Blood Moon Part 1

A light breeze blows a loose lock of Sparrow’s long blood red hair as she looks out over the city from the roof top she was standing on. She watches as cars drive down the street and as people move about going from place to place, not realizing that there were predators out tonight. Predators looking for those foolish enough to leave the safety of the crowd. Predators that needed the life sustaining nutrients that their blood provided. She reaches up with her right hand and tuck the lock of hair that had come loose back behind her right ear.

“Sparrow, your presence is requested by our Master.”

Glynn didn’t like Sparrow very much and didn’t see why Master Kampbell kept her around. She was disrespectful towards him and to others in his nest.

Sparrow turns around and looks directly towards Glynn. She didn’t like him or the other members of his nest. All of them were bullies and thought of normal people as cows that should be slaughter. Each member of his nest had lost touch with their humanity and thought of themselves better then what they use to be. It was a pattern she has seen developing among the older vampires that had been created in the last two hundred years. She wasn’t a vampire herself, but an agent of death.

“Than lead the way.”

Sparrow wasn’t about to let Glynn walk behind her. The last few times a vampire walked behind her, they attacked her and tried to drink her blood. They thought if they could drink her blood, they would gain power from her. They had found out once her blood enters their body it would killed them instantly. She just didn’t feel like feeling the pain as their teeth puncher her skin again.

Glynn watches as Sparrows eyes flash bright red and then back to normal.


Glynn turns and heads back the way he had come to retrieve her on his Master’s orders.

Sparrow reaches forward to grab the door before it slammed shut behind Glynn. She follows behind Glynn as they walked down the flight of stairs leading from the roof of the building they were staying in down to the fourth floor. Master Simon Kampbell was holding court tonight. Glynn had been an old Southern plantation farmer that didn’t want to die and made a bargain with Master Kampbell in exchange for eternal life. He ran the clubs and some of the businesses around here like he uses to run his plantation.

They walked down a well-lit and carpeted hallway that had various pieces of valuable art from famous artist that decorated the wall. Sparrow only glances at them as she passes them. She stops when Glynn comes to a set of highly polish old fashion wooden doors. There were two guards station near the door guarding it. They were fully decked out in assault gear and ready to kill anyone trying to get past them without permission.

“The Master is expecting us.”

Glynn looks towards the guard on the left.

The guard just nods his head as the doors start to open. Sparrow just watches as the door opens. It’s not the first time she has seen this happen. Most of the places Master Kampbell owns or visited has the same set-up as this place. Sparrow just keeps her eyes on the back of Glynn as they walked past other members of his nest and other vampires visiting tonight.

Simon Kampbell spots Glynn and the young lady he had sent to retrieve from the roof. A smile appears on his handsome immortal English face. He fingers the amulet that hung around his neck and rested against his chest. It protected him and those related to him by blood from Death. Which meant any of his people that drunk his blood were protected from death. It also allowed him to command and hold an agent of death to do his bidding.

Simon watches as both Glynn and Sparrow stop in front of him. Glynn kneels before him, but Sparrow just stands there looking directly at him with her emotionless red eyes. Simon knew from experience with her, that her eyes showed her emotional state.

“Raise.” As he motions for Glynn to raise.

Glynn stands up and glances at Sparrow. She hadn’t kneel like she should had. He was going to have to teach her manners later.

Sparrow just stands still and look at Simon. She hated being controlled by him and that bloody amulet he wore. She wanted to kill the genie that had granted his wish to be protected from death and be able to command death or an agent of death to do his bidding. It was the same genie that had saved her life by turning her into a grim reaper for her to enact her revenge against the demons that she had escape from, after offering to take her sisters place. Her sister had tricked her in taking her place or should she say they traded bodies. Her sister had place her essence in her true body, which was male and placed her essence in her old body. She was now stuck in her sister’s old body. Her sister had gone around pretending to be him. On top of that the demon she had been given to had aged her back to her late teens and permanently sealed her soul and her body at that age.

The demon liked young teenage girls that looked like they were hookers. He had remade her body into what he desired most in a teenage girl, giving her a very tiny waist, long shapely sexy legs and a small sexy ass. He made her breast small and pear shape with long hair that was so red that it looked like blood had been poured on it. Her new hair came all the way down to her ass. Her eyes he made special. He took her human eyes out with his fingers painfully and replaced them with demon eyes that were blood red. He figured that if he seals her soul in her current body, she wouldn’t be able to escape or do what her sister had done by jumping bodies to avoid him. This way she would forever be trapped in her body even if she died or was turned into a vampire.

When she became an agent of death by the genie. Death promise her that when it was her time to leave the mortal world, he would release her soul. He said she wouldn’t know when it was her time, but she didn’t have to worry about her soul. He would release her himself.

“Sparrow, why the angry eyes my dear? Is something bothering you?” Simon smiles at Sparrow.

“Yes, I didn’t want to be disturb. Why have I been summoned to appear before you?” Sparrow knew she was being rude, but she didn’t care.

“Because my dear Sparrow, I have an order for you. I know you can’t grant immortality, but I do know you can grant people additional time. I want you to grant additional time to an old friend of mine. Plus, I want you to summon the soul of the person this person tells you too.” Simon knew those requests were within Sparrows ability.

“Very well, I will do as you request in exchange that you do not bother or summon me for four months.”

Sparrow knew that she couldn’t resist what the amulet could make her do, but how she interrupts those requests were determine by her.

Simon just smiles at Sparrow. He knew she had no choice, but the last time he forced her to do as he wanted, she twisted his request.

“I’ll give you two months my dear, but to add to that. You’ll have to remain with my nest during those two months. You are forbidden to leave my nest without an escort or my permission.” Simon knew Sparrow would hate this deal, but she would do as he asked her to do. Treating her doesn’t work, because she has no one she cares for and on top of that. She used to be owned by a demon and he knows that there isn’t anything he could do to her that she hasn’t already been through.

“Fine, I’ll do as you say. Bring the person here so we can get this over with.”

Sparrow was already hating this arrangement. Her eyes glow brighter in reaction to her emotional state.

“My dear, you need to learn how to control your emotions better.” Simon says this in a sarcastic way to Sparrow.

Sparrow just glares at him as she gets her emotions under control. She had to learn how to control how she felt when she served her demon master for three hundred years. She had to remain cold and detached when the demon her sister made a deal with again had walked by her with her original body in toll behind him. Her sister had been one of the high-class passengers on the Titanic when she was killed. She had later learned that her sister had tried escaping again, but this time the hell hounds had gotten her and killed her.

Simon watches as Sparrow’s eyes go back to their normal state. He had learned that Sparrow’s eyes became that way after her service and stay in the demon realm. There were things that she had to do at the request of her master and that there were things done to her.

Sparrow watches as an old man in a wheel chair is brought through the crowd and towards her. She looks at the old man and wonders how he is related to Simon.

“What is your name sir?”

Sparrow needed his name to summon his hourglass.

“Edward Kampbell, ma’am.”

Edward had heard stories about this woman.

Sparrow looks towards Simon. This gentleman must be one of his family descendant. An old fashion hourglass appears in her right hand. She notices that it was almost empty. She looks at the gentleman in the wheel chair.

“I can only give you back twenty years. Whatever ailments, disease or anything else you may be suffering from will disappear. As you get closer to the end of those borrowed years, whatever you have now will return. I suggest you do whatever you need to avoid dying of whatever you have.”

Sparrow turns the hourglass upside down and watch as the sand flows back the other way.

Simon watches as his kin regains the twenty years he had lost back. His ageing stops when Sparrow turns the hourglass back to the proper direction. It disappears in her hand as she sends it back to where all hourglasses are kept.

“Don’t forget the second request, Sparrow.” Simon wanted to remind Sparrow of the second part of the deal.

“I haven’t forgotten the second part of the deal. Whose soul is it that you wish for me to summon from the grave?” Sparrow looks at Edward.

“My wife’s soul. I wish to speak to her.” Edward looks at the young lady.

“I can only summon your wife for only an hour. Anything past that, and she won’t be able to return from where I summoned her from. She must return or you’ll lose her forever.” Sparrow wanted this man to know she meant what she said.

Sparrow looks up at Simon” I believe this part of the deal should be done in private, instead of here in front of everyone.”

“Yes, of course my dear Sparrow.” Simon looks over towards Glynn.

“Glynn, escort Mr. Kampbell and Ms. Sparrow to a private room and stand guard outside.” Simon wanted Edward to enjoy the time he will be having with his wife.

“Yes, Master.” Glynn turns towards Mr. Kampbell.

“If you’ll follow me please, sir.”

Glynn takes Mr. Kampbell and Sparrow to a private room.

Once Sparrow enters the room and the door is shut behind them. She turns towards Mr. Edward.
“What is your wife’s name sir?” Sparrow pulls a sheet of white handmade parchment out of her cloak inner pocket along with a special quill pen.

“Melissa, Melissa Marie Kampbell.” Edward thinks about his beautiful wife.

Sparrow writes down the woman’s name, after she pricks her left arm and places the special quill she had summon over the blood. She lets the quill pen soak up some of her blood into it. She was going to use her blood to summon the woman’s soul. Sparrow writes Melissa’s name in blood on the parchment. She holds it up in her right hand and in a commanding voice she summons Melissa’s spirit from the grave. She sends a little bit of her magic up her hand and burn the parchment. A strong cold wind blows as the woman’s spirit appears in front of the two of them.

Sparrow turns towards Edward” I’ll leave you two along. Remember, you only have an hour before she has to return to where she came from.”

Sparrow walks outside of the room to stand with Glynn as Mr. Edward and his wife talk inside the room.

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