The Supermodel

The Supermodel

the story about a teenagers desire to be a model with the help of his sister. But does his sister really want to help him?

The Supermodel

Part One

By: Angel 102

The story about a teenagers desire to be a model with the help of his sister. But does his sister really want to help him?

My day began as it usually did in the summer. I woke up around the same time as I did if I had to go to school because I kept myself pretty busy. While most kids my age, that is fourteen, took the time off to sleep in late and play x box or hang out with friends. I had serious plans to go somewhere in life and I got an early start with it all. You see, I really wanted to be a model. That's not all it’s cracked up to be in the media with all looks and stuff. Models had to have talent in other areas too not just pretty faces. So I worked out a lot, kept my body in shape. The physical is a big part to it and I also worked with music and arts. I loved music too.

My day began with a long hot shower to clean myself up. Luckily I never had to fight my sister for the bathroom anymore. My single mother raising us took what little money she had left to have a additional bathroom built for me to use. My sister and mother used the other one. We lived in a small mobile home off a dusty road in the middle of nowhere Georgia. There were corn fields and cotton growing everywhere around us. We rented a small space from a big farmer. He was nice and charged my mother little extra for a space in his field. So when I won, we took the winning for rent. When I lost, it was pretty bad but I had the looks so I rarely didn't place in the top four.

I showered, cleaned myself up and put my skin softener on to make myself look shiny and very soft. I walked out of the bathroom with a towel around me getting ready to dress and practice. that's when I ran into my sister. She looked up at me, "Watch where you are going you little fairy!" She said hatefully.

My sister was bigger older, a little stronger and seemed to hate me. It’s understandable. But still made me sad that we could not get along.

"Sorry Sara. I was just day dreaming that's all. I’ll watch where I'm going." I said trying to be nice. I knew many brothers and sisters argue but I did not want to argue with her. She tried to pick fights and be hurtful toward me but I refused to fight with her. I loved my sister and maybe when we were older, we would grow out of that teenage hot headedness and things would be better between us. I Wondered how long I would be waiting.

She responded in almost a sneer. "You get the new clothes all the extra help and classes, Mom even had a new bathroom with a nice shower built in it and what do I get? Least you could do is watch where you're fucking going in the morning you little princess. Stay out of my way get it," She was almost lifting me up with her nose against mine trying to be intimidating. I did say she was stronger than I was.

"Oh and only girls put the bath towel around their chest too. You little princess you're so cute. I know you will make it in modeling. Agents always told me I wouldn't because I was too big. You're pretty and small and you'll make it."

I didn't think she was too big. Sure she was a 16 year old girl, 6 foot 2, but she wasn't fat. She just weighted around 180. But she had very large breast on her chest area probably close to double or triple D. I’d think there were areas where she could have made it in modeling. But she got rejection after rejection so she quite modeling. Mother invested all our resources and hope in me. Sara took it personally and began an all-out war on me. Sara was treated really unfair if you ask me and I’m sorry she was treated like that.

"Maybe i will I make it big and maybe not, Sister. But I will always love and support you. I am sorry over how you were treated "

She laughed, "Ok, sister. I have friends to meet. Maybe I'll be back later." Here are some things you can model in. "She handed me a few nylon panties and some wired bras. Threw them in my face and stormed off. She sure knew how to belittle a guy.

There were many boys my age that were a lot stronger and bigger than I was. At fourteen, puberty was taking its course on other boys but my body didn't seem to notice. I wish it did because it was embarrassing and left me at the mercy of large boys and even my sister.

As I said before, I was fourteen, almost five feet tall and I weighted around 130. My hair was totally blonde and my sister convinced my mother to have it styled very long lying down past my shoulders like girls my age. And my sister made fun of how easy I could look like a girl with the soft features in my face and eyes. I had a small roundish face with large brown eyes and full lips.

Even more embarrassing, my legs were very long and shapely like most girls my age. I was picked on a lot and because of the super tight hip hugging jeans I was made to wear, most assumed I was gay.

There were many male models that were big muscular and strong. It was pretty embarrassing at times. I looked more like Andrej Pejic or Stav Strashko.

I didn't put on any of her clothes she gave me. But my choices of clothing were limited.

I was in my bedroom dressing when I heard my sister arguing with my mother as I was looking at my collection of underwear. Choice of bikinis, hip-huggers or thongs. Lacy, nylons or silk. My sister had convinced mother to remove my boy undergarments and replace them with androgynous or female. I chose bikinis.

I listened as my sister told my mother, "I have a new idea about what his talent can be in the pageant in two weeks."

Cursing under my breath. I had worked on what my talent for the past three months. How can I change it in two weeks?

"But Sara," Mother answered," he had been practicing Beethoven's Waldstein for the past four months to perfect it. He sounds amazing surely he will win first place this time."

Sara answered, "His talent is his weakness. It always had lowered his overall score. I have a much better idea than a boring classical piano sonata. "

She smiled, "I’m all ears what do you think would get him to place higher?"

She smiled too, an evil twinkle in her eye. "A cheerleading routine. I am a cheerleader on the squad. I can help him and I have an old cheerleading outfit and a cute skirt for him. I could help design the best routine for him that would place him in the top two."

I groaned. She loved going to mom with ideas how to get me dressed like a girl for something and she usually listened and told me to go along. Now for a pageant. Everyone watching oh please no.

Luckily for me, Mom shook her head. "NO, absolutely not young lady."

Mom answered firmly. "Some boys go in girl’s formal wear and cute feminine outfits for these pageants.

Some place others don't. But I won’t have my son doing that. I want him to place as a boy wearing masculine outfits. He looks good as a boy and he can do it."

Sister snorted contempt.

"Enough of that!" Mom said. "Cheerleading sounds good but get him a boys cheerleading outfit. And help him okay."

My Sister liked the compromise. Damn.

Mom yelled for me, "Daniel come here. Your sister had a good idea how to help you place higher. You will accept it and go along with her. And Sara, you heard me so don't you think of putting him in a skirt for this. I won’t have my son be the laughing stock. You hear me!"

She smirked, "Yes mother no skirts. He will be such a darling cheerleader."

I groaned knowing what she was going to say. Walking in prepared for the news.

My sister smiled that evil smile she had when she knew she had me. Mother didn't see but she never saw what Sara put me through. Sara was all bubbly with happiness. Brother, Brother, I have the greatest news. I’m going to teach you to cheer and mother told me to get you a cheerleading uniform for the pageant in two weeks."

I protested knowing it was useless. "But, I’ve been working on a talent for the past four months."

"And where did it get you all last year? Didn't most of the boys beat you in it. You do good in formal wear, Swimwear and sports. But you got last place in talent because you do those boring classical sonatas. Let’s do something more active and... pretty. "

Mom answered before I could respond. Which I didn't have a response. "You WILL do as Sara says. She is a cheerleader and she can help you in this. I want you to win a pageant this year. Maybe get noticed by an agency. Maybe even win a scholarship to a good college. Like it or not she can help you. She has experience in these things so try to get along with her.

I bit my tongue about her experience in modeling. I knew she never did well but I thought she was great. I think she could still be great if she hadn't given up. But mother did that. It wasn't fair.

I still thought that she would have a good future in modeling. She was very busty. In my mind, She was like Kim Kardashian. She would have been good at modeling bras and lingerie. But she had bad luck and bad advice which tanked her career pretty early. It made me sad.

And so I held my tongue as my sister was laughing. Then mother left telling me to follow Sara and do as she told me. Sara was like my adviser or agent. Which I didn't think would hurt my career. She was smart, almost brilliant and knew designs and helped me with poses. Only, almost everything she taught me worked for women models.

"Well Danielle, I have to pick out a cheerleading outfit for you. I only have girls cheerleading uniforms so let’s go online. I didn't know there were so many sites for cheerleading products. It was a pretty humiliating experience. She smiled at me going through the various cheerleading outfit selections. "First, we need to choose undergarments. What we wear under our outfits are as important as the outfit itself. Let’s first find some appropriate spankies. There we go, I know your size. See those, let’s get three of them. "

I groaned out loud. "Sara do they have to be pink with those purple stars?"

She giggled. "Yes. Regulation for the official UCA comptitions says white. But some of us wear pink too. Pink and white are so close together. They don't look under our skirts to make sure. And anyway it’s not like you are going to the UCA nationals. It’s just a local pageant in Atlanta. You don't have to meet with the UCA regulations there. You can be as girlie as you want there." She giggled.

I accepted as if I had any other choice.

Ok now for the top." She said.

That seemed better until I saw what she was going through. "Sara why do I need a sports bra"

"Danielle we girls don’t wear those underwire bras under our outfits you know. We need something with security and support so we don’t get sore. That’s what a sports bra is for. Let’s see what size you need." She looked at me.

"But I have nothing up there that needs supported. I'm a boy."

"Hmm not really, I’d guess a 28 A. Pink purple and Black and pink combo. That's perfect." She clicked the order and moved on.

"Now since mom demanded that we get a guy’s outfit for you, let’s see."

I groaned as I saw what she was looking for. "Sara really are you serious?"

"Sure, it says they are for guys. There just regular shorts."

"But there the shortest shorts and they have hot pink lines down the side. One even has Princess in small lettering on the leg." I protested.

She clicked on it and chose a matching top in pink and white.

I thought we were done but she went to cheerleading girls section and chose a few skirts and tops. "But Sara she said only boys clothes."

"I know," She said matter of flatly. "But, it won’t hurt to get a few anyway. I know you won’t be wearing it for the pageant but you can wear it at home and practicing with me. "

"I guess not," She said.

To be continued…..
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