April Fool's!

I was walking towards the bookstore where we hosted our usual Saturday evening D & D game. It was a beautiful spring day--April first, to be precise, and I was once again acting in my role of Dungeon Master. I had just rounded the corner to the shopping plaza when a strange imp pulled on my sleeve, dragging me into a tiny curio shop in the corner.

"My name is Plxystmvrb (Plick ee stem verb), and I know you are acting as a Dungeon Master tonight. I have items here that you will find useful in your campaign tonight. They are delayed Girdles of Femininity. Have each of your players don one prior to beginning the game. Then wait about an hour, and spring the trap on them. The girdles will activate, and they will become girls. It'll be a hoot, and liven up your game, I'm sure."

I didn't know if I could trust the strange guy, so I asked him how much they were.

"For you, my fine lord, nothing. A gift, if you will. But hurry. The game will be starting soon."

I quickly took the garments and thanked the (gentleman? nah...)

I made it to the bookstore with five minutes to spare. I quickly made my requests of the guys, saying only that they were special stat enhancing garments that would allow their characters strange powers if they donned them. What could I say? They were suckers for any advantage they could get.

We were having loads of fun, killing orcs, trolls, and dragons when the magic finally began to take effect, I looked at each of their shocked faces and yelled out, "April Fool's!"

Only then did I truly realize what had happened. Where four nerdy guys once sat, there appeared four fine, nubile young wenches in their place.

"What the f**K? We screamed in unison."

Upon hearing this, Plxystmvrb made his grand appearance.

"What did you do?" I screamed. "My friends are now all women!"

"As you agreed to when you took the garments, Master. I never said their CHARACTERS would change, only that THEY would. You just assumed the rest.

With a puff of smoke, he vanished, along with the girdles--and the last hope of all of my now former friends of ever returning to normal.



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