Lights, Camera, Action! Chapter 8

Lights, Camera, Action!
A Magic of the Kingdom Tale
©2015 Dark Kitten & Zoe Taylor

12 year old Mark O’Malley had been practically typecast as the dopey sidekick because of his role in the runaway hit Disney production, “My Brother Mark”. But while on the set of his older sister Krissy’s much darker sci-fi movie production, a misheard comment leads to a whole new branch in his career, and in his life.

The last week of filming had been long days even into the nights sometimes just to get things together and ready for editing, The girls were standing on the porch of a house that the studio had rented temporarily from a realtor to film the scene where the girls were reunited with their dad. It was actually pouring down rain at that moment as well.

Megan broke character. She couldn’t take it anymore. “Lucy can we take a break for a bit It’s almost midnight?” she sighed.

“Actually,” Lucy said, “We’ll get it in editing. That’s a wrap people. Pack it in before someone gets electrocuted,” she called.

“Oh thank you there is a God.”

Megan play collapsed into Juliette, who laughed as she heaved her onto the old porch swing. The chains creaked a little and a lightning bolt lit up the sky as she sat down beside her. Brianna came running over with a couple of bottles of water.

“So do you two want a ride home, or do you want to sleep here tonight?” she teased.

“If it’s all the same, I could pass out right here.” Juliette giggled.

Megan laughed. “We’ll take the offer on the car. I’m hungry, and I saw a Denny’s on the way here.”

“How is it,” Brianna laughed, “I’ve been here for what, six months? And had no idea they had Denny’s here. That sounds great.”

“We’re teens! We can smell food before you even mention it.” Juliette giggled. She had, in fact, just turned 13 in November, with Megan’s birthday coming up fast in December.

“That does sound great,” Lucy said, laughing. “Okay everyone,” she called out, cupping her hands to make herself better-heard. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at her. “Our stars are trying to sneak off to Denny’s without us. Anyone else who’s hungry, follow their limo - I’m buying!”

It was the busiest the managers there had ever seen, as the entire crew and nearly all the actors from the movie had piled into the place. When they had arrived, there were only two people even in the place other than the employees: a teenage girl and her mother.

The pair watched in quiet awe as more and more people came through the door, as well.

Megan giggled as she pushed through the crowd of coworkers, “Beep Beep.” she said, holding Juliette’s hand, “Two hungry teens coming through.” One of the camera men had been recording the entire adventure in the parking lot and inside with a personal digital HD camera. Carolyn had gone home hours ago, but he wanted to capture the wrap-up in her stead.

“Oh, there are our stars,” Lucy said. She had apparently just been advising the manager about their impending arrival. Megan giggled again.

“Sorry for not calling ahead to warn you, but we just wrapped up filming, it’s like 1am, and we were starving. These other nutters just followed our lead.”

The manager laughed. “That’s what we’re here for. How can I help you?” she asked in an entirely too perky for this hour tone.

“I’ll take what she’s having.” Juliette pointed to the teen girl's plate. It looked like a large Cheese and Bacon burger. The girl giggled quietly as she took a bite. “Bacon double cheeseburger,” she said shyly.

“Coming right up. Want fries or a drink with that?”

“Oh hey I’ll take one too, and a diet coke, as well as a order of cheesy fries, can you make sure we get the cheesey fries first? Oh and a thing of ranch to dip the fries in too please.”

“Regular coke, and seasoned fries for me, please,” Juliette chimed in

The manager nodded as she glanced between the two. They were clearly starving and going a mile a minute each, but she was easily able to take in their order. “Sure thing,” she said warmly as another worker set their drinks out before heading back into the kitchen to help cook.

Megan smiled at the teen girl, “Sorry we put you on the spot, but we’ve been working like literally since eight this morning.”

“Oh no, it’s fine,” the girl laughed. She was definitely not Australian. “We just landed too, and I was like if I don’t get a cheeseburger I’m going to start chewing on the cab tires. Not to go all freaky fan girl or anything, but I love your show.”

“Aww thanks. You’re not from around here, eh?” Megan teased.

The girl laughed. “Yeah, I’m a visiting my aunt. This is her - Aunt Liz,” she said warmly. Liz gave the girls a warm smile as she raised her glass to them. “Oh um, and I’m Carly.”

“I’m Juliette and this is Megan, and everyone you see in here besides your host mom, is a film crew.” Juliette giggled. “Oh and the staff, they’re not with us either.”

Liz laughed softly. “Well, we can get out of the way if you run out of seats.”

“No way. You were here first.” Megan insisted as a plate of cheesy fries was served, she put her allowance credit card on the waitress’ serving plate with a note to pay for their food and to take a $100 tip.

Carly took out her phone as Megan and Juliette sat down the next table over. Before she could snap the picture, Juliette leaned closer to Megan, put an arm around her, and gave her a big, goofy thumbs up as Megan waved. “Sorry. I couldn’t resist,” Carly giggled as she put her phone away again.

Megan began to eat her fries, “It’s cool,” she laughed. “You know the only actor slash actress I didn’t enjoy working with on this movie was that David guy? God he’s such a jerk. He didn’t even bother to come here with us.”

“It was really a shame that other guy broke his leg before the shoot,” Juliette nodded. “He was much better for the role as Sam’s dad.”

“Yeah, I liked him, that’s why I’m going to start vetting when we get lead roles. I really don’t like working with people who are like that. He was like a total negative on the entire film.” Megan sighed as Lucy approached Carly and Liz.

“Hey, sorry to keep bothering you both,” she said sheepishly. “I was just wondering if I could get your permission to use the video in a making of documentary?”

Carly paused, mid-chew, to look blankly at Lucy. “But... We literally didn’t do anything.”

Lucy laughed softly. “I know, but you do appear on camera. I want to make sure you’re okay with it. Otherwise we can just edit it out, you know, blur your faces, that sort of thing to ensure your privacy.”

Carly shook her head. “No way, like I told Megan it’s totally fine. I just meant you didn’t have to ask my permission or anything. But um, I guess you have it if you really need it though.”

Liz nodded. “Likewise, it’s really not a bother at all.”

“I think we should sign something for her.” Juliette whispered to Megan as she helped her clear the cheesy fry plate.

“Something other than those silly pictures I carry around,” Megan laughed. “And not just because I don’t have any with me right now,” she added dryly.

“Oh, I’ve got just the thing,” Juliette said. “B R B.” She grinned and hopped up, running back out to the limo while Megan turned to talk to Carly. By the time Juliette got back, their bacon cheeseburgers had arrived, and juliette was carrying a copy of the script. It was a little dog eared, and while it wasn’t her personal copy, it was a well used reference copy they kept in the limo.

“DId you ask Lucy?” Megan grinned as she pulled out her lucky signing pen.

“Yup. She signed it too,” Juliette laughed as she showed Megan the director’s signature. Megan signed under it, and then offered her pen to Juliette to sign. Both Megan and Juliette’s handwriting, while distinguishable from one another, was very girly. Juliette even dotted her ‘i’ with a heart before handing the pen back to Megan, along with the script, so she could tear into her hamburger.

Megan smiled and stood. She walked around, asking everyone - cast and crew - to sign as well, until the cover was filled, both outside and inside, with signatures, and then brought it over to Carly and Liz’ table, Juliette not far behind, still chewing and wiping grease off her hands, “On behalf of Juliette and I, and our director, I’d like to give you this as an early Christmas gift.” she handed Carly the signed script.

“Oh, wow! This is from your new movie! Oh I really want to read it, but I want to watch the movie first,” she giggled. “Thank you so, so much!”

“Yup the one we were totally not talking about on Disney 365 until last week,” Megan giggled out. “And you are soo welcome.”

Carly stood and hugged them both. “I wish I could do something for you,” she said, not even realizing the cameraman had been filming the whole time, in between bites of his grand slam breakfast.

“Nothing we want, but a picture of the three of us after we eat if you don’t mind?” Juliette grinned.

“And if you’re not busy this weekend,” Megan added, “We’re having a ‘Thank God it’s over’ party. Just us, a couple of close friends, and a metric ton of pizza.”

Carly looked to her Aunt Liz. “If she’s ok with it, then I’ll be there.”

Megan took a snapshot of Carly with her phone and sent it to the girls who were coming to the party, ‘Our new friend Carly. Met her @ Denny’s.’

‘Woot, new meat!’ Rebecca texted back - the only one of them still awake at that ungodly hour.

Megan giggled and texted her, ‘Caffeine or?’ she turned to Carly, “Our friend Rebecca says Hi.”

‘Massive insomnia, so I’m working on a song,’ Rebecca answered. Carly laughed nervously.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Juliette laughed now. Our friends, save one, are normal. Rebecca’s an artist, so she’s excused.”

“Don’t let her fool you. Those two are mega Divas.” Lucy laughed. “Just last week they were whining and complaining about having to wade through a river.” she teased.

“A river that smelled like a gym sock that was dragged through an outhouse,” Juliette laughed. “Besides, I only said our friends are normal,” she teased back.

“Jess is the only other actress.” Megan agreed, “Rebecca’s dad is a famous musician. We did con those two into coming on set with us for the final episode of My Brother Mark too.”

“Oh, the one you filmed here? God that was such a deep episode. I loved it,” Carly gushed.

“Yeah. Did you like how I wasn't hardly Mark at all in the episode? I mean there’s no way I could hide my changes in the outfit I was wearing anyway.” Megan giggled.

“Yes. I have a transgender friend who, like, literally was in tears afterwards. She said what Mark said about putting up a goofy front to cover up for Megan’s insecurities was exactly how she used to feel too.”

“When Megan was allowed to come out, she was the fun one. Mark was just this mask. He was boring, dull, and hid with video games and around pretty girls, so people would notice them not him.” Megan nodded.

“And Michelle was finally nice to the in-character Mark,” Juliette laughed. “We finally got to act how we really act around each other. Megan was worried about being typecast as the comedy relief the rest of her life, but now she’s got people beating her door down for serious roles.”

Carly laughed. “I bet. I’m honestly glad the show ended on a serious note like that. it felt like it did the entire family justice, but especially Megan and Michelle. But I’m glad you don’t have to be an actress to hang out, either. I get wicked stage fright,” she joked as she munched on her french fries.

Rebecca laughed as she came strolling over, carrying a dark purple bike helmet, but dressed rather normally in faded jeans and a pink “Diva!” tank top. Gone were her usual, dramatic goth trappings, but she had new, dark purple extensions in her hair. “I’m in trouble if that ever changes,” she teased.

“Hey Rebecca! This is Carly, Carly this is Rebecca.” Megan giggled and gave Rebecca a hug.

“Ay, g’day mate, bonza kangas an’ ol,” Rebecca teased, and Megan lightly swatted her shoulder, causing her to laugh. “I’m just kidding. I love messing with tourists, but any friend of Meg and Jules is a friend of mine.” She paused, looking around. “Good lord, was there a grand slam sale or something?”

Carly laughed. “This is like, their entourage or something,” she joked. Megan laughed out loud.

“We just wrapped up filming on the movie, and decided to raid the place for food,” she said, “And these lot just followed us here.”

“Fun,” Rebecca said. “I thought they looked like a familiar mob,” she teased. “I’ll warn the others you’ll be asleep till Saturday,” she added.

“Oh before I forget,” Megan said, “Normally we don’t give out our number, but this is our manager Brianna’s number,” she said, handing Carly a stock business card. Rebecca turned it over, scribbling her own number on the back.

“And that’s mine,” she laughed. “These two are like, contract bound not to give out their private number so don’t take it too personally.” She winked.

“Miss never remembers to put her phone on vibrate,” Lucy laughed as she walked past with a fresh cup of coffee. Megan stuck her tongue out as she passed.

“We should get going if I’m going to get any sleep tonight,” Carly laughed. “But I really want to thank you guys again. This has just been amazing.”

“Catch you at the party, Carly.” Juliette and Megan both hugged her.

“I promise I’m not as strange as these two,” Rebecca teased causing Carly to laugh again as she stood up to leave.

“Man, it’s going to be weird going back to the states next year,” Juliette laughed.

“Americans think we have it backwards because the toilet flushes backwards.” Megan giggled.

“I’d be doomed if I ever went stateside,” Rebecca laughed. “I’d never leave the bathroom for watching the toilets flush backwards,” she teased.

“See!” Megan giggled, “I told you Jules, American toilets flush backwards. The ones here flush normally.” she winked.

“Forwards or backwards, as long as they don’t talk back like those creepy Japanese toilets,” Juliette laughed, sharing her seasoned fries with Rebecca.

“Oh God, I forgot about that episode where I snuck off and stole Mom’s credit card to fly to Tokyo to meet my friend from the internet.” Megan giggled as she finished her hamburger.

“Oh yeah,” Rebecca said, “That’s something I always wanted to know. Did that toilet really say ‘happy poopy time’, or was that a voiceover?” she asked, trying to keep a straight face.

“It was a voice over literal translation of what that thing was saying to me.” Megan nodded.

“Wow,” Rebecca giggled. “That’s both creepy and awesome.”

“That was one of the perks I’ll miss about being on a runaway success show,” Juliette nodded. “Paris, London, Tokyo... All the free travel was great.”

“Can’t forget the episode where you and ‘Mom’ went to Russia for your class project.” Megan giggled and winked.

“Oh God, and I got us thrown in jail for kicking a Russian cop in the shins,” Juliette almost cackled with glee. “Okay, so I know I said I want to play a nice girl, but Michelle definitely had her moments.”

“She was just being a preteen girl.” Megan laughed. “Just look at Megan Parker from Drake and Josh. She tormented her brothers relentlessly.”

“Oh, God yeah,” Rebecca spoke up. “Megan Parker was genuinely evil. Not like Michelle - most of the time. Hard to believe her actress went on to play such a sweet girl as Carly Shae.”

“That’s my only regret about our show closing, you know,” Megan laughed. “Sorry, my tired brain just jumped a few tracks there. iCarly and Victorious did that amazing crossover special. I regret that we never got to do something like that with, say, Jessie or Dog with a Blog, even though we had Debby on our show a couple of times.”

“A Suite Life on Deck crossover would’ve been hilarious,” Juliette nodded. “I’m pretty stoked about the Pixar movie release coming up, though. And with Snowballed finishing filming. Did your Dad settle on a locale for Lost Girls?”

“Three, actually,” Megan laughed. “He wants to film different aspects of the Lost Girls’ backstory as flashbacks so we’ll be shooting in Hollywood, and a couple of scenes in Florida.”

“We haven’t started casting for Lost Girls yet, if you want to get in early,” Juliette said, grinning at Rebecca.

“No thank you.” Rebecca laughed, “But Amber would.” she teased, since Amber wasn’t there to defend herself.


“Actually.” Amber giggled as she, Megan, Juliette, Rebecca and Carolyn sat in the living room at Tina and Krissy’s waiting for the others to arrive, namely Jessica, Sabrina, and Carly, “I’d love that, but I’m not even a real actress.”

“But you’re great on camera,” Juliette said. “I mean, you and Carolyn are the whole reason we started vlogging during filming.”

“Yeah, but vlogging and blogging is nothing like real acting,” Amber whined. “Rebecca’s the theatrical one.”

“Ohh no,” Rebecca laughed, “They already barked up this tree. I enjoy theater, and that one guest shot on MBM was fun, but I’d rather be on the creative side, working on set pieces and props. Uh, not that I’m volunteering for a big AMC project,” she quickly added. “Just in general terms.”

“We can get you a great acting coach,” Megan said. “You wouldn’t even have to do anything for the pilot.”

“Can I think about it?” Amber asked.

“Oh, of course,” Megan said as she hugged Amber. “We wouldn’t ask if we didn’t think you could do it, but we don’t want to pressure you either.”

“God, yeah,” Juliette spoke up. “If you don’t want to you really don’t have to. It’s just we get creative control over who gets cast. We want people we can work with.”

“People who have good chemistry with us,” Megan added. “Filming Snowballed was a nightmare at times because the guy playing Sam’s dad was... Kind of an asshole.”

“Kind of?” Juliette laughed. “He was worse than the jackass they had playing pre-transition Sam before we got you on board.”

Amber laughed. “Thanks guys. Don’t get me wrong; I’m honored you feel that way about me, but this is bloody AMC we’re talking about. That’s a little bit out of my league.”

“You’d have said that even if we had said it was Disney filming it.” Megan giggled.

Amber giggled, looking sheepish. “Pretty much, yes,” she said as Jessica and Carly appeared in the doorway.

“Filming what?” Jessica said, adding, “Oh, and I found this strange girl poking around outside,” she teased, causing Carly to laugh.

“A surprise project we’re going to be working on next summer.” Megan grinned.

“Yup,” Rebecca giggled. “They’d tell you, but then they’d have to tickle you mercilessly.”

“We already tickle attacked Becca and Amber.” Juliette giggled.

“Hey, what about Carly?” Rebecca said thoughtfully. “Wasn’t she there the other night when you told me?”

“What?” Carly laughed. “I’m innocent. I just got here this week.”

Megan giggled. “Besides she left right before we started talking about it.”

Juliette nodded. “Okay, so, this doesn’t leave this room. We’re talking serious non-disclosure agreements here. You know how protective Disney is of its IPs?” she asked. Carolyn and Carly both nodded. “Well, Megan’s dad and AMC managed to strike a deal with Disney to use the Pixie Hollow fairies’ likenesses in a new TV series based on the Peter Pan mythos, called Lost Girls.”

“And,” Megan giggled, “You’re looking at the leaders: Red,” she said, pointing to Juliette, “and Pinky. Filming for the pilot starts in June plus promos, so it’s going to be awhile.”

“Oh my God,” Carly whispered. “That is so cool! I um... I guess it’s okay to admit now that I have like every Pixie Hollow movie on Blu-Ray now.” She blushed. Carolyn giggled.

“Me and Amber do too. Tell her about the vault, Amber,” Carolyn laughed.

Amber nodded. “It’s what we jokingly call my walk-in closet. One wall has a shelf with literally every Disney movie or TV show ever released to DVD or Blu-Ray, plus some bootlegs,” she said with an innocent grin.

“It;s too bad the last episode of MBM won't ever air anywhere but Australia and Europe.” Juliette sighed.

Carly nodded. “My friend I told you about and I got it off Pirate Bay, and we shared it with like everyone we knew.”

“We both forgive you.” Megan grinned. “Normally I’m totally anti-piracy, but I agree it’s BS they won't air it in the US, just because im TG. Disney AU and EU are way more lax.”

“I wrestled with whether to post on my blog,” Amber said, “But there’s a massive petition to get it aired in the US. So far there are 20,000 signatures, last I checked.”

“Wow, that’s actually kinda cool.” Megan brightened. “It’s a good heart warming episode too, Disney AU adored it.”

“Disney AU is just awesome like that,” Sabrina, a taller red haired girl spoke up as she peeked around the corner. “I’m not late for the party am I?” she laughed, having only caught the tail end of the conversation, but as a Disney AU personality she couldn’t resist piping in as well.

“Sabrina, hey!” Rebecca spoke up. “This is Carly, the new girl Megan and Juliette’s film crew ambushed at Denny’s the other night. Carly this is Sabrina, one of the only actress types we hang out with,” she teased.

“Oh that’s the girl from the text.” Sabrina giggled. “Well there’s one more, but she’s always so busy.” she teased. “Getting married, making movies and all.”

“Hah, that’s true,” Megan giggled. “I haven’t seen much of her since filming wrapped. I think she and Tina are going to take the weekend off and veg though. They’re probably at some spa relaxing right now,” she joked. She knew how much Krissy hated spas.

“I could never do the spa thing,” Juliette laughed. “I’m just not the ‘spoil me rotten’ type.”

“I do enjoy having a makeup crew.” Megan giggled, “At least having them around I know I never have to worry about getting it right, Rayne and Sasha are both on call.” she winked. “But before you girls get any bright ideas.” she wasn’t talking to Juliette, “Yes I do know how to do my own makeup.”

“Ah, so you’re just lazy too,” Rebecca teased.

“I used to wear a ton of makeup,” Carly admitted sheepishly. “Believe it or not, I used to be a total goth in junior high. I guess my tastes changed, but I still adore the style on others.”

“I go goth once in awhile” Rebecca laughed. “I still like it, but like you, it just wasn’t ‘me’. Plus it takes me two hours to do my makeup.”

“You’d make a hot goth,” Carly laughed. She paused. “Oh um, don’t take that the wrong way. You just have really pretty eyes. Easy to accent with dark makeup.”

“Awww,” Rebecca laughed. “Thanks. I still have all my goth clothes. Maybe I’ll wear that cute red corset dress next time we hang out, before you have to go back to Florida.”

“We don’t really care how anyone dresses, for what it’s worth, as long as they’re real.” Juliette giggled catching the flirt between Carly and Rebecca.

“By the way,” Rebecca said, “I was promised pizza damit,” she teased, changing the subject..

“Brianna went out to pick them up.” Megan giggled. “She should be back shortly. Any opinions on what to do until then?”

“Dance naked in the rain?” Rebecca said, paused, and giggled. “Oh, damn. No, that requires rain.”

“And being naked,” Carly laughed.

“We could watch The Walking Dead?” Carolyn grinned. “Give our poor Lost Girls an idea f the kind of carnage they’re probably in for,” she teased.

“Wait, what?” Jessica asked. Everyone just giggled, filling her in on what she had missed by being late, as they headed to the TV room.

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