Wrongfully accused Chapter 1

I know what your thinking and I know it seems creepy but this is my hobby, I can’t help it, it's like my brain is wired for this. Im 27 years old kinda stocky but not really short, and right now im trying to figure out how to get this picture without this girl or her dad who is standing next to her noticing .

She looks to be between twelve and fourteen , she’s wearing this cute hunter green shirt with an amazing black lace pattern and her short red pixies cut and huge emerald green eyes really make it pop.
She could have chose a better bottom and the tidied converse shoes really seem to clash but oh well.
I act like im texting and line her up, I love this new phone the camera is amazing, I take the picture and its perfect.
I'll have to see what I can come up with later.
I found my love for my very strange hobby when I was about seven, unlike most boys my age I was a loaner then as I am now, I had lost my parents in a car accident when I was five and that same wreck left me with a large burn scar on my face, back and left side also leaving me blind in my left eye.
I keep my head shaved cause it only grows on one side.

Life hasn’t been easy, I live in a little apartment with my calico snickers . Shes my only friend.
There is Ms. peters across the hall She’s very sweet and kind motherly kinda like a grand ma Shes on up there in age and I'm sure the only reason She’s nice to me is that She’s blind in both eyes. Still I help her when I can . but mostly I just keep to myself.

I have to wear a hat and hoodie or people stare, needless to say I didn’t have any real friends my own age.

But as to how my strange hobby came about it was due to My teacher and head of the orphanage where I grew up, this person was the only one who ever treated me as a human being.
Since I never played with the others I spent the days with my teacher and learned a love for my hobby even though by standards its wrong for a man to do this I can’t help it.
But that person has long since passed and other then my cat im alone, but to be honest that’s how I like it, other people make me uncomfortable I always feel as if all eyes are on me. You know oh look the freak, or its Frankenstein or quasi motto. You get the idea.

Anyway I had quite a few pictures from today, the mall is one of the best places to become inspired and today is no different. I stood up and walked along the wall toward the door, I was about to go home when I saw her.
She looked to be about six maybe seven and the little burgundy and brown dress with the white tights, brown boots and brown beret was perfectly suited for her light blonde hair which was in short low pig tails .
I had to get a picture, I fished out my phone and looked up in time to see her and the woman she was with walk around a corner. “Dangit” I mumbled and started off after them.
I tried and tried but every time I almost had it she would move behind something or someone would walk infront.

I was about to give up when I saw them walk into a small café , normally I would never enter a place like this, I never even order take out much less eat out . I was scared and felt like abandoning my search but I felt this almost inhuman need the get this picture.

I swallowed hard and walked inside.
I sat at a table in the back to the side but where I could see my mark’ no good she was sat at the wrong angle and its easier to judge what im looking for when they’re standing, I’d have to wait.
Not long after I was paying to much attention to my mark until I heard a gasp.
I looked up to see a young teenage girl in a apron standing there, I could tell she was trying not to stare but its hard when someone like me walks in,” ill have a black coffee plain no milk or sugar “ I said.
She nodded and walked off.
I looked at my mark just in time “SNAP” perfect shot.
I laid a five dollar bill on the table and slipped out, it wouldn’t have mattered if I waited for my coffee , another problem I have is I cant really taste food, so yeah awesome life right.

Well I was walking down the sidewalk, it’s a long walk from my place to the mall I live in a rather rundown part of town and normally it might be dangerous for someone to walk alone. But anyone who goes to start trouble as soon as they see my face they back away even the big guys seem freaked out by my appearance, so I guess I have that on my side.

I was only about three blocks from home when all of a sudden I heard tiers squeal as a large Grey van came to a stop next to me before I could react the doors flew open and I had guns in my face.
I went to run but there was a sting and then nothing.
The mark sat on a bench for the longest, he’s an ugly son of a bitch and if it wasn’t for what he was doing I’d Feel sorry for him. But mom doesn’t pay me to worry about the details just to do the job at hand.
I watched as he tried to sneak a picture of this young red headed girl, normally im able to gauge a persons likes by watching them but this one is a strange cookie. There’s no pattern just random often spontaneous reactions.

He had been taking pictures of women and girls, everywhere he goes he takes random pictures of women, teen and little girls. Mom says he’s a super perve and more then likely has molested or could become a molester if he goes on .

But Something isn’t adding up , so far he seems as harmless as a church mouse, but mom says he’ll be a perfect first specimen, he’s a loaner no family that we can tell, we know his names Kyle and he was an orphan but other then that he's a ghost.

He just got up, I’m hoping he'll take the bait I’ve done my best to narrow down his likes mom gave me the go ahead if he takes any pictures of Allison or Cynthia.
But still im worried we're missing something.

Just as I thought he took the bait, he followed Cynthia and Allison around for almost an hour and its like some force was at work cause every time we would get Allison set up right someone would walk in front or a door would close but then the girls walked into a little café, he hesitated going into the café but went in anyway, mom said this guys a danger to others he even might be scouting for slave traders in other countries, she said to bring the pervert to her at the lab ASAP.
“Rebeca he got the picture and he's leaving” Cynthia called over her ear piece. I looked up to see him walk out the door.
“Ben bring the van around front” I called out.
“Yes ma’am “ I hear as I follow him out the door.
The girls have done well to find me my first test subject, I knew in a city this size there had to be a few.
This freak has been taking pictures of unsuspecting women and girls for weeks, months maybe even years, most likely scouting potential targets, but his plan will soon hit a very deserved snag.
I know what your thinking im a mad woman but you see fifteen years as a sex slave will do that to you, had it not been for my parents finally tracking me down I don’t know what I would have done or where I’d be.

And now after almost twenty years of research I have finally perfected the ultimate punishment for these lowest of the low life forms.
He tried to run but a dart to the back of the neck stopped him cold, after we arrived at the lab mom had place him in the chamber and then told me and Cynthia to go back to his apartment, clean it out and tell the neighbors he had died this morning .
We walked up to his apartment, I had tired to sneak in once before but the old woman across the hall interrupted me so I haven’t been in here. I was expecting a run down pig sty but to my surprise it was very clean and organized.

As we looked around, I saw pictures of him smiling with this fluffy calico cat.
There was a picture of a man and woman poising with a baby on this shelf and a picture of him when he was younger, he was sitting at a sewing machine and it looked as this older woman was instructing him.

I thought it kinda funny when I heard my sister Cynthia yell.
“Rebeca you need to see this”!!!
I walked back into this small room, it was a sewing room, all around there were racks of custom made dresses, shirts ,skirts , pants and even underwear.
There were two mannequin stands as well as a small table covered with drawings and patterns,
“Rebeca look at this” Cynthia said looking at a pin up board covered in pictures of the girls and women we had seen him taking pictures of. Along side each picture were sticky notes on what changes could be done or what might look good.

As I was looking I saw a stack of ledger books and on top was one with the name of a very prominent high end fashion store that I personally shop at and it was dated the year before.
I picked it up and flipped through ,each page had details and specifications along with customer likes and dislikes along with what I figured was a picture of the finished product.
I was amazed and then I stopped, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. My sister must have seen the shock on my face as she walked over and looked at the page.

“Oh my Gosh is that your prom dress”?!!! She yelled taking the book from my hand.
“Oh my Gosh mines in here too” she yelled out .
There was no mistake they were ours as each dress was a one of a kind.
“And freaking Gusto ripped us off look how much he charged them for the dresses” she said pointing toward the bill.
$2500 for the pair, we paid twenty thousand a piece. Now I’m pissed mom still makes us wear theses dresses to formal events, I mean don't get me wrong their amazing and all but I would like to be seen in something else every now and then.

At that moment we both looked at each other, “OH CRAP, THIS IS BAD” we both said at the same time.
I awoke in this chamber, looking around I could see it was almost like an aluminum coffin with a glass door, looking at me through it was this woman she was in her later thirties to early forties but still very pretty.

She was wearing a white lab coat over a long black skirt and what I can guess were knee high, high heel boots. She had her long dark brown hair up in a bun and was wearing a thin pair of reading glasses.
She pushed a button and I heard a sound.
“Hello there, im sure your wondering why you are here in this place”?
“Yes please what do you………..
“I cant hear you so just nod your head” she said.
I nodded yes.
“Well you see we know about your perverted little hobby’s” she said and I felt myself flush, even though it was freezing and I was completely naked.
“Taking pictures of young girls pleasuring yourself and selling them to your perverted friends “ she said looking as smug as could be.

“What”!!! I yelled shaking my head and waving my hands in front of me.
“Oh don’t try to deny it, we have all the proof , taking pictures going to kinko’s and having that little pervert Melven print them off , but don’t worry about him he'll get his soon” she said laughing as I beat on the door.

“This woman’s crazy” I thought as I saw her reach for something to the side.
“Welcome to your new life mister Kyle, or should I say Kylie “ she laughed as I heard this loud wearing sound, then this liquid gelled substance started to pour in on me.
I thought I was cold, but this stuff was colder then cold, a cold like I’ve never felt in my life.
I thought I was going to drown as I looked into the glass I saw her answer her phone, for some reason her smile disappeared and a look of complete horror came over her face as she put her hands on the side of the tank I heard.
“Oh God what have I done, I’m so sorry” was the last thing I heard as I blacked out.
I had just finished letting our prisoner know why he was here and pushed the button letting the XX-381 serum start to fill the tank when my phone rang.
“Hello Reb………..
“MOM STOP DON’T DO IT PLEASE DON’T HE’S NOT WHAT WE THOUGHT” Rebeca yelled over the phone.
“What do you mean”? I asked.
“He's a seamstress, he wasn’t interested in the girls it was their outfits” Rebeca yelled.
“But I’ve already started the process, it can’t be stopped “!!
“Mom I told you something was off but you wouldn’t listen, we’ll be back soon we’ll have a van full of stuff” she then hung up.
I looked at the liquid surrounding the young man.
I mean we had all the evidence he was up to no good, how could I have been wrong.
“Hey what’s going on here”? I heard a gruff voice say behind me.
Two of the guys with us were bringing his stuff sown to the vans, but they stopped to look at the large black man who was standing in the door way wearing jeans and a stained T-shirt.
I knew him as the land lord and from what Icould tell him and Kyle didn’t get along very well, he’s pretty much a big bully.
I walked over pulling out a envelope and placed it in his hand.

“ My name is Ms Smith, and this is Ms Smith” I pointed to my sister.
“we’re friends of Kyle and we regret to inform you that Mister Kyle passed away this morning so we are removing his things and taking care of his cremation ceremony “ I said as he counted the two thousand dollars cash I had just handed him.
“ Ah such a shame and I was just getting to like the little freak, oh well have his shit out by the end of the day” he said walking away chuckling.
I was about to turn away when I heard a lock click.
I looked and the door across the hall opened and the old woman across the hall looked at me.
“Oh please tell me its not true” she said and it hurt me so much to see the tears and that look, I had no idea she cared that much about him.
“Well Ms , he was …………
The woman’s face took on the look of one who had lost a child as she leaned on the door frame and slid toward the floor, I stepped in and held her as we both slid to the floor her sobbing echoing throughout the hallway.
I couldn’t bare this, and I made the decision to tell her the truth

A note from the author:
If you've been wondering where I've been my computer crashed and I lost a lot of the stories I was working on and lost interest in writing for a bit, I am going to Finnish my incomplete stories I had an accidental meeting finished but the last two chapters were lost, I've put this short story together it will only be a few chapters long just to ease back into the pool I guess but I have some others stories I've been working on here lately and believe me your gonna like them.

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