Post-Op Sexuality

I've been questioning where I am going. I will eventually become a woman on the outside, via SRS. I am thinking of moving faster in other ways, clothes especially. Basically I am currently androgynous. Chemically I might as well as be neutered.

HRT is barely started, but mentally it has been wonderful. I find I am scared and excited at the same time. My ironic sense of humor has made a come back, it is how I deal with things.

Ex-gay? No way!

The post the other day about the Anglicans putting 'ex-gay' ads on the buses made me react when I saw this news item this morning.

Turns out that the, um, individual that wrote a key article supporting ex-gay therapy is now admitting he was wrong. Not in so many words, but it's a step back in the correct direction.

Funny how these so-called 'objective experts' find them selves tied up in knots trying to justify their own bigotry.

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