Yep, I can fly (part 8)

Chapter 24

I ran as fast as I could. Brian is a killer. A cold blooded murderer. There is no doubt in mind. I just needed to get away from his mental grasp. So I ran. And ran, until I finally stopped. I honestly had no clue where I...

"Lindsborg?" I gasped as I saw a welcome sign in town. Where the hell is Lindsborg?

I looked around. The town was small. Really small. It wasn’t that late, yet there wasn't a soul around…

"Hey! Looking hot! Nice tits!" I suddenly heard kids scream from an old pickup truck driving by. Guess this town has smartass assholes too. But on the plus side, there seems to be a lot less of them. And now I was alone again. I just stood there. Not knowing what to do. I had left my clothes and wallet back by the observatory. All I have is my phone so at least I could…NO! NO! NO!

Am I the biggest moron on the planet? Brian could easily take over the minds of the local cops and use my phone signal to track me. I had no choice but to destroy it. They make it so easy in the movies. The person just smashes the phone like it’s nothing. My phone cost me three hundred bucks. Plus I never got insurance. So to get a new one will cost me...screw it. I dropped the phone on the sidewalk. Figures. The case did its job—the phone didn't break. I guess there’s no other way. I lifted my foot over it and...


Great. Now I'm truly helpless in Lindsborg.

Chapter 25

"He stood her up. No. I'm not joking. The man is a creep. Though the way Jen is acting she totally deserved...oh, hold on a sec. Can I help you?" the young lady at the front desk of the police station asked as she cupped her hand over her cellphone. Before I had time to answer, she gave me a judgmental once-over. "Do you need to speak to a specific officer, ma'am?"

"No. Um, any detective will do," I muttered. I have zero ID on me, and I’m dressed in blue spandex. The last thing I needed to do is stir up trouble. But I still needed help. I just have to be calm and..."

"If you have a seat one of the detectives will be with you in a moment. Just fill out this form," she said as she handed me the clipboard. "Yep. I'm here. Nope. A woman. She is..."

"Excuse me?"

"Yes?" the woman asked as she drummed her frosted nails on her the desk. She looked bothered.

"Where's Lindsborg?"

"About twenty minutes from Moundridge."

"No, I mean what State?"

"State? You don't know what state you're in?" she asked as she jotted something down. Just great.

"Yeah. I um forgot. Is this Nebraska?"

"Kansas. Lindsborg, Kansas."

"Right. That's it," I stammered as I took a seat and leafed through a brochure on bike safety until she went back to her personal call. I then waited for what seemed like an eternity. Not one cop was in the station? This is...

"Hi, " a deep raspy voice called out. I looked up and was immediately happy I picked Lindsborg. He had short raven black hair with a speckle of gray. Piercing brown eyes and a nice placement of stubble. "So, Carol, was saying you forgot what state we're in?"

"I was just..." I ceased to speak as the detective knelt down near me and shined a penlight in my eyes.

"Sorry. I’m also a volunteer firefighter on the weekends. Medic. Pupils are dilating. No concussion. What's your name?"

"Um, Blur Girl."

"Blur Girl?"

"Yep. Blur Girl is my um superhero name." I figured the last thing I wanted to do is let anyone know my real name in case the good doctor put any feelers out through the police system before I smashed my phone.

"So let me try to understand. You had trouble remembering the state, and you think you're a superhero?"

"Yes and sorta. You see..."

"Hey um, Carol? Can you flick the lights on in interrogation room C?"

Chapter 26

"You can't arrest me. I didn't do anything wrong," I protested in my most sincere voice which might've come out a little flirty.

"I’m not arresting you. I just figured you might want some privacy to talk. My name is Vick. And you're still going with Blur Girl?"

"Yes," I said as he scribbled notes on a pad. "No tablet?"

"I'm old school," Vick said as he shot me a polite smile. Wow. He hasn’t glanced once at my chest. Why?

"So. Blur Girl. Why do you want to speak to a detective?"

"I want to report a murder."

"A murder?" he asked as he suddenly had a serious look in his eyes.


"So who was murdered? Was he or she a friend of yours?" he asked with his pen in hand—ready to write.

"No. It wasn’t totally human. I think it was um...Bigfoot."

"Bigfoot?" he asked and then put down his pen and had a frustrated look.

"I get how this sounds but what I'm saying is true. Ever since Blue Day I..."

"Blue Day? The eclipse thing that knocked out cable in our town for a few days?"

"That's all that happened here?" I snapped. How did they not experience what we did?

"Well, now that I think about it, someone did call in about a weird animal eating their chickens. But, when we looked around the farm we found evidence it was a wolf. Look, Miss, you seem really nice," Vick said as he took my hand which made me feel a little fluttery. "And I think you really believe what you're saying is true. But..."

"You think I'm crazy," I grumbled as I pulled my hand away.

"I don't. Really, I don't. But I think maybe you should..."

"Detective?" a woman's voice suddenly squawked out of the intercom.

"Yeah, Carol?"

"There's 10-62 over by the pawn shop on Treedmore."

"Any units responding?" the detective asked as he stood up.

"No yet. Still working the fair. Tonight's the pig judging event."

“Right, I totally forgot about…”

"You know I went to a state fair when I was a kid and had fried butter," I blurted out. What the hell am I saying?

"Look, I have to take this. And legally I can't keep you here, but I'd really love to help you. So if you can stay, I will be back. I have a cousin who has had a rough go of things. So I understand a little bit of what you might be going…”

"I'm not crazy. I swear this is all true. I can prove it."

"Fine. When I get back," Vick said as he held the door. "I just got to handle this 10-62."

"What is that? A 10-62."

"It’s code for breaking and entering. Nice meeting you Blur Girl," he called out as he raced out the back door.

Chapter 27

As soon as Vick left the station, I followed him on foot, which was a lot harder with super speed than I imagined. I kept having to start and stop so I didn't race past the car. Finally, Vick stopped in front of the pawn shop. Another patrol car was already parked out in front. I hid behind a large oak tree just as I saw the cop rush to Vick.

"Hey, Vick,” the cop nervously muttered.

“What we got here, Sam?”

“A hostage situation,” he answered as he stared at the shop. They were so far away yet I had zero trouble hearing them. Guess I can add another super power to my list. Maybe I should keep a record of...

"What makes you think…”

"They said they have a guy. My guess is it’s Marvin—that odd guy who works the shop at night. He has that tattoo of a..."

"Yeah, I know him," Vick said as he paced around and rubbed the back of his head.

"We asked for proof that he's there, but so far nothing. You think they hurt Marvin?"

"Distinct possibility," Vick said as he took the bullhorn from the cop.

"Attention this is Vick Brez of the Lindsborg police department! Right now you are looking at breaking an entering. If you have a hostage that ups the charge. However, if you comply with us that will work in your favor."

"We have someone, but he's fine!" a man shouted from the pawn shop.

"Show me proof!"

"Let us go, and we'll give him to you on good faith!"

"Yeah, that's not how that works!" Vick called out and then handed his gun to the cop. What the hell is he doing? "Look, I'm coming in. No gun. See?!"

"Detective?" the cop asked as he shot him a worried look.

"I'll be okay. Look, once Marvin gets out you have the paramedics ready. Understand, Sam?" The cop just nodded. I couldn't let this continue.


"Vick you can't go in there," I said as I grabbed his arm.

"Where the hell did you come from?" he gasped as he looked around.

"I can stop them! I'm…I’m a superhero."

"Yeah. You said that. But this is reality, you could get...HEY!" I heard him scream as I sped right past him into the building.

"Fuck! You ain't the detective," the criminal screamed. There were two men in there. One had a gun. And one was holding a man who was on the ground with blood all over him.

I sped towards the man with the gun, but he squeezed off a round. Fortunately, I grabbed the gun and crushed it.

"What the hell are you...ahhhhh!" the man screamed as I tossed him into the other guy. Both were knocked out cold. I then quickly ran to the injured guy.

"He's still breathing! He needs help!" I screamed as I swung around and saw the cops grab the injured man and another cop cuff the two criminals. Vick meanwhile went to me. "Vick! He's still breathing."

"I know, but I'm here to help you."

"But the man…he's the one that’s hurt and..." I stopped talking as I lifted up my hand and saw it was covered in blood. “Oh God, I've been shot."

I guess I'm not bullet...

Chapter 28

"You're mine, and you look so divine! Come and get your love! Come and get your love!" a man in a tux sang as he was slow dancing with me. I looked around. I was in a wedding hall. No one was there except us. And I’m wearing a dress?! It was this silky, blue, low-cut number that my breasts were practically spilling out of. The man who is twirling me around is…my God, it’s Brian.

"Not Brian. Doctor Stuart. So, you don't like Redbone? I could get the band to play something else," he whispered in my ear. “You really do look quite fetching in that dress.”

He then held me close and kissed the nape of my neck, which sadly I liked. NO! STOP thinking like that.

"How am I here?"

"I don't know," the doctor whispered as he held me close. Tell me where exactly here is."

"That lapel pin. I've seen it before,” I muttered as I looked closely at it. Where have I…

“Concentrate Ned. Where are you?" he insisted.

"No. This isn't real."

"I assure you, Ned, I am not a figment of your imagination. We share a psychic link now. So I can visit whenever I like. So tell me, where are you..."

"Hey! Wake up!" a voice yelled. I opened my eyes, and there he was, Vick. "You okay?"

"He wanted to know where I am," I mumbled as I stared into his eyes.

"He, who?" Vick asked as he brushed my hair out of my face. I looked around. I was in the ambulance—sitting on a chair. I looked down and couldn’t believe it. I’m not bleeding anymore. “How am I…”

"Injury free? No clue. You were shot. But, a few minutes later the bullet fell out, and the wound closed up. I guess you really are a superhero," he gently said as he held my hand.

"Yeah. I guess I am. WAIT...his pin!" I gasped as I bolted up.

"Whoa! Easy," Vick said as he put his arm around me to help me up. "What are you..."

"The symbol on the pin. I've seen it before. It’s on the chip Janet gave me."

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