Thundering Force: Chapter 01: "Bringing Forth The Storm."

“Thundering Force”

Chapter One: “Bringing Forth The Storm.”

By Paul Cousins.

Copyright Disclaimer: All copyrighted places, characters, items, and events, within the story, are held by their current owners. No profit is being made on this work of fiction.


Reality, Marvel Battleworld. Also known as Latverion. It was the apocalypse on this patchwork world. The literal end of everything in that reality.

In that reality was an army of Thors whom had rebelled with almost everyone else against a God Emperor whom had been exposed for what he had done.

Though, the God Emperor did have his own forces still loyal to him. The clash between army was on a scale of biblical proportions. And while the battle raged, everything was slowly collapsing around them.

As the end approached, one of the Thors realized that it was truly was the end. And while he showed no fear, he did not want what he and his allies had done to all be a waste. That something good should could come from all this. That the power he wielded. The hammer he wielded, Mjolnir, could be sent into the unknown, and hopefully find its way into the hands of someone worthy to use the hammer.

And so, this Thor threw his hammer away from the planet they were all battling on. He threw it with all his strength, with the hammer going beyond the orbit of Latverion.

Soon after Latverion disappeared into a white light, as the reformation of that section of the multiverse, which had previously collapsed to create Battleworld, began to be recreated.

This restoration released a wave of energy that hit the flying mystical hammer. But, the energy did not destroy, nor even damage the mystical hammer. The energy did something else. The energy did something wondrous.

Due to the multiverse being all about possibilities. As this energy hit the hammer, where there was one mystical hammer flying through the multiverse, there were now countless versions of the same hammer. With each hammer sent to a different corner of the multiverse. With each hammer how having a different destiny.

In one possibility, the hammer when into a reality, far, far away. And while the hammer was not sure where and when it was. The hammer did sense where it needed to be. The hammer needed to head to a planet on what was considered to be the Outer Rim of the galaxy it found itself in.


It was midday on the area of the planet the hammer was heading for.

As the hammer flew towards the atmosphere of the planet, it pass by military starships in the process of invading the planet.

The hammer did not care for starship navy it passed by. Presently, the only desire the hammer cared for was to find someone worthy to wield it. And the hammer could sense where to find such an individual.

As the hammer began to enter the atmosphere of the planet, the entry heat from the fiction of the atmosphere tickled the hammer, causing the sentience that dwelled inside Mjolnir to silently giggle a little.


Planetside, the battle raged in the middle of the Petranaki arena pit, on the planet of Geonosis, between a few dozen Jedi and Senator Padme Amidala Naberrie, against a small army of battle droids the handful flying Geonosian soldiers.

Except for a handful of individuals, the stadium above the arena pit had been evacuated.

On the floor of the arena, the battle droids were mostly the skinny, small, B1 battle droids. Some larger, tougher B2 super battle droids. And a few of the three legged, roller droideka droids.

Along with this, of the three large beasts previously released into the arena before the battle, the big horned beast was still alive, with the horned beast causing mayhem for everyone.

Nearby, in the area, Padme was riding atop the back of a large lizard animal, which was tied to a hover chariot. Padme steering the animal while using a blaster rifle to shoot droids and Geonosians that has been attacking them.

Padme wore a white long sleeve shirt, white pants, white belt, and white boots. During the battle, one of the beasts had swiped its claws across Padme's back, tearing her shirt and given her cuts along her back. Though, the cuts were not deep. Also, during the altercation with the arena beast, the lower part of Padme's shirt has been tore off, giving the shirt a midriff look to the shirt. Along, with the right sleeve being torn off, as well.

Meanwhile, Anakin Skywalker stood in the have chariot which was being pulled by the lizard animal Padme was steering. Anakin used the ignited green blade lightsaber another Jedi had given him to deflect blaster bolts and slice through droids he passed by.

Anakin wore a gray undershirt, a reddish-brown long sleeve shirt, a dark gray-green sleeveless vest which went down below his waist, a brown belt and reddish-brown boots.

That was when some of those in the arena began notice something from the sky heading towards them. It looks like a flaming comet.

Then, the flaming item hit dead center of the area, with the explosion from the landing knocking everyone to the ground. The impact also created a dust cloud which filled the arena.

Though, there was flames and an explosion on impact. The flames and explosion were minor compared to the flames and explosion should have been. And while the explosive kinetic force was strong enough to knock everyone down, the explosion did not otherwise harm those present.

It was as if the item knew how to apply just enough force to stop the battle, and get everyone's attention, without harming anyone.

Instead of a large explosion, the item transformed that energy into an energy wave that was harmless to those nearby. But, the energy wave disrupted the battle droids ability to be communicate and be controlled by their remote command centers. This causing the droids in the arena to shut down.

Some of the droids stood in place, while other droids were in mid-step and fell to the ground.

A few seconds later, a mysterious strong wind below down into the arena, and across the floor of the pit, clearing the dust away, and allowing everyone to see.


Nearby, C3-PO's head was attached to a battle which had fallen on its back. The droid was unable to move, as it whined, “Could someone help me?”

Meters away, R2-D2 was already heading over to help his annoying, though long time friend.


Meanwhile, in the stands of the arena, Jango Fett, in his blue armor and helmet, stood near Dooku. The two of them watched Jedi and others in the arena.


Within the pit of the arena, as the dust settled, everyone stood up and saw the shallow crater in the center of the arena pit.

The surviving animals in arena had decided it was time to back away from the others, and it stayed near the outer walls of the pit.

The nearby Geonosian soldiers in the arena looked around and they realized that their droid allies had stopped functioning. They quickly used their wings to fly away. Either into the air, or into the nearby tunnels. Before the Jedi got their second wind and came after them.

As the Geonosians fled, most of the Jedi stood got up. And Jedi found they were all fine. They turned off their lightsabers, but they kept their weapons in hand as they looked around at the eerie calm the impact had created.

The explosive force of the impact had caused Padme to be thrown from the animal she had been riding, and Anakin to be thrown from he was standing were on.

As she was thrown from the large animal, Padme lost her grip on the blaster rifle she had been using.

As Anakin stood up, he turned Padme. He asked, “Padme? Are you alright?”

While Padme made her way to standing up, she was reminded of the cuts on her back she had received only a few minutes before. The cuts were fresh and the stung. But, the pain was manageable for Padme.

After Padme fully stood up, she turned to Anakin. She calmly inquired, “I am fine, Anakin. How about yourself?”

Anakin replied, “I am okay.”

Meters away from Padme and Anakin was Jedi Master Mace Windu. Mace Windu was Master of the Order, the head of the Jedi High Council and the Jedi Order. Mace looked around, as he ordered, “The droids are not functioning.” He turned to the newly formed crater, near them. He continued, “Let's find out what this is. And quickly.”

Everyone in the pit heard Mace's orders, and they swiftly made their way to the crater's edge.

A few seconds later, made it to the crater. They saw the crater was only about half a meter deep, with a circular impression in the dirt being three meters wide. Also, they could see a shiny chrome shaft sitting up from the center of the crater, with a small ring on the end of the shaft.

The Jedi and Padme looked on at the bottom of crater, in the center to see a large, chrome, two-handed weapon, with an axe on one side and a hammer on the other side. The shaft of the weapon was long and ended in a point, with a small metal ring attached. The middle of the shaft gentle narrowed, then gently widened, before it gently narrowed to the end of the shaft.

Though, where the head met the shaft, there was a slight indention, then thickness, to a rim at the widest part. Then, there was a slight indention where the thickness stopped widening, and gently contract, there was a slightly lip, with the widen parting being wider than where it started to narrow. And right before the shaft reached the round cone shaped tip, there was a slow rim. This was to allow for a better grip. The head of the weapon was slightly embedded into the earth itself. But, surprisingly, the hammer was mostly exposed, with it appearing to be undamaged.

Anakin was the first to slide down to the bottom of the create. Anakin held the hilt of his lightsaber deactivated in his left hand as he approach the hammer sticking out of the ground.

The others watched Anakin came to a stop in front of the shaft of the hammer.

While those present watched Anakin use his right hand to reach out towards the shaft, Obiwan warned, “Be careful. It may be hot.”

Anakin was careful as he brushed his right hand against the handle. Anakin said, “It is not hot to the touch. Nor, is the ground. It is safe to come down.”

In response, the others present made their way to stand near the hammer.

As everyone stood around the hammer, Obiwan said, “It looks like a weapon.”

Anakin noticed an inscription on one side head of the weapon. He stated, “That is something written on it. But, I don't know the language.”

Mace stated, “We can find out what it is says, later. We need to take it, and wait for our allies to arrive.”

Obiwan turned to Mace, as he joked, “Well, I am glad you did not come alone.”

Suddenly, more battle droids began to pour into the arena from tunnels surrounding the arena.

Unlike the first wave battle droids, whom ran out into battle. The present wave of battle droids marched out in formation, much like the same wave of battle droids which came before it. The droids coming out of the tunnels marches in rows of ten deep and four wide. With four B2 super battle droids being in the front row, and the rest of the droids behind were B1 battle droids.

The battle droids knocked down and marching over the disable droids.

Though, the battle droids had yet to aim their weapons.

As everyone look over at the droids, as they advanced on their location, Obiwan, as he stated, “And it looks like you are not the only ones whom invited more company.”

Anakin held his lightsaber in his left hand, as he grabbed the shaft of the weapon with his right hand. He found the weapon would not move. He stated, “It won't budge.”

Mace offered, “Let me try.”

Anakin let go of the shaft, and he backed away.

Mace held his lightsaber in his right hand, as he gripped the shaft of the weapon with his left hand. Mace could not move it. He tried to move the hammer with the force, but the weapon would not move from it's place.

Mace let go of the shaft. He commented, “Even the force will not move it.”

Obiwan holstered his lightsaber on the left side of his belt. He said, “I will give it go.” He moved to stand by the hammer. He gripped the shaft with both his hands. And with all his physical strength, he found he was able to move the hammer an inch from where it had been in the dirt. He also tried to use the force to help him move it. But, to no avail.

Obiwan let go of the weapon. He stated, “You're right Mace. The force has not effect on it. And it is very heavy. We are going to need a droid to lift it.”

One of the Jedi stated, “Speaking of droids. The battle droids will be in firing range in any second.”

Several of the Jedi, including Anakin and Mace, had reignited their lightsabers. As they got ready for the coming battle.

Meanwhile, Padme stood within the group, as she watched this go on. She was trying her best to ignore the slashing cuts on her back, which were given to her back one the arena animals. But, even her curiosity got the better of her, as she request, “Let me try.”

Obiwan pulled out and ignited his blue blade lightsaber. He turned to Padme. He said, “I apologize. It is too heavy. By trying to do so, you would likely just harm yourself.” He then turned to look at the droids, as he held his lightsaber in a defensive stance.

Suddenly, the droids aimed their weapons and opened fire on the Jedi and Padme.

Due to years and years of training. The Jedi did not need orders for what they knew to do next.

The Jedi swiftly formed a circle, as they used their lightsabers to deflect blaster bolts. The circle surrounded Padme and the hammer.

Anakin kept his eyes on the droids, as he ordered, “Padme, stay between us.”

Padme did as she was instructed. She moved between the Jedi, with her standing right beside the hammer.

It was that moment which Padme felt drawn to the hammer. As Padme came closer to the hammer, dark storm clouds suddenly form over the sky of the arena.

Padme did not even think, as she used her right hand to reach for the middle shaft of the hammer. She found the weapon to be as light as a feather, as she raised the hammer to the heavens, which by then were dark as night, save for the little light which escaped from the horizon.

Then, there was lightning, swiftly followed by thunder, as Padme's life changed forever, with her vision suddenly turning white, while she felt a rush of energy that was both joyous and intoxicating.

The bolt of lightning that struck Padme did no harm to herself, nor the those around her, but the power of the lightning striking the ground, through the hammer, and Padme, did knock those around Padme to the ground, on their stomachs. Though, none of them were hurt by their lightsabers, nor each others lightsabers.

Given they were laying on their stomach, as a safety measure, the Jedi all deactivated their lightsabers. And they all felt immense power suddenly form behind their backs.

They turned around on, to lay on their backs, to avoid being shot at by the battle droids. Though, what they saw startled them.

Padme was now holding the hammer, with her right hand, over her head. And she was wearing a strange, shiny armor and leather clothing which was reminiscent of a far older age.

Padme's now stood a few inches taller than she had been before, with her now having the muscles of a warrior woman. Her hair was no longer brown, and spun into several small locks which were made into bun behind her head. Instead, Padme's hair was blond, and much longer. Her hair was left loose to flow wildly in the wind, with most of it dropping down her back, all the way to her waist.

And Padme's clothing was no longer the white shirt, pants, belt, and white shoes she had been wearing before, but armor that looked to be from a another age.

Padme's head was covered in a one piece, dark blue, metal helmet. A, Y, shaped two and a half centimeter wide slit in the front of the face part of the helmet. The slit composed two circular holes around her eyes, with piece of metal stretching down to protect the nose, as a nose guard. The circular holes stretched down to meet below the nose guard, to go all the way down, to reveal Padme's mouth.

The helmet contoured her her jaw and neckline, exposing her neck, but also allowing her to move her head without a problem.

Padme's shoulders, upper chest and upper back were covered in dark blue, metal armor that was similar to the chest plate, shoulder plates, and back plate that mandalorian warrior wore. With the shoulder plates, which attached to the chest and back plates, with brown leather straps. The small, thin, slightly curved shoulder plates were smooth at the top, and each were shaped like a pentagram, with a flat edge from each facing the sides of Padme's neck, and a point from each of the armor slightly stick out from over her shoulders, to her sides.

Padme's breast plate was contoured to her breasts, which appeared to have gained slightly in size, in proportion her increased height and muscle mass.

Under Padme's arms, the chest and back armor pieces were connected with a small brown leather strap on each side. Each of these straps had a small bronze buckle, which allowed the chest, shoulder, and back armor could slide off the head and be taken off.

Under the chest and back armor was a full, brown leather bodice, which completely covered the front of her breasts and the shoulder blades on her back, down to her waist. The brown leather laces of the bodice being located along the back of Padme's spine.

Padme's upper arms, down to below her elbows were left exposed. But her hands, up to her elbows, were cover in brown leather gloves. Over the leather on her forearms were dark blue metal bracers.

At Padme's waistline, her bodice when under her brown leather pants. The pants had a button and zipper in the front of her crotch. With the pants going down to her ankles. The pants had pockets on the sides and back.

There was a black leather belt along the loops of the waistline of the pants, with a bronze belt buckle around the front of Padme's waist.

And there were a few dark blue cloth pouches loop through the same black leather belt, along her sides. With the pouches having snap-open fastener buttons that kept the pouches closed.

On her feet, Padme now wore brown leather, knee-high boots, which were tied with brown leather laces going up to the top the front of the boots.

Padme felt comfortable in new her clothing.

And while electrical arcs radiated off her body and armor, from blaster bolts continuing to hit her, she had no signs of injury to herself. Nor, damage to her current garb and the shiny chrome hammer.

While it only took less than a second for the hammer to turn her into this warrior form. Within that second, during Padme's initial transformation, the power she gave off in that second, while not the force itself, sent large tremors into the force. Tremors that were immediately felt across the galaxy. From the nearby stands in the arena stadium, where Dooku stood. To an ancient, physically small, Jedi master, whom was at nearby staging area of the Republic military. And even far across the galaxy, to such planets as Coruscant. Where warriors of both light and darkness lived.

It was as if a beacon of light had just announce itself to the coming darkness. And for a few brief seconds, all those whom sensed that power turned their heads towards where that beacon of light came from. With that beacon being Padme and the hammer she now held.

And even those nearby, whom were not force sensitive, such as Jango, Boba, and a few nearby Geonosians, could sense in their core that something very powerful had made its presence known.


A few seconds after Padme's transformation, in the arena stands, Jango Fett was standing by Count Dooku, to Dooku's left side.

Jango was in his full blue and chrome mandalorian armor, helmet, and equipment. His two blaster pistols were holstered on the sides of his outer thigh armor.

Just before the hammer hit the arena, Jango had just shot a Jedi whom had tried to take out Dooku. Jango's shots knocked the Jedi off the parapet and down to the arena floor. Then, the hammer has the arena.

Jango and Dooku has silently watched as the droids stopped moving, the Geonosian soldiers flee back into the tunnels. And the Jedi and Padme walking over to investigate the hammer.

Jango and Dooku had watched the sudden storm forming, with the lightning strike that change Padme into someone else.

And while Jango was not a force sensitive, even at this distance, in his core, he could feel the energy and power radiating from Padme's body and that hammer she now held up to the sky.

This sudden change of events made Jango do an immediate threat assessment of the situation.

Which was Senator Padme Amidala had just lifted a weapon that had changed her into much stronger, physically imposing blond woman, with armor and a helmet, similar to his own.

And Jango guessed that the sudden change of the sky going dark with clouds meant Padme likely now controlled the weather. A powerful ability by any standard.

On top of this, Padme was not showing any response to being pounded by blaster bolts. Meaning that Senator Amidala had become much more tougher and more powerful to the point Jango felt that likely none of his own weapons would work against her. Which, as far as he was concerned, made his contact to kill her, null and void.

Jango Fett was paid to kill a Senator, not a Goddess.

Besides, Padme and Anakin had already been captured and sentenced to die. It is not his fault his clients decided to make killing Senator Amidala, the Jedi Skywalker, and the Jedi Kenobi, a big spectacle, instead of just taking them out back and shooting them.

So, as far as he saw it, his contract had already been fulfilled.

In addition, Jango noticed that within the arena pit, the Jedi, whom had been knocked down by Padme's sudden change, were had turned onto their backs, towards her. And he could tell the Jedi were clearly concerned by this change of events.

And Jango then looked over at Dooku, whom was standing near him. Jango could see the much older man was scared. Also, Dooku was so focused on what was going on below, that he paid Jango no mind.

From all this, Jango came to one sane conclusion. It was time to find his son and for both of them to leave this planet as soon as possible.

And Jango did just that. Jango silently backed away from Dooku, while the older man was focused on the events of the arena pit below.

Jango left the battle to find his son.

Within the next few minutes, Jango found his son, Boba, and they were able to Jango's ship, which was hidden near the arena. Jango then piloted his ship off the planet before a more different hammer fell upon the planet of Geonosis.


Meanwhile, in the center of the arena pit, it has been a few seconds after Padme had lift the hammer, with her being changed and empowered.

Anakin was the first to comment, “Padme? Is that you?”

Padme lowered the hammer in her right hand, to hold the weapon to her right side. She turned to Anakin. She answered, in a female voice that was more soothing, yet more powerful, than her normal voice, “Aye. Anakin.”

Anakin happily said, “I like the new look.”

Padme smiled, as she stated, “Thank you, Anakin... Thou looks forward to looking in the mirror when the battle is finished.”

Anakin complimented, “You look like a Goddess to me.”

Padme's warm smile became wider, as she said, “Thou is glad you feel this way.”

Obiwan asked, “Padme. Do you even feel the blaster bolts hitting you?”

Padme turned to Obiwan, as she said, “Nay. Noble Obiwan.”

Obiwan asked, “As fun as this is. I am guessing this sudden cloud cover is going to slow down our rescue. So Padme, if there is anything you can do. Now, would be the time to do it.”

Under her helmet, Padme made a slightly confused look on her face. Padme stated, “Thy feels that thy has power. But, thou does not know of the power thy holds.”

Mace suggested, “How about you just point your weapon as the enemy, and see what happens.”

Padme turned to Mace, as she said, “Good idea. Jedi Windu.”

Padme pointed the top part of the head of her hammer at the nearest formation columns of droids, which equaled over forty battle droids all together.

Padme tried to mentally push the power she felt within her, from herself to the hammer, and out of the hammer and towards the droids.

Suddenly, bluish-white lightning erupted from the end of her weapon and annihilated the standing droids into slag.

Padme was slightly shaken at the power she realized she now had at her command. She slowly said, “That was... Interesting.”

Mace and Obiwan looked at each other.

Mace asked, “Force lightning?”

Obiwan stated, “I sense no darkness.” He turned to Padme, as he requested, “Please. Do that again.”

Padme turned to Obiwan. She smiled, as she said, “With pleasure.”

Padme turned her attention to another formation of droids. She held her weapon towards the droids and used her lightning to destroy them. And she did this again to another set of droids. And again. And again. And again.


From the stands of the arena, everyone but Count Dooku had already fled. Dooku was the only one left. He watched Padme destroy his droid army with ease.

Dooku came to one conclusion, as he thought, 'Now would be a good time to flee.” He looked around, as he thought, 'And I am somewhat embarrassed that I was the last to come to this conclusion. Still, I cannot fight this level of power. At least not until I learn what it is. That weapon has given Padme great power. Power on par with a master of the force.'

'But, she lacks the wisdom and knowledge to properly the use of that power. Even if the Jedi were not here, I would not face her. Because even she does not know what she is capable of. And facing her now. Before any of us has an inkling what she can do. Would have only unpredictable results for everyone involved.'

'Also, I sense my old master nearby. And a very large group of clones... The clone army... They're early... It is possible that this Jedi attack by Mace and the others was only a distraction. Not only to save their friends. But, to keep us occupied, while they brought their forces into place.'

'No matter. I still have time to escape. My ship is hidden in the mountain, likely far away from the Separatists ships and any coming conflict.'

'Though, before I leave. I need the blueprints which I can to the planet for, in the first place. Also, I need to make arrangements with my subordinates. To alley their fear. Then, I will escape. Still, I also need to make some last minute arrangements for my secret hangar bay. Just in case.'

Dooku saw the last of the droids in the arena destroyed. With the Jedi standing up from their positions.

Dooku turned and calmly walk passed the droids and into the arena tunnels, to the secret command center, near the arena.


By then, the cloud cover above the arena was starting to break apart.

On the ground, even with the battle over in the arena pit, Jedi held their deactivated their lightsabers at the ready.

With the blaster fire no longer hitting Padme and her armor, Padme and her armor no longer had any electrical arcs coming from her body and armor.

Anakin walked up to Padme, he found that Padme's new height had almost made them be at eye level. With Anakin only an inch or two taller than Padme presently was.

Anakin quickly asked, “Are you okay? You were hit by a lot of blaster bolts?”

Padme turned to Anakin, as she commented, “Thou feels fine.”

Anakin said, “Good. Also, I noticed you are not having electrical arcs coming from your clothing.”

Padme stated, “Thou believes that was blaster energy being bled off of body and armor.”

Anakin commented, “Interesting. And better than the energy deflecting everywhere, like a lightsaber.”

Padme replied, “Thou agrees.”

Anakin asked, “Don't take this the wrong way. I am not complaining. But, what is with the speech?”

Padme answered, “Thy wishes she knew. Just speaking this way, as if it were natural. Thou shall find out why, later.”

Anakin replied, “Okay.”

Padme asked, in a concerned tone of voice, “Is thou okay with the way thy am? Thy still is Padme.”

Anakin stated, “With the force I can sense that you are still you, on the inside. And I am happy you are still here and unharmed.”

Padme replied, “Thou appreciates your support.”

It was then they noticed someone coming towards them, from the air.


As the day brightened, Republic Low Altitude Assault Transport-infantry gunships appeared over the arena. The gunships began fly towards the arena pit, near the Jedi.

The Republic gunships acted as flying troop carriers with gun turrets and missile banks,

The side doors of the gunships were open, with white armor clone troops standing in the small decks of the gunships, with their blaster rifles at the ready.

But, what the Republic forces saw was not what they expected.

Instead of a battle, they saw a rout. Where there were only a few dead Jedi, while hundreds of destroyed droids littered the arena.

The Jedi whom were alive were standing by a strange, armored woman, holding a weapon in her right hand.


Padme stood next to the Jedi, they watched gunships coming in to land close to them.

It was then that Anakin realized, as he stated, “They might not recognize Padme. They may think Padme is an enemy.”

Padme set the hammer down on the ground, on it's head. She agreed, “That is a wise assumption.”

Obiwan said, “That is a good point. Everyone surround Padme.”

All the Jedi immediately stood around Padme, to shield her.

As the gunships landed, the clone troops were not sure what to do. They were trained that the Jedi were considered friendlies. But, they did not know who the person the Jedi were protecting. And since the Jedi considered the person to be worth protecting, The clone troops did not point their weapons at anyone.

Obiwan looked at the nearby clone troops. He stated, “Everyone here is friendly. Don't fire.”

From within one of the gunships, a familiar voice ordered, “Hold your fire. No enemy still stands in this battle.”

They saw Jedi Grandmaster Yoda standing on an open deck of one of the gunships.

One of the nearby clones replied, “Understood.” The clone then relayed the order by the internal comlink system that the clones used in their helmets.

The Jedi and Padme turned to see Yoda hop off one of the gunship and walk toward them with his cane.

Yoda walked to them, as he commented, “Sense much power. But, do not know from whom.”

The Jedi then moved away from Padme to show her and her hammer, to Yoda.

Padme calmly look at Yoda, as he approached her.

Yoda came to a stop two meters from Padme, as he looked up at her.

Yoda said, “Senator Amidala. My, you have changed much since last we met.”

Padme replied, “Yes.”

Yoda turned to the hammer, as he answered, “This hammer. Is this the cause of your sudden change?”

Padme answered, “Thy held it, and it changed thee.”

Yoda turned to look at Padme. He stated, “An odd occurrence for an item of power to do so. But, not completely unheard of.”

Padme requested, “That is comforting to know. Thy wishes to take it will me, until thy can find a way to change back.”

Yoda said, “Agreed. It is best to take with you. The item is the key to the return of your normal self.”

Padme replied, “Thank you.” Picked up the hammer with her right hand. But, she held it at her side, so as to not appear threatening to anyone. Just in case one of the clone troopers had an itchy trigger finger.

Mace turned to Yoda, as he said, “There is much we need to tell you.”

Yoda turned to Mace, as he responded, “This is not the time for discussion. Much to do. Little time to do it in. Later we will talk of this. Now, we must head to the field of battle.”

Mace turned to Obiwan and Anakin. He stated, “Obiwan, Anakin, take Padme with you. She could prove useful. We will divide up and head towards the staging area.”

Padme requested, “Thou does desire to come. So, thou can crack Dooku's skull against thy hammer.”

Obiwan turned to Padme. He stated, “Then, come on. I would pay credits to see that.” He then turned, and headed towards a nearby gunship.

Padme and Anakin followed. They both laughed little at Obiwan's joke as they followed their friend onto the deck same gunship.

As they stepped into the back of the gunship, Padme found that she had not difficulties climbing into the gunship by herself.

Meanwhile, Yoda, Mace, and the other Jedi also divided up and went aboard other, different gunships.

Soon, they were all on the gunships. The vehicles took off into the air, and towards the Republic staging area for the Republic invasion of Geonosis.


At that moment, Dooku made his way into the underground command center of Separatists. There were consoles and monitors on some of the walls. While also a huge circular holo-monitor in the center of the room. The holo-monitor showed the battle, with holograms of Republic ground forces converging on Separatists forces and spaceships.

There were subordinates work around the room.

Dooku walked up to two neimoidian men, whom were talking to each other by the large holo-monitor.

One of the neimoidians was Nute Gunray. The other neimoidian was Rune Haako.

Nute Gunray stated, in galactic basic, “The Jedi have amassed a huge army.”

By then, Dooku came to a stop, with Gunray to Dooku's right.

Dooku held back a chuckled. He maintained a mask of calmness, as he stated, “That doesn't seem possible.”

This startled the two neimoidians, with them turned to look at Dooku, whom had walked to close to them without being noticed.

Dooku looked a the holograms of the battle happening outside.

Dooku continued, “How could the Jedi come up with an army so quickly?”

Nute Gunray looked at Dooku. Gunray commented, “We must send all available droids into battle.”

Dooku continued to look at the holo-monitor, as he said, “There are too many.”

Across the large holo-monior, Poggle the Lesser, Archduke of Geonosis, supported himself with his cane in his right hand. spoke in Geonosian, “Our communications have been jammed.” Poggle looked over at Dooku. He continued, “We have heard of strange reports coming from our troops in the arena?”

Dooku looked at Poggle. He calmly responded, “That is nothing to concern yourself about. Though, I do have a request concerning my departure.”

Dooku made his request.


The Republic gunship Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan were riding in reached the staging for the Republic, and passed over the staging area.

Inside the deck of the gunship, with the side doors open, Padme had her left hand on one of the hand grips above her, on the ceiling of the deck, while she firmly gripped the shaft of the hammer with her right hand.

Padme looked out of the left side of the gunship and down at the stage area. She realized she could see what was going on the ground in stark detail. She saw the red and white Republic Star Destroyers land, and she could make out not only the vehicles and people on the group. But, she could also make out exactly what type of weapons they carried. What color armor they wore. All the way down to her being able to tell if their helmets and armor had dirt on them, where the dirt was located, and what color dirt it was.

Padme looked forward, out of the gunship. She could also see in the distance they were heading for an open area. And she could make out droids and separatists vehicles heading their way, from the other side of the clear area. Several kilometers away.

Padme thought, 'On top of everything else this hammer has given me. I now have excellent eyesight. That is nice.'

Padme then realized something very profound, as she thought, 'I am not scared. Not in the least. I feel fine. I am high up in the air, expose on to side two the outside, while standing up inside a high speed vehicle, and I feel fine.'

By then, they had passed over the Republic forces, and they were heading to where the Separatists ships were located at.

As this went on, Padme looked down at the hammer in her right hand, as she continued her thoughts, 'I wonder if this is because of you. This is very likely.'

Anakin's voice brought Padme attention back to the situation at hand. Anakin was looking towards the pilots, as he stated, “Aim right above the fuel cells.”

Padme saw the gunship fire two missiles towards the middle of a large, vertical cylindrical Hardcell class interstellar gunship ship in front of them.

As the two missiles flew towards the target, the gunship Padme was on veered to her right. With Padme seeing, from the left open door of the gunship, as the missiles hitting the large ship, just as they passed by it.

The ship collapses as the gunship she was on continued forward into battle.

In the gunship, Obiwan looked at the ship fall behind them, then to Anakin. He smiled, as he said, “Good call. My young padawan.”

Padme thought, 'I cannot let the boys have all the fun.'

Padme let go of a hand grip and moved over to the right side of the deck. She grips another hand grip above her. After which, Padme looked out the right side of the gunship and down at the battlefield. With her enhanced eyesight, she saw they were able to pass over hundred of droids. Padme firmly held the head of the hammer with in her right hand towards the ground below, at the droids, and away from the gunship. She then fired her lightning from the heard of the hammer.

Padme's lightning raked across ground, destroying hundreds of droids.

Those on the gunship noticed this.

One of the clone asked, “What the?”

Obiwan quickly said, “It is quiet alright. She is one our side.”

The clone in question looked at Padme, whom was looking at him. He said, “Glad you is.”

Obiwan and Anakin then looked over at what Padme did. They saw the destruction.

Obiwan complimented, “Good shooting.”

Anakin said, “Good job.”

Padme commented, “On top of everything else. Thy now has good eyesight.”

Obiwan requested, “That is nice. If you want. Please, continue.”

Padme cracked a grin, as she said, “Sure.” She then turned and fired lightning out of the gunship at separatists droids and vehicles.

Meanwhile, the gunship fired their weapons at very targets, including large ships trying to take off. Such as Separatist Federation starships.

For a little while they continued to aid the Republic in attacking the Separatist forces.


Inside the underground command center, Nute commented, in galactic basic, “This not looking good at all.”

Rune stated, in galactic basic, “We must get the starships back into space.”

Both Rune and Nute turned and walked out of the room, as they made their escape to a starship which would take them off planet.

Meanwhile, Poggle turned to Dooku. He stated, “All preparations for your departure.”

Dooku replied, “Thank you.”

Poggle slammed his left fist onto the holo-monitor. He commended, “Though, we have to order a retreat.” Poggle then turned and began walking towards a console.

Meanwhile, Dooku walked to his left around the holo-monitor, as he stated, “My master will never allowed the Republic to get away with the treachery.” He then came, with the holo-monitor being to his right.

Poggle reached a console and began to work on it, while he stated, “I'm sending my warriors to hide in the catacombs.”

Poggle turned to Dooku. He stated, “The Jedi must not find our designs for the ultimate weapon.”

Behind Poggle and to his left, above the console was the large red hologram of a spherical design.

Poggle turned to the console, he shut off the hologram and with his left hand he pulled out a small circular hologram device.

Poggle turned back to Dooku. He walked over to Dooku with the device in his left hand.

As Poggle walked, he stated, “If they find out what we are planning to build, we're doomed.”

Poggle came to a stop in front of Dooku.

Poggle handed the device to Dooku. Dooku took the device into his right hand.

Dooku said, “I will take the designs with me to Coruscant.”

Dooku turned on the device, which showed a small hologram of the same spherical device.

Dooku looked at the hologram, as he continued, “They will be much safer there with my master.”

Dooku then turned off the hologram. He pocketed the device. And he headed for his own escape. He walked towards a nearby hangar, where he had a speeder bike parked there for him.

Dooku would take the speeder bike to a hidden hangar away from the battle. And he would not be leaving the command center alone.

Meanwhile, Poggle began to issue the retreat orders.


Outside, on the flying gunship which Padme, Anakin and Obiwan were on, the battle became more intense. Some of the large Separatists starships were shot down while trying to leave the planet. With large dust clouds being created as the starships crash landed back to the ground.

Though, this did not stop any of the fighting, and those in the air just switched to flying by instruments, until they cleared the dust clouds. And those on the ground, on both sides, continued advancing on each other, as they fired their weapons.

As the gunship that Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan were on, passed through the dust cloud, Padme then saw something in the distance.

On nearly the other side of the battlefield, Padme saw in the Dooku on a speeder, while flanked by starfighters. From within the cockpit windows she saw a Geonosian piloting each starfighter.

Padme used her hammer to point in the direction she saw Dooku, as she stated, “Thy sees Dooku to our far left, with two Geonosian starfighters flanking him.”

Obiwan turned to the clone pilots, as he asked, “Do you have him on sensors?”

The lead clone pilot stated, “Yes.”

Obiwan ordered, “Then follow him. And try to intercept him.”

The clone pilot replied, “Yes sir.”

The gunship then turned towards Dooku and his two separatist vehicles, as it gains speed towards them.

Within less than a minute later, the republic gunships was almost on top of the Dooku and his two starfighters. By then, they all saw that it was Dooku in the lead on a speeder bike.

Anakin asked, “Shoot down that speeder.”

The clone pilot answered, “We're out of rockets, sir.”

Padme asked, “What about blaster fire?”

The clone pilot replied, “They are out of range.”

Anakin turned to Padme, as he asked, “Can you hit him?”

Padme turned to Anakin, as she answered, “No. Dooku is in front of us. Thy can cannot get a clear shot from this angle. The cockpit is in the way.”

Obiwan conceded, “That is a good point. And he is going to fast for us to just turn and give you a clear shot.”

Padme felt more sure of herself, as she inquired, “Can we handle this? Or, will we need help?”

Obiwan said, “I believe we can handle this on our own. Besides, he will be gone before help can arrive.”

By then, in their chase their gunship has become to fly over some sand dunes, away from the battlefield.

Meanwhile, Dooku noticed them, and he signaled the Geonosians.

Those on the gunship watched as the two starfighters circle back from both the left and right sides, to come up behind the gunship.

The starfighters started firing on the gunship.

Padme let go of the hand grip with her left hand and she moved over to the left side of the deck. She then used her left hand to grip another hand grip.

Out of the left side of the gunship, with Padme's facing the back of the gunship, Padme could see the starfighter to her right side.

Padme stated, “Thy has this.” She still held her hammer in her right hand. She let go of a safety hand grip on the ceiling of the gunship with her left hand, as she carefully learned out of the left side of the gunship, while she took aim of with top part of the head of her hammer.

Obiwan, Anakin, and the clones saw what she was doing. Obiwan stated, “Good idea.”

Anakin cautioned, “Careful now, Padme.”

Padme continued to take aim, as she said, “Don't worry. Thy has this.” She then fired a bolt of lightning at the starfighter. The lightning hit the starfighter and causes the starfighter to explode.

Obiwan complimented, “Good shot.”

Padme leaned back up as she pass by the those by, to the other side of the gunship, as she stated, “Thy's task is only half complete.”

She then swapped hands with her hammer, to hold the shaft in her left hand. She leaned out out the right side of the gunship. She took a shot, and the lightning hit the starfighter, causing it to explode.

Unfortunately, starfighter got off a lucky shot, right before it was destroyed. The shot hit the gunship, while the shot did not serious damage the gunship, it did cause the gunship to rock. And with Padme already partly leaning out of the gunship, she lost her balance and fell to the top of sand dune below.

Though, no one else fell out.

Fortunately, it was a brief drop, with the clone pilot barely missing the top of the sane dune.

As Padme fell she let go of her hammer, and she was able to do a mid flip to land on her back.

Obiwan, Anakin, and the clones saw this. As they rushed to the right side of the gunship, to see that where Padme had landed.

Anakin turned to the pilot, as he firmly ordered, “Turn this ship around.”

Obiwan looked at the pilot, as he quickly said, “Belay that order.”

Anakin and Obiwan looked at each other. Anakin stated, “We need to see if she is alright.”

Obiwan said, “I can't take Dooku alone. Besides after everything that Padme has so far withstood. I doubt she is injured. Chances are, she will be fine. And if we stop Dooku, we can stop this war before it even begins.”

Anakin thought about Obiwan said for a few seconds. He then replied, “Okay. Let's go get Dooku.”

Their gunship continued their chase of Dooku's speeder.


Elsewhere, behind the Republic lines of the battlefield, there was one that felt Dooku's location. And that person also felt that he needed to have a word with Dooku.


A few seconds after Padme hit the sand, she immediately got up from where she had landed.

Fortunately, the impact did not harm her.

As Padme stood up, she saw that the hammer was partially buried in the sand, on it's side, three meters from her.

While Padme looked around, she thought, 'At least I am alright.'

Then, with her enhanced eye sight, Padme then saw in a direction, in the horizon, the gunship she had been on. The gunship was flying away from her.

Padme continued her thoughts, 'And they left me behind. I am not surprised they would leave me behind. Dooku is more important.' She turned to look at the hammer, as she mentally reflected, 'Now, to retrieve the hammer.'

As Padme took a step towards the weapon she thought about retrieving the hammer.

Suddenly, the hammer moved slightly in the sand, with the shaft of the weapon moving to point towards Padme.

Padme noticed this. She immediately came to a stop. She thought, 'I wonder. I have seen Anakin do this with a piece of fruit. And the hammer is clearly linked with me.'

Padme outstretched her right arm towards the hammer, with her right hand open, as she willed the hammer to come to her.

In the blink of an eye, the hammer pulled itself out of the sand, and flew to her open right hand.

The hammer's shaft landed perfectly into Padme's right gloved hand, without harming her. With the head of the weapon pointing upwards.

Padme firmly closed her right gloved hand around the shaft of the hammer.

Padme then turned back to look towards the horizon, in the direction that Anakin, Obiwan, and Dooku went. She could still barely make out the gunship in the distance.

Padme smiled wickedly, as she thought, 'If I can make this hammer come to me, with my mind. Maybe, I can make the hammer move while I am holding it.'

Padme tightened her grip on the shaft of the hammer. She then held up the hammer in her right hand, towards the horizon, in the direction she want to go. Next, she willed the hammer to move in that direction, as fast as the hammer could safely take her.

Suddenly, the hammer moved, with Padme being pulled with it, into the sky, in the direction she willed the weapon to go.

While Padme had no problems holding onto the hammer, the centrifugal force created by the speed the hammer was going caused Padme's body to move to be horizontal with the ground.

As Padme flew through the air, she tilted her head up to see in front of her, over the hammer. While flying, she thought, 'I have to keep in mind I am making the hammer move. If I stop thinking about the hammer moving, me and the hammer with probably drop to the ground. But, that should not be a problem. And I can also just make this hammer hover in place. With my strength, I have no problems holding on. In addition, I guess I am going as fast as the gunship was. If not a little faster. I have a feeling that this is nothing compared to the speed the hammer can take me. But, this will do for right now.'

Padme smiled, as she continued her thoughts, 'I should catch up with Anakin and Obiwan in no time. And with my enhanced sight, I should have no problems seeing where they went.'

As Padme quickly approached the gunship, they were at a slight angle from her, to her right, she saw that it had come to a stop by landing pad build against a cliff face of a mountain wall. She also saw the landing pad lead into a tunnel in the mountain.

Padme then watched as Obwan and Anakin jumped of the gunship almost at the same time, and run into the tunnel. With both of them igniting the lightsabers they had been given in the arena battle. Obiwan's blue blade lightsaber. And Anakin's green blade lightsaber.

Next, Padme watched as the gunship safely left, with none of the clones following the two Jedi into the cave.

Padme thought, 'It is clear Obiwan order them to head back to the front. They are likely no match for Dooku. And they will probably get killed if they face Dooku. Now, to surprise Anakin and Obiwan. Though, I better do it in a subtle way. I don't want to get sliced with a lightsaber.'

By then, Padme reached the landing pad. She quickly rush into the cave, right behind Anakin and Obiwan.

Padme saw both of her friends were still running through the cave. Obiwan was to her right and Anakin was to her left. Though, she found she was quicker on foot, as she swiftly caught up to them.

When Padme within three meters from them, she slowed down, and landed on her feet. She held her hammer in front, with her right hand, as she casually asked, “Do thee miss anything?”

Anakin and Obiwan immediately stopped in their tracks. They turned around to see Padme.

Once Padme saw that they realized it was her, she calmly approaching them.

Obiwan stated, in mild surprise, “Okay. This day is just full of surprises. And nice ones at that.”

Anakin asked, “How did you get here so quickly?”

Padme came to a stop a meter from her friends. She held out the hammer in her right hand, towards them, as she answered, “Thy found that thy hammer lets thee fly.” She then lowered her right hand to her right side.

Obiwan commented, “Will wonders never cease?”

Anakin smiled, as he said, “Cool.”

Padme smiled as she agreed, “Thy knows.” She turned her attention to behind the men, and towards an open doorway down the hallway. She asked, “Did Dooku go this way?”

Obiwan turned in the direction Padme was looking. He then turned back to look at Padme. He answered, “Yes.”

Padme stated, “Good. Let's see if thy can end this, right here and now.”

Obiwan responded, “Mine thoughts exactly. Though, before we continued. Do you know how to use that hammer as a melee weapon?”

Padme held up the hammer in her right hand, as she used her left hand to point at the head of hammer. She casually said, “Yes. The large end is used to smash in the opponent's face.” She then dropped her left hand to her left side and her hammer to her right side.

Obiwan commented, with a bit unease in his tone of voice, “Not exactly... We will work on that, later... Anyway, for now, stay back Padme.” He continued, in a more concerned tone of voice, “Dooku is a trained lightsaber expert, and master of the force. Almost as good as Yoda. I want you to only provide range support.”

Padme said, “Thy will keep that in mind.”

Obiwan turned to Anakin, as he stated, “And Anakin. Support me. But, do not directly engage Dooku, unless to assist me. I want us to go in slowly. I will take him from the right. While you take him from the left.”

Anakin looked over at Obiwan. He replied, “Yes, master.” Anakin thought, 'With Padme here, I need to be more mindful of both her, Obiwan, and myself. I do not dare try to be reckless. Doing so could get one of us hurt.'

Obiwan and Anakin turned around. The three adults then headed passed the doorway, to find themselves in a small hangar bay.

To their right, they passed by the parked speeder bike that Dooku had used to fly to the hidden base.

As they entered into a larger room, they passed by a small starship to their left, with the ramp set to the ground, and the doors to the ship being open. Also, the ship blocking their view from rest of the shuttle.

They walked passed the starship, Anakin and Obiwan immediately came to a stop, with Padme stopping right behind them.

On the other side of the hangar bay was Dooku, whom has just giving some instructions to a pilot droid. The droid heading towards the ramp, with it soon being inside the ship's cockpit.

Meanwhile, Dooku calmly looked at the three of them.

And between Dooku and them was about a dozen B2 super battle droids, line up in a horizontal row in front of them.

Fortunately, they droids had not raised their right arms and fired their blaster guns that were located in their right forearms.

Obiwan quickly ordered, “Anakin take the four in front of us. Padme, the four to our left. I will deal with the rest.”

Before the droids could raise their arms, take aim, and fire, Anakin and Obiwan quickly used their lightsabers to slice up the droids and destroy them.

Meanwhile, given Padme was not worried about being harmed by blaster fire, she decided to try out her hammer. She rushed at the four droids to her left, as she used the flat hammer of her weapon to literally crushed the four droids with only a few blows each.

After Anakin, Obiwan, and Padme finished their attack, Anakin and Obiwan turned to looked over at at Padme' handiwork.”

Obiwan commented, “You seem to have the strength to go with that weapon.” He thought, 'Which explains how she held on to the hammer to fly here.'

Anakin complimented, “Nice work.”

Padme turned to her two friends. She replied, “Thank you.”

The three adults then turned to look at the much older man, Dooku.

From across the room, Dooku gazed back towards them.

Obiwan asked, “Honestly Dooku. What was the point of those droids?”

Dooku answered, “I was hoping they would have reacted more quickly and softened you up some.”

Padme commented, “Let thy guess. Built by lowest bidder?”

Dooku answered, “Unfortunately, that is the nature of business.”

Obiwan said, “Please surrender peaceful. I do not want to have to harm you.”

Dooku responded, “Oh. I doubt I will be the one that is harmed today.”

Obiwan kept his eyes on Dooku, as he stated, “Anakin. Take this slow.”

Anakin did not take his eyes off of Dooku. He calmly responded, “Yes master.”

Obiwan and Anakin slowly advanced on Dooku.

In response, Dooku used his right hand to pull and ignite his lightsaber, which unlike a normal lightsaber was a curved hilt that allowed the blade to point more outwardly from the wield. This style of lightsaber was also known as a dueling lightsaber. Which was well designed for dueling in lightsaber combat. But, due to the lightsaber being pointed more closely towards the front, than the side, the dueling lightsaber was more difficult to use to deflect blaster bolts and other range weapon attacks.

Padme quietly watched as Anakin and Obiwan split up. And they advanced on Dooku from opposite sides. Anakin to Padme's left, and Obiwan to Padme's right.

Dooku could clearly saw tactic they were using was to outflank him.

Dooku thought, 'A wise tactic. With one lightsaber I cannot defend both my front and my back at the side time, from two trained Jedi. But, this tactic is easily countered.'

Dooku backed away and more towards Obiwan, in an attempt to get Obiwan and Anakin back together. But, the teacher and student would not have this, as they continued to slowly advance on Dooku from opposite directions.

By the time Dooku nearly had his back to the back rock wall, Obiwan and Anakin had made it to just outside of Dooku's lightsaber reach.

Then, there was stillness, as everyone was silent, and stood in place. With only the hums of the lightsabers and the starship being the only sound.

Everyone waited for someone to make the first move.

Dooku was first. He used the lightsaber in his right hand to swiftly reached across himself, with him making a slashed attack towards Obiwan. Dooku did this move while also allowing himself to turn counterclockwise, with his back now facing the open floor.

Anakin was still to Dooku's left, and Obiwan to his right.

Obiwan took a step back from Dooku's attack, while Anakin did not respond with his own attack.

Then, a second later, Obiwan struck out at Dooku with his lightsaber.

A moment after Obiwan attack, Anakin took his lightsaber strike towards Dooku.

In two stroked of his lightsaber, Dooku swiftly parried Obiwan and then blocked Anakin's strike.


Across the room, Padme watched as Dooku was able to successfully divide his attention and single lightsaber, against to attackers at once.

Also, Padme could tell from the attacks that Anakin was only assisting. With him looking for a weak point in Dooku's defenses, while Obiwan handled most of the fighting.

Then, Anakin spotted the weak point, but as he thrust with his lightsaber, Dooku immediately used his left free hand to send lightning into Anakin, knocking him back into the air.

Anakin's lightsaber deactivated as he let go of it in midair.

Anakin landed a meters across the room, on his back, with his lightsaber landing beside him, half a meter to his left.

By reflex, and worry for Anakin, Padme screamed, “NO!”

Padme then noticed that Anakin was breathing. Though, he was stunned by Dooku's attack.

Padme turned her attention to Dooku, as she thought with rage, 'Let's see him get a taste of his own medicine.”

Padme lifted the hammer. She took aim by pointing the hammer's head towards Dooku.

Meanwhile, from the corner of his left eye, Obiwan saw what Padme doing. He immediately backed away from Dooku.

Unfortunately, the force warned Dooku of Padme's attack.

Dooku turned around to face Padme, with him holding his lightsaber blade between him and Padme.

Padme sent a bolt of lightning at Dooku, only to watch as Dooku countered the lightning with his lightsaber blade.

Padme was left silent after watching Dooku fully counter her lightning attack.

Obiwan noticed this, as he divided his attention between Dooku, Anakin, and Padme. He stated, “Don't worry Padme. That is just a defensive trick that Jedi are taught. So, snap out of it.”

Obiwan's words quickly brought Padme back to reality. This allowed her to be more aware of the danger they were all in from Dooku.

Meanwhile, Dooku calmly looked at Padme. He stated, “That was a nice try. But, you are still untrained. Now, this is how to such an attack is properly done.”

Dooku then used his left hand to channel and attack Padme with force lightning.

Padme did not react, as the lightning hit her.

For the next few seconds, Dooku continued his attack with force lightning against Padme.

Dooku swiftly realized that his attack was not harming her, nor her armor. As such, he quit his attack.

From under her helmet, Padme cracked a grin. She said, “That tickled.”

Obiwan smiled, as he held back a chuckle.

Dooku raised an eyebrow, as he calmly commented, “Well now... This was unexpected.”

Dooku then used the force, as Padme felt something pull her up, and throw her out of the hangar bay, through the cave, and onto the outside landing platform.

Next, Dooku turned to Obiwan, as he held the red blade of his lightsaber towards Obiwan. Dooku calmly requested, “Let us continue.”

Obiwan responded by attacking Dooku with his blue blade lightsaber.

And so, they continued their lightsaber battle.


At that moment, Padme landed on the landing deck outside the tunnel. Though, she laid on her back, she still held onto the large hammer with her right hand.

After Padme sat up, she noticed that a Republic gunship that had landed behind her on the landing pad. There were a few clone troops standing by the gunship, on the deck. She then saw Yoda, using his cane in his right hand, as he stood just over a meter next to her, to her right side.

The ancient Jedi Master was calmly looked at her.

Yoda guessed, “Dooku used the force to throw you out?”

Padme said, “Thy believes so.”

Yoda stated, “Powerful you are now. But, the force is still dangerous even to you.”

Padme said, “Thy will be wary of it.”

Yoda replied, “Good.”

Yoda turned to the clone, as he ordered, “Stay here.” He then turned to Padme, as he requested, “Accompany me. I will handle Dooku.”

Padme stood up, as she replied, “Yes sir.”

Yoda smiled, as he said, “Powerful. But, still respectful of elders.”

Padme did not reply, as she smiled slightly at Yoda's compliment of her.

Yoda then started walking into the hangar bay, with Padme right behind him.

Padme was mildly surprised at how fast Yoda hobbled from the entrance of the cave, down the hallway, and to the hangar bay.

As they reached the hangar bay, Padme saw the situation was quite the reverse to what she had expect.

Instead of Anakin on the floor, Obiwan was on the floor with mild burn marks from his clothing, on his left upper arm and left upper thigh. Obiwan was close to the far, back wall, and several meters away from the entrance to the small starship.

And instead of Obiwan fighting Dooku with a lightsaber. It was Anakin using two lightsabers to fight Dooku. A blue blade lightsaber in his right hand and a green blade lightsaber in his left hand.

Padme overheard Yoda mutter under his breath, “The foolishness of youth.”

Yoda immediately used the force to swiftly, through gently pull Anakin away from Dooku.

Anakin found himself, on his feet, with his lightsabers in his hands, several meters away from Dooku, and about three meters way from Obiwan.

Dooku immediately turned to Yoda and Padme. He stated, “Well, if it is not my old teacher.”

Yoda did not take his eyes off of Dooku, as he ordered, “Young ones attend to Obiwan. I will handle Dooku.”

Anakin deactivated the lightsabers in his hands. He swiftly tucked the lightsabers into his belt. Then, Anakin and Padme headed over to check on Obiwan.

Meanwhile, with Dooku facing the possibility of three active combatants, Dooku kept his lightsaber ignited. Dooku thought, 'As tempting as it is to show off to my old master. Right now, doing so would be to dangerous.'

Dooku commented, “An interesting day this has been. My old teacher.”

Yoda agreed, “That is has. Though, long for much better days when we were simply teacher and student. Instead of enemies.”

Dooku said, “I feel that same way.” He voice grew a little tired, with only a hint of regret, as he stated, “But, what is done, is done.” Dooku shrugged towards Padme, as he commented, “The girl and that hammer are going to be a handful.”

Yoda commented, “The Jedi are not strangers to challenges.”

Dooku responded, “Yes. And what is life without challenges. Do you still have your lightsaber?”

Yoda dropped his cane onto the floor, as he answered, “Always.” He then pulled out his smaller lightsaber, and ignited its green blade.”

Dooku stated, “Then, let us see if either of us has lost their edge over the years.”

Yoda said, “Absolutely.” He then charged as Dooku. And as their lightsabers battle began, they both became like blurs at they fight one another.


Nearby, Anakin reached Obiwan first. By the time Anakin knelt down to check on Obiwan, Padme had reached both Anakin and Obiwan. Though, Padme always kept an eye on the fight between Yoda and Dooku.

Anakin looked at Obiwan, as he asked, with concern in his tone of voice, “Master, are you going to be alright?”

Obiwan turned to look at them. He groaned. He then answered, “These are only flesh wounds. I should recovered.”

Padme stated, “Thy is glad to hear this news.”

Anakin agreed, “So am I.”

Obiwan turned to Padme, as he stated, “Padme. I saw Dooku throw you out of the room. Are you alright.”

Anakin turned to Padme, as he said, “He did?”

Padme commented, “I am fine.”

Obiwan said, “Good.”

The three of them then turned to look at Yoda fighting Dooku.

Obiwan commented, “Savor this moment, children. It is a rarity to see Yoda truly cut loose.”

Padme was in awe at Yoda's display of lightsaber combat and acrobat skill, as she said, “Thy will.”

Anakin commented, “I admit. I am impressed.”

Obiwan said, “You are not the only one.”


Dooku and Yoda continued to clash lightsabers, with them presently away from the ramp to the small starship, and Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan.

As they fought, Dooku thought, 'Over nine hundred years old, and he is still this fast. And even if I defeat him, I will still have to face the boy, the girl, and maybe even Obiwan, again. I have to escape. But how?... This will do.'

Dooku immediately jumped back, away from Yoda, with him landing about three meters by the ramp to his ship.

Yoda did not follow him.

Dooku deactivated his lightsaber in his right hand, as he used his skills in the force to create a force whirlwind. He willed the force to pick up the wrecked parts of the droids in the floor, that Anakin, Obiwan, and Padme had destroyed.

The droids parts circled around Dooku in counterclockwise fashion, until he use the force to throw the droid parts from where Yoda was to where Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan were. Though, he was careful not to thrown any parts towards his starship.

Yoda used the to jump above most of the wreckage coming his way. He used his lightsaber and the force to protect himself from the small pieces that he did not clear in his leap.

A few moments later, Yoda safely landed on the floor of the hangar.

Meanwhile, Anakin swiftly used the force to stop the droids part heading for Padme, Obiwan, and himself, from hitting them.

As the droid parts were stopped in midair, they lose all inertial, and dropped to the floor near Padme, Obiwan, and Anakin.

The rest of the droid parts, which did not head in the direction of the Jedi and Padme, slammed into the various walls of the hangar.


As this went on, Dooku used the force to swiftly enter the small starship. Even before Dooku had actually entered the ship, he has used the force to activate the ramp to begin retract and the doors to the ship to close.

Less than a second later, as Dooku entered the cockpit, he quickly turned to the droid pilot and ordered, “Raise the shields. And get us out here.” Then, he sat in the chair to the left of the droid pilot.


Padme, Obiwan, and Anakin watched as the ramp door to the ship

Padme ordered, “Do not let Dooku escape.” She raised her hammer with her right hand, and fired at the ship with a bolt of lightning. But, the ship's energy shields protected spacecraft.

Anakin stated, “Wouldn't dream of it.” He then used the force to grip the ship and prevent it from leaving.

Padme fired another lightning bolt, but the ship's shields were able to withstand another blast.

A moment later, from across the room, Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan heard Yoda yell, “Discontinue the attack!”

Padme stopped firing at the ship. Padme, Obiwan, and Anakin looked over at Yoda. Though, Anakin continued to force group the small starship.

From across the hangar, Yoda had immediately realized what was going on, and what was happening.

Yoda looked at them, as he explained, “Continuing this course of action will cause the ship's engines to explode. With the explosion consuming us in this cavern. Allow Dooku to escape, we must. There will be other opportunities to deal with him. Just not today.”

Anakin did not argue with Yoda, as he telekinetically let go of the starship.

The starship took off towards the sky.

Padme, Anakin, Obiwan, and Yoda, heard a blaster fire from outside, meaning the clone troops were shooting at the starship. But, since these was no explosion to be heard, they realized the Dooku's starship had escaped.

Meanwhile, within the hangar bay, Yoda deactivated his lightsaber and he hid his weapon back in his clothing. He then used the force to retrieve his cane into his right hand. After which, he started using his cane to slowly walked towards his friends.

While Yoda approached them, Anakin pulled out the two lightsabers from his belt.

Anakin could tell which lightsaber was the one he was using and which was the one Obiwan was using.

Anakin handed the lightsaber that Obiwan used to him. Obiwan took the lightsaber, and put it in his holster on his belt.

Anakin also holstered his lightsaber on his belt holster.

Anakin asked, “Can you stand up?”

Obiwan answered, “Yes. But, a little help would be appreciated.”

Anakin and Padme gently helped Obiwan stand up. With Anakin standing to Obiwan's left, and Padme standing to Obiwan's right.

Padme allowed the hammer in her right hand to hang by her right side, as she used her left hand to help Obiwan up.

Anakin used both his hands to help Obiwan up.

The three of them facing towards the tunnels leading out of the hangar bay, as Padme and Anakin helped Obiwan stand up.

After all three of them were upright, Obiwan said, “I should be able to make it on my own from here.”

Padme and Anakin let go of Obiwan.

Anakin walked around Obiwan, to come to a stop, by Padme, to Padme's right side.

Padme turned to Anakin, as Anakin looked at Padme.

Both were well aware that they were not in private. And as such, they did not show any outward signs of affection.

Anakin asked, “Obiwan mentioned you were hit by Dooku's lightning. Also, you fell off the gunship. And you were thrown out of here. Are you alright?”

Padme calmly said, “Thy is fine, Anakin. The electricity only slightly stung. Thy only barely felt hitting the sand dune, and later the outside ramp.”

Anakin requested, in a concerned tone of voice, “Good... Ah... Now that we have a moment to catch our breath. I have a question. Can you speak normally?”

Padme gave an unreadable expression, as she answered, “Aye... I can. But it is difficult. Though, I think and feel like I normally do.”

Anakin said, “Good. I could sense in the force that you were you in your mind. I just wanted to make sure you could respond normally. That you could take control, and willfully block how the hammer was influencing you.”

Padme said, “Thank you for your concern.”

Anakin carefully requested, “I was wondering. Could I see your face? If it is possible to remove your helmet”

Padme answered, “I believe so. I feel this clothing and helmet slightly shift as I move.”

Padme gently set the hammer onto the floor, on the top of its head. She then gently used both her hands to lift her off her head, she then lower her helmet with both hands to her be in front of her chest.

Anakin look at Padme.

Anakin saw Padme's loose long blond hair, which shined, and appear silky smooth. And though, Padme's face was the same, it was also different. As what her face would look like in the best possible light, in the best possible way.

Anakin smiled, as he happily complimented, “You look great.”

Padme returned Anakin's smile, which look very pleasant on her exposed face. She warmly said, “Thank you.”

They then heard someone cough.

Padme and Anakin turned to both Obiwan and Yoda looking at them.

By then, Yoda had come to a stop, about two meters from Anakin, Obiwan, and Padme. With the wise Jedi master looking over at Padme and Anakin.

Obiwan stated, “While I am glad everyone is okay. Padme. Your sudden... abilities are concerning.”

Yoda said, “Much to discuss. Much to learn. For all of us.”

Padme responded, “Thy is as much in the dark about this as you are.”

Yoda commented, “This is what we are sure of.”

Obiwan explained, “First. You have done nothing wrong Padme. Actually, you have been a great help. You saved a lot of lives today. Perhaps even our own.”

Padme replied, “Thanks.” Padme then put on her helmet, and used her right hand to pick up the long shaft of her hammer. After she lift the hammer up, she held up the head, to allow it to slide slightly, to where she was holding the middle of the shaft. She continued, “And thy realizes that we have to talk about this. But, perhaps it would be best to discuss this further in private, on a ship.”

Yoda replied, “Agreed.”

Anakin said, “Same here.”

Obiwan smiled. He shrugged, as he commented, “I have nothing better to do.”

Yoda stated, “Then, follow me. My gunship is outside. Clone troopers are guarding it. Did not want to waste lives facing Dooku. We will take you three to a shuttle that will take us to my Jedi Cruiser, in orbit. And I will inform Master Windu to meet us there. Victory over the planet for the Republic is already won. The rest of the Jedi and Clones can handle the battle without us. For we are on our way to Coruscant.” He turned towards the exit to the hangar bay, and he began walking back the way he came in.

The other three adults did not responded, as they followed the ancient master of the force.

Soon, they were on the gunship. The gunship closed its side doors.

A few minutes later, they made it back to the Republic front. Yoda arranged for them to take a shuttle to the Star Destroyer in orbit of Geonosis. Though, the starship in question was not the Republic Star Destroyer in orbit of Geonosis serving as the main command center for the planetary invasion.


An hour later, a shuttle took Yoda, Padme, Anakin, and Obiwan to one of the Star Destroyers in orbit of Geonosis. The shuttle dropped them off, refueled, and headed back down to the Republic front on Geonosis.

During the entry time, Padme had held on to the mystical hammer.

After boarding the Star Destroyer, Yoda had orders to be relayed for Jedi Master Mace Windu to join them on the Star Destroyer.

When Mace arrived on his own shuttle, he brought with him to other passengers that he know that Padme and Anakin would want to come along. R2-D2 and a repaired C3-PO with his head on his proper body. Also, it seemed that R2-D2 has say what happened to Padme in the arena. And R2-D2 had informed C3-PO of Padme's change.

In addition, Mace had informed Padme that Clones had found her space yacht. The ship was undamaged, and they would send it back to Coruscant, within the week. All things considered, Padme was happy to hear that.

Yoda then ordered the captain of the Star Destroyer to immediately set course of the planet, Coruscant, the Capital planet of the Galactic Republic.

That with that before coming to Geonosis, Yoda had been given the rank of a High General, the captain of the starship did as ordered.

A few minutes later, the Star Destroyer in questioned jumped to hyperspace, with the ship heading for Coruscant.

Meanwhile, Yoda had set up a private meeting to begin discussing an important matter on their minds. Padme and the hammer that literally fled into Padme possession.

Yoda lead Padme,Yoda, Mace, Anakin, Obiwan, R2-D2, and C3-PO to a private meeting room in the Star Destroyer.

After everyone had entered the room, the door to the meeting room was shut.

And while the meeting room had a large, circular table. There were chairs placed around the table.

Though, none of those present in the room were sitting down. Though, Yoda had leapt onto the table, to allow him a better look at the others present.

As the others stood around the room, Padme held the hammer in her right hand, at her right side.

C3-PO looked over at Padme, as the droid look at Padme, he complimented, “Senator Amidala, you look positively radiate.”

Anakin overheard the compliment. Anakin looked towards Padme. He said, “No arguments there.”

Padme smile, as she looked at Anakin, then to C3-P0. She replied, “Thy is thankful for the compliment, C3-PO.”

Mace stated, “Well, I guess I need to get this started.” He turned to Padme, as he asked, “What are your current plans now, Senator Amidala?”

Padme turned to Mace, as she said, “Thy is not sure.”

Yoda stated, “Much power you have been given. In a short amount of time. Overwhelm most. It would.”

Obiwan said, “I feel that Padme here just needs some time to adjust.”

Anakin spoke up, “I agree.”

Mace stated, “And it is not just the hammer and the abilities. The hammer also changed your clothes, your physical appearance, and even your speech patterns.”

Anakin said, “She still the same Padme on the inside.”

Padme defended herself, “Anakin is correct. Thy am still myself in my mind.”

Mace commented, “While I believe you believe that. And we will cover to this topic in the minute. Let us first talk something more tangible. Such as this armor you wear. Where did it come from?”

Padme answered, “Thy does not know where the armor came from. Nor where thy clothing went.” Padme turned to Anakin, as she inquired, “Though honestly. How does thy look?”

Anakin said, “You look good. Your armor looks kind of like what the mandalorians wear?”

Under her helmet, Padme had a confused look on her face. She asked, “Mandalorian? Why mandalorian?”

Yoda spoke up, “The hammer likely took from your subconscious what you viewed an armored individual should be. And the mandalorians are well known through out the galaxy by the style of armor they armor.”

Mace stated, “The mandalorian are also trouble.”

Obiwan commented, “I won't say that. I can think of a few nice mandalorians.”

Mace pointed out, “They are only nice when they are not on the war path.”

Obiwan said, “This true for anyone.”

As Mace and Obiwan had their minor disagreement, Anakin walked over to Padme's left side. He whispered near the left side of Padme's head, “Your armor is very good. It is a nice mix of armor and cloth clothing.”

Padme turned to Anakin. She smiled towards him, as she said, “Thank you.”

Just then, Yoda spoke up, and everyone in the room when silent, as he said, “Still, the ability to arrange matter. Both inorganic and organic, is quite a feat.”

Mace turned to Padme. Mace agreed, “True.” Mace looked down at the hammer, at Padme's right side, as he requested, “It would be best if you let us have a closer look at this troublesome hammer.”

Padme said, “If that is what thy wishes.” Padme walked over to the table, as she grip the hammer in her right hand, as she held up the weapons. She then used both hands to grip her hammer, and turned it upside down. Next, she gently set the hammer on its head, onto the table itself. After which, Padme took a few steps back to allow the others to get a closer look at the hammer.

The hammer was placed on the opposite end of the table from where Yoda was standing on the table.

Obiwan was the first to move closer to the hammer, and look at weapon.

While Obiwan looked at the hammer, he noticed something about the way the hammer was set on the table. Obiwan said, “Interesting. The axe blade and the circular hammer are what is holding the hammer up. Not the middle of the head.”

Everyone turned towards the table, to look more closely at the hammer. They saw that Obiwan was correct. The hammer rested up right on the tip of the axe blade, and the rim of the head of the hammer.

Padme said, “Thy did not realize that when thy set the hammer down, the weapon stayed in place in such a peculiar position.”

Anakin stated, “This is odd. The hammer looks like it should not be able balance itself like that.”

Yoda commented, “Clearly mystical in origin, the hammer is. Obviously the hammer wishes to remain the way its wielder desires.”

Padme stated, “Master Yoda speaks the truth. Thy can summon and control the movement of the hammer. It will move around in the air, as thy desires. And when thy is holding the hammer, thee can use it to fly into the sky.”

Mace turned to Padme. He showed a slightly curious expression towards Padme's claim. He asked, “You can fly?”

Padme turned to Mace, as she replied, “Yes. With the force, thee is surprised that the Jedi do not fly.”

Mace said, “For year I have been trying to figure how to do use the force to fly. I still have not ironed all the chinks in the techniques to do so.”

Padme requested, “Let thee know if you do. Thy would very much like to such a feat of skill.”

Obiwan spoke up, “As would we all. Also, Padme has other abilities. She is very strong. And she has enhanced sight, as well.”

Yoda commented, “Senator Amidala has likely been enhanced in many ways by the hammer.”

Padme said, “Thy agrees.”

Anakin stated, “Still, I do not understand one point about the hammer. It will not move unless it wants to move. Not even the force will be move it. Though, Dooku used the force to throw both Padme and the hammer.”

Mace commented, “It is likely while in the hand of its chosen wielder, it will move as the wielder desires. If the wielder is not mindful, the hammer will move with the wielder. But, if the wielder is mindful for the hammer to stay in place, then the hammer will stay in place.” Mace turned to Padme. He continued, “And should the wielder have enough strength, the wielder gripping the hammer may stay in place, as well.”

Obiwan commented, “This could have some defensive applications.”

Mace agreed, “This is very possible.”

Padme understood what the Jedi were hinting at. She inquired, “As in thy will not be thrown about with the force.”

Mace said, “Exactly.”

Obiwan turned his attention to the hammer. He stated, “These is something about the hammer which we can immediately learn from it. The inscription on the side of it might provide a clue as to whom it originally belonged too.”

Anakin commented, “Yea. I noticed that earlier. And it would be a good idea to find out what it says.” He turned to C3-PO and R2-D2. He requested, “C3-PO, translate that inscription.”

C3-PO replied, “With pleasure, Master Anakin.”

Obiwan stepped out of the way, as the protocol droid walked up to the hammer, and studied the instruction.

C3-PO came to a stop in front of the hammer, and looked over the words he then stated, “The runes are similar to galactic basic. Only they appear to be from a much older branch of the same language.”

Mace asked, “Can you translate the inscription?”

C3-PO continued to look at the inscription, as it stated, “Yes. I believe the inscription states. To whom be worthy to wield the hammer shall have the power of Thor. Though, the sentence structure uses slightly different order, this is basically what the inscription says.”

Obiwan commented, “Whomever this Thor is. He, or she, must have been a pretty powerful fellow.”

Meanwhile, Yoda was standing on the table. He walked across the table to the hammer, using his cane in his right hand, to help him walk.

The others saw this. And in response, they remained silent. Though, C3-PO backed away form the hammer, and the table, to give the ancient Jedi Master some room.

When Yoda came to a stop within thirty centimeters of the hammer.

The hammer's shaft was actually longer than Yoda was tall.

Yoda shifted his cane from his right hand to his left hand. Then, he looked at the weapon for a few seconds.

While Yoda continued to look at the hammer, you stated, “A strange one. You are. I sense no force in you. But, I do sense power and awareness. You crave battle, but only for defense. You seek to help through violence. Not the way of the Jedi. But still, a noble path. Also, I wonder.”

Everyone then watched as Yoda used his right hand to pick up the hammer with ease. He held the hammer in his right hand. While he showed no exertion in doing, he looked at the hammer in his right hand. He stated, “Yes. Light in the hands of the worthy.”

Yoda then set the hammer gently back down on top of its head. He turned to Padme, whom was looking at him, along with the rest of the group. He continued, “But, a weapon for much younger hands. A much younger spirit. Let us see the control you have of this weapon. Outstretch your hand, and call the weapon with your mind. The hammer will come.”

Padme did not say a word as she did as Yoda had instructed. She outstretched her right hand towards the hammer, and she thought for the hammer to come to her right hand.

A second later, the hammer lifted itself off the ground, with the middle of the shift slipping into her right hand. Padme then closed her hand around the weapon's shift, as she held it in her grip.

Yoda looked at Padme. He calmly said, “A great gift you have been given, young one. Very few Jedi would have the power to match you with the force.”

Yoda looked at Anakin, then back towards Padme. Everyone in the room noticed this, but they did not comment on it.

Yoda stated, “But, you are untrained. Still, that is a matter for another time. Now, we much figure out if we can have you to return to normal. Or, if that is not possible, take precautions. For with your strength and power. With you being untrained. You risk much damage to the ship, before we arrive at our destination.”

Padme responded, “Thy has no intention to damage this ship.”

Yoda pointed out, “But accidents do not need intentions.”

Padme said, “Still. Thy wishes to return back to my mortal form...” Padme realized what she said. She asked, “Is thy immortal in this form?”

Yoda explained, “Given the ages of some of us. Perhaps, along with vast vitality, you are longer lived in this form. But, as to being immortal. I leave that debate to the philosophers.”

Padme responded, “I agree. Though, thou still needs to learn how to return to her original form. Thou has duties that would be more difficult to undertake in this form.”

Anakin turned to Padme. He commented, “I do not see how your new look and abilities could make things more difficult.”

Padme looked at Anakin. She said, “Negotiation and diplomacy require more than use of force. Especially between senators.”

Anakin joked, “I'm not so sure. Some of them could use some aggressive negotiations. And you clearly know how to do that with your new weapon.”

Padme was the only one to lightly laugh at Anakin's joke. She then said, “In some situations. Thy admits to thinking that.” Padme continued, in a more serious tone of voice, “But, only thinking about that.” She turned to Yoda, as she requested, “Does thou have any suggestions on how thee can return to thy mortal form?”

Yoda stated, “With your mind. Humbly ask the hammer, with desire and intent to do so, that you may receive your request.”

Padme closed her eyes. She made herself feel a desire and intent to return to the way she was, as she thought, 'Please, return me to normal.'

Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and she felt the power she had since she first lifted the hammer leave her body.

When Padme opened her eyes, she saw that she was back to normal. Her long brown hair was back being several small brains made into being a bun on the back of her head. And even in her white shoes, and white clothing, with the rips along the back, were the way they had been before the hammer had changed her body.

Anakin asked, “Padme? Are you okay?”

Padme said, in her normal voice, “I feel fine...” She realized she spoke as she usually did. She continued, “I am back to normal.”

Anakin then noticed something about Padme's back. He stated, “And the cuts on your back are healed.” He then turned to look back towards Padme's face.

Padme used her left hand to reach around her back. She felt that there was no stings sensation from her back. She let her left hand drop to her side. She looked at Anakin. She said, “You are right, Anakin.”

Yoda commented, “One of the gifts of the hammer seems to heal the body. Or, at least heal physical wounds.”

Padme turned to Yoda. She said, “That is nice.”

Mace asked, “Can you change back?”

Yoda turned to Mace, as he quickly spoke up, “That question is for later. But, the answer is obvious.” He turned to Padme, as he continued, “The hammer has chosen its wielder. Now, we must worry about the wielder. Power such as this attracts the dangerous, the cunning, and the bold. Both to covet this power, and to be challenged by those that wield this power.”

Padme looked down at the hammer in her right hand. She then looked at Yoda. She asked, “People will look for me just to fight me?”

Yoda answered, “Yes. To prove themselves. Whether you use this power, or not. For your safety, secrecy and discretion of this matter must be kept at the highest of levels.”

Obiwan pointed out, “This could be a problem. From what Dooku said, he clearly he knows. Also, I believe Jango saw Padme gain the power of the hammer. This not counting the inhabitants of Geonosis. And the clones troopers.”

Mace said, “Dooku and Jango have their own agendas. And they do not easily share information with others. Most of those in the arena flew away before, or during the battle. And those few Geonosians whom know the truth are likely in hiding. With all communication being blocked from Geonosis to the rest of the galaxy. And with the planet under our control. They will not be a problem. That leaves only the clones and us.”

Yoda looked around the group, as he stated, “Order the clones to stay silent. We will. The rest of the situation can be mitigated.”

Obiwan said, “Still, it is likely that Chancellor Palpatine has probably already been given a report about this.”

Yoda responded, “Matters cannot be helped. Discuss this personally with the Chancellor. But, knowledge of the truth is still limited to a few.” He turned to look at Padme, as he continued, “Though, we still need to see how much the hammer has changed the senator.”

Padme asked, “What do you mean? I am back to normal.”

Yoda pointed out, “As Mace pointed out the obvious. Spoke differently while under the influence of the hammer. Still under the influence you might be. And while the hammer may not be dark, its influence may still be.”

Padme inquired, “You want to sense my thoughts? Look into my mind?”

Yoda said, “With your consent. There is no pain, nor discomfort if done by the skilled. Still, it is a matter that needs to be addressed.”

Obiwan said, “We won't make you do this Padme. But, this is a concern.”

Mace stated, “The Jedi have a long history dealing with situations like this. Power such as this can alter the mind in ways that those effected would not be aware of.”

Anakin stated, “Don't worry. I am sure Yoda knows what he is doing.” He thought, 'I need to keep calm. If I object, I might accidentally reveal what I am sure Padme would want to keep secret. Our relationship. Still, if she is a half as clever as I believe. I doubt the others will learn the truth.'

Padme thought, 'I knew from Anakin that Jedi can sense emotions from others. But, I did not realize they could read thoughts as well. This could cause problems for a number of reasons.'

Padme pointed out, “The problem is, I am a Senator. There are matters of the state. Secrets I cannot divulge.” She thought, 'Among other things. But, if I don't think about those things, the less likely someone will read them.'

Yoda said, “Understand matters of secrecy. Only sense emotional state.”

Padme said, “Alright. But, Yoda only.” She thought, 'It is better that only one person do this. And he is likely the most qualified... Now, I just hope I don't accidentally get Anakin and myself in trouble.'

Yoda said, “Set down the hammer. Clear you mind. And relax.”

Padme did so. She set down the hammer on its head, by her feet. She then cleared her mind. Soon she felt something or someone mentally push against her mind.

Yoda stated, “Not to worry. This is I. This will be done in a few seconds.”

Padme then suddenly felt the presence in her mind leave.

Yoda stated, “You care deeply for the innocent.” He turned to look at Anakin, as he continued, “And those close to you.” He looked back at Padme, as he went on to say, “But, nothing beyond one would expect of your age and status.”

Anakin asked, “So, she is fine?”

Yoda stated, “Yes. It seems the influence only happens when using the power of the hammer.”

Anakin thought, 'Good. Then, we are in the clear.'

Mace said, “Good. We do not need to worry about this.”

Padme thought, 'That was close. I need to get out of here before I get Anakin and myself into trouble. And I really could use some rest.' She picked up her hammer with her right hand. She stated, “It has been a long day. I believe I need to retire to which ever quarters you decide to assign for me.”

Anakin stated, “I know the design of this ship. And I where the diplomatic quarters are. I will take you to one of the quarters there.”

Padme replied, “Good.”

Yoda looked at Anakin. He said, “Padawan Skywalker. Your Republic Jedi access code should open the doors of any unused quarters in the diplomatic area of this ship. If your code does not. Please, inform me.”

Anakin turned to Yoda. He stated, “I will.”

Yoda turned to Padme. He cautioned, “Senator Amidala. Place hammer in a safe place. But, be wary in summoning the hammer while in the ship. Such power will likely create holes in the ship, as it comes to you. And none of us can breath vacuum.”

Padme said, “If I need the hammer. I will retrieve it on my own. I will not summon it to me.”

Yoda commented, “This would be a good idea.”

Anakin turned to the droids, “R2. C3-PO. Come on.” He turned to Padme, as he playfully said, “This way, my lady.”

Padme let out a small giggle.

Anakin then turned and headed for the door to the hallway. Padme followed with her hammer in her right hand. The two droids were right behind them.

When Anakin reached the door, he hit a button on the panel by the door, to open the door.

The door slid open. Anakin walk through the doorway, then Padme, then R2 rolled into the hallway, and C3-PO was last.

A few seconds later, the door slid closed.

The three Jedi masters then turned to look at each other.

Mace asked, “Is it wise to continue to allow those two to stay near each other? Only the blind would fail to notice that they both have some affection for each other.”

Obiwan pointed out, “Anakin was assigned to protect Senator Amidala until his mission to protect the Senator was over. And that mission will continue at least until they return to Coruscant.”

Yoda stated, “The padawan's mission will be over when we reach Coruscant. And when we return to the Jedi Temple we will have a meeting with the Council concerning the Senator and the hammer. After which, we will bring Senator Amidala with us when we meet with the Chancellor.”

Obiwan said, “That is if he will meet with us about this matter. He may just want to privately meet with Padme. And either way, should the Chancellor invite Padme to discuss this matter, she will not be able to decline the invitation.”

Yoda commented, “True. Though, chances are the Chancellor will not wish to meet with the Senator alone. Old friends they once were. Teacher and student of politics. Now, after the developments on Coruscant and the galaxy, concerning the Chancellor's new role in leading this war. And Senator Amidala's desire for peace. They will be destined to be political rivals. The Chancellor would likely not feel comfortable with such power present without the Jedi to counter it.”

Obiwan stated, “That is likely. Though, I doubt Padme will do something foolish.”

Yoda agreed, “No. She will not. She is too much of a politician to challenge the Chancellor in such a direct manner.”

Obiwan suggested, “We might want to bring Anakin along, as well.”

Yoda replied, “Yes. He is a friend to all parties. He will help keep things peaceful.”

Mace commented, “This should be some meeting. I think I will come along.”

Yoda stated, “Yes. But, limit the meeting to us three, Senator Amidala, and Padawan Skywalker.”

Mace said, “Then it is decided. Now, there is the matter of training Senator Amidala. She needs training. Whether she likes it or not. She is going to use the hammer. I want to make sure she understands and knows how to use such power, so no one is accidentally hurt, or killed.”

Yoda replied, “I agree.”

Obiwan pointed out, “The question is how? With the amount of power she wields, it would be unwise to force her to be trained.”

Yoda said, “It is best to let her make the choice for herself.”

Mace inquired, “And if she declines?”

Yoda responded, “In the fullness of time, she will accept training. And as long as we remain peaceful towards her, she will come to us for this training. All we have to do is wait and be there for when she is ready and willing to be guided.”

Mace said, “I do not like it. But, I do not have a better idea.”

Obiwan stated, “Well, I don't have a better idea, either. So, it will have to do.”

Mace turned to Yoda. Mace stated, “Speaking declining role. I will be stepping down as Master of the Order.”

Obiwan and Yoda look at Mace, with mild surprise, before they reigned in their emotions to both display a mask of calmness.

Obiwan thought, 'To become a Master of the Order requires a unanimous vote by the Jedi High Council. But, I can see Mace's reasoning.'

Mace continued, This is only the start of the war. This army will need skilled commanders to lead it. I feel I may be better suits at the front instead of in the council chair. Though, I still intent to retain my seat on the council. If it is not a problem.”

Yoda said, “Problem that will not be. I will not argue. Understand your reasons. Until another is from, I guess I will be the one to lead the Order.”

Mace commented, “I was hoping you would say that.”

Yoda turned to Obiwan. Yoda requested, “Though, hoping for your discretion on this matter. Master Kenobi.”

Obiwan turned to Yoda. Obiwan stated, “Of course. Now please tell me, what have I missed while I was away from Coruscant?”

Mace responded, “Much. Let me start by telling you what the dear Senator's foolish proxy did while she was away.”

Obiwan comment, with concern in his tone of voice, “I got a feeling I am not going to like this.”

Yoda stated, “No. You certainly will not.”

Mace and Yoda then informed what had happened on Coruscant during Obiwan's absence. And as the two Jedi masters talked, Obiwan's mood grew grimmer and grimmer.


Meanwhile, Anakin lead Padme down the hallway of the ship to the section where the diplomatic quarters were located, which were on the same level as the meeting room they had just left.

As they walked, Anakin's was to Padme's left side. Padme held the hammer by its shaft, in her right hand, which she kept to her right side.

The two droids stayed about two meters behind them, as they followed Anakin and Padme. With R2-D2 being Padme, and C3-PO was behind Anakin.

There were no clone troopers, nor officers in the hallway.

As they continued walking, Anakin commented, “So, what you are your plans for tonight?”

Padme stated, in a slightly tired tone of voice, “Find a bed and get some sleep. As much as I would like to get a shower. I am too tired for even that.”

Anakin said, “I am not surprised that you would be tired after all that happened to day. I am a little tired myself.”

Padme admitted, “Actually, I am not that physically tired. Just emotionally tired.”

Anakin replied, “I can sympathize.”

R2-D2 beeped and whistled a comment. Anakin understood R2 was inquiring if Padme was going to be alright.

But, before Anakin, or C3-PO could translate R2-D2's question, Padme answered, “Yes R2. I will be fine.”

Anakin asked, “You understand droid?”

Padme said, “A little. Given everything else. I didn't want to also mention that, while empowered by the hammer, I was able to understand any language that I overheard.” She thought, 'And with my apparently enhanced hearing, that was a lot. At least I do not hear all that right now. If I did, I might not be able to sleep.' She continued, “While right now. While I am back to normal, I can understand a little of what R2 says.”

Anakin commented, “That is interesting. So, while you are normal, the hammer can still give you these abilities. Even in a limited fashion.”

Padme explained, “Actually, I have been slowly learning droid languages. It is likely that the hammer just allowed me to jump ahead a bit in my abilities with the languages I already knew. By allowing me to make the language connections while I was using the hammer, the experience and memories of which I retain, even when not using the hammer.”

Anakin said, “I guess that makes sense. So, the hammer makes you speak strangely, but the weapon also lets you understand everyone around you. There is a certain sort of irony to that.”

Padme replied, “I agree.”

C3-PO whined, “I hope I soon won't be out of a job.”

Anakin did not turn back to look at his creation, as he answered, “Don't worry, C3-PO. We will keep you around.”

Padme giggled a little at Anakin's comment.

When they reached an intersection in the hallway, Anakin stated, “Turn to the right.”

As they continued walking, Anakin, Padme, and then droids turned right at the hallway intersection.

Padme commented, “Yoda did bring up a good point.” She looked down at her hammer, then back to her front. She continued, “I am untrained. I am going to need to eventually train in the use of these abilities.”

Anakin stated, “While you do not use the force. I am sure the Jedi Order would be more than happy to teach you. I would be more than happy to help teach you.”

Padme pointed out, “But, that is the issue. This is not the force.”

Anakin responded, “True. But, the Jedi Order is the most logical choice in the matter. And some basic abilities the Jedi teach do overlap with your abilities. Such as energy projection and moving that hammer. And while your physical enhancements are far more than a Jedi, the Jedi are taught to use the force to enhance their physical abilities. I believe you can still learn a lot from us.”

Padme said, “I agree. Though, I am not sure when. I am a Senator. And that can be a full time job in of itself.”

Anakin pointed out, “So can being a Jedi.”

Padme commented, “We are going to have to do better with our scheduling abilities.”

Anakin replied, “Agreed.”

Padme flirted, “Still, I would enjoy for you to be one of my teachers.”

Anakin flirted back, “And I would love to have you as a student.”

Padme offered, “You could spend some time in my quarters. I am tired. But, not that tired.”

Anakin said, in a sober tone of voice, “We cannot spend the night in the same quarters. Obiwan might not know what is going on. But, I believe Mace is started to suspect. And Yoda will find out.”

Padme pointed out, “Yoda didn't say anything after he read my mind. Or, at least my emotional state.”

Anakin inquired, “You know how Jedi have a reputation of never giving a straight answer?”

Padme said, “Yes. Half the complaints I hear by senators about the Jedi concern that problem.”

Anakin commented, “Well, it is no secret in the order that Master Yoda either wrote the book on that. Or, he amended the book on that. He is so old, we are not sure which it is.”

Padme let out a laugh at Anakin's comment.

Padme asked, “Do you think he knows?”

Anakin stated, “If he knows, he has given us an out. And we need to take it. We need to be more careful. We will just have to wait and continue this when we reach Coruscant.”

Padme replied, “Agreed.” She then took on a sad look to her face, as she asked, in a sober tone of voice, “How are you dealing with your mother's death?”

Anakin sadly said, “I am still finding it hard to cope with.”

Padme replied, “I understand.”

Anakin admitted, “I am also thinking about what I did to those sand people. I do not regret it. Still, I feel conflicted about it. It was not something a Jedi would do.”

Padme stated, “I will not condone what you did. But, I can understand why you did it. And if you need to talk about it more, let me know. I am willing to listen.”

Anakin said, “I konw. And thank you. Though, not tonight. I feel that if something else had happened to me, I may have asked you to married me.”

Padme quietly said, “I may have said, yes.” She looked at the hammer in her right hand. She looked forward, as she said, in a slightly more serious tone of voice, “But, I have more immediate concerns to deal with.”

Anakin responded, “I understand. You have been given a great burden to deal with. I should know. Chosen one, and all that.”

Padme questioned, “Yoda said it was a gift?” She said, in a quieter tone of voice, “Though, now that I think about it, I am not sure, anymore.”

Anakin stated, “It is both. Someday you will come to understand that.”

Padme replied, “I hope so.”

Anakin asked, “So, what are your plans now? After we reach Coruscant do you plan to head back to Naboo?”

Padme answered, “I was planning too. But, with this hammer I am far safer than I have ever been. So, there is no reason for me to return to my homeworld so soon.” She turned to Anakin, as they continued walking. She said, “You do not even need to protect me.” She then looked ahead, as she went onto say, “I believe it would be best if I returned to Coruscant, and resumed my role in the Senate. I need to see what Jar Jar has done in my absence. And I need to talk to my allies in the Loyalist Committee to see what we can do to stop this war from getting any worse.”

Anakin commented, “Good luck. But, at least I doubt Jar Jar has done anything too foolish.”

Padme replied, “I hope not.”

By then, they made the hallway where the diplomatic quarters were located.

Anakin soon came to a stopped by a doorway. In response, Padme and the droids stopped a second later.

Anakin was not standing between Padme and the droids.

Padme turned around to face Anakin.

Anakin turned to a nearby door, to their right. He stated, “ When you are not with me, or the other Jedi. Or, doing something like going to the mess hall to eat. This is where you will be staying. This is a military ship. You do not want to be caught wondering down a restricted hallway.”

Padme said, “Thank you. And I will keep that in mind.”

Anakin walked across the front of Padme, and he punched in a code on the panel by the door, to open for Padme. The door then slid open.

Anakin backed away from the door, as he turned to face Padme. He stated, “You can set a personal code for the door on the interior panel.”

Padme said, “I will. And thank you, Anakin. For everything.”

Anakin responded, “No. Thank you. I don't know what Obiwan and I would have done if you were not there to help us against Dooku. I did not realize how powerful he was.”

Padme said, “At least we all got out of that battle in one peace.”

Anakin replied, “Agreed.”

Padme said, “Good night, Anakin.”

Anakin stated, “Good night, Padme.”

Padme walked into the diplomatic quarters of the ship. Which was not much more than a dimly lit bedroom. The only lighting was from wall lighting designed to give just enough light to see with in the room. Though, Padme could turn on the main lights in the room using a panel by the wall.

The bedroom had a small a bed, a small table and chair, an office area with a desk and chair, and a chest of drawers. There other door in the room lead to the washroom, which had a toilet, sink, and shower.

Padme overheard Anakin say, “Come on R2 and C3-PO. It is this way to my quarters.”

A second later, the door to Padme quarters then slid closed behind her.

Padme walked over to the small, circular table. She set the hammer down on top of its head in the middle of the table.

Padme took a few steps back from the hammer. As she came to a stop, she looked at the dark silhouette the hammer made in the dimly lit room.

Padme continued to look at the hammer, as she asked, “Now, what I going to do with you?... I will figure out what to do in the morning.”

Padme turned and saw the nearby bed to her left and the doorway to her right. With the headboard of the bed set on the same wall as the door to the hallway. She walked over to the bed, removed her white boots. And laid down on the bed. She did not even both to remove her clothing, undo her hair, nor turn down the covers. She just laid on her stomach. As her head on the pillow and quickly went to sleep.


The next morning. Well, morning for Padme's internal clock. Padme woke up.

For a few seconds, as Padme begin to wake up, she thought the last day had all be a dream. Then, she realized where she was. She turned around on her back and sat up.

Padme quickly found the panel to the right of the bed, which control the lighting in the room. She turned on the ceiling lights.

Padme looked around her surrounding and saw the hammer standing on the small table in the room.

She looked at the hammer, but she did not do anything, as she allowed herself to slowly wake up.

A few minutes later, once she fully awake, she used the intercom system on the wall to order some clothing for herself. Her current clothing was ripped, dirty, and it smell a little.

As senator of the Galactic Republic, she knew that it was protocol for her to be allowed to do this. Though, she would likely be given simple clothing.

After talking to the officer on the other end of the line. With her politely telling the officer what she needed, and her basic measurements. The officer stated they would have someone bring her some clothing in a few minutes.

As Padme waited, she put in her personal pass code into the panel on the interior side of the door leading to the hallway. Padme did this so, she could freely come and go from the quarters, as she wished.

Padme also found that the last day had been so stressful that she currently had no appetite. But, she was sure that she would feel like having something to eat before lunch rolled around. And she know that asking where the mess hall was would be no problem.

Around five minutes after requesting the clothing, there was a knock at the door. Padme opened the door to see a clone trooper holding a stack of clothing. The trooper was in his white armor. The trooper swiftly handed Padme her clothing.

After Padme took the clothing, the clone trooper turned and walked away.

Padme brought the clothing into her room, with the door to the hallway soon sliding closed. She set the clothing on the bed and she look at it.

It was a simple set of black pants, shirt, and undergarments. As she had requested and expected. She knew that such clothing was kept on various sizes, on all Republic ships, for emergencies. Including, aiding rescued travelers that had been stranded in space.

Instead of taking off her clothing and putting on the new clothing, Padme headed for the washroom. As she headed for the door to the washroom, she began to undo the braided bun she had her hair in.

Half an hour later, after taking a shower, and getting cleaned up, Padme had dressed in her new clothing. With the only thing that she had on from yesterday was her white boots, because she doubted the army could provide her with a comfortable set of shoes.

She then folded old clothing into a stack, and put it on top of the chest of drawers.

Padme left her long brown hair to hang loose down her back.

With all this done, Padme could turn her attention back what she had been thinking about all morning. The hammer.

Padme walked over to the hammer on the small table.

She looked at it for a few seconds. She then thought, 'I wonder.'

She used her right hand to grip the weapon by the middle of the shift. She saw that nothing happened.

As she then reversed her grip, so as she lifted the weapon, she held it with the head of the weapon facing up.

She found the weapon was as light as ever.

While Padme looked at the weapon in her hand, she thought, 'Good. That means I can carry it without worry of accidentally changing to that other form. Though, I admit. I kind of liked that form. I was really powerful, and I felt so alive. But, I did talk funny. I doubt I will get jealous of that other form, because I realize it is still me on the inside. But, I need to see if I change back and forth. Or, if yesterday was a once off. Yoda seemed to imply that I could. But, I need to make sure before I head to Coruscant.'

Padme thought of changing into that stronger form she was yesterday. Then, as she also included desire in her thoughts.

Padme saw a flash of light, as electricity enveloped her body for a second. As before, she felt the same power enter her body, as she changed into her stronger form. The clothing on her body had been replaced with the armor and helmet she wore from yesterday.

Though, there was no thunder, nor lightning this time.

Padme thought, 'Well, at least I can change more quietly. Now to change back.'

Padme then thought, with desire, changing back to her normal form. She then saw a flash of light, as she felt the power leave her. She instantly changed back into her normal form, and her clothing returned to what she had been wearing.

Padme thought, 'This answers those questions.' She then place the hammer back on the small table, on the top of its head.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, as she heard Anakin's voice on the other side asked, “Padme? Are you alright?”

Padme thought, 'I should not be surprised that the Jedi would sense my change. Now, to calm down Anakin, before he breaks down the door.'

She walked over to the door, and use the panel to open it.

As soon as the door slid open, she saw Anakin's worried expression looking back at her face.

Padme calmly said, “I am alright, Anakin.”

Padme saw Anakin quickly calm down. Anakin said, “I sensed you change. Like yesterday in the arena. I want to make sure you are okay.”

Padme calmly said, again, “I am alright, Anakin. I just needed to test to see if I could change back and forth at will. And I can.”

Anakin replied, “Oh. Okay. I see what you mean.”

Padme then realized something, as she thought, 'I need to know.' She asked, “How noticeable was my change in the force?”

Anakin answered, “It was not a big tremor. Nothing compared to yesterday. Probably only the Jedi on the ship sensed you change.”

Padme thought, 'I wonder.' She inquired, “Did you also sense me change back to normal?”

Anakin stated, “No. Just when you first changed into your stronger form.”

Padme thought, 'That means when I change into my stronger form, those that are force sensitive, whom are nearby, such as in the building, or surrounding area, will sense my change. But, they do not sense when I change back to normal. I will have to keep that in mind. And this knowledge is useful if I want to change back and forth, while unnoticed. Though, there is one more issue on this matter.'

Padme inquired, “For secrecy reasons. I have to ask. Can you sense my power in the force? Even when I am in my normal form?”

Anakin said, “No. All I can sense is you. In that other form, you do feel a little different in the force. But, of both your forms, you only radiate in the force like anyone else. The only time that is not the case is when you use that lighting attack.”

Padme mentally reflect, 'That is nice to know. I won't have to worry about people tracking me with the force. They can only sense me stand out from a crowd when I use my powers.'

Padme replied, “Thank you, Anakin.” Then, a thought occurred to Padme. She asked, “How is Obiwan doing this morning? How are his wounds?”

Anakin answered, “He said is okay. He is going to be fine.”

Padme replied, “Good.”

Anakin suggested, “Also, the others and I got to talking this morning, at breakfast. When you feel up to it, you might want to think about getting a full medical check up, in both your forms.”

Padme said, “That is good idea. I will check on that later this morning.”

Anakin responded, “Good. Let me know if you want to talk.”

Padme smiled at Anakin, as she stated, “No problem. I will.”

Anakin turned and walked down the hallway.

Padme turned and heading back into her bedroom, with the door sliding closed behind her.

Padme then walked over to her bed. She sat on her bed, as she thought about what she was going to do next.

A few minutes later, she for found that she had finally development an appetite. She used the intercom system to find out where the mess hall was, and she left her quarters to get some breakfast.


Later that morning, after Padme had some breakfast in the mess hall, she had come back to her quarters.

While the breakfast was not great, it was okay.

She used the rooms intercom system to contacted the medical droids in the medical wing and she found that she could come by and get a check up, any time. And she decided the sooner the better. The droids then gave her directions to the medical wing.

Padme then headed to get a medical ward, with her hammer. Given she wanted both her forms checked. She needed to bring the hammer with her. She decided to carry the hammer, by its shaft, with her left hand. To do something different.

When she reached the medical wing, she found she was only only person in the area, except for the droids which were present.

Padme was soon met by one of the medical droids. The droid escorted her to a private room.

After Padme followed the droid into the private room, the door to the room slid closed. Padme set the hammer on the floor, on top of its head.

Next, the medical droid instructed Padme to lay down on the patient bed. There was medical examining equipment set above the table. Though, the equipment was height enough for Padme not to hit her head on the equipment as she sat down on the bed. So, the droid could use the equipment in the above the bed to scan Padme's normal form.

When Padme was done with those scans. She stood up and used the hammer to change into her more powerful form, with her clothing changing into her armor, and helmet, as well.

Unfortunately, she had found that the scans could not penetrate her armor. So, she had to disrobe to be scanned. Fortunately, she found that her armor and clothing in that form came off quite easily.

After those scans were finished. She stood up and put back on her clothing and helmet.

When she was fully clothed, she picked up the hammer by its shaft and used the weapon to change back into her normal form, with the clothing she had one changing back to what she had earlier that morning.

Presently, Padme continued to stand. She held onto her hammer with her right hand, in a nonthreatening manner, as she was waiting for her medical results.

The medical droid turned to Padme, as it stated, “Senator Amidala. Your test results are complete.”

Suddenly, the door to the room slid open.

Padme turned to see Yoda walked in, with him using his cane in his right hand.

Padme thought, 'I am sure even if the door was locked, he could still get in if he wanted to. Though, he was polite enough to wait until I was finished. Also, given this morning with Anakin. They all likely realize I was in the medical area when I changed to my stronger. I am surprised they did not show up sooner. Though, after seeing his fight with Dooku, I wonder how necessary is it for Yoda to use his cane? And how much is just for show?'

Padme and the medical droid remained silent, as they waited for Yoda to come to a stop.
Yoda soon came to a stop, right pass the doorway. With the door sliding closed behind him.

Yoda looked up at Padme, as Padme looked down at Yoda's much shorter stature.

Padme commented, “I was wondering which one of you Jedi would show up.”

Yoda said, “It was decided that among those Jedi present, I am best suited to discuss such delicate matters with you.”

Padme thought, 'Now, to state my boundaries.' She said, 'I like my privacy on such matters. Still, I wonder what took you so long to show up.”

Yoda commented, “We only worry about possible problems. We respect your privacy for the rest. This is why I waited outside until tests were finished.”

Padme replied, “Thank you.” She turned to the medical droid, as she inquired, “Speaking of which. What are the results?”

The medical droid looked at Padme, as it answered, “Except for the strange ability for you to change shape. Everything else is normal. You are healthy in both forms. Though, what is the primary cause of your shape changing ability?”

Padme held up the hammer in her right hand, as she replied, “This hammer.” She then lowered her right hand back to her side.

The droid inquired, “So this is not hereditary?”

Padme stated, “No. Both my parents are human.”

The droid asked, “And which form is your natural form?”

Padme said, “This one. My smaller form.”

The medical droid commented, “Given the advantages which your larger form has. This is not surprising. And while we do not know the mechanics of how this is done. Given what I saw. We will take your word on the matter. That and I do not feel like being caught in a logic loop.”

Padme responded, “I understand. I try not to think about how the hammer does this, either. So is the change harmful to my body.”

The droid answered, “No. The change does not harm you. While mass and tissues change, there is no sign of cell damage, tissue damage, nor neurological damage between forms.”

Padme replied, “Good.”

The medical droid said, “Though, you have far less body fat and far more muscles mass in your larger form.”

Padme stated, “That is obvious.”

The medical droid mentioned, “Also, along with your height and mass changes, you are forty percent heavier in your larger form, when compared to your smaller form.”

Padme commented, more in a curious tone of voice, than annoyance, “Forty percent? I thought the weight difference was be a little less.”

Yoda commented, “Muscle weighs more than fat.”

Padme replied, “Oh.”

The medical droid went onto say, “Factoring in differences between height and mass. Except for increase in muscle mass and decrease of fat tissue. And hair color. There are no anatomically differences between forms. Except for muscle and fat ratios and amounts. Tissues, organs, bone structure, and basic musculature, are the same for both forms.”

Padme asked, “So, I am just more physically fit in my other form?”

The medical droid offered, “Yes. You are in better physical health in your other form. Do you wish for blood samples to be taken in both forms?”

Padme firmly answered, “No.” Padme looked over at Yoda. She then turned back to the droid. She continued, “I do not want to risk someone foolishly thinking they might be able to create a clone of myself with my new abilities. While I doubt that a clone would have such power. Given it comes from the hammer. The attempt would only lead to suffering for any of my clones.”

Yoda responded, “Agreed I am on this matter. Request that blood samples only be done through trusted personnel.”

Padme replied, “I agree.”

Yoda turned to the medical droid, as he order, “In addition. By order of Jedi Master Yoda of the Jedi High Council. Seal records of Senator Padme Amidala. Also, known as Padme Naberrie of Theed, Naboo. To only be unsealed by order of herself, or a member of the Jedi High Council.”

The medical droid looked down at Yoda, as it stated, “That will be done.”

Yoda looked over at Padme, as he stated, “Except for yourself, us of the Jedi, and likely the Chancellor. No one will have a recording of these medical records.”

Padme gave Yoda a weak smile, as she said, “Thank you. Also, as tempting as it is to try to practice with my new powers on the ship. I believe it would be far wiser and safer to wait until we arrive on Coruscant.”

Yoda gave Padme a small smile, as he complimented, “Your wisdom belies your young age, Senator Amidala.”

Padme replied, “Thank you.”

Yoda asked, “So, not going to Naboo, are you?”

Padme guessed, “I see you have spoken with Anakin?” She thought, 'I don't blame him. Given everything that has happened. Anakin would want to keep me safe. And he might have spoken to Yoda. To allow an old individual to explain the dangers to me of staying on Coruscant. Which is very mature of him.”

Yoda commented, “He has concerns which were warranted.”

Padme said, “While I realize I am still somewhat in danger. I will be heading back to Coruscant. With the hammer, I am now more safer than before.”

Yoda pointed out, “From a certain point of view.”

Padme remembered Yoda's warning from the previous night. She said, “Be that as it may. I no longer need Jedi protection. And I do not need to go into hiding. I can now take care of myself and resume my duties the Senator of Naboo for the Galactic Republic. That being said. I still need training with my new abilities.”

Yoda stated, “Fully understand. I do. And glad you see the value in learning how to better control your new abilities.”

Padme thought, 'I wonder. Yoda is the best person to ask on this matter.' Padme inquired, “Given some of the actions I have read about Jedi in the past. I am mildly surprised, and pleased, that you have not tried to take the hammer away from me.”

Yoda firmly said, “Proved yourself, on Geonosis, you did. The shroud of the dark side is covering everything. I can sense it. We need all the warriors of light that are willing to fight. That is if you are willing?”

Padme pointed out, “I will think about it. Though, I am a peacemaker. Not a soldier.”

Yoda responded, “Not yet. But, situations can force us into roles we do not wish to be in.”

Padme thought back on her life since the original invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation. Padme said, “This I understand all too well.”

Yoda replied, “Of that I am sure.”

Padme thought, 'I need to get going.' She said, “Thank you again, Master Yoda. Though, I need to check in with the Senate to see what I have missed. I will talk to you, later.”

Yoda complimented, “Please do. Emotionally mature company is a rarity.” He then slightly frowned, as he continued, in a mildly disheartened tone of voice, “Though, much has happened since you left Coruscant. You will find out, soon enough. Much sympathy I have for you. No one saw this coming. And the council does not hold you responsible for such matters, concerning the decisions of others.”

Padme was not sure what to say. But, she felt intense worry. As her curiosity to learn what happened to the Senate while she had been gone had turned to dread.

Without her saying a word, Padme immediately walked passed Yoda. She opened the door the room, and left. As she headed for the diplomatic section of the ship, and to her assigned quarters.

Meanwhile, Yoda silently watched Padme walk away. He realized that it was best for her to find out on own. In her own way.


Over the course of the next few minutes later, Padme raced back to her assigned quarters in a brisk walking pace. As soon as she reached the door to her quarters, she used a code to open the door. As soon as the door fully opened, she rushed inside.

As the door slid closed, Padme placed her hammer on the floor. She then rushed to the nearby desk in the room.

Padme sat in her chair, at the desk in the room. The desk had a build in computer which was connected to the rest of the ship. Padme quickly used a keyboard and monitor screen embedded in the surface of the desk to connect with the data networks on Coruscant, and her personal files.

The keyboard was set below the monitor screen. The bottom part of the keyboard was a touchpad.

While Padme did this, she thought, 'I was going to check on things dealing with the Senate in a few hours. But, after what Yoda said. I have a bad feeling this matter cannot wait, and that I am not going to like what I find.'

A few seconds later, she on the monitor that she had reached the Galactic Senate datanets. She used the keyboard to type in her account name and password.

Once Padme logged on, she began to check on things dealing with the Senate.

Padme used the computer keys and touchpad on the desk to scroll through the files. As she did so, she thought, 'I think I will start with what Jar Jar has been up to in my absence.'

Padme then pulled up the top of the webpage on what Jar Jar had been up to as her proxy in the Galactic Senate.

Padme began reading and her eyes slowly became wider.

After Padme finished reading the page she was currently on, she stood up. As she continued reading, she placed the flat of her hands on the desk, while looking at the screen.

At that moment, if someone had been standing outside the quarters that Padme had been assigned too, they would have clearly heard through the walls, from within the quarters, as Padme yelled, more in surprise, than in fury, “Jar Jar?! You did what?!”


A few days later, Dooku's small starship made it to orbit around the planet Coruscant. The capital of the Galactic Republic.

Dooku used codes that had been given to him Sidious to gain clearance to come planetside.

It was morning, just after sun rise in the part of the planet of Coruscant that Dooku was heading too.

As Dooku ship entered the atmosphere, it headed for a location known simply as, The Works. This was an industrial area of Coruscant which was near the Senate District. With the Senate District being the heart of the government for the Galactic Republic.

Dooku had already instructed his droid pilot on where they were heading, which was the LiMerge Building. A tall high rise building that stuck out among the more ruined refineries and factories of that area of The Works, in the Dacho District.

The Dacho District nicknamed the Dead Sector. Though, there were parts of the Dacho district which were populated. And while much of the Dacho District was run down, there were still working refineries and factories within the district.

While the exterior parts of the LiMerge Building were partially ruins, the interior structure was still sound and stable.

As Dooku's starship approached LiMerge Building, Dooku sent a coded signal to the building that made the hidden door in the face of the building open.

The small starship was able to slide into the building and land on the floor right inside of the enterior way.

The starship came to a stop, with the ship hovering in place.

As the droid pilot undid the landing gear and began to lower down to the ground, Dooku got out of his seat and started walking to the back of the ship.

By the time the ship touched the floor, Dooku was in back and he had opened the door and extended the ramp.

The secret door to the building was left open, allowing the morning sunlight to filter into the room.

As Dooku walked down the ramp he saw in front of him, a man approaching him from his left. The man wear a black hood and robe, with only the bottom part of his face and chin being exposed.

By the time Dooku had made it to the floor of the room, the man in the black robe came to a stop in for him.

Dooku came to a stop less than a meter in front of the other man. With the man taking a few steps close to Dooku.

Dooku slightly bowed his head and shoulders to the other man. As Dooku leaned up, he said, “Master Sidious.”

Sidious responded, “Welcome home, Lord Tyranus. You have done well.”

Dooku turned his left left, as Sidious turned to his right. Both of them began walking side by side, with Sidious being to Dooku's right side.

As they continued to walk, Dooku asked, “Did you feel that the power that young Amidala has gained?”

Sidious stated, “Yes. I have been appraised of the situation. The event created a massive tremor in the force. A type of power I have never felt before.”

Dooku informed, “This power is not of the force. I can sense that much, as well.”

Sidious commented, “Even so, it is still power. And this does add an interesting wrinkle into our plans.”

Dooku said, “This could complicate matters. It is apparent that the boy is enamored with her. This power she now possesses will only strengthen their relationship.”

Sidious said, “I am aware of this. Though, the boy can wait.”

Dooku commented, “Still, with her, of all people, having gained this much power. She presents a major threat. Even to us.”

Sidious stated, “Perhaps... But, such power can still prove useful to us. Even in the hands of the stubborn, the foolish, and the naive.”

Dooku responded, “Even so. With her new power, she has already become bolder. She will no longer run. She will return to the Senate. Where she will resume being the voice of opposition to the war. A voice whom others will rally behind.”

Sidious commented, “That matter has already been taken care of. She will find no support in the Senate. Perhaps quite the opposite. And in the end she may find she prefers it that way.”

Dooku realized what Sidious was alluding too. Dooku said, “And with her new power, she may change her mind about the war effort.”

Sidious agreed, “Exactly. Power like that demands an outlet for its use. And this war is a perfect opportunity to fulfill such desires.”

Dooku asked, “If that is the case. Do you think she can be turned to our cause?”

Sidious said, “Perhaps. I do not know. It has been reported that the boy, nor anyone else, but her, was able to lift that hammer. It is possible that hammer will only allow those of a specific character to lift it, and use its power.”

Dooku realized, as he said, “If that is the case. Even if we turn her. She will lose her power, and her usefulness to us. And then she will have to die.”

Sidious stated, “This is a possibility. But, that is for later. This development has not changed our plans. Actually, these events might have eased, and even hastened our plans.”

Dooku commented, “That is possible.”

Sidious inquired, “So, were you able to accomplish your primary mission?”

Dooku stated, “Yes. I have the plans.”

Sidious smiled, as he replied, “Good.”

Dooku commented, “Though, the invasion was early. I almost did not make it out in time.”

Sidious pointed out, “This would not have been a problem if Senator Amidala's death was not dragged out and made into a public spectacle.”

Dooku agreed, “True. Nute Gunray was a fool for demanding such idiocy.”

Sidious questioned, “Yet. You went along with him.”

Dooku defended, “To keep him and the others from realizing why I was truly there.”

Sidious commented, “Of course. Sometimes we must humor the fools if we wish to achieve our goals.”

Dooku said, “The down side of politics.”

Sidious stated, “No matter. When Gunray and the other Council Members are no longer of use, they will be dealt with.”

Dooku asked, “Is there any preferable way you wish for them to die?”

Sidious' lips curled into a wicked grin, as he answered, “I was thinking of roasting them alive in lava.”

Dooku smiled, as he said, “I might be willing pay credits to see that.”

Sidious chuckled a little, as he commented, “I am sure you would. I even have the planet picked out. Mustafar. A volcanic world on the Outer Rim.”

Dooku commented, “At least the disposal of their bodies will not be a problem.”

Sidious inquired, “True. So, have you looked at the blueprints?”

Dooku complimented, “Yes. It was a long trip. And I did not have much else to do. It is a marvelous creation. The design allows for it to create a mobile base of operations to be taken to any battlefield we desire. While its weapon's systems offer more direct means to destroy those worlds we do not wish to conquer. It is unfortunate we will have to kill the designers.”

Sidious said, “Yes. Unfortunate. But, it is a large galaxy. And when the time comes, I am sure we can find replacement engineers to go over the plans and implement the construction of this project.”

Dooku questioned, “Of course. So, what moves will we now be taking?”

Sidious responded, “We must make sure this war does not stall. Have you already begun to recruit our agents of chaos and darkness?”

Dooku answered, “Yes. Jango Fett and his son survived and escape the invasion of Geonosis. He will be one of my first agents. During the trip here, I already spoke with him. He is open to accepting contracts with me. Also, he has contacts in the bounty hunters guild. Should I wish to go that route for me agents.”

Sidious happily replied, “Excellent.” He inquired, in a more calmer tone of voice, “And what of his contract with killing the girl?”

Dooku responded, “Jango stated he felt he delivered on his end of the contract. He captured and turned the girl over to his clients. It was not his fault that his clients choose to immediately kill the girl.”

Sidious shrugged, as he commented, “To be fair. That is true. He did deliver the girl to her fate. He has proven useful time and again. And he is more than willing to be of use to us in the near future. So, we will move passed this matter and work on what his next mission will be.”

Dooku stated, “My thoughts exact. And for obvious reasons, he refuses to take any jobs concerning the girl.”

Sidious questioned, “Of course. Only a fool would desire to directly challenge such power without first understanding that power. How was your battle with her?”

Dooku answered, “I did not directly fight her. It seems that she was warned of my abilities. She only offered minor support to Obiwan and the boy, from a distance. Though, I found she was immune to force lightning.”

Sidious commented, “This is not surprising. Given her electrical powers and durability to blaster fire. How did she handled being force choked?”

Dooku responded, “I did not have the opportunity to find out. Once I realized she was immune to my force lightning, I immediately attempted and found I was able to use the force to thrown her back, out of the hangar we were dueling inside of.”

Sidious inquired, “That was perhaps a wise move on your part. At least we know that the force can directly effect her. And while blaster fire may not harm her. I am sure that more intense energy attacks, such as from a lightsaber, will be able to harm her. So we have options, should we face her before we are ready to do so. Now, what other possible recruits do you have in mind?”

Dooku mentioned, “I have been informed that Grievous' transformation has been completed. Though, I wish to hold back on using him in direct combat. He needs training before I send him out in the field. Until then, I will use him for his military leadership and naval expertise.”

Sidious said, in a supportive tone of voice, “Of course. That is a wise approach to take. Now, were else do you plan to look to find competent help?”

Dooku stated, “I learned that in a week's time there will be a tournament on the planet, Rattatak, in the Outer Rim. From the history and reputation of that world, this tournament is worth checking out. I might be able to find recruit one or two agents from the tournament.”

Sidious commented, “I have heard of that world. Many strong warriors have come from that planet. Including a few notable Sith.”

Dooku responded, “I will keep that in mind. There are other sources and contacts I can use. But, these are the leads I am pursuing.”

Sidious complimented, “Good. It sounds like you have a solid foundation to work from. When you are ready we will plan out and use your agents to sow fear and distrust, to prevent this war from stalling.”

Dooku commented, “A death here and there, of certain individuals, will go a long way on insuring this war heats up.”

Sidious stated, “And from there, we can use both sides to cleanse the galaxy of the weak.”

Dooku agreed, “Yes. The coming conflict will separate the strong from the weak. We, the powerful, shall lead the strong and purge the weak from existence. The weak have no place in the future we are creating.”

Sidious cracked a grin, as he said, “Yes. That is the way of the Sith. When do you believe you may be able to turn a few Jedi to our side?”

Dooku stated, “I have an eye on a few Jedi. But, I do not wish to attempt such measures until I have my other agents ready. In case my efforts backfire.”

Sidious responded, “Of course. Such individuals should be a secondary concern. Not a primary concern. Even in the best of circumstances, by itself, we will not turn enough Jedi to effect the outcome of this war. The main reason to do so is to demoralize the Jedi. And there are other ways to demoralize the Jedi. Ways I intend to use. When the time is right.”

Dooku replied, “I look forward to hearing you plans on these matters.”

Sidious said, “All in good time, my student. All in good time.”

The two Lords of the Sith continued their conversation of dark designs, as they made their way through the hallways of the building, to their intended destination.


“Hell is full of good wishes and desires.” Bernard of Clairvaux, date 1150 AD

To be continued.


Author's Notes:

Okay. The answer to the question you are all asking. Why give one of the Mjolnir hammers to Padme? And why that specific Mjolnir hammer?

Before I began writing this first chapter, I had just finished reading the “Thors” miniseries of the Secret Wars 2015, and I began to think. The Ultimate Thor there threw his hammer so hard that it went across realities to the newly restored Marvel 616 reality.

But, as anyone whom studies metaphysics knows all about the probability loophole of the multiverse. That in one reality the Ultimate Thor hammer, Mjolnir went to Marvel 616 reality, but in another possibility, the hammer went to another reality.

Or say, several realities. Countless realities. Where each of the Ultimate Thor's Mjolnir hammers did not go to the Marvel 616 reality, but to other people elsewhere in the multiverse.

Also, it is shown that when versions Mjolnir that were shown to leave its home reality for other realities, still retained its power. That Mjolnir did not need to draw power from Yggdrasil, the great tree, to maintain its own power.

I am not sure why this is. But, this is the case.

Though, one of the more recent origins for Mjolnir, in the Marvel 616 reality, states that the power of Mjolnir came from a sentient cosmic storm, called the Mother Storm. A long time ago, Odin defeated the Mother Storm and transferred the storm into the lump of raw metal uru which would later be used as material to forge the original Mjolnir hammer of that reality.

In addition, in that Thor comics series, it is shown that in modern times, Mjolnir has developed a nice personality with a wicked sense of humor.

Now while thinking about who else could use the hammer, and whom could be considered worthy, I got to thinking about the new female Thor, Jane Foster.

Once it was revealed that Thor was Jane Foster, I admired the character ever since. Then, I realized something. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jane Foster is played by Natalie Portman.

Natalie Portman also played Padme Amidala Naberrie in Star Wars movies. These thoughts caused the gears to begin going in my mind.

As a character, I admired Padme. To be honest, Padme and Qui-Gon Jinn carried Episode One. She was respectable in Episode Two, from the stand point of being a peacemaker. There was strength in Padme's character. She had inner conviction to try to find a peaceful solution in Episode Two.

But, during the Clone Wars, Padme's strength of will had been slowly been worn away, from seeing the Republic she cared for turned into an Empire, that by the time Padme died in childbirth, at the end of Episode Three, she had become a shell of her former self.

So much potential squandered. That is why I picked this point in the timeline for the hammer to drop. It was the right time and the right place for Padme to rise to the occasion.

Concerning Padme, there is a gold mine of potential plotlines which were wasted. And I am going to mine as many of these ideas as I can in this story.

Save for Yoda, I feel Padme is the most worthy to wield Mjolnir of those of Clone Wars era of the Star Wars realities.

Once I realized all this the rest of the story practically wrote itself.

The point where the hammer fell into the arena was timed so Jango Fett would not die, but this would be a wonderful starting point for Padme to claim Mjolnir. From there, it is a slow deviation from the original timeline.

And I already have this planned out. And I assure you that Padme as a peacemaker will have problems dealing with the responsibilities that her new abilities and powers which Mjolnir has given her. I am having immense fun I am having writing her personal, inner conflict on this matter.

And Padme will soon learn the name of the hammer is Mjolnir.

Also, I made sure Anakin did not lose his right arm. And there was no marriage between Padme and Anakin. This frees up a number of possible plotlines. But, they are going to spend some time together. Just not in that way.

In addition, the main bad guys know that Padme has Mjolnir. But, they are intelligent and cunning enough to use that to their advantage.

The one thing about Star Wars were most of the top bad guys were very good at being very bad. They are the type whom will use a situation to their advantage. They would not just destroy someone unless they cannot use them.

As I pointed out, while with the hammer's abilities Padme is very powerful, strong, and tough. She is not immune to the force, nor, a lightsaber and vibro-weapons. And she is untrained. All this will be addressed in the following chapters.

This story is just warming up. The Clone Wars are warming up. And the fun we are going to have.

Now, taking this logic further, Padme Amidala Naberrie and Jane Foster could be reality counterparts. Besides them both being played by the same actress Natalie Portman, in various realities. Both have the heart of a warrior. Both of them have political positions. Padme is a Senator in the Galactic Senate. And Jane Foster is a Senator of the Congress of Worlds on Asgard. Both are worthy to wield a Mjolnir hammer. Both have problems with those they love in life. Anakin for Padme. Odinson for Jane. And both seemed to be destined to die.

Padme died at the end of Star Wars Episode Three. Jane has died at least once and came back to life in the timeline of the 616 reality.

On the Mjolnir itself, if you notice is not exactly the same large hammer that Ultimate Thor used in the Ultimate Marvel Reality. Actually, Ultimate Thor used a number of mystical hammers. One such hammer from Ultimate Marvel had leather strap at the bottom. This hammer did not.

And as for the inscription, I used some artistic license. But then, C3-PO was translating it from one language to another. And I even had C3-PO point out the sentence structure on the translation. So, that the translation can be hand-waved.

Since this is not the hammer from the Ultimate Marvel reality, and this is a hammer from Latverion, I can use that as an excuse to change a few things when is come to powers from that Mjolnir. Nothing serious. Just a few changes to help with plot. And a few things I found foolish.

And when it comes to the quote at the end of this chapter. I decided to do something quote meaningful and foreshadowing.

Also, the Jedi nickname for Republic Star Destroyers are Jedi Cruisers.

I do not like retreading plotlines. Reusing the same scenes and dialogue as before. But, this is one of those stories that slowly deviates until it is a completely different story than the original would have been, at the same point in the timeline.

To that end, you will notice that some of the scene and statements are not exact. Similar. But, not exact. This is intentional. To show further and further deviation from the original timeline.

In addition, I would consider “Thundering Force” to be a sidestory to another set of stories I worked on, with those stories being called, “Badasses Of the Multiverse.”

Though, you did not have to read those stories to understand what is going on. Only, both sets of stories worth within a similar mindset of the plot.

The reason I did not post “Badasses Of the Multiverse” on this website.

If I decided to continue “Badasses Of the Multiverse” I would definitely incorporate the “Thundering Force” story and characters into future volumes and books.

But, given Thundering Force story is not connected with “Badasses of the Multiverse” I am separating this story from the “Badasses of the Multiverse” section of my stories archive.

Given a lot of people post ambitious beginnings without following through on their stories, I am posting a large preview to give you and idea of what happens in this story.

Until next time. Have fun.

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