Post-Op Sexuality

I've been questioning where I am going. I will eventually become a woman on the outside, via SRS. I am thinking of moving faster in other ways, clothes especially. Basically I am currently androgynous. Chemically I might as well as be neutered.

HRT is barely started, but mentally it has been wonderful. I find I am scared and excited at the same time. My ironic sense of humor has made a come back, it is how I deal with things.

So here is the deal. When I was a much younger person my dreams let me know in no uncertain terms I was a woman, and when that happened I was with a man. I once a dreamed about being gay, it shocked me so much I jerked myself awake, and it has never repeated. I suspect my subconscious was testing scenarios with me. I have also had many dreams about being a man with a woman, but I tend towards the former.

When I was new to this site I was repeatedly told sexuality doesn't change. Recently several people at this site have disputed that, and I know of more than one friend (t-girls) that claim they were straight men, and now they are straight woman. So there is no stereotype that is true here. What is true for one is not true for others.

I wonder how many people that have complete transition also transitioned their sexuality?

It pertains to me a lot. I am open on the subject. I like woman, I like looking at woman, but lately there is no sex drive left. Lots of motivation towards loosing weight though. It is amazing how motivating the promise of removing ones manhood can be. Starting at 240 (post diabetes, pre-diabetes it was 270) I am down to 177. I plan on getting much lower, as a recent writer put it, girl thin.

So will I be a straight woman, a lesbian, or bi? I really don't care, other than intense curiosity.

What do you think?