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Struggling to get back...

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Woah! It's been just over a year since I made my last entry. I'm back to writing TG fiction (kind of). I posted the final episode of Charlie Volume One a couple weeks back. It was waaaaaay over due, a year in fact, so I sincerely apologise to those who were waiting for the conclusion. Thank you for the emails and such. It's nice to know some still care about my writing. I'd be lying if I said I was currently writing Volume 2 but I've literally only written a couple sentences. There's a wall in the way.

My thoughts on Man Of Steel!

I came back from the cinema last night feeling like an utter child after seeing Man Of Steel. It was an enjoyable summer blockbuster and I liked the new direction and tone they took with the new Superman. To me, it felt like two movies in one. The first movie being an OTT sci-fi epic and the second being a story about a tortured boy trying to find relevance in this world. I preferred and enjoyed the latter more so than the headache inducing finale.

Feeling Paranoid!

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I'm feeling very paranoid today because of something my mother said this morning. I was about to tell her something amazing that I had found out last night. I said, ''You'll never guess what I found out last night!'' and she replied, ''That you are really a boy?'' with a slight smile. That got me worried. It's probably nothing but it's just the way she said it that made me paranoid. It was as if she knew something. Bleagh. I hope she doesn't.

Writing In Secrecy

Does anybody else on Big Closet write their stories in secret? What I mean is that nobody in my life knows of my TG interests and desires and probably never will. I don't have any problems in keeping it to myself nor do I find it necessary to let people know because, in my opinion, it really is a personal aspect of who I am and I'm happy with it the way it is.

Crossdressing Charlie: Volume One

Hi all!

Busy, busy, busy these days! I'm just preparing to move into my new house for the next year so I have been taking care of all that jazz but do not fret as I am still in the process of writing the next three episodes of Crossdressing Charlie.

Relating to that, I have a bit of an announcement to make. Episodes 13, 14 and 15 will be the penultimate episodes of the first series, collectively titled as Volume One. Think of it as a kind of season finale to a TV show after a few months run.

Olympic Closing Ceremony

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What an incrdible Olympics it has been. Well done to our neighbours in the UK for putting on such an event of that scale! Plus you had Russell Brand singing I Am The Walrus and Imagine by a huge choir, need i say more? It was all amazing and i'm gonna miss not having something to watch every day! Go on Katie Taylor!

Blog 10: Girly Dreams and Motivation

Had a dream last night that I was a girl. It was very vivid and felt scarily real. It was fun. The dream was simple. I was a red haired girl, wearing a skirt, sweater and shirt. It was simple. It was just me, walking around feeling rather pleased with myself. That was it. It felt very, very real.

A Thank You Card

Thanks to everyone who commented on the new episode of Crossdressing Charlie. I was shocked to see that it had nine comments when I logged on just there. Nine comments may not seem a lot to some of the greater, better-known stories that attract high readership and reviews here on Big Closet but I think it is great. Mainly because I could tell I was gradually losing readers but the views are climbing back up better than ever. Thank you all so much.

Be on the lookout for a new Charlie episode next week along with some artwork I will be uploading to my DeviantART account.

Nastily Exhausting Important Exams :(

Well tomorrow, my three-week stress fest commences as the biggest exam I will ever sit starts with English. Therefore, I won’t be on Big Closet (or the internet at all) until the 21st of June when I will be free for the rest of the summer. I cannot wait! The relief will be incredible! Anyway the first story I will be posting when I return will be Harry Potter and the Curse of the Emerald Witch — Part VI, the final and concluding chapter of the fan fiction novel along with the regular posting of a new Crossdressing Charlie episode! So, um, yep! That’s it!

Blog 9: I really need to be a girl right now! :(

For some unknown reason in recent weeks I’ve really wanted to be a girl. I don't know why but the very thought seems more comforting to me than ever because at the moment I’m in a dark place in my life. Exams, stress, family and life in general. It all takes its toll! But the thought of being a girl seems more...alluring! :( I'm not sure why but I think things would be better. I usually fantasise about being a girl but not becoming one permanently for the rest of my life. Maybe I'm not thinking straight? Does or has anybody else ever felt the same when going through a bad patch?

Makeup Level: Asian


Found this picture somewhere on the web ages ago. Not sure if this is really cool or creepy. I think I’ll say cool! :D Just shows the wonders of makeup eh? Even if its a photoshop (a good one at that) its still an awesome pic!

Blog 8: The Real Crossdressing Charlie


Above is the next outfit Charlie will try on in Episode 6 - The Tennis Uniform

Recently my Crossdressing Charlie series seems to have gathered a wee cult following around the TG hemisphere. All i can say is thank you all for favouring the series. Thanks to all the comments and reviews. I appreciate that the most! Keep reading and I promise you all that you won't be disappointed.

Blog 7: I think i've found my niche!


I think I’ve found my TG writing niche after all this time. Realistic cross-dressing stories! I’m having so much fun creating episodes for my Crossdressing Charlie series and I am literally bursting with ideas for future episodes! I like writing CD tales because I can constantly reinvent it and develop the character realistically. Not only with the main but the supporting characters too!

Some TG pictures by me!!

Here are just some pictures i have drawn over the past week for my new story. I hope you all enjoy. For more, visit my deviantART page


Here are the PICTURES!

Blog 6: Schoolgirl - A Physical and Clothing Transformation

Blog 5: Gay bars, Invisible Folders and Short Skirts


If you have read my stories you will notice that I have a wee bit of an obsession for short skirts and socks (otherwise school uniform). I stumbled upon this pic whilst browsing the web and i thought it was really cute so i thought i'd share it with all of you! :)

I can safely say that last night was filled with experiences! Haha. Thursday nights are college nights in Ireland so we all went out on the town to get highly intoxicated (as you do).


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