Thundering Force: Chapter 03: "The Black Solace."

“Thundering Force”

Chapter Three: “The Black Solace.”

By Paul Cousins.

Copyright Disclaimer: All copyrighted places, characters, items, and events, within the story, are held by their current owners. No profit is being made on this work of fiction.


It was a slightly cool, sunny morning on the day after the fleet send off at Westport spaceport. It was eight twenty hundred in the morning. Padme had taken a speeder to the Jedi Temple. She had just landed her speeder in a parking area outside of the plaza of the front of the Jedi Temple. The parking lot in question was set aside for visitors to the Jedi Temple on the west side of the plaza.

The speeder vehicle was an included vehicle with four doors. The driver's seat was on the left side of the vehicle. Padme had set the mystical hammer on the front right side.

While Padme got out of the speeder from the left driver's side door, she picked up the hammer with her right hand. She shut the door to the speeder. After which, she calmly walked towards the entrance on that side of the Jedi Temple.

Padme had also decided to wear simply clothing for the day. Among other things, she was wearing a red short sleeved shirt, orange pants, blue leather blue around her waist to hold up her pants, black socks, and blue athletic shoes.

Padme left her long brown hair loose, to run down her back.

Padme walked up to the grand entrance on that side of the giant pyramidal ziggurat which was the Jedi Temple. She held the hammer at her right side, as she thought, 'While I do not care for lying, this morning I did post a log on the Senate data logs that I am feeling sick. That I likely caught a bug during my travels and I would be resting for the rest of the week. And that I do no wish to be disturbed. This should prevent any outside questions about what I am really doing.'

Padme soon made her way up the steps, with a large statue set to each side of the stairs. She then made her way passed the giant columns that surrounded the Jedi Temple, and held up the alcove that lead to the main entrances of the temple. After which, Padme made it up a second set of stairs, where the large entrance to the temple, on that side of the complex, was located.

When Padme made it to the large, open doors of the Jedi Temple, she saw one of the robed Jedi Guards on duty approach her. Under the man's robe he wore a shirt, pants, belt, and shoes. His lightsaber holstered to his belt.

Unlike the temple guards, whom wore a brown robe, with hood, and a brown mask covering their faces. Along with being each being equipped with double-blade lightsaber pike. Those Jedi assigned to guard the temple entrances were either older Jedi Padawans, or Jedi Knights. With these individuals wearing their usual temple clothing and robes, with their lightsabers kept on their person.

Padme came to a stop, as she waiting for the guard to approach her.

A few seconds later, the guard came to a stop two meters in front of Padme. The guard said, in a calm tone of voice, “Good morning, Senator Amidala. We were told to expect you. If you will please follow me. Master Kenobi and Padawan Skywalker are waiting for you in a nearby of the atrium.”

Padme replied, “Please, lead the way.”

The guard then turned and started walking, with Padme following right behind him.

Like what happened yesterday, while Padme made her way through the Jedi Temple, some of the Jedi Order members she passed by turned to look and stare at her, and the hammer she carried in her right hand. But as before, Padme paid them no mind.

Soon, they passed through a hallway, and entered a small garden atrium. As they turned the corner, and passed by some planets, Padme saw Obiwan and Anakin standing by a small fountain, with the fountain surrounded on four sides by benches. Behind the benches were areas where soil and plants were placed on the ground, in large containers set below ground. The top of the soil from the containers being level with the stone tiles of the floor.

Obiwan and Anakin were in their usual clothing.

Padme saw they were the only two people in the room. Anakin was to her left side and Obiwan to her right side.

While Padme approached her two friends, they turned to look at her. The Jedi guard saw this. He came to a stop. He turned and left the three friends to conduct their business.

As Padme came nearer to Anakin and Obiwan, Anakin happily said, “Morning, Padme.”

Padme then came to a stop in front of her two friends. She kindly said, “Good morning, Anakin. Master Kenobi.”

Obiwan replied, “It is good to see you, Senator Amidala.”

Padme requested, “Since I am going to be learning from you, I believe it would be best if you simply called me, Padme.”

Obiwan responded, “Well, Padme. I guess you can call me, Obiwan.”

Padme replied, “That will be fine. Obiwan.”

Obiwan gave Padme a weak smile. He said, “I am glad that you decided to take up our offer on training you.”

Padme explained, “Watching the fleet send off yesterday evening caused me to more deeply think about such matters. I want to stop this war sooner, so as to save lives.”

Obiwan complimented, “That is a good mindset to have.”

Padme replied, “Thank you.” Then, a thought occurred to her. She asked, “Anakin. Where are the droids at?”

Anakin answered, “This morning they are running a few errands for me.”

Obiwan requested, “Padme. I have been thinking about something the droids. Since you will be training. With the hopes of joining the war effort. Which I am sure will be the case. Should you be fighting with us. It might be a good idea to bring C3-PO along. The droid may prove useful in some ways. Though, he may also be annoying.”

Padme commented, “He is annoying.”

Obiwan said, “Still, we could use a protocol droid when dealing with diplomatic matters. He is well versed in millions of languages, Or, so the droid claims.”

Padme turned look at at Anakin, then back to Obiwan. She stated, “Will, C3-PO is Anakin's droid. Not mine. Years ago he left it to me.”

Obiwan turned to look at Anakin. He saw Anakin lips curl into a small smirk, as he let out a small laugh.

Obiwan said, “I sometimes forget that you built that droid as a child.”

Anakin commented, “What can I say? I was bored when I built him.”

Obiwan questioned, “And the annoying programming.”

Anakin stated, “At the time, I was trying to create a droid to help...” Anakin was about to say his mother. But, given everything that had happened concerning his mother, he instead said, “People. And I was too young to truly understand how annoying my creation can be. Still, his personality has been that way for years without any serious malfunctions. So, I see no reason in changing it.”

Obiwan said, “This is understandable.”

Anakin mentioned, “Besides R2 has told me on occasion that he likes C3-PO this way.”

Obiwan asked, “I wonder why?”

Anakin commented, “R2 said something about how the more annoying C3-PO is the less people around them pay attention to R2.”

Obiwan agreed, “Well, when that gold plated droid whines, it would make for a wonderful distraction.”

Padme said, “Yes. It would do well in that capacity. Though, except for the personality, C3-PO has been a great help.”

The two Jedi turned to look at Padme.

Anakin then turned to look at both Padme and Obiwan. He said, “Well, I am more than happy to take him with us. He and R2 are good friends.”

Obiwan turned to look at both of his friends, as he replied, “Good.”

Padme inquired, “Now that this is settled, when and where do we start in my training?”

Obiwan said, “Before we begin your training, there are a few things I would like you to do. As a safety measure we will need to test your connection to the hammer in a few ways that I have in mind. To prevent something unforeseen from happening.”

Padme held up the hammer in her right hand and looked at it. She then lowered the hammer back to her right side, as she turned to look at Obiwan and Anakin. She responded, “Okay. I agree precautions are needed, given we barely know how this hammer works.”

Obiwan stated, “Good. We will head to the main gymnasium in the temple. The council has clear us to have the gym in private, in the mornings. For the rest of the day we will be training you elsewhere. Until sunset, when you will go home. And if we still need the gym at another time, we will just have to share it with the other members of the Order.”

Padme asked, “Okay. I appreciate the council setting aside space for my training. So, after we test my connection to the hammer, what next?”

Obiwan answered, “You will need to change your clothing. I have some clothing that I got for you. Which should suit our purposes. The clothing is already folded neatly on a bench in the gym. After we finish with testing your connection to the hammer, I would like for you to put the clothing on. It is just a shirt and pants. There are changing rooms and showers by the gym, which are segregated by gender. So that will not be a problem.”

Padme questioned, “Okay. What else?”

Obiwan stated, “Then, we will begin testing your physical abilities in both forms. So, we can get baselines of your abilities to work from in your training.”

Padme pointed out, “Of course. But, don't forget. I can only give you a full week. And I will likely need my evenings free this week. In case something comes up. Then, after this week is over, I will have to divide my time between here, in the mornings. And at the Senate in the afternoons.”

Obiwan responded, “I realized this. And we will arrange for your evenings to be free this week. Also, in the next few days, once we work out a training schedule. By this time next week your training should be working like clockwork. With you having the afternoons and evenings to yourself. To conduct your senatorial duties.”

Padme inquired, “That is good to hear. Now, while I train here, where do you want me to keep my hammer?”

Obiwan said, “And as for where you will keep the hammer. Mace suggested a corner in the gym and I agree with him. But, this is up to you. Though, make sure it is out of the way.”

Padme requested, “Okay. I agree placing it in the gym is for the best. Now, please, lead the way.”

Obiwan said, “Follow us. It is not far from here.”

Obiwan turned and started walking, with Anakin and Padme following close behind the Jedi Master.

When they reached the main gymnasium of the Jedi Temple. They came into the room by a set of double-doors which slid open as they approached and closed after they passed through the doorway. This was due to motion sensors set on the doors.

When they entered the room, it was empty.

Padme saw that the room was large, with a very high ceiling. Also, she saw the room was divided up into sections. Part of the room was matted and used for acrobatics. And given the Jedi's use in force enhanced physical abilities, that section of the room had the walls and ceiling padded as well.

There were other sections of the room, including a section for weight training. This part of the room had various muscle strengthening exercise equipment, including even a few treadmills.

There was an area with stones set on tracks.

Presently, they were in a clear area, near the weight training section. They stood near each other.

Padme looked over at the area with stones on tracks. She guessed, in thought, 'This must be was were some Jedi practiced their use in the force. Which makes sense. If one was exercising their body, why leave the room to go some place else to train their powers.'

Then, Padme looked along the wall so the gym. She saw the entrances to the changing rooms, showers, and restrooms. One set for the women. And one set for the men.

After which, Padme turned her attention towards Obiwan and Anakin.

Obiwan looked towards Padme. Obiwan stated, “Padme. This is where some Jedi come to spar. Both in hand to hand and with training lightsabers, which are lightsabers designed not to cut anyone.”

Padme inquired, “That is another point. In my training, what what weapons will I train with. Or, will it just be the hammer and in hand to hand?”

Obiwan answered, “While we do not have time to teach you to use a lightsaber. We will cover some of the basics of lightsaber combat. And we will be giving you some lessons on the use of maces. Such as your hammer. Along with knives, swords, and staffs.”

Padme responded, “I welcome any lessons you can provide for me. And I agree. I have seen lightsabers used up close. They are very dangerous.”

Anakin looked at both Padme and Obiwan. He commented, “Yes. You can easily cut off your own limbs as the limbs of your enemies.”

Obiwan said, “In addition, we will be using private training room for sparring. This will decrease the chance of having any interruptions. I do not want a detraction during your training causing one of us to be harmed.”

Padme replied, “Of course.”

Obiwan stated, “Also, we will cover other weapons and skills during your training. But, first we need to test your connection to the hammer. After we are done, you will find the clothing for the next part of your testing over there.” Obiwan turned and used his right index finger to point at a bench.

A second later, Obiwan lowered his right hand back to his side, as he turned back to look at Padme.

Padme looked over at the bench to see a set of nearly folded brown shirt and pants on the sitting bench Obiwan had pointed to.

Padme turned back to Obiwan. She requested, “Okay. Now, tell me what we need to do.”

Obiwan explained what he wanted Padme to do in testing her connection to the hammer.

Once Obiwan was finished with his instructions, they began testing Padme's connection to her hammer.

Padme began to changed back and forth, into her stronger form, with her clothing changing back and forth, from what she had on to her armor and back.

Though, within the first thirty minutes of testing various factors in Padme's connection with the hammer, they found a weakness to Padme's abilities. But, they soon found a work around which allowed them to continue Padme's training.

They then spend another twenty minutes Padme's abilities.

When they were sure things would be fine, then begin Padme's physical training tests.

Obiwan had Padme changed back to her normal form, with clothing she had on. After which, he had them move over to the weight training section of the gym, by one of the bench presses.

Padme then set her hammer down, on the top of its head, near the bench press in question.

Anakin and Obiwan stood nearby.

Then, Padme retrieved the folded clothing Obiwan had given her from the nearby sitting bench.

Obiwan's instructions were to change out of all her clothing, and to just put on those two pieces of clothing. He promised to explain to her after she changed clothing.

Padme then carried the clothing into the women's changing room. A few minutes later, Padme walked out of the changing room in just the brown short sleeve shirt and brown pants Obiwan had given her. She had folded her previous clothing. As she carried her folded clothing, she had placed her shoes and other items on top of the clothing.

While Padme walked with her folded cloths and items being held up in her hands, Padme realized, as she thought, 'This shirt and pants were a few sizes to big for me. Though, the waistband on these pants is still snug enough to stay on my waist. The shirt and pants were not to big to be impractical for me to use. Also, the leggings on the pants went down to her ankles, but not to the floor. So, I won't trip. I think I know what Obiwan has in mind. But, I will keep this to myself.'

'Also, it is fortunate the floor of the gym is neither cold too for my feet. And the floor was clean. As such, I can tolerate being barefoot. Now to set down my items and head back to to Obiwan and Anakin.'

By then, Padme made it to the sitting bench where she had retrieved the brown clothing. She set her clothing and other items on the sitting bench.

After which, Padme turned and walked over to stand in front of Obiwan and Anakin, near the mystical hammer.

Padme came to a stop by her friends, and the hammer. The three adults were standing by a very technological bench press. While padded, the bench itself was re-enforced. The barbell was held up by the two stands above the end of the bench. On each end to be bar was a gravity weight. With the gravity weights electronically tied together, so that when one was adjusted, the other adjusted to the same weight, to balance the bar. Thus keeping the bar from tipping over.

Right now, the gravity weights were turned off. With the default setting for the gravity weights being a total combined weight twenty-five pounds.

Obiwan turned to Padme. He stated, “Now that we know how your connection to the hammer works, we can begin your training. We will start simple. As you already know, we need to know what your baseline abilities are in both you forms, and work from there. Also, I would like to know what training you already have done in the area of combat.”

Padme said, “I have had some training in hand to hand, using blaster pistols and rifles, some use with knives, and I am a trained to fly a starship. I am even competent enough to fly a starfighter by myself. Which I have done on occasion. Though, I am nowhere near the level of skill that you two are.”

Obiwan responded, “Good. We will work out those details later. But, once we know what you already have learned, this will only hasten your training. We will help you brush up on some of you skills already have. Then, we will train you further. Now, in your normal form, I want you to do a few pitch presses, so we can see what we have to work with. The default is setting is at a total of twenty-five pounds.”

Padme turned to Obiwan. She replied, “Sure.”

Anakin asked, “Do you know how to work these machines?”

Padme looked over at Anakin. She stated, “I know the basics. The Senate Building has some of the best gyms in the galaxy.”

Anakin replied, “Of course.”

Padme turned and walked over to the bench press they were standing near. She then sat down on the end of the padded bench opposite to where the bar attached to the gravity weights was being held up. As she lean down, she was careful not to hit her head on the bar held up by the trays on the opposite side of the bench. After she was on her back, she moved her body to where her head under the weight bar.

Anakin walked over to Padme's left, by the controls to the gravity weight. He checked the weight on the settings. He leaned up. And he said, “Okay Padme. We are started with twenty-five pounds and work up from there. I want you to give one rep. As in repetition. One time. I am focused on the bar. If something goes wrong, I will grip before it can harm you.”

Padme replied, “Thank you, Anakin.”

Anakin turned on set the gravity weight systems. He continued, “Ready when you are.”

Padme knew how to properly grip the barbell with both hands. She then lifted it over the trays that held the barbell over her. She easily did one rep without a problem, before lifting it back up and then down into the tray.

Obiwan asked, “Any problems?”

Padme answered, “None. Make it heavier.”

Anakin move it to ten more pounds. He said, “I am setting it to thirty-five pounds.”

Padme did a rep without a problem. One she finished she requested, “Set it to fifty.”

Anakin did so. He said, “Ready.” He then walked around to stand in front of the bench over Padme's head. In case he needed to spot for her.

Padme did another rep only this time she showed that her arms were straining a bit. Anakin paid very close attention. He was read to act a moments notice.

A second after Padme put the barbell back into its trays, she requested, “Let's try five more pounds.”

Anakin complied, but he kept a watchful eye on Padme. He said, “Ready. Just say the world if you have any problems.”

Padme replied, “I will.”

Padme lifted the bar off the trays. She strained against the weight. Anakin and Obiwan watched as it took several seconds for her to do one rep and then place the barbell back on the trays.

Padme groaned slightly from the strain she had put on her muscles, Obiwan commented, “Fifty-five pounds. Not bad for someone your size and lifestyle.”

While still laying on her back, Padme took mild offense to Obiwan's comment. She questioned with slight annoyance in her tone of voice, “What does that mean?”

Obiwan said, in a slightly sarcastic tone of voice, “Less paperwork, more actual work.”

Padme stated, in a slightly playful tone of voice, “You do know, as Senator, I do have enough pull to have you reassigned to the Hoth system.”

Obiwan calmly replied, “Yes. But then, to complete your training, you would have there to join me.”

Padme realized what Obiwan said was true. She sheepishly said, “Oh yea. You're right. That would backfire on me.”

Obiwan dryly commented, “Ah. Some wisdom at last.”

Meanwhile, Anakin was trying his best not to laugh.

Obiwan realized that the situation was getting out of hand. He said, “Alright. Enough fun. Padme get up and head over to the hammer. But, do not change just yet.”

Padme did not reply as she move off the bench, stood up, and walked to stand by the hammer.

When Obiwan saw Padme stand next to the hammer, with the hammer being to Padme's left side, he stated, “Now as you may have guessed the reason I convinced you to change into this oversize clothing is that I want you to try something. I want you to focus on changing into your larger form. But, for only your body to change, not your clothing. I want to see if we can get you to change without your armor. Also, focus on maintaining the clothing you have on. We do not want you to accidentally end up nude.”

Padme replied, “Good point.” She thought, 'It looks like I was right about why this clothing is so big. Now to see if I can do what Obiwan is requesting of me.'

Padme touched the hammer with her left hand, as thought of just changing her body, while maintaining the clothing she had on.

A second later, she felt her body change, as she gained a few inches in height. Slightly changing the point of reference for her vision. But, she kept the clothing she had on, as her body filled out the clothing into her more muscular, though athletic form.

Obiwan and Anakin watched this.

Anakin complimented, “You look wonderful, Padme.”

Obiwan inquired, “How does the clothing feel?”

Padme, in her stronger form used her right hand to lightly pull a little at her chest. She commented, in her stronger form's voice, “A little tight in chest and hips. Loose in the butt. But otherwise, thee is okay.” She then dropped her right hand to her side.

Padme thought, 'This might work in reverse. With me changing my clothing, while my body remains normal. But, that might backfire wildly in public. So, I better no try that. Though, I am glad Obiwan was thinking ahead. I would have ripped out of my clothing while changing into this form. Also, since I am going to train in this clothing, I will need get a sports bra and shoes later this morning for this form. It is nice I feel out in this form. I just hope I don't become envious of myself in this form.'

Obiwan stated, “Now, back to the bench press.”

Padme walked back over to the bench press. She laid on her back. Then, she moved her head under the barbell.

Obiwan commented, “From the way you manhandled those droids on Geonosis, we know you are much stronger in this form. So, let us start with two hundred pounds.”

Anakin set the gravity weights to two hundred pounds. He said, “Done.”

Padme did the rep so quickly that she was done in almost the blink of an eye. With the bar already back on its trays.

Padme complained, “This is way too light. Make it heavier. Much more heavier.”

Anakin set it to five hundred pounds. He said, “Try it now.”

Padme did the rep quickly with ease.

After she set the barbell back on the trays, she flatly stated, “Still, it is very light.”

Anakin set the weights for combined weight of a thousand pounds. Anakin stated, “Okay. Try this.”

Anakin thought, 'At the moment. Given how strong she is I am not that worried about her arms giving out. Still, I will be watchful, and ready, if I need to act. Though, I would have to use the force to help her. Which would not be a problem.'

Padme did not even show any effort in doing the rep. As soon as she was finished, she ordered, “Make it heavier.”

Anakin set the weights to one metric ton, two thousand two hundred four point six pounds. He stated, “Okay. This is one metric ton. Over double the weight of the last setting.”

Padme lifted the bar without a problem. She quickly did the rep and set the bar back into the trays.

Padme commented, “Thy can feel the weight this time. But, it is like picking up my cup of coffee in the morning.”

Obiwan inquired, “Would you say you feel safe to try five metric tons?”

Padme answered, “Yes.”

Obiwan stated, “Okay. Set it for five tons, Anakin.”

Anakin set the weights for a total of metric five tons. He said, “It is set.”

Padme lifted the barbell, while she did the single rep much slowly than the previous time. Though, she showed not signs of trouble in doing so. And she soon set the barbell back into the trays.

Padme ordered, “Make it ten tons.”

Anakin looked over a Obiwan, with a concerned look on his face.

Obiwan looked back at Anakin. He noticed his student's concern for their friend. Though, Obiwan said, “Do it.”

Anakin set the gravity weights to the specified setting of ten metric tons. Both men then turned to Padme, as Anakin was ready to act with the force in case something went wrong.

Anakin calmly said, “The weights are ready.”

Padme lift the bat without a problem. Did the rep. And set the bar back into its trays.

Padme growled, “Try twenty metric tons. Thy grows tired of slowly working my way up.”

Obiwan thought, 'The hammer might be making Padme more aggressive. Or, this could be her natural personality coming out. Given she has been a politician since I have known her. She has always worn one mask or another. Though, it is best that I not say anything. Doing so will not help matters. Though, I will keep a watchful eye on this situation.'

Obiwan said, “We are doing this carefully for the very reason you do not accidentally get harm you.”

Padme relented, as she stated, “Fine. Still, set it twenty tons. Thy believes thy should be able to handle that amount of weight without a problem.”

Anakin replied, “Alright.” He set the gravity weights to twenty tons. He said, “The weights are ready.”

Padme did the rep without a problem. After she set the bar on the tray, she stated, “Now, it is like picking up a hamper full of clothes.”

Anakin commented, “This is not going to work.”

Obiwan asked, “It is really set at twenty tons?”

Anakin flatly said, “Yes. And she is not even straining.” He spoke a little loud, as he asked, “Is that correct, Padme?”

Padme stated, “Correct. Thy could hold this amount of weight all day.”

Anakin commented, “At least you have good control on the small, delicate things.”

Padme said, “Yes. When is comes to gripping and holding things, thy seems to be able to control my strength very well without damaging anything, nor anyone.”

Obiwan replied, “That is a relief.” He turned to Anakin, as he asked, “I wonder what the max weight on this barbell is?”

Anakin looked over at Obiwan, as he answered, “While the bench and arms are rated for over thirty metric tons. The bar is the weak point. Twenty-five metric tons is the limit, then the durasteel-titanium alloy bar will snap.”

Obiwan recalled something from years ago, concerning Anakin. He questioned, “So that is how that bar snapped, years ago?”

Anakin defended, “I was twelve and I wanted to know how they worked.”

Obiwan casually responded, “Oh well. At least, you did not take apart and put back together a hyper drive engine without telling anyone.”

Anakin was strangely silent for a few seconds.

Obiwan realized, as he commented, “Oh, we are going to have a long talk about this later tonight.”

Anakin whined, “Hey. No one got hurt.”

Padme spoke up, “Boys. As fun as this is. Let us focus on the present. Thy wishes to know how strong thy actually am.”

Obiwan turned to Padme. Obiwan said,, “So do we. We are just trying to figure out how to go about solving this little mystery.”

Anakin then realized something. He looked between Padme and Obiwan, as his lips curled into a grin. He said, “I got an idea.”


Two hours later, it was close to noon, on the southern part of the plaza outside the Jedi Temple, Obiwan and Anakin were standing by where Padme had left the mystical hammer. Anakin was in the middle, Obiwan to Anakin's left, and the hammer to Anakin's right.

In front of them, less than three meters from the walker, and six meters from Padme, they faced the front of one of the six legged mechanical behemoth known as an All Terrain Tactical Enforcer. Or, also known as an AT-TE Republic army walker. With a clone pilot at the cockpit

While there was still over a meter and a half of clearance space between the bottom of the walker and the stone floor of the plaza, Padme was laying on her back, in over the center of the belly of the walker, with her feet pointing in the direct of the Anakin, Obiwan, and the hammer.

Obiwan looked in front, towards the republic walker, as he stated, with slightly disbelief in his tone of voice, “I still cannot believe you talked Padme and myself into doing this.”

Anakin looked at Obiwan. He asked, “Do you have a better idea of how to find out her strength?”

Obiwan continued to look at the walker, as he admitted, “No.”

Anakin stated, “Then, this is the plan.” He looked at the hammer, as he commented, “And as long as we keep Padme within ten meters of the hammer, she is fine.” He then looked back at the walker, and Padme, whom was under the belly of the mechanical beast.

Obiwan looked at the hammer, as he said, “True.” He then looked back at the walker, as he questioned, “Are you sure this vehicle is disarmed?”

Anakin responded, “Positive. I had it checked before I sent for it. And I requested it from a storage area. I found out they had hundreds of them in storage, planetside, in case there is a planetary invasion.”

Obiwan inquired, “Given this was on short notice. To acquire this vehicle, you called the Chancellor? Didn't you?”

Anakin replied, “Yes.”

Obiwan questioned, “Did you tell him why?”

Anakin said, “Yes.”

Obiwan asked, “What was his response?”

Anakin answered, “Laughter. Then, he said he would pay money to personally see her pull this off.”

Obiwan inquired, “Did he ask for a recording?”

Anakin said, “No. For security reasons. But, he does want to know the results of this little stunt and the rest of her training.”

Obwian requested, “Just don't be too detailed. I do not want others to know exactly how strong she is. For her sake.”

Anakin said, “I will keep it vague.”

Obiwan asked, “Good. Now, does the pilot know what is going on?”

Anakin stated, “Yes. To the degree. He does not know who were are testing. But, that we are testing someone with... I guess you would call it, super-strength.”

Obiwan commented, “A little generic. But, I guess that term will work.”

Anakin said, “I believe we my have to invent a few terms like this to name some of her abilities.”

Obiwan responded, “I believe you are right. So, what do you think the chance of her lifting that thing is? Without harming herself?”

Anakin stated, “Fifty-fifty. Still, if something goes wrong, I can hold one of these walkers with the force for about five minutes.”

Obiwan dryly questioned, “Do I have to ask how you know you can do that?”

Anakin shrugged, as he answered, “I was bored on our way back to Coruscant, and the ship had a few them in a hangar bay. Just be ready, on my word, to yank her out from under there with the force.”

Obiwan replied, “Of course.”

A gust of wind then blew through the Jedi Temple plaza, and Obiwan noted the slight chill in the temperature.

Obiwan thought, 'Padme is currently barefooted, with only a shirt and pants on.'

Obiwan inquired, in a slightly loud tone of voice, “Padme. Is the temperature bothering you? Or, at least your feet?”

Padme answered, in a strong tone of voice, “No! Thy can feel the temperature, but the temperature does not bother thee. Even thy's feet feel conformable!”

Obiwan thought, 'I guess it that her toughness includes dealing with temperatures, as well.' He loudly replied, “That is good to hear!”

Anakin said, “Okay. Let's get this show into the sky.” Anakin loudly stated, towards the bottom of the walker, “Say when Padme! Keep in mind you need some room for proper leverage!”

Padme yelled back, “Thy will keep that in mind! Now lower this mechanical beast!”

Anakin pulled out a communication comlink earpiece from a pocket. He turned it on, and put it on his right ear. The earpiece allowed him to talk to the clone pilot at the helm.

Anakin did a slightly downward motions with his hands, as he ordered, “Okay. Slowly bring the walker down.”

Over the radio, the clone pilot said, “Yes sir.”

Anakin kept the downward motions, which he was sure the pilot could see.

And the clone pilot began to slowly lower the walker's belly down to the ground.

A minute later, as the walker slowly made it to forty centimeters above the ground, Padme yelled, “This is good!”

Anakin quickly ordered, “Stop. And lock the walker not to compensate for outside movement.” As he made stopping motions with his hands.

The clone pilot replied, “Yes sir.” And he stopped the walker from going any further down. The pilot also locked the legs to not automatically keep the vehicle stabilized and balanced, should the vehicle or the terrain the vehicle was on unexpectedly move.

Anakin loudly stated, towards Padme, “Ready when you are!”

A few seconds later, they heard creaks of metal from the bottom of the walker's belly.

Then, Anakin and Obiwan watched as Padme slowly lifted the walker off its feet, twenty of centimeters off the ground, and she held the walker in place.

Anakin and Obiwan looked on in disbelief.

Obiwan commented, “She is bench pressing a Republic Walker.”

Anakin replied, “I know.”

Obiwan said, “I realize I forgot to ask before. But, what is the dry weight of a walker? Do you know?”

Anakin stated, “Yes. The dry weight of a walker is over a hundred metric tons.”

Obiwan commented, “In this form, she is stronger than a full grown rancor.”

Anakin replied, “Apparently so.”

Obiwan stated, “We got to teach her some control before she accidentally kills someone.”

Anakin agreed, “You are preaching to the choir.” He thought, 'I like her in this form. But, in this form. Sex with her could kill me. Not that I am going to ever say that to her face.'

In the distance, under the walker, Padme set the machine back down, with a mild thud, as the walker's feet touched the ground.

Padme loudly stated, “Thy can hear you.”

Obiwan stated, in a normal tone of voice, “I was wondering. Besides your sight, are the rest of your senses enhanced as well?”

Padme loudly replied, “Yes. They are.”

Anakin asked, “Are you okay?”

Padme loudly offered, “Yes. Though, thou finds the walker to finally be heavy enough to present a challenge to thee. Does thee wish for thy to do this again?”

Obiwan stated, “Not for right now. We're good. We are just going to say for the record you can lift over a hundred metric tons, and leave it at that.” He thought, 'I am kind of worried about continuing this test. If it turns out she can bench a Jedi Cruiser. In response, I am going to leave the Jedi Order, the Republic, and my sanity behind. Because that would be proof that reality no longer exists.'

Anakin said, “I agree.”

Anakin ordered, into his earpiece, “Lift the walker up.”

The clone pilot replied, “Yes sir.”

Anakin stated, “Also, once you are done, check over the walker. Leave it. And return to your usual duties. We will make a request if we need more help.”

The clone pilot said, “Yes sir.”

A few minutes later, the walker's legs had been unlocked by the pilot. And the pilot then set the walker back to the height it has been before the test. After which, Padme moved out from under the machine and she had walked over to join Anakin and Obiwan.

By the time Padme reached the two men, Anakin had taken off the communication earpiece, turned it off, and put it back into the pocket he had previously had it in.

As Padme came to a stop, by the hammer, she looked at the two men. She saw Anakin and Obiwan looking back at her.

Padme saw the expressions on the faces of her two friends.

Padme thought, 'They are clearly shocked at my raw strength in this form. But, they show shock, not fear. And to be honest, I find this revelation to be sobering, as well. Still, it is best I keep this situation moving forward in the best way possible.'

Padme asked, with a bit of eagerness in her tone of voice, “What is the next test?”

Obiwan said, “You're senses, my dear. Then, we will test your reflexes, speed, and agility.” He thought, 'This is going to be a long day.' He continued, “Now, if we will please follow us. We will be heading inside.”

Obiwan turned towards the Jedi Temple. Obiwan started walking towards the nearest entrance to the Jedi Temple. Padme and Anakin following behind Obiwan, as they made their way to the south entrance.

Meanwhile, the clone pilot in the walker checked over the machine. Twenty minutes later, after he was finished, he sent for a military speeder to pick him up, so he could return to his usual assigned duties within the Republic military.


A few hours later, it was early afternoon. Obiwan and Anakin had run Padme, through both her forms, on several different physical tests, to get a baseline of her abilities.

One of the odder abilities they found that Padme had in her stronger form was when they tested her language abilities. Anakin remembered during that trip back to Coruscant, from Geonosis, that Padme had commented that in her stronger form she understood many more languages than she normal did. And to their surprise, no only could Padme understand any alien and droid language she was tested with. When Padme spoke, those people she spoke with completely understood her, as if she was speaking in listener's native tongue. Though, each individual tested stated it seemed that Padme spoke in a somewhat formal manner for each language.

Anakin even had an interesting idea. After R2-D2 and C3-PO returned to the Jedi Temple, after completing the errands that Anakin had assigned them, Anakin had his droids test their language abilities on Padme.

During the test with R2-D2, R2 reported that when Padme spoke to R2 in her stronger form, it was as if Padme was speaking in droid in a very formal manner.

Even when C3-PO tested out very obscure languages in its data banks, Padme understood what C3-PO said. But, when Padme tried to speak to C3-PO in a language which was not galactic basic, C3-PO reported that Padme spoke in a basic droid language.

Anakin and Obiwan theorized the reason for the two different results between the droids was that R2's primary language was droid. While C3-PO's default language was galactic basic.

Meaning, that when Padme spoke to someone, the individual would understand Padme as if Padme was speaking that individual's native language.

Anakin guessed the odd manner in which Padme spoke in galactic basic was part of the language abilities of the hammer trying sound formal, but coming off as slightly archaic.

Obiwan made a few video-audio recordings of Padme doing this showed she was actually speaking the languages in question. But, when in her normal form, and the recordings were played back, she did not understand much of the alien languages she was speaking and listening to in her stronger form.

Though, Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan, found these language abilities did not extend to understanding encrypted and coded messages and binary that was read out from text. And while there were interesting abilities to have in a diplomatic situation, given they were training Padme to be a soldier in her stronger form, with her keeping her real identity a secret in her stronger form, they all realized that Padme would likely not get much chance to use these language abilities.

They had also gotten some lunch in the mess hall of the Jedi Temple. Which Padme found to be a surprisingly mundane experience, as she ate at a table with Obiwan and Anakin.

Presently, Anakin and Obiwan stood by each other on the interior edge of the section of the gym designated for acrobatics. Anakin stood to Obiwan's left side.

The acrobatics area had padded floor, walls, and ceiling, on that side of the room.

They watched as Padme, in her stronger form, was doing backflips, high jump flips, and cartwheels, with no problems in the movements, nor the landings. And from the look of joy on Padme's face, Obiwan and Anakin did not need the force to tell that Padme was clearly having fun.

Padme was still in her training clothing. Though, during lunch, she took the time to retrieve some socks, shoes, panties, and a sports bra which fit her large form.

As for the clothing, shoes, and other items Padme had on when she first came into the temple in the morning. Padme was assigned a locker in the women changing room by the main gym in the Jedi Temple, where Padme placed her items into for save keeping. Until she was finished for the day, and she would change to her form. After which, she would return to the gym's women's shower. Get cleaned up and change into the clean clothing she had taken off that morning.

Before Padme had started moving around the area, she had placed the hammer on its side, in the center of the matted area. And Padme was careful to avoid the hammer, as she jumped around.

While Obiwan and Anakin watched Padme move around, Obiwan said, “It is nice that Padme found some fun out of all this.”

Anakin stated, “Of course. Once she finds out she could doing something without hurting herself. She is going to try it out. This is the way she is.”

Obiwan replied, “Interesting. Also, we need to teach her how to do a rolling landing. While this height is clearly no problem for her. And she can fly while holding onto the hammer. In the field, that will not always be an option. If she does not know how to land from greater heights, she could hurt herself.”

Anakin said, “I agree. Even with the force, a direct landings, instead of a roll are hard on the knees. Though, we have to be careful to make sure she does not accidentally break something in the attempt. Such as bones. Or worse, her neck. Or, even minor injuries could tear muscles and damage cartilage.”

Obiwan commented, “We will be extra careful when we teacher. And we will start such lessons tomorrow. Once we have a baseline for her abilities to work with.”

Anakin stated, “Speaking of which. Her agility and reaction time are off the chart. With training, she likely could do much more than this. All this is her raw potential on display.”

Obiwan commented, “I agree. And with such quick reflexes, she could hold her own against a Jedi using the force to guide their attacks.”

Anakin said, “Yes. With her abilities she can keep up with us.”

Obiwan pointed out, “I am more worried about us being able to keep up with her.”

Anakin conceded, “You may have a point there. And I am glad we found that while she has enhanced senses, her sense remain at a managable level, unless she needs her senses. At which point the senses she needs use automatically dial up and down, very swiftly, as she needs them. Preventing her senses from overwhelming her.”

Obiwan commented, “True. That could be a weakness if this was not the case. Also, her dexterity and fine motor-control are good, as well. She will not accidentally crush someone with a hug, or a handshake, unless she wants too. And given how much effort she is putting into all this, her endurance must be phenomenal.”

Anakin said, “I agree.”

Obiwan stated, “It looks like we have our work cut out for us.”

Anakin commented, “I always do enjoy a challenge.”

Obiwan inquired, “So do I. Given her other abilities are off the chart. And in her stronger form, she maxed out the treadmill we put her own. How are we going to test her raw speed and reflexes?”

Anakin said, “There is a park near the temple. The park has a nice track that is a three kilometer long, rectangular, oval loop. I am sure, when we need it, we can get the track closed off to the public.”

Obiwan stated, “That will be good for her raw speed. But, what about training her reflexes and agility?”

Anakin cracked a grin, as he responded, “Well on her reflexes and agility. I got an idea. And it is quite creative.”

Obiwan turned to Anakin, as he asked, “What do you have in mind?”


Half an hour later, in the same gym, Obiwan and Anakin looked on at Padme's new speed and agility test.

Obiwan said, “I admit. This is creative.”

In front of them, they watched as two dozen small, Marksman-H combat remote hovering training balls were being used to test Padme's speed, agility, and reflexes.

While Padme was clearly immune to the stuns bolts that the hover remotes gave. She as not immune from being hit by them. While it did not hurt, she did feel when the remotes hit her. Without the remotes hitting each other, nor swarming in one direction towards Padme. As such, the training balls being programmed to attempt to physically hit Padme. With the point of the exercise was to avoid them.

The balls were design to handle impact collisions without serious damage, which allowed the exercise to continue.

With this exercise forcing Padme into constantly doing acrobatics to avoid being hit by the hovering devices.

And while Padme was far faster than the balls, given there were two dozen of them, moving in different directions. With each ball being able to reverse course in a split second. This exercise proved a challenge to Padme in her new stronger form.

In addition, Padme had been doing this for ten minutes. With the hammer being where it had left on the mats.

As Anakin and Obiwan continued to watch this display of skill by Padme, in Anakin's right hand, Anakin held the remote device controlled all the hovering training balls. He said, “Yes. And it seems her hand-eye coordination and equilibrium are also off the chart, as well. I have not seen her act unbalance once, after doing all those flips, spins, and rolls.”

Obiwan commented, “I noticed that, as well. You know. If I wasn't having so much fun training her, I would be jealous of her abilities.”

Anakin admitted, “So would I. Tomorrow we will also help her refine her acrobatics. I see a few mistakes in her form that could be easily fixed with some proper instruction and practice.”

Obiwan replied, “I agree.”

While Padme continued to move around, she overheard them. She stated, “Guys. This is become vexing.”

Anakin and Obiwan heard Padme's comment.

Anakin replied, “Okay.” He used the remote in his right hand to turn off the hover balls, with the machines then dropping to the padded floor, without any damage to them.

A second later, Padme landed on her hands, and she did a flip onto her feet. Afterward, she turned and walked passed her hammer, laying on its side, on the matter floor, as she made her way towards Anakin and Obiwan.

As Padme came to a stop in front of her two friends, she turned to Anakin. She said, in an annoyed tone of voice, “Now thy understands all the times you complained about Obiwan's teaching methods.”

Obiwan turned to Anakin, as he questioned, “You complained about my teaching methods?”

Padme interrupted, “I am not finished.”

Both men turned back to look at her. She continued, “And Annie, thee is just as bad as him.”

Anakin turned towards Padme. Anakin cracked a grin, as he responded, “We are just getting started.”

Obiwan pointed out, “Besides. If we are to properly train you, we have to find out what you are capable of.”

Padme thought about what Obiwan said, for a few seconds. She then lower her head, as she groaned in surrender. She asked, in a defeated tone of voice, “Alright. What is next?”

Obiwan stated, “We deal with the weakness we found this morning. Now, please pick up your hammer. We are going to a private training room. When we get there, I want you to change back to your normal form.”

Obiwan then turned and start walking towards the double-doors which lead to a hallway. Anakin followed behind Obiwan.

Padme turned towards the hammer. Given her left side was facing more closely to the acrobatic, matted area of the gym, she held out her left hand. Next, she summoned the hammer. The hammer's shaft flew into her left hand. She closed her left hand around the shaft, in a firm grip.

Padme turned around and quickly caught up with her two teachers, as they headed out of the Jedi gym.


Ten minutes later, Obiwan had lead Anakin and Padme to a private training room. After they ended the room, Obiwan had set the locked the double-doors of the room using a panel by the doors. The lock was set that those inside the room could still open the door from the inside with a push of a button on the panel by the doors. But, to open the door from the outside required passcodes from either a member of Jed Temple Security or a Jedi High Council member.

Padme had changed back to her normal form, but she was her larger forms training clothing and shoes.

Obiwan had instructed Padme to set the hammer against a nearby wall, and then join Anakin and himself, where they were standing in the room.

Padme had set the hammer against a nearby wall. She then walked over to join Anakin and Obiwan.

As Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan stood looking at the hammer, set against a wall across from them.

Obiwan was in the middle. Anakin was standing to Obiwan's left, and Padme was standing to Obiwan's right.

Unfortunately, that morning, the first thing Obiwan tested Padme on was to see how her powers would work when she was separated from the mystical hammer. They quickly found that Padme had a major weakness. That if Padme was separated from the mystical hammer for more than sixty seconds, she would change back to her normal form. With her armor changing back to the clothing she had on in her normal form.

The exception to this weakness being if the hammer was placed within ten meters of her. As long as Padme did not go beyond ten meters from the hammer she would not change back to her normal form. Though, she could move beyond ten meters and come back within less than a minute, without a problem.

Also, they found the hammer would come to Padme, even when she was in her normal form.

As the three adults continued to look at the hammer, while thinking over the problem at hand, Anakin commented, “Sixty seconds is not that long.”

Obiwan commented, “If Dooku gets wind of this weakness. Padme, you're done.”

Padme stated, “I know. He will find a way for me to let go of the hammer, and then use the force to throw me as far as possible from the hammer. By the time I land I will be back to normal and go splat across the landscape.”

Anakin then realized something. He commented, “Maybe now. Padme, in both forms, you have a mystical connection this hammer.” He turned to Obiwan, as he asked, “Master? Do not some force crystals, such as found in lightsabers, gain a bond to their creator and primary wielder?”

Obiwan looked over at Anakin, as he responded, “Yes. Where are you going with this?”

Anakin stated, “Well, that hammer has mystical bond with Padme. And we know that the bond is not purely physically. Padme does not immediately change back when she lets go of the hammer. In both forms she can control where the hammer goes. So, the bond is a mystical bond.”

Obiwan immediately understood where Anakin was going. He said, “Like a force bond between people.”

Anakin commented, “Yes. Exactly. Yoda stated that hammer was aware. Maybe not as aware as we are. But, aware. So, the bond is between two consciousness beings. And the Jedi know all about force bonds and how to strengthen such bonds.”

Obiwan said, “And if this bond in strengthened, then the positive time and distance factors will increase.”

Anakin responded, “My thoughts as well. And it is even better. Given Padme can summon the hammer to her when she is in normal form. This means the bond is not broken even when she is changes back to normal. It is likely that the hammer being separated for Padme for more than a minute, causes the hammer to think it is no longer needed. So, the hammer changes Padme back normal her form.”

Obiwan stated, “But, if the bond is strengthen, with the hammer realizing that Padme wishes to remain in her stronger form, then the hammer will allow her to remain in her stronger form. And this will no longer be a problem. The hammer would be able to sense this from Padme's thoughts and feelings. And she could stay in her stronger for indefinite amount of time.”

Anakin said, “Yes. The theory is sound.”

Padme stated, “Boys. I understand what you are saying. But, I have one question. How?

Obiwan and Anakin turned to look at Padme. Obiwan happily stated, “Simple, my dear, Padme. We strengthen your bond with the hammer with meditation. You will meditate while holding the hammer. Both in your normal form and in your stronger form. And you search for the mystical connection to the hammer. When you meditate you should be able to feel your connection the hammer. And eventually you will strengthen your connection to the hammer as you commune with it.”

Anakin commented, “We might even discover a few more tricks you can do, while we remove this weakness. Also, this connection will allow you to find the hammer if you lose it. The Jedi know a similar trick which prevents them from losing their lightsabers.”

Padme turned to Anakin. Padme commented, “”Didn't you lose your lightsaber during that factory battle on Geonosis?”

Anakin responded, “Actually, my lightsaber was damaged in that battle. So that does not count.”

Padme cracked a grin, as she casually said, “Whatever.” She then turned to the hammer. She held out her right hand towards the hammer. She summoned the hammer into her right hand, but she did not change into her stronger form. Instead, she closed her grip around the shaft of the weapon. Next, she turned to Obiwan and Anakin. She stated, “Alright. Let us solve this issue before it becomes a problem.”

Obiwan complimented, “That is the right attitude to take. This way. I know of a nearby meditation room which we can use.” He turned and started walking towards the double-doors of the training room, with Padme and Anakin following right behind him.


A few minutes later, they made it to a small meditation room. Once there, they began Padme's meditation training. With the first lessons being on helping her strengthen her mystical bond with the hammer.

The lights in the room were turned off. Only the dim lighting from the slits of the blinds by the windows nearby provided defused illumination for the room.

Padme was in her normal form.

The two Jedi had Padme sit crosslegged, on a large, circular, cushioned stool, with her hammer in her lap.

Padme was mindful of how she set her hammer in her lap. The head of the hammer rested on top of her right knee, with axe blade pointed away from her, and the flat head of the hammer facing her.

Padme held the hammer by placing her right hand over the head of the hammer, and she placed her left hand over the end of the bottom of the shaft.

Obiwan and Anakin each sat on a cushioned stool. They faced Padme. With Obiwan to Padme's left and Anakin to Padme's right. The windows were across the room, on Padme's far right.

Obiwan was giving Padme introductions on meditating and finding her psychic bond to the hammer.

Anakin remained silent due to Obiwan being a far better expert on meditation.

Obiwan concluded, “Now remembered. The key is to relax you mind, but to focus. Take the time you need. There is no rush.”

Padme replied, “Alright.”

Padme closed her eyes. She relaxed as she focused on finding the bond to the hammer in her hands.

Padme spent the next few minutes searching. She then felt something. She quickly realized it felt like a little amount of the power that the hammer gave her when the hammer changed her into her stronger form. And as she sensed that little power, she felt that power go into a much larger source of that power.

Padme kept her eyes closed. She focused on the power she sensed, as she said, “I believe I have found the bond. And I can sense the connection to the hammer.”

Obiwan commented, “Good. Now, let us see if we can strengthen this bond.”

With Obiwan as her guide, Padme found it was simple to strengthen the connection more deeply with the mystical hammer.

Soon after, Obiwan had Padme changing back and forth between her two forms. Allowing Padme to meditate and strengthen her connection to the hammer in both her forms.

By the next day, Padme found she could be separated by up to a hundred meters from the hammer without changing back for a full six minutes.

By the end of the week, Padme found that could be separated from the hammer by a full kilometer, for over an hour, before she changed back.

During the week, after training, Padme did a test. And she found that could remain in her stronger form while asleep as long as she remained within radius from the hammer which allowed her to remain in her stronger form.

Padme, Obiwan, and Anakin, understood what this meant. This meant that even if she was somehow knocked out, she would not immediately change back to her normal form. Even if she had the hammer knocked from her hands.

And while they felt Padme's bond would strengthen and allow her greater distances and time limits, Padme agreed with Obiwan that they needed to move on.

Though, by that point, at any given time, in both her forms, Padme could sense in what direction and the general distance between the hammer and herself.

During this time, they learned there were other things Padme could do with her hammer's abilities.

While Padme needed to touch the hammer to change into her stronger form. All Padme had to do to return to normal was think about changing back to normal, will the desire to do so, and through her mystical bond the hammer would almost immediately change her back to normal, with her clothing returning to normal with her form.

Obiwan and Anakin tested the durability of Padme's armor and clothing. Padme removed the armor and parts of the clothing, so the items could be tested without harming Padme. They found the armor could stand a few strikes from a lightsaber before the lightsaber pierced the armor. But, it took only two solid swings from a lightsaber to go through the leather clothing.

Also, when Padme changed back to normal, even with piece of her armor not being on her. The armor disappeared. And her clothing reappeared as before. With her clothing being undamaged and on her person, as it was before she changed into her stronger form.

In addition, when Padme called for her armor, as she changed to her stronger form, the armor appeared complete and in the same places at before, with the armor being completely undamaged. As if nothing happened to it.

During the tests on Padme's armor Padme, Obiwan, and Anakin found that should Padme desire, she could put something in one of the pouches around her belt, or wear a piece of clothing, or item on her body in her stronger form. Then, when she changed back to normal, those items disappeared as her normal clothing and items she had on returned to her. And when she changed back to her armor in her stronger form, those items were still in the same place on her armor and stronger form.

Padme could remove any items she put with her armor. Like in the pouches. And separate them from the armor. With them now disappearing with the armor.

They all agree on ethical grounds they would not to even try to test this magical ability with living creature.

None of them knew how these processes worked. And they were not sure they wanted to know.

Though, when is came to Padme adding items and tools for her armor, in her stronger form, she found she could even put a comlink radio earpiece in one of her ears, under her helmet, while wearing her armor. When Padme changed back to normal the comlink earpiece was gone. But, when she changed back, the earpiece was in the ear she had it in, and the electronics still worked.

The comlink earpiece she was given over her right ear.

There was one catch to this situation. The reason why Padme wore an comlink earpiece, instead of a wrist mounted comlink, was that as she channeled her electricity through the hammer, electronics near the hammer, such as on her wrists as she held the hammer, occasionally shorted out. While those electronics that were located on other parts of her body usually did not short out..

Though, given how close the hammer was to her belt, she could not place a comlink radio there without risk of the comlink accidentally being shorted out.

Also, they found that it seemed that while the earpiece could be used from inside the helmet, the helmet also protected the earpiece from any energy release that happened outside the helmet.

As such, Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan realized that if Padme was going to have wear an earpiece, the earpiece would be best to leave the earpiece. Though, the earpiece used an encrypt channel. Also, while wearing the earpiece, to turn off the earpiece she would to press the switch located near her upper ear.

Unfortunately, during battle, turning on and off the comlink earpiece was impractical, considering to do so, Padme had to take off her helmet. As such, having a communication line left on was just something she was going to have to deal with. Still, given Padme's experience as a politician, she had long since learned how to watch was she said all the time.

Though, because of the chance of Padme's using the hammer could cause electrical shorts while using the hammer, they decided it was best not to put explosives on her when she changed back and forth. The energy release of the change might detonate the explosives.

In addition, Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan, were all hesitant to test out this theory, to see if the theory was true.

This was also the reason Padme did not equip a pair of blaster pistols on her stronger form's outfit was that with her stronger form's lightning abilities. She and her teachers considered doing so to be redundant. And her lightning powers could short out a blaster being kept on her person. But, Padme did not have any issues with having a small blaster pistol hidden in her clothing, in her normal form.

Anakin and Obiwan both approved of Padme kept a small blaster pistol on her person, in her normal form, as an added security measure.

Anakin and Obiwan even made a list of tools and items they felt Padme may need in the field. The acquired the items from the Jedi Temple's supply officer.

Obiwan and Anakin taught Padme how to use each item placed that she placed into the various snap closed pouches of her armor.

Among other items were such tools needed for dismantling explosives, detonators. Though, nothing explosive on her. Along with other items that Anakin and Obiwan picked out, which they believe would be useful out in the field. Such as a lighter to start a fire. A small first aid kit. A very small, folded, emergency blanket. The blanket easily fitted in a pouched, but unfolded to make a simple foil blanket from the elements. Though, the lighter, the first aid kit, and the blanket were not for her, but for anyone she finds whom would need such aid.

They thought about giving Padme a compass, until they realized that her electrical powers effected how a compass near her pointed.

There were also other items that Anakin and Obiwan suggested, and items Padme preferred to take with her.

Still, after learning this useful storage trick with her armor, Padme felt this meant she had less to worry about with luggage, which it came to items she wanted to keep with the armor of her stronger form.


Though, during this time, Padme did more than meditation and basic physical exercises.

After the first few days of training, Obiwan and Anakin had gained an understanding of Padme's baseline physical abilities, and combat skills she had already been taught. From what they learned, Obiwan and Anakin were able to work out what to Padme needed to learn, what lessons Padme already knew and she needed to brush up on. Obiwan and Anakin used this information to form Padme's training schedule. This included the morning schedule after the first week. Thus allowing to resume her senatorial duties during the afternoon. And Padme had her evenings to herself.

Though, Obiwan and Anakin used the first week of training Padme to the fullest. From the morning to evening.

This included training in one of the many private rooms in the Jedi Temple set aside for sparring.

With Obiwan and Anakin training Padme on different levels of sparring. This including hand to hand katas and modified Jedi lightsaber forms that Padme could use with the hammer.

The sparring sessions dealing hand to hand combat, in Padme's normal form, were mostly between Padme and Anakin. With Anakin going easy on Padme by not using the force.

This allowed Obiwan to focus on the fight and see what parts of Padme's techniques needed to be worked on. This allowed them to improve Padme's hand to hand skills very quickly.

Though, given the extreme differences in physical abilities between Padme's physical abilities in her stronger form and Anakin's physical abilities. Even with the force, all three of them agreed it was too dangerous to attempt hand to hand practice between Padme in her stronger form and someone else. Given she was untrained, it was just too easy for her to accidentally hurt someone during a hand to hand sparring match.

Also, given Padme was untrained in combat with using the hammer, and untrained in general with her stronger form, the three of them agreed to take precautions in preventing someone from getting hurt during training. Such as no one else allowed during the private training sessions. Not even R2-D2 and C3-PO could be present while Padme was training with Anakin and Obiwan. The only exceptions were members of the Jedi Council, whom respected Obiwan's request on this matter.

Included in Obiwan and Anakin's lessons on fighting against fighting force users Obiwan and Anakin taught Padme about how the Jedi and Sith could use the force to both partly guide their movements in battle, warn them of danger, and even enhance their physical abilities. Both during battle, and when not in battle. But, these abilities were not full proof. And many Jedi had been killed because they relied to heavily on the force to warn them of danger. When their eyes, ears, and some common sense, would have saved their life.

When it came to sparring with Padme while using the hammer, Anakin and Obiwan used training lightsabers. Which training lightsabers functioned like a normal lightsaber with the exception of the energy blade of a training lightsaber could not cut an person, nor object. Though, the blade of a training lightsaber could cause mild burns on contact and be used as a blunt weapon. So bruising and mild burn injuries were still possible while using such weapons.

In addition, they taught Padme how to use both the flat hammer side of the hammer as a mace in combat, and the axe edge side of the hammer, as an axe in combat.

Though, they did find that the hammer could take direct blows, parries, and blocks from a lightsaber without any signs of damage. Even holding a lightsaber energy blade against the mystical hammer did no noticeable damage to the hammer.

In addition, even in Padme's normal form. For Padme the hammer seemed as light as a feather as she wielded the weapon is. But, when the hammer connected in a blow, Anakin quickly found the kinetic inertia from the hammer's true weight could knock him back, if he was caught unaware while sparring with Padme.

While Obiwan, Anakin, and Padme knew the hammer would only let Padme lift it with ease. With no other force able to even budge the hammer from its locations. The three adults decided it was best to weight the hammer.

Though, something odd happened when Padme placed the hammer on a set of electronic scales. Over the course of a minute, the hammer went up and down from one ounce to a metric ton. Then, over the course of the next minute it went back to the ounce. After which, the hammer repeated the process.

Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan came to the agreement that along with the hammer being sentient, the hammer also had a wicked sense of humor.

From other tests they found that the mystical hammer was indestructible. Or, next to indestructible. Considering Obiwan, Anakin, and Padme could not find a way to even scratch the hammer. Though, they were careful with their tests. They want to see if they could. They did not want to actually destroy the weapon.

From all this, Obiwan guessed that Padme in her stronger form, using her full super-strength in that form, with single swing of the hammer, could break the foundation to Jedi Temple, or even knock down a small building.

As such, when sparring, Padme focused more on quick strikes, blocks, and parries. Especially, in her stronger form.

While they did focus on making Padme stronger, the primary focus was of Padme's training was to learn to control her new abilities.

When Padme practiced in her normal form while using the hammer, Anakin used a training lightsaber. And much like when practicing hand to hand with Padme, Anakin went easy on her by not using the force.

When Padme practiced in her stronger form with the hammer, Anakin did not go as easy, because she was much quicker and stronger.

And he used the force only to guide his training lightsaber and increase his speed. He did not use the force for direct attacks. Such lessons would come later in Padme's training.

Along with Anakin using the force to guide his movements, Anakin use the force to temporally physically enhance his own abilities. Such as physical strength, speed, and reflexes. But, only by a little bit. This boost in physical abilities was nothing compared to the physically enhancements that hammer gave Padme in her stronger form.

During the sparring sessions, occasionally Obiwan stepped in to take Anakin's place in sparring, to allow Anakin to rest. Or, to spar a little so he knew what Anakin was talking about on various points concerning how Padme was sparring.

Sometimes Obiwan would have both Anakin and himself spar with Padme, so she knew how to handle multiple opponents at once.

Also, while Anakin mainly offered pointers to Padme. Obiwan was always there to tell her what she did right, what she did wrong, and how to improve on what she needed to do.

Padme found Obiwan to be a fair, through firm instructor in the martial arts, and other lessons. Obiwan was encouraging towards Padme, but at the same time honest with his assessments of her abilities, and what she was learning.

Fortunately, Obiwan and Anakin found Padme to be a quick learner.

To Padme's delight, Anakin and Obiwan taught her lessons in using very non-Jedi weapons.

While the Jedi did not use blasters, they were taught the basics of such tools. So, they knew how they worked. While Obiwan openly told Padme how much he detested such weapons, he mentioned when he learned to use firearms, he found he had a gift in using them. It was just that he preferred the force and his lightsaber.

Padme took this opportunity to brushed up on her firearm skills. To no one's surprised, she found that in her stronger form, she had much steadier, stronger hands, and with enhanced eyesight, she could hit the bulls eye a kilometer away almost every time with a blaster rifle. And she could hit the bulls eye of half a kilometer away with a blaster pistol almost every time.

Obiwan and Anakin even tested Padme's ability to use throwing knives in her stronger form. And they found that she was quickly able to learn to use thrown knives to hit a target on a wall ten meters away.

While Padme already knew how to use a combat knife, Obiwan helped Padme expand her skills with using a combat knife. Both in combat and out of combat.

In addition, Padme was taught how to safely use and dismantle various types of explosives and landmines.

During the lessons in dealing with delicate electronics, as expected Obiwan and Anakin found Padme's dexterity and find muscle control of her strength on fragile items was very good. As an added bonus, they found Padme could still apply her speed in doing such delicate tasks without making any mistakes.

Along these lines, Obiwan taught Padme a few basic lessons on field medicine in treating wounds and stitching wounds up. So should the need arise, Padme could use her stronger forms dexterity and speed to swiftly help someone whom was gravely injured until proper medical help could arrive.

Obiwan even made sure the first aid items in one of Padme's pouch to included the proper sealed medical disinfectant wipes, needles and thread to do such medical stitching on people.

As these lessons went on, Padme found that experience in training while in her stronger form allowed her to more easily control and focus her enhanced senses.

Padme found could enhanced her senses in several ways. She could see far distances, or she could see microbes at the microscopic level.

She could focus her hearing, or tune out hearing those around her. Also, her hearing had a few greater range than her normal human hearing.

And while bright lights, loud noises did not debilitate, nor overwhelm her, she could sense such increased sensations. And she could even tune out those sensations by concentrating.

As a side effect, when Padme was tired in her normal form, when she changed stronger form, she was reinvigorated. And even when she returned to her normal form she still felt reinvigorated.

When it came to more personal physical abilities. Such as Padme's stronger form's physical toughness and recovery. They did not test how far Padme toughness and regeneration abilities were.

Padme did not like the idea, Anakin refused to allow Padme to be harmed to test how durable Padme's stronger form was, and Obiwan agreed that doing so would be unwise.

Still, they did find that while it was rare for Padme's stronger form to be harmed, when she was hurt, she very quickly healed from the few bruises and cuts she had sustained.

And in changing into her stronger form, Padme swiftly healed from injuries she had sustained in her normal form. When Padme changed back to her normal form her body was as good as new. Padme found this was a quick way to fix mostly accidental muscle pulls and strains, such as strained ankles.

This made the training go quicker, because there was no need to wait days for Padme to recover from a training accident.

While training, Padme rarely showed any tiring in her stronger form, which showed the incredible level of endurance she had in her stronger form.

During Padme's training, Obiwan and Anakin did do some very careful testing of Padme's durability in her stronger form, and even more careful testing in her normal form.

They found that testing with stun batons confirmed Padme's stronger form's immunity to electricity.

And while they were very careful, they also found that Padme normal form had a slightly higher level of tolerance to electricity.

By the end of the first week, Obiwan and Anakin found as they trained Padme that the stronger and faster her normal form became the more stronger and faster her physically abilities in her stronger form became. Meaning that the physical enhancements were not a set amount of power, but instead a multiplier of Padme's normal physical abilities.

As time when on, Padme noticed her physical abilities in her stronger form were increasing in proportion to the baseline physical abilities in her normal form.

In response to this revelation, Obiwan increased Padme the training regiment. And Padme learned first hand how aggressive Jedi physical training regiments were.

And while Padme getting stronger in her normal form made her stronger in her more powerful, Obiwan still wanted Padme to do strength training in her stronger form as a way for Padme to learn more about controlling her strength in her stronger form.

While Padme was not thrilled with how tough the training was, she endured without much complaint. Because Padme knew she was going to need this training when she eventually went into battle.

Of the physical training in her normal form, Padme did basic calisthenics, running on a treadmill, and working out on the gym equipment. She was also taught some acrobatics. Though, this was mostly taught in her stronger form, since there was less danger of her harming herself on a bad landing in her stronger form.

Over time, Padme became stronger in both forms from working out in her normal form. Obiwan wanted to also do physical fitness in her stronger form, which took Padme's training to a whole new level.

Obiwan had Padme do most this physical trained in her training clothing and not her armor.

Obiwan and Anakin were always present to supervise, as Padme bench pressed the Republic walker in the southern plaza outside of the Jedi Temple.

Obiwan also trained Padme in her stronger form in other ways.

Obiwan had Padme do speeder stronger form by running around a three kilometer looped track which was located at above ground nature park near the Jedi Temple.

The Jedi had got the park closed in the mornings, so Padme could have privacy during she training. Obiwan and Anakin were also present as she ran around the track loop, over and over.

Padme kept the hammer near the track, so she always passed it, as she did loops in running. Just to break the monotony, she sometimes ran clockwise around the track, and sometimes she ran counterclockwise.

Though, as Padme ran she was a blur to onlookers. Such as Obiwan and Anakin. And every time she finished her morning session around the track, she wore out the training shoes she was using, and she had to get a new pair of training shoes afterward.

And to train Padme's acrobatics sessions were used to train Padme's reflexes and agility while in her stronger form. Anakin and Obiwan continued to use Anakin's idea of having two dozen hovering remotes, in the matted part of the gym of the Jedi Temple.

Padme would have to spend half an hour a day trying to dodge the hovering remotes.

Physical training, meditation techniques, and learning the fighting arts were not the only things Padme learned.

Obiwan and Anakin also taught Padme tactics and book knowledge on what to expect out in the field, and what to do for various given situations. This included the basics on quietly entering and exiting an area without getting caught. Giving Padme could use the hammer to fly, Obiwan and Anakin found Padme could be surprisingly quiet as she moved around.

Also, Obiwan and Anakin taught Padme survival training for various environments she may find herself in on alien worlds.

Then, there was training Padme's more esoteric abilities. Such as her telekinetic abilities over the hammer. And her elemental weather abilities.

Obiwan and Anakin did check to see if Padme could telekinetically move other items besides the hammer. They found that so far Padme could only make the hammer move and nothing else. Since the three adults had their hands full just helping Padme learn the abilities they knew she had, they moved on from checking to see if Padme had other powers.

Given Padme had a weakness in that the force could be used to throw her around, or even grip her, one of the first lessons on defending the force, that Obiwan and Anakin worked on, was to figure out a counter this weakness.

With Padme's help, they found a way to counter this weakness.

They used a suggestion that Jedi Master Mace Windu had mentioned to Padme.

Obiwan and Anakin found that while Padme was in her stronger form Padme's strength was so much that she could still move while being in the grip of the force.

While working together, Obiwan and Anakin found they could not use the force to telekinetically keep Padme from moving.

Obiwan and Anakin taught Padme to use the strength of her stronger form to her advantage. For Padme to use her strength in combination of her gripping the hammer to stay in place. She forced the hammer to stay in place, at one point in the air. Then, Padme grip the hammer and used the hammer to keep her body in one place.

Padme as practiced tactic she learned how to even move about, by mentally moving the hammer, and using the hammer as an anchor point for her strength. This reached the point where Padme could do this in a fashion of quick and fluid movements, as she made her way from one location to another location.

After Anakin and Obiwan did some force moving tests on Padme, they found this to be a surprisingly effect tactic for Padme to use. Even when they tried to alternate the directions of moving Padme. Or, in separate directions at once. Even trying to use the force to grip her in place did not work.

Due to Padme's stronger form's super-strength, physical toughness, and use of the hammer, she could not be moved, unless she wanted to. And by the same token, Padme could not be stopped, unless she chose to halt her movements.

Though, the three of them found that when Padme was not holding her hammer, she could not stop herself from being telekinetically thrown around with the force. Though, Anakin and Obiwan did teach Padme how to use her super-strength, speed, reflexes, and agility, to quickly shift her weight around as a way to keep from being harmed while she was thrown about, and to be able to land on her feet when she was finally let go of the force.

Also, Padme was taught to divide her attention between moving around the hammer and fighting an opponent. Padme even learned to use the floating hammer for offensive attacks, and defensive blocks while sparring.

In addition, they found that Padme still had command of her other abilities while in the grip of the force, such as her command of wind, lightning and rain. This allowed the three adults to come up with some good techniques to counter someone using the force against Padme.

Though, they found that while holding the hammer, Padme, in her normal form, could summon some elemental abilities, the best Padme could do was create a static shock from the hammer and a very mild breeze.

Realizing this type of training would take years, the three adults moved on to train in the elemental abilities while Padme was in her stronger form. They found that using her elemental abilities in her stronger form came naturally to her.

While having Padme consenting to the test beforehand. Padme allowed Obiwan and Anakin to use the force to test how her emotional state might effect her powers.

Given this was all up front and everyone was careful. No one was hurt. Nor, did Padme act out. But, they were able to get her upset and angry. Though, Padme had enough self-control not to display her emotions. But, Obiwan and Anakin could use the force to feel Padme's emotional state.

They found that in Padme's stronger form, her weather abilities were mildly tied to her emotional state. But, only slightly so, to everyone's relief. Padme becoming angry would not create a storm, unless Padme wanted a storm to happen. Padme being angry would cause her to create a harmless, mild breeze coming from her, to the areas around her.

Also, they learned there were drawbacks in Padme trying to use her elemental abilities within enclosed quarters. While inside, in her stronger form, Padme could generate a fog and a storm, but doing so was impractical because of the damage the fog alone would damage electronics, even in the walls. And dense fog would make it hard to breath. And a full blown storm in the enclosed quarters would create to much electrical discharge in the air which would put everyone nearby in danger, but Padme.

Still, they found that Padme could call forth and command powerful, continuous gusts of wind within enclosed quarters, which would not damage the walls and corridors. Though, the wind would not break down metal doors, the wind was powerful enough to knock people down, and even literally blow them away. Usually pushing the people and objects along the ground, unless there was enough height and distance to lift the targets into the air.

Also, they found that gusts of wind were a good counter to being in the grip of the force. And using gusts of wind offered a less lethal counters, as opposed to other options, such as using lightning.

Padme could control the direction of the gusts, to move the item or person where she wanted. Both towards her, or away from her. Or, even to move someone out of the way real quickly.

Padme could use gusts of wind to lift and move her, but doing so was impractical. And it was much easier to use the hammer, or a starship to fly from one location to another location.

Padme could even create a dust devil, inside closed spaces, that that could be used in a similar fashion as grip in the force.

But, such a dust devil was impractical because she had to focus to continue to contain someone in such a small twister. And doing so could easy injure the captive. And even if the captain was not injured, at the very least, after being freed the captive would be too dizzy to be of much use for a while. Or, in the case of the test subject, Anakin, was not able to walk straight for an hour after spending a minute in such a dust devil.

Still, Obiwan was nearby, with him being ready to step in and save Anakin with the force if things went wrong. Which the test did not go wrong.

Also, Obiwan and Anakin had Padme worked on the control of how much electricity Padme could channel out of the hammer. So, she can use the hammer to send enough electricity to stun someone and not serious harm, nor accidentally kill a person.

Padme could use the hammer to send electricity to rake across a small area, to destroy and kill those around. But, she reached the point she could just use electricity to rake across an area to stun entire groups of people, with little chance of seriously harming someone.

Padme also learned to charge the hammer with energy over several seconds and release it in a massively powerful lightning strike.

Still, Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan, realized that even a little electricity could kill a person whose body reacted badly to an electrical shock. As such, Padme was taught how use her hearing to learn to detect a heartbeat of someone near her. And Padme could use her lightning ability to restart a heart. Though, for obvious reasons they did not test this technique.

In the Jedi Temple plaza they used lightning rods which were tied with meters devices designed to measure and recording various parts of electricity.

Padme would then attack the lightning rods with the lightning. The devices attached to the rods measured various parts of the electricity, such as voltage, amperes, resistance, and watts. These devices where used to teach Padme how to adjust and control her electrical abilities.

While these lessons were conducted, Obiwan and Anakin were outside of the area where the electrical discharges were taking place, with them standing several meters behind Padme, with the lightning rod being several meters in front of Padme.

Though, Obiwan and Anakin each had a datapad, with wireless datafeeds from the sensor meters, so they could see the results in real time. And each time after Padme made a shot of lightning, they shared the results with Padme, to help her refine her abilities, little by little.

During another lesson, Padme learned to send a channeling blast of energy at a shield vehicle, to the point the energy shields gave way. If the channeling blast was continued after the shields failed the ship was be destroyed. The point of this lesson was to teach Padme to skilled enough to break through energy shields, but be quick enough to stop herself and prevent serious harm the vehicle and the occupants inside vehicle. Though, Padme only tested this ability on empty vehicles.

Even so, the Jedi Order lost a few shielded vehicles in the outside plaza as Obiwan and Anakin taught Padme how to successfully complete this lesson.

Padme, Obiwan, and Anakin found that in her stronger form, Padme could summon and direct lightning from her body, without using the hammer. But, it was far harder to control how powerful the blast was. So, they focused on Padme learning the control of throwing lightning through using the hammer. Or, directly lightning from a storm she could create.

Though, Padme found that in her stronger form, without directly using the hammer, she could create and control the direction of wind, from gentle breezes, to gusts of wind that could knock people down.

And when it came time to train Padme in learning to use and control her more powerful elemental abilities, Obiwan and Anakin already had a place to conduct such lessons.


During the second week, on the ninth day of training, it was a cool, sunny morning in the Temple District of Coruscant. There was a light breeze blowing across the area.

It was ten hundred local time, a few hours before Padme's morning training was over for the day and she would resume her Senatorial duties in the afternoon.

The building of the Jedi temple was a four sided pyramidal ziggurat with a flat top. Though, the pyramid was not a pure shape. The middle of each side of the building were vertical rectangular boxes, and the bottom of the temple was an even large raised platform for the entire building.

On the plateau of the pyramid there was a large tower on each of the for corners of the temple, and a large tower in the center.

There were gardens and small shrines on the plateau.

The plateau was not truly flat. The plateau had several small raised and lowered levels, with staircases going up and down from those levels.

Anakin, Obiwan, and Padme stood on one of the higher levels of the plateau, near the middle of the edge of the temple, by the waist high parapet surrounding the building. Padme was in her stronger form, with her hammer in right hand, at her right side. Though, Padme was wearing her training clothing and not her armor.

All of them were wearing rain parkas, to protect themselves from this specific training assignment.

Padme stood to the left of the group, Anakin was in the center, with Obiwan being to the right side of the group.

There were large red flags planted throughout the plateau. Each flat pole being two meters high, with a thirty centimeters high by thirty centimeters wide square red flag attached to the top of each pole.

The red flags were planted on the high parts of the plateau, away from the gardens and shrines.

Padme turned to her friends. She asked, “Given thy's destructive abilities with these powers. And thee's inexperience with these powers. Why do we not just go to train with thy weather abilities in the Works? Or, somewhere else with ruins?”

Anakin and Obiwan turned to Padme. Anakin said, “Well, the Jedi Order has control of the airspace over the temple. And we do not want to risk a storm elsewhere that might risk people being nearby, disrupting traffic, or possibly endangering lives in general.”

Padme replied, “Thy can understand your reasons.”

Anakin commented, “Also, if someone sees weather creation on top of the Jedi Temple, they will likely just write it off an another strange event in the long history of weirdness that happens in the Jedi Temple.”

Padme realized, as she said, “Thou was not joking about all those secrets of the Jedi Order”

Anakin shrugged, as he replied, “No. I was not.”

Obiwan commented, “Also. Those locations are not secure. Here we have control. We know who is here. And in the past, the Jedi Temple has weathered quite a few storms. And the gardens and shrines will hold. Now, the objectives of this training is many fold. We want you to learn to create storms. Also, we want you to be able to create different elements in your storms. Sometimes less rain. Sometimes more rain. More wind or lightning. Less wind or lighting. Or, to create single or mixed forms of those elements across this area.”

“When you go into battle, I want you to be able to divide your attention between doing this and fighting in other ways.”

“Training outside with other elements involved will help refine your control. When you are out in the field, you are not going to be working under perfect conditions. So, training like this would be best.”

Padme inquired, “Thy understands. Does thee also wish for thy to try to create hail, snow, and ice? Or, even a blizzard?”

Obiwan responded, in an interested tone of voice, “Hmm... If we have time. For now, we work on the basics.”

Padme looked out in front of them at the red flags across the temple plateau. She asked, “What are the red flags for?”

Obiwan answered, “The red flags are targets in these lessons. Eventually, when you create a storm, I want you to be so skilled that you can hit specific targets with your lightning, from both the hammer and the clouds you create. Think of using your lightning with the hammer like a combination of a flamethrower, blaster rifle, and shock cannon. While lightning raining down from the storms you create are like an artillery barrage. While lightning from the hammer and lightning from your storms may have different roles, both will be important in the coming battles you will be a part of.”

Padme said, “Thy understands. Thy will also try to avoid the gardens and shrines on the lower levels of the plateau. Thy hopes thou will reach the point thee hopes for. How should thy start this lesson?”

Obiwan stated, “I want you to create a small, simple storm over the towers of the temple. About a kilometer above us. Do not worry, the council and other personnel have been informed of what we are doing, so they will not be alarmed by this change of weather.”

Padme thought, 'Good. At least we will not surprise anyone by doing this.' She looked up at the sunny sky, as she continued her thoughts, 'Now, to figure out how to do this. I have some practice with my weather abilities. But, not on such a large scale as this. Though, this might work like controlling where the hammer goes. And to have the weather continue will require me to maintain my thoughts on the weather to continue to do so.'

Padme channeled her thoughts and desires of creating a simple storm, along with the location and rough size of the storm, through the hammer in her right hand.

The skies darkened over their heads, as a small storm suddenly formed just over the circumference of the Jedi Temple, around a kilometer above their heads.

Padme though, 'I was right. Now, I just have to continue thinking about it, as do this. This might eventually become mentally taxing. But, I do need to learn these skills.'

Obiwan requested, “Now, bring on the elements, but do so gently.”

Padme did so. With her focusing on just slightly bringing the elements, and maintaining them.

It started to sprinkle over the Jedi Temple, with the wind picking up slightly. There was even some rumbling of thunder in the clouds.

Suddenly, there was a bolt of lighting from the cloud that hit the top of the center tower of the Jedi Temple.

The three adults saw what happened to the middle tower.

Anakin and Obiwan looked over at Padme. From the expression of mild surprise and embarrassment on Padme's face that Padme had not planned to cause the lightning strike. Though, the lightning strike grounded against one of the red flags in the distance.

Padme looked at her two friends, as she said, “Oops.”

Obiwan stated, “Not to worry. These towers, gardens, and shrines have suffered far worse. And as you can see, the area is very well grounded.”

Anakin turned to Obiwan, as he asked, “Is the council in session? Or, is anyone in those towers?”

Obiwan turned to Anakin. Obiwan responded, “Of course not. While informing the council of our training, I checked with them on their meeting schedule. And I made sure that when we did this, no one is up in those towers. Nor, is anyone else in on the plateau.”

Anakin said, “Okay. That's good.” He turned to Padme. He requested, “And please don't electrocute us.”

Padme turned to Anakin, as she stated, “Thou will try not too.” She turned her attention back to the storm.

For ten minutes, through concentration Padme was able to maintain the small storm.

Then, Obiwan stated, “Okay. Remove the storm.”

Padme stopped thinking about maintaining the storm, and the storm quickly dispersed, leaving only a sunny sky over their heads.

Obiwan inquired, “When you removed the storm, how did you do it?”

Padme turned to Obiwan. She answered, “Thy stopped thinking about the storm, and the storm was soon gone.”

Obiwan stated, “Good. Very good. That means if you are knocked out, any storm you create with disperse, instead of go out of control. This is one problem I am glad we do not have to worry about.”

Padme said, “Thy agrees.”

Obiwan requested, “Now, let us see how you can do handle creating something simple like fog over a large area. No wind. No electricity. No rain. Just a cloud bank at out level.”

Padme said, “Thy can do fog across an area.”

Padme then created a fog over the fog of the Jedi Temple. The fog was so thick they could only see a few meters around them, with much of the sunlight blocked out by the fog.

Obiwan looked around in the fog, as he stated, “Good. But, keep in mind. While fog will work against a crowd, in battle both sides will use electronic that see through fog. As such, in most situations, blanketing an area of fog will only put you and those around you in danger. And trying to use lightning will to fry their sensors across a large area will likely not work. Much of the sensor equipment used on both sides are hardened against electromagnetic pulse attacks.”

A thought occurred to Padme, as she responded, “Thy will remember this. Though, cut electrical discharge from clouds be used to effect long range sensors?”

Obiwan turned to Padme. He answered, “That is possible. We will talk about that later.”

Padme inquired, “Okay. What shall thy do next?”

Obiwan said, “I believe we will work on your wind and rain. Raise the fog into the sky, but try not to make the cloud as dark and heavy as the previous one.”

Padme concentrated and lifted the fog bank up into the area. As she did so, she made it denser, but not so dense as to darken the sky above them.

When the dark gray clouds reached the height of the first storm, around a kilometer above them. Padme stopped raising the cloud. She then began to cause to lightly rain on their, with a mild breeze occasionally in different directions around them.

Obiwan commented, “Good. I want you to hold this, while you work on the control of your wind abilities. I want you to control with direction the wind is going. And keep the wind in the direction you desire. To start with, I want you to call the wind to come from your right side and turn to move towards your friend.”

Padme did as Obiwan requested, as she controlled the wind, while maintain the mild shower.

Padme continued her elemental lessons for another half hour, before Obiwan called for her to stop. The three adults then moved inside, as they went to work on another part of Padme's training regiment.

Later in her training, Padme did learn to create hail, snow, and even a basic blizzard. But, these skills did not come as easily to her. As such, when it came to her elemental abilities, Obiwan and Anakin had Padme mostly focus controlling, lightning, wind, rain, and cloud formations.


After Padme, Obiwan, and Anakin were finished with their first session of weather training, they headed back inside and removed their parkas.

Then, they went to a begin Padme's regular session on meditation and mental defenses.

Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan were currently inside of a small meditation room, with the only light from the slits in the large blinds from the nearby windows to the outside.

While Anakin and Obiwan were in their Jedi clothing, Padme was in her normal form, in simple, slightly oversize, training clothing she had been using for her stronger form.

The hammer was presently set by a nearby wall.

Each of them were sitting crosslegged on a large, circular cushioned stool. They faced each other, while just over a meter apart from one another.

This lesson dealt with Padme learning more about meditation and mental defenses.

This was Padme's last lesson for the morning, before she left to get changed and ready for her job as a Senator for the Galactic Republic.

Everyone involved supported the idea of medication being last lesson for the day's training. This was because after the mornings intensive training activities, the meditation and mental discipline Padme gained from this type of training helped put Padme in the proper frame of mind and emotional state to preform her Senatorial duties.

Presently, all three of the adults had their eyes closed, as they began to meditate into the proper frame of mind.

Among the mental techniques that Padme had been learning in the first week. She learned how to remain calm and control her emotions. This would help her in battle. Also, she learned mental defenses to shield her mind and emotions from psychic attacks. Both direct attacks, and those that would try to read her mind and emotions. Such as from a force user. These defenses ranged from protecting from simple mind tricks, to recognizing and blocking out illusions, to protecting against mind probes, and those trying to mentally control her.

Given how much power Padme now had at her command, Obiwan emphasized these lessons.

While not force sensitive, Padme has reached a level of experience with these mental exercises that she could feel someone else probing her mind. While she felt that Obiwan was doing so very lightly, she still felt his presence in one of the most private things Padme felt she had. Her mind.

Padme did not like these lessons, but she understood the importance of these lessons, and she did her best to be a willing student.

Padme paid very close attention to these lessons. And she was a very quick learner. This was because Padme did her best to be very, very careful not to allow Obiwan to know how her secrets. From state secrets to her secret relationship with Anakin.

Fortunately, Obiwan intentionally only brush Padme's mind, with him only reading Padme's surface thoughts and emotions. As such, Padme's secrets were still save from Obiwan.

Obiwan delicately used the force to lightly brush Padme's mind, as he calmly said, “I can sense you have cleared your mind, calmed your emotions, and you have found your center. You have already put up wonderfully skilled mental defenses before we have even covers much of these lessons.”

Padme dryly commented, “I do not care for people being in my mind.”

Anakin offered, “No one does. Master, I can take over from here. I have already trained in these lessons to the point you even admitted that my skills revival your own.”

Padme was not sure how to respond to Anakin's comment about a skill she found completely distasteful.

Obiwan commented, “Yes. But, part of this training is also blocking out the thoughts of others, and protecting one's thoughts and emotions from being read and control, while dealing with distractions. Which means it takes two people to teach one student.”

Anakin replied, “I understand.”

Padme said, “At least after some training, I now have a grasp on this now. But, I wonder if I will be ready before I accompany you both to to the battlefront.”

Obiwan commented, “Actually, you are coming along nicely. And we will be continuing your training between missions.”

Padme said, “I am not sure that I should be looking forward to that. Or, feel dread about it.”

Obiwan responded, “Perhaps it is wise to feel a bit of both. But, you are coming along very quickly. You have a very nice grasp on mental discipline. We already solved you bond weakness with your hammer. And now you have firm mental defenses. Even Dooku would have difficulty reading your thoughts and emotions. Let alone him using the force to mentally attacking you.”

Padme replied, “This is nice to know.”

Obiwan said, “Though, keep in mind that such defenses can be broken with time.”

Padme stated, “I will be mindful of that.”

Obiwan responded, “Good. Also, it seems the skill you demonstrate in these mental abilities is the same in both your forms. This further confirms the changes are more physical than mental.”

Padme said, “I find that comforting, as well.”

Obiwan commented, “As do we. Also, I am glad that your enhanced senses have not overwhelmed you in any way.”

Padme stated, “After thinking about the matter. For a little while, I was worried that my enhanced senses might make everything so enjoyable that I would be lost in the moment. Still, this is not the case.”

Obiwan said, “Good. At least you are being mindful of that possibility.” He cracked a grin, as he continued, “When I first taught Anakin how to meditated, I sometimes found it difficult to get him to stay in one place.”

Anakin defended himself, “I was a child, then.”

Obiwan commented, with a bit of dry sarcasm, “Which is why was I was sometimes surprised to get you to be quiet for more than five minutes.”

Padme could not help but giggle a little bit from Obiwan's joke.

Obiwan said, “Careful now. I can feel those defenses slipping a bit.”

Padme mentally reigned herself in. She asked, “How is this?”

Obiwan checked Padme's mental state with the force. He complimented, “Better. Much better. You have incredible strength of will.”

Anakin commented, “Anyone that has gotten to know Padme would realize how strong her will is.”

Padme said, “Thank you, Anakin. Though, with everything that has happened I fear that if the hammer had not found me that even my will would have slowly worn down to nothing.”

Anakin stated, “You think the hammer found you?”

Padme commented, “The hammer came to the Geonosis arena from outer space. We did not come to it. The hammer obviously was looking for someone to wield it.”

Obiwan said, “That is very possible. But, this is a discussion for later. Now let us focus on your mental defenses, Padme. And you too, Anakin. Given the looming war, I wish for you to brush up on these skills, as well.”

Anakin replied, “Yes master.”

Padme stated, “Whatever you say.”

Padme then went back to her lessons for the morning.


Almost an hour later, Anakin, Obiwan, and Padme, were having lunch in the mess hall of the Jedi Temple.

The three adults had sat at a table. Each of their trays had a plate of food, a glass of fruit juice, utensils, and cloth napkins.

Padme sat across from Obiwan and Anakin. The other members of the Jedi Temple, whom were having lunch at other tables, left them alone.

Due to the meditation exercises ending with Padme in her stronger form that day. Padme had decided to stay in her stronger form. And she had set the hammer down on the floor, by her chair, to her right side.

Though, as they ate, Anakin and Obiwan noticed something important. That Padme had not eaten much of her lunch, nor had much to drank much for her glass of fruit juice.

Given the high level of activity that Padme did that morning, this was strange.

Anakin asked, “Padme? Are you okay?”

Padme looked up at Anakin. She inquired, “What does thy mean?”

Anakin pointed out, “You haven't eaten much.”

Padme casually replied, “Thy is not hungry.”

Obiwan inquired, “While we know you do not tire easily in your stronger form. Do you feel hungry or thirsty in your stronger form?”

Padme said, “Now that thee mentions it. Not really.”

Obiwan theorized, as he stated, “It is possible that in this stronger form, you do not need much food and drink. This is good, considering that if you get caught behind enemy lines for a while, you will not have to worry about such matters.”

Padme replied, “This is nice to know.”

Another thought occurred to Obiwan, as he asked, “Are you hungry right after you change back to normal?”

Padme said, “No. Thy usually has to work up an apatite before eating in thy normal form.”

Obiwan stated, “This is good. This means if you go hungry, or thirsty in your stronger form, this will not bounce back in your normal form.”

Padme understood the ramifications what Obiwan meant. She agreed, “This is good news.”

The three of them then continued their lunch, as they talked about more casual topics.


After lunch, Padme turned to her normal form. She said her goodbyes for the day to Anakin and Obiwan.

As her two Jedi friends went to resume their afternoon duties, Padme took the hammer with her, as she headed to the main gym in the Jedi Temple.

When Padme reached the gym, she set the hammer on its side, by an interior wall of the main gym, in a locations that was out of the way.

From the gym, she went to the women's showers by the gym to get cleaned up. When she reached the showers, she threw her dirty clothing in a hamper, and she took a warm shower.

Obiwan had arranged for Padme to be provided fresh training clothing every morning. With the clothing set by her locker.

As Padme entered the showers she noticed there were no other women in the communal women's shower. Then, she used the warm water, along with the shampoo and soap that was provided for the women whom used the showers, to clean herself.

After her shower, she used one of the clean towels on a shelf to dried off. Once she dried off, she went into the women's changing room, which was directly connected to women's shower. From there, she went to her locker and she retrieved her normal clothing, among other items.

Padme put on her normal clothing, shoes and other items she had brought with her earlier that morning. After which she used a small mirror and a hair brush she kept in locker to brush her damp hair. She allowed her long brown hair to be loose, and drape down her back. Once she was done with combing her hair, she placed her the comb, small mirror, and her training shoes into the locker.

Given the Jedi could use force to open a lock, Padme did not have a lock for her locker.

But, trust was at a premiere when it came to such matters with the Jedi. As such, Padme was sure her items would not be disturbed.

When Padme finished, she walked out of the women's changing room, through the gym, and towards the hallways which would lead her to the west side of the plaza. Once she reached the west plaza, where the visitors parking lot was located, she would take the speeder vehicle she had parked there to the Galactic Senate Building.

Padme had an appointment to meet in Senator Bail Organa's office. An appointment she had every intention to keep.


After Padme's first week of training had ended, Padme had to start back on her Senatorial duties in the afternoon, while continuing her training in the morning.

Given it was the ninth day of Padme's training, this was the second day of her return to the Senate.

During Padme's first day back to the Galactic Senate Building, as a senator, she had talked with Bail. Due to Padme having to get caught up work, she talked to Bail by holo-comm from her office.

During the call she learned that over the course of the week Bail had pulled together a meeting with other Senators, to restart their building of alliances against the war.

The meeting being scheduled that afternoon, in Bail's office in the Senate Building. Though, Padme and Bail agreed for Bail to meet with Padme on her way to Bail's office.

After Padme parked her speeder vehicle in a parking lot in the Senate Building which was reserved for government officials, Padme headed for and elevator that would take her to the floor where Bail's office was located.

Presently, Padme was riding up an elevator in the Senate Building, to the floor where Bails' office was. With her and Bail planning to meet each other outside this very elevator on the floor she was heading to.

Padme let her long brown hair loose, to run down her back.

Padme was wearing a simple white gown with sleeves, that had gray trim stripes that went up and down the gown. Under the bottom of her gown she wearing gray flat soled slippers. This was the clothing she had come to the Jedi Temple early that morning, and which she had put back on after cleaning herself in the women's showers of the main gym in the Jedi Temple.

After everything that had happened to Padme. While she could not bring the hammer with her. She decided to not go anywhere unarmed. Under her gown she had a thigh holster strapped to her outer right thigh, with a small blaster pistol holstered on the outside of her right thigh. Her gown hid the weapon well.

Padme mentally reflected, 'While Senate rules state that no one except security can be armed within the Senate Building. Given all the threats on my life. Along with everyone from the Chancellor, to the Jedi, to Dooku, knowing about the hammer and my connection to that weapon. I am not taking anymore chances.'

'Besides, I am a not worried if I am caught with a blaster pistol. I am a sitting Senator of the Republic. The Chancellor knows and supports the Jedi training me. And with all the threats on my life, I highly doubt Coruscant Security would do anything to me if they caught me with a blaster pistol. Though, they might take the pistol away from me. But, that is all.'

'Now, I talked to Bail yesterday afternoon, during my first day back to work. And fortunately, I was able to get caught up with my work here in the Senate. I need to remember that Bail does not know I was training with the Jedi. He, along with everyone else in the Senate, save the Chancellor, think I was sick. And that I am now feeling better. And this is what I wish everyone here to continue to believe.'

'Though, given the need for secrecy, we agreed not to discuss the details over communication lines. But, he did say he a few Senators that wanted to listen to us. Whom would meet with us, in his office, in a few minutes. They should already be there. With Bail coming to meet me.'

'We agreed for Bail meet me at the exit to the elevator on the floor of his office is in. From there we will talk as we head to his office. So, he can let me know what is going on, and who we are meeting.'

'I am not worried to much about the discussion. The Senate is in session. The Chancellor and the Senators are busy. And it is off an hour. So, this part of the building should be clear, to give us some privacy. And I am not sure how Bail is handling the security feeds to this area. But, he hinted that he has that covered, as well.'

From the panel on the front of the elevator, by the right side of the doors, Padme saw she was able to reach the floor that Bail's office was on.

Padme though, 'Now, let us see if we can rebuild what Palpatine shattered.'

Then, the elevator came to a stop, and the doors slid open to reveal Senator Bail Organa standing three meters in front of her, in the hallway.

Bail was wearing a blue uniform, with black trim. He wore black dress shoes. His black hair was trimmed short, and combed over.

Padme walked out of the elevator. She came to stand six feet in front of Bail, with both of them looking at each other.

The doors to the elevator closed.

Bail calmly said, “Greetings Senator.”

Padme replied, “Good to see you, Senator.”

Padme looked around, and as she expected, she saw the large hallway was clear, save for the two of them.

The combination of wall lights and sunlight from the skylight windows on the ceiling, offering plenty of illumination to see with.

Bail asked, “How are you feeling today?”

Padme turned to Bail. Padme said, “Fine. Let us talk as we make our way to your office.”

Bail replied, “Most certainly.”

Padme turned to her right, as she started walking. With Bail turning to his left. Both of them walked side by side, at a casual pace, towards Bail's senatorial office, with Bail being to Padme's left side.

As they walked, Bail said, “I heard you let go of your servants. Even your protocol droid.”

Padme thought, 'I was concerned this would become a topic of discussion. But, given my plans this cannot be helped. Though, I do remember a few days ago, both Dorme and Captain Typho had contacted me separately, to let me know they arrived on Naboo, safe and sound. And it warmed my heart to know that. And from what Anakin has told me, C3-PO is settling in with R2 at the Jedi Temple. Now to defuse this topic before it becomes an issue.'

Padme admitted, “Yes. I had to let them go.”

Bail stated, “It is almost unheard of for a sitting Senator to have no assistants.”

Padme pointed out, “I do still have the droid secretary to keep track of my senatorial documents.” She thought, 'Whom is located at a desk in front of the entrance to my office in this building.'

Bail commented, “That is not the same thing. That droid stays in the Senate Building.” He continued, in a firmer tone of voice, “What is really going on?”

Padme thought, 'I have to give him something, and I know just the excuse.' She stated, “I cannot give you any details. But, I tire of having those around me die to protect me. And I am taking measures to protect myself.”

Bail guessed, “That is why you said you planned to use holos to join in on the Senate from a distance. You are planning on leaving the planet, again. With you being a moving target, to keep from being killed. And that you let them go because they cannot come with you.”

Padme said, “Yes.” Padme thought, 'That is not a complete lie. Actually, that is a fairly honest answer.'

Bail complimented, “Not bad. This is something I might have done in your position.”

Padme said, “I still plan to come back here, from time to time.”

Bail replied, “Of course.”

Padme stated, “Now, before I leave I want to get this opposition to the war restarted.” She thought, 'No matter how hypocritical it is for me to do so. And I might as well add to my lie.' She stated, “Also, as a way to further lesson my exposure to danger while on the planet, I will be coming to the Senate Building only in the afternoons and maybe a few evenings.”

Bail said, “That is completely understandable.”

Padme thought, 'This will be a good excuse as to why I am not here in the mornings. Now to find out who you have convinced to hear us out.' Padme asked, “Who have you been able to quietly convince to talk to us?”

Bail answered, “Everyone I could pull together is my office. I have convinced five Senators to talk to us. Senators, Lexi Dio, Nee Alavar, Garm Bel Iblis, Bana Breemu, and Mon Mothma.”

Padme complimented, “That is a good start. I know most of them. They should not take much convincing to join our cause. Though, I am surprised you were able to convince Senator Iblis to meet with us. He is always so boisterous in the Senate chamber. He does not seem like the secretive type. And he strikes me as a bit of a scoundrel.”

Bail shrugged, as he casually replied, “He's Corellian. They're all scoundrels.”

Padme giggled a little. As she calmed down, she agreed, “That's true.” She then continued in a firmer tone of voice, “How much do they know of the situation?”

Bail said, “Not much. Though, I did check with each of them. In private. They all understand the situation of what happened on the emergency powers resolution. You was driven from the Senate, with your life in danger. And while you were gone, the Chancellor played your proxy like a puppet.”

Padme growled, “This will not happen again.”

Bail realized that Padme was in no mood to discuss the matter. He stated, “I realize that. But, I was just informing you so you do not have to worry about the subject being brought up.”

Padme replied, in a calmer tone of voice, “Good. And I am glad they decided to join us while the Senate was in session.”

Bail said, “It is a simple spending bill. I read it completely. It to about funding support to add supplements to food to provide more healthy meals for children. It is not like the Republic is going to collapse if we miss this one bill. Even with the Chancellor there for appearance sake.”

Padme thought, 'I need to ask to make sure.' She asked, “What about security feeds? I would not like these meetings to get back to the Chancellor.”

Bail responded, “I have a few friends in Coruscant Security assigned to the Senate Building. They are certainly on duty, and there will be no recordings from this hallway, right now. There will be no recording of this meeting ever happening. And I can continue to have this done as needed.”

Padme thought, with admiration, 'Bail, you are more resourceful than I thought. You seem like the type of person that could start a rebellion if you wanted to. And given how soft-spoken and polite you are, no one would see it coming until it was too late.' She inquired, “Good. Is there anything else I need know?”

Bail answered, “Yes. Plenty. From my sources within the Chancellor's political circle, within the next few months, the Chancellor is planning on submitting more resolutions to the Senate. But, while the resolutions will look like simple spending bills, within the resolutions are riders to give him more authority and power. Should those bills are voted down in the Senate, he plans to piecemeal his requests through various executive orders over time.”

Padme commented, “It is looked the Chancellor wishes to return to the times before the Ruusan Reformation.”

Bail said, “I agree. From his writings, Supreme Chancellor Tarsus Valorum warned us of this day.”

Padme stated, “True. But, a thousand years of peace and freedom is still a good run for the Galaxy.”

Bail commented, “I agree. Now, while we cannot keep the peace, let us see if we can still maintain the freedom.”

Padme said, “We can try.” She then remembered something Anakin had told her during their time on Naboo, when they were in the meadows near the bottom of a large waterfall. She paraphrased what Anakin had said to her, in a soft-spoken voice, “Perhaps the system doesn't work. And it is only natural for someone to come along. To rise to the occasion. And make everyone agree with their point of view. To take control. After all, we Senators are appointed. We are not elected. Dictatorship might be the natural path we are on.”

Bail pointed out, “While we are appointed by the local governments of our sectors or planets. The governments of most of those planets are democracies, or constitutional monarchies. And we are appointed by those governments to represent the will of the people. The people do not represent our will. That is the difference.”

Padme realized what she had just said. More for her sake, than Bail's sake, she stated, in a normal, reassuring tone of voice, “You're right. And I try to remember that every single day.”

Bail responded, “Good. Still, it is not like you to say such things.”

Padme said, “No. I was just thinking of something someone told to me.”

Bail replied, “Not the Chancellor, I hope.”

Padme said, “No. A friend... A good friend.”

Bail joked, “I always figured you were dating someone.”

Padme retorted, “Who has time to date when you are trying to save the galaxy?”

Bail let out a laugh. He said, “That sounds more like that Padme I know.”

Padme smiled, as she replied, “Thanks, Bail.”

When they came to the entrance to Bail's office, with a secretary droid in a desk beside the office doors, the two adults turned to their right, as they continued towards the office doors.

The secretary droid saw them and the droid pressed a button on its desk to opened the doors for them.

As the doors slid open, Bail stated, “I will let you do the talking. You are better at convincing people than I am.”

Padme casually replied, “Ah. You just need the proper motivation. I am sure you will find it, someday.”

Then, they passed through the doors into Bail's office, with the doors soon sliding shut behind them.

As they continued walking, in front of them, they saw Bail's office desk. In front of the desk was two chairs set to face it. Behind the desk was Bail's nicer, larger office chair. Behind the desk and chairs, the entire back wall was sets of large windows showing the cityscape and speed skylanes in the distance.

They turned to their right, where on the right side of room was small meeting area.

There was a couch that could fit four people that was set with its back to right far wall.

In front of the couch was a small table. And across from the couch were three chairs facing the table and couch. The chairs were of the same time as the two chairs in front of Bail's desk.

Padme and Bail saw that four of the Senators were sitting on the couch, and one in the chair.

Padme and Bail noticed that it was Garm whom was sitting in the chair.

As Padme and Bail approached the five sitting senators, Padme put on her best diplomatic facial expression, as she kindly said, “Greetings Senators. I am glad that Senator Organa was able to convince you all to have this meeting with us. There is much we have to discuss.”

Soon, Padme and Bail were sitting in the last two empty chairs in the meeting area. Then, padme and Bail began to talk to the other Senators in the room.

Introductions and reintroductions went well, and so did the meeting. By the end of the meeting, Padme found herself with five more allies within the Galactic Senate.

And while Padme continued her work to stop the war in the afternoon in one fashion, she continued to train to stop the war in another way, in the morning.


On the morning, a few days after Padme met with Bail and her new allies in the Senate, Padme had parked her speeder vehicle in visitors parking area of the western plaza of the Jedi Temple. It was a cool, sunny, early morning. As usual, Padme walked to the western entrance to the Jedi Temple.

Padme had neatly placed her formal clothing for her senatorial duties that afternoon in the trunk of her speeder vehicle.

Presently, Padme was were a set of her brown, training clothing for her normal form. Which was pants, sports bra, shirt, and shoes, among other items. With her stronger forms training clothing kept in a locker in the women's changing room of the Jedi Temple's main gym. Her hammer was by a wall, in the gym, as well.

Of the course of the last week, Padme had brought a few sets of training clothing to her home. Both in her normal size and the size for her stronger form. This was so on the days she felt like it, she could come in to the Jedi Temple ready to train.

As Padme made it to the large western entrance of the Jedi Temple, one of the Jedi guards on duty came to great her.

From the guard's physical figure, Padme saw that the Jedi guard was a woman in her Jedi clothing and robe.

Padme came to a stop, as the Jedi woman approached her.

The Jedi soon stopped a meter in front of Padme. The Jedi woman calmly stated, “Senator Amidala. Master Kenobi and Padawan Skywalker request that instead of meeting them in the gym. That you visit them in meditation room C, on the fifth level.”

Padme said, “Thank you.”

The Jedi guard inquired, “Do you need someone to show you the way?”

Padme answered, “No. I know where it is.” She thought, 'This is the meditation room that we use for my training. Though, we do not do so this early in the morning. Something is up. I will leave the hammer in the gym and head to the meditation room. Fortunately, I know where it is. And I the guards know I can be trusted to no wonder around, within the temple.'

The Jedi woman turned and walked away to resume her duties.

Meanwhile, Padme continued into the Jedi Temple.

After walking for ten minutes, and using one elevator, Padme reached the doors to the meditation room.

Padme press a button on right side of the panel to have the doors to the room slid open.

As the doors slid open, she walked inside. She came to a stop just inside the room.

The doors slid closed behind her, as she looked around.

As usual, the only lighting was from sunlight coming out of slits in the large blinds of the windows. With the windows being in front of her.

This mix of light and shadows gave the room an eerie, though comfortable setting.

Instead of having cushioned seats in the middle of the room, like usual, there was a small square coffee table in center of the room. Padme noticed the stools were set to the far wall, to her left side.

Obiwan and Anakin were sitting on their knees at the small, low table.

Obiwan was facing her, with his back to the windows. And Anakin was to her right side, and there was a long, five foot long item wrapped in a white cloth, to her left, set on the floor opposite to Anakin.

Both men were looking at her.

Obiwan requested, “Please, come sit down Padme.”

Padme walked up to them. Then, she sat down, across the table from Obiwan. She tucked her knees under herself. She could see the sunlight coming in front the windows in front of her. But, the sun did not directly cast into the windows, so there was no problems for her sight.

Obiwan reached down with his right hand and picked up the item on the floor, beside the table. He raised, and held it above the table, so Padme could see the length of the item.

Obiwan stated, “Padme. This morning we wish to present a gift to you.”

Padme used both her hands to pick up the weapon from Obiwan. Obiwan let go of the weapon and Padme felt how thin the item was from within the cloth. She looked up at Obiwan and Anakin. She said, “Thank you.”

Padme turned her attention back the item in her hands.

Padme slowly undid the loose white cloth around the item. Allowing the white cloth to fall on the table. As the item was revealed to be a curved sword in a black scabbard. The scabbard had a black leather strap connected through black metal loops to the far ends of the scabbard.

When holding the weapon, the tip of the covered blade was to the right and the hilt was to the left, the side of the metal loops was on the side of the scabbard, when the curved blade was facing away from the one holding the weapon.

There was a buckle one the end of strap that lead to to the loop near the hilt. The buckle had two prongs side by side that faced the outward side of the buckle. The frame of the buckle had small notches for where the tips of the two prongs fit.

The strap continued through the loop on the hilt, when down the length of the scabbard, to go through the loop near where the tip of the scabbard was. The strap continued through the loop until it end. On the end of the strap opposite to the buckle there were two rows parallel with each other where the prongs on the buckle would fasten onto.

The strap was twice the length of the scabbard and do to this, as Padme held the scabbard the ends of the strap dropped far enough to touch the floor.

Padme realized, as she thought, 'What an interesting weapon. The strap is meant be wore across the chest and back, with buckles and double prongs meant to be allowed to fit different sizes and firmly stay in place. The slack of the strap that goes passed the buckle will go through the loop near the hilt and be hidden behind the scabbard.'

Padme saw that the black cylindrical hilt was a thirty-one centimeters long, an two and a half centimeters wide, with a small black tassel attached to the end. The black cloth strips were wrapped around the grip of the hilt, covering the hilt.

The scabbard was slightly one and a quarter meter long. The scabbard was made of a shiny black metal.

The guard, where the hilt met the blade, was made of black metal, and the guard was shaped like flat, small four pedaled lotus flower, which had rounded edges, with the guard surrounding the hilt. And the pedals were placed so that one pedal face direction from the curve of the blade, one from the back, and one at each side. Each petal was wide enough so the back sides of each petal was connected to to the back sides of the petals beside said petal. Each petal ended in a dull rounded point. The full length of each petal was four centimeters. The thickness of the guard was over half a centimeter. The total diameter of the guard being around eleven centimeters.

Padme then noticed the small black switch that below the back petal of the hilt, with the switch pointed downward, towards the hilt.

Anakin noticed her looking at the switch. He warned, “Do not flip that switch until after we have talked.”

Padme heard Anakin, and she did as he requested. She then gripped the scabbard in her left hand and the hilt with her right hand. After which, she began to draw the weapon's blade.

Obiwan cautioned, “Careful. It is sharp. Very, very sharp.”

Padme was careful, as she pulled the blade fully out of its scabbard. She was also careful not to cut into the strap as the ends of the strap dangled from the scabbard.

Padme saw the blade was solid black piece of metal. The blade had a slight curve that ended with a point at the tip of the curve. The only side being sharp was the outer curve of the blade.

While Padme held it in her right hand, she saw that the weapon had a shiny sheen against the light in the room. While the blade was smooth, with the edge of the blade was straight and sharp, the sheen showed slight rippling along the curve of the blade, where it had been forged with a hammer countless times.

Then, Padme realized, as she thought, 'While this is not as light as the hammer. This sword is light. Lighter than it should be.'

Padme looked at the weapon for a few more seconds. Then, she careful inserted the sword blade fully back into the scabbard without harming herself, nor damaging the scabbard and the strap. After which, she set the weapon down across her lap. The hilt on her left, the tip of the scabbard to her right, the curve was facing away from her, and the metal loops were facing upwardly. The ends of the strap draped downward towards the floor.

Padme looked Obiwan and Anakin. She inquired, “This is a beautiful weapon. Though, what exactly is this gift?”

Obiwan answered, “It is a vibro-blade. A very, very nice weapon of its type. I had to call in a lot of favors to acquire this weapon for you. The only items which I replaced from this weapon is the black leather strap, the black cloth on the hilt, and the tassel. Over time these items had been worn to almost nothing. The new artificial strap and cloth on this hilt are made from super-strong materials that will not tear easily. And they can take extreme cold and extreme heat without breaking, nor burning.”

“The rest of the weapon is as it was originally made. Even the buckle of the strap is part of the original weapon. ”

Padme commented, “I have heard of vibro-blades. Are they not illegal to own?”

Obiwan stated, “They are regulated like blasters. One can actually have a permit to own one.” He turned to Anakin, as he continued, “Though, Anakin was nice enough to check, beforehand.” He looked back at Padme, as he went onto say, “As a senator, your permit to have a blaster weapon transfers to possessing and using vibro-weapons.”

Padme replied, “Interesting. How do these weapons work?”

Anakin turned to Obiwan. He requested, “Master? Can I explain this to her?”

Obiwan looked at Anakin. He said, “Sure. After all. You are far more mechanically inclined than I.”

Both men turned back to look at Padme.

Anakin explained, “While I prefer to use lightsabers. Like most Jedi. I do find vibro-blade technology interesting to study. The principles are simple to understand. And when done well, such a weapon is almost as useful as a lightsaber.”

“A vibro-blade works by having mechanisms in the hilt that cause the weapon to vibrate thousands of times a second. These are micro-vibrations which are not felt by the one holding the hilt. Still, the mechanisms give off a hum. And the vibrations from the blade allow several advantages over a normal blade.”

“First, the blade of a vibro-weapon can cut a lot quicker than a normal blade. Like a skill-saw. Only much faster. Sometimes faster than a lightsaber blade. Though, this depends on the materiel made to create the blade, along with the sharpness of the edge of the blade.”

“Second, a vibro-weapon's blade does not need to be cleaned. The vibrations knock off anything that come in contact with it. Thus keeping the blade clean.”

“Third, some vibro-weapons, such as the vibro-sword now you have, can can parry and block strikes from a lightsaber blade.”

Padme raised her right eyebrow in interest. She requested, “This is interesting. Tell me more.”

Anakin smiled, as he said, “I would love too. The way a vibro-blade can handle parrying and blocking a lightsaber blade is that the vibrations of the blade prevents energy from transferring to any single point of the blade for more than a thousandth of a second.”

“Though, most vibro-blades will brake after a few contacts with a lightsaber blade. But, there are vibro-blades made of tougher, materials which can withstand great amounts of heat and energy. Such as blades made from the material known as cortosis. Cortosis allows a vibro-blade to block and hold against a lightsaber blade for several seconds, sometimes even minutes before the raw heat and energy of the lightsaber blade start to damage the cortosis-blade of the vibro-weapon.”

“The most common way in which cortosis is used on a vibro-blade is done in a process called a cortosis-weave. A cortosis-weave blade does have disadvantages. The way the cortosis sheath is attached over the blade of a vibro-weapon weakens the blade. But, a cortosis-weave does have a big advantage in using against a lightsaber. Sometimes when a lightsaber blade comes in contact with cortosis-weave material the lightsaber will short out.”

Padme stated, “This would make for a useful tool in a fight against a lightsaber.”

Anakin responded, “Yes. This is why high quality vibro-blades can be as expensive as lightsabers. Vibro-blades were considered a poor man's lightsaber. Though, given the safety features found in vibro-blade, such weapons are far more safer to use than a lightsaber. Also, with your electrical abilities, you might accidentally fry the circuits of lightsaber we gave you. At least with a vibro-weapon, even if the vibration mechanisms became damaged the weapon can still be useful.”

Padme said, “I can see what you mean.” She looked down at the sword. She looked up at Anakin. She questioned, “How do I use this weapon?”

Anakin stated, “Hold it from the hilt. The switch on the back turns on the vibration mechanisms. It is designed to be toggled with the thumb. Also, this vibro-blade has a few other safety features. You have to grip it from the hilt for the vibration mechanism to work. If you let go of the hilt, it turns off. And even if you grip it, you have to toggle the switch off then on to turn on the blade vibration mechanisms. Lightsabers have similar safety features.”

Padme complimented, “Those are very good safety features.”

Anakin replied, “I agree.”

Padme said, with sincerity in her tone of voice, “Well, thank you this vibro-sword. I will cherish this gift.”

Obiwan stated, “This weapon is not just to be cherished. But to used. And we wish for you to learn how to use this weapon. As much as it is fun to have you spar with that hammer, while you practiced against training lightsabers. You need a weapon you can use which is more elegant than that hammer. And given it takes years to train someone to safely use a lightsaber. Of which we do not have the time. This vibro-blade is the next best thing. I have already had the blade tested by scanners. The blade, hilt, and scabbard are still solid as ever. With the vibration mechanisms functioning as well as the day it was made.”

Padme responded, “I appreciate you checking the weapon before I use it. And I agree. I need a sword in case I have to fight in a more refined manner than the hammer can provide. Though, why does this weapon have a black blade? Or for that matter, why is it entirely black?”

Obiwan stated, “The weapon gets it black color from the cortosis alloy that it is made from. Nearly the entire weapon is made from the same super-strong cortosis alloy. The blade, hilt, guard, scabbard, buckle, are made from the cortosis alloy. Only the crystal that powers the vibration mechanisms. The internal wires. And the outer cloth. Are not made from the cortosis alloy material.”

“And unlike many high quality vibro-blades. This weapon does not use a cortosis-weave. The weapon you now have is a completely blade solid blade.”

Padme inquired, “How is this possible?”

Obiwan admitted, “By using Sith Alchemy.”

Padme pointed out, “I thought the Jedi hated the Sith.”

Obiwan responded, “There is some truth in your comment. But unfortunately, as the Jedi have battled the Sith over the eons, we have captured a number of Sith artifacts that are locked in our vaults. Though, there are some items, which have been tested and found to have no taint of the dark side of the force. Which we have no problems in allowing others to use. Such as weapon you now possess.”

Padme looked down at the weapon her lap. She commented, “I can tell this weapon has a story to it.” She turned to look at Obiwan.

Obiwan smiled, as he said, “Oh, it does. This blade has never been used, but its sibling weapons have been used to great effect. This weapon and its sibling weapons are around three and a half thousand years old.”

“Many legends surround this weapon and its siblings. Though, the legend of their origins goes to during a time period where there was a great war between the Jedi and the Sith. The Republic versus an Empire. And like all wars, both sides saw defections. Some Jedi fell to the darkness, while some Sith saw the light.”

“One such Sith, whom saw the light. Whom after proving himself was allowed to join the Jedi Order. While he was skilled in the force. He was a battlemaster. Which is also known as a sword master. Someone very skilled in using a lightsaber.”

“The Jedi use the title of Battlemaster for our most skilled lightsaber wielder. And the person whom oversees the instruction of lightsaber training for all members of the Jedi Order. Presently, that title belongs to Jedi Master Cin Drallig. Whom is also the Chief of Security for the Jedi Temple.”

Padme turned to Anakin, then back to Obiwan. She commented, “I thought Jedi Master Windu is the most skilled with lightsaber? And from what I saw of Jedi Master Yoda fighting Dooku. He is very skilled as well.”

Obiwan shrugged, as he admitted, “Well at that level of skill it is up for debate. Though, it is Jedi High Council that selects whom is the current Battlemaster of the Jedi Order. As such, those whom are members of the High Council do not take the title.”

Padme said, “I guess that makes sense.”

Obiwan stated, “Yes. It does. Anyway. Back to the story. This Sith turned Jedi was also a master craftsman of weapons. And while after the war, he let go of his anger and he renounced violence. He still preferred to craft melee weapons as a hobby. To help him focus and calm his mind.”

“And he was so skilled at doing so that the Jedi allowed him to continue his work. Some of the finest lightsabers in the Jedi vaults from that time period were made by him.”

“The craftsman also enjoyed creating vibro-weapons. He stated that he believed that a lightsaber was not the embodiment of a perfect melee weapon. He felt that a solid blade represented a solid outlook on life. And to truly extend oneself through the force, to their weapon, their weapon must be a tangible, solid object.”

“After many years of crafting weapons. The craftsman had a vision through the force. Of a warrior in primitive armor. With a mask of a demon and a large hat. Whom carried a weapon by the hilt, which had a curved bladed that was so sharp it could slice a full grown tree in half, in one swing, without damaging the blade.”

“The craftsman was fascinated by this blade. That such a sword. Such a work of art, as he called it, could be created by some a primitive people.”

“He had other visions related to the initial vision. These visions showed him how the blade was of this weapon was created. How to take a small metal ingot, heated it, pounded on it, refolded it, over and over, until the process created an impressively long, sharp, curved blade.”

“Though, it took him years to master this concept in forging a blade.”

“When he felt he had mastered the concept of this forging process he began forging the weapons based on the blade he saw in his vision. But, he would not make copies. He would use his skills, knowledge, and abilities, to create weapons that even the greatest of force users would covet.”

“He used his knowledge of metallurgy and Sith alchemy to combine cortosis and other metals into a super-strong, very durable alloy that would resist extreme temperatures, high levels of energy, and crushing pressures that such a weapon could face in battle. While the cortosis alloy remained very, very light in weight.'

“It is said that the creation of the blades of these weapons, including your own, required a plasma forge, strong metal working tools, and the force itself to work this metal.”

“This black cortosis alloy is considered next to indestructible. It requires a lightsaber blade pressed against this material for two solid minutes before the energy from the lightsaber begins to damage the alloy.”

“Only quantum armor is considered tougher. And maybe the hammer you wield.”

Obiwan turned to Anakin. He then looked back towards Padme. He continued, “As Anakin pointed out, a lightsaber blade making contact with cortosis-weave material can short out a lightsaber. This is because microscopically, cortosis-weave acts as millions of energy transfer filaments being brushed across the energy blade. The filaments are tough enough to survive a lightsaber blade's high energy that comes through the magnetic field long enough, within milliseconds, to make contact with the lightsaber's magnetic field that covers the ionized plasma part of the energy blade.”

“The cortosis filaments brush against magnetic field like brushing wires against a circuit board. Eventually, there will be a short-circuit. And in the case of the lightsaber, the energy blade collapses, with the lightsaber shutting down.”

“Unfortunately, the cortosis alloy your sword is made of is one solid piece of metal, and the blade will not cause a lightsaber to short-out and shutdown. But this is only one small drawback to the overall strengths of your new sword.”

“Fortunately, long before the craftsman died, he shared the secrets his secrets in creating these alloys, working these alloys, and crafting these weapons with the Jedi Order. These are guarded secrets that only a few know. I do not even know where these secrets are kept. Let alone what the secrets to this weapon's creation involve.”

“Though, moving on. The scabbard is made from made from same alloy as the sword, but in a slightly softer form. Though, in an emergency the scabbard can be used to defend against a lightsaber blade.”

“When the craftsman forged your weapon and its siblings, for each blade he used a small black ingot of this cortosis alloy.”

“And like using the force to properly align a lightsaber crystal in a lightsaber, as the craftsman worked the metal he used the force to sense out, find, and remove all imperfections during the process to create flat, curved blade itself.”

“This level of mental discipline and clarity in the force could only be achieved by someone that had truly embraced the ideals of the Jedi. One whom had let go of all their passions, and embraced almost pure logic.”

“The mechanisms in the hilt of the weapon, which create the vibrations of the blade, are a work of genius. The vibration mechanisms will not wear over time, and the weapon is powered by a small crystal that is similar to quartz, but gives off more power. It will never run out of power.”

“And while I did check to find the mechanisms are in perfect functioning order. I realize that the craftsman who made this weapon wanted it to be easy to repair. If the need arose to do so. The hilt itself can be separated at the bottom by a screw cap that screws out counterclockwise. Just unscrew the cap to pulled out the mechanisms to repair and replace parts for the weapon as needed. The parts inside being very easy to figure out how they go together. This weapon is easier to work on than a lightsaber. When repairs are done, just screw the cap back on until it is tight.”

“Also, the weapon and the internal mechanisms within the weapon can function both underwater and in the hostile environment of the vacuum of space without a problem. And from records of this weapon's siblings, this weapon will not be damaged from being used in those environments.”

“In addition, is said that even with the vibrations mechanisms turned off, that using the force to guide one's hand, the blade of one of these weapons is so sharp, the blade so straight along the outer edge of the curve, and so tough, that in one swing one can slice through solid granite stone without damaging the blade itself.”

“With the vibration mechanisms turned on, the blade could literally cut through almost anything a lightsaber could. And as quickly.”

“One such legend goes that the craftsman challenged the Jedi of his time to test their lightsabers against these weapons he created. The lightsabers that were tested against his weapons were found wanting. The blades of the weapons the craftsman made having no signs of damage after being used to spar against lightsabers.”

“The craftsman considered these vibro-swords had the ability to be the perfect extension of the force, between the wielder and the weapon. That these weapons were the perfect representation of the blending both the philosophies of the light and dark sides of the force. The toughness and power of a Sith, with the fluid and peaceful grace of the Jedi.”

“While some Jedi politely disagreed with him on this belief. No denied him of his accomplishment in creating such fine, durable weapons.”

“When the craftsman was asked what he would call the name of this new type of weapon. He replied the force already told him the name of the type of weapon. He called this type of weapon a katana. Or, as it is more appropriately called a vibro-katana.”

“It is known that the master craftsman at least successfully forged and created twelve of these vibro-katanas. While all had black blades, each weapon had different colored finishes on the scabbard, and different colored cloth on the hilt and strap.”

“Over the millennial, six of these weapons were given to various allies of the Jedi, whom proved worthy to possess such powerful weapons. Two of these weapons were lost. One was stolen. And you are now in possession of one of the last three which remained with the Jedi, for all these years.”

“The craftsman gave each of the twelve vibro-katana a name. And a meaning to each of these names. Some of the names were The White Inferno, The Gray Shepherd, The Eternal Sea, The Red River, The Blue Mountain. This weapon you now have has a name and the meaning of the name is still remembered. The weapon is called the Black Solace. To offer comfort in the form of a clean, swift death to those whom its blade is used against.”

Padme look down at the weapon, as she commented, “Black Solace. That is a fitting name for a weapon of death.” She looked back up at Obiwan and Anakin. She asked, “So, when shall I start learning how to use this weapon?”

Obiwan stated, “As soon as we collect your hammer and some training clothing for your stronger form.”

Padme replied, “Then, let's go.” Padme gripped the scabbard with her left hand, in the middle of the weapon, as she stood up from the table. She held her new weapon with hilt pointed slightly up, at an angle, in front of her, to prevent the blade from sliding out.

Obiwan and Anakin also stood up. Anakin collected the white cloth which now draped the table in front of him.

Then, the three adults then headed for the doors to the hallway to begin Padme's training for that morning.

Obiwan and Anakin soon found that Padme had no difficulties in learning to use her new sword.

Padme was always careful with the vibro-katana. She was in her normal form the first time she held the Black Solace and turned it on. She held the weapon by the hilt with her right hand. And she held it away from her, and anyone else, as she used her right thumb to toggle the switch on the top back part of the hilt, below the guard, on and off. Up and down.

She found that the vibrations the Black Solace made were very hard to notice. And she found the hum of the vibration mechanisms in the hilt and blade were barely noticeable. The hum was actually softer, and different than the hum of lightsaber blade made. She did not mind the hum, even in her stronger form, with her enhanced hearing.

And when is came Padme training with both the hammer and the Black Solace, Padme has come up with a few interesting ideas for training that both Anakin and Obiwan approved of.

Padme used her stronger form to also hide and protect the Black Solace. Given how valuable and rare the Black Solace was, she used the trick with her stronger form's armor to hide to. To where she used the hammer to change into her stronger form, and summon her armor. She then placed scabbard, with the sheathed weapon, and the black leather strap attached to scabbard onto her chest and back. The leather strap ran down from her left shoulder, to right above the right side of her hip. With the hilt of the Black Solace sticking out from behind Padme's left shoulder, at an upper, and outward, diagonal angle.

The buckle of the strap was located across her chest.

The ends of the strap of the leather has been adjusted to be slightly loose, to allow it to move when she used her right hand to unsheathe the weapon. The scabbard was not so loose as to fall off her body.

Padme had the slack go through the loop on the scabbard near the hilt, with the slack being hidden over the top of her left shoulder on her back between side of the scabbard facing Padme's back and the part of the strap went through both loops on the scabbard which rested against Padme's back.

When Padme returned to her normal form, and her armor changed back to the clothing she had on, the Black Solace and its scabbard disappeared with the armor. When Padme summoned her stronger form and her armor, the weapon and scabbard reappearing with her armor in the same location she had left the items.

When Padme needed to train with the Black Solace, even in her normal form, she did not have to change to clothing for her large form.

Padme used her hammer to summoned her larger from, and armor, with her clothing changing into the armor, with her vibro-katana in its scabbard. Padme removed the weapon, while in its scabbard, from her armor. She set the weapon aside. Then, she changed back to her normal form and clothing. After which, she then used the Black Solace. And when she was finished, and she no longer needed her weapon, she used the hammer to summon her stronger form, with her armor. She placed the scabbard, with its sheathed weapon back across her torso, like she had preferred to do so. Once she was ready she changed back to her normal form and clothing, with the Black Solace and scabbard disappearing with her armor.


Padme continued her training with Obiwan and Anakin. Though, Obiwan and Anakin did change the lessons around a little until they felt they could get the most out of Padme for during her morning training.

Every morning began for Padme when the alarm clock by her bed woke her up in her apartment bedroom. She got up and ate some breakfast which she fixed for herself. She then ready. With her wearing her training clothing. She left her apartment, and she took in a speeder vehicle to the Jedi Temple.

She reached the Jedi Temple either early, or on time.

Obiwan was impressed with Padme's continuous display of punctuality.

Padme brought her senatorial clothing in a brown cloth bag, which she took to her locker in the women's changing room of the gym in the Jedi Temple. She would retrieve her formal clothing after she had complete her morning training.

Then, the training began. First, Padme trained her normal form, in the gym. Which involved some calisthenics, and basic acrobatics. Then, it was the treadmill, and weight training with the gym equipment. Anakin and Obiwan keeping an ever vigil eye on her, with the two Jedi taking turns to spot for her on some of the weight training equipment.

As her training continued, Padme could tell she was becoming stronger and faster even in her normal form.

After Padme finished exercising in her normal form she changed into her stronger form's training clothing. Next, she used the hammer to change into her stronger form, which filled out the clothing she was wearing.

First, she went outside with her hammer to do bench pressing reps with the AT-TE Walker in the southern part of the Jedi Temple plaza.

After Padme was done doing reps with walker for the morning, Obiwan, Anakin, and Padme, with the hammer, took a speeder vehicle to a nearby above ground park. The park had been closed for the mornings for their use. In the park, Padme ran the three kilometer track loop. This was wear Padme let loose to train in her raw speed by running.

Padme ran full out, with her appearing as a blur to onlookers. And she did not tire as she did so.

Though, while Padme was blur as she ran in her stronger form, when she tripped and fell, it was usually a spectacular tumble. The tripping more often being caused by her shoes occasionally giving out before she finished her run for the day. But, Padme always quickly got up and continued running. She picked up another pair of shoes set out of her by where Obiwan and Anakin stood near the track. The hammer had been placed on the grass, on its side, by the track, near Obiwan and Anakin.

When Padme was done with running around the park loop for the day, they headed back
back to the Jedi Temple.

Once they had returned to the Jedi Temple, Obiwan and Anakin trained Padme in the matted part of the gym, in both more advanced acrobatics. The training used her enhanced agility to dodge the two dozen hovering remote balls at once, which were controlled by a remote in Anakin's right hand.

Though, the remotes hit more often than not. And while these hits did not hurt Padme, the hits did sometime distract her to where she either landed badly, or outright fell on the floor.

Fortunately, Padme stronger form's healing abilities allowed her to quickly recover and continue training.

After Padme's advanced agility training there came time for Padme training with the hammer electrical abilities, and working on Padme telekinetically lifting and moving the hammer around. This included basic flying lessons Padme practiced within in using the hammer to fly. These lessons were done outside on the flat plateau of the Jedi Temple.

Then there was Padme's elemental training. This was also done on the flat plateau of the Jedi Temple. Padme, Obiwan, and Anakin all wore parkas for this part of Padme's training.

When elemental training was over, there was training with hand to hand, weapons, and sparring. This was done in a private trainined room.

While Padme learned quickly, she had a lot of ground to cover in her training, if she had any hope of holding her own even against a Jedi Knight without resorting to brute force of her more destructive abilities.

Padme wanted to have the skills to take down such powerful foes without having to destroy the surrounding landscape.

When Padme was in her normal form she was taught proper grips, throwing techniques, and hand to hand katas. Even without Anakin using the force, Padme was no match for Anakin. As Anakin usually had Padme on the matted floor within a few minutes them started hand to hand sparring match.

While Padme and Anakin were secretly in love with each other, they both knew, with Obiwan present, and with their teacher sensing them through the force, that neither could go easy on the other.

When it came to learning weapon techniques and katas, Padme was able to easily retain the information.

Given this was practice. Obiwan wanted Padme to use mainly the blunt flat head of the hammer, and to only practice with the Black Solace with the vibration mechanisms turned off.

Lessons on using the Black Solace while the vibration mechanisms were on and using the axe side of her weapon would come later in her training. After she had a firm foundations of understanding how to use her weapons.

But, when training with either the hammer, or the Black Solace, in her normal form, while facing Anakin, whom was using a training lightsaber with a green blade. Within a few minutes of them starting their sparring match Anakin was able to use his skills to knock Padme's weapon from her hands without really harming her.

In Padme's stronger form, with one of her weapons, when she sparred Anakin, Anakin used the force to enhance his lightsaber skills and physical abilities. And while Padme enhanced ablities proved to be a harder challenge for Anakin, eventually Anakin was able to use his experience and skills to best Padme. Anakin usually best Padme in her stronger form by stopped just went his blow would have been a killing blow. Such as holding the blade of his training lightsaber to Padme's throat. At which point Padme admitted defeat.

The next part of Padme's lessons usually had Obiwan taking a more active role. Obiwan used his force abilities, while Padme used her enhanced abilities and the hammer, to try to overcome Obiwan's force attacks.

While Padme had learned to use the hammer to keep from being thrown about, she had a long way to go. And Padme lost within the first five minutes of this type of sparring match.

But, through all this, Obiwan and Anakin offered pointers and Padme gracefully accepted her defeats. And all three of them could tell that Padme was slowly getting better. Where once it took less than a minute to defeat Padme in a sparring match. The time in sparring had increased to a few minutes for each match until Padme was defeated.

While in her stronger form, Obiwan had Padme train a few other ways. Such as using two different weapons at once against Anakin. Then, Padme using one weapon against both Anakin and Obiwan. After which, Padme used two weapons while facing both Anakin and Obiwan.

Padme alternated both the weapons and which hand used with weapon while sparring. Sometimes she used one hand with a weapon. Sometimes she used just one hand.

Along with Anakin using a training lightsaber. During these sparring sessions Obiwan also used training lightsabers. Though, Obiwan's training lightsaber had a red blade.

After the sparring was over, there was some minor training with combat knives, staffs, blaster pistols, and blaster rifles, in both of Padme's forms. This combat knife training was done in the sparring room. While the training with the blaster firearms were done in the firearm range inside the Jedi Temple.

While the Jedi preferred to use a lightsaber and the force. The Jedi made it a policy to know how to use other weapons, which was why the Jedi had a firearm range inside the Jedi Temple.

Once Padme's weapon training was completed for the day, Obiwan and Anakin had Padme focus on some book learning on tactics in battle, and how to survive in a number of environments that were found on various worlds. There was also some lessons dealing with diplomatic and protocol issues both from civilian and military standpoints.

After the academic lessons were finished for the day there was meditation, instructions and exercises concerning mental defense.

When Padme was done with meditation training, she had lunch with Obiwan and Anakin at the Jedi mess hall.

After lunch, Padme when to the gym section of the building. She changed back to her normal form and left the hammer against a wall in the gym. She then headed for the women's showers. She got cleaned up. When to her locker and put on her clothing for her senatorial duties, retrieved a set of training clothing for her normal form for the next morning. She placed the fresh training clothing her brown cloth bag.

While holding her bag by the handled in her right hand, Padme headed to her speeder vehicle parked in the visitors parking lot on the western side of the Jedi Temple. Once she reached her speeder vehicle, she piloted her vehicle to the Senate Building, where she would spend the afternoon resuming her role as a Senator of the Galactic Republic.

During this time, Padme and Bail quietly met with their little group to talk about spearheading an opposition movement to the coming war. This would not be easy given the war slowly heating up. As various world and sector governments decided which side they would be on.

Meanwhile, Padme and Bail kept an eye on the events going on with a neutrality faction that was being lead by the mandalorian pacifist Duchess Satine Kryze. There group was becoming known as the Neutrality Alliance.

Padme and Bail stood by their decision not to become involved with the Neutrality Alliance. Though, they did want to keep up with what was going on with that political movement because they understood that both sides of the war would eventually attempt to use the members worlds of that movement to shift the balance of power in their favor. And during these attempts entire planets were likely to be destroyed by both the Republic and the Separatists to keep the other side from gaining an advantage in the war.

Or, even worse the Neutrality Alliance would be pushed into become militant, with them becoming a third military faction vying for power over control of the galaxy.

Neither the Galactic Republic, nor the Separatists wanted that to happen because such an event would create a very unpredictable situation.

This was presently why both the Republic and the Separatists were all taking a hands off approach to the Neutrality Alliance.

Presently, everyone believed that it was better to talk to a side that did not want to fight, instead of pushing the peaceful side into conflict, which no one sure which direction the neutral side was going to aim their weapons.

To keep up appearances, Padme also attended a few Senate sessions, in the Senate Rotunda, in person. She mostly sat silently in a chair, in her hovering repulsorpod, by one of the curved walls, as she watched and listened to the legislative debates by the other senators.

Padme did vote on a few bills she had thoroughly read the documents and background information beforehand. After which, Padme used her informative discision to vote for or against a bill, depending on what the bill was about, whom was being the creation of the bill, and whom would benefit from the bill. Padme was especially careful to read any riders tact onto a bill before voting for said bill.

Sometimes, Padme's senatorial work required her to stay in the Senate Building for most of the evening. But, she was careful not to work too long, to have something to eat, and to get to her apartment on time to get some rest, because she knew she would need that rest for when she woke up the next morning to train and learn from her Jedi friends.


Over the course of the next few weeks Padme's training was uneventful. Her training went smoothly for her. Then, one morning, on the southern of the Jedi Temple plaza, while Padme was outside, in her stronger form, she got an idea.

It was a cool, sunny morning outside on the southern plaza of the Jedi Temple. Presently, Obiwan and Anakin stood a few meters in front of an the empty AT-TE Republic Walker.

Padme was in her stronger form, and she was wearing in training clothing. She had placed the hammer on its side by Obiwan and Anakin.

Then, Padme had crawled on her back, between the gap that was forty centimeters high, to the center of the belly of the six legged walker.

Presently, Padme doing bench pressing reps with the Republic Walker with ease.

Though, Padme was beginning to find the repetition to be boring. And she had come up with an idea to break the monotony.

All Padme had to do was lift the walker to the point she could sit up and apply leverage to the floor of the plaza with her feet, which she knew would not be a problem for her to do.


Nearby, in front of the Republic Walker, Obiwan and Anakin watched as Padme lift the walker over and over, with the walker returned to the same position on the plaza after each rep.

Then, the walker stayed in the air a little longer than normal.

Several seconds later, the walker shook a bit as the vehicle began to get higher.

Both men realized what was going on.

Obiwan asked, “Is she doing what I think she is doing?”

Anakin stated, “I believe so. Should we step in?”

Obiwan said, “No. I want to see if she can do this.”

Over the course of a minute, they watch Padme lift walker almost a full two meters into the air.

As they saw Padme fully outstretching her arms upwards as she held the walker over her head, by the walker's belly.

Padme looked at Obiwan and Anakin, as she smiled. She happily said, “Look at what thy can do.”

Anakin commented, “Impressive.”

Obiwan noticed she was struggling a little bit with the walker in her hands. He asked, “You look a little unsteady. Do you need help setting the walker back down?”

Padme said, “No. This is more of a balance issue, than weight issue.”

Suddenly, Padme heard creaking sounds under her feet. She looked down, and she saw cracks forming in the stone floor below. She said, “Uh-oh.”

Then, the stone floor under Padme gave way. As Padme fell through the hole, the walker dropped back on its six feet, with the belly forty centimeters above the ground. The drop did not damage the vehicle.

Anakin and Obiwan rushed to stand by the right side of the walker's head. They leaned down to see between the feet, at the hole over the belly.

Anakin loudly inquired, “Padme!? Are you okay?!”

Inside the hole, on the level below the plaza, Padme was standing, unharmed, about a meter and a quarter from the ceiling, with stone, metal, and other material broken on the floor around her. She looked up at the hole she had created with her foolishness. She answered, “Yes.”

Obiwan commented, “There is a reason those walkers have multiple feet to disperse their weight load. If you did that in the field, on soil, sand, or clay, you might find yourself swiftly sinking into the ground.”

From within the hole, Padme flatly stated, “Thy lesson learned.”

Obiwan replied, “Good.”

Padme asked, in a slightly embarrassed tone of voice, “Thought, will thou have to pay for damages?”

Obiwan stated, “No. But, this will be a good excuse to check the support structures which hold up the plaza.”

Obiwan thought, 'Ironically, the plaza and the tunnels under the plaza, are likely some of the oldest parts of the Jedi Temple complex. Over the passed five thousand years, the Jedi Temple has been attacked and wrecked a number of times. But, no one has actually tried to intentionally destroy the surrounding plaza. And we need to check beneath the plaza to make sure there is no structural weakening within the support structure of the plaza area.'

Anakin said, “I agree. I will get the walker moved in a few minutes. And I will contact maintenance teams to check the area.”

Obiwan turned to Anakin. He replied, in a supportive tone of voice, “That is a good idea. At least some good will come from this.” He turned towards the hole, as he asked, “Padme? Do you need help getting out of the hole?”

Padme said, “No. Give thy a moment to get out of this hole.” Then, Padme jump up enough to reach the top of the edge of the hole with her hands.

While Padme could jumped even higher, she did not want to bang her on the metal belly of the walker.

As Padme hung in the air, while holding onto the ledge with her fingers, she used the super-strength in her hands and fingers allowed her to pull herself up, as she climbed out of the hole, and crawled on her stomach, between the gap between the walker and the ground. She soon reached to where Obiwan and Anakin were standing.

A few seconds later, Padme exited out from under the walker. She stood up. She looked over at the two men, as her two teachers looked back at her.

Obiwan commented, “One of the lessons the Jedi have for their students is that we prefer to discourage our members from showing off their abilities. Doing so tends to have the wrong, unexpected results. I believe you should apply the same lesson to yourself and your abilities.”

Padme said, “Thy can appreciate that. And thy will.”

Obiwan looked over at Anakin. He then turned back to look at Padme. He stated, “Good. As Anakin takes care of this, let us go head to my speeder, and continue your training at the park.”

Padme replied, “That would be fine.”

Padme reached out with her open right hand, towards the hammer, which was behind Obiwan and Anakin The hammer flew towards her, though around the left side of the two men. The shaft of the hammer landing her right hand, with the head facing upwards, towards her front. Padme closed her right hand around the shaft of the hammer.

Padme and Obiwan started walking towards a small side entrance to the Jedi Temple, and to a small parking lot within a hangar of the Jedi Temple. The parking lot had a speeder that Obiwan preferred to use to take them to the nearby park, to train Padme in her stronger form's speed.

Meanwhile, Anakin headed for the southern entrance to the Jedi temple. So, he could go inside and inform the members of the Jedi order response for maintenance of the temple of the minor collapse of the plaza floor.


By the time Obiwan and Padme had returned to the Jedi Temple from the park, Anakin had finished talking to the members of the Jedi Order than deal with repairs. During this time, Anakin had piloted the walker away from the hole, so the repair teams could fix the hole in the plaza. After which, Anakin had rejoined Obiwan in training Padme.

Padme, Obiwan, and Anakin headed to the matted part of the main Jedi Temple gym for Padme's agility training.

Presently, Obiwan and Anakin stood by the matted area, as they watch Padme's training in her agility, in her stronger form, in matted area, as she continued to dodge two dozen hovering remotes. With the hovering remotes programmed to trying to constantly hit her.

While in her stronger form, Padme displayed some of the acrobatic techniques Obiwan and Anakin had taught her, as she dodged the two dozen hovering remotes. To avoid the hovering balls, Padme did spins, flips, cartwheel. She spent more time in the air, then on the ground.

Anakin' held the remote to the hovering balls in his right hand.

Meanwhile, Obiwan stood to Anakin's left side, as he silently watched Padme go through her training exercise. At this point in the training session, Obiwan was looking for any mistakes in Padme's acrobatic techniques. And so far during this training session, he saw that Padme had been flawlessly performing her acrobatic techniques.

The hammer was set on its side, on the floor by where Anakin and Obiwan were standing.

Anakin watched Padme jump around. He said, “Padme really is showing off some of the moves we taught her.”

Given Padme was doing such a good job, Obiwan's mind was elsewhere. Though, Obiwan heard his apprentice's comment, Obiwan was presently thinking about another part of Padme's training. And he was not sure how to go about instructing her on the part of her training he was thinking about.

Obiwan watched Padme, as he commented, “I agree. Though, I have been thinking about something else.”

Anakin continued to watch Padme, as he inquired, “And that would be?”

Obiwan said, “I have come to realize there is one hole in our training methods. Though, I am not sure we can fix this hole.”

Anakin inquired, “What part of her training are you talking about?”

Obiwan stated, “She has shown that when she can use that hammer to fly by holding onto it. Though, we have not done much focusing on that part of her training. She flies a little around the temple plateau, but that is all we have done in this area of her training.”

Anakin said, “That is kind of a straightforward ability. And we have other areas to focus on.”

Obiwan responded, “Yes and no. But, we may have made a mistake on that. We think she is just hanging on. That is not the case. Her mind is piloting it. We need to think about that for her this is piloting a starfighter.”

Anakin said, “Now that I think about, you may have a point.”

Obiwan went on to say, “And her grip is almost unbreakable. But, I have no idea how we can train her how to use this ability. It is like piloting a starfighter, but when she uses this ablitity she is not a in starfighter. And we have not asked her to push herself in flying.”

Anakin commented, “Well, we know that Padme will not let go of the hammer. And we do know that her hammer is invulnerable. Even a lightsaber blade cannot scratch it.”

Obiwan wondered, “True. It kind of makes me wonder who made it? How it was made? What else whomever those that made that hammer also created?”

Anakin replied, “I try not to think about that.”

Obiwan calmly reminded, “There is no place for fear for a Jedi.”

Anakin explained, “It is not that. But, if we had to face even a small group of people with abilities like the hammer has given Padme. I do not think the Jedi Order. Even with all us working together. Could stop them.”

Obiwan conceded, “That is a good point.”

Anakin said, “Thank you. I was thinking. You might have answered your own question. She is tough in her stronger form. And her grip is almost unbreakable. She is not going to immediately hurt herself, if she is careful. So, we fly with her, in our starfighters. Though, we stay in atmosphere and right below the sound barrier.”

Obiwan guessed, “You do not want the sonic backwash to effect the training?”

Anakin replied, “Exactly.”

Obiwan stated, “I will fly behind your two, to spot for problems.”

Anakin responded, “Good idea. Though, I am sure she could go faster. Likely three or four times the speed of sound before gravitation forces begin to effect her. Unfortunately, friction would then come into play for her. I am not going to test anything faster than right below the speed of sound. Though, without friction and gravity, she could easily go faster. If she can survive in a space... And no. We are not going to test to see if she can survive in space. We will not even test to see if she can survive in a simple vacuum at room temperature.”

Obiwan firmly stated, “Of course not. Though given how fast we have seen her hammer travel. She can likely go as fast as her mind wills the hammer travel. And I agree. In all likelihood, she could go much faster. She might not have any limitations to her speed.”

Anakin commented, “Except for relativity.”

Obiwan said, “True. When do you plan to tell her?”

Anakin casually answered, “Right now.” He then used the remote in his right hand to turn off the hovering remote balls.

As all two dozen balls suddenly dropped to the mats, Padme came to a stop by landing on her feet. She turned to Anakin and Obiwan, as the two men looked back at her.

Padme asked, “Has it time to move on, already?”

Anakin stated, “We decided to cut this session earlier.”

Obiwan said, “We have an idea for you, concerning your training, that we would like to suggest. Though, I am surprised you did not overheard us.”

Padme admitted, “Thy's mind was more on one's work than those around thee.”

Obiwan responded, “Fair enough. Just try not to make that mistake in the field.”

Padme inquired, “Thy won't. Now, what is thee's suggestion?”

Obiwan said, “We finally came up with a way to properly train you in your flying abilities.”

Padme commented, “Thy already knows how to pilot a starship and a starfighter.”

Obiwan responded, “And we plan to help you brush up on this skills. But, that is not want we are talking about.”

Padme immediately realized realized what Obiwan meant. She looked at the hammer on the floor near them. Then, she looked back toward her two friends. She smiled, as she stated, with a bit of glee in her tone of voice, “Oh... With the hammer. Thy would very much like to hear your suggestions. Thy likes the practice on the temple plateau, but thy feels thou can do more.”

Anakin stated, “We want you to use that comlink earpiece was gave you to talk to us. Then, you follow me as we do maneuvers right under the sound barrier.”

Padme pointed out, “Thy has no way to gauge thy's speed in flight.”

Anakin replied, “Just follow me and you will be fine.”

Obiwan commented, “I will be behind both of you to keep an eye out. If I see any possible problems, I will immediately inform you.”

Padme responded, “Okay. Though, Coruscant airspace is very busy. All the time. And thy does not wish to test one's endurance in space.”

Anakin stated, “We agree. We do not want to push your luck, either. There is an area of airspace not far from the Temple District which is sectioned off for use by the Jedi Order to train our pilots.”

Padme commented, “Okay. Thy believes we would eventually do this in thy's training. Though, thy was wondering when?”

Padme held back a giggle at seeing slightly surprised looks on her two friends' faces.

Obiwan asked, “You where expecting us to eventually make this suggestion?”

Padme pointed out, “It would be the only way to train thee in thy's flying abilities.”

Obiwan inquired, “Then when did you not suggest anything?”

Padme commented, “It is a poor student to suggest instruction methods to one's teachers.”

Obiwan responded, “Okay... Well next time please make the suggestion. We are all kind of flying by the seat of our pants in figuring out how to properly train you. Any ideas you have are more than welcome.”

Padme said, “Thy will. Now, when shall we begin this flight training?”

Anakin stated, “How about in half an hour? Obiwan and I need to check over our starfighters, and make sure we have clearance for the air space. Also, it will take a few minutes to get to the area.”

Obiwan turned to Anakin. He agreed, “True.” He turned Padme. He continued, “Also, I want you in your armor. I do not want to know any chances we do not have too. And we have plenty of time. It is around two hours before the afternoon. So there is still some time to train before you desire to leave for the Senate.”

Padme responded, “Okay. While though is busy with preparation, thee will retrieve thy's comlink from thy's locker.”

Anakin said, “We we are ready, I will come back here and take you to hangar we will be departing from.”

Padme replied, “That will be fine.”

Anakin and Obiwan headed out of the gym.

Padme picked up the hammer. She then changed back into her normal form. After which, she changed into her stronger form, with her clothing changing to her armor and helmet. The Black Solace was sheathed in its scabbard, with the scabbard strapped to her back.

Padme thought, 'I think I will put my sword in my locker until I get back. I do not want to accidentally lose it due to training.

Padme headed to the women's changing room. There she would retrieve her comlink earpiece. She pulled off the Black Solace and placed it in her locker. After which, she took off her helmet and placed the comlink earpiece over her right her. She then turned it on. Next, she put back on her helmet.

When Padme was finished, she closed her locker and headed back to the gym.

Once Padme was inside the gym, she patiently waiting for Anakin to return to escort her to where they would leave the Jedi Temple to begin her flight training with her hammer.

Twenty-five minutes later, Anakin returned and lead Padme to hangar twelve, where Anakin and Obiwan's Jedi starfighters were located. Once in hangar twelve, Anakin had made sure Padme's comlink was set to the proper encrypted channel.

When everything was ready, Anakin and Obiwan entered the cockpits of their starfighters and the hangar doors were open. Anakin took off into the sky, followed by Padme with her hammer.

Obiwan followed behind Anakin and Padme.


A few minutes later, in the sky over the Temple District, Padme was flying with her hammer, just below the speed of sound. She found she had not problems doing so. But, as a safety measure she gripped her hammer, with both hands, with the length of the shaft facing her, and the head of the hammer being to her right side. As she flew, she held the hammer above her head, with the land below her, parallel to her body.

Padme found that even with her eyes being exposed at this speed, by the air hitting her, that her eyes were so durable that she had not problems seeing in front of herself.

Presently, she was following behind Anakin, in his Jedi starfighter, as they headed to their air space.

Obiwan was also flying Jedi starfighter. He flew behind the Anakin and Padme. He kept a watchful eye on his two students.

Given Anakin wanted a little privacy, he did not have R2 in the front of his starfighter. And Obiwan did not have a droid in the front of his starfighter either. Since they were not going to jump to hyperspace, neither of them needed an astromech droid to accompany them.

Padme has her communications earpiece, in her right ear. She heard Anakin state, “Okay Padme. We just entered the right airspace. We are going to do some maneuvers. Today we are just going to do this in the air. We will train in close quarters flying another day. For now follow me.”

Padme stated, “Thy understands. And thy shall comply.” Her comlink earpiece picked up her words and Anakin and Obiwan heard what she said on their cockpit radios.

Meanwhile, behind Padme and Anakin, Obiwan kept his distance, as he watched the training begin, with Padme following Anakin into do something simple flight maneuvers.

As Obiwan watcedh, he could clearly see the training slowly become just the two friends having fun. They flew around each other, while doing spins, turns, and even loops, in the air.

Obiwan was not worried. Anakin was the best pilot he knew of in the galaxy. And Padme, in her stronger form was very tough. And the hammer was next to indestructible. The few times their training had accidentally hurt Padme, she healed very quickly in her stronger form.

While Obiwan watched, he kept out of the way, while looking for any signs of trouble.

Meanwhile, as Obiwan viewed the wonderful spectacle, he could not be help but he reminded that the sight in front of him was similar to two birds courting each other in a mating ritual.

Obiwan allowed this to go on between Anakin and Padme until they felt like they were done. When the two of them decided to stop, all three of them headed back for the Jedi Temple.

And for Padme. She did not mind allowing her training to stretched into the afternoon, because all she was late for was meeting of the Senate, in the Senate Rotunda, over a bill that was so trivial that she did not even feel like mentioning what it was about to her friends.

Instead, Padme enjoyed spending hours with her friends, by cutting loose and having fun in a way she dared not even dream of before she had received the hammer.


Along with Obiwan and Anakin helping train Padme in using her hammer to fly with. Which they found she learned very quickly. They also helped her brush up on her starfighter piloting skills. As such, Obiwan was able to convince the Jedi Council to allow Padme to learn how to fly a Jedi starfighter.

As a safety measure, when Padme was piloting a Jedi starfighter, she was in her stronger form, which her hammer placed behind her seat.

To no one's surprised, they found that Padme, in her stronger form, could handle far greater centrifugal force than even of the toughest of Jedi pilots without even coming close to passing out.

Given Padme toughness and powers in her stronger form, with her hammer in the cockpit, behind her seat, Obiwan and Anakin were not worried if a problem arose. With Padme's speed and swift reflexes, she could do an emergency escape, and fly to the ground with her hammer, even if the starfighter's ejector system did not work.

Though, even with all these advantages, Padme was still nowhere near skilled enough, nor experienced enough to come close to defeating Obiwan, let along Anakin, in a mock starfighter dogfight. With the mock dogfight using ship targeting systems to confirm a defeat.

So, while Padme has proven to be skilled enough to fly a starfighter without a problem, Anakin and Obiwan were not going to send her into starfighter battle.


A few days after the Padme's first outdoor flying lesson with her hammer, it was the middle of the morning in the Jedi Temple. Inside the private training room that Obiwan and Anakin used to train Padme, the lights were on in the room, as Padme and Anakin were having a sparring match.

Presently, in the center of the room, Padme was in her normal form with the Black Solace vibro-katana in her hands. Though, the vibration mechanisms were turned off. Anakin was using a training lightsaber, which had a green blade, while trying not to use the force as they sparred. Both of them made a good attempt at only practicing with their raw swordsmanship skills.

Padme and Anakin were standing in the middle of a square grid made up of square, blue, cushioned mats. The mats were two and a half centimeters thick. The grid was eight meters long and eight meters wide.

Both Padme and Anakin were wearing brown training clothing. Padme was in training clothing and shoes for her normal form.

Both of them had worked up a sweat from sparring with each other.

Padme had reached a point where she was able to hold her own, in her normal form against Anakin, when Anakin was not using the force.

Around four meters away from Padme and Anakin, beyond the edge of the mats, Obiwan stood by the hammer. The weapon was set on its head.

Obiwan was silently watching the match, as he thought, with mild delight, 'Padme's swordsmanship skills are coming along nicely. I can tell that Anakin is barely holding back with his lightsaber skills. In a few weeks, she might be able to hold her own in a sword fight, with Anakin only holding back his force abilities and not holding back with his lightsaber abilities. Though, she still needs to work on the lightsaber forms we have been teaching her. And from what I have seen, her other katas do need work.'

'But, her raw skills are coming along fine. To the point, in her stronger form, with her enhanced physical abilities, with the hammer or the Black Solace against a lightsaber and force abilities, she could defeat a Jedi Knight in battle.'

Just then, through the force, Obiwan sensed two people enter the training room from the hallway entrance. He turned towards the two newcomers.

Anakin also sensed the two individuals. He took a step back from Padme, as he lowered his training lightsaber. He turned to look at those that had joined them.

Padme realized that the match was over. She looked around to see why. She quickly saw that it was because of the two visitors whom had entered the room.

The visitors were Mace Windu and Yoda. With Yoda sitting in his floating hover chair. Both were by the doors that had just slid closed behind them. Mace stood while Yoda had his hover chair float a meter in the air to Mace's left side.

Obiwan turned to Anakin and Padme. He noticed is two students had stopped sparring. He ordered, “Please continued sparring. I will be right back.”

Padme and Anakin looked at Obiwan. Then, they turned back to each other.

Anakin held up his training lightsaber in a offensive stance. He asked, “Ready?”

Padme held up the Black Solace in a defensive stance. She answered, “Ready.”

A few seconds, they began sparring.

Meanwhile, Obiwan turned and walked over to Mace and Yoda.

As Obiwan approached Mace and Yoda, he saw Yoda looking at him.

Meanwhile, Mace look out at the two combatants in the distance. Mace said, “I had my doubts about allowing her to have such a weapon as the Black Solace.” Mace turned to look at Obiwan, as he continued, “But, seeing the results of her training, I am glad we gave her such a gift.”

Obiwan came to a stop, in front of Mace and Yoda. He stated, “I agree. While she already has that double-side hammer. Which allows her to smash something, or hack away at something. And while that axe blade is sharp. It is not a refined instrument. At least with the Black Solace, she has the option to make more delicate cuts, while having a more graceful fighting style.”

Mace asked, “Point taken. And how long until she is finished with her basic training?”

Obiwan answered, “Barring any unforeseen difficulties. We should be done within our original timetable. A few weeks. A month at most.”

Yoda inquired, “How is young Amidala's state of mind during her training?”

Obiwan commented, “I have been making reports of her progress every day.”

Yoda said, “Difference between words from a data entry, and words from a teacher's mouth.”

Obiwan stated, “Well, Padme is a good student. I wish Anakin was as attentive as Padme is. She wants to learn. And she shows efforts in her progress. If she had been born sensitive in the force, I feel she would have made a great Jedi.”

Yoda commented, “While not a Jedi, she does now have much power.”

Obiwan responded, “True. And she been willingly to try to learn how to use discipline and skill with her new powers. She does not want to so much become more powerful, but to learn how to use the power she has to her fullest, without accidentally harming someone. Nor, damaging property.”

Yoda said, “A wise course of action to take.”

Mace commented, “I hope Anakin is not jealous of the attention you are giving Padme.”

Obiwan stated, “Quite the opposite. My apprentice actually enjoys helping me teach Padme. He does have a real skill for teaching. I look forward to when he reaches the rank of Jedi Master, and takes an apprentice of his own.”

Yoda said, “We had hoped you will feel that way. Such a role for young Skywalker may be sooner rather than later.”

Obiwan realized that Yoda was hinting at something. Obiwan asked, with concern, “What do you mean?”

Mace stated, “There has been some discussion, within the council, with this coming war that we are going to lose teachers. We have already lost a few on Geonosis. And we are looking into expanding our pool of teachers, so we do not see any padawan learners whom would make fine Jedi end up heading to the agrocorps.”

Obiwan realized what the two Jedi council members were inferring. He stated, “Anakin is only a padawan learner.”

Mace pointed out, “Only because you have held him back from taking the trials.”

Yoda said, “Likely ready he is.”

Mace explained, “The council would like to keep this quiet. But, we realize this could become a major issue if the war drags on. As such, we have been quietly talking to various Jedi Masters, along the few Jedi Knight teachers, concerning students we feel are ready for the trials. So the students can pass the trials and become Jedi Knights. Thus allowing us to assign them padawan learners of their own.”

Obiwan thought about what Anakin has said to him, about the death of Shmi Skywalker, and what Anakin did to the sand people responsible for his mother's death. He calmly said, “I can understand your views on this matter. But, I feel differently than the council on this matter. And as his teacher, it is my decision to decide when he is ready for the trials.”

Yoda said, “This is true. But, time has a way of passing us by if we do not act when the moment is right.”

Mace replied, “We will respect your wishes.” He then looked Padme and Anakin sparring. With Padme giving a respectable showing of her skills. He turned back to Obiwan. He said, “And concerning you other student. Given what you have said. It is unfortunate that one of the requirements to be a member of the Order is to use the force. Still we can honor her as an ally, and make it clear she is always welcome to turn to the Order for help.”

Obiwan stated, “That would likely be fine.”

Yoda commented on a topic that all three of them had thoughts about, but none of brought up. He inquired, “The question remains. What will happen once the Senator has finishes her training?”

Mace said, “Yes. The Chancellor may decide to try to make Senator Amidala his personal enforcer.”

Obiwan commented, “I highly doubt she would agree to that. And with her training I do not think the Chancellor would try to force her into such a position.”

Mace asked, “Then, where do you see her role in the coming war?”

Obiwan stated, “I was hoping to continue to work with her. She and Anakin seem to work well as a team.”

Mace pointed out, “They seem a little too close.”

Obiwan conceded, “Yes. But, I am keeping a watchful eye on them.”

Mace requested, “Please continue to do so.”

Obiwan responded, “I will. Still, if she is with us I can continue training her. I will be honest. I feel we have only scratched the surface of her true potential.”

Yoda replied, “I would agree.”

Mace requested, “Please keep us in the loop. We will discuss your suggestions on her further training under you, and placement in the war, with the rest of the Council.” He turned to Yoda. Then, he looked back toward Obiwan. He said, “Though, I believe we will seriously consider your requests.”

Obiwan gratefully replied, “Thank you.”

Obiwan then watched as Mace and Yoda turned around and headed to the doors to the training room.

When the two Jedi masters reached the doors, the doors automatically slid open.

Obiwan thought, 'I guess one of them used the force to open the door.'

After Mace and Yoda made their way into the hallway outside, the doors slid closed behind them.

Obiwan mentally reflected, 'Now to continued teaching my students.'

Obiwan turned around and walked back to his two students.

As Obiwan approached Padme and Anakin, both his students noticed him. They stopped sparring and they turned to look at him.

Obiwan came to a stop by the hammer, around four meters from Padme and Anakin.

Anakin asked, “What was that all about?”

Obiwan answered, “They just want to see how Padme here is progressing?

Padme inquired, “What were their thoughts on my progress?”

Obiwan smiled at Padme. He stated, “You are doing fine.” He thought, 'I will leave out what they said about Anakin. I do not need to trouble either of them any further. Besides, we have a busy morning ahead of us.'

Obiwan looked at both students, as he said, “Now Padme, I want you to change to your stronger form and continue sparring with Anakin while using the Black Solace. Though Anakin, I want to start using the force in both your lightsaber skills, and occasionally mix it up with a few force pushes.”

“Padme, you need more practice on how to handle quickly recovering from being thrown. I want to see you use the acrobatic moves we have been teaching you in both your landing and recovery charge. Also, be careful. I do not want you to accidentally harm yourself with the Black Solace. And use your gusts of wind. Especially when Anakin is using the force against you.”

“I want to see you try to push him away, pull him forward, to the sides, and even up and down. I will keep an eye out to prevent things getting out of hand.”

Padme said, “I will.”

While Padme held her sword with her right hand, away from her, to her right side, while she turned and walked away from the two men, over to a small auxiliary room, which she used to change her clothing for her normal form and stronger form. She had a set of clothing and shoes for her larger form in the auxiliary room.

When she reached the door, she used her left hand to press a panel by the door to open the door.

The door slid open. She pointed her sword downwardly in front of herself as she entered the room.

A few seconds later, the door slid closing behind her.

Obiwan turned to Anakin. He inquired, “Is that okay with you?”

Anakin turned to Obiwan. He stated, “I should be fine. I will be mindful, so I do not accidentally fall wrong.”

Obiwan said, “If I think things are about to go badly, I will use the force to stop the fight, and if need be catch both of you.”

Anakin replied, “That will be fine.”

Both men then turned to look at the door to the room that Padme had just entered.

A minute later, the door slid open and Padme walked out of the auxiliary room and into the training room. She wore some brown training clothing, including shirt, pants, and shoes. Though, this clothing and shoes were for her stronger form.

Padme used her right hand to hold her sword away from her, to her right side, as she was careful not to trip on her bigger shoes, which were currently loose on her feet.

When Padme reached the hammer, she used her left hand to grip the bottom end of the hammer, which was pointed up, and at her waist levels.

Then, Padme felt the energy form the hammer fill her, as she changed into her stronger form. With her body expanding a little bit to fill out her clothing.

As Padme walked over towards Anakin, Obiwan watched Padme. Obiwan stated, “Okay Padme. I want you to take an aggressive, offensive stance. Like the one we taught you a few days ago.”

Obiwan turned to Anakin. He said, “And Anakin, use a defensive stance.”

Obiwan turned to Padme, as he went onto say, “Padme. Anakin. The point of this exercise to get passed Anakin's defenses, and knock his lightsaber away from him, without harming him.”

“As a reminder, Padme. I know your physical abilities are fast enough to compensate for a someone using for the force to sense danger and let the force guide their body in battle. Even so, you can still be taken by surprise.”

By then, reached Padme has spot across from Anakin, on the mats. With her being three meters away from Anakin. She looked at Anakin, as Anakin looked at her. She turned to Obiwan, then back to Anakin. She stated, “No worries. Thy will be careful.”

Then, Padme took an aggressive stance that she was taught a few days ago. She faced Anakin with the left side of her body, as she held the hilt of her sword with both hands. She held up her weapon, to where the held at above right shoulder, and the blade continued along her body, across and in front of her eyes and left shoulder, with the edge of the weapon pointed at Anakin.

Padme turned her head to her left to see the Anakin's body was facing her.

Anakin was in a defensive stance, with the front of his body facing Padme. He held his training lightsaber with both his hands, at his waist level, pointed upwards and slightly away from himself.

Obiwan looked at his two students. He stood at attention, as he placed his hands behind his lower back, with him used his right hand to lightly grip his left wrist.

Obiwan stated, “Good. Both of your stances are correct.” He cracked a grin, as he continued, “Now, let us take this up a notch.” He firmly shouted, “Begin!”

Padme swiftly advanced on Anakin, with the blades of the two combatants' weapons clashing as the sparing match began.


As Padme continued to train, she made a few more suggestions in her training that Obiwan and Anakin supported.


As weeks passed by Padme's training began to show results.

In the mornings, her gym working outs were toning her body.

While she already was in a good physical shape before she started, she could not bench press her body way. And she her muscle tone allowed her to look great. Though, she did not have a muscular, but a well toned slender build.

As Padme got off the bench press, in her normal for, Anakin and Obiwan were present.

Anakin could tell there was muscle tone under Padme's clothing. He complimented, “Padme. You look great.”

Padme smiled at Anakin. She happily replied, “Thank you, Anakin.”


After her normal training was done. She changed clothing to her stronger form's training clothing. And she used the hammer to change into her stronger form.

As Padme began doing reps under the AT-TE Republic walker, she thought, 'This walker feels half as heavy as it did when I first started training. Which likely means I am probably now twice as strong as when I started. I am unsure how to feel about that. Though, as long as I can control this strength in this form I do not mind being stronger.'


As Padme's physical strength increased in her stronger form as her normal form became stronger, as her other physical abilities increased in her normal form, the increase in skill was magnified in her stronger form.

In the section of the gym with the matted floors and walls, Padme was in her stronger form doing acrobatics. She was having no difficulty dodging two dozen hovering remotes that were trying to hit her. She reached a point where, one by one, while jumping around in the air, she pulled on of the balls from the air, kissed it, and threw it to the ground, causing the collusion sensors in the remote to disable it.

When she was done, she landed on her feet to hear the sound of clapping. She turned to see Anakin and Obiwan looking at her, as they clapped. With Anakin more gently clapping, as he had the remote to the hovering balls in his right hand.

Anakin was standing to Obiwan's left side. The hammer was set on the floor on hits side to Anakin's right side.

As they stopped clapping, Obiwan causally said, “Not bad.”

Anakin looked at Obiwan, then to Padme. He stated, “I think you did great.”

Padme smiled at them, as she lightly giggled at their responses.


During sparring matching between Padme and Anakin, Padme was in her normal form, and Anakin was not using the force. More often than not, Padme started winning the matches, with Anakin finding himself on his back on the matted floor.

Obiwan silently watched this from a few meters away.

While Anakin was laying on his back on the back, after Padme has beaten him in hand to hand sparring, he saw Padme looking down at him.

Padme asked, “Are you okay?”

Anakin responded, “Yea. I don't mind being in this position when it is with you.”

Padme giggled a little from Anakin's response. As they shared a private joke that Obiwan realized he was not in on.


While Padme's skills increased, her hand to hand and melee weapons training was changed by Obiwan to adjust to her increasing skill levels.

Though, Padme continued to improve in her skills.

Currently, Padme sparred with Anakin in her normal form, with her using the hammer, or the Black Solace, against Anakin's green bladed training lightsaber, without Anakin using the force.

Padme began winning about a third of the matches.

When Padme practiced sparring in her stronger form, with her weapons, and her gusts of wind abilities, against Anakin, and sometimes Obiwan. During these sparring matches, her opponent used a training lightsaber and the force to grip, pull, and push Padme about. Around a third of the time Padme won the match, with her opponent weapon being knocked out of their hand, or they stopped when it was clear that Padme broken through her opponent's defenses.

Still, everyone was careful not to harm each anyone, and everyone was fine with losing, as long as they learned from the experience.

During one sparring session, Padme was, in her normal form, as she used the Black Solace against Obiwan, whom was using a training lightsaber, with a red blade.

Padme had earlier retrieved the Black Solace and scabbard from her the armor she could summon with her stronger form. Though, the Black Solace was not turned on.

While Obiwan did not use the force, he found that Padme had reached the point she could spar against his own swordsmanship skills for several minutes without any serious difficulty.

Afterward, as Obiwan took a breather, Padme then changed into her large clothing and she used the hammer, which was nearby, to change into her stronger form.

When she returned, she used the hammer to spare with Anakin, with Anakin using a training lightsaber, with a green blade.

Padme's enhanced physical reflexes and basic elemental powers against Anakin's lightsaber skills and his basic force abilities.

Though, both Padme and Anakin were holding back on their more destructive and dangerous powers and abilities.

While Obiwan watched the spectacle, he saw that Padme was holding her own against Anakin giving his all in his skills with a lightsaber.

After ten minutes of them sparring to a draw, Obiwan called the match so they could move on to the next part of Padme's training.

Next, Padme used her the Black Solace in her right hand as she held the bottom end of the shaft of her hammer with her left hand. Though, she did not turn on the vibro-katana.

The reason why Padme had her sword in her right hand and the hammer in the left hand was that her main sword hand was her right hand. As such she got more out of this two handed fighting style by using the more graceful sword in her right hand. Padme used the hammer in her left hand to assist her sword and anchor herself from force attacks.

As the next part of Padme's training began. This was a different sparring match than the ones she had just finished.

Though, this was a type of sparring match she had been doing every day for the last few weeks. During this match, Obiwan and Anakin each used a training lightsaber, as they advanced on her from opposite directions.

Obiwan was using his red bladed training lightsaber, as Anakin used his green bladed training lightsaber. With Obiwan and Anakin also using the force to enhance their lightsaber skills and physical abilities, against Padme's own enhanced physical abilities and skills. Padme pressed to hold her own against both combatants, as she dual wielded both her weapons. But, she was able to hold her own for ten minutes.

When Obiwan saw on a nearby wall clock that it has been ten minutes, he took a step back from the match.

Both Padme and Anakin noticed this. They immediately stopped sparring. They turned to Obiwan.

Obiwan looked at his two students. He stated, “That will be enough.”

Obiwan held his training lightsaber in his right hand. He turned off the practice weapon.

Obiwan turned to Padme. He commented, “You have done well, Padme.”

Anakin looked at Padme. He complimented, “You are coming along nicely.”

Obiwan mentioned, “You would mostly likely now be able to handle a Jedi Knight. And you could give a few Jedi Masters a workout.”

Padme looked at her two friends. She gratefully replied, “Thank you.”

Obiwan stated, “Now that you have reached this point, I would like to try to train you in something else.”

Padme asked, “What do thee have in mind?”

Obiwan stated, “I believe that in your stronger form, with what you have already learning, you might be able to deflect blaster fire. I would like see if that is the case.”

Anakin smiled, as he commented, “So would I. Given we know blaster fire will not harm you, I see no reason not to test this theory out.”

Padme cracked a grin, as she happily said, “Sounds like fun.”


Several minutes later, after some preparation for the blaster fire test, Obiwan and Anakin tested Padme, to see if in her stronger form, with her enhanced reflexes and speed, combined with her training, that she could use the hammer, or the Black Solace vibro-katana, to deflect blaster fire.

Results were mixed. Padme was able to deflect incoming fire from a single blaster weapon. But, once there were five or more blasters being fired, she could not keep up. But, since Padme's stronger form could handle blaster fire, with her body channeling the energy from the blasters hits into arcs of electricity, this issue was a minor concern for Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan.


Padme's efforts extended beyond her training. As Padme trained to be a soldier in the morning, she worked as a Senator in the afternoon.

Though, Padme and Bail had kept their actions quiet, they had their small group of Senators start putting out feelers within the Senate membership for opposition to the war. They found that there was a substantial number of Senators that support the idea of ending the war. Though, Padme and Bail realized that it was not the right time to act. That acting too soon would likely politically backfire on them.


After more days of practice, Padme was in her stronger form, with her hammer in her right hand, stood on the top level, in the middle of one of the sides of the Jedi Temple plateau, near one of the parapets if the outer edge. She held up her hammer in her right hand.

Anakin and Obiwan were behind her. Anakin was to Obiwan's right side. With their backs to the parapet. All three adults looked out at the plateau.

Anakin and Obiwan were amazed at the amount of control Padme was displaying in use of her weather powers as she pushed herself in her abilities.

To the nearest quarter of the plateau to their right was a tornado that stayed in place.

To the nearest quarter to their left was a small storm of rain, with no wind, nor lighting.

Behind storm, was a separate small storm, that was only produced lighting, that was hitting every red flag and nothing else. Not a drop of rain was seen in that corner.

In the far right quarter, they could see a separate storm from the other two storms. This storm produced icy hail they size of fists, sheering winds, and lightning, with the lightning only hit the flags. And the wind always curved back towards the quarter, without producing a tornado.

After ten minutes of this, Obiwan calmly requested, “This is enough, Padme.”

Padme raised her hammer, and swiftly dispersed all four small weather patterns without showing any signs of difficulty.

After the weather dispersed back to a sunny day over the Jedi Temple, Padme lowered the hammer to her right side. She then turned around to look at Obiwan and Anakin, as the two men looked back at her.

Obiwan said, “Padme. As far as I am concerned, you have mastered your weather abilities.” Obiwan thought, 'And as I expected, you did not do any real damage to the gardens and shrines.'

Anakin commented, “I agree.”

Padme smiled, as she replied, “Thank you.”

Anakin then realized something, as he stated, “Something just occurred to me. Padme, if we are not careful the agrocrops might demand we share you with them?”

Obiwan said, “That is a good point.”

Padme asked, “What are the Agrocrops?”

Obiwan answered, “The Agricultural Corps. Agrocorps, for short. The Agrocorps is an organization controlled by the Jedi Order. The Agrocorps is where those that fail to become a Jedi are sent to become farmers and builders. Though, a failed initiate can decline to become a member of the Agrocorps as long as they promise to use what they have learned for peace. But, the Jedi will hold them to their promise.”

Padme replied, “Okay.” Though, Padme was troubled by learning this, she did not say anything more on the matter.


The next day, Padme was in her normal form, as she was on the treadmill, on an even level. She ran while not allowing her hands to touch the bars beside her.

Obiwan and Anakin stood by and watched her run in place on the machine.

An hour later, Padme in her stronger had reached the point that having her running in a smooth loop in around the park nearby was no longer what Padme and her teachers considered to be training. She would not be running on even ground on the battlefield.

So, a week ago, Padme made a suggestion which Obiwan and Anakin agreed with. That suggestion being she start running wide loops around the plaza of the Jedi Temple.

While the various platforms around the Jedi Temple could be walked on from one to another, they were uneven, like plates stacked on top of each other and even beside each other. This was due to plaza being one surface build over on top of the previous surface of the plaza over the millennia. These repairs were done for various reasons, ranging from use, elemental wearing, and even damage from a few battles.

The uneven terrain of the Jedi Temple plaza provided a challenge for Padme, as she tried to run full out without tripping. She had done this for over a week, with her alternating between going around the Jedi Temple clockwise and counterclockwise. The reverse paths created different obstacles for her.

Padme was also careful not to hit anyone walking outside of the Jedi Temple.

Those Jedi assigned to guard the entrances to the Jedi Temple found the side of Padme running in almost a blur to be amusing.

Presently, it was a clear sunny morning as Padme, in her stronger form, was running clockwise around the Jedi Temple, in a wide arc.

Padme was in her brown training clothing. And she had on a new pair of running shoes.

The hammer was set by one of the doors to the southern entrance of the Jedi Temple door. She passed by every the hammer every two minutes. She knew she was passing by the southern doors because she could sense where the hammer was. This was further confirm as she passed because the Republic walker she used to do reps, which was parked on the southern side of the Jedi Temple plaza.

As Padme ran, she made the turn of the corner to the western side of the Jedi Temple. She cracked a grin, as an idea begin to form in her mind. With her enhanced sight, she could clearly see what was going on through the temple's windows. Even the high ones. And She realized was in at the proper side and angle to pull off her idea on the two people she had in mind. As long as she took action at the proper angle, she could pull off her plan.

Instead of continuing the large circle, Padme started running away from the Jedi Temple. She passed by the visitors parking lot to her right side. When she neared the edge of the plaza, where the drop off into one of the city canyons were, she began to make an arc into a curve. At the apex of the arc, she turned completely around, to where she was running across the plaza, directly towards the middle of the Jedi Temple. Though, she veered her angle to her right towards the side of the Jedi Temple to her right side.

An hour ago, Obiwan walked over to the tread and pushed a button to start the treadmill to begin slowly lifting the front of itself, creating a continually increasing angle for Padme to run up towards. This made it increasingly harder for her to run.

An hour later, Padme continued to smile, as she came closer to the Jedi Temple. When she was close enough, she did a running jump towards the lower end of the temple wall to the right of the middle flat surface. She was aiming for the steep slope.

An hour ago, as the angle of the treadmill increase, Padme's breathing increased, as she put more effort into her run. Though, she did not complain.

An hour later, Padme saw herself pass close to the outer staircase to her left. A few seconds later, Padme landed near the bottom of the steep sloop wall.

Right before landing, Padme used her arms and hands, like hydraulic shocks, to soften her landing. Though, the inertia did push her towards the wall.

As the inertia of the landing decreased to nothing, she found gravity begin to slowly begin to pull her down the steep sloop.

Though Padme intentionally did not create a handhold into the wall to stop her slide. Because this would damage the outer wall. Instead, she used raw friction, as she placed the flat of her hands, and the front bottom part of the soles of her shoes to push herself up.

For every ten steps she made with her hands and feet, one step gain traction. Then, two steps out of ten gained traction. Then, three steps out of ten gained traction. Before she knew it, she gained traction with each step she took.

And with her enhanced abilities, as she climbed, she got faster and faster, while she made her way to the plateau of the temple.

Soon she was running up the slope on just her two feet.

An hour ago, Padme continued her running, but the angle of the slope reached a point that she was having problems focusing.

Padme lead out a small grunting roar, as she she force herself to continue to run.

Padme's spirit was willing, but her body was about to give out.

Obiwan and Anakin sensed this. Obiwan immediately stepping up to the control panel of the treadmill. He swiftly set the incline to decrease, as the treadmill itself also began to slow, to allow Padme to taper down her running to a slow walk. Because immediately stopping from a full run was unhealthy.

An hour later, Padme was at full speed by the time she almost reached the top of the plateau.

When she reached the top, she did another running jump.

The apex of the jump was going to take her right beside the Jedi Temple's main tower, to her left side, with her passing by the windows of the pinnacle chamber room at the top of the town. Just as she planned.


At that moment, the Jedi High Council was in session. Due to the start of the Clone Wars, as it was being called, as an added layer of security, the council was meeting in the pinnacle chamber room at the top of the central tower spire that morning, instead of the High Council Tower on the southwest side of the temple.

It was decided that the Jedi High Council would alternate their meeting place every day to decrease the chance of someone attempting to take out the Jedi High Council in a targeted attack.

In that past, the Jedi High Council had met in this room. Though, it was a rare occurrence.

The room was laid out like the Jedi High Council chamber, with chairs set around the edge of the room.

Most of the council members were broadcasting holograms in their assigned seats by holo-comm. Though, Yoda and Mace Windu were in person. Yoda sat in his hover chair was set on the floor, and the hover chair was set directly to the right side of the chair Mace was sitting in.

Presently, most of the council members across the room from Yoda and Mace was communicated by holo-comm from their chairs. The council member was speaking about the upcoming war and how the Jedi count aid the Republic war effort.

While Yoda and Mace were listening to another Jedi council member speak, they saw Padme, in her stronger form, pass by from outside the window in across the room, from their right to their left.

Padme was in her brown training clothing.

The wind whipped her long loose blond hair behind her, as she had her head turned to her left to face them. She had a wide smile on her lips with a gleefully excited expression her face. She used her right hand to do a little wave towards Yoda and Mace, to show that she saw them.

Due to the boldness of Padme planning this stunt, the sheer brazenness of her attempting this stunt, and the awesomeness of her pulling off the stunt, caused both Yoda and Mace's eyes to go wide, as their jaws to drop, at what they had just seen.

But, it seemed the rest of the council members missed seeing the stunt. Or, they were wise enough to keep quiet and not react to Padme's stunt.

A few seconds later, the council member whom had been speaking noticed Yoda and Mace's reaction. The council member stopped their speech. The council member asked, “Master Yoda? Master Windu? Are you alright?”

The inquiry brought Mace and Yoda back to the present. Both Jedi Masters look at each other. Then, they quickly composed themselves, as they turned to the Jedi Council member whom had asked about their welfare.

Mace quickly said, “It is nothing.”

Yoda requested, “Please. Carry on.”

The Jedi council member whom had made the inquiry responded, “Moving forward...” The council member resumed to talk about the upcoming war, and what the Jedi could do for the Republic war effort.


Meanwhile, outside above the Jedi Temple, Padme looked in front of herself as she began to her descent. Her fell went according to she plans. She was going to start of really fall after she passed the rest of the Jedi Temple and the outer staircase on eastern side of the Jedi Temple. But, it was not going to be a steep decline. Instead, the angle of her fall was more of a gentle glide path to the ground.

When Padme came closer to the ground. She did as Obiwan and Anakin taught her. She used her body to go into a forward roll. When she landed, she landed on her back, with her tucking her head in her chest and rolling onto her right shoulder, while keeping the momentum continuing as she rolled, decreasing the chance of her stronger form being hurt.

Padme continued two full rolls on the ground of the plaza. Then, she used her speed and reflexes to come out of the roll on her feet, in a slight run. She quickly slowed to a walk, until she came to a full stop.

Padme turned around and she looked over at the Jedi Temple in the distance.

Padme jumped around a meter, as she yelled in excitement, “Yes!” After she landed on her feet, she began to laugh, as she danced around where she had been standing.


At that moment, from the top level inside the tower on the southeastern corner of the Jedi Temple, Anakin and Obiwan stood next to each other.

They stood in the anti-chamber outside of the chamber for the Council of Reconciliation. Though, the Council of Reconciliation was not in session.

Anakin stood to Obiwan's left side.

They had been watching Padme run around the Temple, and they had just watched Padme pulled her little stunt on the Jedi High Council. Then, they saw Padme make a near perfect landing on the eastern side of the Jedi Temple plaza.

Presently, while they watched Padme dance, Obiwan commented, “She is as ready as she is going to be.”

Anakin looked down in the distance at Padme. He stated, “I agree. I guess we now all have to talk with the Chancellor?”

Obiwan said, “Yes. It might be best if you contact him.”

Anakin responded, “I will. I can probably get an appointment tomorrow morning. I will make sure to include us in the meeting. And maybe Master Yoda and Master Windu. Depending on if they have time to come.”

Obiwan commented, “That is a good idea. Once we have the time of the meeting, I will check with them later, when I inform them that Padme has completed her training to the point we feel she can handle herself in the field.”

Anakin said, “That is a good idea. I will go called the Chancellor right now. In a little while we will tell her that she is ready.” He smiled, as he continued, “Though, for right now I suggest we let her dance. She has earned the right to celebrate. Even if it is only for a little while.”

Obiwan smiled as well. He replied, “I fully agree.”

Anakin dropped his smile, as he stated, “Good. Because what is coming will be hard for all of us. Still, do you think Padme is going to get any flack for that stunt she just pulled with the council?”

Obiwan responded, “Nah. The council maybe sticks in the mud. Most of the time. But, most of them have a good sense humor. Especially, when that humor is displayed while doing an impressive feat.”

Anakin commented, “Well that was inventive and impressive. She is going to be handful in the field.” Anakin's lips curled into a grin, as he continued, “And I am so looking forward to it.”


Half an hour later, Padme made her way back to the Jedi Temple. She took her time walking around to the Southern entrance to the Jedi Temple.

When she reached the large open doors the entrance, she looked over to where she had set the hammer was set against the nearby wall to her right. As she continued walking towards the entrance to the temple, she held out her right hand and the hammer flew into her hand. She closed her hand over the shaft and held the hammer to the side, with the head pointed towards her front.

Padme turned towards the entrance and she noticed Anakin and Obiwan walking walking towards her from inside the Temple, with Anakin to Obiwan's right side.

Padme walked up to her to friends. She and her two friends came to a stop a few meters apart.

Padme asked, “So what is next?”

Obiwan smiled, as said, “Well, I have some good news.” He looked over Anakin. He turned back to look at Padme. He stated, “We believe you have now completed your training.”

Padme realized, as she inquired, “Thee saw what thy did a little while ago?”

Anakin commented, “Don't worry. You are fine. But, it is proof that you have reached a new level in your skills.”

Padme responded, “Thank you. So, thy truly has completed the training.”

Obiwan said, “Yes. At least for this part. But, I would like the opportunity to further train you.”

Anakin stated, “I would love to train with you some more.”

Padme commented, “Thou would welcome such training. Though, thy expected more excitement and celebration in completing thou's training.”

Obiwan dryly said, “You danced enough for all of us.”

Padme had an embarrassed expression on her face, as she questioned, “Thee saw that too?”

Anakin answered “Yes. But, don't worry. You did fine.”

Padme took on a more calm expression, as she replied, “Okay.”

Obiwan stated, “But, there is another matter.” He turned to Anakin.

Anakin noticed this. Anakin looked at Obiwan. Anakin turned to Padme. Anakin said, “Given your training is now over, we have to talk with the Chancellor about your assignment. I already contacted him. We will be meeting with the Chancellor, in his office, at nine hundred in the morning.”

Obiwan turned to Padme. Obiwan said, “It is our hope we will be able to be assigned to work together. I have spoken to some of the council members. They are open to such an arrangement.”

Padme commented, “Thy believes we can convince the Chancellor to agree to such an arrangement.”

Obiwan replied, “We hope so.”

Anakin mentioned, “Also, we may have one or two other people joining up. Depending on their schedules.”

Padme guessed, “Master Yoda? And Master Windu?”

Anakin complimented, “Good guess.”

Padme said, “If they can come. Good. If now, we can handle the situation.”

Anakin replied, “My thoughts exactly.”

Obiwan suggested, “Now that this is settle. Let us go celebrate your completing your training while having an early lunch. We will also discuss possible alibis we can use to help maintain your cover as a senator when you are in the field.”

Padme agreed, “That is a good idea.”

Anakin replied, “Sure. I have a few ideas on that matter.”

The three friends then headed into the temple to get some lunch.

After lunch, Padme went the gym. She changed into her normal form. She then cleaned herself in the women's showers. Afterward, when to the women's changing room she changed into the clothing she would be wearing to the Senate Building. She also collected her items in her locker into a cloth bag she had. Once she was done, she headed out of the gym with the hammer in her right hand and the bag's two top handles in her left hand.

Padme headed to her speeder vehicle, which was located in the visitors parking lot on the western side of the Jedi Temple.

Given her training was over, she took the hammer with her. Once she reached her speeder vehicle, she when to her apartment. Once there, she left her items and the hammer in her apartment. Then, Padme piloted her speeder vehicle to the Senate Building to resume her senatorial duties for the day.

Fortunately, Padme found that she had an uneventful day at the Senate.


The next morning, at nine hundred, Padme, Anakin, Obiwan, and Mace, met with Chancellor Palpatine, in the Chancellor's office, near the top of the Galactic Senate Building.

Chancellor Palpatine was in his usual dark robes, with him wearing his dark cloth suit underneath his robe.

Padme was in her normal form. She wore a simple blue dress and blue flat soled slippers. She had left the hammer in her apartment.

The Jedi were in their usual clothing and robes.

Presently, the four adults had just been allowed to enter Palpatine's office. Walked through the office, passed the two republic guards, up the center staircases, onto the upper platform, to sit in the four chairs in front of Palpatine desk.

From right to left. On the far right side sat Padme. To Padme's left was Anakin. To Anakan's left was Obiwan. And to Obiwan's left was Mace.

The chairs were in a semicircle around the front of the desk. With those sitting in the chairs allowed to see the sunny day outside, of the cityscape, through the windows in front of them, passed the desk and the Chancellor.

Meanwhile, Palpatine sat in his chair, behind his desk, as he faced the four adults.

After everyone got comfortable, Palpatine noticed something. He calmly inquired, “Before we get started. I was wondering. I would think that Master Yoda would want to attend this meeting as well?”

Mace stated, “Grandmaster Yoda does wish to attend. We are still make preparations on assigning Jedi to the military for the war, and Grandmaster Yoda desires to oversee these assignments.”

Palpatine responded, “I fully understand.” He looked over at Padme. He commented, “Now to the heart of the matter.” He turned to Mace. He questioned, “Has the Senator completed her training?”

Mace looked at Obiwan. He saw Obiwan had noticed this. Mace then turned back to Palpatine. Mace stated, “Senator Amidala still needs some training. But, Master Kenobi believes she is ready. And the Council will take Master Kenobi's word that she can now handle herself in battle.”

Palpatine lips curled into a small smile, as he commented, “There is always room for improvement.” He turned to Padme. He continued, “Still, there is the matter of where you will be assigned? And what your assignment roles will be? I can see many possibilities.” He looked at those sitting in front of him, as he went on to say, “Though given the work the Jedi have done in training you. And you own efforts, Senator Amidala. I would like all of your input on this matter before any firm decisions are made?”

Obiwan stated, “Chancellor. We have already discussed this matter. We feel that given Padme has been such a wonderful student. And there is much potential we have left untapped. My student and I would like to continue to work with her between assignments. And if possible, the three of us would like to be assigned as a team.”

Palpatine commented, “I can see the merits in that.” He turned to Anakin. He asked, “Am I correct in assuming that as you have sparred with the Senator, in her much more... powerful form, that you have become more powerful?”

Anakin answered, “Yes. I have.” He turned Obiwan. He continued, “So as my master.” He turned to Palpatine. He went onto say, “Also, as we have sparred with the Senator, our fight skills have also improved. My master and I are now much stronger and faster than we were before we began training Padme.” He turned to Padme, as he commented, “Though, nowhere near as strong and fast as the Senator can be.”

Anakin and Padme shared a glance. They both turned back to look at Palpatine.

Palpatine noticed this. Palpatine's smile became slightly wider. Palpatine softly said, “Wonderful.” He stated, in a more normal tone of voice, “Well, why settle for one powerful individual, when one can have a team of powerful individuals.” Palpatine turned to Anakin. He continued, “Jedi Skywalker here. Whose force potential is one of the highest known.” Palpatine looked around the group in front of him. He said, “I can see a very powerful team forming. One that will bring the most out of everyone involved. Still, I need to ask...” He focused on Padme. He inquired, “Senator Amidala. Is this what you want?”

Padme look over at her friends. She turned back to look at Palpatine. She firmly answered, “Yes. I feel that working with Master Kenobi and Jedi Skywalker would produce the best results concerning my actions in aiding the war effort.”

Palpatine stated, “Fine. Then, it is settled.” He looked a the group, as he stated, “As far as I am concerned, you three will be allowed to work together and go on missions together.” He turned to Obiwan. He continued, “Though, between the three of you, Master Kenobi will be the one with the field command.”

Obiwan said, “Thank you.”

Palpatine replied, “You are welcome.” He looked at Padme and Anakin. He continued, “You have managed to keep these to two in line. I believe you can continue to do so.” He turned to Mace. He stated, “Given two-thirds of this team will be Jedi, I will allow the Council to assign where they will be transferred and their missions.” He looked at Padme. He said, “Though, I will reserve the right to send the Senator on personal errands I may have for her.” He turned to Mace. He commented, “From time to time.”

Mace had a neutral expression on his face. He said, in a calm tone of voice, “Chancellor. This will be acceptable.”

Palpatine turned Padme, as he inquired, “Now, my dear, Amidala. Before we continued, There is another matter we need to clarify. That being what we shall publicly call that exquisite other form you have?”

Padme inquired, “What do you mean?”

Palpatine stated, “For the war effort. Such power should not be hidden. And the press can be a very powerful instrument in the proper hands. My public relations team is practically salivating at the chance to work with you. Though, not to worry. They do not know who you really are. All they know is that the Republic military is about to field a very powerful individual for the war effort, whom is not a Jedi.” He turned to the Jedi in the room, as he said, “No offense intended.”

Palpatine saw Obiwan was trying hard not to roll his eyes. Anakin was trying hard not to sigh. And Mace's face was unreadable and firm.

Mace flatly said, “None taken. Chancellor.”

Padme replied, “Thank you for your discretion.”

Palpatine turned to Padme. He happily said, “It is quite alright.” He continued, in a humorous tone of voice, “I would think with the forces you have at your command that after a few victories the entirety of Separatist movement would be quaking in their boots. Thing can be useful to both boosting our morale, and decimate theirs.”

Padme hid her emotions, as she thought, 'I should have realized that I would be used as a propaganda tool. But, at this point there is nothing I can do about it. Besides, the Chancellor might be right. And such propaganda could be used to end the war sooner.'

Padme admitted, “I did not think about it that way.”

Obiwan commented, “As much as I can appreciate such political PR tactics, Senator Amidala here has put a lot of effort into her training. I would hate for all that work to be wasted by her being paraded around, instead taking meaningful actions in this war.”

Padme said, “Chancellor. Please understand. I worked hard so that I could help people. Not to be a show piece for propaganda purposes.”

Palpatine responded, “Of course. Not worry. I plan to use you to your fullest. We will just schedule for those times when you are not busy.”

Padme grimly thought, 'Meaning. I will be busy with the press. When I return to Coruscant, you will try to make me so busy that I will not be able to do anything else. Though, I can play that game as well.'

Padme stated, “As long as it does not interfere with my senatorial duties, nor the duties I will be having when I am using the hammer.”

Palpatine diplomatically said, “We will find a balance to the situations.”

Padme stated, “That will be fine.” She thought, 'This is the best I can hope from him.'

Palpatine said, “Still, back to the topic at hand. We need a code name for you. So, we can have the public relations provide reports to the press on your exploits without revealing who you are. Thus preventing any accidental situations which may endanger you, and your loved ones.”

Padme thought, 'You have a point there.' She stated, “After all these death marks, I can fully support having some anonymity. But, I never put much thought concerning this matter. And I am very simple when it comes to names.”

Palpatine looked around the room, as he inquired, “Any suggestions?”

Anakin suggested, “How about, Thunder?”

Palpatine casually replied, “Too plain.”

Mace inquired, “How about, Hero of the Republic?”

Palpatine stated, “Too broad. I plan for there to be many heroes of the Republic.”

Obiwan suggested, “How about, Thor? As a tribute and an honor towards whomever that hammer previously belonged too.”

Palpatine's lips curled into a smile, as he said, “I like it. No one has heard of this, Thor. It is rare name. But, the name has that sort of commanding presence which some names muster.” He turned to Padme, as he inquired, “What are you thoughts, Senator Amidala?”

Everyone in the room turned to look at Padme.

Padme noticed this. She replied, “It is as good a name as any.”

Palpatine stated, “Fine. It is settled. When you use the power of that hammer of yours, you will go by the code name, Thor.”

Anakin commented, “I wonder if we might want to also give a name to our team?”

Palpatine turned to Mace. He commented, “I believe I will leave that up to the Jedi Council?”

Mace stated, “Technically speaking. When two or more Jedi are sent on a mission that will involve violence. We consider them to be a strike team. When Master Kenobi and Padawan Skywalker are sent to such missions, their designation is, Jedi Strike Team Eighty-Six.” He turned to Padme. He continued, “We will just add Senator Amidala to that team designation.” Mace turned back to Palpatine.

Palpatine commented, “That will work.”

Obiwan turned to Palpatine, as he pointed out, “Chancellor. While this has not been readily discussed between the Jedi and yourself. There is the matter of how Padme, as... Thor, will fit into the chain of command, for the Army of the Republic. Whom will she directly answer too?”

Palpatine turned to Obiwan. He stated, “A good question, Master Kenobi.” He looked over at Padme, as he commented, “Since you have been trained by the Jedi. And there is trust between you and the Order. I believe it would be best if orders, mission briefings and reports when through the Jedi High Council. Though, in the full chain of command, you will answer to me. Though, the Jedi High Council will act as a go between. Unless I desire to directly contact you.”

Mace raised an eyebrow, as he stated, “Chancellor. I am surprised that you would make such a suggestion. I would have expected you to request that the Senator directly report to you.”

Palpatine turned to Mace. He pointed out, in a casual tone of voice, “Well, dear Master Windu. My reasons are simple. You will already handle her assignments and missions, along side Master Kenobi and Jedi Skyalkwer. And the Jedi have a long history of reigning in powerful individuals.”

Mace shrugged, as he conceded, “You have a point there.”

Padme realized, as she thought, 'While I am not against this, there could be a problem with this arrangement.' She stated, “Given I am a Senator. I do not like having to report through the Jedi. Due to possible conflicts of interest. Though, because of the circumstances I will do so.”

Palpatine turned to Padme. He said, “My dear. We all make sacrifices. But, this chain of command will in no way to effect your duties as a senator. You can vote and support anything you desire within the Senate.”

Padme said, “Thank you, Chancellor.” She thought, 'I wonder how much he knows of what Bail and I are up to. We have been careful. But, he has spies almost everywhere. Still, if he wanted me out of the Senate, he could have made me resign over the matter of working for the military. If he had wanted too. And it is too late to quit now.'

Mace stated, “She still needs a rank. Being a private, or even a captain, with that much power does not seem right.”

Palpatine looked over towards Mace. He commented, “I fully agree.” He turned to Padme, as he continued, “While you do not have military training, you do have leadership experience. And given you will be working with the Jedi. Whom are given the rank of Commander to General to High General. I believe it would be best to give you the rank of General. Though, this will not be a command rank.”

Padme asked, “Meaning?”

Palpatine answered, “You will not be able to issue orders. But, those at your rank, or lower, will not be able to issue orders to you.”

Mace said, “I support this idea.” He turned to Padme, as he stated, “You are not trained to be an officer. But this way will prevent chain of command issues from becoming a problem. You can be ordered to do something by a High General, a Fleet Admiral, or the Chancellor. But, not by anyone of a lower rank than this. Though, a General, a Admiral, or the Chancellor can be assigned by a higher ranking officer to issue you commands. Such as what he has already done in putting Master Kenobi in charge of both Padawan Skywalker and yourself.”

Padme stated, “I understand. I will brush up on my knowledge of military etiquette and insignias, so I do not make the mistake of whose rank is whose.”

Palpatine said, “A wise idea.”

Mace commented, “Please do. And for the most part, you will be answering to Obiwan.”

Obiwan looked at Padme, as he said, “I believe that Anakin will have the rank of Commander.”

Palpatine looked at Obiwan, then to Anakin. Palpatine saw Anakin looked at him. The Chancellor stated, “Actually. I personally signed the executive order making Jedi Skywalker here a General of the Republic Army.” He turned to Anakin. He continued, “I believe that the experience you have you can handle the rank and responsibilities that come with the rank.”

Palpatine turned toward Obiwan. He commented, “I believe that Master Kenobi would agree with me.”

Anakin also turned to look at Obiwan.

Obiwan stated, “I see no reason that Anakin cannot handle the rank.” He thought, 'And I will be there in case there are problems.'

Anakin said, “Thank you.” He thought, 'And at least Padme will not out rank me. As a padawan, I would have only been assigned the rank of Commander at most. Later on this could have caused both of us problems.'

Palpatine replied, “You are welcome.”

Padme and Anakin then looked at each other. They shared a smile.

Padme focused on her friends. She inquired, “And what are your ranks? Master Kenobi? Master Windu?”

Obiwan answered, “Master Windu is a High General. That rank is reserved for Jedi High Council members. While Knights and Masters, such as myself, hold the rank of General.”

Palpatine noticed Mace crack a grin at the mention of his new rank. Though, the Chancellor remained silently on the matter.

Mace turned to Obiwan, Anakin, and Padme. He stated, “Though, Master Kenobi will be given command over both of you. I have discussed this matter with the council. And we agreed to this appointment.” He turned to Palpatine, as he continued, “And since the Chancellor supports the move of you working with us, Senator Amidala.” He turned back to Obiwan, Anakin, and Padme, as he went onto say, “As the Chancellor stated. Master Kenobi here will your direct commanding officer. For the both of you.”

No one noticed Palpatine slightly smile at hearing that Anakin and Padme would be working together.

Obiwan turned to look at Padme and Anakin. He stated, “Since we will be working closely together. For the both of you. I guess, not only am I your teacher, but your commanding officer. And technically, if you disobey my orders, I can have you court-martialed. Though, I have no desire to do so. And given how much power you have, I expect if either of you did disobey my orders you will have a very good reason for doing so.”

Padme promised, “I won't let you down.”

Obiwan warmly smiled, as he stated, “I have faith that you won't.”

Anakin said, “Master. I have always strived to have a good excuse for my actions.”

Obiwan casually responded, “I know.”

Palpatine said, “Speaking of authority. Senator Amidala.” Everyone turned back to look at Palpatine, as he continued, “While you will not be issuing any orders, I am giving you the authority to arrest people, and turn them over to the proper authorities. Both on the battlefield and off the battlefield.”

“Given your experiences as both a senator and a ruler of an entire planet, I trust your wisdom and judgment in the knowledge and application of the law. That you have the foresight and intelligence to fairly apply the law as needed.”

“If you see someone breaking the law, you will have the authority and discretion to arrest that person. You will even be able to arrest those at your rank, or lower. And should I order it, you will be able to arrest those of a higher rank than you currently have.”

Padme thought, with concern, 'That is nice way to subtly yank the chain of the Jedi here. By hinting that you could order me to arrest them. Even if they are a higher rank than myself. And with my new powers, I can probably accomplish that task.'

Padme chose her words carefully, as she said, “While I have less desire to be a law officer than a soldier, I will use this authority and power with the utmost responsibility.”

Palpatine responded, “I am sure you will. Now there is only one matter left. How to fit your Senator duties with you new military duties? What will be your cover story when you are on your missions?”

Padme looked around at the Jedi in the room, with them looking back at her. She turned to look at Palpatine. She stated, “I have already discussed this with the Jedi. My cover story will be diplomatic missions. The Jedi will provide an alibi for myself. Where they will state that as a Senator, I will be accompanying a Jedi, or two, on diplomatic, or relief missions. And as I do so, by holo-comm I will sit in Senate sessions and cast votes.”

Anakin said, “A Jedi and a Senator working together will also help smooth relations between the Jedi and the Senate.”

Obiwan stated, “And we will keep track of these alibis. To help maintain the Senator's cover.”

Palpatine was slightly impressed with their plan. And his mild astonishment showed on his face. He smiled, as he responded, “This will work. And this will not really be a lie. It will just be a more aggressive form of diplomacy than usual.”

Padme said, “I guess that is one way to look at it.” She looked around the room, as she inquired, “I guess the only question left is. When we will I be leaving?”

Chancellor Palpatine turned to Mace. He stated, “Since you will be working under the Jedi High Council. This will be up to them.”

Everyone turned to look at Mace Windu. Mace noticed this. He look at Palpatine. He then turned to Obiwan, Anakin, and Padme. He stated, “From the schedule I saw this morning. Since you three are working together, we plan to deploy you in three days. Get your affairs in order before then.”

Padme thought, 'I already have. I packed my bags last night. Once Anakin and Obiwan told me that I was done with training, I knew I would be heading out soon. I have even already made arrangements with Bail about my physical absence from the Senate concerning our little group.'

Padme said, “That will be fine.”

Anakin replied, “No problem.”

Obiwan said, “This will not be an issue.”

Palpatine focused on Padme, as he stated, “Well, it looks like in around a week we will begin to see the results of your efforts, my dear Senator Amidala. Or, should I say General Thor?”

Padme responded, “Either is fine. Depending on the circumstances.”

Palpatine calmly said, “Of course. Now, if that is all, I have other business to attend to. So, good luck. And have a save journey. This meeting is adjourned.”

Padme, Anakin, Obiwan, and Mace did not verbally respond. Instead, they got up from the chairs they were sitting in. Then, they turned around and headed down the staircases in the middle of the room, towards the doors on the far side of the room.

While Palpatine silently watched the leave his lips curled into a smile.

Soon, the four adults reached the doors. Anakin press a button on a panel by the doors to opened the double-doors.

After the doors slid open, the four adults exit the room and into a hallway.

A few seconds after the four adults left the room the doors slid closed.

With his guests gone, Palpatine now had some privacy. Except for the two republic guards whom were loyal and he could easily fool and replace as need be.

Palpatine continued to smile, as he started chucking, which soon turned into light laughter. With his laughter continuing for several seconds.


Ten days later, two Destroyers were in the Western Reaches of the Outer Rim. This was galactic south of the Core Worlds and west of Mid-Rim worlds such as Naboo.

The two Star Destroyers had just come out of hyperspace and they were heading to a remote desert world.

The lead Star Destroyer was the Resolute. The Star Destroyer following the Resolute was the Negotiator.

The Resolute and its crew had been assigned under the command of General Anakin Skywalker. While the Negotiator was under the command of General Kenobi. With General Kenobi being given the overall command of both ships.

Obiwan had allowed for the Resolute to be the lead Star Destroyer, with command operations for missions being done on the Resolute. This mean that Obiwan spend much of his time on the Resolute.

Meanwhile, Anakin had assigned quarters for Padme on the Resolute.

A week ago, Obiwan and Anakin had been given their command assignments. The two Jedi then spent a few days to familiarize themselves with their crews. Along with checking over their Star Destroyers, and the vehicles stationed in their military cruisers.

Padme was present, in her stronger form. Though, she mostly listened and learned.

Obiwan and Anakin had finished their basic inspections of their crews and ships, they, along with Padme, were issued their assignments. This mission was to take their Star Destroyers and to head to a remote desert world in the Western Reaches. Once they reached the remote world, they were to either destroy a Separatist base located there. Or, force the personnel of the Separatist base to surrender.

Obiwan and Anakin felt this would be a good opportunity to test Padme's abilities in the field. Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan, even worked on how they would conduct the mission.

Presently, inside the Resolute, in the front of the command bridge, Padme was in her stronger form. She stood by Anakin and Obiwan, with the three of them standing next to the front windows. Padme was standing to Anakin's left side. And Obiwan was to Anakin's right side.

There were Republic naval officers, in their gray-green uniforms, going about their duties on the bridge. Though, these were commissioned officers.

Most of the officers were human or near-human. With a few other alien species mixed in. Some were military officers transferred from military organizations of some of the planetary and sector governments to the Republic Navy.

Some of the officers where clones of Jango Fett, whom had been found to be some of the more intelligent individuals of the clone batches. These clones were given leadership and officer training. Though, these clones none of these clones were given command of starships. These clone officers were assigned to oversee the members of their brethren whom were assigned to the naval roles of the ship. Such as navigators, starship pilots whom were trained to fly large ships such as Star Destroyers, communication officers, engineers, technicians, ship gunners, various logistical jobs, cooks, and janitorial services.

Anakin and Obiwan were in their combat clothing. Obiwan was wearing white Republic trooper armor underneath his Jedi robe. This including armored boots. Though, he did not wear a helmet. Obiwan had his lightsaber holstered on the left side of his belt, under his robe. Also, Obiwan had a well groomed full beard.

Anakin just wore his usually clothing, without his Jedi robe. Though, he has on gloves, and he has on dark upper check armor and shoulder armor. Anakin's left glove had a comlink installed in the upper part of the glove by the back of the hand, up to the wrist and forearm. Anakin's padawan hair braid, behind his right ear was slightly more visible due to his hair being a brown in contrast to the dark clothing he wore.

Meanwhile, in Padme was in her newly christened, Thor form. Formally known as her stronger form.

Thor wore her armor and helmet. Her Black Solace vibro-katana was sheathed in its scabbard, across her back, with the hilt sitting out behind her left shoulder. The strap of the strap of the scabbard ran diagonal across her chest armor, from her lower right side to across the top of her left shoulder. The buckle of the strap was placed by her lower right side of her chest.

Thor held the hammer by the shaft, in her right hand, at her right side. Thor allowed her long blond hair to drape loose down her back.

Thor looked at the windows in front of her. She saw that the Resolute was about the enter the atmosphere of a desert planet.

Thor thought, 'This planet is similar to the desert planet of Tatooine. Though, this planet orbits one sun instead of two suns. The deserts of this planet were much smoother, with more sand, compared to Tatooine, which has large rocky areas, with mountain ranges.'

'Also, I can see we are heading to land on the day side of the planet.'

Thor took a deep breath. She slowly let out her breath, as she mentally reflected, 'Okay. This is what I trained for. We have already gone over the mission. If I do this right, only the droids will be destroyed. This is my first mission. I need to do this right. We are on the lead Star Destroyer, the Resolute. Anakin's ship. Being followed by the Negotiator. Obiwan's ship.'

'The plan is for the Resolute to head down, with me providing cover to the planet. Then, I will be offering support on the ground while everyone gets ready for battle.'

'Negotiator would be covering us in orbit, in case some Separatists ships come in front hyperspace and attack.'

'The mission itself is to retake a Republic outpost that was seized by the Separatists a few weeks ago. It is a supply depot. And the planet is strategically located to offer logistical support as a main supply line from the Mid-Rim to the Outer Rim.'

'This planet also offers a foothold in this area of the galaxy. Which is the Western Reaches of the Outer Rim. Much of this part of the galaxy is outside of Republic and Separatist control. Those that control this area of the Galaxy could quietly use any resources in the area to offer support for their side in war effort.'

'And this is the reason we cannot allow the Separatists to maintain their presence in this part of the galaxy.'

'Probes already stated that there are no ships in orbit. The only reason there are no ships guarding the planet is that the Republic already attacked a few other locations in the Sector which are more important.'

'Also, except for the outpost, it is barren world. A person can breath in the atmosphere, but not much else.'

'Probes states that the Separatist fortress is heavily guarded on the ground by droids. Including, light air support and heavy ground support. The outpost being ray shielded, with anti-aircraft guns and missiles. The Separatists likely believe that it can repel all but the most overwhelming of attacks.'

'The Republic retaking this outpost would prevent the war from spreading to this area of the galaxy. Thus saving the populations of several worlds. Saving countless numbers of people. Since this is a simple mission, I hope things work out well. And I will do my best to make sure that is the case.'

'Now, all I have to do is my job.'

Thor attention was bought back to the present, as Obiwan asked, “Padme? Are you sure you are up to this?”

Thor turned to Anakin and Obiwan. She said, in her stronger form's, soothing, yet more powerful, Thor voice, “Yes. And it is now, Thor, when I am in this form.”

Obiwan responded, “I understand. I suggested the code name, after all.”

Anakin offered, “Well... Thor. We can do this mission in a different way than we had planned.”

Thor stated, “No. If thy wants to do the job, thy has to do so in a proper manner. And this way should reduce causalities on all sides.”

Anakin replied, “I understand.”

Obiwan pointed out, “This is war. You cannot save everyone. If you try, you will get yourself killed.”

Thor responded, “Thy realized that during the invasion of Naboo. Thy only wishes to shoulder the burdens that thy can.”

Obiwan conceded, “I can see your point.”

Anakin turned to look at the planet they were heading for. He commented, “You know. This planet reminds me of Tatooine.”

Thor and Obiwan looked out windows at the planet.

Thor said, “Thee is not the only one to realize this.”

Obiwan stated, in a casual tone of voice, “You have seen one desert planet, you have seen them all.”

Anakin cracked a grin, as he inquired, “I hear that. By the way, what is this planet's name? I forgot.”

Obiwan answered, “The planet is called Jakku.”

Anakin continued to look out the windows. His lips curled into a smile, as he commented, “I have a feeling, that is a different time and place, those on from that planet would be causing all kind trouble.”

Obiwan stated, “Well, as long as those on the planet do not cause us trouble, I could care less.”

Anakin dropped his smile, as he casually said, “I agree.”

Thor then noticed their ship was about to enter re-entry. She stated, “Thy better get ready. We are about to enter the atmosphere. And I need begin to summon the storm.”

Obiwan said, “While this ship should be able to weather what we have planned. If we have any problems, we will immediately notify you.”

Thor pointed out, “This is why thee is on the command bridge of the attack ship. Now, allow thy to work.”

Thor began to focus on creating storms, as she channeled her thoughts and desires for controlling the weather through the hammer she held in her right hand.


While the Republic Star Destroyer Resolute entered the atmosphere, Thor began to create the storm in the landing zone. The storm reached several kilometers from the landing zone, passed the Separatist base, and into the horizon.

The electrical discharge of the storm itself would mess with ground sensors, making it difficult for the Separatists to get a target lock on the ships. While the electrical discharge, winds, and rain in the clouds made it difficult for small aircraft to fly in the sky.

Though, large spacecraft such as a Star Destroyer had no difficulties in passing through the storm, as the Resolute headed for their landing area.

It was day time for that side of the planet. But, day quickly turned to night as the clouds built up. By the time the Resolute made landfall, it the night was pitch black, save for the occasionally illumination of lightning within the sky.

After the Resolute landed, the Republic forces disembarking from their ship.

Meanwhile, the Separatist base sent out their droid land forces were sent to deal with Republic forces.

The droid forces stretching out into the horizon in front of the Republic Forces, with the Separatist base behind the droid army.

As the droids and their military vehicles approached the Republic forces, the rain, winds, and lightning picked up near the ground where the droid army was located.

Though, lightning did not hit near the Republic Force. Nor, was there a drop of rain near the clone troops and their vehicles. The only the hint of a storm was the cloud cover and the slight breeze around them. The wind felt refreshing to those few individuals there whom were not wearing helmets.

While the droid forces came closer to the Republic Forces, the storm picked up and intensified.

In the distance, approaching the droid army, in front of Republic army, was a long flying figure.

As lightning struck the ground where droids and Separatist vehicles were, there was enough light to make out whom the figure was.

The figure was Thor, the Goddess of Thunder, in her blue and brown armor. She held her large hammer by it's shaft with both hands. And as she reached the droid forces, she showed the droids how much of a force of nature she could be.

Several minutes later, the storm has passed by the time the Republic Forces, along with Anakin and Obiwan, reached the battlefield.

All they could see in the light of the day was an unharmed Thor, with slightly dirty armor.

Thor was standing on the ground looking at them, with her hammer being held by her right hand, to her right side. Those present saw that Thor was surrounded by destroyed droids and vehicles for as far as they could see.

All that was left of the mission now was mopping up, and accepting the surrender of that officers within the Separatist military base.

Anakin brought his speeder bike to a stop near Thor.

Anakin stepped off of the speeder bike he had been riding. He stood on the ground, as turned to Thor, whom was only around three meters in front of him.

Anakin saw Thor looking back at him.

When Anakin looked into Thor's eyes, with Thor looking back at him, Anakin did not see concern, worry, nor fear in Thor's eyes. But instead, Anakin saw a firm concern in Thor's gaze.

Thor turned to look down at the ground to avoid Anakin's gaze. Then, Thor turned to look over into the distance, at the destruction she had just wrought.

While Anakin felt only love for Padme, and he did not feel even a hint of fear towards the power that Padme now wielded as Thor. As Anakin looked out at the sight before him, only three words filled his mind, 'Cold destructive power.'


“Now we must face certain facts in the cold light of day.” Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock. Season Two, Episode Five, Greenzo.

To be continued.


Author's Notes:

This chapter was a balance between narration and dialogue scenes.

I could have added another fifty pages of details and dialogue to this chapter. Though, if I did so I realized I would have caused this chapter to drag.

Bail introducing Padme to her new political alliance in the Senate is a good example of this. To be honest, I was not sure how to approach this scene. I am not sure who really knows who. So, figuring out which ones are introductions and which are reintroductions between Padme and the group would just be a guess. And I do not believe I would do justice to this scene.

This introduction scene works better in narration format instead of dialogue. This because the dialogue becomes circular in Padme and Bail convincing each person to join their group. This type of scene can very quickly become boring.

Such a scene would drag story away from the main focus of the plot of this chapter. Padme's training. The point of this scene showing that Padme is also rebuilding her political career in parallel with her training to be a warrior to go off to war.

Padme admits to herself the hypocrisy of seeking peace as a politician and going to war as a soldier. And this inner conflict in Padme makes for wonderful plots in this story.

Padme does know how to pilot a starfighter. She was shown flying a Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter at the beginning of Episode Two. This is the same type of starfighters that the Naboo defensive forces and Anakin used in the space battle at the end of Episode One.

I used British pounds instead of kilograms because it sounded cooler having Padme use her stronger form to bench press a hundred metric ton vehicle, instead of having her bench pressing a hundred megagram vehicle. This is roughly the same weight.

Yes. I was inspired by the training montages of the Rocky IV movies. Why shouldn't I? Those training montages are some of the best ever made. And the back and forth style of those training montages gave me a good style format to work from, to show Padme training in her normal form, and her stronger form.

Taking into account how athletic and in shape the members of the Jedi Order are, the certainly have some sort of gymnasium to train their bodies. This is a given. And some training tools are like the wheel. You cannot improve much on the basic design, no matter how advanced the culture's technology is.

Padme was going to fight force users using lightsabers. In cases Padme would need a more graceful weapon than a hammer. Taking into account how dangerous using a lightsaber is, a vibro-sword was the best choice.

Giving Padme a lightsaber to use would be cliche.

If you are going to give someone the with powers of a god a sword. It needs to be a worthy sword. This is the whole point to the Black Solace story. It is a vibro-katana that is a worthy weapon which works for this story.

And yes, when the vibration mechanisms are turned on, the Black Solace's blade blade is sharper than a lightsaber blade.

A lightsaber cuts by burning through something. Basically, a lightsaber is a plasma torch contained in an electromagnetic energy field.

The Black Solace blade cuts at the molecular level, making such cuts easier, far smoother, and cleaner than a lightsaber blade cut could ever achieve.

I enjoyed writing a story where a lightsaber could legitimately be found wanting against other type of weapon.

Also, since the Black Solace uses a cortosis alloy and not a cortosis weave, the weapon will not short out a lightsaber. I have to balance the abilities of the weapons I have Padme use.

Explaining how a cortosis-weave could short out a lightsaber was fun.

The craftsman blademaster did have force visions of an Earth, in Japan, during the time of the Samurai, with him learning from his visions how a create a katana.

For those that do not understand the allure of what makes a katana cool. It is a very sharp sword. But, the way it is made is from a small ingot of metal that is heated, pounded, and folded on itself until there is a very sharp, long blade. This forging process and the history of those whom used katanas are what makes this type of sword so cool.

Throw in sith alchemy, force use, and sci-fi technology, a vibro-katana makes for a very cool sword.

Also, the Black Solace is not like the darksaber in the Clone Wars series. The darksaber I am referring to is the black blade lightsaber, not the streamlined Death Star. The darksaber is basically an black energy blade with a white hue around the outer layer of the energy blade. In contrast the Black Solace is a solid black blade that is sharp enough to cut through almost anything.

For as much as there is a cool factor to lightsabers. There are limitations to such a weapon. The weapon can run out of power.

Also, sonic weapons could be used to crack the crystal within a lightsaber, causing the lightsaber to explode went activated.

One of the drawbacks to Padme's powers are that Padme's electrical abilities could accidentally destroy the circuits to a lightsaber she is holding, without her realizing what happened until it was too later.

Even if the vibration mechanisms in the Black Solace stop working, the Black Solace is still a very sharp and tough blade than can parry a lightsaber.

Onto another matter. Keep in mind that Padme's hammer comes from Battleworld. While there is the worthy requirement to use it. 'Worthy' is a subjective term. And the Thors and their hammers of Battleworld served as God Emperor Doom's personal army of enforcers. These Thors committed a lot of evil acts in the name of Doom.

It is possible that if things go badly Padme might in up replacing Anakin, in the dark fate of being in a similar role as Darth Vader in the original timeline. Where Padme could end up serving as Emperor Palpatine's personal enforcer.

This is part of why I wanted to show at the end of this chapter, after Padme was trained, exactly how powerful Padme has become. I did not want it to be left ambiguous as to how powerful she is. While at the same time showing how humbling this power is.

You might ask why did I pick Jakku as the planet of Padme's first mission. I ask, why not. I just wanted to do a little nod towards the Star Wars Sequel set of movies.

On Senator Bail Organa. In Episodes Two and Episode Three it is shown Bail is a friend of Padme.

In the main timeline, Bail Organa raised Leia to be the woman she became. And Bail was instrumental in quietly founding the Rebel Alliance, and starting the rebellion against the Empire.

But, if you watch the Episode Three and the delete scenes of Episode Three, which showed a very detailed look of Bail as a person. Along with showing Bail's office. From those scenes you gain a good idea of who Bail really is.

Bail is a good example of an adorkable character. A cross between awkward and adorable.

Bail is good looking and he is a nice guy. At least for a politician. But, he is clearly awkward in his presentation towards other people. Bail is very soft spoken and polite. You would never guess, and I would expect that Palpatine did not suspect, that Bail would be one of the people that started the Rebel Alliance right under Palpatine's nose, during Bail's time in the Senate.

For example, later in Episode Three, when the chips are down, he does rise to the occasion. Both during purge of the Jedi, in one of the Temple scenes, where he tried to save a padawan, and with him later agreeing to raise Leia. All Bail needs is the proper motivation.

Bail has skills even around Episode Two. I have no doubt given what he later did in the main timeline, that Bail quietly had sources already near Palpatine. While he did not know Palpatine was Sidious, Bail did have an understanding of the internal security systems and politics within the Senate Building. At that point in time, Bail likely already had people in control of parts of the Security of the Senate Building. This allowed Bail to come and go without Palpatine becoming suspicious of him.

Being the nice person is an old tactic. And all successful political leaders know how to play that tactic well.

Taking this into account, no wonder Palpatine and Vader did not raise an eye about Leia at first when Leia became a Senator. They took one look at Leia's (adopted) father, and they mistakenly wrote Leia off as harmless.

The Emperor did not suspect Bail and Leia's actions in helping the rebellion until years later, at the beginning of Episode Four.

Bail is a good example that not all heroes are found on the battlefield.

This is another example of more Star Wars characters whom had a lot of potential, but for one reason or another those making the Star Wars movies and series could not grasp this potential.

Just something to think about.

Until next time. Have fun.

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