You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide Chapter 7

Team 1: (Gina, Crystal, Kat and Cadmus) Tuesday 1300hrs Serving warrant
Gina and Kat chases after the perpetrator their team had been sent to capture. Crystal was a little ahead of them, chasing after Cadmus.
Cadmus was chasing after their perpetrator.

“You would think they would stop running with a big ass wolf chasing them.” Kat kept pace with Gina, as they ran behind Crystal.

“You would think, but when they passed out brains, that guy got a spoonful.” They watch as Cadmus locks his jaw around the guys legs and down he went.

The guy struggles with Cadmus, but ends up getting hurt more. Crystal walks up to the two and stands back, when she hears Cadmus growl.

She looks back behind her and spot Kat and Gina coming towards them.

“How do you call him off, Gina?” Crystal every police dog had a command to make them stop.

“Scaoileadh!” Gina says it loud enough for Cadmus to back off.

Cadmus hears his mistress order and releases his prey, but stays nearby to attack him.

“What language was that?” She had never heard it before.

“Gaelic, everyone in my family speaks it.”

Gina steps up to Cadmus “good boy, Cadmus. You brought that mean ole drug lord down.” She slips him a treat.

Kat handcuffs their perpetrator “that will teach your dumb ass to run away from a wolf.”

Crystal helps Kat lift their perpetrator off the ground.

“That’s five down. How do you think the other teams are doing?” Kat looks towards Gina.

“Knowing terror and my sister, I bet they have all their wanted.” Gina had gotten a text from her sister saying they were done.
Kat and Crystal walk their wanted person back to the Terradyne Gurkha RPV.

“Hold him please, we have to treat his bites.” Kat gets Crystal to hold their person while she brings out the medical kit she keeps in all their

“I can do that for you Kat.” Gina was about to walk over to help Kat with the bites.

“No need. I need for you to keep any eye on our prisoner. If he decides to be stupid and attacks us. You are the only one capable of calling your wolf off.” Kat smiles at Gina, to see if she got her meaning.


Cadmus starts growling. He was watching the person they had. Kat just smirks and bandages up their person.

Team 2 (Tizzy, Paul, Alexa, Menace, and Lev) Tuesday 1230 (serving warrant)
“Come out with your hands up, NOW!” Tizzy had her assault rifle aimed at the door of the drug house they had come too.

Menace was standing next to Tizzy growling and ready to attack. Paul and Lev had the back of the place covered with their assault rifles. Alex had the side covered. The other side they could see easily. Tizzy spots someone crawling out from underneath and start running.


Menace takes off after the person like a bullet towards their suspect. He was hot on the heels of the person. He grabbed hold of his leg and took him down. He shook the person, while growling at him.

Tizzy looks over at the person Menace took down. She kind of felt sorry for them. Menace was one of the younger wolves and tend to be a little bit rougher then the older wolves.

One of the police officers that had come with them runs over to get the person, but is stopped when Menace looked at him and growled.

“Call your wolf off.”

Jerson was amazed at the wolf. He had never seen anything like it. It took off and caught the person in no second’s flat.


Menace release the person and runs back over to Tizzy.

“Maith buachaill.” Tizzy reaches down and pets Menace.

“Come out with your hands up, or I’m sending my wolf in.” Tizzy was ready to send Menace in.

“Fuck you, bitch!”

“Fine, your funeral.” Tizzy fires a grenade at the door and blow it open.

“Ionsaí!” Tizzy gives the order for Menace to attack.

Like his sire, Menace jumps in and attacks. All any one hears is people screaming in pain and growls. Tizzy runs in and watches as Menace
goes to work on one person. He was attacking just like Chaos would. Any one that tried to shoot him or get him off them. He tears open their arms open or their throats. There was white powered everywhere.


Menace stops, but doesn’t let go of the leg he had in his jaws. Alexa, Paul and Lev had crashed the back door and had come in. They see blood and injured people everywhere.

“Dam, that’s one mean wolf.” Alexa couldn’t believe it.

“He takes after his sire. Chaos was known to do this as well. Menace is still young and might grow out of it.” Tizzy walks over and locates their

He was laying on the floor on his back cradling his arm trying to keep his blood from squirting out.

“I told you to surrender, but you wouldn’t listen. I also told you I was sending in a wolf.” Tizzy had a smile on her face.

Mateo was cradling his arm as he laid on his back covered in cocaine. He looks up at the young woman looking down at him. They had been surprised by the grenade to the door and wasn’t expecting a dam fucking wolf to come in and tear into them. He had watched as that dam wolf tore the throat out of his brother and jumped to his friend and attack him.

“Dam, Tizzy. Are all your wolves like this?” Paul couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Actually, no. My Liger is like this. He will eat your face off.” Tizzy keys her mic to have paramedics sent out to the resident.

“You have a liger?” Alexa looks over towards Tizzy.

“Yep. His is named Simba, after the lion from Lion King. He was injured, so I couldn’t bring him.” Tizzy wonders how Simba was. She loved her big paddy tat.

“Remind me to never make you mad.” Lev had heard rumors of a lady that was a cat expert when he was in Russia that had a big cat for a pet.

“Tizzy, are you related to a woman name Cheshire?” Lev also knew she was a CIA agent as well. One of their best.

“She’s my mother.” Tizzy had a smile on her face when she says that to Lev. She knew he was from Russia by his accent.

“Dam! I can’t believe she has a daughter.” Lev just shakes his head.

“What’s so special about this woman, Lev?” Paul had never heard the name before.

Lev looks at his brother-in-law “she’s someone you never want to come after you. She has killed more agents and heads of state, then any
KGB agent or assassin. She’s the boggy man among the intelligence community and ranks in the top three.”

Lev looks at Tizzy and wonders if her mother trained her to be as lethal as her.

“Who’s the other two in the rank?” Paul knew there were a few Italian families that specialized as assassin’s. One was rumored to be here in America and feared by the other families.

“Jack Bounty is one and someone else that is as mysterious as her mother.” Lev walks over to Manteo and does what he can for the wound.
He wasn’t a medic, but could stop the bleeding till the paramedics got to them.

“I wonder how Julia’s team is doing?” Alexa had gotten a text along with everyone else in her party about the person Kat and Gina went after.

Team 3 (US Deputy Marshal Young, US Deputy Marshal Bullock, Julia Bounty and Terror) Tuesday 1200hrs
Julia watches as they drive pass another closed store. So, far every place they pass got her wondering why they were out doing this, instead of going after Agent Jones.

“Tell me again why we are doing warrants, instead of going after Agent Jones?” Julia was scratching Terrors head between his ears.

“Because, all the warrants we sent out this morning have connections to your guy. We weaken him by eliminating his connections and make it hard for him to escape.” Deputy Marshal Young glances back at Julia.

“If you say so. I think it’s giving him time to prepare for us or escape. It’s going to be a blood bath, if he is as good as the rumors say he is.” Julia wonders if her father would wait to do this.

Then she smiles. No, her father would have the bastard by now and be torturing him.

Deputy Marshal Bullock pulls the SUV into an old abandon warehouse parking lot. Bullock was looking around as they stopped.

“Alright ladies, let’s go and see if were expected.” Bullock opens his door and gets out.

He walks around to the back where the gear was stored and open it. He starts suiting up. Julia and Marshal Young exit the SUV and join him.
They grab their gear as well. Julia decided to just take her vest she had brought with her, instead her full set of body armor. She did bring her favorite assault rifle with six spare magazines. She straps on her gun holsters, which had her favorite handguns and six magazines for them.
She pulls Terrors combat vest out and put it on him. He hated to wear it, but tolerated it. Her tact radio was on their channels.

When she went to do a mic check “we have a problem. There’s a jammer here.”

She didn’t hear her check from Bullock’s or Young’s radio’s.

Bullock and Young both check theirs and was getting nothing as well. Julia pulls her cellphone out to see if she had a signal. She had no service.

“They know were here.” Julia looks around and spots the camera up in a small dark corner.

She pulls her handgun out and fires at it. Her aim was true as the bullet causes the camera to explode. She looks around for another one and
spots several more.

Terror starts growling as his ears go back and teeth start showing. Something caught his attention and it was coming from directly in front of them. He was ready to attack.

The next thing the three of them hear is bullets hitting the front and side of the SUV they were behind. It was getting shot at by at least four people. Bullets struck the grill and windshield shattering it.

Julia peeks around quickly and fires her handgun at one guy. Her bullets struck him center mass. She ducks back around for cover behind the SUV.

“Three guys with the latest AK rifles.” Julia looks down at Terror.

“How did they know?” Young and Bullock were stumped.

“There’s a traitor among us at the police station.”

More bullets strike the SUV.

Bullock peeks around on the right with Young covering him and fires at the other two guys. Julia charges from the left with Terror on her heels.

“Ionsaí!” Julia yells to Terror as four more guys come out of the doorway.

Terror jumps and knocks the first person backward, causing the others to fall over him and Terror. Terror crushes his throat with one bite from his jaw and sinks his teeth into the crotch of the next guy that had gotten knocked down. He crushes the man’s testicles in his jaw.

Julia watches as Terror crushes a man’s testicles in his jaws. She spots a guy trying to shoot Terror. She puts a bullet right between his eyes.

Bullock and Young follow her up the steps and inside the building. Terror right on her heels as all three ends up inside and into another gun fight. Terror uses his small slender size to his advantage and takes a gunman down, while the humans behind him take the others.

They were fighting for every inch they were gaining. Julia had been hit a few times, but her vest absorbed the bullets without a problem. Her shoulder felt numb, but she could still shoot. They must have shoot at least twenty people by the time they got to the person they were looking for.

Terror had him pinned with his jaws wrapped around his throat.

Diego gotten a phone call from his informant in the police station two Marshal’s and a Montana police officer were heading his way. By the time they pulled into the parking lot, he armed all his men and waited for them to approach the building. He wasn’t counting on a dam dog to be among them. He had heard the gun fire going on and when he went to open his office door to join his people, something big and black had jumped towards him and knocked him backwards on his ass. He saw the face of a big black dog in front of him and when he went to shoot the thing, it wrapped its jaw around his throat and was slowly crushing it. He saw that blood was dripping from its muzzle. When he went to move, the pressure on his throat got tighter and a loud growl could be heard.

Marshal Young was the first one in the office and saw Terror with his jaw wrapped around Diego’s throat.

“Looks like you caught your man, Terror.” Young was smiling down at Diego.

Bullock and Julia were next to arrive and just smirk at the sight.

“Call your dog off. He’s crushing my throat.” Diego could barely talk.

“Who, informed you we were coming?” Julia kneeled to look at him.

“I’m not telling you anything, Bitch!” He spits at her.

Terror tightens his grip and growls even louder.

The spit had missed Julia.

“If you want to keep breathing, Diego. I would tell the lady what she wants to know. That’s her wolf and it won’t respond to us.” Bullock was enjoying this.

Diego looks at Julia and then the wolf “Call him off first.” He manages to squeeze out, before Terror tighten his jaw even more.


Terror loosens his grip, but doesn’t let go.

“Sergeant Flores. He works for me.”

“How many more and what are their names?” Julia had her voice recorder out.

“Ten more and their names are…” Diego starts giving out the names.

Once he was done, he looks at Julia “now call your wolf off please.”


Terror lets go and sits by Julia, but keeping his eyes on Diego.

Julia’s cellphone chirps and notices it was a message form her sister asking how they did. She responds by informing her they had their person. The police and paramedics were already there wrapping things up.

They handcuff Diego and walk out with him between them. Terror was licking his jaws to clean the blood off. When they get to the ruined SUV.
Julia gets his bowl and a bottle water and pour it over his muzzled to clean the blood and put fresh water in his bowl.

“Now we go after Jones?” Julia looks at Bullock and Young.

“Yes, now we go after Jones.” Bullocks and Young takes swig of their water.

“You guys are so fuck. He knows your coming. You better have a tank with you.” Diego starts laughing as he is taken away towards a police car.

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