Thundering Force

I am a fan of change. This is what lead me to Big Closet. This is what lead me to write transgender stories.

This story is a not transgender. But, the story is about a character going through a radical change. A change which is arguably more radical than a change of gender. And there is some minor TG elements within the story. I cannot say who without spoiling much of the story.

This story is a work of Star Wars fanfiction set at the end of Star Wars Episode II. This is a Star Wars crossover with the events of Thors at the end of the Marvel Comics Secret Wars (2015) Saga.

The title is, "Thundering Force".

In this story, Mjolnir (Thor's hammer) lands in the arena of Geonosis. Padme Naberrie Amidala picks up Mjolnir and her destiny is changed forever.

I consider “Thundering Force” to be a sidestory to another set of stories I worked on, with those stories being called, “Badasses Of the Multiverse.”

But, given Thundering Force story is not connected with “Badasses of the Multiverse” I am separating this story from the “Badasses of the Multiverse” section of my stories archive.

Paul Cousins