Blood Moon Part 3

“Mommy, Mommy” Hokee runs towards her mother as she launches herself at Sparrow.

Sparrow catches Hokee in her arms. She had missed her little girl while she had been gone on business. She had been summoned to help a few other grim reapers with a disaster in Chile. She had spent two weeks there helping freeing souls so they could pass on.

Sparrow hugs her little girl close to her body. She could smell her husband’s scent on her. As well Seamus scent on his sister’s body. It had been six months after the attack on Master Kampbell and his nest that she had married Daigh. He had feared her at first being a Grim Reaper, but once his wolf made him realize she was supposed to be his mate. He overcame his fear of her. She joined his pack as their Alpha female. Her and Daigh had adopted a little boy two years later since she couldn’t have children of her own, because of her nature. Grim Reapers couldn’t have children, because they were extension of death himself. They wanted Hokee to have a sibling and a playmate. It took them a while to find someone who Hokee could get along with and wasn’t afraid of her unusual looks.

She had spoken with her husband last night about the birthday party they had been planning for Hokee. Hokee wanted a Beauty and a Beast birthday theme party. She was turning seven years old and was such a mommies’ girl. Their son’s birthday was next month and was turning five years old. Since he was into Star Wars, they had planned on a Star Wars theme for his birthday.

“Mommy, Mommy”

Seamus comes running over to his mother. Following behind him was their Aunt Carolyn who was their babysitter as well as their Aunt.

Sparrow bends down while still holding onto Hokee on her hip and pick up her son as well. He had gotten a little bigger since she left.

Seamus hugs his mother as he holds onto her neck for support.

Sparrow smiles at Seamus and places a kiss on his cheek. Seamus was the opposite of his big sister. Hokee had gotten some of her traits from drinking her breast milk. At the time, Sparrow hadn’t known that letting Hokee drink her breast milk would allow some of her traits to carry over to her adopted daughter. Hokee had been born with dirty blonde hair, but now had blood red streaks running through it. Hokee’s hair was as long as her own hair. Every time they had cut it, it just grew back to the same length it had been before. Another side effect that Sparrow hadn’t counted on was Hokee’s skin being as pale as her own skin. When she was upset, Hokee’s eyes glow just like her own did. Hokee’s eyes had a pinkish glow to them when she was upset.

Hokee was smarter than most children her age and was taking advance classes in school. She was the youngest and shortest in her fourth-grade class. She could speak and write in eight different languages. Her reading level was equal to that of a professor. Most of these traits
Sparrow figured Hokee got from drinking from her breast milk.

Seamus on the other hand was very athletic and took after his adopted father. When he was little, it was discovered that he had been born with a rare blood disease. Seamus had required a blood transfusion to live. So, she and Daigh had given him their blood. What they hadn’t counted on was what the side effect would be on their son. Seamus could turn into a were-wolf like Daigh could, but he also had some of her death ability as well. He could see the souls of the dying like his mother. He could also raise the dead like his mother and sister could. When he was in his wolf form, his fur was black as night and his eyes glowed white when he was upset or angry. It only happened in his wolf form, never in his human form. He was also able to cross distances like his mother could.

“I’m sorry Sparrow. They heard you were coming home today and had been waiting for you to get home.”

Carolyn stands before Sparrow and her children. She knew that both had missed their mother.

“It’s okay Carolyn. I have missed them as well.” Sparrow hugs both her children.

Both Hokee and Seamus had their head resting against their mother’s shoulder as they were carried by her.

“So, how has things been since I have been away?”

Sparrow knew she had a lot of catching up to do since she has been gone. It had been two weeks since she left her children and the pack.

Carolyn was Daigh’s younger sister and had been very helpful as her second since she married and joined the pack. Hokee and Seamus loved their Aunt and spent as much time with her as they could. Carolyn’s mate, Maria had come and joined the pack after Daigh had killed Master Kampbell and offer her a place in his pack. Maria had taken over as their head house keeper. She was good at her job and figure Maria must had gone shopping for the house.

“Everything has been quiet since you left. Your little monkeys have been well behaved and the pack has been happy with the merger of the Silver Moon pack with ours. We are still retraining a lot of their people. Most of the body guards and fighters they had needed to be retrained. There was a uniform style of fighting among them. A lot of them were undisciplined and lack proper technique.”

Carolyn had been displeased with what she saw when she went to see how many of the Silver Moon pack warriors were trained. There was no order or style to their fighting. Most of their warriors had to be sent to Ettore their pack trainer for retraining.

Sparrow heads upstairs towards the Master bedroom with her children in her arms and Carolyn walking beside her. She had already sent her bags ahead of her.

“Have you heard from Alpha Bryan from the Kingman Pack about sending one of his new wolves here for training?”

Sparrow puts Hokee and Seamus on the bed. As she sits down herself to talk with Carolyn.

“Yes Alpha, I have. He said his second, Leonard is going to fly her out to us. She’s a hybrid wolf. According to what Alpha Bryan said, she is a Coywolf.” Carolyn had never seen a Coywolf before.

“How is that possible? Were her parents a Coyote and Wolf?” Sparrow had never heard of a Coywolf before.

“According to what information we got from Bryan, she was the result of a serum a veterinary was trying to create for the United States military. She had been bitten by a Coywolf that had been injected with the serum and it passed onto her.”

Hokee was sitting next to her mother listening intently, while Seamus was playing with his mother’s long hair, putting it into a braid.

“Why would they do such a thing Aunt Carolyn?” Hokee looks towards her aunt.

“Because Hokee, there are somethings that our government try to use as a weapon.” Carolyn taps her nieces nose.
Hokee just giggles as her aunt taps her on the nose. She giggles even more when she feels her mother’s fingers tickle her on her side, where she is ticklish.

Seamus starts tickling his mother and then Carolyn joins in as well. They roll around on the huge bed. Sparrow gets pinned by both her children and let them tickle her. Carolyn continues to tickle Sparrow. After about twenty minutes, Sparrow gives up. Carolyn sits up with Seamus on her lap.

“Okay little monkeys, let’s go downstairs and see if Maria is back.”

Carolyn carries Seamus in her arms as Hokee holds her hand and follows her aunt out of the master bedroom.

Sparrow smiles to herself as she gets undress and heads into the master bathroom to take a shower. A few minutes later Daigh opens the shower door and joins Sparrow in the shower. He wraps his arms around her tiny waist and holds her tight to his muscular form.

“I’ve missed you since you have been gone.”

His manhood was erect and hard as a rock pressed against her small body.

“I can tell”

Sparrow stands on her tip toes to kiss Daigh. She had missed being near him. It had been strange to her at first to feel and want someone as bad as she did. She had never cared about finding the other part of her soul, until Daigh came into life. She was set to just live life single and not to have to worry about anyone else, but herself. Then Hokee came into her life and things changed. The next thing that had happen after that, was meeting Daigh during the fight against Kampbell. Something inside of her was impress by what she saw. He had awoken something deep down in her that she hadn’t realized she had.

She jumps up and wraps her shapely legs around his waist and position herself for him to enter her body.

Daigh leans down and starts kissing Sparrow on her lips as he slowly enters her very tight small opening. He had been blessed with an enormous penis. He could feel her vaginal muscles stretching and loosening to allow him inside her body.

Many of the women he had dated and had sex with in the past couldn’t accommodate his huge member. He either couldn’t get all of it inside their vagina or he was too wide for their opening and stretched them too much. He didn’t have that problem with Sparrow. She may be tiny and petite, but she could take all of him and hold him inside of her body. She still had a few more inches inside her that he could pump into her body without hurting her.

Since she was technically immortal and a supernatural creature like himself, he didn’t need to be gentle with her. He could switch to his hybrid form and she could still take him in her body. It was like she was made just for him. He starts gently with her and then increase his pace. He changes forms while still connected to her body and bites her at the base of her neck and shoulder. He sinks his teeth hard into her body as she shivers from the orgasm he just caused her to have from biting her. He could taste the rich sweet coppery texture of her blood. They were worried at first when he first drunk some of her blood during the mating ceremony. They knew her blood was dangerous to vampires, but what it did to Were-wolves was unknown. He had been the first to taste her blood and found out he was safe. They also found out he could inherit some of her abilities for about an hour.

While they were connected to each other, he could feel every inch of her body as well. He could experience what it felt like to have someone his size inside her vagina. Whatever emotions she was experiencing during their mating he felt and vice versa. They could lose each other in their lust and passion. There was no such thing as a quickie for the two of them. Their mate bond was the first of its kind. No one else that they knew had the type of bond they had.

Two hours later as they laid in bed covered in sweat. Sparrow was laying on top of his body resting her head on his chest. She purred as he made small circles on her back.

“Honey, I want to adopt another child.”

Daigh knew what having children meant to Sparrow since she became a mother.

“Who do you have in mind?”

Daigh figures that Sparrow must had seen a child that tugged at her heart string for her to ask before she adopted the child.

“She’s in India and her father abuses her all the time. I think he is planning on selling her to an older man who just wants to use her for sex. She’s only nine years old.”

Sparrow sits up straddling her husband’s waist. She was sitting on top of his limp penis which was pinned under her ass.

Daigh puts his hands on her thighs and rub them.

“Do you think she can handle having a Were-wolf for a father and a Grim Reaper for a mother?”

“I think she will adjust. Right now, she’s barely staying alive and it’s not her time yet.”

Daigh could see the pleading look in Sparrow’s eyes.

“Are you going to make her like Seamus?”

“Nope, she’s going to have gifts of her own. We will need to teach her how to use.”


“Yep, I looked at her aura and spotted a few things about her. If we can make her our child, she’ll blooms into a beautiful young lady and marry.”

“You looked into her future, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did. However, like I told you before. The future can change depending on events that might change it. You could say no and I would have to just stand by and watch her life. Which within four months she will be dead if she is made the wife of the older man.”

“You have my permission.”

“I love you.”

Sparrow bends down and kisses him on the lips.

Daigh returns the kiss.

They stop after a few minutes. Sparrow gets up off Daigh waist and the bed.

“Go get our daughter.” He smacks Sparrow on her cute ass.

She shakes it just for him.

Clothes appear on Sparrow as she opens a portal in their bedroom and walks through it.

Daigh could see where the portal had appeared in some alleyway in India. He watches as Sparrow walks down to a door and knocks. He hears a young girl scream and watches as his wife pulls her scimitar and crashes through the door. He hears several more screams coming from the place she went into. He changes forms and races down to the place Sparrow had disappeared into. He spots a tiny naked form cowering in one corner and his wife slicing into several men with one swing of her blade. Her eyes were glowing bright red. Which he knew meant she was pissed off.

He walks in and over to the small form. He could smell blood and fear on her. She flinches when he picks her up and cradles her in his massive furred covered arms. He could see blood flowing from between her legs. He rushes her back to the portal and into their bedroom. He mentally summons Shelia their pack doctor and takes the little girl down to the medical room.

Shelia comes running in fast wondering what the emergency is and then spots the little girl in her alpha’s arms. She touches the girl’s forehead and puts her asleep while she watches as Daigh lays the girl down on the examination table.

“Where did she come from?”

“India. Sparrow went to get her and I guess her father wanted to sell her virginity instead of her.”

“Oh, I bet that pissed Sparrow off big time. I know how she feels about children.”

“Trust me, she giving them what they deserve right now.”

“Giving who what they deserve?”

Maria had seen Daigh running through the main hall carrying something in his arms.

“The men who did this to this girl.”

Daigh steps aside to let Maria see the girl. She walks over and looks at the little girl. She brushes some of her greasy black hair out of her eyes.

“Alpha, I would like to adopt this girl. Your sister and I were going to approach you and Sparrow and ask if we could adopt a child.”

“You’ll have to ask Sparrow. She took a liking to this child.”

“Maria can adopt her. It was her and your sister that I saw who were going to be her parents.”

Daigh turns around to face his wife.

“Are you sure? I thought you wanted to adopt her?”

“I did and if Maria hadn’t just asked to adopt her I would. However, I just saw something wonderful happened and she’ll be better off being our niece, instead of our daughter.”

Daigh stares into his wife’s red eyes seeing if she meant what she said.

Hokee comes skipping in and up to her father. She holds her arms up for him to hold her.

He picks her up and holds her.

“Mommy is right daddy. Sanjay is going to make you and the pack proud.”

“You can see the future like your mother?”

“No daddy. I can only feel what is going to happen. I do know she is going to turn out to be my best friend.”

Daigh just shakes his head and hugs his daughter. They all watch as Shelia operates on Sanjay. Afterwards, Maria carries her upstairs to her and Carolyn’s bedroom and lay her down in there.

Hokee gets down out of her father’s arm and gets one of her many teddy bears from her room and lays it with Sanjay.

“Sanjay can have him.”

All the adults look at Hokee. Sometimes they forget she has some of Sparrow’s abilities.

Daigh feels something small jump onto his back.

“Piggy back ride, daddy.”

Seamus was holding onto his father’s shoulder. He had both of his little monkeys now.

“I’ll take Hokee, so you can play horsey for Seamus.”

Sparrow takes Hokee from her father’s arm and holds her in her own arms. Hokee rest her head against her mother’s shoulder. She was happy to have her mother back. She knew how her mother had saved her. She even knew who her birth mother and father were. Hokee knew why her birth mother did what she did.

All four of them head outside. Hokee and Sparrow watch as Seamus rides his father around the grounds. Daigh enjoyed playing with his children. He knew his pack members enjoyed watching their alpha goofing off and playing. It showed he was happy and when the Alpha was happy, the pack was happy.

By the time evening rolls around. Both children were ready for bed. Sparrow tucks each child in and kisses their forehead. She checks on Sanjay and finds her surrounded by both her mothers. Maria had been changed by her wife shortly after they had been married.

Sparrow heads back to her bedroom and strips out of her clothes and lays down next to her husband. Sometimes, she’ll wear night clothes to bed, but most of the time. She likes to sleep naked next to her husband. She enjoys feeling his penis pressed between her butt cheeks. She snuggles close against him as he wraps his massive arms around her slim body. She feels him place a kiss on her cheek as she closes her eyes even though she doesn’t need to sleep. She enjoys cuddling in bed against him.

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