I need help with a story I'm writing. Can someone help with

reading it for content and flow/edit/proofread or collaborate if you find the premise interesting.I don't mean to indicate I need someone to do all those things or maybe an editor does that anyway. I don't know this is my first attempt at writing for consumption though I have written about 100,000 words in three stories that are gathering dust in my hard drive that I'd like to post.

TG Visual Novel Indiegogo Campaign - Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme

I don't post here often, but I thought I'd share a link to a new indiegogo campaign I'm running to create a new TG game. It's basically an illustrated story but with choices, backgrounds, characters and music, so I figured it'd be of interest to people on this site. Here's a link to the project:

So yeah, check it out :D

Post-Op Sexuality

I've been questioning where I am going. I will eventually become a woman on the outside, via SRS. I am thinking of moving faster in other ways, clothes especially. Basically I am currently androgynous. Chemically I might as well as be neutered.

HRT is barely started, but mentally it has been wonderful. I find I am scared and excited at the same time. My ironic sense of humor has made a come back, it is how I deal with things.

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