Thundering Force: “Preview of Thundering Force.”

“Thundering Force”

“Preview of Thundering Force”

By Paul Cousins.

Copyright Disclaimer: All copyrighted places, characters, items, and events, within the story, are held by their current owners. No profit is being made on this work of fiction.


Author's Forward: Here is a preview of the Thundering Force series. I wrote it while listening to Star Wars Episode III track, “Battle of the Heroes”.

I was inspired by the “Battle of the Heroes” music video made of Star Wars Episode III, on the second disc of Star Wars Episode III soundtrack.


In Padme's living room of her apartment, Padme spoke to Senator Bail Organa.

Padme stated, “I did not expect the Chancellor to use my proxy to both put forth the emergency powers resolution, and him be the first person to vote for it.”

Bail commented, “The situation was well played by the Chancellor. And when that act was presented by your representative, our alliance, the Loyalist Committee, was shattered.”


In the Jedi High Council meeting:

Jedi Master Depa Billaba pointed out, “But, that power is not of the force. Even if we train her. She is not one of us.”

Jedi Master Yoda commented, “The Jedi have a long history of allying with those that did not use the force. Many such allies proved themselves more honorable and more capable than even some Jedi Master.”

Jedi Master Stass Allie stated, “But, those allies were not as powerful as we were. If they turned on us, we could swiftly deal with them. That is not the case for the Senator and her new hammer. Even presently untrained, she would a handful for any one of us to deal with. And if she was trained, she might present a challenge for all of us working together to deal with her.”

Jedi Master Mace Windu commented, “We could use a hammer like that to bring down on a lot of large nails.”

Jedi Master Yoda caution, “When one has a hammer. Sometimes everything looks like a nail. And it is unwise to heavily rely on one single person.”


In a hallway of the Jedi Temple, Obiwan and Anakin walked as they talked to each other.

Obiwan commented, “You know. Padme might now be more powerful than you.”

Anakin stated, “If it comes down to a fight between her and the Jedi Order, I am not going to fight her. I don't care if I am thrown out of the order for not doing so. And if the council starts the fight, I am siding with her.”


During a meeting of the Jedi High Council.

Yoda commented, “Onto more important matters concerning Senator Amidala than training. We should inform her of Sidious.”

Mace stated, “With that hammer and her powers. Sidious will likely focus some of his attention on her. Since Dooku knows. If Dooku is in league with Sidious. Then Sidious already knows. She is already a target. She needs to know.”


In the Supreme Chancellor's office, Padme, in her stronger form,

Padme calmly asked, “What is thy bidding, my chancellor?”

Palpatine smiled, as he complimented, “I like the way you worded that question. I will have to remember it.”


Padme inquired, “What is a Sith?”

Yoda stated, “A master of the dark side he would be. Deception. Lethality. Brutality through the force, would be his tools.”


In the Chancellor's office, Palpatine stated, “I plan for there to be many heroes of the Republic.”


Padme in her stronger form and armor, as she held the hammer, while she faced a large, three meter high, orange brute in armor, whom was holding a large two-handed serrated white bone sword


In her stronger form, Padme cracked a grin, as she said, “Aggressive negotiations it is.”

The woman facing her complimented, in an excited tone of voice, “That's the spirit!”


During the day, on Coruscant.

Outside the Senate Building, people were coming and going. Even a few tourists were admiring the large metal statues in the plaza surrounding the Senate Building.

Then, they saw an explosion from outward of the Senate Building, several floors up. As a woman in armor, holding a hammer, flew backward, across the plaza, over between the different levels of skylanes of speeders, and into an upper level of skyscraper. With her crashing through the outer wall, and into an office level.


It was day time for that side of the planet. But, day quickly turned to night as the clouds built.

The droid forces stretching out into the horizon.

As the droids, and their military vehicles approached, the rain, winds, and lightning picked up.


Mace questioned, “What are your views on Padme? Were we correct in training her?”

Obiwan replied, “Yes.”

Mace inquired, “I sense a, but, in your comment.”

Obiwan sighed. He said, “I use to think that Padme would be a bad influence on Anakin. Now, with her having as much power from that hammer, as Anakin has in the force, I have come to believe that Anakin is a bad influence on her.”

“She is very aggressive on the battlefield. She takes Anakin's lead on this. I am glad she is on our side.”


The storm had passed, and all could view in the light of the day, were destroyed droids and vehicles, for as far as the eye could see.


A female voice, with eagerness in her tone of voice, “Yes. Show her the possible joys.”


Padme saw herself, in her normal form, playing with children. Anakin was there as her husband. And they were all happy as a family. Though, she did not know how she knew this, she just knew this.


The former apprentice ignited her two new white blade lightsabers.


A male voice, in more sadness than anger, “Now, show her the likely sorrows.”


At night, the three hundred meter beast towered over the small city, while fires burned through the town.

From the fires nearby, and the smoke, Anakin saw the silhouette of the beast look down at them.


While in her stronger form, Padme stated, in a dangerously low tone of voice, though using normal wording, showing how much control she was in, “You know nothing of what you speak up. In the hopes of killing me, the Separatist leaders put more death marks on my head than likely any other individual in the known galaxy. I have had people die to protect my life. People I personally knew and cared for. I spent years looking over my shoulder, wondering if any one of the countless people I pass by was an assassin looking to cash in by taking my life.”

“To add insult to injury. If history ever records these events. I know I will be held responsible for starting this war.”

“Though, I realize I am not fighting this war. I am fighting a single person. A person pulling the strings of both the Republic and the Separatists. A person I do not know. A person that is beyond my reach. Even with all the power at my command.”


In a hallway in the Galactic Senate Building, with Padme and Bail talking as they walked.

Bail commented, “I agree. Now, while we cannot keep the peace, let's see if we can still maintain the freedom.”

Padme said, “We can try.” She then remembered something Anakin had told her during their time on Naboo, when they were in the meadows near the bottom of waterfalls. She paraphrased what Anakin had said to her, in a soft spoken voice, “Perhaps the system doesn't work. And it is only natural for someone to come along. To rise to the occasion. And make everyone agree with their point of view. To take control. After all, we Senators are appointed. We are not elected. Dictatorship might be the natural path we are on.”


An older male voice stated, “Before you held that hammer. The previous individual whom held that hammer served a being of dark designs. And the wielder was not alone. All of them served the will of a monster whom rivals in power, will, and intelligence, as the creature you face.”


Sidious and Dooku conversed over holo-monitors.

Dooku said, “The girl is powerful. She might be as powerful as you.”

Sidious flatly responded, “No one is as powerful as I am.”


A woman stated, “If you go after Sidious now. Before you are ready. You will either be killed, or turned into a monster. You might end up replacing your friend in his fate. With you becoming a far more dangerous and destructive beast than he ever would be.”


A male voice stated, in an authoritative tone of voice, “That storm outside is literal battle between two clashing beings of immense power."


In a dimly lit throne room, a woman in full black armor, and helmet, holding a hammer with her right hand, walked towards a man in a black cloak and hood, whom was sitting in a chair, on a three step raised platform.

The man's face and body were hidden in the shadows.

As the woman came to a stop in front of the man, she then held up the hammer in her right hand. With just her right hand, she reversed her grip of the hammer to where the top of the hammer was pointed down.

Women then knelt down, on right knee, as she brought the hammer down with a cling, onto the floor.

Padme lowered her back and head down, to where she was bowing before the man in dark robes.

In her stronger form, Padme asked, in her stronger form's voice, “What is thy bidding, my master?”

The dark hooded man said, in a grainy and dark voice, “Arise Lady Tonnerre.”


And of the force itself, the light recoiled in horror, as the darkness soon realized its mistake.


On an upper, outside level of Coruscant, it was sunrise on a sunny morning, as a slender, young looking woman, with fair skin, long black hair, and green human eyes. Whom wore green clothing. Looked out at the morning city, and she began to laugh as she realized where she was.


“You made this world, everything in it, and then you decided there should be evil. Why did you make me evil?” Loki to Donnerson in Earth X Trilogy comic, Volume 3: Paradise X, Ragnarok Issue 02.

To be continued.


Author's Notes:

I do love stories dealing with metaphysics. The belief that fiction is real, a reality, elsewhere in the multiverse, and how such fiction relates to its own reality and other realities.

Such as the Earth X comic series, which is why used the above quote from the Earth X comic series.

And the Earth X comic series covers such concepts in length. Though, the characters did not directly acknowledge they were works of fiction from other realities. Many of the characters realized they were characters in stories. And for someone cast as a villain to find out they are just a character is story is both shattering and liberating. As was show with the story of Loki of the Earth X trilogy.

Loki went from someone who saw the chains of their flaws, to become someone that Loki wanted to be, not had to be.

If you understand the difference, then you understand what freedom and free will is.

One could call me, the writer, a hypocrite for realizing all this and still writing characters in a story.

While one cannot liberate characters from being a works of fiction. Though, through skillful storytelling and broad strokes, one can still give said characters good lives.

And this is why I am not a hypocrite on this matter.

This is why Loki of the 616 reality became the God/Goddess of Stories. They realized this, and they believed becoming a deity of stories was the best way they could liberate themselves from their current situation.

And I use plural nouns because Loki of the 616 is gender fluid. Loki can shapeshift between male and female. And thus, 'he' and ''she, along with 'him' and 'her' are to limiting in words for one such as Loki of the 616 reality.

I hope you enjoyed this preview. And as you can see from the preview, this story has only just begun.

The next chapter is titled, “Portrait of a Fallen Senator.”

Until next time. Have fun.

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