You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide Chapter 1

Lev couldn’t believe what he was hearing at the truck stop he had stopped at to get fuel for his rig. There was talked about an incident that happened in Montana of some truckers he knew that had gotten caught up in human trafficking. According to the rumors he was hearing they were taking the women and girls to a guy named Boris Kuznetsov in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lev knew that bastard. He used to be part of his squad before he was discharged from selling weapons to the Russian Mafia. He knew he was wanted in Russia. Lev gets into his truck and picks his mic up to call Rebecca and see if she could put him in touch with Kat and Paul. He wasn’t to far from their place as is.

“Russian Bear to Mousey, Russian Bear to mousey, do you have your ears on?”

Trenner’s Garage:
August was working the office as usual when she hears Lev’s voice come over the CB they keep in there just for him and the other guy they have working for them. Normal, Lev just calls them, but she knew there were a few areas he couldn’t get a cell signal.

She picks the mic up “Squeaker to Russian Bear. Mousey is busy with the mice’s. Is there anything I can do for you Russian Bear?”

“Ya August, can you put me in touch with your Aunt Kat? I might have a big game for them to take down.”

“Let me call them and see if they have a CB. If not, will you be somewhere they can reach you by cellphone?”

“I’ll be in range of a cell tower in about thirty miles. Have them call me on the cellphone.”

“Okay, Russian Bear. Squeaker out.”

August picks up the office phone and dials Kat’s number from memory.

K&P Bounty Services:
Brittney was entering some files for her mother in the computer systems when the phone rang. Normally June would get the phone, but she had requested some time off to spend with her niece and nephew. Since Terry and she were out of school for the Summer. She was filling in for June, while her sister was working with their aunt at the law firm. Terry wanted to be a lawyer, while she wanted to follow in her mother’s and father’s footsteps.

“K&P Bounty Services, Brittney speaking. How can I help you?”

“Brittney, it’s me August.”

“What’s up August?" She hasn’t talked to her cousin since she got married to Butch.

“Is Aunt Kat or your father around?”

“Nope, dad is out back cleaning out the SUV with Crystal helping him. We had a perp throw-up this morning while transporting him to the police station. He threw-up all over Crystal lap. You should had seen her. She was so pissed and embarrass. Mom is having lunch with Aunt Kristen and Terry. Why, what’s up?”

“Lev has a bounty that they might be interested in and needs to talk with them right away.”

“I’ll go and get dad. Hold on.” Brittney puts her cousin on hold and head out back to get her father.

“Dad, August is on the phone and says that Uncle Lev needs you and mom.”

Paul looks out of the SUV at the sound of his oldest daughter’s voice. She’s grown in the past few years since they adopted her and Terry.

“I wonder what Lev wants?”

Crystal stood up from bending over and leaning into the SUV from vacuuming up the puke their perp upchucked. She had changed clothes
when they got back to the office right away.

“August said something about a bounty you and mom might be interested in.”

Brittney was wondering if her father will let her go on this one with them. She was still to young to get her bounty hunter’s license, but she
accompanies them on their bounties as an intern like Crystal use to be.

Paul walks into the office and over to Kat’s desk where Brittney had been working.

“Hey August, what’s up?”

“Lev needs to talk to you and Aunt Kat. He’s out on the road right now, but if you could give him a call on his cellphone. He can explain everything to you. I know it has something to do with a bounty. Do you need his number?”

“Nope, I have it programmed already in my phone. How’s your sister and the youngsters?”

“They are fine. She had to take them to the doctor for their exam. Carol went with them.”

Paul met Carol the last time he and the team had gone to Kansas to apprehend a bounty. Rebecca had flown them out and back to Tennessee. She's Rebecca’s oldest cousin and a nurse at the local hospital.

“Alright, well let me call Lev and find out what he got.”

“Alright Uncle Paul. If you need a flight to anywhere. Just call back and let me know. I’ll have Butch fly the Lear out to you.”

“Okay August. Bye.”

Paul presses the speed dial number he has for Lev.

Lev’s Eighteen-Wheeler:
Lev was watching the cell bars on his dash. Rebecca had gotten him a hands-free unit that linked to his cellphone so he could make a call without having to dial the number himself. He was getting a signal.

Lev hears unit beep letting him know a call was coming and notices it was Paul’s personal cellphone.

“Lev here, go ahead Paul.”

“I just got off the phone with August, she said you wanted me to call you.”

“Ya, I have a bounty for you. I know the location of a wanted Russian Mafia member. He’s wanted in Russia and I would bet he is wanted here
as well for human and sex trafficking. He’s in Phoenix, Arizona.”

“Phoenix is a way out for us Lev. It would take us to long to drive out to get him. Besides, how much is he wanted for?”

“Don’t know. Why don’t you run his name and see how much he is worth?”

Brittney moves to her mother’s computer and bring up the wanted link so they could run names and check to see how much the bounties were.

“Okay Uncle Lev, go ahead and give me his name.”

“Boris Kuznetsov and he was born in Russia on April 17, 1982.”

Brittney runs his name and after a few minutes his image pops up with a list of charges that he has committed in Russia and in the United States.

“He’s got a five-million-dollar reward being offered by the Department of State, dad.” Brittney looks over at her father. If their Uncle knew where this guy was, then that would give them a leg-up.

“You know where this person is Lev?”

“Not totally, I just know he is in Phoenix, Arizona. Give me some time and I could have where he is staying or operating from for you from a few truckers I know.”

“Alright, call me back with the information. Do you think Rebecca will mind if we use one of her cargo planes to fly us down there?”

“She won’t mind, your family. She doesn’t charge family. Besides, even if she did. She’ll give you a hefty discount because you are law enforcement. She gives law enforcement, military and medical personnel discounts.”

“That’s good to know. Let me know what you find out and I’ll call August and set up a time.”

“Alright, I’ll call you in about half-n-hour.” Lev hangs up and calls a few people he knows.

K&P Bounty Services:
“Call your….”

“Already on it dad.”
Brittney dials her mother’s cellphone.

Cecil’s Diner:
Kat was enjoying the luncheon she was having with her sister and her younger daughter. She was proud of Terry for wanting to follow in her aunt’s footsteps and become a lawyer to help people. She was proud of Brittney as well, since she wanted to follow in hers and Paul’s footsteps. Just as she gets done with dessert her cellphone starts ring. She glances at it and notice it was the office calling her.


“Mom, dads got a possible bounty that’s going to pay big bucks. It’s in Phoenix, Arizona. Uncle Lev called it in to us.”

“Slow down Brittney. Tell me again what you are calling me about, please?”

“Dad’s got a possible six figure bounty that Uncle Lev just called us about in Phoenix, Arizona. The Department of State is paying the bill.”

“Do we know where this bounty is living or wanted for?”

“We know what he is wanted for mom. Uncle Lev is getting the rest of the information for us right now.”

“Alright, let me see if your aunt will babysit your sibling. Tell your dad I’m coming with you guys on this. Before you ask, yes you can come
along, but check with your father first.”

“Alright mom, thanks.”

Kat looks at her older sister.

“Bounty in Phoenix, Arizona. According to Brittney, its rather large.”

“I don’t mind watching the twins, Kat.”

“Thanks sis. How about you Terry? Do you want to come with us or stay with your aunt or uncle?”

“I’ll stay here mom and help Aunt Kristen take care of the twins.”

Terry didn’t mind helping her aunt babysit her sibling.

“You don’t have to Terry, you can go with your mom and father.” Kristen looks at her niece.

“I don’t mind. Besides, I got a lot of paperwork back at the office to keep me busy for that lawsuit you’re working on Aunt Kristen.”

“Alright, then” Kat leans over and hugs Terry.

“I’m proud of you sweetie.” Kat places a kiss on her cheek.

“I know, mom.” Terry returns Kat’s hug.

Ever since Kat and Paul adopted her and Brittney after their adventure. She’s become closer to Kat and thinks of her as her natural mother. Her birth parents disowned her and moved away. They didn’t want to have anything to do with her. She knew where they were. After all she had parents that were Bounty Hunters and learned how to track people down from them.

By the time Kat got the twins overnight bag packed for her sister and Terry got her bag packed. Arrangements had been made with Rebecca for one of her cargo planes to fly in and transport both SUV’s. Four guys she knew and trusted were going to come in and watch the office for them and handle a last-minute bounty. It had come in from a bails bondman they did work for.

Brittney was told she could go along, but she was to stay near Alexa and Luke. Crystal and Kat normally worked together because of their speeds. Crystal was as fast as Kat was when she ran.

Even when they spared, she normally spared with Kat because they were evenly matched.

Knoxville Private Airfield:
They meet the cargo plane at a private airfield. Butch comes out with another guy they met a few times that worked with Rebecca and loaded their SUV’s up into the MD-17. Paul was still amazed that his sister-in-law could get her hands on military planes. Then again, she rebuilds military aircraft and can afford to own two of these planes and lease them out for profit.

Once all the equipment was secured and the passengers secured they take off and head towards Phoenix, Arizona.

Continues in Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves Part 4

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