Lights, Camera, Action! Chapter 7

Lights, Camera, Action!
A Magic of the Kingdom Tale
©2015 Dark Kitten & Zoe Taylor

12 year old Mark O’Malley had been practically typecast as the dopey sidekick because of his role in the runaway hit Disney production, “My Brother Mark”. But while on the set of his older sister Krissy’s much darker sci-fi movie production, a misheard comment leads to a whole new branch in his career, and in his life.

A month had passed since receiving the original script, and Rob had made some changes based on the girls’ input. They were taking a break from the set of The Samantha Snow Story and the one hour special for My Brother Mark, relaxing as they looked over the changes

They had worked out with a schedule with the studio to allow them to film both simultaneously, which required massive amounts of coordination, but since the director, Lucy, had worked with the girls already on Dark Days, she was more accommodating than most directors would have been.

“Oh I totally agree,” Juliette nodded. “I mean this is even darker than the later episodes of Boy Meets World, and that was like, pretty heavy stuff near the end. This is up there with Pirates of the Caribbean, minus Handsome Jack’s shenanigans,” she teased.

“Yeah.” Megan nodded, “Touched a lot of really crazy stuff. I really like how Dad does the pixies, but I wonder who we can get to play them? They really have to be people we get along with, since they’re a very big part of this story. I don’t just want to have CG animated pixies with voiceovers, if we can avoid it.”

“That’s going to be the fun part,” Juliette sighed. “There’s so many big roles to fill. The pixies, the lost girls and boys,” she trailed off.

“At Least Peter isn't in the movie.” Megan laughed. “You hear his voice in that one part, but so far he’s not appeared once.”

“Yeah, really. Mr. Williams will always be Pan in my mind. No one can fill his shoes,” Juliette giggled a little.

“God I was so awestruck when he did that guest appearance in our first season.” Megan giggled now too. “He’s such a cool guy.”

“I laughed so hard I had to change my underwear when he started doing the Genie,” Juliette laughed just thinking about it as a brown haired woman in a nice business suit came onto the set.

Megan looked up at her, “Can I help you?” she asked, smiling politely.

The woman smiled as well. “I’m looking for Megan Stuart?” the woman said in a strong Sydney accent.

Megan raised her hand, “That’d be me.”

“Ah, I thought so!” she laughed softly. “You do so look the part...” she said thoughtfully.

“We’ll right now i’m still in costume. We’re on a two hour before a location change. We’re moving down to the river for a really big scene,” she said, knowing the woman, whoever she was, had permission to be here because security had been tight from the word go.

“Yes I heard,” she replied. “I was so hoping to catch you before you left. It seems I owe you an apology,” she said wryly.

“Why’s that?” Juliette asked for Megan.

“I’m Samantha Snow,” she said as she offered the girls her hand. “We were supposed to meet quite awhile ago, but there was a scheduling mixup. I’m so very sorry about that.”

“Oh my God!” Megan gushed, “I’ve been trying to reach you personally for awhile now. I really didn’t want to take this part without talking first.” she sighed.

“My secretary filled me in after I got back. I’ve been in the states giving guest lectures at a couple of universities about transgender in the work force. Congratulations on your TCA awards by the way,” she added, grinning.

“I hope you can go through the footage at least, and see if I’m doing a good job being you.” Megan giggled. “I cried reading this part that's coming up, so when we do it, the tears I’ll be shedding will most likely be real.”

“If I’m not mistaken this is the scene where my sister and I got lost in the Outback trying to get to my father on the west coast?” she asked.

Megan nodded. “What Emily said when she found you really moved me.”

“I was so furious with my mother,” she sighed. “But Emily got to me before it was too late, and then when Karl appeared... He was our guardian angel..”

“Miss. Snow, don’t take this wrong, but your mother is a real bitch.” Juliette sighed.

Samantha laughed softly. “She’s actually changed a lot in the last few years. Unfortunately the movie won’t show that, but the story needs to be told as it happened, so that’s just how it has to be.”

“She still refused to talk to Krissy, the woman who’s portraying her.” Megan nodded.

“It was a ... difficult time for all of us, but I can’t really defend her on that one. Mum should bloody well be willing to talk to you. Maybe I’ll go knock some sense into her after we’re finished here,” she teased.

“Like I’ve always said,” another woman in her 20s with strawberry blonde hair, dressed similarly to Samantha laughed, “Being a girl doesn’t mean you can’t be a hard-ass. Mum needs some sense knocked into her once in awhile.”

Samantha laughed. “There you are Em. What do you think?” she said, standing next to Megan and Juliette. “Pretty good resemblance?”

“She looks just like you,” Emily laughed. “And Juliette’s hair is perfect. Except I had one of those hideous bowl cuts that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, so we’ll just keep that secret between us,” she teased. “Sam and I did quite a bit of consultation with both he and the writers during the pre-production stages.”

“She says that as if she’s not a writer too,” Samantha laughed. “Her book is what the script was based off of.”

Juliette giggled. “They kept it pretty darn word for word. I’ve read it cover to cover when I had time to.”

A balding man poked his head around a stage prop,”It might be another hour girls, we got animal control wrangling up some wasps that seemed to like the area we wanted to shoot at.”

Emily and Samantha shared a glance and then giggled. “Why don’t we treat our younger selves to lunch?” Emily suggested.

“You’ll have to let us get our sunglasses, and stuff, last time we left the set to go eat, we got mauled by fans.” Juliette said as she bounded off.

“You should see how bad it is in Cali..” Megan sighed, “At least here they only wait for you outside the studio,” she said, turning to follow Megan as Krissy approached.

Samantha looked up, a little startled. She laughed. “Good lord, talk about meeting a ghost. You look just like Mum. It’s uncanny.”

Krissy smiled wryly. “You must be Samantha and Emily? Have you two seen Megan and Juliette?”

Samantha nodded. “We are, and we have. Animal control is having a bit of a wasp problem with the new location, so we offered to take them out to lunch. You’re more than welcome to come too of course,” she added cheerfully.

“Oh good. I was just going to see if Derek had told them. Thanks for the invite, but I really shouldn’t. I need to go over the lines again. This final scene with their mother is really hard. Krissy sighed.

Samantha surprised Krissy with a hug, at that. “Just remember at the end of the day, I was lucky. My story has a happy ending, and what you’re doing, even if this is just a made for TV movie, is a huge step forward for transgender rights alongside your sister’s public transition. We’re both really proud of all of you.”

Krissy smiled and nodded. “I want you to know, that after I read both the book and the script I donated over a million dollars to your foundation, and I’ve convinced the investors to let go of 10% of the proceeds as well.”

“Wow,” Megan spoke up at that. “I didn’t know you had that much put away,” she teased.

“I did three movies, two voice acting movies, and a TV show just in the last two years,” Krissy laughed. “See you two when you get back,” she added with a grin.

“You wouldn’t ever guess, but Krissy played Mrs. Balamomb in our show.” Megan grinned.

Emily laughed as they made for the back exit of the movie lot. “Thanks to our nieces I think I’ve seen every episode to date. My husband Michael’s sister has twin girls your age.”

“Except the final episode, which airs next month.” Megan winked

“On location in Sydney,” Juliette giggled. “We had the cast together for a friend’s birthday party, so we figured, ‘What the heck’. Pitched the idea, Disney AU went crazy over it especially since they didn’t have to pay to fly us here.”

“Wow,” Samantha said. “So I have to ask, what was it like going back to playing Mark after living as Megan for the last month and a half?”

“I’m not going to say anything..” Megan grinned, giggling. “You’ll have to wait for the episode. Unless you’ve seen Juliette and my Vlogs. Speaking of, there comes our camerawoman now,” she said as Carolyn waved.

“We’ll be right behind you,” Carolyn laughed as she, Amber, and Rebecca jumped in the studio limo.

Emily giggled. “I’ll ask Misty and Melissa if they’ve checked Something Special Amber this week the next chance I get.”


It was getting late in the day, and the sun was going down when the director finally called out, “Cut! Good job everyone!” they had been filming for the last four and a half hours in the heat, and the swamp and river the girls had been wading in didn’t help.

“I’m going to go home, and I’m going to soak my feet in an industrial vat of Cruex,” Juliette laughed as she sat down in her chair to dry her legs for the fifty thousandth time that day.

“God that sounds good.” Megan sighed as she joined Juliette. “I hate to sound like a Diva but man that water stunk like dead ass. It’s a miracle Sam and Emily’s toes didn’t bloody rot right off. Why didn’t they just abandon the canoe?”

“They were 12,” Krissy laughed softly as she approached. “Unlike you two, most 12 year olds don’t think things through, speaking from personal experience.”

“Don’t take this wrong, but there’s no way on God's green Earth I’d walk through this. The Concrete Jungle of LA is bad enough.” Juliette laughed.

“Well, the good news is,” the director said as she approached, “This is our last day of filming for the river scene. The bad news is, next is crossing the desert.”

“Lucy you are a goddess.” Megan giggled. “I’d rather deal with the desert than this. Dad used to take me and my sister out there to run quads when I was little.”

Juliette wrinkled her nose. “Running in the desert... And you say Sam and Emily were the crazy ones.”

“No, not really running.” Krissy laughed. “She means quads, like four wheeled motorbikes.”

“OH!” Juliette giggled. “Okay that sounds way more fun.”

Lucy leaned closer to Megan and whispered, “Did you tell her about the witchetty grub scene yet?” She grinned, referencing an upcoming scene in which a wandering aboriginal happened upon the girls, and showed them how to live off the land by eating grubs.

“I think she’s read that far already.” Megan giggled.

“I heard that,” Juliette said, shooting them a glance. “I’m trying not to think about it. I want my reaction to be as real as possible... Even if that means throwing up on camera.”

“You didn’t have to do that thing on Disney’s Survival Island did you?” Megan giggled. “You lucked out because of that Pixar film you you were doing in between our show.” She stuck her tongue out at Juliette.

“Yeah,” Juliette laughed and stuck her tongue out at Megan in return. “I mean don’t get me wrong, living here, filming in these exotic locations, has toughened me up a lot. I don’t even blink at a spider the size of a small dog, but the thought of eating a... a grub...” she shuddered.

Lucy laughed, “I picked two of the fattest juiciest grubs I could find for you both as well.” she gave them both a wink as she wandered off.

Megan laughed, watching Juliette turn green. “Don’t worry. They’re actually a delicacy. They have kind of a nutty flavor, like a really chewy Payday.”

“Thanks,” Juliette groaned as she stood. “Now I’ll never eat a Payday again, either,” she teased, stepping into her slip on shoes.

“I got your hotel rooms ready for you both,” Brianna said as they approached her. “You’ll be staying in the town close by to where you’ll be filming tomorrow. Don’t worry. I did get you both really nice rooms.”

“As long as there’s a soft bed,” Juliette laughed, “It could be a broom closet. Thanks Brianna.”

“No problem. I’m still shocked your mom gave me your contract Juliette.” Brianna grinned. “You girls want a cab or a Limo?”

Megan and Juliette shared a glance. “Cab,” they said in unison. “I’m starving,” Megan added as her stomach rumbled.

“Cab it is.” Brianna grinned as she made a call.

“We can pick something up in town?” Juliette smiled, “It’s big or small town?” she looked at Brianna.

“It’s where they filmed Crocodile Dundee,” Brianna teased, and then giggled. “It’s no Sydney, but it’s pretty decent sized. The locals call it Last Chance though because it’s the last major area before you’re in the blazing Outback. After we get some grub-” she paused. “Oops. Sorry Juliette. After we eat, I’ll give you the grand tour.”

“You know,” Megan laughed, “Rebecca wasn’t kidding when she said Aussies love to mess with tourists who come here expecting us all to be like Croc Dundee. He even does it in the movies, like when he pretends he was shaving with that big knife,” she added with a giggle.

“Everyone I’ve met so far has been really really nice to me here.” Juliette giggled, “Maybe it’s because we’ve been attached at the hip since first day?”

Megan put an arm around Juliette and bumped hips with her. “Wow,” she said, giggling. “I just realized mine are a little wider. I think the magic implant’s finally kicking in.”

“I did notice you pitched a fit before the last shoot.” Brianna teased. “Hormones are a real bitch aren’t they?” she winked at Juliette, who knew only too well..

Megan blushed. “Hey, I apologized!” She pouted cutely and then giggled. “It’s been a long, hot day. I think we were all wearing thin.”

“Now you girls see how a lot of female stars get labeled Divas. The work is hard.” Brianna nodded. “Some think they’ve earned the right, but others usually are nice till the end of the day.” she laughed.

“And in their defense,” one of the sound guys spoke up, “I did almost drop the boom on her head.” He looked sheepish.

“Accidents happen Frank.” Megan giggled,. She always took the time to get to know everyone on the sets’ names, no matter what their job was.

“Not on my watch. I checked the gear again. I missed a loose thread. Won’t happen again,” he said as he waved. “See you tomorrow, ladies.”

“Take it easy, and make sure you call your daughter tomorrow for her birthday!” Megan waved as the Cab pulled up to the location as they walked away. The cab driver had on a dusty old hat and a necklace full of fake crocodile teeth.

“G’day ladies,” he said as they hopped in, and then laughed. “Oh, you’re not tourists.” He took off the silly hat and necklace and put them back in the glove compartment, grinning.

Megan shook her head, “I’m actually from Sydney.” she let her accent bleed out.

“Yup,” he said with a laugh. “Megan and Juliette. You’re all my kids can talk about. You two are national heroes, y’know? Well, figuratively speaking anyway.”

“Just to the tweens.” Juliette giggled. “Hopefully after this movie and our next show we’ll be more recognized by the older teens and adults too.” she winked.

The girls grew quiet for a few minutes as they rode back to town. They were lucky to find a “swamp like” area so close to the second filming location, without having to head too far north first.

“So what’s tonight’s vlog going to be about?” Megan asked Juliette. Amber and the girls were back in Sydney because Amber had come down with tonsillitis, and Carolyn and Rebecca wanted to be there for her, but Carolyn loaned them one of her cameras since they both loved doing Vlogs for their fans so much. It allowed them to be themselves and goofballs at the same time giving everyone a real taste of their everyday lives. They tried to do one or two a week at least..

“Good question actually,” Juliette said thoughtfully. “Maybe about how the filming for the movie is going? Oh and how much we miss having Carol and Amber to help us work the camera,” she laughed.

“Sure. I mean we aren’t really under a total gag order, we did tell everyone we were filming a movie based on Emily Snow-Turtle’s book.”

“We could order room service and then record while we wait?” Juliette asked. “Then we can go out with Brianna for that tour she promised us after.”

“Sure.” Megan giggled, “LIke I said on set, I’m starving.”

“Why don’t I take you two of Glenda’s diner?” The driver asked, “Then after you two eat, I can take you over to your hotel? Sorry I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your conversation.”

“Nah it’s fine,” Megan laughed. “Sounds great. We’ll be filming in the outback proper tomorrow so we might not get another chance to take in the town for awhile.”

“Oh you two will love the place. Glenda really tries to make the place look like Hollywood's rendition of the outback,” the man laughed as he pulled up to an old 1950s style diner.

“Oh, wow,” Juliette said as she took out her phone. She put an arm around Megan and snapped a selfie in front of the diner, quickly firing off a tweet as they started inside. ‘At Glenda’s Diner, a stylized Outback restaurant ♥ So awesome!’

Megan giggled. “Tweetoholic,” she teased.

“You were attached to your phone before we started filming.” Juliette teased back.

“Oh yeah,” Megan said as she pulled out her phone, snapping a photo of the inside, and tweeting it, ‘Inside Glenda’s Diner. Now let’s eat! ♥’


The girls watched, acting uneasy and distrustful, as the withered, gray haired old man chopped away at a lump in the tree with his bush knife. What was truly amazing was that they had cast an actual aboriginal bush guide to play the role.

“All you need,” he said, as he cut away the wood to reveal a hollow hole, “Any small thing - a piece of wire or a thin stick, something for the witchetty to latch onto,” he explained.

“Doesn’t that hurt the tree?” Juliette, as Emily, asked. The old man laughed softly.

“You would think so, but no, it is actually good for the tree not to have them eating it from the inside. The hole will scar over and the tree will be as good as new, just as nature intended, and you get a delicious meal as nature intended.” He winked at the girls.

“Cut!” Lucy called. “Perfect! Okay, let’s set up for pulling out the grub while we get the campfire scene ready.”

“So, unlike Megan I’m a total city dweller,” Juliette giggled. “Is it true it’s okay to have a campfire in the day like in the script? I mean obviously it happened, but that just seems like it’d be way hot.”

The old man laughed. “Well, you can eat grubs raw,” he said with a wink, as their grub wrangler eased the fat little creature into the hole, “But they taste better cooked. Of course, you won’t actually have to eat it.” He winked. “We have prop grubs made of marshmallows to ‘roast’ over the fire. But my ancestors would come from all over just to eat these juicy little buggars.”

“Wait... Did you say marshmallows?” Juliette asked, and then breathed a relieved sigh. “Oh thank God.”

The old man laughed deeply. “Just remember that feeling of unease you had when you thought you had to. Emily and Samantha gave me that same look.” He watched realization dawn on their faces and laughed again, grinning.

“Oh wow, seriously?” Megan gasped. “You were the guide that found them?”

“Though I was a bit younger then,” he said, winking again. “But yes. I was out surveying the land for a survival TV show, when I found the girls. I knew there was no one around for miles from the air survey, and that they had to be runaways, so I played up the mysticism a bit to help them find their way.”

“Ready?” Lucy said after the girls had another bottle of water each. Everyone took their positions. “Witchetty, take one!”

The old man poked his stick in the hollow of the branch. “It’s just a matter of... getting..” He looked back at their grub wrangler. “You sure you put it in here?” He started to laugh.

“Cut!” Lucy called, trying hard to keep a straight face as the man, dressed in stereotypical khaki shorts and a shirt approached. He pulled out a flashlight and began to peer around the hole.

“I’ve never seen such a fat grub move so fast,” he laughed. “It’s definitely up in there.”

“Ah, I see it now. Imagine the monster that was living in this hollow, eh?” he grinned at the girls. Juliette shivered.

“Take two!” Lucy called, still trying hard to keep a straight face.

“It’s just a matter of getting their attention. Once they grab hold,” he said, pulling out the big, fat white grub, “Then you’ve got them.”

He placed the wriggling larva in Samantha's hand. She cringed as it wriggled around. “Should be more here,” he said as he surveyed the small forest. “Not every day two girls from the big city find themselves lost in the middle of the outback like this. But then,” he grinned at them. “Not every day a bush man goes walkabout either. It’s a dying art.”

“We’re going to see our father in Bunbury,” Emily said.

“Bunbury?” the old man chuckled. “You’re a long way from there. Why not take a bus or a plane? Why walk?”

“It’s my fault,” Samantha sighed deeply. “I wasn’t really trying to find Dad. I was trying to ...”

“To get away from our oppressive right bitch Mum,” Emily spoke up at that, so Samantha wouldn’t have to tell the truth that she was trying to get herself killed out here before Emily found her.

“Suicide by Outback is a slow, painful way to go,” the old man said seriously, shaking his head. “A knife would be faster. You wanted to suffer. Why?”

Samantha hung her head in shame. “Because I...” she started to cry. “Everyone hates me and wants me gone just because I’m a little different. They call me a freak at school. I just wanted to get away so I started walking. I didn’t plan to make it this far. I just wanted out...”

The bush man smiled at them. “Come. I’ll make you a warm fire and we roast up these grubs. You can tell me all about it.”

“Th-thank you,” Samantha said, trying to wipe her eyes as Emily hugged her.

“Cut,” Lucy called, wiping her eyes. “That was beautiful. Okay, ready on the campfire scene.”


A few days later, back in Sydney, the girls had just finished filming for the day. Early that morning they visited Amber in the hospital. She was recovering, but still sounded a bit sore, so Megan and Juliette posed with her for a picture for her blog, along with the big stuffed kangaroo they had brought her.

As they relaxed in the air conditioned star trailer, Brianna peeked inside. “You wanted to see me?” she asked. Juliette nodded, motioning for Brianna to come inside. Megan was away from the door with her top off, examining herself in the mirror.

“Someone got a visit from the boob fairy,” Juliette said, trying to keep a straight face.

“And they’re driving me crazy,” Megan whined.

“Oh,” Brianna said, “I’ve got just the thing.” She walked across the rather spacious trailer, and she took out a bag that had been hidden under some costumes. It read ‘Victoria’s Secret’ on the side. She handed it to Megan. “I hope I got the size right. There’s a tube of itch cream in there too. I know you had some training bras already, but I wanted to make sure you had enough.””

“You’re the best,” Megan groaned, practically tearing open the bag to get to the itch cream. Juliette giggled.

“I told her it was normal. I’m just glad filming is getting closer to being done so she won’t have to bind to pass as a pre-teen boy’s body.”

“Sweet relief,” Megan sighed as she pulled her hair through the top of her pink-purple-blue-yellow tie dyed t-shirt. She had been keeping it shaggy for the role of Samantha, but moussed it down and conditioned it to go back to being ‘Megan’ each evening. “Any news from Dad?” Megan asked as she looked back at Brianna.

“He’s already started scouting locations,” Brianna answered. “But it’s slow going. Thankfully the shooting date of next summer gives us plenty of wiggle room.”

“Did you tell him he should look at New Zealand?” Juliette grinned. “It was amazing for the Lord of the Rings.”

Brianna laughed. “My thoughts exactly. Nothing screams ‘magical enchanted Neverland’ like New Zealand. He says it’s on his short list, but he wants to do some scenes back in the States as well. Not sure which ones.”

“All I have to say, Brianna, is whoever they get to play the pixies, I want to vet, they really need to be able to work well with me and Juliette since we’re the lead Lost girls. Not trying to sound like a prima donna, but we met the guy playing Sam’s dad. He has three scenes, and he acts like he owns the whole movie.”

“It’d be nice if they actually looked like the Pixie Hollow pixies, too,” Juliette spoke up. “None of this reimagining them where Rosetta is a 40 year old chain smoker to make it more edgy.”

“Or as close as possible.” Megan nodded in agreement. “LIke you said, shooting doesn’t start until next summer, so we have plenty of time to be picky.” She grinned.

Brianna laughed. “Now you’re thinking like a creative consultant,” she teased. “Oh, Disney asked if they could link to your Vlogs, as long as you two continue to keep them clean anyway.”

“Wow, really?” Megan asked, stunned. “I mean the whole Disney relationship has been pretty cold since I came out. Nobody’s been outright rude, but it’s like they’ve been expecting me to go crazytown on them.”

Brianna nodded. “They don’t know what to do with you because you have both been so completely upstanding.” She laughed. “So we’re all blazing new trails, making it up as we go, and hoping to God not to piss off the soccer moms.”

Megan shrugged. “We don’t intend on changing our vlogs. I mean we are who we are. We’re kids, not f-bomb-dropping rock stars.” She laughed.

“Yeah,” Juliette said, “They help us calm down after filming. You said mother of ducks in the last one instead of the f-bomb when you stubbed your toe anyway.”

“Mother ducking bed got in my duck diddly fast blasting way,” Megan said, trying on her Lost Girl ‘swear without swearing’ persona. It had become something of an inside joke for awhile, inspired by a scene in “Hook” where Rufio and Robin Williams as Peter Banning exchanged barbs. Little did they know, it had been worked into the script in the latest revisions.

Brianna laughed. “I’ll let them know you plan to continue down the current vein. Speaking of, I got a call from Disney AU wanting to know if you wanted to come on 365 again now that you’re back in Sydney.”

“Disney AU seems to be our biggest supporter.” Juliette nodded. “We can tell them that we plan on taking some time off after this movie, and just be kids, but we do have plans for a new series, but not tell them much about it.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” Megan said. “Even if we weren’t technically under AMC’s NDA on the project, I wouldn’t want to get the hype train rolling before it’s even got tracks to roll on yet.” She giggled.

“We can drop a hint like we’re filming a pilot episode come next summer, or something,” Juliette added.

“Yeah, just kind of let people know we’re not goinna fall off the face of the Earth. Plus I really do want to work on my music like I said in that first interview, before we came,” Megan laughed. “I haven’t picked up my guitar in months though. I’m soo rusty.”

“And I kinda want to hang with my best friend, and maybe do some surfing,” Juliette added and winked at Megan. “I mean we hang out a ton but we don’t really just get to Hang out except in our vlogs.” Juliette sighed.

“Yeah. We’re just so exhausted after filming. I’ve gained a whole new respect for Krissy. Movies are a lot harder than TV,” Megan said as she gathered her things. “Ready?” she asked. “I need to get like, fifty more bottles of that cream. Thank you so much, Brianna.”

“You're welcome.” Brianna said, adding, “Oh, your dad says he’s coming in this weekend Megan, and your Mom Juliette wants you to know that Mittens is missing you.”

“Awww,” Juliette sighed. “I miss her too.”

“Did she have her kittens yet?” Megan asked excitedly.

“Yup she had a small litter.” Juliette answered as she followed Megan and Brianna out “They’re driving Mom crazy because they’re so feisty.”

“Awww I want one.” Megan giggled. “I’ve always wanted a cat.”

“Maybe we can train Mittens to be a Lost Cat,” Juliette laughed as they walked out to their waiting limo. A small throng of fans on a studio tour group stopped to cheer at them as the tour guide announced them.

“And over on your left you’ll see Megan Stuart and Juliette Small, stars of the movie “Snow in the Outback: The Samantha Snow Story’, and ‘My Brother Mark’. Tune in tonight to see the final episode of the series,” she said enthusiastically.

Megan waved to the tour bus and smiled as people took pictures, Juliette also waved as well, “I hate paparazzi,” Juliette sighed, “But I love our fans. Though I did give that one girl an interview, but she was really polite about everything, even when I told her I had to go.”

“Oh, the one from the place,” Megan said, unable to remember the name TMZ.

“The place with the thing,” Juliette laughed. Brianna joined in.

“Oh the one with the place with the thing and the guy that does the other thing,” she teased.

“TMZ you goofs.” Megan giggled.

Juliette laughed as she hopped in the back seat of the limo. While she waited for Megan and Brianna, she fired off a quick text to Amber. ‘M got a visit from the boob fairy ;)’

“OMG too cute, want non sexual picts.” she teased.

‘LOL inc’ Juliette said, trying to discreetly hold up her phone to snap a picture of Megan.

“Tell Amber I said hi,” Megan said, and stuck out her tongue for the photo. Juliette laughed.

“Amber says everyone’s looking forward to this weekend. What am I forgetting?”

Brianna helpfully spoke up, reading off from her phone. “Megan’s appointment with Theresa has been moved up to Saturday morning since you’ll be out of town on Friday, Jessica McGuinness wants to meet up and chat about a post-MBM interview potential, Amber should be out of the hospital by then, and you’re letting Rebecca and Jessica use your recording studio. Doesn’t look like anything crucial like a party.”

On cue, Amber texted her again, ‘Haha did I scare u? I just meant it’s the weekend, yay :P ♥ Nice pics btw. Love that top!’

‘Yeah we were going over the schedule with Brianna making sure we didn’t miss N E thing, Becca & Jess coming over to use the studio is all we could find LOL.’ She put away her phone again.

“I should so think about getting a new keyboard,” Juliette laughed. “I used to take piano lessons, but as the show got more popular it was harder to keep up.”

“We should hit a music store,” Megan said. “I can get a new guitar, and you can get a new keyboard, and we can make Tina and Krissy both thank the great good lord neither of us ever took up drums,” she teased.

“Hey, you should show Brianna that song you were working on,” Juliette giggled. Megan blushed, shaking her head.

“Oh, no way. That’s for your eyes only,” Megan laughed. “It’s terrible.”

“No it isn’t!” Juliette shot back. “It’s cute!”

Megan whined, pulled up a google doc on her phone, and showed it to Brianna.

“This is really good,” Brianna said after she had read the entire thing. “I mean sure it’s a little rough, but no song comes out perfectly the first time.”

“Unless you’re Taylor Swift,” Juliette teased. Brianna laughed.

“Okay,” Megan said, “I’ll work on it, but only because you both said it’s good. So it’s on you when it bombs out and wins a Hall of Shame award for worst album sales ever,” she teased, giggling.

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