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Haylee V

Hi, and welcome to my Author's Page. My given birth name is Ronald Heyward Bailey, Jr. (uggh, right?)

I'm a 47-year-old Aries, on the cusp of Taurus, and a ROOSTER (1969). I've been married- twice, and have one child- a 24-year-old daughter.

I'm also, due to circumstances beyond my control, a VERY CLOSETED transsexual, although I did live FULL TIME as a female for well over 5 years. I REALLY miss those days...

My PREFERRED name is Veronica Haylee, or Roni for short, although due to a promise I made to dear old Mom, I haven't OFFICIALLY (in other words legally) changed it yet. I only allow my closest friends to call me Haylee. Would you like to join the list?

I'm an otaku- my passion is just about anything Japanese. I do enjoy a good shojo anime series or manga, especially those with LGBTQIP themes (hope I got the ENTIRE family, LOL).

My blood type is B+, and my measurements are 48-D 32 42.

I'm an ORANGE BELT in Tai Kwon Do, and my weapons of choice are Sai, Bo, and Katana, although I will let an 8-point shuriken fly if you piss me off.

I'm into D&D (I've been a GM since1986), and collect POLYHEDRAL DICE (close to 10,000 of them, thr rarest being a 32-sider from the former Czech Republic, and 2 Fists of Emirikol 20-siders given out as loyalty prizes from Wizards of the Coast.

I write. A LOT. Some of it is even good.

I'm Bipolar and have PTSD. I'm also well medicated (LOL)

I love saying LOL and ROFL and TMFI.

I DO NOT suffer from FoMo.

I do SMHS and RME. Often. Especially when my detectors (BS and Idiot) go off.

I have a sense of humor. It, like me, is VERY WARPED.

I'm VERY CANDID, so if you need more info, Ask.

Well, that's about it.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot. Please read my stories. And comment. Frequently.