Yep, I can fly (part 4)

Chapter 9

I got up and looked in the mirror. Before I did anything, I needed to know. Could change back? If being aroused got me into this female form, maybe the opposite was true to turn back to old me. I just stared at my reflection, which was immediately a mistake. She…I’m…literally the most beautiful woman I’ve seen close up. I mean look at those full lips, the rosy cheeks and…OKAY…this isn’t helping. I shut my eyes and tried to think of absolutely anything that wouldn’t get me aroused. Pancakes. Mmmm…dripping with melted butter. Hot maple syrup I can feel being poured all over my body as Steve tongue kisses my…FINE…no pancakes. Again, I tried to clear my head and think of anything non-sexual bordering on disgusting and…got it! Our fridge. Jack has yet to throw out any of the moldy takeout containers he ordered from…ahhhh!

I opened my eyes and saw the changes happen in an instant. My chest shrunk, my facial features became hard looking and my lean, tight body slowly morphed back to scrawny, ordinary looking me. I never really had any issues with my looks. Sure, I’m the quintessential dork. But physical appearances pale in comparison to intelligence and grade point average. When I’m her, I still feel the same, but also different. Looks do matter. Not in a shallow way. But I like the idea of making a guy feel butterflies in his tummy with just one glance. I also wouldn’t mind exploring a hard, well-defined…mmmm.

I took a deep breath, and right away my body morphed back to my female self—even faster this time. My chest ballooned out as my butt became shapely, while blonde hair cascaded down my shoulders. By the time I exhaled, I was staring at my full lips and smooth, flawless skin. I grabbed the package and placed it on the bed. Since I’ve only been a woman for less than a week, I figured I’d order something I could pull off with minimal effort—dark blue leggings and a sports bra. I also bought some very feminine looking panties. My goal was to create a well-planned accidental meeting with Steve. He’s a gym rat and is there most afternoons. I just have to run into him, there. But first I need to look the part.

I chose the black lacy panties first. I stepped in and slowly pulled up the frilly unmentionable up my legs. The material felt so foreign yet alluring to me. Not to mention it was weird pulling it up by my crotch and feeling nothing. I just wanted to touch my…NO! If I keep exploring myself I’m never going to leave.

I grabbed the leggings and stepped into them. The extremely tight spandex material hugged my every curve. I turned towards the mirror and gave my shapely bottom a playful little wiggle and then a little love tap. I even did a few lunges to show off my firm things, but stopped before I got too aroused. Now for the last part—I flung off my tee revealing my huge chest. How the hell am I going to squeeze the twins into this teeny tiny sports bra? Impossible. But women with even bigger chests do this every day. I just took a deep breath and slipped it over my head. It was so much tighter than any top I was used to wearing. The biggest challenge was getting this spandex material over my boobs. I had to stretch as far as it would go. By the third try, I managed to do it. I then started fiddling with the bra to make sure my boobs fit right. Fortunately, the bra came with a zipper, so I was able to unzip it a bit—causing my cleavage to spill out. The bad news is it pinched a lot. The good news is the twins stayed in place without a lot of jiggling. I took one last look in the mirror and did a little sexy twirl. I could just imagine Steve taking one look at me and…NO! I can’t go out half naked. What am I thinking? I slipped on one of my oversized tees and then before I could second guess the leggings I ran out the door.

This should be interesting.

Chapter 10

Even though the twins were locked in place, there still wound up being a fair amount of jiggling. It wouldn't have been so bad, except for the fact that each time my boobs bounced male eyes would dart in my direction. I went from being the invisible wallflower to the center of attention overnight. Crazy. I walked towards the campus gym where all the jocks worked out. I went in there once to try and used the treadmill but quickly felt inadequate seeing guys benching three hundred cajillion pounds. I couldn't do that now, but something tells me I wouldn't have that same problem. As I walked in the stench of sweat and manhood wafted through the air. There were some ladies, but mostly it was filled with guy athletes on sports teams. I looked around but couldn't find...

"Can I help you?" an extremely tone gentleman standing at the front desk asked me.

"Oh um, I just want to work out," I said in my chirpy voice I still could believe was coming out of my mouth.

"Great. All I need is a college ID and for you to sign here," he said as he held out a clipboard. I froze. I couldn't show him my male ID. Hell, my name didn't even match me, now. "If you forgot your ID, all I need is a..."

"See. Here's the thing. My cousin goes to this school. So I was wondering if I could maybe use the treadmill for only a few..."

"Sorry this gym is for students only," he said as he shot me a semi-official stare while quickly glancing down at my body. Hmmm. Slowly I leaned in and pressed myself against the counter, which caused my cleavage to practically spill out of my top. I then took a deep breath, and my breasts jutted out even more. He was totally looking down my shirt now.

"Honestly, I just want to get a pre-run workout out in before I hit the track. You know, just to stretch out my legs," I said as I ran my fingers down my skintight blue leggings. As I moved, I caught him eying my pert little butt. This is kinda fun. "So, do you think you could..."

"First treadmill on the left, but only for twenty minutes," he muttered as he looked around.

"Thank you so much," I said as I gently touched his hand. He then adjusted his pants a bit as he…oh my GOD! Does he actually have a hard-on now?

I avoided focusing on it and quickly went to the treadmill. It's amazing. Even on a semi-slow speed level, I would’ve had been winded. Now I’m barely breaking a sweat. This is...

"Lacrosse! Football squads—back on the field!" a coach yelled and then blew his whistle. All the jocks started heading towards the side door to go to the fields. How the hell am I gonna meet him, now, while he’s being herded like cattle? I quickly got off the treadmill and followed the men. As I got near the door, I caught a glimpse Steve, but he was too far away. So I weaved through the...

"Hey!" I snapped. Some guy had squeezed my ass. As I looked around for the ass squeezer in question I found no one—and Steve was pulling away. Screw it. I ran to the side. All the guys stared at me. One even yelled something out at me, which caused me to stop—right near Steve. Here's my chance to...

"LOOK OUT!" someone screamed. I heard a loud scraping sound and looked up. A steel girder from the stadium was falling towards Steve. I wanted to dive out of the way, but something inside me told me to do something very different. Run.
Out of nowhere I took off at blinding speed and pushed Steve out of the way just as the girder crashed down. Steve had this shocked look as he stared right at me.

"Wow. You just saved my..."

I didn't even wait to hear the rest of it. I just took off again at a super fast speed away from everyone. By the time I stopped, I was halfway across campus. What the hell did I just do? How is that even...

"Hey!" a somewhat familiar voice called out. I looked up, and a person in a hoodie was almost right next to me. Just before I was about to take off, the person removed God, it's Janet. I couldn't believe it. She was out of the hospital. I had tried to see her that night and for days after, but she refused to see me or anyone else—which kinda upset me since I sorta saved her... "I saw what you did."

Before I could say anything, she fully removed the hood, revealing her hair had turned gray, almost white. What the hell? Again, that feeling inside was telling me to get away.

"Look I'm sorry, but I think you confused me with someone else. I have to…"

"I'm not confused at all. Ned. You need to come with me now."

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