Why did I do this?

Why did I do that?

I ran towards the house , they were after me I don't know who they are and don't ask me questions in between everything will be answered. So yeah where was I? " Something about they chasing you" Oh yes. They were chasing me , I saw a house to the left I just started slamming the door as loud as I could.An old women came out.She was my grandmother.She asked me why are you in a hurry? I told her " they are chasing me ".She told me to get inside.

She gave me some scones I had some , she told me there are two ways to save your self. 1 : Take my car and go all the way to USA or 2 : become a GIRL. I looked at her and told I would just take her car and leave Mexico and go to USA.

After this all I remember was the sound of a gunshot. After waking up I was in the hospital my grandma was sitting and reading a Spanish magazine. I asked her what happened she told me that the gang that I stole the money from Shot you and destroyed the car.I was lucky that the police came.

I was sad. I could not go to America. My grandma knew it would happen she always wanted a grand daughter.

I told her let's do plan 2.

We reached home , I could see the Bullet holes in the walls and the glass was shattered.She went in to the basement and came out with a box.

She told me to wear this it was a Dress , it was like what a teenage girls were. it was kinda girly , she gave me this wierd looking panties and white tights. I went and put everything on. I looked in the mirror , I could see a guy in a dress. my grandma gave me a wig , I put it on. When I looked at my self. It was not real , a flat chest man dressed as a girl.She gave me these Wobbly things I held it before I realized it was A Brest Form. She helped me apply it. I looked kinda like a girl now.But nope my Grandma was not happy she came with this pump kind thing and attached it to my real chests and switced that thing on.It was paining a lot. She stopped the thing after 10 minutes. I HAD REAL BREASTS I TRIED TO SCREAM but I could not , it came as such a high pitched noise. I fainted at the sight. When I woke up I was in bed. My grandma mixed something in my water as she came upstairs to give it to me.It tasted funny.I immediately feel asleep.When I woke up I felt different.I could no longer see a bulge.Thats the reason officer , thats why I caused a tantrum. Hopefully you understood it so can I leave now?

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