A Toy's Story

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Christmas Special!

Forlornly, George stared out his window. The nasty frozen stuff was really coming down.
Big, heavy, wet, white clumps of snow tumbled downward until they disintegrated smashing into the ground.

A Toy’s Story

by Grover

Copyright © 2009 Grover

Vanilla Sky...Part 3.

Vanilla Sky…part three.

I’m not used to getting this kind of feeling from people. Especially from people that know about me. And Liz…my…stepmother…is just so amazing…and scary too. I meant what I said it’s nice to feel like I’ve got someplace now.

I don’t want to be stiff and rigid but I don’t know anyone here and I’m dressed as a girl, well the girl that I’m supposed to have been.

Lizzy looks at me and gives me a soft smile. “It’s okay, they’re all as nervous as you are.”

“They are?”

“Hey, yeah you’re the bosses daughter.”

“I am…oh damn…”

Jem...Chapter 64

Jem…Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Her hands…even though it’s just through the bra and the silicone touch me and hold my “breasts” and there’s this sensation that is just…and the way she looks and oh my god her eyes are just so amazing.

So “Shine on you crazy diamond.”

Sweet Dreams-30...Oh Crap! WTF?

Sweet Dreams-30...Oh Crap! WTF?

Chapter 30


Fuck things happened so fast…

Hunter and I were just…we were right in the middle of a moment. We hadn’t thought that the girls had came up the stairs. It’s just we’re not used to having company and never even thought.

When Jen overheard and dropped the water bottle….

She looked from me to Hunter to me….then there were these huge tears that just poured out and she took off at a run. I went after her because she might have told, said something…and there was also the fact.

Powdered Sugar...A Sweet Dreams Future Christmas.

Powdered Sugar.

I’m sitting in the window at the local café here up in this place called Harbor Springs. I so don’t belong in a place like this. I mean I’m sort of starting to get used to these things I guess. But this is Adam territory, Well April’s from up near here but this is a resort town, they call it that themselves and it looks like, well nothing I‘ve ever known. I‘m not used to streets like these people smiling and all happy like Prozac is in the water. It‘s brick sidewalks and decorations and nice cars and houses and cottages that run very likely into the millions….still very much Adam’s turf.

The Hampton’s for Michigan.

We’re up here to see someone though I never thought that I’d see ever again. My maternal grandparents. I scratch absently at my bra there ought to be a handbook for being a girl y’know. I could’ve used a whole chapter of … “So, you’re growing boobs.” Uhm here’s one, the breast cream for itching isn’t all that effective once you’re nervous and sweating, it rubs off. Here’s another one I didn’t really even think about breasts…sweat.

And itch and hurt and need to be adjusted every once in awhile.



Chapter 3

I’m looking at that first text message and I can’t breathe…I can’t think…I can’t breathe…

“Kelly!!!” It comes out a scream, a shriek of pure denial and fear and desperation and I blank out.

Everything I’ve help sacred to my heart for over half my life is gone. The void is huge and it swallows me without so much as a fight.

I wake up and I hurt.
My heart…
Oh god my heart…

Nothing is supposed to hurt like this is it?

Its grey here, England…of course it’s grey, goddamned fog.

Christmas Shoes.

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I know some of you are going to ask why I didn't enter this in the contest for Christmas stories. I didn't want this one to be in a contest. It's just my gift to all of you.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may someone love you as much as that little boy loved his sister.

Be well, all of you.

One Heart to Another: John's Story

One Heart To Another
John's Story
 ©2010 Zoe Taylor

They say that when you receive an organ donation, the person lives on as part of you, but what if the donation was from your best friend? Would their impulses and compulsions become yours?

Would you be able to cope with the grief of their death, knowing they gave you life?

One of a pair alongside Christina's Story.

The Little Match Girl

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Christmas Special!

The Little Match Girl

by Susan Brown

Loosely based on the tale The Little Match Girl By Hans Christian Anderson (1846)

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