Yep, I can fly (part 2)

Please note: I had accidentally put chapters 3 & 4 on part 1. So if you still haven’t read those yet, you might want to go back.

Chapter 5

“There are some out there calling the Blue Event an act of terrorism. How do you respond to that senator?”

“Well, I have denounced that preposterous story on several occasions. And so have leaders around the world. What happened was simply a Potentia Eu Eclipse. Sorry, science community. I hope I didn’t butcher that pronunciation. But what it essentially means is that all of those blue sunspots collectively blacked the sun out.”

“Knocking out the power. ‘Causing people to black out.”

“Yes. Again, there has been a rather detailed scientific explanation published in the Times. Rest assured the blue sunspots have since vanished. And weeks later life is back to normal with no…let me repeat that…no residual side effects. In fact, the government has just released a study that …”


“Why did you shut that off?” I asked Jack who had not left the couch all morning.

“Dude, for weeks that’s all that’s on TV.”

“Well, it was a worldwide occurrence.”

“I’m just sick of hearing about all of this Blue Event shit—well except for the new Blue shot special at Hanley’s Bar. Have you seen the bartender there? She is so fucking hot.”

“How’s that rash you had. Do you think the…”

“It wasn’t from the blue light. Turns out there was poison ivy in the mosh pit” Jack mumbled and started swiping through his phone. “What’s in the package? Cookies from Grandma?”

“Um, no. Just dehydrated soy bars I’m using for my latest experiment that deals with…”

“Boring,” Jack interrupted and then went back to looking at his phone. “Fuck. I don’t have class ‘til one. I think I’ll go masturbate.”

Chapter 6

Jack’s door was shut. So depending on his visual selection, I’d have about thirty minutes to spare. He likes to take his time.

I walked right into the bathroom and locked the door. I placed the package on the sink and just stared at myself. This is crazy. I still can’t believe it happened. I mean every media outlet claims the blue light was harmless. And yet, at 3:32 am two nights ago my world got turned upside down for approximately 5.8 seconds.

I placed my hands on the sink counter and took a deep breath. Maybe I was just dreaming. I stared at the mirror and thought about the dream. I was actually hooking up with someone from my science class, only it wasn’t Janet. His name is Steve. He’s a science major, but he also plays lacrosse. In the dream, we were working late on a project alone. He had on this tight tee that rode up on the sleeves so I could see his well-defined arm muscles. As I stared at him, I caught Steve peeking down my shirt at my…breasts? In the dream I actually had boobs. I could feel the weight of them.

“Eyes up here,” I teased.

“Oh, I wasn’t…”

“Whatever,” I sarcastically mumbled as I went back to work on the lab assignment.

“So, I was thinking..."

"About?" I whispered while shooting him my best coy glance.

"Um, once we finish up maybe we could um grab a cup of coffee at the student union.”

“Maybe,” I cooed as I continued to stare into his piercing blue eyes.

“You got a strand of hair in your face,” he whispered as he brushed away my long blonde hair. His fingertips gently touched my cheek. We were so close now. My heart was racing. I felt his fingers trail down to the nape of my neck. I wanted to kiss him so…

“Oh my GOD!” I yelled as I stared in the mirror. I was her again. How the hell is this…


“Ned! Are you going to be in the bathroom all day?!”

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