Yep, I can fly (part 6)

Chapter 14

“What the hell is this?” Jack asked as he held up the tiny sliver of metal to the light. It’s hard to believe such a minuscule thing could turn my whole life upside down. Just piecing the scenario together in my head seemed crazy. Did Janet actually control my mind? Make me order that blue outfit? And where did the microchip come from? “I wonder what would happen if I downed it with a shot of…”

“Can I see that please?” I sarcastically muttered, which thankfully resulted in Jack handing the chip over. It was shaped slightly different than other microchips I had seen. It also had a strange mark on the front I could barely make out, but it did have…

“So? What the hell is it?” Jack called out as he went to the fridge and cracked open a beer. “Is that part of your soy experiment?”

“Um yeah. I’m pretty sure it's a chip from a scanner I used to measure the growth rate,” I badly lied. But it didn't really matter. Jack had moved on to looking out the window—probably at a coed sunbathing. Which was fine ‘cause it gave me the time to nonchalantly pick up my garbage bag, toss it into my room and carefully place the chip on my desk. Like or not I now had to keep these clothes. At least ‘til I find the real Janet so she can tell me what…

“Hey! Fuck you! That’s my car asshole!” Jack yelled out the window. Before I could say anything, he sprinted out to the parking lot in his boxers. I ran to the door just in time to see him grab a piece of paper off his car windshield.

"What is it?" I asked as I poked my head out.

"I thought it was another parking ticket, but it's a stupid flyer. Hey, they're all over the place,” he said as he looked around at the other cars littered with the same piece of paper.

“What is it?”

“See for yourself,” he said as he crumpled the piece of paper into a ball and tossed it to me. “Some big Blue Day event is going on tomorrow. No fucking classes. Sweet."

Chapter 15

I couldn’t sleep all night. I kept thinking about everything that happened and this Blue Day college event. Apparently a world-renowned speaker Doctor Brian Stuart was going to lecture us on some of the mysterious occurrences that have followed Blue Day. After the changes had happened to me, I scoured the internet but couldn’t find one weird blue-related incident. Even my stunt wasn’t big news on the net—just that one video post. But the day after it went up, poof, this doctor comes to town. I just pray he talks about some three-eyed fish from Wyoming and not some super fast woman in spandex that…

“There,” Jack said as he pointed in the direction near the stadium. We were walking to the event with all the other students. I didn’t see Steve anywhere. “That’s where I sorta saw Blur Girl. Dude, this one guy photoshopped her totally naked in a hot tub with…”

“Seriously? Fake stuff is popping up all over the place. So how do you know Hammerhead957 didn’t just add special effects to his video too?”

“Well it doesn’t matter now, it just passed one million views. Something fake would never get as many,” Jack insisted as he showed me his phone. The guy had now changed the video caption to Blur Girl’s first appearance. Me. I’m Blur Girl. NO. These powers have to be temporary. Eventually, I’ll be back to normal. I hope.

“Everyone have your backpacks out! We will be checking for alcohol before you enter the auditorium!” one of the campus security cops shouted as we got on the line.

“Jokes on them,” Jack muttered. ”I shoved a bag full of vodka down my pants. Joey is bringing orange juice.”

“Splendid. You’ll both have a real cocktail,” I muttered as looked around to see if ghost Janet was lurking anywhere. Nothing.

“Cock-tail, I get it. That’s clever, Ned,” Jack said and surprised me by slapping me on the back. OH NO. Please don't say... "Hey, why does the back of your shirt feel funny?”

Before he could grab it again, I backed away. "I'm wearing um a heating bandage for my back. I slept funny," I nervously lied. “Hey, we’re almost up. You might want to fix the liquor in your pants. It’s um sticking out."

"Of fuck," Jack said as he adjusted his pants while I did the same with my shirt. Yep. I wore the outfit underneath. With the possibility of spontaneous metal objects falling I figured better safe than sorry. The only problem is, I'm a guy, that turns into a girl superhero. So wearing my costume in male form feels pretty constricting underneath my…

"All bags open people!" the officer yelled again.

"This is it," wish me..."

"South campus now!"

"Why are you screaming about the south campus. I’m right next to you," I snapped at Jack.

"What the hell are you talking about? I just said wish me luck, so I..."

"You. Over here!" the officer called out to Jack who nervously walked over to the check station. I could’ve sworn he said…

"Are you an idiot, Ned? I said south campus now!" the familiar voice echoed in my head. No. This can't be.


"Hey! You! You're next. C'mon. The check station is clear!" the officer yelled at me.

Chapter 16

Yet again I let my stupidity rule out, and I got off the line. Fortunately, Jack was already inside so he wouldn't miss me. I just started running while looking around for a place I could…change into a superhero?

“No. This is insane! Janet! I don't know how you're doing this, but these mind games end now! You hear me? Janet?! I’m going back to the...”


I raced around the corner just in time to see a car had slammed into a tree. Without thinking, I ran towards it. The car was already smoking a bit, and the side was now just crumpled metal and shattered glass. I got close enough to peek in and saw a woman wedged into the steering wheel on the other side, next to the tree. She had a deep cut on her forehead.

“Hey!” I screamed as I banged on the car, which caused her to open her eyes a bit. Thank God. “I’m going to call for help!”

I fished out my phone and dialed 911.

“911?” the operator answered.

“Hey! Stay with me!” I screamed at the woman, which caused her to stop closing her eyes.


“Yes, um, there’s been an accident on the South campus by Sickamore Road. You need to send rescue vehicles now! I can’t get her out.”

“Sir, I need you to calm down! Were you involved in the accident?”

“No. I um just saw it and….oh God!” I screamed as I saw flames start to rise from the bottom of the car.

“Sir! What’s going on?”

“Um, there are flames going up the side of the car! You have to help!”

“Sir, emergency responders are coming. They should be there in five minutes.”

“Five minutes? No! The car is already…”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, change already Ned!” Janet screamed in my head.

“Where the hell are you?!”

“Sir, I’m right here. You need to take some deep breaths and…” I just tossed the phone aside and ran back to the car. I couldn’t get close now ‘cause of the fire.

“Ned! Are you listening? To save her you need to change!”

“No. I can’t! Even if I changed into her, I wouldn’t be able to…”

“Just shut up and change! NOW! AHHHHHH!” Janet screamed which felt like this sharp spike was being shoved in my brain that was causing me to feel all…

“Ahhhhhh!” I screamed as this bright blue light engulfed me. The changes were happening again, except way faster. My boobs grew as my blonde hair cascaded down my body. All while I flung off my guy clothes revealing my tight spandex blue outfit that fit way better. Except for the fact my heaving chest was practically straining the top. “I’m her again. This is…”

“Just go!” Janet screamed as I ran towards the car. Without thinking, I grabbed the door handle. It should’ve have been hot from the fire, but I felt nothing. I barely touched it and the metal literally crumpled in my hand. How did I…

“Just pull off the fucking door already!”

I grabbed the door and pulled as hard as I could, which caused me to rip off the door and accidentally fling it at least a half a football field away from me. This is...


I looked up and saw flashing sirens. Rescue vehicles were almost near us. But the fire was getting stronger. I had to do something now. So I just reached down, snapped off the belt, grabbed her and…


This car exploded into a fireball of flames, but I managed to get us just out of harm's way.

“Ugh,” the woman moaned as she moved. She was still alive, but needed medical treatment fast. But I did it. I saved her. It made me feel so...

"Over here! I see the smoke,” one of the EMTs yelled while pulling a stretcher. Without thinking I just scooped the woman up, and with blinding speed I dropped her on the stretcher and kept running.

I wanted to go home, but I needed answers first.

Chapter 17

Within a few seconds, I was in the alleyway near the auditorium. Everyone was inside, so the security folks were gone. Now I had to just change back.

Think. Nonsexual thoughts. C'mon. Baseball. Sweaty men running trying to catch a...NO. Math. Trigonometry, Pythagorean theorems and...

"Aaaahhh!" I screamed as an orange light surrounded me, and just like that, I was male again. I quickly put my clothes on and ran into the auditorium. As I made my way inside, I didn't hear a sound, which was odd considering the massive amount of people that are at this event. I figured I’d at least hear some…

"I'm so sorry Ned. He’s the boss, and I need my mint Jello."

"Janet? What are you...."

"Let's play that back one more time," Doctor Stuart said. I saw him on stage pointing to a giant blank screen. The man was a lot bigger in person than his press photo. As I looked around, all eyes were focused on that blank screen. Then a camera came in focus was video footage of the flaming car. The woman. Me using my powers. He had it all. Everything I just did. No. No. How did he...

"Again my goal is not to alarm you, just to keep you informed. These Blue Day people are out there. Whether this Blur Girl smashed the car on purpose or it was an accident we don't know,” he said as he looked at the mesmerized audience.

He totally twisted what happened.

“Look, all I’m saying is that we are all in this together. So we need to all be vigilant,” he shouted as people clapped. This can't be happening. "So how can you help? By simply spreading the word. Start by sharing my post to all of your friends. Do whatever you can to help send a message to the world governments that they need to act now. Get in front of this!”

People cheered as the screen showed his Facebook page. He was actually posting the video and sharing it to…NO! It can’t be. The name on his Facebook page. It's him.


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