Lights, Camera, Action! Chapter 9

Lights, Camera, Action!
A Magic of the Kingdom Tale
©2015 Dark Kitten & Zoe Taylor

12 year old Mark O’Malley had been practically typecast as the dopey sidekick because of his role in the runaway hit Disney production, “My Brother Mark”. But while on the set of his older sister Krissy’s much darker sci-fi movie production, a misheard comment leads to a whole new branch in his career, and in his life.

And so it went that Mark O’Malley became Megan Stuart, movie starlet on the Australian scene, and well known celebrity worldwide. While thus far the American release of the final episode of ‘My Brother Mark’ still hadn’t aired in the North America, it gathered a cult following, and Disney, to their credit, did put the episode up for viewing on the website, with a warning and parental permission requirement.

They filled the next several months of much needed downtime exploring their lives as normal teenagers - after all, they were both 13 well before the pilot filming in Hollywood began. Amber eventually, reluctantly agreed to join the cast, but began taking acting lessons daily, and Rebecca, to her own credit, did eventually sign on with Radio Disney, becoming fairly well known in both Australia and the US, though trouble with Amber’s passport held her up for a bit, with Rebecca and Carolyn staying by her side in Australia for the time being.

The pilot episode of “Lost Girls” was to be a two parter, literally a four hour episode. So they could get the entire back story, which meant they’d be doing long shots in Hollywood and then just as many shots in parts of Florida, before finishing up in New Zealand.

By the time of pilot filming, they still hadn’t found anyone who fit their qualifications for the Pixie Hollow pixies. Actresses either refused the roles outright, or couldn’t fill them properly, or couldn’t work with the cast and crew, or any number of other problems, so they decided to go on filming most of the parts without them, while they continued to search, though Megan regretted her comments about how much time they had before.

Megan was on her way out of her resort hotel at Walt Disney World when she spotted a familiar, iconic someone in a green leaf dress. She took a quick snapshot of Tinkerbell, texting Juliette ‘OMG she’s so perfect.’

‘SHE IS!’ came Juliette’s text back, followed rapidly by ‘OMG. She is Tinkerbell.’

‘Totally. What do?’ Megan sighed, adding a follow up text, ‘I’ll wait for you to get here.’

‘If you want,’ Juliette texted back. “You should go have fun and enjoy the park till then. I’ll be here another week or 2 :-(‘’

‘It’s so boring so far.’ Megan lied She was having a blast, but felt guilty that Juliette couldn’t be here to enjoy it too. ‘I might check out Animal Kingdom while I’m there though. We’re filming one last promo today.’

‘Sounds awesome,’ Juliette texted back. ‘Tlk 2 u 2nite!’

Tinkerbell paused to look over at Megan. “Say, I don’t suppose you’ve seen a water fairy flittering around here? about yay high, answers to Silvermist?” she asked, motioning with her hand to indicate Sil’s height.

“Nope, Sorry Tinkerbell.” Megan shook her head, “I haven’t seen her at all.”

“Ohhhh, flutterdust. I was sure she came this way,” Tink sighed, cutely blowing a tuft of hair out of her face. “You’re not from around here are you?” she giggled. “I just love your accent.”

“Thank you,” Megan laughed softly and asked, “Hey Tink, mind if I get a picture of us together?” she motioned for one of the studio watch dogs that was assigned to her to come over.

“Oh! Sure!” Tinkerbell said excitedly. “Are you going to draw me?” she teased as she came over to Megan.

“Yup, it’s going to look so real too.” Megan giggled and handed her phone to the lady who came over. Tinkerbell put an arm around Megan’s shoulders and mock-leaned on her with one foot resting toes-down. She grinned at the phone.

Megan giggled, and took her phone back showing Tinkerbell the picture, “See ,the drawing looks soo real huh?”

“Oh! It’s one of those, oh, what does Iridessa call them. Lightboxes!” she announced and giggled. “Oh just look at my wings. I really should scrub them more,” she said introspectively.

“If you wait a second I can help you go look for your friend?” Megan asked.

“That would be great,” Tink laughed. “She’s just arrived on the mainland you know. I want to make sure she’s not getting into too much trouble without me.”

“I was just fighting Pirates back in Neverland.” Megan teased. “I’m pretty sure you don’t recognize me.” she winked. “Peter Pan taught me and a friend of mine how to fly.”

“Hmmm,” Tinkerbell said, inspecting Megan closely. “You must be a lost girl!” she said, though she hadn’t actually heard the rumors yet about an actual filming. She was simply playing along.

Megan flexed her muscles. “I am. Second in Command of the Lost girls, Pinky.” she giggled.

“You are?” a squeaky voice said as a man in a ridiculously tall hat and orange coat approached. “But you don’t look lost to me. You’re right there!”

“But you see Hatter, I had to become lost to get here.” Megan grinned. “Peter Pan told me to follow the second star on the right and straight on till morning.”

Tinkerbell looked between the two. She started counting on her fingers. She pointed this way and that, and then went cross-eyed. Hatter just laughed. “Oh well why didn’t you say so!”

Alice giggled as she approached. “I think you broke Tinkerbell, Hatter.”

“But she’s not in pieces Alice! She’s still standing right there, see?” He pointed to Megan. Megan used the tip of her finger to guide Hatter’s finger to Tinkerbell, trying hard not to laugh. They were gathering a crowd now.

Tink laughed and shook her head. “Have you two seen Silvermist?” she asked.

“You mean the tea pot thief?” Hatter asked.

“Yyyyyes,” Tink giggled. “Silvermist did it. Not me. No siree!”

“Oh wait your Tinkerbell, and the blue one is Silvermist?” Hatter asked as Alice signed a signature book for a young girl dressed as herself. “You're the Tea Pot Thief and she’s the crazy one.” Hatter turned to Alice. “Say, what are you signing?” he asked.

“My book,” the girl said shyly.

“Your book? All books are the Queen’s books!” he announced regally, paused, and tapped his chin. “No, wait, that’s not right.” He giggled, signing the book and then passed it to Tinkerbell.

“Didn’t she steal your hat too?” Alice asked. Hatter giggled.

“She borrowed my hat.” Hatter laughed. “Besides, it was only my second best hat, so that’s okay.”

“And I borrowed your tea pot,” Tink giggled.

“But you haven’t returned it yet?” Hatter asked.

“Well no, I’m living in it while Fairy Gary, Clank and Bobble renovates my hut,” Tink answered. Megan just watched the whole affair, trying hard not to laugh, and failing miserably. It was fun watching someone else be in the spotlight for a change.

“See, you stole it.” Hatter spoke with a laugh.

“Oh, but I think I did see Silvermist board the monorail for the Wild Animal Kingdom,” Alice finally said with a helpful nod.

“Oh,” Tink said brightly, “Well that’s good then. She took my advice to go and explore some more!” She giggled.

“I was actually going to head that way myself.” Megan finally stopped giggling. “You guys are way more fun than Disneyland in California.”

Alice looked up at the Hatter, confused. “Oh!” she finally said. “She means that other place where we sometimes end up, following your silly shortcuts.”

Hatter laughed. “My shortcuts are not silly! They always get us precisely where we mean to go ... eventually.”

“Well anyway when you’re over there, you're not as cheery as you are here either one of you.” Megan winked she leaned incase anyone else was listening, “I’m going to be here in a few weeks in a costume myself.” she winked then out loud she spoke, “If you want if I see Silvermist want me to tell her you were looking for her?”

“Oh, how exciting!” Alice whispered. Tinkerbell giggled.

“Oh, it’s fine. I’ll catch up with her this afternoon. Thank you though! And if you do run into her, feel free to chat her up too.”

“She’s quite adorable,” Alice giggled. “But for some reason, people can’t seem to believe it’s her. Everyone is telling her how she looks like the real Silvermist.”

Megan laughed. “I thought the same thing when I saw Tinkerbell,” she said, waving cheerfully as she turned to leave. Tinkerbell turned to Alice and the Hatter, and whispered.

“Now what do you suppose that was about?”

Hatter giggled. “I love a good mystery!”

“Perhaps Fairy Mary knows more?” Alice asked, shooting Tinkerbell a knowing wink. She tried to stay in character while giving her friend a hint.

“If she does she’s not told me.” Tinkerbell shrugged. “But I’ll certainly ask her when I see her again,” she said, putting on a bright smile for a group of oncoming park guests. “Hi everyone!” she said, as brightly as her smile.


Megan was sitting in her hotel room, having just finished filming her last scene in Florida before she had to film some with Juliette. She shot off a text not knowing if Juliette was filming her scenes or on break, ‘Whatchya doin?’ She giggled. She had just watched a Phineas and Ferb marathon. A moment later there was a knock at the hotel door. “Come in.” Megan called out.

“Oh, hey Isabella,” Juliette said as she came through the door, grinning.

“Oh my God, thank you, I was going nuts without you Juliette.” Megan pretty much jumped up and tackle hugged her.

Juliette laughed. “Guess this means you’re not mad at me for not telling you I was coming, huh?” She giggled. “I wasn’t sure my connection would get me here on time for once.”

“You weren't supposed to be here for a few more days, but I can give Gennine a call and say we can do a park visit early.” Megan grinned.

“Nah, let’s enjoy not being mobbed for a couple of days first,” Juliette laughed.

Megan laughed, “Too late, I got mauled after some girls recognized me a few days ago. But I had a hilarious time before that. The pixies are just what we were looking for.”

“Should I be jealous?” Juliette teased and giggled. “And who’s Annie? What’s this stuff about us joining a Pixie Hollow fan club? You’ve been a busy busy girl,” she laughed.

“Not as busy as Silvermist,” Megan laughed too. “You know she saved a guy’s life the other day? Like just bloody dove off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and rescued him. They had a big pirate party and everything. I think we found our Pixies,” Megan said, as the two sat down and Megan caught Juliette up to speed on everything that had been going on the last couple of weeks.

It wasn’t as if they didn’t talk or text, but filming kept them both busy. When one had downtime, the other was working.

“Wow,” Juliette laughed. “Okay, we have to plan out our little publicity stunt carefully, but I definitely want these girls on the project.”

“I completely agree. I’ve had a chance to hang out with the pixies and some of our old friends. Rumor’s already spreading like wildfire about Lost Girls now,” she said sheepishly. “Want to hit the water park before we get to business?” she asked. Juliette giggled.

“Sounds like fun.”

Megan giggled and dashed to the bathroom to change into her new bathing suit. One of the makeup crew members showed her a secret for wearing it, though she needed little help thanks to the HRT. “Tada, I’m ready.” she giggled.

“OMG hawt,” Juliette giggled. “That looks so good on you.”

“Thanks, “ Megan giggled, “I bought it um, for you.” she said sheepishly. “Well for me to wear but for you.”

If there was a pair in the universe that never argued, and was always destined to be best friends and be together forever it was these two. It was like they always knew what each other liked, didn’t like, and knew what the other was thinking, and it wasn’t from being on MBM for so long together either. Ironically the two didn’t even really begin to hang out until a few years ago, following the infamous ‘Substitute’ episode.

“Hmm, what a coincidence,” Juliette laughed. “I changed before I came up to find you,” she added, grinning as she lifted her tee shirt to reveal a lilac bikini underneath. “I figured you might want to hit the water park.”

“Hey that’s my favorite color.” Megan giggled.

Juliette laughed as she hugged Megan. “I couldn’t tell by how many pairs of lilac bras and panties you own,” she teased. “I saw it, and I was like, ‘Must get’.”.

“I’ve been waiting for you to get here first,” Megan laughed as she grabbed her already packed beach bag including two pairs of expensive sunglasses, two beach towels, and two bottles of SPF 85 sunblock. “Oh yeah,” she said as they started for the door, “What do you think of those watch dogs AMC assigned to us?” she sighed.

“The big one scares me,” Juliette laughed. “But the lady’s kind of pretty for being a bodyguard.”

Megan glared, “Should I get my claws out?” she teased, then laughed..

“Ew, she’s like old enough to be my... um... Wait, actually she’s probably not much older than Krissy,” Juliette laughed, following Megan out.


Megan and Juliette were in a private dressing area in the costume department, Megan was finishing up pulling on her halter top native american style shirt and her skort type skirt and shorts. Her costume sword lay on the counter, and she had a long pink stripe from her forehead to her chin hanging down the right side.

Juliette was dressed similarly, except she wore long trousers, and a red bandana over her hair, tied neatly in back. Her hair had grown much longer since she had it cut a year ago. It wasn’t as long as it used to be, however. She looked at herself in the mirror, and then at Megan’s reflection. “You know you should keep the stripe even after this,” she giggled. “It’s so you.”

Megan giggled, “Na, only on set,” she teased as she sheathed the sword on her side. ““Oh the Pixies don’t know we’ll be out there.”

“Okay girls,” Gennine said cheerfully as she came through the door. “I just want to go over the plan with you one last time before I send you out.”

“Will people even know who we are?” Megan asked. “I mean rumor among the insiders is spreading like crazy, but I don’t want to scare the bejeezus out of the kids,” she laughed.

“I know that Disney aired the commercial for it on ABC for the last several days, So people should kinda have an idea who we are.” Juliette grinned.

“It’s pretty straightforward,” Gennine said, “We managed to get Johnny to reprise his role just for today, too, so you’ll be tussling with the real Captain Jack Sparrow.” She winked. Megan’s breath caught in her throat.

“So we get real pirates good.” Juliette giggled, she was lucky she got to work with Johnny Depp once before.

“After the ride starts - and we have divers checking now to ensure no more turtles are harmed,” she added quickly, “you bust out of the captain’s quarters and declare the ship to be Lost Girls’ property. You’ll duel Jack and Angela, and then Silvermist will step in and explain how these are nice pirates.”

“And Red will say, “ Megan grinned, “There is no such thing and I will argue, till Jack does that thing he does and confuses us.”

Gennine laughed. “Exactly. Now your swords as you can tell are real metal, but don’t worry. They’re completely blunt. The only damage you could do is if you dropped one on your foot.” She winked.

“Yeah, the ones we use on set are actually combat ready swords.” Juliette giggled. “These are lighter. Good balance though,” she added.

“Unlike most of the costumes here besides Jack and Angelica’s and maybe a few others, ours are actually set ones too so we have to be really careful not to mess them up too bad.” Megan nodded.

“No falling in the water,” Gennine teased. “Alright, I think that’s everything. I just want to say again how excited I am to help set up all this. It’s been a joy working with you.”

“Yeah, so we take the tunnel over to the ship because we don’t want people to see us till it’s time, not even the pixies?” Juliette asked just to make sure.

“Right. Silvermist has some idea, but I haven’t told her everything, either. I find she works better when she’s forced to think on her feet.” She grinned. “You’ll have a five minute gap after the last group of guests leaves the Black Pearl, where Jack and Angelica will be signing autographs in the shade, where you’ll be able to sneak aboard.”

Megan gave Gennine a hug, “Thanks for having us here.” Juliette hugged her as well, after which she showed both girls down the maintenance tunnels.

“This is so exciting,” Juliette giggled. “I mean I know we ran into Peter and the pixies at the water park the other day, but this is genuine in-character stuff.”

“None of them know who we are, “ Megan grinned, “I mean in character, this will be our introduction to our Pixie friends.”

Juliette looked up at a clock over the maintenance door. “Okay, one minute to go before we sneak onto the Pearl,” she said, counting down the seconds. At the one second mark, Megan opened the maintenance hatch and popped out, followed by Juliette. Right on cue, Jack and Angelica were busy signing autographs for the guests, keeping them all distracted for the girls to set up.

The girls were a little surprised to find an ultra modern medical facility inside the ‘captain’s cabin’. A pair of EMTs were standing by chatting when they entered, and one of them looked up and grinned.

Megan waved and put a finger to her lips, “We’re pirate hunting.” she whispered.

The man tried his best not to laugh. “We didn’t see anything,” he answered.

Juliette grinned, just as the ship started to move, they both busted out the captain's door, and Megan spoke, “Ah! Pirates finally!”

Juliette grinned, “We claim this ship in the name of the Lost girls!” Both girls drew their swords.

“Poppycock!” Jack shouted. “If you’re keen on takin’ me blessed Pearl then you’ll have ta fight me for it, and spoiler alert - I’m the good guy!” he said as he and Angelica drew their swords. Angelica rolled her eyes.

“Define ‘good’,” she groaned as she went for Juliette. The pixies watched in stunned silence, helping to keep the crowd out of the way of the duel as best they could.

Megan put one hand behind her back as , “I fight pirates unfairly. Just a warning to you Captain Catfish.” she touched swords with Jack’s.

“Well I don’t usually fight girls, fairly or unfairly,” Jack retorted. “But I’ve lost me Pearl to Barbosa and to Davy Jones. I’ll be buggared if I’m losing her to some upstart in a funny dress!”

They clashed blades a few times; it looked like a real sword fight. They had spent the day before practicing with Johnny, but neither of them realized that it was him under the pirate garb. They assumed, when he showed up, that it was the actor, just come from the ride.

“You’re making fun of my clothes? You should see your hair Captain Catfish.” she goaded back.

“Now I do believe you have me confused with someone else, madam. I am the illustrious and legendary, incomparable, one and only Captain Jack Sparrow,” he announced and took a step back, taking a deep, sweeping bow as he swept with his sword. “Not, I repeat, Not. Ay. Catfish.”

Silvermist jumped into the fight as they got closer to the guests. “Stop this right now!” she demanded. The girls stopped. Red and Angelica’s swords were locked, each trying to press the advantage on the other. They withdrew their swords, all four turning to look at Silvermist. Silvermist for her part, looked stunned that that actually worked.

“These pirates are good people and the Lost Boys have given them permission to be in Neverland,” she insisted.

“There’s no such thing as good pirates,” Red argued with the pixie.

“Exactly.” Pinky spoke up, “The only good pirate is a dead one. They all lie cheat and steal.”

“Nonsense!” Silvermist insisted. “This pirate made me an honorary pirate. He even shared his rum,” she giggled.

“I did?” Jack answered questioningly as he put away his sword. “In any case, the little blue figment of me imagination is right. Well, she’s half right anyway. I have turned over a new leaf.” He paused looking at Tinkerbell. “Well, not her leaf obviously, because then Angelica would run me through.”

“What he’s trying to say, I think,” Angelica groaned, “Is it’s possible to be a pirate, and a good man. Just like it’s possible to be a pixie, and an honorary pirate.”

“Uh, what she said,” Jack said, pointing at Silvermist first and then slowly moving his finger until it pointed at Angelica. Megan fought not to laugh.

She turned to Silvermist and the other pixies, sizing them up. “And you vouch for these weaselly black hearted guttersnipe toad sucking scum of the sea?”

Silvermist nodded firmly. “Yes I do. We all vouch for these weaselly black hearted gutter... Uh... whatever you said.” She giggled. “So come now, put away those swords and enjoy the ride with us?” she asked, joined by a chorus of ‘Yes won’t you?’ and ‘Please?’ from the other pixies. The guests stared, awestruck. None of them knew what was happening, but a few had cell phone cameras out to record it.

Pinky and Red laughed as they sheathed their swords. “Oh all right,” Red said. “You convinced us, Miss Silvermist.”

“Sorry for the trouble,” Pinky added. “But you must admit MOST pirates are bilge rat scum of the sea, even if these aren’t.”

“Even Peter’s old friend is.” Red looked at Tinkerbell, “You know, he tricked you and you almost died.”

Tinkerbell put her hands on her hips, paused, and then giggled. “Okay she has me there. But these guys are okay.”

“Except for Angelica,” Jack spoke up, “Who is in fact a girl, and okay, just so there’s no confusion, ey?”

“What’s wrong with being a girl?” Pinky asked, eyeing Jack.

“Nothing,” Jack defended himself. “Just trying to avoid any further confusion or crossing of blades over the mixing of words and nouns,” he rambled.

“Say.” Pinky looked at Iridessa now. “We could so use you to help us light up our Tree house.”

“And having a water pixie around would be handy,” Red said. “No more having to draw it from the well and carry it all the way up.”

“All of them would be useful.” Pinky nodded thoughtfully. “The girls at the tree house..” she was interrupted by Tinkerbell.

“Now just a darn minute,” Tinkerbell said, paused, and then blinked. “Wait, what?”

“Wait what what?” Pinky asked, looking at Tinkerbell.

“There are other Lost Girls besides you two?” Silvermist spoke up now.

Red nodded, “Pinky and I are the head Pirate hunters. The other girls aren’t ready to hunt Pirates yet.”

The pixies shared glances, and Silvermist spoke up. The girls knew about the show by now of course. It was Megan and Juliette who spilled to them, though this publicity stunt of theirs, as Gennine had mentioned, only Silvermist knew anything about.

“So, they’re all alone and defenseless?” the water pixie asked.

“No, the Neverbeast is watching over them.” Pinky spoke up. “We would never leave them completely defenseless, silly gal.”

“Well, that settles it,” Fawn said. “If the Neverbeast trusts them, then I do too!”

“Lost girls are friends of Neverland.. Peter pan..” Pinky looked at Red to make sure it was ok.

“Pan my man put us in charge on our island,” Red continued with a giggle. “The Isle of the Lost Girls.”

Just then, there was a Rooster call, and with some really fancy wire tricks Peter Pan landed on the Black Pearl, hands on his hips. “Hello again ladies.” he bowed to them all. “Ah, good Captain Sparrow!” he called. Jack just grinned and tipped his hat to Peter.

“Don’t look now,” he said in a stage whisper, “It’s more bloody imaginary figments.” The crowd roared with laughter. The whole ‘Neverland visitors are all in Jack’s head’ joke had been running for awhile now, and quite well known. Even the regular actors that played Jack used it.

“Peter!” Pinky called. “We were just talking about you!”

“Hows Lost girl island?” Peter asked with a grin. “Was the tree house good enough for you girls? I had the boys build it you know.”

“It’s wonderful, though we were just thinking of borrowing your pixie friends to make it even better,” Pinky laughed. “If they were agreeable of course.”

“Well I don’t know.. You’ll definitely have to return them when you're done, unlike Tink. She has a habit of not returning things she borrows.” Peter grinned.

Tink stuck out her tongue at Peter, and Pinky laughed. “Oh my, yes. We would have them back on the mainland in no time I’m sure.”

“Well then, I’ll let the Pixies decide for themselves,” Peter said. “You girls would love it on Lost girl island though. There’s so much more new to explore.”

“Pixie huddle,” Iridessa said, and the girls gathered, quite literally putting their heads together as they whispered among themselves. Finally Vidya and Fawn pushed Silvermist forward as their spokespixie.

“You got us into this,” Vidya chided Silvermist. “You tell them.”

“Well,” Silvermist giggled, “After careful consideration, we’ve decided that you do need our help, so we’re in agreement.”

“They definitely need a tinker fairy.” Tinkerbell nodded. “No girls’ treehouse would be complete without my gadgets.”

“And no girls’ treehouse is a girls’ treehouse without lots of pretty flowers,” Rosetta said, adding, “And someone to give them sunshine and water,” she giggled out.

“Right then!” Jack announced. “What did we decide? Oh, yes. The figments of me imagination and the confused girls-”

“Lost girls,” Silvermist corrected.

“Lost girls... Shall be henceforth known as honorary members of me crew - except the blue one who already was,” he added. “Or something like that.”

“Actually.” Periwinkle spoke up, “There’s no need for a Snow Fairy on Lost Girl island, so I will stay behind but I promise, to come visit.” she giggled. “Someone must bring winter to the island after all.”

“Awww,” Tink said as she hugged Peri. “You’d better! It’s only a hop, flit and a flight from Winter.”


The girls sat in the food court near Pixie Hollow with the other girls, now out of costume. “That was so much fun.” Megan giggled.

“I love working with Jack,” Sarah - the pixie formerly known as Silvermist, laughed. “You two really sold it by the way.”

“I was kinda afraid. Johnny is kind of Intimidating,” Megan said sheepishly. “We did a run through for like 5 minutes it seemed like, but we had no idea that was really him.”

“He was dressed like Jack then, too,” Juliette laughed. “So we had no idea until Gennine told us right before we left.”

“He’s sneaky like that,” Olivia - Tinkerbell laughed.

“So have you thought about our offer?” Megan asked.

The pixies’ actresses shared glances, and Olivia spoke up. “It’s something we have to really think hard about. It’s an incredible offer, but it’s a big step from just acting here in the park.”

“There really is no rush, the pixies and the rest of the lost girls don’t appear in the pilot till near the end, to rescue us,” Megan said.

Sarah nodded. “It honestly sounds like a ton of fun. I mean we can definitely help with the pilot at least.”

“We all just flowed together on that ship, it was like magic. No scripts, just some minor lines between us and Jack and we all thought on our feet.” Juliette gushed.

Jade laughed. “That’s how it is working the park most of the time. You never know what someone’s going to say or do so you have to think on your toes constantly. The main characters like Cinderella have it a little easier, but not much.”

“That’s the thing about this show. We’re allowed to improv if need be.” Megan nodded. “There’s a few funnies I did filming in for my parts, that made it because they were just good. Like when I bonked a pirate on the head with my pistol instead of running him through. I was just goofing around.”

“But Rob, the director, loved the pratfall so much they kept it,” Juliette laughed.

“It couldn’t hurt to try it out,” Sarah said finally. “I mean, Gennine said the full series won’t go into production until AMC sees how the pilot tests. I know these girls. I know they can totally pull off the Pixie Hollow crew.”

Olivia nodded her agreement. “Plus our role would be small like Megan said. If anything Annie would get more screen time,” she laughed, referring to Sarah’s younger sister. “I’m all for it.”

“As I said on the ship.” Kelly said at that, “I’ll have to stick this one out, but I do think that I can do guest appearances and stuff. I mean Lost girl Island has to have winter right?”

“I’ve got my own concerns to think about too,” Sarah said. “I’ll have to talk to someone before I commit to anything long term, but in the short term, as I said, you have my full cooperation. Consider Silvermist at your service.”

“Sweet. The last bit where we really need you girls, is probably going to take about two or three days out of your schedule, and you will be paid for it.” Megan said “Oh, you don’t have to come in costume either. Our costume designers worked with yours to create some really nice stuff.”

“Awesome,” Carol - Fawn spoke up at that. “I can’t wait to see what they came up with.”

Juliette nodded, “And Megan has an in with the Producer slash Director.” she grinned, “So if you girls decide to stick around we can work some really uber contracts because it’s a Disney Production on AMC.”

And so it went that a ragtag group of theme park actresses found themselves the center of a whole new adventure. Not that things turned out anything like Megan and Juliette expected, either. They were much, much better.

Unbeknownst to them Sarah had her own issues to think about, though. The demands of playing a character in a Disney theme park were high, and her body was about to turn on her in the worst possible ways, turning her dream into a self-imposed nightmare, at least in her own mind.

If she only knew that Megan was in the same ship she was. She had to make sure she kept up otherwise she’d gain the wrong kind of weight, and other things that Sarah encountered as well. She even had to do therapy sessions just like Sarah, though Doctor Miller was considering moving to the US to join her on set.

Of course Sarah knew the Mark/Megan story through her little sister, but she had no clue how much work Megan put into being Megan, and how much work she was going to put into being Sarah. But that’s a story for another day.

The end... For now.

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