Nowhere To Run: Chapter 15


Isisraxtosa: Nowhere To Run

Chapter 15

No one knows what the future holds. Everyone has a prediction. It doesn't mean it will come true. That's what one child learn in this futuristic story.

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It's that time of year (for me)...

I thought about posting this as a blog here, but instead decided to post it to my blog and share the link...

Basic subject is that it's nearing the 2 year anniversary of Kim's passing...

That time of the year (for me) @ Piper's GeekBrat Blog....


Cynthia and the Moment of Truth - Chapter 5/5

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth
Chapter 5 of 5

By Portia Bennett

Cindy is safe and back with her friends and family. What did Maddy do to save the day? Where has The Wizard been? What will become of Evan Sheisskopf?

The Road to Haifa - Chapter 14

The Road to Haifa
Chapter 14 — Arrows Of Fire
by Alyssa Plant 
Coughing, Sarah rolled off David and lay on her back panting. “I was going to say… I saw a bomb.”
”Ugh, No shit.” groaned Zeis.
Looking over at her team-mate, Sarah burst out laughing. “Hey, did the earth move for you too, baby?”

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