Blood Moon Part 2

Sparrow watches as the sun rose over the city the next morning. She had come back up to the roof, after sending the soul she had summon back to where it came from. She had spent the rest of the night standing on the roof watching the stars, like she had done in her youth. As an agent of death, she no longer needed to sleep or rest even. She watches as the sun peeks over the horizon and slowly rises into the morning sky. She listens as the traffic of people started to increase. She knew all the vampires were asleep down below in the building and that the day time guards were protecting them. One guard had come up to the roof to remind her that if she wished to go anywhere, a guard would be assigned to travel with her.

Sparrow was amazed at how the world had changed in the last three hundred years. How women had gone from being property to being allowed to dress any way they wanted to. They were no longer bound by the old laws that made her sister turn on her. Even with what her sister did to her, she still loves her.

Her sister was just born in the wrong body in the wrong century. If her sister had been born now, she would have had the freedom and respect she so wanted. Father wouldn’t have been allowed to use and abused her like he did. He wouldn’t have been able to sell her to other men as payment. It was their father’s fault for the path she had gone down. She had run away from the man father sold her to. She was supposed to be his wife and kill him on their wedding night. That way father could inherit the rest of his money and sell her off to another man for money, after he let the other man get a taste of her first. She had ran away and joined a cult that worshiped the devil. They had found the actual Necronomicon book and used it to summon a demon.

She had made a deal with the demon asking for the ability to destroy her father and all he had built in exchange for her eternal servitude. He had accepted her deal and gave her what she asked for. Her sister had ruined their father, their older brothers and the men that had used her body for their pleasure. When it came time for her to honor the agreement. Her sister had given her a necklace that matched the one she wore and their souls had traded bodies. Her sister now had her male body to do as she pleased. While, she had ended up with her sister’s body.

She was given by her sister to the demon she had made the deal with. As far as her sister was concern, she had honor her bargin with the demon and kept the gift that had been given to her.

She on the other hand was changed to suit her new master and raped repeatedly to break her. She had been forced to do things that she had never heard of or experienced. She was forced to torture and torment other souls. The demons that were her Master’s favorite were permitted to do whatever they wanted to her, including killing her, but they had to bring her back each time they killed her.

She looks up when the sound of a helicopter flying above her head breaks her out of the past. The helicopter was heading out towards the city. She takes a deep breath and exhales it. She wonders what she was going to do today. So far, she hasn’t felt a pull towards any one dying, which is her job. She walks over towards the edge of the roof and walk off it as she slowly falls towards the alleyway below her.

Sparrow lands safely and looks around in the alleyway. Something didn’t feel right to her as she starts examining everything there. As Sparrow walks thirty feet away from the building, she feels it. It was coming from a dumpster to the right of her. She walks over and opens it. The smell was over whelming to her sensitive nose, but she spotted what had drawn her to the location. It was a newborn that someone had thrown away in the dumpster. The poor baby still had her umbilical cord attach to her.

Sparrow summons a baby blanket to her hands and gently picks the little girl up with it. She wraps the blanket around the poor child and heads back towards the front of the building to head back inside with the child. As she walks through the front door of the office building they were using. She heads over towards the reception desk.

“Maria, I’ll need these items for this child please.” Sparrow makes a list appear in her hand and hands it to Maria.

Maria looks up at Sparrow. She had been informed that whatever this woman wanted of her, she was to do.

“Yes, ma’am.” Maria takes the list from Sparrow and look at it. There was a bunch of things on it for a baby.

“Use this card to pay for the items Maria and bring me the receipts please.” Sparrow hands a VISA card with kittens playing on it to Maria.

“Yes, ma’am.” Maria takes the card and tucks it and the list in her purse.

Sparrow turns around and heads towards the elevator and takes it up to the floor where her apartment was. Just because she didn’t need to sleep, didn’t mean she wanted to be around people all the time. Sparrow touches her door knob with her fingers and sends a little magic to disable the magical spell she had placed on it to keep unwanted people out of her place. She walks inside, and shuts the door behind her.

Sparrow heads towards the bathroom to clean up the child.

Once the baby was cleaned and the cord was cut and magically preserved. Sparrow arranges the pillows on her bed to protect the baby and to keep her from falling off. She lays the child down and cover her with a clean baby blanket she made appear in her hands like the last one.

Once the baby was sleeping on the bed, Sparrow goes into her small living room and pick up a book she had started reading till Maria showed back up with the items she requested. She’ll have to make the vampires in this nest know that the little girl was off limits and that if any one tries to use her against her, she’ll make them pay the price.

Maria shows up a couple of hours later with everything Sparrow had on the list. She has a few of the day time employees help her take everything up to Sparrows apartment. Maria knocks on the door and hopes Sparrow isn’t disappointed with the items she picked up.

Sparrow had heard someone moving outside her door and had smelled the scent drifting in under the crack of the door. She knew right away from the scent of the perfume that it was Maria. Sparrow marks her spot in the book and stands up and walks over towards the door of her apartment. As she opens the door, she notice’s that Maria had brought one of the guards up to help her with everything she had asked her to do.

“Come on in Maria and set everything up please, but please be as quiet as possible. I’ve manage to get the baby to sleep for a little while.”

Sparrow watches as Maria and her helper come in and start setting up the baby crib, changing station and putting the clothes away as well.
Maria starts working on setting everything up after returning the card Sparrow gave her back. It takes about an hour or two for everything to be set-up for Sparrow.

Maria looks at Sparrow “I got everything you asked for and a few things you didn’t ask for. I thought some of the items would be nice for your baby.”

“Thank you, Maria.”

Sparrow makes a fifty-dollar bill appear and give it to Maria and she makes another one appear to give to the guard for helping her.

Maria smiles as she walks out of the apartment followed by the guard that helped her. Once they were gone, Sparrow places her palm against the door and says a few words. The door glows a light red color. Once that is done, Sparrow takes the breast pump she had asked Maria to get for her and use a little bit of magic to cause her breast to start lactating. She’ll see if the baby will drink her breast milk first or will she have to use the formula she had Maria pick up.

Sparrow watches as her breast milk starts flowing into the bottle. Her body still function like it was supposed to, it just didn’t need sleep or rest. She fills four bottles with her breast milk. She cancels the magic she used to start her milk. She uses a little bit more of her magic to make sure the bottle is safe and takes it into the room where the little girl was laying and see if she was hungry.

Sparrow looks down at the sleeping baby. She had no idea on what she was going to name her yet. However, she is going to place a magical protection spell on her so no harm will come to her, while she is alive. Sparrow picks the little girl up off the bed and holds her as she feeds her the bottle. She watches as the little girl drinks her breast milk. Sparrow also notices that when the baby girl sucks on the bottle and the milk enters her mouth that a slight glow appears around the little girl.

Sparrow just holds her and feeds her while thinking of a name for her. She smiles as a name pops into her mind. It was a Native American name that meant abandon, but it suited her little girl now.

“I am going to name you Hokee, my dear little one.”

Sparrow smiles as she continues to bottle feed her breast milk to Hokee. Once Hokee is done, Sparrow burps her and then lays her back down in her new crib.

“Sweet dreams my little angel.”

Sparrow places a kiss on her forehead and head back into her living room to finish reading the book she had started yesterday.

As Sparrow is sitting curled up on the sofa reading. She wonders why she had picked up on Hokee. Normally, she only picked up on people that were on their way of dying or were dead already. Hokee wasn’t on her way to dying any time soon. Anyone could had found the child in time. Sparrow continues to read her book. She could hear people moving around on the floors above her and below her. She gets up and walks into her bedroom and sound proof the bedroom, so that Hokee won’t be woken-up from the noise.

Sparrow finishes reading her book a few hours later. She gets up and check on Hokee. She smiles as she looks down on Hokee. Sparrow picks her up and carry her into the living room with her, while playing with her and talking to her. Sparrow couldn’t believe how she felt having Hokee in her arms. She had never thought about being a mother. She spends some time with her little girl and notice that after a few hours she starts to fall back asleep.

Sparrow lays Hokee back down in her crib and tuck her in under her blanket. Sparrow stands there and just watches her adopted daughter. She wonders what her little girl will grow up to be like and why did her birth mother abandoned her in the dumpster. Sparrow turns around and head back out of her little girl’s bedroom and out of the apartment to see what was going on outside her apartment.

As Sparrow walks outside her apartment door, she comes face to face with a black fur male were-wolf in his hybrid form. He looks at her and was about to strike her, when he stopped himself. He could feel the power this woman posse and could see that a cloak surrounded her body.

Daigh had been surprised when the apartment door he had walked by opened. He was ready to strike whoever came out of the apartment.
Daigh stopped himself from attacking when he noticed a long blood red hair teenage petite girl walk out of the apartment. When he looked at her, he could see a cloak surrounding her body, even tho she wasn’t wearing one. He had also felt a cold presence emitting from her body. The same type of presence he felt when he walked into a grave yard. His sense of smell had informed him that she wasn’t a vampire, but something different. His hearing was good enough, that he could hear her heartbeat as well.

Daigh just looks at her, before he decides that she wasn’t a threat and walks away from her.

Sparrow just stands there and watches as the hybrid-man wolf lowers his paw and walks past her to attack a few guards that were trying to protect their employers, who were still asleep. Sparrow feels as her cloak appears around her and her magical scimitar named Soul Taker appear on her sword belt. Where most grim reapers stuck to the traditional weapon that most grim reapers used. She had been blessed with a magical scimitar from the genie that had turned her into a grim reaper. Death himself didn’t care that she wasn’t using the traditional symbol of death.

Sparrow follows behind the man-wolf and as he takes down a guard, she cuts the silver line that anchors their soul to their body and watch as they pass on.

Daigh watches as the traditional cloak that most grim reapers wore appears on the petite woman he had spared. He also notices that she was welding a magically crafted scimitar that had red glowing sand script letters running up along the length of the blade. Daigh continues taking out the guards that were protecting the vampires he and his pack had been sent to kill.

“This way.” Sparrow yells at the man-wolf in front of her.

Daigh turns around when he hears Sparrows voice. He turns and follows her as she runs towards where Master Kampbell resident was. She knew exactly where he slept, because she could feel his undead body. She couldn’t control him because of the magical amulet he wore to protect himself from her.

“The Master is behind these doors. I can’t help you because he has protection against me.” Sparrow kills the guards that protected Master Kampbell’s chambers.

Daigh and several other were-wolves that had followed him. Daigh charges into the Master’s chamber and attack him. They attack several other vampires that had gather to protect their Master.

Glynn spots Sparrow, standing away from the fighting. The master had ordered her when he first got the amulet to forbid her from ever attacking him or controlling him. She had power over the dead, but she rarely used it. He charges towards her to enact his revenge against her for betraying his Master and their nest.

Sparrow brings up the scimitar for protection and misses as his claws strike her petite body, sending her flying against a nearby wall.

Glynn snarls as he closes the distance to her and strikes her again. He could smell her blood as it dripped from his claws.

Sparrow ignores the strike to her side and swings her scimitar, slicing across Glynn’s chest. It cuts deep and through his body like it was butter. It leaves a glowing red mark on his skin.

Glynn howls in pain as he feels the burning sensation from Sparrow’s sword strike. He looks at her with hated in his eyes.

“Let’s see if you can’t be killed.” As Glynn strikes at her again with his claws.

Sparrow parries his attack and with a swift circular move, she slices his body in half with her sword. Sparrow points her sword at Glynn’s two pieces and severs his soul from his top half so it can rest in peace now and sets the bottom half of his body on fire with a simple touch of her sword.

Master Kampbell had felt the taking of Glynn’s soul, which distracted him from Daigh’s attack. His head goes flying over towards Sparrow along with the amulet he was wearing that protected him from her abilities.

Sparrow looks down at Master Kampbell’s sever head and the amulet laying near him. She bends down and picks the amulet up and holds it in her hand.

“You are no longer protected against me any more Master Kampbell.”

Sparrow takes his soul in her hands and instead of sending it to rest in peace. Sparrow opens a portal and sends his soul to the demon realm from which she had escape from. To make him pay for the crimes he committed in his life time.

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