Fooled Again

Fooled Again
By Stanman63
April Fool's Day Story
Synopsis: This Genie just can't help falling for the same trick every time. Tommy and Sarah help Jesse to realize her dream by once again calling upon the Genie.

On April Fool's Day, there were two friends sitting down to eat in a local cafe with a teen girl. When dinner was ordered, they began to talk.

"Well, Jesse, what about you? You still getting the operation?" asked Sarah. 'Poor kid, she is where I was last year. Glad that Tommy and I switched bodies.'

"In time I will, when I have the money," she sighed.

"Oh? Are you on your regimen?" asked Tommy. 'Poor kid, I remember how much I wanted breasts before Sarah and I switched bodies.'

"No, right now, I still have breasts."

"Maybe the Genie can help you," said Sarah.


"Yes, that's why we NEVER had the ops."

"Aw, come on now Tommy, there are no such things as Genies."

"I'll prove it by letting him grant you a wish. But I must caution you that he is a prankster."

"Prove it!."

Then Tommy pulled out a lamp and rubbed it until a small Genie appeared. "Yes oh Master, how may your humble servant meet your needs?"

"Genie, I ask you to grant my friend Jesse a wish."

"Yes My Master, your Wish is my Command," said the Genie, turning too her, he asked, "What is your Wish oh Mistress?"

"You like to pull pranks, right?"

"Yes. So?"

"This is April Fool's Day. I am a man, but I want to fool everybody by becoming a woman."

"I can grant your wish, but I will also prank you."

"Go ahead."

Then Jesse was transformed from a six foot tall, muscular woman into a five foot tall, petite beauty, "Why such a drastic change?"

"That's my prank! Now you will be the woman you would have been if born a girl. And I won't undo it' either," he laughed.



"April Fool's!"

"Curses! foiled again!"

"Love it."

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