in until last when the dough is all done and you mix it one good time and then bake them off fast before the popcorn gets soggy.
And you have peanut butter...chocolate...then salty and crunchy and buttery popcorn.
I only have one and a half... I share one with Mary Jane but Dad has three and Becky's dad has five and we get some for Mom and Aunt Elsbeth.
Dad says. "You girls get ready after you help clean up okay it's getting late."
"Okay Daddy!"
I get a look after I hug Dad and head inside and I hear Becky's Dad say. "Okay...I still don't get all of it but...that's your daughter of close enough that I'm done worrying about it. Besides...."
And Dad's like. "Besides?”
And Becky's Dad’s all... "Becky's had honestly brought worse friends over Rob, you and her are welcome over here like any time."
I can't help but be all grins and the girls are looking at and we all yay cheer and happy dance into the kitchenette to clean up.

Laura, part 3

"...And that's about it for this half of the term!" Mrs. Ford says, prompting everyone in the class to whisper excitedly and put away their textbooks. "See you all in a week!"

"So cool!" Nicole enthuses as we leave the classroom.

Spooked - Part 2

One night only, but still almost 14K because SOME PEOPLE decided they wanted to have long, analytic conversations about themselves. Fennis and Lakshmi turned out to be very interested in exploring their feelings. I could have done a whole series just about them wearing skinsuits of each other, but that's not what this story is about so I tried to hurry things along.

Lots of switching around, some evil and some not. Someone asked for there to be a more Scooby-Doo feel to things, so I did that flavor for a chase scene or two. It couldn't get too outrageously jinkied, but I think I got a good balance in.

And back by popular demand: THE SKELETON! WHOOO! I didn't know who the real villain of the piece would be and the skeleton was popular, so it gets to come back.

Shivering With Antici... pation: A TG Mixed Tape

Shivering With Antici... pation


Edited by PersnicketyBitch

It’s Halloween. While on assignment a warlock finds himself observed by strange man with tape recorder. At a music festival for monsters, two security guards set out to apprehend an intruder. As darkness falls across the land, and the midnight hour draws near, hit play on this collection of spooky, sentimental and surprising seasonal short stories. [Includes an interview with Zapper (creator of the Consultant Universe).]

Spooked - Part 1

The first 20,000 words of the Halloween story. I don't know if I should continue it since it's so long and involved. If there's a big demand to keep going then I will, but both the people asking and my commissioners have to understand that while I'm doing this I'm not doing anything else.

Four friends find treasure maps, but the treasure is guarded by monsters, seductive strangers, and often each other!

My Halloween Suit (Revised)

The original version of this story was written in 2002, and a few people weren’t happy with the Wizard appearing at the end of the story. It was bugging me, so here is a little rewrite sans the Wizard.
Originally Written: Oct 5, 2002
Revised: Oct 25, 2014

Last Halloween, my wife, Peggy, came up with a costume for me. Elvira. Yes it’s that Elvira. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. But, that wasn't all. She and her girlfriend had found a body suit for me. A body suit that would make me a complete girl. And, boy did it make me a complete girl.

Debriefings 17

Anam Chara

Along life’s journey we each encounter those events where all that we know, all that we do, and all that we are may change. But even as we approach such events, we don’t always notice their markers until we look behind us and see them for what they were.

One boy is about to learn that he has already passed such an event, and nothing will ever be quite the same…


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