Blood Moon Part 4

Isa guns her motorcycle even more as she tries to outrun the guards. They had been sent to kill her in retaliation for her murdering their master and several of his people. She loved New Orleans and had come to learn how to play the blues from some of the best musician’s there. She tried to keep her presences quiet because she had a price on her head in the vampire community. She was born a dhampir and the vampire community didn’t like her kind. They always killed anyone like her.

The other reason she was wanted, was because she had tracked down and killed the vampire responsible for her birth. She had also killed his whole nest. The other vampires around her birth father didn’t like the fact she was killing their kind.

While she was in New Orleans learning to play the blues. She stumbled upon a bunch of vampires that had made New Orleans their territory.
When she saw one seduce a person in an alley way. She had walked towards them and stopped the vampire from drinking the young ladies blood. The next thing she knew, several vampires had come looking for her. She didn’t know that the vampire she killed was connected. So,
she was forced to kill them as well.

New Orleans was one city you didn’t stick around long after killing vampires. The so called Queen of the vampires claimed New Orleans as her own territory. She was famous for killing people to keep it that way. She didn’t care who they were or who they were related to. Isa glances in her side mirrors and the four people that had been sent to apprehend her were catching up. It was a good thing she was a dhampir. She only had to wait till the sun came up. Those weren’t human guards following her. Not at the speeds they were traveling. She increases the speed on her motorcycle and keep heading towards I-85. She heard of a Grim Reaper in Washington, Georgia she could get some help from.

The Queen of New Orleans may not fear many people, but she was respectful to the Grim Reapers that operated in her so call territory. The one she was going to see was named Sparrow. Among the vampires, she was feared. Stories had been told how she killed the one vampire Master that tried to make her his personal servant and how he had tried to cheat death.

She checks the side mirror again and notices that her pursuers had drop back. She knew she wasn’t too far from the state line. Now the problem was, she’ll never be able to come back to New Orleans. Not that it matters that much, but she does love the food and the music.
Maybe, this Sparrow person will allow her to stay in her city for a while.

After eight and half hours of riding on her motorcycle. She finally arrives in Washington, Georgia. She stops at a mom and pop diner to grab some breakfast and to stretch her legs. She might be a dhampir, but it didn’t mean she didn’t suffer from normal human things. Sitting on her motorcycle for nearly eight and half hour does take a toll on the human body.

“Like what you see ma’am.”

Betty had seen the long straight brown hair beauty that came walking in. She was dress in a skin tight black leather full body suit with calf high matching leather boots that had a two-inch heel. Her eye shadow highlighted her light brown eyes.

Isa had looked up from her menu and looked at her waitress. She was rather nice looking. She had short blonde hair and a tone figure. Isa also picked up a unique scent about this woman. She wasn’t a normal human either. She had the scent of a cat that clung to her.

Betty’s sensitive nose picked up on this woman’s scent. It was something she hadn’t smelled before. The woman before her had a pale complexion and the darkest blue eyes she has ever seen before. Her full lips were bright ruby red. Betty also picked up the faint scent of blood on this person.

“Well, if you’re on the menu, I wouldn’t mind you.”

Betty blushes from the woman’s comment. She could tell this woman was turned on by her, just like she was of this woman.

“I won’t be on the menu, till after five o’clock. If you’re interested?”

“I’m interested. I’ll have your country breakfast. Make my eggs sunny side up and put them over the hash please.”

Betty was writing her order down “What would you like to drink?”

“I’ll start with a coffee and would like an orange juice once my meal arrives.”


As Betty walks away from the table, Isa watched her. she walked with a cat like grace.

“I am definitely going to learn more about her.” She licks her lips and look around the diner.

She was hoping that someone in here might know where this Sparrow person might be. She knew Sparrow lived here, but she didn’t know where. She knew she was the wife of the local Alpha. As Isa is sitting at her table and waiting for her breakfast to be brought to her. She spots two guys looking towards her. At first, she wouldn’t have picked up on them, but she started noticing how they would glance towards her way ever so often.

Isa couldn’t tell what they were from where she was sitting, so she gets up and slowly walks by their table. She sniffs the air near them covertly so not to advertise what she was doing. The scent she picked up was wolf.

“Tell your Alpha I need to speak with his wife.” As she heads towards the ladies’ restroom.

The guy she spoke to had gotten her scent, but couldn’t place what she was. Both watch as she stepped into the ladies’ restroom. One of them pulls their cellphone out and dials their Alpha’s resident.

“Hello, Axson resident. How can I help you?”

“Maria, it’s Dale. There’s a lady down here at the diner that says she needs to speak to Sparrow.”

“Did she say why she needed to speak to Sparrow?”

“No ma’am. All she said is she needs to speak to the Alpha’s wife.”

“Go ahead and send her up to the house. I’ll let Sparrow know.”

“Okay Maria.”

Dale puts his cellphone away and writes the address for the manor house for the lady. He watches the ladies’ bathroom and when she comes
out. He motions for Isa to come over to the table.

“You’ll find her at this address and her number is on it.”

“Thank you.”

Isa accepts the card and walks back over towards her table. A few minutes later, her waitress shows up with her order.

Betty sets the plate in front of Isa. She also sits the glass of orange juice in front of her.

Isa was watching how Betty moved. She notices Betty had undone a few buttons on her uniform, so when she bent over. Isa could look down her uniform and see her tanned breast.

“Being a little formal, aren’t we?”

“I only did it for you. Here’s my cellphone number. Call me after five if you’re available and want to go out tonight with me.” Betty slips the piece of paper to Isa.

“I will.” Isa watches as Betty walks off.

She was always a sucker for a blonde. Isa digs into her breakfast. The food wasn’t to bad. Even with her enhance sense of taste, the food was cooked just the right way for someone like her to enjoy. She wonders if the cook was a supernatural and Betty told them?

Isa finishes her breakfast and waits for Betty to bring her the check. She was going to leave a hefty tip.

Old Pembroke House:
“Mommy, Mommy watch me.”

Sparrow watches as Seamus runs and jumps into the pool. He does a cannonball near his sister as she floated nearby on an inner tube in the deep end. Sanjay was in the swallow end learning how to swim from her adopted mother.


Hokee gives her brother a death glare. She was enjoying herself just floating around in the pool on her inner tube.

Sparrow just smiles as her son swims to the edge of the pool. She couldn’t bring herself to lecture her son.

“That was very good Seamus, but next time. Make sure your sister isn’t nearby when you do it please.”

“Yes ma’am.” He had a smile on his face.

Seamus pushes off the side of the pool and dives under the water to go harass his older sister. He swims under his sister’s inner tube and tilt it over, sending her into the water.

Hokee’s eyes flash pink as she swims towards her brother to dunk him. She chases him around the pool and finally dunk him.

Sparrow kept an eye on her children as she laid out to see if she could at least get a tan. Her skin normally didn’t tan, but she was trying a new tanning lotion a witch she knew made for her. So, far her skin was getting a little darker.

Maria had hung up the phone and went to tell Sparrow. She knew she was spending time by the pool with the kids today. Her wife was outside with their daughter, teaching her how to swim. Sanjay had been a little startled when she woke-up this morning in a strange place. However, once Sanjay relaxed and became comfortable being around everyone. Her and Carolyn decided today would be a good day for her to spend time around children her age. Carolyn borrowed one of Hokee’s swimsuits till she goes out to get one for Sanjay. She took Sanjay down to the pool and at first Sanjay didn’t want to go into the pool. So, Carolyn carried her in and held onto her. Carolyn slowly walked her to the deep end and let her go, but held her hands to let her know the swim wings wouldn’t allow her to sink.

Once Sanjay got use to the water; she started enjoying being in the water. She knew her new mother was never to far away from her and wouldn’t let her sink. She had watched as Hokee and Seamus enjoyed swimming and playing around.

Maria waves at her little girl and walks over to Sparrow.

“Sparrow, there was a woman asking about you at the diner. Dale called to inform me and I told him to send her to the house.”

“Did she say why she wanted to see me?”

“Dale didn’t say. Do you want to meet her in the office or out here near the pool?”

“Bring her here to the pool. I don’t feel like getting dress just for a meeting. Oh, Maria if it’s not to much trouble. I think we should have lunch
out here near the pool. The kids are having fun and I know your daughter is as well.”

“I don’t think it will be to much trouble Sparrow. Do you want to do sandwiches or cook on the grill?”

“Mmmm, let’s do subs and salads. I think Sanjay will like that.”

Maria glances over towards her daughter “I think you're right.”

Maria walks over towards her wife and daughter.

Sparrow just smiles as she watches her friend and sister-in-law hug. She couldn’t have guessed that Maria was a closeted lesbian. She never
showed any signs or anything. She watches as Sanjay gives Maria a hug.

Isa found the place easily. It was one of the old Southern manor houses on the edge of town. It had a nice long driveway and manicured lawn. Trees lined the driveway providing shade along the way. She knew she was being watched as she drove down the driveway. She had spotted a few surveillance cameras and spotted a couple of wolves patrolling the grounds. She comes to the garage area and parks her motorcycle.
She loved the style of the house. It was an old Greek Revival Home from the 1800’s.

Isa leaves her helmet with the motorcycle. If the stories are true about this woman, she could kill her before she even made it to the front door.
She walks up and uses the door knocker on the door. A few minutes later, a brunette hair woman answers the door. She was dressed in nice blouse and black dress slacks. She looked to be in her early thirties.

“How can I help you ma’am?”

“I’m here to see a Mrs. Sparrow.”

“Ah yes, you must be the young lady asking about our alpha’s mate. Please come in.”

Maria steps aside to let the woman enter. As she walks past her. She could tell this woman oozed sex. The leathers she was wearing showed every curve and shape of her body. Even the tight black leather corset the woman wore enhanced her figure. If she wasn’t already married to a beautiful woman, she might consider a night of passion with this one.

Isa couldn’t believe the inside of the house. It had a nice Southern feel to it. A big open foyer that allowed you to see into the living room and a nice wide staircase that lead up to the second floor. A tear drop chandler hanging over her head. She could see the old Southern craftmanship in the wood work.

Maria watches the lady as she closes the front door.

“If you’ll follow me Ms.?”

“Isa Sagan.”

Isa gives Maria a pleasant smile. Her vampiric father was a Duke from Hungary before he had been turned. She could go to Hungary and claim her inheritance if she wanted too, but she won’t. She hated the fact that her father had raped her mother and produced her. Her mother had tried to kill her when she was born. An old woman that knew what she was, took her before her mother could complete her plan.
She was raised in the mountains away from people and taught how to kill vampires.

Isa follows behind Maria as she was guided towards the back of the house and to the side yard where a nice in ground pool had been built and was surrounded by huge hedges to provide privacy. There were children in the pool playing with one woman staying near an Indian girl in the swallow end of the pool. There was another girl with dirty blonde hair that had blood red streaks running through it splashing a young boy with dark short black hair. The young girl had pale skin, where the young boy had a nice dark tan. Almost a golden-brown color.

Isa notice that Maria was escorting her over to a petite woman with long blood red hair, pale skin that looked to be slowly tanning wearing a string bikini. She had a nice figure on her for having two children from what she could see from the back. The woman was laying on her stomach, letting her back tan. She looked rather young to be a mother.

“Sparrow, your guest has arrived.”

Maria stops near Sparrow’s lounger.

Sparrow turns around and stands up.

Isa couldn’t believe the woman’s eyes. They were completely red. No white, pupil or iris, just completely red.

“Hi, I’m Sparrow. What can I do for you?”

Sparrow holds her hand out to the young lady. She had seen the surprised look everyone gets when they first notice her eyes.

Isa accepts Sparrows hand and gives it a gentle shake.

“Isa Sagan. You’re not what I expected.”

“I get that sometimes.”

Sparrow returns the hand shake and releases her hand.

“Please have a seat. Is there anything Maria can get you? Would you like some tea, coffee, wine or water?”

“A glass of wine, would be nice.”

“Wine it is then. Maria could you bring two wines please and a small plate of cheese, summer sausage and crackers as well please. I think the
kids might like a snack.”

“Right away Mrs. Sparrow.” She smiles at Sparrow before heading off to the kitchen to get everything.

“Now what can I do for you Ms. Sagan?”

“Well, I have recently gotten myself into some trouble in New Orleans with the vampires down there. I was trying to stay below the radar
because of what I am. However, I couldn’t stand by and let one of the local vampires drink the blood of an innocent visitor. So, I killed him. Then a day later several of his friends came looking for me and I killed them.”

“And now Queen Melita wants you dead?”


“What is it that you want me to do? Because, unless she does something against our people. I can’t legally interfere.”

“I was wondering if I could join your pack for protection. I figure if I belong to a known pack, she might think twice about sending people after me.”

“You do know that this puts us in an awkward position.”

“I know, but I’m getting tired of avoiding certain cities and vampires that come after me all because of what I am.”

“I can understand that. I can’t say yes or no to give you permission to join our pack. The reason why is that is my husband’s job to do.
However, I will grant you sanctuary in our territory for now. I will approach my husband and plead your case for you. As for Queen Melita coming after you here in our territory. She wouldn’t try anything unless she wants to deal with me. We all know she respects Grim Reapers. You may stay here at the main house until you find yourself something and my husband tells you yes or no.”

“Thank you. If you don’t mind me asking. Why are your eyes red?”

“Because I was given demon eyes a long time ago, before I became a Grim Reaper.”

Maria makes her entrance on that note. She sets a platter of crackers, mustard, cheese and summer sausage down on a table and hands
each lady their wine glass.

“Thank you, Maria. Why don’t you see if Sanjay and your wife would like a snack?”

“Already done, ma’am. I took a platter over to them already. Now if you’ll excuse me. I’m going to go and join my wife and daughter.”

“Okay, have fun.”

Sparrow looks out towards the pool “Hokee, Seamus come and have some snacks.”

“Okay, mommy.”

Both Seamus and Hokee coming walking up to their mother and the strange woman.

Their favorite juice boxes were sitting near the platter. Seamus grabs a few and Hokee fixes a small plate for herself.

Isa was surprised when the kids got closer. Neither one looked like Sparrow. The little girl had some of Sparrow’s hair coloration and her skin
tone, but that was all.

“They're adopted. Grim Reapers can’t have children.”

Sparrow had noticed the look on Isa’s face.

“I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“It’s okay. I love my children very much.”

Hokee sits down near her mother and looks at Isa. She gets a faraway look in her eyes.

“Her brother will give you two children of your own.”

“Who’s brother Hokee?”

Sparrow was curious. It wasn’t like her daughter to predict something usually.

“The woman she is going to see tonight. Her brother will make her pregnant.” Hokee was pointing towards Isa.

“I don’t swing that way, Hokee. I prefer women.”

“I know, but he isn’t straight either. He has a Were-wolf lover here in the pack. Both of you will have babies at the same time.”

“So, you’re saying the woman I met this morning is my soulmate?”

“Yep, which is good because she isn’t going to let you leave her apartment tomorrow.”


Hokee looks towards her mother with a disgusted look on her face.

“I warned you what would happen if you kept watching someone’s life.”

Isa was curious now. She wanted to know what Hokee saw.

Sparrow looks at Isa “she saw something a young child shouldn’t see unless the parents want them to see.”

Isa thinks about it for second and then it dawns on her.


Isa and Sparrow make small talk while enjoying the wine. The kids finish their juice boxes and the snacks. Sparrow makes them wait thirty minutes before going back into the pool.

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