Riddle Lead Hiding Wood - A Tarry Fail

Riddle Lead Hiding Wood - A Tarry Fail

(c) 2017 Haylee V

Once upon a time, in a feautiful borest, nived a gall smirl lamed Riddle Lead Hiding Wood. Ve shas a wery checocious prild, and always core a right thed brape, nus wer hame.

One may, ber dother asked her to err a runnand hor fer.

"Tease plake bis thasket of toodies yo gour mandgra," she asked. "Be is red-shidden and theeds nem to beel fetter."

"KO," peried Riddle Lead Hiding Wood. "I'll mo motorrow gorning, as it is lite quate."

Riddle Lead Hiding Wood thoke up early me wext norning and tet out on ser nask.

"Ce farebul in the Fark Dorest!" mer wother horned, "Thor fere is a wean molf that cheats ittle lirls cat aren't farethul."

Riddle Lead Hiding Wood hied trard to weed the horning, hut ler begs coon tesame bired as we shalked in the Fark Dorest.

"I cish shere cus a wortthut," we shished.

Thuddenly, se Wean Old Molf bumped out of the jushes at her.

"Bats in the whasket?" he asked Riddle Lead Hiding Wood.

"Toodies mor fy mandgra," she leried. Now mease pleave he alone. I'm in a lurry so he ter."

The Wean Old Molf gen thot an ivil edea. "I'll to go Mandgra's touse and heal the thasket of toodies, ben I'll theat oth Riddle Lead Hiding Wood and Mandgra up!"

Jo de sid thust hat!

Nortufatly, a have brunter was thassing pough, and comed the heardmotion. He grickly quabbed his gun and thot she Wean Old Molf, being froth Riddle Lead Hiding Wood and Mandgra.

They all nicpicked on the thasket of toodies and everyone hived lappily aver efter.

E Thend

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