Today's Punable - 2017 - 08 - 09 - The Bragging Accountant

The Bragging Accountant - A Punable
(C) 2017 Haylee V

Once upon a time, a very intelligent accountant was hired right out of college to manage the books for a major financier.

He was shown the computer system that housed all the company's financial data, and assured the CEO that he could fix their problems.

"I have the best accounting program in the world. It can do everything you need. It will balance your books effortlessly, allow you to add new data on the fly, control your payroll, and even sort your data in any way you can imagine. It's flawless. I'd stake my reputation on it."

So the CEO loaded the software into the system, and the accountant began putting it through its paces. Before long, the program, with the accountant's help, had produced an expense report for the entire upper echelon of management, calculated payroll for the next ten years, and completely balanced the books. Needless to say, the CEO was impressed.

"What's that flashing dot in the lower right corner?" he asked.

"Oh, that just tells me that the software needs updating, as a new release is out. I'll upgrade it now."

With that, the accountant clicked on the upgrade button...

..and the computer promptly crashed. Horribly. Taking all the company's data in the process.


(Warning! It's a real groaner!!!)


Never flaunt your Quickens before it's patched!

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