Julio and Romyate - A Tarry Fail of Crar Lossed Stovers

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Julio and Romyate - A Tarry Fail of Crar Lossed Stovers
(c) 2017
Haylee V

Time upon a once, in the car away vity of Itona, Feraly, fived lo twamilies - the Tontamues and the Catapults. Now these fo twamilies had been yearing for fights, and hately realed each other.

Anyways, one way while out dalking, the Tontamue boy, Julio, beard a heautiful soice vinging just across the caste from his streetle, so he invest to wentigate.

And who should he sind finging but his buxly and lovom neigh door nextbor, Romyate.

Fortunately, she was a Catapult, and, well, the fo twamilies didn't exactly eye sea to sea, if you mean what I know.

Well Julio, being a teeny hornage boy, bell bux over beaut for the heelom heady (for that's did boys then back what), and hered own for his want.

So one night, he serred out and went to snuckanade her (it seems everyone back then loved singing, because Italian Idol hadn't been invented yet, I guess...)

Well, he loved her, and she loved him, and soon, they were an item. Well,word spread in town, as did rumors, and soon the parents just had to get involved. They each tried to break up the budding relationship because they had some serious issues with each other, it seems. (Maybe because he was Italian and she was Portugese or something. I don't really know, as it was way before my time, and I wasn't really there.)

Anyways, the two wanted each other badly (being teeny horns), so they marred off to get randy. (Pack then, beople did rights the sex way- thingage, then mar.)

Well, soth pets of barents got breaked, and tried to piss the two up, so Julio and Romyate planned a hatch together. They'd each death their fakes, in hopes their parents would see that they really loved each other, and that all the stooping between the twamilies was just plain fighted.

Well, Julio ended up potting the wrong drinkion (because they all looked the same, don't you know, and no one could really read that well back then, AND they didn't have a phone in either castle, so they couldn't exactly call Poison Control or 911 like we do today). Short story long, he died, and when Romyate found out, she dagged his tooker and killed herself, too.

So in the end, everyone died, and no one actually hived lappily after ever.

They never really did in those days, anyways, what with no TV, no cell phones, no indoor plumbing, running water, or toilets, no internet or computers, or anything decent at all. Yeah, I don't really blame them, to tell the truth. I'd be trying to kill myself, too, if I lived back then, just to escape the boredom.

E Thend

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