Thundering Force: Chapter 02: “Portrait of a Fallen Senator.”

“Thundering Force”

Chapter Two: “Portrait of a Fallen Senator.”

By Paul Cousins.

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A few days after the Republic Invasion of Geonosis, the time was mid-morning, on a partly cloudy day for those in the Senate District on Coruscant.

The evening after Dooku had arrived on Coruscant, to deliver the blueprints to Darth Sidious and talk with his master, Padme, Anakin, Obiwan, Yoda, Mace, C3-PO, and R2-D2, had returned to Coruscant.

They had departed from the Star Destroyer by a shuttle, which took them to Westport, which was a large spaceport located in the Senate District of Coruscant.

At the spaceport, Padme rented a speeder vehicle. She took the mystical hammer, as she flew back to her apartment. Given the powers that the hammer gave Padme, no one was worried about her safety.

And Padme has became a much lighter sleeper since Padme had almost be assassinated in her apartment while she had been sleeping.

Due to this, while on the Star Destroyer, Yoda had already released Anakin from his mission to protect Padme.

Meanwhile, Anakin, Obiwan, Yoda, Mace, and the droids, took a passenger transport speeder to the Jedi Temple, which was in the Temple District, north of the Senate District. The Temple District was not far from the Senate District.

The droids went with Anakin because Padme wanted some time alone to think about all that had happened. Anakin and the droids were more than willing to comply with Padme's request.

That night, they all got much needed rest in their own beds.

The next morning, morning, Padme had awoken, cleaned up, and gotten some breakfast in her apartment. Soon after she had finished eating, she had been contacted by Anakin, through her holo-monitor in her living room, that her audience was requested by the Jedi Order for that morning. And for her to bring the hammer with her.

Given the circumstances, Padme did not argue. She came, with the hammer.

Later that morning, in the Dacho district, Dooku use his small spaceship and droid pilot to leave Coruscant.


Meanwhile, in the Temple District, within an hour after Dooku's departure from Coruscant, Jedi High Council was in full session inside the Jedi Temple.

The Jedi High Council met inside the high council chamber, in High Council Tower on the southwest side of the Jedi temple.

Once the Jedi Council was called to session, the council members began great many important topics.

In the room anti-chamber, outside of the high council chambers, Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan stood, awaiting the deliberations of the council concerning Padme and the hammer.

Presently, Padme allowed her long brown hair to hang loose down her back. She wore a white cloth shirt, and blue cloth pants. Over her white shirt was a blue cloth coat, the same color of blue as her pants, which had coat tails going down to her ankles. She wore shoes that were the same blue as the rest of her blue clothing.

Padme had done as she was instructed. She took a speeder vehicle to the visitors parking area on the west side of the Jedi Temple.

Padme carried the hammer in her right hand to her right side as she walked up to the western entrance of the Jedi Temple. At the large double door entrance Padme was met by Anakin and Obiwan.

Obiwan and Anakin were in their usual Jedi clothing.

The two Jedi then escorted her to through the Jedi Temple. With Padme noticing that the hammer got a few stares from some of the members of the Jedi Order they passed through the large hallways of the Jedi Temple.

Eventually, after walking through a few hallways and they took an elevator up the High Council Chamber.

They then stood in the anti-chamber outside of the Jedi High Council chamber.

They waited to her on the Jedi Council's decision concerning Padme and the hammer.

All three adults stood near each other. Also, they were the only ones in the anti-chamber.

As Padme looked at her two friends, she could see Anakin's small padawan braid behind his right ear. Also, Padme noticed that Obiwan well groomed full beard.

Obiwan and Anakin could sense Padme's worry through the force.

Obiwan turned to Padme, as he commented, “I won't worry. If Master Yoda says they are not going to take the hammer from you. They won't.”

Padme turned to Obiwan, as she said, “That is not what I am worried about.”

Obiwan inquired, “Then, what is it?”

Padme stated, “I will need to be trained. The questions are how? And by who?”

Anakin turned to look at Padme, as he commented, “If it is by the Order. There are plenty of good teachers that would be more than happy to help you learn about your abilities.”

Padme turned to look at both Anakin and Obiwan, as she pointed out, “But, this is not the training of a Jedi. As we go along this will be learning experience for everyone.”

Obiwan conceded, “You have a point.”

Padme stated, “Trust would be needed. To allow openness in learning. And I mean no offense. But, you Jedi can be very ridged in your thinking.”

Anakin replied, “No offense taken.”

Obiwan commented, “I have heard worse. But, do not worry. I am sure this will all work out.”

Padme said, “All I have left is my faith. I hope I do not lose that.”

Anakin looked at the hammer in Padme's right hand. He then looked back at Padme's face. He asked, “Has the hammer gotten any heavier?”

Padme held up the hammer to look at its head. She then lowered it back to her side. She looked over at Anakin, as she casually answered, “Nope. Still as light as a feather. So, where are the droids?”

Anakin said, “R2-D2 and C3-PO are doing a few errands for me.”

Padme replied, “I hope they do not get into trouble.”

Anakin said, “I am sure if that happens that R2 will get them out of trouble.”

Padme inquired, “That I do not doubt. So, how long do these meetings using take?”

Anakin commented, “Sometimes all day. But, that is rare. It should only be a little while longer.”


Meanwhile, inside the Jedi High Council Chambers, the meeting was in full swing. And besides the upcoming war, Padme was the main subject of the gathering.

Though, at the beginning of the meeting, Mace Windu officially stepped down as Master of the Order. Though, Mace Windu retained his seat on the council.

To replace Mace Windu in the role, Grandmaster Yoda was quickly appointed by unanimous vote as Master of the Order.

Everyone, including Mace Windu felt that Yoda could handle the role. And with the war building, they would need Yoda wisdom to guide them in these turbulent times.

Many of members were off world, and attending the meeting by holo-comm, using holo-monitors and speakers located in each chair the specific council member was assigned too. Such as Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi, whom was still on Geonosis, helping to smooth the transition of region governments to control by the Republic military under martial law.

The only two Jedi council members that were physically present were Mace Windu and Yoda.

For the passed few minutes, the council has been talking about Padme, the mystical hammer, and the abilities the hammer gave Padme. With Yoda and Mace bringing the council up to date. Including, going over the reports on the matter.

Shaak Ti questioned, “Are we sure this hammer is not a tool of the dark side? There have been Sith relics that have been found to hold power and grant power to their wielders.”

Yoda stated, “Absolutely. Sensed no darkness within her, nor inside the hammer.”

Mace stated, “I sense no darkness in her, nor the hammer, either. We are fortunate. This tool has dropped into our laps when we could most use it. And with the coming war, Senator Amidala could be a valued asset.”

Ki-Adi-Mundi commented, “I agree. What we saw she could do in the arena. Even untrained. Was astonishing. She destroyed hundreds of battle droids with little effort. We could use a powerful ally like this.”

Depa Billaba pointed out, “But, that power is not of the force. Even if we train her. She is not one of us.”

Yoda commented, “The Jedi have a long history of allying with those that did not use the force. Many such allies proved themselves more honorable and more capable than even some Jedi Master.”

Stass Allie stated, “But, those allies were not as powerful as we are. If they turned on us, we could swiftly deal with them. This is not the case for the Senator and her new hammer. Even presently untrained, she would a handful for any one of us to deal with. And if she was trained, she might present a challenge for all of us working together to stop her.”

Saesee Tiin said, “She is a politician. Even if we train her. She could someday turn on us.”

Yoda commented, “Worrying of possible treachery in the future will only lead to said treachery?”

Plo Koon stated, “Distrust will only cause problems. And so far she has proven that she is willing to be an ally. I say we give her a chance.”

Ki-Adi-Mundi said, “I agree. We should trust her. For now. If there are problems later on. So be it. We will deal with those problems then.”

Mace commented, “That is a good point. And as long as the power is not dark this does not matter. We could use a hammer like that to bring down on a lot of large nails.”

Yoda caution, “When one has a hammer. Sometimes everything looks like a nail. And it is unwise to heavily rely on one single person.” Everyone in the room knew that Yoda was not just commenting on Padme, but their Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker.

Mace conceded, “Point taken.”

Mace could tell by the facial expressions of many council members that they agreed with him.

Mace continued, “Still, I am the first to admit that Senator Amidala needs to be assigned help. That someone needs to temper her lightning and thunder before problems begin to arise.”

Yoda said, “Delicate matters, this is. But fortunately, Senator Amidala seems willing to learn from us.”

Ki-Adi-Mundi asked, “But who will we assign to teach her?”

Yoda stated, “Master Kenobi and padawan Skywalker are trusted by her. The simplest choice would be them.”

Mace said, “I am wary of how close the boy and the Senator are to each other.”

Yoda responded, “Besides Skywalker only being a padawan, this is why suggesting both Kenobi and Skywalker. Master Kenobi can keep an eye on the situation.”

Mace conceded, “That should work. If they will agree to teach her.”

Yoda replied, “Surprised I would if not both accepted the offer.”

Ki-Adi-Mundi looked over at Plo Koon's hologram. He suggested, “Also, Master Koon here might be able to help. Concerning the Senator has the abilities of the storm. Your electric judgment, as you call it. And your force whirlwind are both abilities that are similar to the Senator's new abilities. Perhaps you could at least give her some pointers to aid her with.”

Plo Koon hologram turned to Ki-Adi-Mundi's hologram. Plo Koon responded, “I doubt I would be able to aid in the Senator's training. Those are abilities that look similar, but clearly come from a different sources and mental outlooks. My abilities come from years of mental discipline. While she clearly has a natural affinity for her abilities.”

Yoda stated, “True. Similarities in effect. But created from vastly different sources. Much like the difference between Master Koon's abilities and the dark side's ability to create force lightning.”

Shaak Ti commented, “This is another issue. Since this is not the force, we will be training someone in a power that even we have little understanding of.”

Plo Koon said, “This training will require a lot of learning as they go. For both the teachers and the student. Which means she will have to trust her teachers. And her teachers will require patience in learning, as well.”

Yoda stated, “All the more reason for Kenobi and Skywalker to teach her. Trust will be the key in this training, as they learn while they train.”

Mace agreed, “Yes. Trust is the key here.”

Suddenly, there was a beeping on the control panels on the right armrest of each of the council member's chairs.

The right armrest of each chair also had a small panel that showed where the communication was coming from.

The beeping concerned a direct communication line between the Jedi Council and only one person in the galaxy that communication code, the highest political office of the Galactic Senate, the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, Sheev Palpatine. The location of where the call coming from was the Chancellor's office on a high up level of the Senate Building.

Mace stated, “The Chancellor wants to talk to us.”

Shaak Ti said, “It does not take a genius to figure out what he wants to talk about.”

Yoda commented, “Dreaded this call. We all did. But, we can only protect Senator Amidala for so long.”

Mace suggested, “We will just have to make sure we are with her during the meeting.”

Yoda said, “Yes. We will attend. As will Kenobi and Skywalker.”

Mace commented, “With all of us there the Chancellor will be likely to try to pull something. Now, let us talk to the Chancellor.”

Mace then pushed the button on his control panel on his right armchair to take the Chancellor call.

In the center of the high council chamber, the blue, live-sized hologram of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine appeared.

The hologram showed Chancellor Palpatine standing in the room, facing Yoda and Mace. This meant that Palpatine was using the large holo-moinitor in the center of the Chancellor's office, instead of the smaller holo-monitor in the desk in the Chancellor's office.

Palpatine wore his black colored Chancellor robe, with the hood down and the robe open to reveal the dark cloth suit he wore underneath his robe.

Palpatine's hologram look around the group of Jedi council members, as he stated, in a kind tone of voice, “Hello honored council members. I would like to discuss with you the reports I read concerning events a few days ago, about Senator Amidala, and this mysterious hammer she has come to possess.”

Mace inquired, in a firm tone of voice, “Have you already spoken with Senator Amidala concerning this matter?”

Palpatine turned to Mace, as he calmly responded, “No, Master Windu. It seems that she left her apartment this morning before I could contact her. When I learned she had been summoned by you of the Jedi High Council, I decided it was best to speak to you, before speaking with her.”

Ki-Adi-Mundi commented, “We appreciate you doing so.”

Palpatine turned to Ki-Adi-Mundi, as he replied, “You're welcome, Master Mundi.”

Yoda said, “We will rely your request, Chancellor. Though, Master Windu and I request that we accompany Senator Amidala.”

Palpatine turned to Yoda. The council members could tell from his facial expressions that he was deep in thought. He then responded, “Yes... That might be for the best... And could you have her bring that hammer with her. I would like to see it in person. Though, I would like to meet the Senator as the Senator. And not that brutish form with such archaic armor.” He smiled, as he continued, “Also, please bring dear Anakin, as well. I do enjoy the time I spend with him.”

Yoda stated, “We will do so. We also feel that Master Kenobi should be present, as well.”

Palpatine casually replied, “He may attend, as well. This will be fine.”

Mace inquired, “So, when is a good time for us to have this meeting?”

Palpatine turned to Mace. He answered, “I believe I can make time in around two hours.”

Mace stated, “Alright. We should be done with this meeting by then.”

Yoda said, “We will continue this discussion when we see each other in person.”

Palpatine turned to Yoda. He stated, “Thank you, Master Yoda. I look forward to seeing you then.” His hologram then showed him leaning down and reaching out of the holographic field of vision.

As few seconds later, Palpatine cut the communication from his end, and his hologram disappeared from the chamber.

Mace said, “This is one conversation I am not looking forward to.”

Yoda pointed out, “But, one that will be necessary. We require the Chancellor's support, should we wish to train Senator Amidala. To do otherwise would create too many problems.”

Shaak Ti questioned, “That is more than likely the case. But, what if the Chancellor wishes someone else to train the Senator?”

Yoda answered, “As a Senator, Padme Amidala has the authority to decline being trained by anyone. I believe that if she supports our idea in training, the Chancellor will go along with it. Doing otherwise would be to difficult for the Chancellor to deal with. Though, options to consider. Should the Senator decide otherwise.”

Shaak Ti agreed, “I believe you are correct.”

Yoda commented, “Onto more important matters concerning Senator Amidala than training. We should inform her of Sidious.”

Ki-Adi-Mundi commented, “We are not even sure that this Sidious even exists.”

Mace commented, “When I spoke with Master Kenobi. He stated that Dooku mentioned Sidious being in control of the Senate. As such, I believe Sidious is be very real.”

Yoda commented, “Likely the master to the apprentice that Master Kenobi defeated on Naboo. Sidious is.”

Depa Billaba said, “Even if this is the case. This is a Jedi matter. This should be not discussed with outsiders.”

Mace stated, “With that hammer and her powers. Sidious will likely focus some of his attention on her. Since Dooku knows. If Dooku is in league with Sidious. Then Sidious already knows. She is already a target. She needs to know.”

Yoda commented, “Allow Amidala to know of Sidious will not harm us. And it may even aid us. We will also inform padawan Skywalker, as well.”

Everyone in the council chamber knew better than to argue with their oldest and wisest member.

Stass Allie stated, “Moving on. We need to discuss assignments for Jedi in the coming war.”

Depa Billaba stated, “Not everyone within Order is open to being a soldier.”

Yoda said, “We cannot expect those we spent a lifetime teaching be bring peace to immediately be willing go to war.”

Mace commented, “There will be members whom will feel too conflicted to fight.”

Plo Koon said, “We can will quietly find out who is willing to fight. Who is open to fighting. And who are against fighting. We will work out assignments from there. If the force is willing, this will not become a serious issue.”

Yoda agreed, “A good idea. That is.”

Shaak Ti mentioned, “We also have some healers that I am sure would be willing to work as medics for the war effort.”

Depa Billaba said, “That is a good point.”

Mace turned to Depa. He inquired, “Master Billaba. By the way, how is your sister, Jedi Labooda? I lost track of her on Geonosis?”

Depa Billaba turned to Mace. Depa thought of her sister, Jedi Knight Sar Labooda. Depa answered, “I am on the medical ship that brought her back to Westport this morning. She is resting in a nearby room. The clones found her hiding in the small room inside the interior of the Petranaki arena. She was badly injured. Though, if that hammer had not fallen when it did, and deactivated the droids near her, those droids would have killed her. She has a long recovery ahead of her. But, she should fully recover.”

Mace commented, “That is good to hear. Please, keep me update.”

Depa gave Mace a weak smiled, as she replied, “I will.”

Mace looked around the room, as she pointed out, “Now someone will also have to go Kamino and oversee the training of the clones to help integrate our leadership of them.”

Yoda agreed, “True. Doing so will lead to better teamwork, which will bring less brutal and quicker victories.”

Depa Billaba pointed out, “On another matter concerning the war. We lost a few Knights and Masters in the battle of Geonosis. Before we do these assignments. Some padawans will have to be reassigned to other teachers.”

Yoda complimented, “A good point that is.”

Saesee Tiin stated, “For that matter. We may face other problems. We will lose teachers and students in this war. We may need to relax the restrictions on allowing a teacher to have more than one student. We do not want to send potentially skilled members of the Order to AgriCorps because we lack in the needed number of teachers. By doing so, we would be cutting ourselves both ways.”

Ki-Adi-Mundi said, “That is true. With no students, there would be no teachers for the next pool of students to come from. And within a generation the Order could become a shell of itself.”

Mace said, “These issues do need to be addressed.”

The council then continued their meeting, as they discussed potential future problems within the Jedi Order, concerning the upcoming war.


Around an hour later, the Jedi Council meeting was over.

From inside the anti-chamber directly connected to the council chamber, Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan watched as the doors to the council chamber slid open. They saw Mace walk out, with Yoda in his hover chair, beside Mace, to Mace's right side. They saw no one else behind the two Jedi council members. This was due the holo-communication systems in the room already being shut down.

Padme still had the hammer in her right hand, hanging to her right side.

Mace and Yoda came to a stop just inside the anti-chamber.

As soon as the doors to the council chamber slid closed behind the two Jedi Masters, Obiwan asked, “So, how did the meeting go?”

Mace smiled towards Obiwan. He kept his smile as he looked at Padme. He answered, “Everything is quite alright. Padme can keep the hammer, for now.”

Padme let out a sigh of relief. She said, “Thank you.”

Yoda commented, “Do not thank us just yet. You still need training.”

Obiwan said, “We were discussing that.”

Anakin said, “The question is, who?”

Mace stated, “We realize that, as well. And we came to the same decision. And our answer was two teachers for her.”

Obiwan asked, “Two teachers?”

Anakin asked, “Who?”

Padme immediately understood what Mace was inferring. She smiled and giggled a little.

Anakin and Obiwan turned to look at her.

Anakin asked, “What is it Padme?”

Padme stopped giggling. Though, she kept her smile, as she said, “The answer is simple. You two.”

Yoda complimented, “A keen mind you have, Senator. And true in your deduction.”

Padme looked over at Anakin, then Obiwan. She turned to Mace and Yoda, as she requested, “And I agree. Should I decide to train. I would prefer to it be from someone I trust and have known for a long time. Such as Jedi Kenobi, with Jedi Skywalker assisting Jedi Kenobi.”

Mace stated, “I see no problems with that.”

Yoda said, “Good experience for our padawan. And a chance for Master Kenobi to brush up on his teaching skills.”

Anakin replied, “I am okay with this.”

Obiwan stated, “I guess it is settled.” He turned to Padme, as he continued, “I will be your teacher. Should you decide to train.”

Padme turned to Obiwan and Anakin. She said, “Well, you two being both my friends and possible teachers will help with my decision.”

Anakin happily replied, “Good.”

Obiwan calmly said, “We look forward to your answer. But, with the war effort. We will need an answer sooner, rather than later.”

Padme stated, “You will have your answer by tomorrow morning.”

Obiwan replied, “This will be fine.”

Mace commented, “We would very much like to help you learn about this power you have gained. Though, if you do decide to train with the Order. You will need to take a short leave of absence from the Senate.”

Padme responded, “As I said. I still have to decide.” Padme turned to Obiwan and Anakin, as she asked, “But, if I did decide to train. How long would the training last? And what would this training entail?”

Obiwan turned to Padme, as he answered, “Besides learning about your powers. There will be other lessons. Along with training and becoming stronger in both mind and body... Hmm... Likely around six weeks. A month at the earliest. It depends on how fast you can train in learning your new abilities, and learning what else we have to teach you. But, this is only the basics. You will likely be training off and on for the rest of your life.”

Padme thought, with mild disappointment, 'That is not going to work.'

Padme responded, “While I am not opposed to continuing training for the rest of my life. I cannot take off being a Senator for a month to six weeks, for the duration of the basic training. I just returned to Coruscant to resume my senatorial duties. I cannot immediately take another extended leave. I can maybe give you a full week. But not an entire month to six weeks.”

Padme thought, 'Especially not after what Jar Jar has done.'

Mace offered, “Together, I believe we can come up with a schedule that will work for you. Maybe you can divide your time between these two duties. You can train in the morning. And perform you senatorial duties in the afternoon.”

Padme turned to Mace. She thought over Mace's suggestion for a few seconds. She mentally reflected, 'This is possible. As a Senator, I do keep my own hours.' Padme said, “Should I decide to do so, I believe this could work.”

Obiwan stated, “We will need at least a full week to figure out your basic abilities and work on a training regimen and schedule to train you with.”

Padme turned to Obiwan, as she stated, “I can give you a full week. Though, not in the evenings. You of all people can understand how things can come up at the last minute.” She thought, 'I will just say I caught a bug during my travels, which will take me a week to recover from. This will explain why I was fine only to become sick a few days after returning home.'

Obiwan suggested, “I understand. Also, if you do train with us. It might be best to leave the hammer inside the temple. Due to the item being a little too big to be carrying around. People will notice and eventually put two and two together concerning you and your stronger form's look and abilities.”

Padme inquired, “I have no problems leaving the hammer with you. Though, what about the members of the Jedi? I will be coming here a lot. And practicing with the hammer. They will figure out who I can become and what I can do.”

Yoda stated, “This cannot be helped. But, since the Order prefers to keep its privacy, it will not be a problem.”

Mace said, “We will just order everyone here to keep quiet. Do not worry. They will remain silent on this matter.”

Anakin turned to Padme, as he said, “Don't worry. We have kept much bigger secrets than this.”

Then, Anakin immediately realized what he had just said. He turned to look at Obiwan, Mace, and Yoda, were looking at him with stern frowns on their faces.

Anakin became visibly uncomfortable, as he hastily said, “I didn't actually tell her any of those secrets.”

Obiwan put his right hand up to his face in embarrassment. Mace shook his head a few times. Yoda just rolled his eyes and looked away, for a few seconds.

Padme could not help but giggle a little from the entire situation. A few seconds later, Padme forced herself to stop giggling. Padme said, “It is alright. I have no interest in prying into the secrets your Order has.” She thought, 'It is clear that the Jedi Council will make sure those here who figure out what is going on, will not advertise this information to others. In return I will respect their privacy.'

This brought everyone's attention back to the conversation. Obiwan lowed his right hand from his face. With the three Jedi Masters turning to look at Padme.

Mace replied, “That is comforting to know.”

Padme inquired, “Though, if I do train with you. Where I can keep this hammer? I cannot just take with me, back and forth from my home. You're right, people will noticed.”

Mace stated, “During training, you can just set your hammer in one of the corners in the main gym. It is not like anyone could take off with it.”

Padme halfheartedly replied, “Yea. It has a way of just sticking around.”

Yoda stated, “Settled it is then. Should you decide to train.”

Mace said, in a more sober tone of voice, “Good. Now, for some less than good news. During our meeting the Chancellor contacted us.” Mace turned to Padme, as he continued, in the same sober tone of voice, “Senator Amidala, the Chancellor wishes to speak with you in his office, in the Senate Building. And he requests you bring the hammer with you. But, in your present form.”

While Padme realized that with the force, those around her could sense her emotions. She forced herself to not act surprised, as she thought, with worry, 'He knows... Sheev Palpatine about the hammer and the powers that the hammer has given me. And he knows about my new stronger form.'

'My one time friend and teacher. Now he is my greatest political rival, due to him accepting his role as leader of the new clone army in this coming war. During my reign as Queen of Naboo, he advised me by holo-comm. And he continued to advise me after I became the Senator for Naboo and the rest of the Chommell sector. His counsel was one of the reasons I became the skilled politician that I am today...'

'I wonder what would have happened if things had gone differently and the hammer had not come? If I had married Anakin? Would I had been so caught up being with him that I would remain blind to what is going on around me? The sad part is that may have been the case. But now this is not the case.'

Mace went onto say, “Though, we convinced him that all of us here should attend the meeting, as well.” Mace looked towards Yoda, Obiwan, Anakin, and then back towards Padme.

All those present understood what Mace had meant.

Padme said, in a sad tone of voice, “I would I appreciate your company during this meeting. Still, I should have expected this to happen. He is the Supreme Chancellor, after all.”

Yoda stated, “It was obvious such a situation would have arose from the actions you took with the hammer. No matter how noble were actions were.”

Padme was not sure how to take Yoda's comment. So, she decided to be polite, as she replied, “I will take that as a compliment.”

Anakin inquired, “When is the meeting?”

Mace answered, “In a little under an hour.”

Obiwan commented, “At least we are not pressed for time.”

Yoda agreed, “Yes. Fortunately, time is still with us. But, not much time.”

Padme asked, “What should I say to him?”

Yoda stated, “The truth. He already knows you have gained much power. There is no point in hiding the truth. And we have everything to gain by speaking openly on this matter. Though, before we leave we have another important matter to discuss with you.”

Mace looked at Padme, then to Anakin, then back to Padme. He said, “We do need to discuss this with you both.”

Yoda stated, “Yes. This concerns you both. Senator Amidala and Padawan Skywalker.”

Padme questioned, “What?”

Anakin did not respond, but he had heard what Yoda and Mace said. And he immediately gave the two Jedi Masters his complete attention.

Yoda said, “We have reason to believe that the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious may have an interest in the both of you.”

Padme inquired, “Who is that?”

Anakin commented, “I thought he was rumor.”

Obiwan looked towards Mace and Yoda. He requested, “May I tell them what Dooku told me?”

Yoda turned to Obiwan. He replied, “You may.” He turned back to Padme and Anakin.

Obiwan turned to Padme and Anakin. He stated, “While I was captured on Geonosis, Dooku said to me that Sidious controlled the Senate. While I do not know if this is true, I feel that Dooku now serves Sidious as his Sith apprentice.”

Padme inquired, “What is a Sith?”

Yoda stated, “Not your fault that you lack the knowledge concerning such matters. We prefer to keep such secrets within the Order. So as to not tempt those outside the order with corrupting knowledge and power.”

Mace said, “A Sith is someone that uses the dark side of the force. Using negative emotions to enhance their powers in the force. But, doing so is very addictive.”

Yoda said, “Corrupting is such power. Always leads to tragedy and death. This is why we always guard our emotions so tightly.”

Padme said, “This does explain much. Please, continue.”

Mace said, “Also, there are always only two Sith at any given time. At least for the last thousand years. A master and a apprentice. We also have reason to believe that this Sidious might be the Sith master of the Sith assassin whom Master Kenobi fought on Naboo. The one who killed Master Qui-Gon Jinn.”

Padme remembered Qui-Gon Jinn, and how he died. Padme asked, with concerned in her tone of voice, “How dangerous would this Sidious be?”

Yoda stated, “A master of the dark side he would be. Deception. Lethality. Brutality through the force, would be his tools. The Sith whom died on Naboo was almost as skilled as a Jedi Master. Dooku was one of my best students. For them to serve another means the other much be even more powerful and skilled than they.”

Mace said, “Be on your guard. Though, the good news is that Sidious clearly does not like to act directly. Which means you may never have to face them. Neither of you. But, be aware that he is likely out there. And Anakin. With you as the Chosen One. I am sure Sidious would love to turn you to the dark side. To make you his next apprentice.”

Anakin said, “I will keep that in mind.”

Mace stated, “And Senator. If Sidious finds he cannot turn you to his cause, he will eventually seek to kill you.”

Padme casually said, “Well, the line forms to the left.”

Yoda snapped, “Do not be so caviler with your attitude. Having a Lord of the Sith as an enemy is no laughing matter.”

Padme dryly said, “I am not laughing. I have spent years having to watch my back. This is nothing new. Just another person out to kill me.”

Mace mentioned, “We also have reason to believe that Sidious might be behind the Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo.”

Padme demeanor completely changed, as her body stiffen in barely contained rage. She firmly stated, “Though, that is new. If he is behind that... Incident. He is likely behind all the pain and suffering that my friends and I have been through for the last several years. This makes it personal.” Padme continued with a hint of anger in her tone of voice, “Very personal.”

Yoda cautioned, “Do not seek vengeance. Especially against one so powerful as Sidious.”

Padme firmly said, “I will not seek him out.” She held up her hammer in her right hand, as she continued, “But, if the opportunity presents itself. I will act.”

Yoda said, “I will not condone such an action. But, I will also not prevent such an action be taken.”

Mace requested, “If such an opportunity presents itself. Let us know. So we can handle it. We have more experience concerning such matters. But, you are more than happy to watch.”

Padme replied, “I will think about it.”

Anakin asked, “Now, what of the coming war? Where will the Jedi fit in?”

Yoda said, “As with other wars. The Jedi will participate as the leaders in conflicts of battle. Whether you train the Senator here. Or not. You and Master Kenobi will eventually be assigned to the front. Though, if you do train her, it will only delay your departure.”

Anakin said, “I understand.”

Obiwan commented, “While I do not relish battle, some things are necessary.”

Padme took note of what Yoda has said. But, she did not reply.

Mace turned to Padme, as he stated, “Speaking of which. If we do train you. We hope you would be willing to help us in the conflicts of this coming war.”

Padme was taken flatfooted by Mace's comment. Padme quietly said, “While circumstances have forced me to be no stranger to violence. I always tried to follow a path of peace, not war.”

Yoda said, “The Jedi also believe in attempting to first walk the path of peace. But, even the wisest of negotiators knows when the time for peace is over and the time for war has begun.”

Padme softly said, “I will consider your words.”

The five adults then continued their conversation. Which their discussion mostly revolving around more casual and relaxing topics.

They continued to talk until it was time to leave for the Senate Building to meet with Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine.


Around an hour after the Jedi Council meeting had ended, Padme, Anakin, Yoda, Mace, and Obiwan took had one of passenger transports, which the Jedi Order had for moving large groups of Jedi from place to place, south of the Temple District to the Senate District to the Senate Building.

The Senate Building was south of the Jedi Temple.

Once they had arrived at the Senate Building, the five adults headed for top of the Senate Building where the Chancellor's office was.

Yoda used one of his hover chairs to move though the building.

As they passed through the hallways and elevator lifts of the Senate Building, Padme carried the hammer in her right hand. Padme noticed that while a few people staring at her. There was not as many looking at her as at the Jedi Temple.

Padme chalked this up to face that the Senators and staff of the Senate has seen and experienced more in their lives than likely those that lived in the Jedi Temple.

When the reached the entrance to the Chancellor's office, the droid secretary had informed the Chancellor, in his office, of their arrival. After the Chancellor said for them to come in, the droid opened the doors for the five adults.

As the doors slid open, they saw across the room.

The room was painted mostly red, with a gray strips running from the floor to the ceiling, to create a color pattern for the walls. With the columns on the wall painted gray with a black striped running from the floor to the ceiling.

At the entrance, passed the doors, to their sides, was a small alcove a couch on each side of them. With each couch set against the wall.

They soon reached the point where the office opened up further, with two Republic guard, in full red robes, and red helmet, to their sides. With each guard silently stating with their back to the wall, where the walls expanded into the larger part of the office. Each guard faced the Chancellor's desk. And each guard held a stun-staff in their right hand, leaning against their right shoulder.

As Padme passed by the guards, she noticed them. She thought, 'Palpatine likely informed them I would to bring the hammer to him. So, I should be fine.'

Padme continued to walk with the group further into the large office.

Much of the room was on upper platform. With there being a center section of the room being the lower, with the upper level wrapping around the sides of the room.

There were four sets of steps to the upper level. One set on each side. And to sets of steps that were offset from each other, in the center. With the center steps leading to the four guest chairs, Chancellor desk, and the Chancellor's chair behind the desk.

Between to two staircases was a large holo-monitor built into the floor and located on the upper platform of the room. Though, the Chancellor had a small holo-monitor built into his desk, when he wanted to conduct more private communications for when the Chancellor was alone.

Padme and the members of the Jedi soon reached the steps leading up to the raised platform to the back of the room.

In the center part of the platform were four chairs, in set in semi-circle row. Beyond the four chairs was the Chancellor's desk. Behind the desk, was Chancellor Palpatine sitting in his chair.

Large windows wrapped around the back of the room, to show a vast view of the cityscape of Coruscant.

While standing facing the windows, on the upper level of the room, to the right side of the office was a doorway which left to the Chancellor's personal quarters.

Palpatine stood up from his chair. He looked at the five adults. He smiled, as he happily said, “Come in. Please, come in. We have much to discuss.”

The five adults them made their way across the office, with the doors to the office sliding closed behind them.

They soon made their way across the room, with Mace and Obiwan walking up the left central steps. With Yoda floating beside them.

Meanwhile, Anakin and Padme walked up the right central steps.

For a few seconds, Palpatine look at them as they approached him.

The five adults soon came to a stop behind on the upper platform, right behind the four chairs facing the desk.

Palpatine looked at the hammer in Padme's right hand, as he requested, with a bit of eagerness in his tone of voice, “So, that is the hammer that I have read so much about. May I please take a closer look at it.”

Padme calmly replied, “As you wish, Chancellor.” Padme then walked away from the group, and between the middle of the two central chairs in the front of the desk. When she reached the middle of the desk and chairs she turned to face the desk. She brought up her hammer, reversed it in her hands. She gently set it on its top of its head. With the axe being to her left and the flat, rounded head of the hammer being to her right. After which, she let go of the hammer, and took a single step back.

Everyone remained silent as Palpatine turned to face the hammer. He then leaned over his desk, to take closer look at the weapon.

As the elderly man studied the hammer, he had the expression of a child looking at a new toy he wanted. He noticed how the weapon was actually held up by the top of the axe blade and the round part of the flat hammer.

Palpatine said, with wonderment in his tone of voice, “What a remarkable ability for it to balance itself like that and remain so. It is almost like magic.”

Palpatine then slowly outstretched his right arm and hand, to touch the hammer. But, as the seconds passed, just as Palpatine was able to touch the weapon, a single small electrical arc came from the hammer to zapped Palpatine's right hand.

On reflex, Palpatine leaned up, as jerked his right hand back. He held his right hand with his left hand, while he yelped, “Ouch!”

Everyone saw what happened. Padme quickly took a step forward and grabbed the shaft of the weapon. She picked it up, and took a few steps back away from Palpatine.

Padme quickly said, “I sincerely apologize, Chancellor Palpatine. That has never happened before.”

For a brief moment, everyone noticed a faint expression of rage show on Palpatine's face. But, the rage disappeared from his face in the blink of and eye. With the expression of calmness and understanding showing in its place.

Palpatine lower his hands to his side, as he casually replied, “That is quite alright. There is a first time for everything. I am not hurt. Now, let us sit down and talk.”

Palpatine then calmly sat down in his chair.

The others also seated themselves.

Padme sat down in the chair to the far left of Palpatine. Padme puts the hammer across her lap. With her being careful to have the axe's blade edge of the top of the hammer pointed away from her.

Anakin sat in the chair to Padme's left side. Obiwan sat in the chair to Anakin's left side. Mace sat in the last chair to Obiwan's left side. And Yoda hovered in his chair to Mace's left side.

After everyone was seated, Palpatine looked over at Padme and the hammer. Palpatine calmly asked, “I noticed there was an inscription on the head of the weapon. Were you able to translate it?”

Obiwan stated, “Yes. The translation is. To whom be worthy to wield the hammer shall have the power of Thor.”

Palpatine casually inquired, “I do wonder who this Thor is?”

Mace commented, “We all do.”

Palpatine looked over the group, as he said, “Oh well. A mystery for another time. And there are so many mysteries out there.” He then focused on Padme, as he continued, “Now, dear sweet, Senator Amidala. It is not everyday that someone has becomes one of the most powerful people in the galaxy. Most likely the most powerful non-force user in the galaxy.” He turned to Anakin, as he continued, “And maybe more even powerful than Anakin may someday become.”

Anakin looked over at Padme. He shrugged, as he said, “I really wouldn't mind, either way.”

Padme looked over at Anakin. She smiled at Anakin's casual attitude towards the situation. She turned back to Palpatine, as she offered, “Chancellor? Would you like to see my other form?”

Palpatine calmly responded, “No. There will be time for that later. After you have a better understanding of your abilities. Though, I did read in the reports on how your mannerisms changed with your form. Specifically, the way you spoke. How much of that change effects your mind?”

Padme dropped her smile for a more calmer expression. She answered, “Fortunately, not much. As Yoda will attested to.”

Yoda stated, “She is still Padme Amidala in both her forms.”

Palpatine said, in a kind tone of voice, “That is good to know. Now, Senator Amidala, I know we have had our differences in the past.”

Padme felt bitterness she held back from showing, as she thought, 'To say the least. And I am starting to realize how much that is the case.'

Palpatine calmly continued, “But, with this power that has dropped into your lap. You could be of great assistance to the war effort.”

Padme replied, “I am not sure I can do so.”

Palpatine pointed out, “From reports I have read. You have the highest kill ratio of any single individual during the Battle of Geonosis.”

Padme looked away from Palpatine, as she felt regret about that. She then turned back to look at Palpatine.

Palpatine quickly realized his mistake. Palpatine said, “Though, that is total numbers. Including counting all the battle droids which were destroyed.”

Padme commented, “There is a difference between destroying mass produced death machines and killing people.”

Yoda looked at Padme, as he complimented, “That is true. It is good that you know the difference.”

Padme looked over at Yoda and she smiled towards Yoda. Both of them turned back to looked at Palpatine.

Palpatine pointed out, “Though, not all of those you have killed were droids.”

Padme admitted, “True. But, I did not like doing so.”

Palpatine stated, “I can appreciate that. Given your position as Senator. I cannot make you do so. And given the power you demonstrated, I do no desire to attempt to force you to do so. All I request is that you consider my request. You could save a lot of lives, on our side, if you joined our cause.”

Padme replied, “I will think about.”

Palpatine asked, “Good. Now, the question is whom will train you?” He looked over at the Jedi in the room.

Mace stated, “There is already been much discussion about this.”

Palpatine said, in a firm tone of voice, “And let me guess. Your Order is hoping to train her.”

Mace replied, “Yes.”

Palpatine inquired, “And whom do you have in mind to be her teacher? Or, is it teachers?”

Mace stated, “We plan for her to have Master Kenobi train her, with his apprentice, Padawan Skywalker, assisting him.”

Palpatine visibly relaxed, as he smiled. He said, “Really?... Well then, I have no complaints about your choice of teachers. You will have my full support in the Jedi training Senator Amidala.” He turned his attention to Padme, as he continued, “That is if she wants to be trained?”

Padme stated, “I have already told the Jedi here that I will give them a decision by tomorrow.”

Palpatine maintained his smile, as he calmly requested, “That will be fine, my dear. Though, please let me know what you decide.”

Padme replied, “You will be inform after I tell the Jedi Order.”

Palpatine's smile widened slightly, as he commended, “Good. Very good. And please keep in mind. The war is young. It is in its early stages. Battle lines have not been clearly drawn, yet. Now is the time when single individuals of power could have the greatest effect on the war. Before the battle lines harden. And with your help, we could win this war sooner, and save countless lives on both sides.”

Padme looked down in her lap, at the hammer, as she softly said, “I will keep that in mind.” She then looked back up at Palpatine.

Palpatine responded, “Please do. Also, as the war progresses, you could still be useful.” He looked around at the members of the Jedi order in the room, as he continue, “With you most likely working in conjunction with the Jedi Order.”

Palpatine could tell that his words had a positive effect on those in front of him.

Palpatine relaxed his face, as he stated, in a calm, through firm tone of voice, “Also, given these secrets are a matter of the State, I ask that you keep Padme's new hammer, along with her new powers and abilities to yourselves.” He turned to Padme, as he continued in a more calmer, kinder, and reassuring tone of voice, “Except for you Padme. This is your secret. And you may share this secret with whomever you desire to tell.”

Padme said, “Thank you.”

Yoda stated, “Chancellor, we shall do as you request. Though, we ask that you do the same.”

Palpatine commented, “I will. And I see we are on the same page.” He looked around at the group, as he smiled. He continued in a more relaxed, and joyous tone of voice, “Now. There is an event that will be held this evening that I wish for all five of you to attend. At the open area of the spaceport of Westport, we will be overseeing the launch of the new fleet. This will truly be a beautiful and marvelous sight which should not missed. I suggest you arrive at nineteen hundred, at the latest. Though, please do come early. And I do expect you to wear you best clothing for this event.”

Given the invitation came personally from the Chancellor, none of them could turn down the invitation.

Mace stated said, “We will be there.”

Padme said, “I will be there.” She then thought, with disgust, 'Great. I get to see off an army that I opposed. Whom are going to fight a war that I am against. I need to get some fresh air. And I know just how to do it.'

Padme stood up, while gripping and picking up her hammer in her right hand by the shaft. She looked around, as she stated, “Now, if you will excuse me. I need to meet with some people this afternoon.”

Padme thought, 'In my apartment to start with. I will retrieve a speeder from a Senate parking garage. The valets always have a few nice ones for senators to use. I will then head to my apartment. I would be tempted to fly with my hammer, in my stronger form. But, not right now. Later, after I learn more about my abilities.'

Palpatine said, “That will be fine, Senator Amidala. I am sure the last few days have been trying enough. I wish you luck in the your meetings. And get some rest. You earned it.”

Padme turned to Palpatine, as she replied, “Thank you, Chancellor.”

Anakin looked up at Padme. He requested, “Let us know if you need anything.”

Padme turned to look down at Anakin, as she said, “I will.”

Mace turned to Palpatine, as he stated, “If our business has been concluded, I believe we should leave, as well.” He continued, in a tone of voice that had a slight edge to it, “We have a war to organize for you.”

Palpatine calmly responded, “Quite right. I believe we are finished here. For now.” Palpatine looked around at the group, as he continued, “I will see you all this evening, then.”

Palpatine watched Anakin, Obiwan, and Mace stand up. With the three of them, and Padme, walking around the chairs, and down the steps of the platform, to the lower level of his office.

Yoda followed the four other adults in his hover chair.

Soon Palpatine saw the five adults reach the doors to his office.

Anakin walked over to the panel on the right side of the doors, and he punched a button to open the doors.

The doors then slid open, and the five adults exited out of Chancellor Palpatine's office and into the hallway.

A few seconds later, the doors to the office closed. Palpatine then turned around in his chair. He looked out at the cityscape through the large windows of his office, as he smiled.


An hour later, it was early afternoon.

Padme had since returned to her apartment in the Senate District. Padme's apartment was located at the top floor of a high-rise building. With her apartment spanning an entire floor of the building. The entrance to her apartment was through an elevator which opened up to the hallway, which branched into three different direction. The direction in front of the elevator lead to her living room and other areas of her home. With the living room being down the hallway to the second right from the elevator doors.

From the direction of entering the living room, there were windows on the sides of the room. With the ceiling curving up from the sides of the room. Also, on the left side was a small terrace balcony connected to the living room. There was a window door to the terrace that rolled up into the curved ceiling. The interior controls to the window door were on a panel on a wall, next to the right side of the door. The controls on the outside had a numerical pad. The exterior controls were located on the opposite side of the was from interior controls.

Further down the living room, to the far left was hallway that lead to Padme's bedroom.

Connected to the hallway that lead to Padme's bedroom was a set of steps which lead to a set of double-doors. The other side of those double-doors lead to an open veranda, with a high ceiling. White columns lined the outside of the walls. With white drapes tied to the columns.

The veranda had a white, red, and black motif using painted curves and circles within circle in the room.

In the center of the room, there were a pair of curved, cushioned benches facing each other. With each bench having a small table placed on the sides of the bench. With each of the four tables having a lamp on it.

Pass the benches, closer to the edge there was a small fountain in the center of the room

The edge of the veranda, had to large black statues facing each other, with the center of the edge extending just fair another to allow a speed to dock there. So, Padme could be picked up from that point.

Though, the parking area for speeders were several levels below Padme's apartment.

Before Padme had to deal with death marks put on her life, Padme occasionally came out to the veranda to walk about and think. She found the open view to the city to be very peaceful.

Now, Padme was worried if she visited the veranda a sniper might take a shot at her from a distance. So Padme usually left that area of her apartment alone.

Double-doors leading from the veranda into the interior of the apartment were locked from the inside. On the exterior side, in the veranda, there was a numerical pad by the doors. Though, the interior side could just be opened by the press of a button on a panel set by that side of the doors. Still, the doors were tied to an alarm going off if someone tried to break into Padme's home that way.

Save for the veranda, the interior of Padme's apartment, among the floors, walls, and ceilings were a light blue motif. With purple painted pathways on some of the floors. In addition, the pathways, and the trim on the walls being a yellow color.

The furniture and amenities in the apartment were of a modern style for the era.

Padme had already had lunch. Which was from a delivery service. Also, she had contacted those she intended to meet with.

Padme had scheduled three meeting for the afternoon. All the involved parties had been contacted, with each party agreeing to meet Padme upon times and locations Padme had requested.

One meeting was presently about to happen in her home. Another meeting which would be happening in half an hour in her home. Then, she would head to the Senate Building, and to her office, to work on paperwork, until her last meeting of the afternoon. Which was schedule to happen in two hours.

The reasons she did not have the third meeting in her home was that it was not going to be a pleasant meeting in any way, shape, or form.

And even with these meetings Padme knew from experience in such matters that she would still have time to get ready and prepare for join the Chancellor, her Jedi friends, and others, in seeing the fleet off at Westport.

Presently, Padme calmly stood, in the hallway that lead to the elevator, with the entrance to her living room being to her left. As she stood in place, she calmly faced the closed elevator doors.

Padme had already been contacted by her guests, with the intercom system from her apartment, to the speeder parking lot in the building, several floors below her apartment. And Padme used her apartment computer to let them into the elevator, to take them to her apartment.

Padme was still dressed in the clothing she had on that morning. And for the time being, she had hidden the hammer in her bedroom.

Padme continued to look at the elevator doors, as she thought, with a touch of sadness, 'I loath that I am going to have to do this. But, no matter my decision concerning my training this has to be done.'

A few seconds later, the elevator reached her apartment and the doors slid opened.

Padme smiled, as she saw two of her of long time friends.

In front of her was one of her surviving handmaidens, Dorme. And the head of her Security, Captain Gregar Typho.

Dorme wore a simple velvet colored dress. While Gregar wore his dark red and black security uniform and hat, with Gregar's long time eyepatch over the left eye he long since lost years ago.

During the assassination attempts on Padme's life, both Dorme and Gregar had played roles in helping to protect Padme. That last time Padme had see them in person was when Dorme acted as her body-double, and she stay on Coruscant, as a decoy, while Padme left for Naboo, with Anakin Skywalker. And Typho was with Dorme as her bodyguard.

Both of Padme's friends stepped out of the elevator. As the elevator closed behind them, Gregar slowing approached Padme, while Dorme briskly walked up to Padme and she gently hugged Padme.

A few seconds later, Dorme let go of Padme, and she took a few steps back. By then, Gregar came to a stop right beside where Dorme stood, to the handmaiden's left side.

Dorme smiled, as she said, “It is good to see you, milady.”

Gregar calmly stated, “I am glad that you are safe, Senator.”

Padme thought, 'And I am glad you are both alive, well, and you were still monitoring the hidden channels we has set up to communicate with each other.'

Padme smiled, as she responded, “It is good to see you both. I am glad that both of you made it out of this mess in one piece.”

Dorme inquired, “What happened during your time away?”

Padme answered, “A lot. But, much of which I cannot talk about.”

Gregar commented, “With your return, I am ready to resume my role as your chief of security.”

Padme dropped her smiled, as she stated, in a sober tone of voice, “I apologize. But, that will not be necessary.”

Dorme asked, “What do you mean?”

Padme chose her words carefully, as she said, “I know this is sudden. And I have my reasons. I want you to both know you have done nothing wrong. And what I state it in the records will reflect both of your exemplary efforts in in aiding me. But, your services are no longer required.”

Dorme flatly replied, “What?”

Gregar stated, in a calm, firm, even tone of voice, “Milady, I am completely protest this. Without us, who will help to protect you?”

Padme calmly said, “I understand. But, my mind is made up. I want you both to return to Naboo for reassignment. And I wish for you both to leave immediately. The longer you stay the more at risk you are. After we finish this conversation, I will fill out the paperwork for your transfers. With proper references to state the fine jobs both of you have done.”

Padme thought, 'I need to do this. I have seen too many of my friends die protecting me. And I can no longer allow others to be in harms way for my safety. Not when they no longer need to protect me. And with the hammer I have all the power I need to protect myself.'

'And while Anakin can take care of himself, none of the rest of you can. This is why, during our return trip to Coruscant, I subtly convinced Anakin to allow C3-PO to go with him and R2. After all C3-PO was created by Anakin. It was his droid. Besides, the joke of having C3-PO say. Thank the maker. At least once a day. With Anakin being its maker. Got old real quick. Still, that droid maybe annoying... Actually, it is annoy. But, it is still one of my friends.'

Dorme all but begged, “At least explain to us why?”

Padme cryptically responded, “I cannot tell you what happened. All I can say is that during my time away, I have attracted the attention of several key members on both sides of the coming war. The good news is that given what happened, no one will be coming after me for a while. And in the meantime, I have found a way to protect myself. But, only for myself. I cannot protect you, as well.”

Gregar firmly inquired, “How do you plan to protect yourself?

Padme stated, “I cannot tell you. But, it involves the Jedi. And I might be doing a lot of traveling.”

Gregar said, “Considering the Jedi were able to bring you back in one piece, I trust they will protect you.”

Dorme said, “I am against what you are requesting. Though, I will comply with your orders, as well.”

Padme gratefully said, “Thank you. Both of you. I just do not want more people to die on my account.”

Dorme asked, “So, who will be replacing us?”

Padme answered, “No one.”

Dorme inquired, “If we are gone. And no one is with you. Who is going to help you with your needs? Such as fixing your meals. Cleaning your clothing. And styling your hair.”

Padme sighed. She then gave Dorme a weak smile, as she stated, “I can take take care of myself. And there is no requirement that I need to restyle my hair for every single day. And that does become tiring.”

Dorme conceded, “I can see how it would.”

Gregar questioned, “Are you sure you do not want us to stay on Coruscant?”

Padme calmly responded, “I feel that what is coming will be dangerous for everyone. And I want you both out of the line of fire. I believe that Coruscant is no longer safe. Naboo is far enough away that I feel you with be safe there.” She mentally added, 'Along with my family and friends. Save for Anakin, Obiwan, Jar Jar, and the droids.'

Dorme soberly replied, “I understand, milady.”

Padme requested, “And let me know when you both reach Naboo. So I know you're safe.”

Dorme gave Padme a weak smiled, as she said, “We will.”

Gregar stated, “Stay safe, Senator. And good luck. You're going to need it.”

Padme halfheartedly replied, “I know.”

Dorme replied, “Goodbye.”

Gregar said, “You will be in my prayers.”

Padme stated, “Have a safe trip.”

Gregar and Dorme then turned around and headed to the elevator. Gregar pushed the button, on a panel by the elevator doors to summon the elevator.

Fortunately, the elevator was not in use, and elevator soon arrived.

Though, the seconds that it took for the elevator doors to open were uncomfortable for everyone present.

After the elevator doors slip open Gregar and Dorme entered the elevator. They both turned around to stand side beside each other. With Dorme being to Gregar's left side.

Gregar gave Padme a simple nod. Dorme grave Padme a weak smile, as she used her right hand to do a small wave towards her.

In response, Padme gave them a weak smile and a simple nod.

A few seconds later, the elevator doors closed.

With her friends gone, Padme turned around, clockwise, with her stopping with back to the elevator doors. She lowered her head slightly, as she placed her right hand on her face. She forced back her tears at not only having to say goodbye to two of her closest friends. But, to say goodbye so abruptly. It did not help her emotional state that she also had to keep secrets from them. Though, she felt that she took the right course with her actions.

A minute later, Padme lowered her right hand to her side, and she looked up. She thought, 'They will be fine. Now, I must deal with the here and now.'

'I am fortunate that Bail agreed to come here. And to do so on short noticed. I have much to discuss with him about what is happening in the Senate. And he is the only person in the Senate that I trust right now. Though, I do not trust him to know about the hammer and my new abilities. Still, it is a good to know that I have retained an ally in the Senate.'

Padme continued her thoughts, with a bit of bitterness, 'And so recently so many have been lost due to the foolishness of others whom I trusted.'

Padme then forced herself to reign in her emotions, as she mentally reflect, 'After I finish meeting with Bail, I will have to get ready, and head to the Senate Building for my final meeting. I will leave the hammer here. The Jedi have a point. It is too risky to carry it around with me, everywhere I go. Once I am done, I will head back here to get ready to meet with the Chancellor at Westport this evening.'


Around twenty-five minutes later, Padme stood in the hallway where she had greeted Gregar and Dorme. She faced the elevator doors as she waited for her next visit. The person had already contacted her when he arrived in the building, and she had allowed him to come up.

A few seconds later, the doors of the elevator opened to reveal the human Senator Bail Prestor Organa of Alderaan.

Padme saw that Bail was wearing white uniform with white boots.

Bail took a few steps out of the elevator. He came to a stop facing Padme.

As soon as Bail heard the doors fully close, he smiled towards Padme. Bail happily said, “Greetings, Senator Amidala. It is reassuring to see you return in good health.”

Padme casually responded, “Please. There is no need to be this level of formality. It is just the two us here. Padme is fine.”

Bail visibly relaxed a little, as he stated, “Well, Padme. It is good to see you.”

Padme smiled at Bail, as she requested, “It is good to see you too, Bail. Let us head into the living room and talk.”

Bail replied, “That would be fine with me.”

Padme turned to her right and headed into the living room of her home.

Bail followed her.

Less than a minute later, they had seated themselves. With them each sitting in couch across from each other, in the center of the living room. Both couches were light brown in color.

There was a small table between the two couches.

The small table was actually two smaller tables. Each small table had a small transparent, oval, flat surface, with a single chrome metal stand hold the top up. Both metal stands were connect to a single base on the floor. Each small oval top was set next to each other, with the other end of each oval surface face one of the two couches.

Upon Padme's return to Coruscant, she had recently move one of her holo-monitors no the center of the top surface of the oval table nearest to the couch which faced the balcony in the room.

Padme on the couch sat facing the windows with the balcony. While Bail sat facing the windows on the wall opposite side from the balcony.

After they became comfortable in their seats, Bail asked, “So, how are you doing?”

Padme answered, “Fine. Actually.”

Bail stated, “Good. I heard some things happened on Geonosis. But, I was unable to find out specific details of what really happened.”

Padme was about to speak, before she caught herself. She thought, 'I cannot tell him the truth. But, I have to tell him something. He is one of the few allies I have left in the Senate, after Jar Jar's blunder.'

Padme stated, “Actually, a lot happened on Geonosis. But, I cannot really talk about it, at this time.”

Bail replied, “I understand.”

Padme thought, with a hint of worry, 'Now, to find out bad things are, after what Jar Jar did.' She asked, “So, how did Jar Jar do in my absence? Or, dare I ask?”

Bail guessed, “You heard?”

Padme stated, “It was a long trip. I had nothing better to do than review what happened in my absence. I did not expect the Chancellor to use my proxy to both put forth the emergency powers resolution, which included the military creation act for this war, and for my proxy to be the first person to vote for resolution. Due to this, if I openly oppose this war, I will have to admit that I lost control of my proxy representative, which has caused me to lose power and respect within the Senate and the galaxy.”

Bail asked, “While Jar Jar can be an idiot. He is a stubborn idiot. What he did was monumentally foolish. But, he would not do this for just anyone. The question is who would be able convince him to do this?”

Padme stated, in a sober tone of voice, “The answer is real simple. This has to be someone that Jar Jar respected and whom would gain from this resolution being passed. And the only person I can think of is Chancellor Palpatine.”

Bail responded, “The Chancellor? He has always been one to push for peace. He even formed the Loyalist Committee to negotiate with the Separatists. A committee we were both a part of.”

Padme said, “I am coming to the conclusion that the good Chancellor is not as good as he would have us all believe.”

Bail commented, “You are perhaps correct. If so, the situation was well played by the Chancellor. And when that act was presented by your representative, our alliance, the Loyalist Committee, was shattered. In one move, the Chancellor removed all political opposition against this coming war. And at the same time he has politically crippled you.”

Padme groaned, “I am well aware of this.” She thought, 'And this is why the Chancellor wants me to join in fighting this war. Though, I cannot tell you this, because I need to keep the hammer and my abilities secret. At least until I have a better understanding of what I can do with my new abilities.'

Bail commented, “This would explain some of the other changes made by the emergency powers act.”

Padme inquired, with concern in her voice, “Such as?”

Bail stated, “Also included in the act was the removal of term limits for the Supreme Chancellor. Palpatine is in office for as long as he desires.”

Padme pointed out, “He is not going to willingly leave office.”

Bail agreed, “I know. When the act was passed into law, Chancellor Palpatine claimed lay down this power when this crisis has ended. Which I doubt he will.”

Padme stated, with a bit of worry in her tone of voice, “Palpatine is now Supreme Chancellor for life. He has an army at his command. And he has a war that will keep the public supporting him as he amasses more political power for himself.”

Bail grimly said, “The makings of a dictatorship.”

Padme commented, “Yes. But, it might not be too late to stop this through the Senate. The Senate gave Chancellor Palpatine his authority and power. And the Senate came remove his authority and power.”

Bail offered, “I would not be here if I believed it was too late. It will take time to rebuild the opposition movement in the Senate. Though, I will be more than happy to be the face of opposition to the war, in your place. You can still aid us behind the scenes.”

Padme stated, “Thank you. We will work on putting something together within the coming weeks. When I am not busy. And we will do so quietly.”

Bail said, “Of course. The war has just started and immediately opposing the conflict right now may politically backfire on us.”

Padme replied, “Exactly. Also, I will talk to Jar Jar this afternoon.”

Bail mentioned, “Good. I believe he is in his quarters, near the surface area of the district.”

Padme responded, “Thank you. Though, I have already contacted him to meet with me. I guess, if I leave the planet, I will have to directly conduct my Senatorial duties, including my votes, via holo-comm.”

Bail stated, “The Senate rules do allow for this. But, doing so is frowned upon.”

Padme let her mask slip a little, as she said, while showing annoyance her in tone voice, “Then, I will deal with frowns. I cannot allow what happened with Jar Jar to happen again.” Padme then forced herself to calm down.

Bail said, “I understand your frustration. I have some good news. I heard there is already a neutrality movement being put together from various worlds whom want nothing to do with the war.”

Padme inquired, “How many worlds so far?”

Bail said, “Eight hundred worlds and climbing.”

Padme mood brightened, as she questioned, “This is good news. And who is behind this movement?”

Bail said, “Among others, the current leader of the Mandalore system, the Duchess Satine Kryze.”

Padme let out a breath of relief, as she stated, “Good. We do not need any more mandalorians in this war effort. We have plenty from the clone troopers.”

Bail inquired, “The clones are from a mandalorian?”

Padme stated, “Yes. From a bounty hunter named, Jango Fett.”

Bail inquired, “The same one that I heard was hired to kill you?”

Padme commented, “Yes.” She inwardly smiled, as she thought, 'And given he knows about my new powers. I believe he will not be trying to kill me again, anytime soon.'

Bail asked, with concern in his tone of voice, “How dangerous is this Jango?”

Padme answered, “Master Kenobi stated Jango was able to fight him almost to a standstill.” She thought, 'While returning to Coruscant we had nothing but time. Obiwan and I compared notes on what we had been through to better idea of the situation with the Separatists and what lead to this war. Though, I kept my relationship with Anakin. And what happened with his mother. To myself.'

Bail stated, “He is dangerous.”

Padme agreed, “Yes. With him, they picked from really good genetic stock.”

Bail commented, “Be that as it may. From what I have learned. It is interesting that a Jedi ordered the creation of those clones.”

Padme said, “From what I have managed to gather, the Jedi did not. Someone else did, in the Jedi's name. And it was done years ago by someone with deep pockets.”

Bail stated, “And it is known that someone has been pulling the strings with the Trade Federation since the initial invasion of Naboo.”

Padme said, “Someone has been setting up this war to happen for a very long time. And this person is clearly influencing both sides.” She thought, 'It is likely this Sidious that the Jedi warned me about. But, it is best I not mention this to Bail. He can do nothing about it.'

Bail asked, “But who?”

Padme thought, 'Even if it is Sidious, I have no proof. And we need to make sure, and have proof in hand, before we start making accusations.' Padme said, “We will have to find out. But, right now we have no way of doing so. As such, we will deal with what we can do.”

Bail said, “I agree.”

Padme inquired, “Now, please tell me more about these neutral worlds?”

Bail responded, “Well, the better news on the neutrality front is that the Duchess and her direct subordinates are pacifists.”

Padme sighed, as she stated, with slight disbelief evident in her tone of voice, “Everyone else decides to go to war, while the Mandalorians decide to become pacifists.”

Bail casually replied, “Insane galaxy? Isn't it?”

Padme could not help but giggle, as she said, “Yes. I guess so.”

Bail politely waited for Padme to calm down.

A few seconds later, after Padme stopped giggling, Bail inquired, “Do you want me to contact the Duchess' subordinates? To try to coordinate our efforts with theirs?”

Padme stated, “No. We cannot get directly involved with them. Doing so would cheapen their political movement. Maybe even sabotage their efforts before it truly begins. And if they stay out of the war this will allow for a safe haven for the refugees this war will create to flee too.”

Bail said, “I see your point.”

Padme slowly took a deep breath. She then slowly let it out. She mentioned, “You know. When I first became a Senator, I thought this would be an easier job than ruling an entire planet as a Queen. I admit I was wrong.

Bail commented, “True. This is a cutthroat job. But, someone has to do it.”

Padme stated, “Yes. While doing this job let us hope that it is not our throats that are cut.”

Bail asked, “Speaking of this matter. I was invited to the fleet launch this evening at Westport.”

Padme said, “So was I, and a few of the Jedi.”

Bail lamented, “Well at least at that event I won't be surrounded solely by the Chancellor and his sycophants.”

Padme agreed, “True.”

Bail commented, “And with you there it will not be too unpleasant.” He then realized, as he continued, “Though, I can see how you might be uncomfortable with attending this event.”

Padme said, “I did not support the creation of this military. And for me, watching them leave and go to war is neither glorious, nor enjoyable.”

Bail complimented, “This just means you have a firmer grasp of the situation than most.”

Padme replied, “Thank you.”

The two of them continued their conversation for half an hour. With them talking about the more casual comings and goings of those within the Senate since Padme had left Coruscant to go into hiding.

When they finished their conversation, they said their goodbyes, and Padme saw Bail to the elevator doors. With Bail soon leaving.

A little while later, Padme left her home as well.

Though, Padme left the hammer behind, in her apartment.

Padme took the same speeder she used to get home, back to the Senate Building. From there, she headed to her personal office to catch up on some paperwork that she had been neglecting. And while she did her paperwork, she patiently waited for her next scheduled appointment.

An appointment where she planned to drop a hammer on someone. Just not a physical hammer.


Meanwhile, as Padme headed to the Senate Building, in the Temple District, Anakin and Obiwan were walking down an empty hallway inside of the Jedi Temple. As they walked, they were having a pleasant discussion about recent events, and up coming events.

Anakin and Obiwan walked beside each other, with Anakin being to Obiwan's right side. With them close to the wall to their right than their left.

While they walked, Obiwan said, “You know with this war we are going to be traveling a lot?”

Anakin said, “I understand that master.”

Obiwan commented, “There will be a lot of danger. Likely more so than either of us have faced.”

Anakin replied, “I know.”

Obiwan said, “Also, there will be times we will be assigned to separate missions. Likely light years apart.”

Anakin stated, “I realize that as well.”

Obiwan turned to Anakin, as they continued walking. He asked, “What are you thoughts on this?”

Anakin turned to Obiwan, as he answered, “I will do my duty as a Jedi.”

Obiwan said, “Anakin. I realize that I spent a lot of time instructing you on the importance of duty. But, there is more to life than duty within the Jedi Order.”

Anakin replied, “I know.”

Obiwan stated, “There were times, when I was raising you, that I was tempted to drop you as an apprentice.”

Anakin cracked a grin, as he commented, “I do not think I would have made a good farmer.”

Obiwan shrugged, as he responded, “No. You won't have. You have many talents. But, the patience to have a green thumb is not one of them. I knew that even then. If I had to drop you as an apprentice, I would have made sure you would be left with a good family. And a family that specializes in mechanics and engineering.”

Anakin dropped his grin, as he stopped walking. He looked away from Obwian, as he quietly said, “Family...”

Obiwan noticed this. He stopped walking. He turned to Anakin, as he inquired, with concern in his tone of voice, “Is everything all right?”

Anakin did not look at Obiwan, as he softly answered, “I guess so.” He then turned to Obiwan. As his voice returned to normal, he said, “I may have likely been fine with such a family.”

Obiwan commented, “I would have still checked in on you.”

Anakin casually replied, “Of course.”

Anakin then started walking, with Obiwan resuming a pace that allowed him to walk beside Anakin.

Obiwan commented, “You know. Padme might now be more powerful than you.”

Anakin casually responded, “Honestly. As I said at the meeting with the Chancellor. I could care less that she is now more powerful than me. While I am the Chosen One. It is said that there is always someone better than you. More powerful than you. Can do things better than you. When it comes to myself, I am glad it is her.”

Obiwan shrugged, as he casually said, “That is one way to look it.”

Anakin looked over at Obiwan, as he stated, “By the way. If it comes down to a fight between her and the Jedi Order. I am not going to fight her. I don't care if I am thrown out of the Order for not doing so. And if the council starts the fight, I am siding with her.” He then turned to look in front.

Obiwan looked over at Anakin, as he said, “I will keep that in mind.” He looked in front, as he went onto say, “Though, I hope Padme takes us up on our offer to training her.”

Anakin stated, “Even if she does not want to join the war effort, she likely will accept our offer to train her. She clearly does not accidentally hurt someone with her new powers.”

Obiwan pointed out, “That is a good point. But, she might not have a choice in the matter.”

Anakin cracked a grin, as he said, “Actually, after we returned to the temple, I check into this matter. You cannot draft a sitting Senator into the military, Jedi Order, nor even make a seating Senator go to war.”

Obiwan stated, “This is nice to know.” He continued, in a more serious tone of voice, “Still, Dooku and others know that she had that hammer. And Master Yoda is correct. This much power will make her more of a target than she already is.”

Anakin smiled widened, as he responded, “After what we saw in Geonosis, I realize it is going to be very hard to hurt her now. And this is a good thing. I feel that the hammer will protect her.”

Obiwan commented, “Speaking of protecting someone. Since you returned from your bodyguard mission with Padme, you have not spoken about those visions of your mother.”

Anakin suddenly stopped walking. He dropped his grin, as he looked away from his teacher, and long time friend.

Obiwan stopped as well. Obiwan did not need the force to tell something was wrong in with Anakin.

Obiwan calmly inquired, “Anakin? Did something happen? Did something happen to your mother?”

Anakin continued to remain silent as he looked away from Obiwan.

Obiwan asked, in a more concerned, though firmer tone of voice, “What happened while you were gone?”

Anakin continued to look away, as he said, “She's dead... My mother is dead... Shmi Skywalker is dead...

Obiwan said, under his breath, in horror, “Oh Anakin...”

Anakin said, “While on Naboo, my visions became too much. And I had to do something about them. I shared by visions with Padme. She agreed to come with me to Tatooine. We went to Tatooine... During my absence, a moister farmer had bought her from Watto. The farmer freed her. And she married him. From what I understand. For a time she was happy with that moister farmer and his family. I won't begrudge them for that...”

“But, the visions... They were not vision of the future. Nor the past. But of the present. When we had met with the moister farmers, whom had taken my mother into their home, we learned that a month ago she had been kidnapped by the sand people...”

“I set out on a speeder bike to find her. I tracked her to a village of sand people. By then, it was nightfall. I snuck into their village and I found her in a tent. She was tie up like a dead animal left to be drained of blood...”

“She was the kindest, most giving woman in the galaxy... They had been torturing her. Just for the fun of it...”

“I cut her down... We talked a little. But, she was delirious from the pain... She then died in my arms... I felt her die in the force...”

Obiwan sense in the force as anger well up inside Anakin.

Though, instead of an outburst. Anakin did quite the opposite.

Anakin said, in a soft, quiet tone of voice, that was far too subtle for the situation, “And I lost control...
I set my mother down... I then took out my lightsaber. I ignited it. And I then killed every man, woman, and child in that village...”

Obiwan was shocked to his core at what Anakin has so calmly confessed to him.

Anakin went onto say, in the same soft, quiet tone of voice, “After which, I returned to my mother. I wrapped her body in some blankets I found. I then used the speeder bike to return her body to the moister farm she had been taken from. There we soon gave her a proper burial.”

Along with anger, Obiwan sensed bitterness from within Anakin.

Anakin softly stated, “If I had just listened to my visions sooner...” Anakin turned to look at Obiwan. Obiwan saw rage in Anakin's eyes, as Anakin spat out, “Instead of listening to you...”

Obiwan realized his actions. His arrogance had lead someone he considered like a son down a very dark path.

Obiwan showed pity and regret in his eyes, as he calmly said, “You're right. I should have listened. This is my fault. Not yours.”

Obiwan could see some of the anger fade fade from Anakin's eyes. But, not all of it. Anakin softly said, “Still... She is dead...”

Obiwan said, in an emotionally pained tone of voice, “And she is in a better place. Try to take comfort in that. I know that it is hard. But, I need you to try.”

Anakin said, in an even tone of voice, “That is the only reason we are talking.”

Obiwan stated, “I realize that. And I realize this is more my burden to bear. Not yours. I will not tell this council of this. Now would not be the time to do so. And even if the time was right, I won't tell them. Not over this. Mainly because I fear for your future and your soul. And their reaction would only hurt you further.”

Anakin realized what Obiwan was alluding too. He responded, “I am only upset. I am not falling to the dark side.”

Obiwan commented, “Most people that fall to the dark side do not intent to, at first. And while you are on that path, it is not too late to turn back.”

Anakin understood that as much resentment he had for his teacher, over the death of his mother, that his teacher was serious, and that Obiwan had a point. Anakin calmly asked, “And how would I do so?”

Obiwan said, “Control your anger. Reign in your emotions. Especially, when violence is involved. And the next time you have visions of someone you know getting hurt. Let me know. I promise. We will immediately look into those visions. The Jedi Council be damned. And I will do everything in my power to help you avoid another tragedy such as this, and keep something like this from ever happening to you, again.”

In his entire life, Anakin had never heard Obiwan curse the Jedi Council in such a matter. And Anakin realized that Obiwan was very serious. Anakin said, “I promise. If I have visions like this again I will tell you.”

Obiwan used his right hand to gently pat Anakin on Anakin's upper back a few times. Obiwan then gently placed his right hand on Anakin's upper back. He stated, in a comforting tone of voice, “Good. Now, let me tell you how I was able to deal with the loss of Qui-Gon Jinn. A man whom I considered to be like a father to me.”

Obiwan then told Anakin how he was able to deal with loss and move on, while he did his best to comfort his student... His friend... His son...


Around an hour later, Padme was sitting in her office chair, behind her desk in her Senatorial office, in the Galactic Senate building. Her office was located in level midway up the building. Her office was around the same size as Senator Bail's office. The office was painted white, with the large windows on the wall, behind her desk, allowing plenty of sunlight into the room.

There were two chairs in front of Padme's desk. And Padme sat in the chair behind her desk, with her back to the windows of her office.

Padme was reviewing a datapad which she had set on top her desk. The datapad had a contract that required her signature. And like all contracts she reviewed, she was reading the document before she decided on signing it.

It was then that someone buzzed her intercom which was tied to the controls on top of her desk. The intercom was connected to the intercom on the other side of the doors across the room, which lead to one of the Senate hallways. The doors were locked from the outside. Except for those that knew the codes to get in. Which were herself, and the Senate security personnel.

Padme set down the datapad down. She then used the intercom on her desk. She asked into the intercom, “Who is it?” She thought, 'Like I do not already know. While I have droid secretary located in a desk near the entrance to my office. Years ago, I informed my droid secretary to allow my friends to pass by and use the intercom by the doors to my office.'

The voice on the other end of the intercom stated, “Senator Amidala wanted to see mesa.”

Padme replied, “Come on in.”

Padme then pressed a button on her desk to allow the doors to her office to slide open.

As the doors opened, across the room, Padme saw Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks, walk into the room. Jar Jar served under Padme's authority.

Padme saw Jar Jar was wearing formal clothing and a robe over his clothing.

Jar Jar continued further into the room, with the door sliding closed behind him.

Jar Jar could see Padme looking at him, from behind her desk. He saw Padme had an unreadable expression on her face.

As Jar Jar approached Padme's desk, he asked, “Senator Amidala wanted to speak with mesa?”

Padme stated, “Yes Jar Jar. I wanted to talk with you.”

By then, Jar Jar came to a stop in front of Padme's desk. Jar Jar remained standing between the two chairs in front of Padme's desk. Jar Jar looked at Padme's face, with Padme looking back at Jar Jar's face. Jar Jar could tell something was wrong. He asked, “What is the matter?”

Padme asked, “It is about that emergency powers resolution, which included the military creation act. That had you brought forward in the Senate, and had passed during my absence. By supporting that resolution, do you realize what you have done?”

Jar Jar realized he had made a mistake. Jar Jar quietly said, “No. Mesa only wanted to help.”

Padme firmly commented, “You did quite the opposite of helping. That resolution. Which I opposed. And I thought you understood I opposed. I see I was wrong about that. Has allowed this war to start. A war that could destroy countless worlds. Creating bloodshed on an unimaginable level.”

Jar Jar began, “Mesa sorry...”

Padme cut him off, as she firmly stated, “Sorry is not enough Jar Jar. I believe you cannot began to comprehend the gravity of your mistake. And while I cannot undo what you did. I can prevent you from making another costly mistake. I am stripping you of all authority I have given you. I will keep you around for simple tasks and errands.”

Padme sighed. She said, in a sightly softer tone of voice, “If I sent you back home to Naboo. You might be targeted by any number of people for your foolishness. For your own safety, I highly suggest, when you are not performing errands for myself, or spending time in your nearby office, that you stay in your quarters where security is close by.”

Jar Jar replied, in a sad tone of voice, “Mesa will do as you ask.”

Padme stated, in a blunt tone of voice, “Good. Now leave.”

Jar Jar turned around and walked back to the doors to the hallway, with his head hung low. When he reached the doors, he press a button on a nearby panel to opened the doors.

Once the doors slid open, Jar Jar walked outside, with the doors sliding closed behind him.

As soon as the doors closed behind Jar Jar, Padme groaned as she shook her head a few times.

Padme thought, 'Jar Jar already knows too much for me to cut him loose. But, I will make sure he learns nothing about the hammer. Knowing that fool, he would find someway to sabotage the situation. I will keep him around. But only for him to be assigned to do the most simplest of tasks and errands.'

Padme took a deep breath. She then slowly let it out. She looked down at the datapad, as she thought, 'Now, I have to finish reading this contract. And then I need to get ready for the public event concerning the launching of a fleet that I oppose. But, every record states I supported. And worst of all, because this is a political event, I am going to have to be on my best behavior. And while Anakin will be there, as well. Because it is public, and we will be around our friends and other individuals, we not be able to show any affection towards one another.'

Padme put her elbow on her desk, and she brought her hands together. She then leaned her face down into her cupped hands.

Padme thought, with emotional tiredness, 'How did my life become so complicated?...'

A few seconds later, she lifted her head from her hands.

She then mustered the effort to pick up the datapad and continue to review the contract. She found it was about something that she did not approve of, so she declined to sign it.

Padme turned off the datapad and put the datapad in a drawer in her desk. After which, she headed out of her office, and to a nearby speed parking lot in the Senate Building.

When she reached the speeder parking lot, she took a one of the speeders that was reserved for senators and she headed back to her apartment to have an early dinner. Then, she would get ready and change her clothing for the fleet send off that evening.


That evening, at sunset, it was close to seventeen hundred hours. Padme, Anakin, Obiwan, Mace, Yoda, Bail, and others, that were invited by Palpatine, had gathered in meeting room, high up in one of the main buildings of the Westport spaceport. The exit to the meeting room was connected to hallway.

To the left direction of the meeting room lead down the hallway to a bank of elevators. The right direction of the hallway lead to a terrace that overlooked the surface of the spaceport landing area, where the Republic military was staging their fleet for their send off.

The doors to the hallway were left open, but the hallway was well guarded.

Among other security measures, there were two Republic guards station by the entrance to the meeting room. Each guards were in their full red Republic clothing, red cloak, with their red dome helmet on. Each guard held a stun-staff in their right hand, with the staff resting against their right shoulder.

Those invited had all just arrived at the spaceport half an hour ago. With them all being lead to meet with Chancellor Palpatine in the meeting room.

The invited members were requested to stay in meeting room, as Chancellor Palpatine waited for the military to inform him they were ready to start the fleet send off. For Chancellor Palpatine this was like a child showing off his new toys.

Those present were, including the Chancellor, Senators, and other invited delegates, were in their uniforms or dresses, depending on their individual gender, culture, and social standing. And the Jedi were wearing their finest clothing and robes.

Yoda stat in his hover chair, with the chair hovering a meter in the air. Meanwhile everyone else in the room was standing.

Padme wore one of her finest dress. The dress she wore was a red, sleeveless dress that went down to her ankles. She wore a red sash tied around her waist. And she wore red slippers on her feet.

Padme decided to leave her long brown hair to simply be loose, and draped down her back. Given Padme had released her assistants and she did not have time to go to a stylist. Though, Padme had come to realize that it might be best to go with a more simple look.

After claiming the hammer, Padme had now begun to feel the responsibility of having true destructive power at her command. And that power had scared her a little. This fear forced her to take a harder look at her own life. With her realizing that she may have been blind to certain evident truths in front of her which she willfully chose to ignore.

One such truth was that somehow, trying to be the person with the most outlandish look in a room full of politicians did not seem as important as before she wielded the hammer of Thor.

Padme looked around. She saw Palpatine with his inner circle in one corner of the room. In another area, she saw the Bail talking to a few former members of the Loyalist Committee. Of whom, Padme had no desire to talk to at the moment. And in another area was the Jedi, whom were keeping to themselves.

Padme did engage in some small talk, with a few of those present speaking to her. Though, she mostly kept to herself.

In all honesty, she would have preferred to talk to Anakin and the Jedi. Though, given her current situation with the Jedi, there was nothing she could discuss with them in public.

Just then, Padme noticed a man in a security uniform walk into the room and over to the Chancellor Palpatine. The security officer gained Palpatine's attention. Then, the officer whispered into Palpatine's right ear.

In response to what the security officer had said to Palpatine, Padme saw Chancellor Palpatine stand straight up.

The security officer then turned and swiftly exited the room.

Palpatine looked around the room, while he stated, in a slightly louder tone of voice than normal, “People. People. If I could have your attention. Please.”

Everyone stopped talking, and they turned to Chancellor Palpatine.

Palpatine noticed this. He looked around the room, as he continued, “I have just been informed that the fleet is ready to see. If you will please follow me to the terrace. This will truly be a marvelous sight to behold.”

Palpatine then started walking towards the exit to the hallway, with everyone else in the room following him.

Palpatine and the others in the room walked passed the two guards and into the hallway.

As Palpatine entered the hallway her turned to his right. He walked down the hallway, towards the terrace, as the rest of the group followed him.

As soon as the last of the delegates left the room the two guards quickly followed behind the rest of the group.

The group made their way through the hallway, which was empty, save for them, and the guards.

Meanwhile, Padme was in the middle of the group.

The group soon made it to a large, rounded terrace. Palpatine came to stand at end of the terrace, by the curved, meter high parapet.

Padme came to a stop to the right side of the terrace, beside the parapet. She stood right behind Bail, but both of them were to caught up in the moment to acknowledge each other.

The other members had also filed onto the terrace to look out at the large deck of the Westport spaceport. Meanwhile, the two republic guards in red came to a stop just inside of the hallway entrance to the terrace.

Of the two guards, one stood to the right side of the entrance, while the other guard stood to the left side of the entrance. The two guards then silently watched the group in front of them.

When Padme look out at the Republic fleet getting ready to launch. Instead of her feeling conflicted, the view almost took her breath away as what she saw left her in awe.

The sunset, on the partly cloudy evening gave the area, and those present, an eerie reddish hue.

All the clone troopers were in their white armor and helmets. They were standing at attention, in formation, with each of them having their blaster rifle set against their left shoulder. The troopers were in rectangular formations that each numbered at least several hundred troops. With hundred of these formations.

And all the clone troopers in standing at attention, and in formation, were facing the group on the terrace.

Between the formations there were hundreds of six-legged All Terrain Tactical Enforcer Republic Walkers moving in single file.

Behind the formations, across the spaceport, from Padme, Palpatine, and the others, were docked Republic Star Destroyers.

Scattered between the Republic Star Destroyers were a mix of hundreds of Republic gunships, troop carriers, and low altitude assault transport carriers. The transport carries were used to carry and drop republic walkers and other ground vehicles into battle.

As Padme looked more closely at the formations, she could see the foundations were broken down into small formation groups. With the smaller formation groups being marched into the Star Destroyers. These smaller formations marched between the AT-TE Republic walkers, as both the walkers and the troopers made their way towards the entry ramps of the Star Destroyers.

Though, when the small troop formations cleared the stationary trooper formations, the marching trooper formations were combined, as they made it up the ramps of the Star Destroyers. Though, these large formations were still smaller than the standing formations they had just come from.

After each Star Destroyer was fully loaded, both with personnel, vehicles and was cleared to leave by air traffic control in Westport. Said Star Destroyer closed it's entry ramps, and it then hover upward until it cleared the rest of the military personal on the ground. Once the hovering Star Destroyer was cleared, the large starship took off into the sky, towards space. When the Star Destroyer would reached orbit, the starship would jump to hyperspace. With the Star Destroyers heading off to war, to battle the Separatists forces in various parts of the galaxy.

Padme could not help but to continue to be both awestruck and disturbed at the seeing this much military power in one place. A force she opposed as a Senate. And now that there was war being conducted, where fleets would be used to fight battles, with untold numbers of innocents suffering and dying due to being caught in the crossfire between those that fought.

And then Padme thought about how she could effect the war in a more direct manner. With the hammer and the powers the hammer gave her. Padme felt her conflicting emotions increase. Given she now knew she could act to direct manner which would effect the course of this galactic war. And if she could not use this newfound power to stop the war, she could at least use this power to mitigate the loss of civilian lives on both sides of the war.

But, the use of such power in such violent ways directly conflicted with the civility she was taught to show as a political leader. And the application of such violence conflicted with her spending her life trying to be a peacemaker instead of warrior.

And Padme did realize she could have been a warrior. A leader of soldiers. If things had only played out a little differently. Years ago. After the retaking of Theed from the Trade Federation. And after Jedi Master Jinn's funeral. The night after the celebrations. In her private chambers, while still Queen of Naboo. She had seriously considered changing careers, after her term as Queen was over, with her then joining the military officer academy on Naboo.

Padme had rationalized saving Naboo from the Trade Federation as an act of defense against hostile invaders. While if she joined the war effort she would be looking for trouble instead of trouble finding her.

Though, the retaking of her home planet had excited her in ways she never felt before. To be able to liberate others from tyranny. While also cutting loose from the constraints of civilized behavior. The idea was tempting. The idea was intoxicating.

It would not have been the first time that a sitting monarch of Naboo would have moved to become a military leader, after they had abdicated the thrown for the next monarch whom was elected by the people of Naboo. And some of those former monarchs went onto become skilled military leaders.

In the following days after the retaking of Naboo, Padme had continued to think about entering the officer corps, after her reign as Queen was over due to term limits. But, Padme had ultimately decided against doing so. And instead, after she left her position of Queen, she eventually was eventually appointed as Galactic Senator for Naboo and the rest of Chommell Sector by person whom replaced her as Queen of Naboo. With Padme going on to represent the people of Naboo and the rest of the Chommell Sector in a civil manner on the galactic stage.

Padme had always suspected the other governments of Chommell Sector supported her appointment as Galactic Senator due her heroic actions in leading the retaking of Naboo from the Trade Federation. With the victory of that planetary skirmish being rewarding for Padme's political career.

Now, Padme faced that same choice again. Though, this time the stakes were far higher. Then, there was no a galactic war starting. Now, there was. And if she correctly remembered her history of such wars, hundreds, if not thousands of worlds would likely burn before this war was over.

And Padme felt in her heart, that she, with the hammer, could save many of the people on those worlds, if she decided to act.

Then, Padme realized that all this was starting to emotionally overwhelm her. She turned to her left, away from the sight of the fleet in front of her, as she Allowed herself to catch her breath.

Padme then began to look at the crowd around her, at the reactions they had at what they saw.

From the right side of Bail's face Padme could tell that Bail had a look of concern.

Yoda's expression was unreadable.

Mace was frowning.

Obiwan's reaction was much like her own. With Obiwan showing a conflicted expression of astonishment, while he also showed concern and realization at what this military power would be used for.

Anakin was slightly excited, but he was mature enough to show reservation and restraint on his face.

The other people present were mostly politicians whom were trained not to show much emotion, due to this being a political event, and depending on how things played out, and such displays of emotion could later be used against them. Though, a few were in awe as well, at the sight. Some of them were even smiling.

Padme then saw Palpatine turned his head to his right as he looked at the military down below, to their right. This allowed Padme to see Palpatine's expression. Padme noticed that instead of a smile, as she expected, she saw that Palpatine had a calm expression on his face.

Padme thought, 'Considering the excitement he showed in inviting us, I would think he would be more happy at seeing this sight before us. Not that it matters right now. Though, I doubt I would want to know what he is thinking at this moment.'

Palpatine then turned back to look forward, towards the fleet in front of the terrace.

Padme looked again, around the crowd by her. She saw Anakin and their eyes met.

Anakin silently mouth lipped the words, “You're apartment later?”

Padme understood Anakin. She simply nodded her head once. After which, she turned back to face the fleet. As she continued to think about the decisions she had to make before the next morning.

An hour later, much of the fleet had already departed. And it nearly was dark. Palpatine decided to call the event over. With those invited them heading home, or to conduct their business elsewhere.


Around hour later after those invited to the fleet launch had left Westport the last of twilight in the horizon fully gave way the night.

After the fleet send off event was over, Padme took her speeder to the apartment building she lived in.

While Padme parked her speeder in the speeder port, she saw Anakin park a speeder nearby hers.

The two of them then headed up to Padme's apartment to talk. They just made it up to Padme's apartment, and they decided to talk on the terrace balcony of Padme's apartment. The terrace was located by her living room. With the terrace not being connected the veranda of the apartment. The terrace was much smaller than the veranda, and there was less risk in using the terrace than the veranda. The terrace had no roof, with only a meter high parapet wrapping around the edge of the semi-circle shape of the terrace.

Padme used a panel by the terrace entrance to raise the window that acted at the large door to the terrace. After the window was fully raised, Anakin and Padme stepped outside.

They stood near the forward parapet, next to each other, with Padme to the left of the living room, and Anakin to the right.

They faced each other, as the light, cool night wind pleasantly blew around them. Meanwhile lights from the cityscape illuminated their view.

Anakin said, “That was some show.”

Padme responded, “I agree. I have never seen anything like that in my life.”

Anakin replied, “Me neither.”

Padme asked, “Did you think about all the people on those ships are going to war, where they will be killed people and people will be killing some of them?”

Anakin answered, “Yes.”

Padme pointed out, “But, you still admired the show.”

Anakin responded, “Yes. Jedi are taught to admire beauty in all things. Even in dangerous things.”

Padme said, “I can appreciate that point of view.”

Anakin did not need the force to tell that Padme had a lot on her mind. He knew he her well enough that he could tell just by the look on her face. He asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Padme turned her head away from Anakin, as she looked out pass the terrace, and at the vast, brightly lit cityscape in front of them. Padme said, “A lot of things.” She then turned back to look at Anakin, as she stated, “But, right now I am thinking about you. Though, I am thinking about the dangers such as this coming war. And the danger from the person the Jedi warn us about. Sidious.”

Anakin asked, “I have thought about him a few times during today. Though, what concerned me most about that conversation was your response after we were told about Sidious. I could not believe you could even consider facing a Sith Lord.”

Padme said, in a sober tone of voice, “If what our friends say is true. Sidious has caused me a lot of pain. I would like to respond towards him in kind. With the hammer I can respond in kind.”

Anakin pointed out, “But, even with your power. You are untrained and no match for him.”

Padme admitted, “True. And even trained, I still might not be a match for him.”

Anakin said, “That is possible. And I am happy you realize that. I would be more than happy to have your back in such an endeavor.”

Padme gave Anakin a weak smile, as she said, “I am sure you would. But, I am not the only one this Sidious might come after. They warned you about this Sith Lord, as well. What are you thoughts on this?”

Anakin stated, in a sober tone of voice, “While being a Jedi there is always a risk of being turned to the dark side. Either by accident, or intention. This is not new. I was trained to expect this risk.”

Padme responded, “That is good. But, after everything it is easy to tell that you could fall. You are on the edge.”

Anakin remembered his conversation with Obiwan that afternoon. He admitted, “I realize that. And I am trying my best to not fall.”

Padme said, “I know. This is one of the reasons I love you.”

Anakin smiled, as he stated, “I know. And I love you too.”

The two of them leaned closer, as they were about to kiss. But, as they were about kiss, they immediately stopped themselves.

They leaned back up straight. Padme stated, “We can't do this. Not right now.”

Anakin agreed, “I know. There is too much attention from everyone.”

Padme responded, “I agree. I thought when we got back to Coruscant that we would some time. But, with the council and the Chancellor.”

Anakin stated, “Yes. I cannot even risk spending the night with you.”

Padme said, “You are correct. Though, I am sure there will come a time we can be together. Just not tonight. But, speaking of spending time together. I have been giving some serious thought to training with you and joining the war effort. With the power I now have I could make a difference. I could save lives on our side...” She continued, in a softer tone of voice, “But, taking lives on the other side.”

Anakin showed concern in his expression, as he responded, in a serious and sober tone of voice, “While I am not crazy about the idea. I can understand where you are coming from. And I will support whatever decision you make on this matter.”

Padme gave Anakin a weak smile, as she said, “Thank you.”

Anakin mentioned, “By the way, I did check. The Chancellor, nor the Jedi, can draft a sitting Senator to go to join them. Nor can you be forced to go to war.”

Padme smile slightly brightened, as she said, “I know.” She then frowned, as she said, in a sad tone of voice, “But, you will still be sent to war.”

Anakin stated, “I am trained for the job.”

Padme pointed out, “But, if I trained I could be there with you. Actually, I might end up protecting you.”

Anakin let out a small laugh. He smiled, as he happily said, “Won't that be a change. And one that I would not mind, if it meant I could spend more time with you.”

Padme admitted, “I feel a similar way.” She took a deep breath. She slowly let it out. She then said, “I've decided. I am going to train. I want to join the war effort. I want to help end this war sooner.”

Anakin stated, “I also desire to end this war. I respect your decision. When can you start training?”

Padme answered, “I can start to tomorrow. If you will have me.”

Anakin said, “That will be fine. Obiwan and I are more than happy to have you start training as soon as possible. I will make the arrangements when I get back to the Temple.”

A thought occurred to Padme. She asked, “If you tell them tonight, do you think they will suspect something between us?”

Anakin commented, “They know we are friends. There is no point in hiding that. The fact I am coming back to inform them this early in the night might help us keep our relationship a secret.”

Padme was silently for a seconds, as she thought over what Anakin said. She soon came to understand what Anakin meant. She smiled, as she complimented, “That is brilliant. How did you come up with that plan?”

Anakin returned Padme's smile, as he replied, “I have been dating you.”

Padme giggled a little.

Anakin patiently waited for Padme to stop giggling.

As soon as Padme calmed down, Anakin mentioned, “Though, you will be spending a week with us before you can return to the Senate in the afternoon.”

Padme said, “I realize that. And I was thinking of a good excuse. I will state in the data log that I am not feeling well tonight. And tomorrow, I will state I am sick with a bug I caught on our travels. But, I should be fine in a week.”

Anakin agreed, “That should make a good cover story.”

Padme inquired, “So, what time do I need to show up?”

Anakin stated, “We will work on a more fixed schedule, later. Tomorrow we will be learning how to training. So, if you can showing up around eight thirty hundred. That should be fine.”

Padme said, “Okay. I will see you then.”

Anakin inquired, “By the way, where is the hammer?”

Padme answered, “In my bedroom.”

Anakin complimented, “That is a good choice in hiding it. There it will be very close to you, should you need it.”

Padme responded, “My thoughts exactly. After that last assassination attempt in my bedroom, I decided I need that hammer to be close to me... At least until I start training.”

Anakin said, “I wouldn't worry. No one is going to make a move against you until they can figure out what you can do.”

Padme replied, “I hope so.”

Anakin said, “Have a good night, Padme.”

Padme replied, “Have a pleasant night yourself, Anakin.”

Anakin leaned over and he kissed Padme on her forehead. He then leaned up. He softly said, “I will.”

Anakin turned and walked out of the terrace, through the living room, and down the hallway to the elevator.

As soon as Anakin was out of sight, Padme walked into the living room. She used the controls on a nearby wall panel to set the window door to close the terrace to the living room.

While Padme waiting for the window to fully close, from the entry hallway she heard the elevator doors close. This meant that Anakin had left for the night.

Once the window door had completely closed and locked itself, Padme headed to her bedroom to get ready to could turn in for the night. She also set her alarm clock to wake herself at six thirty in the morning. So, she would have plenty of time to get ready and head over to the Jedi Temple, with time to spare before the scheduled meeting with Anakin and Obiwan at eight thirty in the morning.

Ten minutes later, she was in her bed. And five minutes after that, she was a sleep for the night.


“Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know.” From “Proverbs or Adages”, by Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, published by Richard Taverner in 1539 AD.

To be continued.


Author's Notes:

An interesting plothole about Star Wars was when Obiwan Kenobi went from being a Jedi Knight to a Jedi Master.

At the end of Episode One: The Phantom Menace, Yoda promoted Obiwan from Padawan to Jedi Knight after Obiwan defeated Darth Maul.

If you noticed in Episode Two: Attack of the Clone, the question of whether Obiwan was either a Jedi Knight or a Jedi Master is not clear.

Though, we do know that at the beginning of Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith, Obiwan was both a Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi High Council.

In the Attack of the Clones script, Taun We twice refers to Obiwan as a Jedi Master. When Taun We first meets with Obiwan, when Obiwan first arrives on Kamino, Taun We refers to Obiwan as “Master Jedi.”

Later, Taun We introduces Obiwan to Jango and Boba Fett was “Jedi Master, Obi-wan Kenobi”.

These lines are part of the theatrical cut and was shown in the movies release.

Taun We was a female Kaminoan. Taun We was the administrative aide to Lama Su whom was the Prime Minister of the planet Kamino.

Later in the Attack of the Clones movie, while Obiwan was capture, Dooku spoke to him and referred to him as Jedi Knight.

Also, further in the Attack of the Clones script, Padme refers to Obiwan as, “Jedi Knight, Obi-wan Kenobi”. This line is part of a deleted scene which did not make it to the theatrical cut, but can be found in the extras of the North American DVD release.

The Expanded Universe never makes it clear when Obiwan gained the rank of Jedi Master. Or, if he ever did before becoming a member of the Jedi High Council.

Still, baring a very few exceptions, Jedi had to be the rank of master before becoming a member of the Jedi Council. And except for what happened in Episode Three, the exceptions to those Jedi Knights appointed to the Jedi High Council were then given the rank of Jedi Master at their appointment to the Jedi High Council.

There was be not reasons for such exceptions for Obiwan. So, it stands to reason more than likely Obiwan became a Jedi Master than later a member of the Jedi Order.

For simplicity sake, in this story, Obiwan Kenobi became a Jedi Master a short time before the events of Episode Two began. With the explanation being that Obiwan was humble enough not to mention his promotion to Padme, whom was a friend. And Dooku had not heard of the promotion. But, when Obiwan went to Kamino, it was on official business which represented the Jedi Order. As such, the government officials on Kamino would have been informed of Obiwan's rank as a Jedi Master.

No one here can argue that by the time Episode Two was happened, Obiwan had the skill, patience, and wisdom to be have earned the rank of Jedi Master.

Note, there are other Jedi Councils within the Jedi Order that work below the Jedi High Council. But, that is another matter.

When is comes to military ranks with the Jedi Oder. Padawans had the rank of Commander. Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters had the rank of General. And Jedi High Council members had the rank of High General.

It should be noted that the Star Wars Wikia has an error in that different webpages claim that the Jedi High Council Tower in the Jedi Temple are at different corners of the Jedi Temple. With the Jedi Temple having five towers. One in the middle. And a tower at each of the four corners of the temple.

To keep things simple, I stated the Jedi High Council Tower is the “southwestern tower” of the Jedi Temple, as stated in the Legends page on the “High Council Tower”.

In this chapter, I wanted to show some of what had been hinted in the Star Wars movies. That due to Palpatine tricking Jar Jar into supporting measures that Padme opposed, while Jar Jar was Padme's proxy, this destroyed Padme's political power base.

While in the movies, we know that Padme continue to sink lower. And she hit rock bottom hard. For this story, this is Padme's low point. And this is a major low point.

But now, because Padme did returned to Coruscant and she did not marry Anakin. The situation has forced her to face and deal with the repercussions of what has happened in her absence.

And with the power of the Mjolnir, she has been forced to take a hard look at her life. And she does not like what she sees going on around her.

For her, this is like waking up to a nightmare.

Now, she has a mountain to climb in more ways than one.

In addition, I loved writing the scenes of Padme chewing out Jar Jar for his idiocy. And I enjoyed writing the scene between Anakin and Obiwan, about Anakin's mother, Shmi Skywalker's death, and how Obiwan contributed to her death.

In the movies, Obiwan was never called out by Anakin about him stopping Anakin from heeding Anakin's own visions about his mother. Though, this allows them to start to patch up this situation as best they can.

And Jar Jar... Where to start?... He was never called on any of the idiocy he did in the movies. And in the end, he ended up replacing Padme as Senator of Naboo and the rest of the Chommell Sector of the Mid-Rim.

This may have been the final insult in Padme's life. Padme's life in the Star Wars prequel movies is truly a “Portrait of a Fallen Senator”.

Though, to add to this insult, as if the Star Wars Universe was mocking Padme, after her death, Padme's apartment on Coruscant was converted into a restaurant named, the Naboo Queen.

I do not believe that Darth Vader knew this. Because if he did, he would have burned that restaurant to the ground.

And Padme was such a well made character, whom was wasted because the writers involved did not know what to really do with her, besides have her be Luke and Leia's mother.

Well, I am using this story to take the opportunity to see where the possibilities of Padme's potential may lead.

Along with Padme leadership skills, Padme has already been shown to have skills that most people miss. In Episode One and Episode Two, Padme was shown to know how to use a firearm. At the beginning of Episode Two, Padme was show to know how to fly a starfighter. In the arena battle on Geonosis, Padme was shown to know how to pick a lock to her cuffs, from a pick she hid in the waistband of her pants.

Also, Padme has shown hints of having a devious and crafty mind. In addition to hints of Padme's personality that she likes to be prepared.

In the next chapter. Someone cue some Vince Dicola music tracks. Especially, the Rocky IV soundtrack. Because we are going to have some fun seeing the Jedi train Padme in using Mjolnir and her new abilities.

Another point is that much of the tragedy of the Star Wars prequel trilogy was lack of trust and communication between various individuals whom should have trusted each other. As you saw in the above chapter, I am going to address this aspect in this story. Though, not in a foolish manner.

Until next time. Have fun.

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