Yep, I can fly (part 3)

Chapter 7

“Seriously, dude!” Jack yelled. I was so startled I felt this odd shiver shoot through my body and in a split second I was me…male me again. How did I…

“C’mon!" Jack grumbled as he pounded on the door. "I'm going to be late for…class?"

"Um, the bathroom is yours," I mumbled as I slowly walked out holding my package.

"What were you doing in there so long? Jerking off in the shower?”

“No, just um...flossing.”

“With your soy bars?”

“Yes, I…” As I glanced up, I saw a shirtless Jack standing there. When did his chest get so defined? He has this chiseled body with muscles all over his…

"Dude, could you move out of the way? I gotta hop in the shower."

"Yes, um, sure....yes…you go shower," I stammered as I found myself glancing down at his boxers. What am I…

"Yes, they are hearts."

"Um, excuse me?"

"My boxers. I saw you looking and judging. Hey, you okay? You look all red in the face,” Jack innocently asked as he went to put his muscular arm around me, but I immediately moved away. I felt these tingles start to…

“I um need to check my soy,” I stammered as I ran right to my room and slammed the door. Just as I locked it, I felt even more tingly like before when I was about, no, no, no. Sadly my mental pleas didn’t help. I ran to my mirror just in time to see long blonde hair cascade down my shoulders. Immediately my t-shirt fabric started to be strained in the chest area as two familiar mounds begin to rise and take shape. In a few seconds, my budding breasts quickly expanded into way more than a handful. My boobs got so big my shirt actually lifted up, and I could see my new taut tummy with a bit of a feminine curve. My boxers too became tight in the… ”I have a butt?”

I contorted myself, so I could get a better look at my curvaceous bottom. It was cute, pert and...oh God. It looks like a college cheerleader’s butt. As I moved slightly, it did this sexy wiggle. I also noticed the front on my boxers now clung to my crotch area since my butt stretched the back out. But what totally scared me was something was absent now. My manhood was gone! I took a deep breath and started to glance down, but as I did a clump of long blonde hair fell over my face. Ugh, how do women deal with this? I brushed my blonde wavy locks aside as I pulled down my boxers and looked in the mirror. There in front of me, I saw the same beautiful blonde with full, pouty lips gasping at the sight of… hairless womanhood. I have a vagina. A pussy?! It was so smooth with this wisp of blonde hair. No. No. This can’t be…

“Hey, Ned! I’m done in the bathroom. I gotta run! You can go back to flossing if you want! Later!”

Chapter 8

Even after Jack startled me again and slammed the door, I was still her…a woman. I was elated and terrified all at once. Will I be able to change back again? Am I woman for good, now? No. You can control this. Deep breaths. I closed my eyes and tried to recall some yoga exercises. I just breathed deep and…

“I’m still fucking her! No!” I gasped as I gazed at this sexy blonde in the mirror that now had a nervous look on her face. I then glanced at my phone. Five minutes had passed. Noooo. I just sighed which made my boobs literally strain my t-shirt fabric even more. My breasts had to be well beyond a D cup or...oh God, I have to wear a bra now? No, calm down. You'll think of a... “Mmmm.”

I cooed as I cupped my massive mounds of flesh. They were so sensitive to the touch. It immediately made me think of my dream about Steve. Being this sexy, flirty siren that he wanted to…

“No! Stop!” I got up and paced which made my boobs jiggle. How the hell do I stop them from…mmmm. They felt so good when I cupped them. I can't believe I'm actually getting to second base off of myself. No, this isn't right. I turned away from the mirror, but as I did, I caught a glimpse of my pert rear again. It had so much shape to it my shorts had practically ridden up my butt. Out of nowhere, I gave it a little spank as I shot myself a coy smile in the mirror.

“Steve. Seriously? Stop checking me out," I teased my reflection in this flirty voice. I then slowly moved towards the mirror and leaned in revealing my ample cleavage. Me being in this body was not just affecting me physically, but mentally. I was finding it extremely difficult to resist exploring this new me. I thought about Steve again—taking me right on the lab table. As I gazed at my reflection, I started to gently fondle my breasts. They looked so big in my tiny delicate hands. I imagined Steve plunging his face into my cleavage. Tonguing my nipples. Tweaking them. It felt so good. I fell back on the bed and lifted my shirt off to reveal my milky white mounds. I felt so free. Like this wild spirit was awakened. I kept fondling my tits with one hand as my other hand slowly crept down underneath my shorts. I took a deep breath as my finger circled the area. My pussy. I was aching for it, so I slipped my fingertip in...deep. In and out I went. The feeling was a zillion times better than stroking myself. Mmmmm....I started to feel tingling all over thinking about Steve's cock inside of me. I thrust my finger in deep and literally saw stars. I had to grip the bed sheet from the intensity of pleasure that was surging through me. I let out a squeal as I imagined Steve’s naked muscular body positioned on top of my tight body. Thrusting. Having his way with me. Oooh...playing with my huge tits. Grabbing my ass and drawing me closer until I…"Ooooh, yes! YES!”

I squealed at the top of my lungs as my thighs started to quiver. I was experiencing my very first climax as a woman. It was so intense. My pulse raced as I shouted again and then this blissful calmness overcame me. After a few moments, I glanced over at my phone. I've officially been a woman for over thirty minutes. Hmmm.

Time to open the package.

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