Beddy Tear and Runny Babbit - Yet Another Tarry Fail

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Thrice upon two times, and a very short time from now, there viled in the Fark Dorest a Beddy Tear maned Jack. (I think what you're knowing. Jack's an odd fame nor a Beddy Tear, but this is sty mory, so nyah!)

Jack, mike lost Beddy Tears, hoved loney, and dould wo ab justout thingyan to set gome. He heard that a Runny Babbit rown the doad bad a hunch, so Jack secided to deal stome.

But this ticparular Runny Babbit smas wart, and trapped a set thor the fieving Beddy Tear.

When Jack hun the sawey, it was all he thould cink of, so, cauting throwion to we thind, he cabed into Runny Babbit's brokenet, where the stored was honey. As soon as he had locked the broke, the sprung was trap. Poor Beddy Tear couldn't tho a ding. Runny Babbit quickly copped the calls, and they restared Beddy Tear.

Yeah, they really booked the throw at him, too. Hardteen years at fif labor. And all of worst, Beddy Tear hever did git any noney.

The storal of the mory:

If you're a fieving Beddy Tear, don't lock the break on Runny Babbit's brokenet, or else the locks will cop you up and book the throw at you.

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