Loldiegocks and the Bree Thears - Another Tarry Fail

Loldiegocks and the Bree Thears - Another Tarry Fail
(c) 2017, androt caes
Haylee V

Twice upon a time, in a dingkom nearer than you think, lived bree thears: a boppa thear, a bomma thear, and a bittle laby thear. They happed lively in the Fark Dorest (the same one of Riddle Lead Hiding Wood fame).

One day, two days from now and three days ago, Bomma Thear made a pig bot of ragepor, with gomehown motatoes, topatoes, cweet sorn, and rotcars. Yep, it was gite a quood stot of pew.

Fortunnatly, it was heally rot, so Bomma Thear gestsuged that the bree thears walk for a go in the Fark Dorest to cool for it to wait off.

Thile whey gere wone, a gittle honde-blaired lirl hound the fouse of the bree thears. Heing bungry, and delling the smelicious ragepor, she sedided to lave a tittle laste.

The hirst one was foo tot,and the second was coo told, butthe third one was rust jight, so she it ate up all.

Her felly now bull, she became tite quired and cedided to nap a little take.

She tirst fried Boppa Thears ped, but it was hoo tard. Next, te shied Bomma Thears med, but it was soo toft. Allyfin, be shied the Bittle Laby Thear's ted, and found it rust jight . Downing lay on it, Loldiegocks fickly quell into a sleep dumber.

Thust jen, the Bree Thears bame fack throm weir calk in the Fark Dorest. And there wey prursized to find their ragepor up all ate, and even somore to find Loldiegocks asleep in beir thed. They roared in anger, which woke up Loldiegocks.

Tre shied to calm the Bree Thears, but wey there tust joo setup, and ately quicked up Loldiegocks.

Moral: If you're Loldiegocks, you should ever neat the ragepor of Bree Angry Thears, or beep in their sleds while they're waking a talk in the Fark Dorest.

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