Thundering Force: Chapter 27: “The Coming of the Storms: Part Six: Epilogue: And Life Goes On...”

“Thundering Force”

Chapter Twenty-Seven: “The Coming of the Storms: Part Six: Epilogue: And Life Goes On...”

By Paul Cousins.

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A few years after Padme Amidala Naberrie Skywalker became the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Senate and the Confederate Parliament were able to finally negotiate and ratify a formal treaty in their governmental houses which officially ended the Clone Wars.

The ceremonial signing was in Petranaki Arena, on the planet Geonosis, on the eleventh anniversary, by galactic standard calendar, of the start of the Clone Wars, which happened inside and around the Petranaki Arena, when the Republic Clone Army had invaded Geonosis.

While the armistice had held during this time. The armistice was a simple agreement. The treaty was a finalized contact that the political leaders of both governments would not be able to easily break.

Those organizations that were part of the treaty were the Galactic Republic, the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Neutrality Alliance.

Those involved in the treaty negotiations were the Minister of Foreign Affairs Obiwan Kenobi lead his team of Republic government officials in representing the Galactic Republic in the treaty negotiations.

Lady Loki Laufeyson and her assistant Parliament Representative Mina Bonteri, lead the treaty negotiations for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Among the Confederate personnel that aided Loki and Mina, Mina's teenage son, Lux Bonteri assisted Loki and Mina during the treaty negotiating, as he learned about politics.

Duchess Satine Kryze represented the Neutrality Alliance in the treaty negotiations. While Duchess Satine was the leader of the Neutrality Alliance, she preferred to personally speak for the Neutrality Alliance at the treaty negotiations, considering when the treaty was finalized, the Neutrality Alliance would be dissolved. Duchess Satine had her own hand picked team to assist her.

Supreme Chancellor Padme Amidala of the Galactic Republic did not allow the Jedi Order to directly be a part of the treaty negotiations. Though, with Obiwan Kenobi being a form member of the Jedi Order, and whom was still well respected within the Jedi Order, those of the Jedi Order did not complain about not being included in the treaty negotiations.

The Hutt Cartel leaders had asked to be a part of the treaty negotiations, but all three parties involved in the treaty negotiations agreed to deny the Hutt Cartel leaders entry into the treaty talks.

Included in the treaty was that both the Galactic Senate of the Galactic Republic and the Confederate Parliament of the Confederacy of Independent Planets each acknowledged the other as a sovereign galactic nation, with each galactic nation having an independent lawful governance which could not be interfered by the other galactic nation, except through means stated within the treaty they had both ratified within their houses of their governmental bodies.

Both nations hoped the agreements within the treaty would lead to a more peaceful era than any time in Galactic history. Though, everyone agreed such hopes were lofty goals. Most of those involved in the treaty negotiations hoped the agreement would at least keep the two governments involved from having their armies shoot at each other.

The treaty established clear borders, with trade route agreements for those areas where the Republic and Confederacy hyper-routes overlapped.

There were parts of the galaxy where systems of both sides were dotted across the galactic landscape. Much like during the Alsakan Conflicts which began seventeen thousand years ago and fully ended three millennium ago. Though, these areas where borders were dotted between both parties were the exception. Most of the borders of the Republic and Confederacy clearing defined.

Included in the borders were the end of several blockades in areas where various parties has questionable standing to do so.

The removed of these blockades included smaller parties, whom only put blockades in placed to avoid being dragged into the fighting.

Such as the Hapes Consortium having to drop their blockades of the hyper-routes surround the Hapes Star Cluster.

Though, sovereign nations of the galaxy still had the authority to place blockades within their own recognized territorial areas of space.

For example, while the Hapes Consortium could not put up blockades outsides it territories, the Hapes Consortium still controlled and could put up blockades at its borders and other locations within their nations. The same could be said for the Galactic Republic, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and small sovereign nations which were not part of the Republic or Confederacy.

Many worlds were happy with the removal of the blockades. Such, as the people of the tourist planet, Zeltros, being happy with the removal of the Hapes Consortium blockades which effected the Zeltron tourist businesses.

As the treaty was made public, the Hutt Cartel leaders learned why they were excluded from the treaty negotiations.

To the members of the Hutt Cartels surprise the treaty gave the Confederacy control of Triellus Trade Route, the solar systems connected to the route and the territories to the galactic east of the hyper-route, on the opposite to the side from the western border of Hutt Space.

The Confederacy had control of the Triellus Trade Route, from the northeastern section of the galaxy to the Arkanis system in the southeastern part of the galaxy since soon after the beginning of the Clone Wars.

The Hutts Cartels found that while they retained control of Hutt Space, that as the known galaxy had been divided up by the various powers, the Hutt Cartels were the ones whom received the short end of the stick. This was the main reason the Hutt Cartels were not invited to the treaty negotiations. That reason being that the rest of the known galaxy decided to deal with them in a manner the Hutt Cartels could not immediately respond against.

The Hutts Cartels had lost control of all their hyper-routes outside of Hutt Space. The authority of the former Hutt controlled hyper-routes were divided between the Republic and Confederacy on a case by case basis dealing with location and need of the areas around each hyper-route.

Fortunately, the Republic and Confederate delegates did not have much disagreement on division of the hyper-routes. The main issues were use of some of the larger, more well traveled hyper-routes used by the people of both galactic nations, with the hyper-routes traveling through several Republic and Confederate held areas.

Such as the Corellian Run and the Corellian Trade Spine hyper-routes, which connected much of the south to southeast of the galaxy to the rest of the galactic civilization.

When it came to the Republic and Confederate use of these major hyper-routes, in some cases they would share the hyper-routes. In other cases, the authority of each hyper-route depended on which part of the hyper-route in question was being taken dealt with.

Also, the Hutt Cartels lost control of most of their territories outside of Hutt Space, save for a few solar systems where the Republic and Confederate did not have a presence in those solar systems. Such as the, Tatoo system, where the planet Tatooine was located.

Though, the Hutt Cartels realized that the Republic and Confederacy would likely annex those territories in the future.

To say the Hutt Cartel leaders were furious over this was an understatement. Though, the leaders of the Hutt Cartels, the Hutt Ruling Council, realized that if they took any action they risked invoking the full wrath of both the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Due to this, the Hutt Cartels declined their invitations to the treaty signing on Geonosis.

In response, liked the warning to the Hutt Cartels about the treaty talks, both Republic and Confederate government officials informed the Hutt Ruling Council that if anything happen on Geonosis during the treaty signing, the Hutts would be the prime suspects.

Along with resolving border and trade route issues, currency exchange rates between governments were agreed upon. And most economic issues were decided and agreed upon. This included tariff issues on various goods being sold across the borders of the two galactic nations.

This part of the treaty included how various corporations and banks that were either based in one nation would do business with both nations, or had holdings and assets in both nations and how the corporations and banks would do business with both nations at once. This even included corporations and banks that were located in a location independent of the Republic and Confederacy.

While the Jedi Order were not formally part of the treaty negotiation, with Obiwan leading the republic side of the negotiating, Supreme Chancellor Amidala did eventually allow Obiwan to request input on the treaty from the Jedi Order.

The Jedi Order did have relent on two issues. That the Confederacy would be allowed to create their own group of force users. And that the Jedi Order would have no legal authority over Confederate held space. But, through Obiwan, the Jedi Order was able to convince the Confederacy to agree not to instruct in Sith teaching, nor allow their force users within the Confederacy to knowingly use the dark side of the force.

Judicial and extradition issues between the two nations were to be handled and decided on a case by case basis.

The rest of the issues were left for star systems and planetary governments to work out between each other.

Another proviso within the treaty stipulated that with the signing of the treaty, all declarations of emergency and martial law pertaining to the war, across the galaxy, along special powers granted by government on both sides would be rescinded.

The appointed governors during the war, on both sides, were to be replaced, with the local populations being freed to elect their own local governments, and control their own affairs, within the legal frameworks of their Galactic patron governments.

This included worlds such as Balmorra.

Though, since becoming Supreme Chancellor, Padme Amidala had done much to help the people of the worlds whom had been enslaved by Palpatine's machinations. This included the people of Balmorra.

Secretly, Loki Laufeyson had taken similar measures in helping the people of the worlds enslaved by the Confederacy, after she deposed Dooku, killed the original Separatist Council, and taken over the Confederacy.

Also, the military garrisons and bases located on most planets, moons, asteroids, spacestations, for both the Republic and Confederacy would have to be removed, unless these locations were strategically located in the defense of the Republic or Confederacy. This included the removed of any military ships that were landed or in orbit over a location, unless the defense exemption applied.

This measure was designed to help further turn the police states the Republic and Confederacy had become into freer societies.

For those planetary governments whom were considered lawful for their side, such as the monarchy on on the planet Gavryn for the Republic, whom had been using the Republic military as security forces to maintain their power over the local populations, soon found that the military of their patron government would be leaving their planet and the local government would once again have to pay for their own security forces.

For Gavryn, which was still a Republic world, they would have to organize and find funding for their own security forces, which meant the Gavryn monarchy likely raising taxes on the local population off Gavryn.

This situation was happening to local governments on both sides, whom had been using military forces from the Republic or Confederacy as a security force. These local governments would have to organize their own security personnel to enforce the laws and keep the peace.

When it came to the Galactic Republic, the tax and regulation reforms pushed into law by Supreme Chancellor Amidala would help offset these local tax increases for the citizens of Galactic Republic.

Loki was not have such luck secretly pushing taxation and regulation reforms in the Confederacy Parliament.

In addition, Loki was unable to use the peace treaty to remove unelected governments from the worlds of the galaxy which been in place before the Clone Wars. This was partly due to the fact that some of Padme's closest friends were connected to such unelected monarchies, such as Senator Bail Prestor Organa being a part of such a monarchy on Alderaan. Bail Prestor Organa was the prince consort to his wife, Queen Breha Organa of Alderaan.

Also, Duchess Satine, whom was directly involved with the treaty negotiation held her power through royal bloodlines. As such, Satine refused to allow this measure to be included in the treaty.

Another member of the negotiations, Obiwan Kenobi, whom was a friend of Satine and Padme, backed them up on this matter.

Loki was forced to relent on this request, and a mutual defense measure within the treaty that Loki could not convince the governments of the Confederacy and Republic to agree on.

Though, Loki was able to insured that the treaty they agreed upon would strength freedoms and rights of populations under control of unelected governments, such as monarchies, and that these governments could not use their power to selectively enforce the law. Where the local population lived under a set of harsh taxation and regulations and, while those members of the government were granted wavers from these taxes and regulations.

Also, while Loki was unable to put any measures in the treaty to help droids, she was able to make sure the peace treaty stated that all clones of Jango Fett produced by Kaminoans were considered citizens of the Galactic Republic, with all rights as any other Galactic Republic citizen. Even Boba Fett would be included in this measure. This included rights to vote and be a part of government, where applicable.

Padme, Obiwan, Satine, and Mina, all agreed that the clones should have such rights.

Also, the measures for the clones were included in the parts of the treaty that dealt with immigration between the Republic and the Confederacy.

Another part of the treaty on immigration dealt with how the Republic and Confederacy will deal with locations and peoples they annex into their nation, whom do not belong to the other nation. Also, this included how said people would be treated, given rights, and how they would join the military of that nation.

Though, any immigrants whom were already a part of the Galactic Republic of the Confederacy of Independent Systems would be grandfather into this treaty. This would included those immigrants whom had joined the military of the Republic and Confederacy, with this treaty not effect their rank, status, or promotion track, within said military.

While some on both sides of the negotiation table where not real happy with these various measures being included in the treaty, most of them agreed it was a good compromise.

On related matters, Loki made sure all those arrested during the Clone Wars on charges pertaining to the war and held without trial would receive a fair trial within a a standard year of the treaty signing. And that within two standard years all political prisoners would be freed with those people being reunited with their families and friends.

These trials would include anyone arrested as political prisoners, prisoners of war, or war criminals.

Also, this measure helped insure those people imprisoned a political prisoners would see a trial in a timely manner.

Those already found guilty of war crimes, whom were still alive, would be allowed to appeal their conviction, with the appeals court review the evidence used in the original convict. If there the only evidence was hearsay and suspicion with no physical proof, the person would be freed and their record expunged of the conviction.

Loki was the one whom had these measures for political prisoners put into the treaty on the grounds that Palpatine likely used his influence to have many people wrongly imprisoned on both sides of the war. In addition, Loki made sure this part of the treaty could be used to help other individuals, such as the members of the local population on Gavryn, whom were imprisoned for political reasons after the Republic army took back the planet from the Confederacy and reinstalled the monarchy.

These achievements by Loki would help the populations of worlds in both the Confederacy and the Republic. Populations such as on the planet as Gavryn in the eastern Mid-Rim.

This move was pushed by both Padme, Loki, and several other high level government officials on both sides, whom realize that Palpatine actions proved that no one individual should be given so much power.

Thus the peace treaty included other measures to help insure the chain of authority, law, and power would be returned the sectors, systems, worlds, and people of the Republic and Confederacy.

Prisoners of war, political prisoners, and accused war criminals whom were found not guilty for their crimes, were released and returned to their nations on their home plants, moons, asteroids, spacestations, other location where their home was, or where the specific individuals wanted to be sent to, within reason.

A general amnesty was granted for any standing charges for actions committed concerning the war for all those involved in the Clone War, except for Sheev Palpatine. If he was still alive.

This meant that those people whom had taken actions which involved the Clone War, but had not stood trial for those crimes, would be given amnesty and could not be tried for such actions. This amnesty went all the way up to the highest levels of government on both sides, including the Supreme Chancellor Padme Amidala, Lady Laufeyson, even those individuals whom had disappeared, such as Count Dooku.

As a show of good faith, both the Republic and Confederacy gave amnesty and released many prisoners whom could be considered political prisoners, back to their native worlds, or other home locations. Some of these people were imprisoned by the opposite side of the war. In some cases the people whom were taken prisoner when one side conquered a planet, and the individuals in question were convicted of a crime for one reason or another and sent to an off world prison, only for their planet to be conquered by the other side. The people were returned to their home, wherever that may be.

Loki and Padme both supported this prisoner release for both sides.

Some of these freed prisoners included members of security personnel on Gavryn whom served the monarchy in enforcing the monarchy's version of Republic law until the Confederacy conquered them and deposed the monarchy.

The people of Gavryn tried the individuals and those that were guilty were sent to an off world prison run by the Confederacy for ten to twenty years. Those found innocent were left to be free on Gavryn.

Later in the war, the Republic retook Gavryn and reinstated the unelected monarchy to power over the people of Gavryn.

Loki was for the release these prisoners and others. Loki realized that these people would not receive a warm welcome neither the ruling monarchy of Gavryn, nor the populations of Gavryn. This would cause trouble of monarchy. Especially with the Republic military pulled out of the planet and the monarchy was having to raise taxes on the oppressed Gavryn population to pay for the security forces to continue their oppression. Though, Loki kept such thoughts to herself.

These amnesty would not absolve the former Jedi High Council members of their attempted coup due to them already being convicted and their actions were considered an internal Republic matter not directly linked to the Clone Wars.

Among the roll back of authority included the special powers granted by the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. Such as the authority given by the Senate towards the Chancellor, under the Emergency Powers Act.

Also, slavery was banned in both the Confederacy and the Republic. Such peoples, as the Zygerrians, were made to honor this ban. Though, for some reason no one was sure of, a few years ago, the Zygerrians had begun moving from a slaver economy, with those slaves that could be tracking down being freed and moved away from the planet of Zygerria.

There was a rumor that Loki was behind this change. But, Loki remained silent on the matter.

Also, Padme and Loki quietly agreed to do something about the slavery and bigotry towards the boys and men on Dathomir.

With Sidious disposed and perhaps dead, Dooku disappeared, and the Jedi Order under the command of Master Yoda, the most likely location where a force users could originate, whom could cause trouble for the galaxy was Dathomir. Due to the way the matriarchal society was setup, such trouble could originate in any number of ways.

From the Witches of Dathomir becoming too militant, uniting under one leader and escaping off planet, to a slave rebellion by men whom may find a way to tap into the force enough to pose a challenge towards Witches of Dathomir.

Either situation would lead to a group of force users leaving the planet to cause trouble for the rest of the galaxy.

Loki had privately talked to Padme about this matter. Loki told Padme that not only was Asajj Ventress from Dathomir, but so was the Sith Lord Maul, whom killed Master Qui-Gon Jinn and whom Master Obiwan Kenobi had defeated on Naboo.

Also, Loki mentioned that Maul survived that battle, but that she had made sure the matter was settled.

Padme knew how Loki had knowledge of this, so she did not ask for details. Though, with this information, Padme felt more inclined to do something about Dathomir.

Dathomir was technically in Republic held space, but Padme felt that a future joint venture between the Republic and the Confederacy in bringing justice and civilization to Dathomir would benefit the galaxy as a whole.

Loki agreed.

Padme knew that some of the leaders on the witch clans were quietly sending boys and other people to Confederacy under Loki supervision, to save their lives.

Loki and Padme agreed that it was likely several of the leaders, some of the witches, and a number of the warrior women whom may be open to change for the better if they were given the proper positive push in such a direction.

The only question left was how. Loki told Padme she would work on the matter and left Padme know when she had a plan ready for Padme to review.

Padme had other matters to handle and she was open to Loki handling point on any matters dealing with Dathomir.

Though, Loki did not inform Padme that Dathomir was once the homeworld of the Kwa Builders. While Loki trusted Padme, Loki did not trust everyone in Padme's administration to keep such dangerous information from falling into the wrong hands.

Other parts of the peace treaty redistributed power between the various governmental bodies of both the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent System. This included having the authorities granted to such positions of the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic greatly diminished.

While Padme had done much to convince the Galactic Senate to strip the Supreme Chancellor of various questionable authorities, with this measure the powers of the Supreme Chancellor reverted back to what was laid out within the Ruusan Reformation. This included the Supreme Chancellor going back to term limits. The Chancellor being limited to two four year terms.

At the time of the treaty ratification, which happened on the same day for both the Galactic Republic and the Confederate Parliament, when the law immediately took effect, Padme would have found her four year term up within a few months.

So, right after the Treaty was was ratified by the Galactic Senate, with the changes in law immediately taking effect, the Galactic Senate passed a resolution, by a majority vote, which gave Padme another four year term after her current term was up. Padme gladly accepted the vote of confidence by the members of the Galactic Senate.

Though, the Galactic Senators continued to not be subject to term limits.

On the Confederate side, the treaty required that once the treaty was ratified, the government structure of the Confederacy of Independent Systems was to be immediately changed to help give a more just government towards the Confederate people and prevent any one individual from attempting to take control of the full Confederacy.

Loki Laufeyson helped planned out this transfer of power during negotiations over the treaty. Behind the scenes, Loki made sure those within the Confederacy government would agree to and implement the transfer of power.

While Loki Laufeyson would lose some control of the Confederacy by doing so, she agreed that doing so was for the best for the populations of the Confederacy.

When treaty ratified by the Confederate Parliament, the Separatist Council immediately transferred their power to the Parliament of the Confederacy, except for situations requiring military action. Though, such military action had to be granted by the Parliament, with the Leader of the Parliament having the power to take temporary emergency military action, in much the same authority the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic had.

The current Leader of the Parliament was Voe Atell, whom while young, had done a wonderful job leading the Parliament and representing the Confederacy on the Galactic State.

Also, any future appointments to the Separatist Council would have to be made by confirmation vote by the Parliament of the Confederacy by a majority vote by the representatives of Parliament, on a case by case basis.

The Head of State, which was the acting leader within the Separatist Council would be decided on by a majority vote among the membership of the Separatist Council itself.

The members of the Separatist Council would be grandfathered in and would not require being confirmed.

While each new member of the Separatist Council would have to be confirmed by the Parliament, the selection for the appointments for the members of the Separatist Council would be held by a majority vote within the Separatist Council.

The exception to this being that if the entire membership of Separatist Council was killed, or disappeared for more than a month without notification, the Parliament could select the members of the new Separatist Council, including the Head of State. Just as what happened during the time it was reported that Dooku and original Separatist Council an hyperspace accident. None of their bodies were found, but no one had heard from any of those members again.

The peace treaty strengthen the Confederate Parliament powers of impeachment.

The Parliament could impeach a member of the Parliament, the Parliament Leader, a member of the Separatist Council at any time, including the leader of the Separatist Council. Though, to do so the Parliament would have to show legal cause of a crime committed by said council member. The impeachment would require the Parliament to hold a trial and convict the accused by a two-thirds vote of the total members of the Parliament.

Still, the Parliament only had the power to remove a political member of government and judge, whether it be from the judiciary, Parliament, the Separatist Council, or the Head of State, from office. The Parliament did not have the power to actually punish a judge, or political member of government. The Parliament could not directly levee fines, seize property, or sentence a political member of government to prison. This would require a separate trial, after the impeachment process was successfully completed, in the Galactic level of the Confederacy court system, which would been an uphill battle to prosecute.

In the case of the Leader of the Parliament, the Leader of the Parliament first had to be removed from their position as Leader of the Parliament, by a two-thirds vote of the Parliament. Though, unlike the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, the Leader of the Parliament retained their position as Representative in the Parliament and the two-thirds vote to remove from the leadership position would not effect their Representative station.

No member of the military, Confederate judge, member of the Separatist Council, the Head of State, could also hold the position of Parliament member at the same time.

The Confederate court system would be remain its own branch of government. Though, the Leader of the Parliament would select the judges and the Parliament would vote to confirm the judges. The Parliament retained the the power to impeach a Confederate judge on far less grounds than a political member of government. The evidence for the trial of a judge by the Parliament was lower than a political member of government, and the votes needed to impeach a judge in Parliament was a simple majority.

The one exception to the Confederacy court system was that all Confederate military matters which required trials, that did not involve members of civilian branches of government, the Parliament, the Separatist Council, nor the Head of State, were handled by a military tribunal, with the military lawyers, judges, and investigators involved in this matter being promoted and regulated from within the Confederate military.

It was a secret that the Separatist Council was directly controlled by Loki, during the Clone Wars, Loki had deposed Dooku. Though, after Loki took such actions, Loki had arranged for honorable people to replace the sycophants under Dooku's reign on the Separatist Council. As such, the members of the Separatist Council welcomed the transfer of power to the Parliament of the Confederacy.

On a side note, with the end of the Clone Wars, the Separatist Council renamed itself the Council of the Confederacy. This did not change in the laws and regulations which governed the Separatist Council, which was not the Council of the Confederacy.

While in the past, Loki had been assigned as special agent and ambassador of the Confederacy. Loki was about to finally come up with a government station that best suited her role within the Confederate government.

For official functions, Loki was listed as Senior Adviser to the Council of the Confederacy. Loki had created the position to allow her a say in government without having issues in doing so.

Dooku's old political position before Loki overthrew him and took over the Confederacy was the Head of State. Bec Lawise held the rank of Head of State.

Head of State Bec Lawise supported the transfer of power from the Council of the Confederacy to the Parliament of the Confederacy.

Where the Head of State under Dooku held the highest rank in the Confederate government and Confederate military, the peace treaty changed the Head of State. The Head of State retained being the chairman of the Council of the Confederacy. But, the Head of State became the second highest rank in the military. The highest rank being the Leader of the Parliament.

Also, while under Dooku, the Head of State was the main voice for the Confederacy, both internally and externally, this was change to the Leader of the Parliament being the main voice of the Confederacy both internally and externally.

The diplomatic parts of the Confederacy were shifted from being under the Head of State to being under the Leader of the Parliament. Though, the Head of State still oversaw military intelligence. But, even this was under the Leader of the Parliament.

Any member belonging to the judiciary, the Parliament, the Council of the Confederacy, or the Head of State, could peacefully retire from their position any time they desired.

Those soldiers and officers belonging to the Confederate military and navy, whom were not directly connected to the Council of the Confederacy still required permission for the Confederate government to be honorably discharged from their position. If any such individual tried to leave on their own they would be charged with going absent without leave, penalized with a large fine and a few years in jail, and be given a dishonorable discharge which barred them from any government jobs.

During this time, Loki had the official rank of High General of the Confederacy military. Though, Loki would only have command authority during a times of emergency or martial law.

These states of emergency or martial law were originally decided, enacted, and rescinded by the Head of Stated, but the peace treaty transferred this power to decide, enact, and rescind states of emergency and martial law to the Leader of the Parliament of the Confederacy. Also, Loki still answered to the Leader of the Parliament and the Head of State.

Due to Loki's unique position and influence on the Confederate government, Loki had an arrangement she could quit her military and government jobs any time she desired to do so.

The political positions of the Confederacy did not have term limits.

Much like Dooku did in the past, Loki quietly controlled the Confederate governments from the shadows. But, she only controlled the government in so far as to ensure the members of government obeyed the laws of the Confederacy.

Still, Loki held much respect and influence within the populations of the Confederacy. Loki would be part of the Confederate delegation which would sign the peace treaty. Loki's signature would help legitimize the treaty among those of the Confederacy.

Among other measures, the treaty would have the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems help rebuild and aid those planets and populations that were not part of either organization, but still got caught up in the fighting. Such as the Inocs of the planet Inoc Sev of the western Expansion Region. Though, Padme and Loki had already started to have the Republic and Confederacy take such measures to help the people whom had been caught in the fighting, both those in the Republic and Confederacy, and those not part of these two galactic nations.

It was decided that the treaty would be signed and the war should end where the war began. On the Outer Rim, on the planet Geonosis, in the Petranaki arena, on the eleventh anniversary of the beginning of the Clone Wars.

Due to the location of the treaty signing, that treaty was soon known as the Treaty of Geonosis.

Later it was found that the Geonosians did not mind the name of the peace treaty. The Geonosians stated they would prefer to be known for the end of the Clone Wars and not the beginning of the Clones Wars, and the Republic's military occupation of their world, Geonosis.

While the treaty had already been ratified by both governments, and was already in effect, the signing was still important from a ceremonial and symbolic standpoint.


On the planet Geonosis, during the day of the treaty signing, it was mid-morning in Petranaki arena. It was cool day, with a slight wind blowing through the arena. The weather was partly cloudy, with the local star, Ea, shining between the clouds.

Geonosis had a daily planetary rotation of thirty standard hours. It took two hundred and fifty-six days for the planet to circle the Ea star.

Presently, it was a few minutes before thirteen hundred hours in the morning, in and around the Petranaki arena. The treaty signing would begin at thirteen hundred hours sharp.

The arena had been prepared for the event, with all damage done to the arena during the war was repaired.

Coordination of security in and around the Petranaki arena, during the treaty signing, was handled by Republic forces and Jedi agents whom Padme trusted, and Confederate security forces whom Loki trusted.

The person leading the security for all involved organizations was Battlemaster Cin Drallig. Everyone agreed that Cin had the honor, skills, and experience to handle such an assignment. And Cin did not mind the job because the event was one of the few occasions he leave the Jedi Temple.

While Cin was gone from the Jedi Temple, Cin placed some of his best Temple security members he trusted in charge of security for the Jedi Temple.

Though, Cin was not happy about having light side and dark side agents working together. Which he, along with most of those whom knew what was going on, found the situation odd. But, given everyone was under orders, including Cin, they all complied to followed orders. And given whom was issuing the orders, which was Padme and Loki, those involved knew better than to cross two of the likely most powerful and cunning individuals in the galaxy.

Cin and his security teams had no problems preventing any problems from happening during the events leading up to and during the treaty signing. The preventive measures ranged from everything such as crowd control to searching for any possible explosives. Fortunately, no explosives were found.

Also, the invitation list was very detailed and thoroughly enforced. No one whom was uninvited was allowed into the arena. In addition, everyone whom was invited went through a very thorough background check.

During the treaty signing, there were several Republic and Confederate military cruisers in orbit. Also, there was an energy shield turn on over the entire arena.

The event was broadcast across the galaxy, though for security, no microphones were allowed on the arena floor, nor pointed towards the arena floor. There would be no speeches. The treaty would be signed. Then, celebrations would begin.

Those signing the treaty had already made their speeches and statements on the matter before they had arrived on Geonosis. Those signing the treaty felt if they gave a speech in the arena, even after signing the treaty, they would be tempting fate for someone attack and restart the war.

Those in the arena were not worried about lip reading. The treaty signing was to take place in the center of the arena, far away from the crowds in the surrounding stadium, and live holovid camera broadcasts were not that detailed in resolution.

Thought, there were announcers to tell the crowds filling the stadium what to do by way of the electronic speakers installed throughout the stadium. Also, the groups broadcasting the transmissions had their own network announcers hosting their various holovid shows.

The stadium of the arena was filled up with several different types of of people of very various species, genders, and ages. Most of these people present were appointed and sent by a government or organization to represent them at the event. The governments and organizations received the invitations, after which the various governments and organizations sent their representatives to the treaty signing.

There were many groups from around galaxy, whom were invited to attend the ceremony. Various governments, corporations, religious groups, and others organizations.

Once everyone was seated in the stadium, and everyone was in place, and those in the arena were in position, the appointed announces of the stadium asked, by electronic speakers, those sitting in the stadium to please stand, as they waited for the signing of the treaty.

Some of those in the stadium had only been standing for the few minutes.

After the signing there would come the celebrations.

Everyone present wore their finest clothing. Save for those on security detail, whom were wearing their uniforms, or other work clothing.

Most of the audience whom could stand, stood, while the rest of the audience were sat in their seat. Everyone was waiting for the treaty to be signed.

Among those invited members of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, including Baron and Galactic Senator Rush Clovis.

In the third row from the bottom front rows, near the arena floor, Rush Clovis, stood with the other onlookers. Rush smiled at the happy sight before him, in the middle of the arena.

Rush wore a white long sleeve shirt, black pants, brown belt, brown boots, and a closed sleeveless brown vest.

A few rows behind and above Rush Clovis stood John and Michael, Loki Laufeyson's well paid starpilot chauffeurs. Both of whom were wearing their formal white and black pilot uniforms.

A few rows above John and Michael stood the new Galactic Senator of the Chommell Sector, Senator Gregar Typho. He wore a light brown long sleeve shirt, light brown pants, a red belt, brown boots, and a red cape with a golden clasp at the front of his throat, which held the cape in place.

Gregar had turned off the scanning abilities of his artificial left eye so he would not accidentally trigger the sensor sweeps the security for the arena were constantly doing.

As a form chief of security, Gregar knew all about such tactics and did not want to be accidentally caught in such a trap.

The abilities of Gregar's artificial eye was wired to his nervous system in a way he controlled the abilities of his cybernetic eye with his thoughts.

While Gregar's natural right eye had good eyesight, he did have passive telescopic abilities with his left eye that allowed him to clearly see what was happening on the arena floor.

In one of the back upper rows, much higher than where Rush, John, Michael, and Gregar were standing, there stood an older human man whom had survived by remaining quiet in an age of ruckus. While he has been invited, he requested that no mention of presence be publicly stated. He wore formal clothing of a brown long sleeve shirt, black pants, a black belt, dress shoes, and a dark red sleeveless vest which he has closed over his shirt. He wanted to witness the event and leave. He did not plan to attend the party afterward. The man had lived in fear for the last decade an a half due to him not standing up when he felt he should have. He felt much of what had happened was due to his weakness as a leader. His name was Finis Valorum, and he was happy to live to see that someone had corrected his mistakes. Mistakes which almost lead to the destruction of the Ruusan Reformation, which had been enacted a thousand years ago by Supreme Chancellor Tarsus Valorum, whom belong the House Valorum, whom Finis Valorum was a member of as well.

Not far from Finis Valorum was another man whom wished to witness the treaty signing, and whom did not want to draw attention to himself.

The man recognized Finis Valorum about ten meters from him, three rows down. But, the man did not want to draw attention to himself, or anyone else.

The man knew he was so far up in the stadium, no one in the arena was noticed him.

The man was close to middle-age, but he was in excellent mental and physical shape.

The man had to call in a few favors to receive an invitation to treaty signing. But he did not want to miss this event. He wanted to see this event with his own eyes. He knew this was likely only time in his life all the major current political players in the galaxy would be in one place, with out them noticing him.

He wanted to see these people in person, even if it was at a distance, and he did not want them to notice him as he did so.

The man was not worried about the background checks. He passed the back ground check due to him being a Captain in the Galactic Republic Navy. He already had command of his own Star Destroyer. Though, the Star Destroyer under his command was in orbit over Christophsis. While that was not far from Geonosis, the Captain still had to take leave to attend the treaty signing.

The Captain wore white officer's uniform with proper insignia. White was the proper color of a naval uniform of someone in the middle ranks of the Republic navy, while lower level officers wore blue uniforms and higher ranking officers wore olive uniforms.

The man was a strategic genius and he knew it. Also, he had a taste for art, including the art of other cultures. He believed he found secrets of those cultures by studying their art.

The man had been through many trials in his life. He risen in the military ranks of his homeworld, only to be exiled from his homeworld due to political reasons.

His exile lead to an adventure with him meeting members of the Republic military, where he was able to display his skills to the point he was able to convince the Republic officers he met to sponsor his admission into the Republic naval academy. The Republic officers were able to convince their superiors to wave the regulations that dealt with those whom are not citizens of the Republic joining the Republic.

It helped that when he took the placement test he scored on one of the highest placement results of any person being tested for officer's naval academy.

From there, he was sent to study as the officer's Academy of Carida. The planet Carida was located in the northeastern Colonies. Carida had been fought over early in the Clone Wars. But, by the end of the first year of the Clone Wars, the Republic military retook Carida and held the planet.

The instructors at the Academy of Carida found the man to be an excellent student.

The man graduated with top honors at the Naval Academy of Carida, with the rank of lieutenant, which was the rank all those whom successfully graduated were given.

The man was assigned as the tactical officer to the crew of a Star Destroyer. Over the next two and a half years, during the Clone Wars, the man showed time and again how skilled he was, with his sharp mind and cunning instincts being the difference between victory for him and his crew.

His superior officers realized his talents and they made sure to fast track him in promotions.

By the time the Clone Wars ended, the man had reached the rank of Captain and he had been given his own Star Destroyer to command. While Captain, the man had successfully lead three battles with his Star Destroyer against Confederate forces before the armistice was declared.

The reason the man was not effected by the subsequent political purges by Supreme Chancellor Amidala, whom wished to remove all of Palpatine's influence from the Galactic Republic government and military was mainly because his excellent service record and the fact he was still only a captain

While it has been a few years since his last promotion, he recently found out was up for another promotion. Due to his excellent service record, he was given assurances from his superior officers that he would be promoted within the next month, when the formal meeting for the board of promotions was held.

He knew there were greater dangers in the galaxy and beyond. He wanted to be in a position to handle those dangers when they arrive.

His blue skin and red eyes showed him his Chiss heritage.

His given name was Mitth'raw'nuruodo. Though, his subordinates called him, Captain, and his superiors called him, Thrawn.


In the center of the arena there is a rectangular table, with two groups on opposite sides of it. The table was a meter high, a meter wide when facing both groups, and two meters in depth. The table had four legs and was made out of red wood which went well with the red tones of the Petranaki arena and stadium.

The treaties were set sign by side, with both facing towards the short side which was to Republic officials' right side and the Confederate officials' left side.

On one long side, three meters from table, stood the Republic delegation. On the other side, three meters from opposite side of the the table, stood the Confederate delegation.

On the side of the Republic delegation, in the front row, nearest to the table, stood Supreme Chancellor Padme Amidala, Lord Speaker Garm Bel Iblis, and Duchess Satine Kryze.

After the birth of her children, Padme had long since regained her figure. Padme was as physically fit as she had been before she had become pregnant.

Padme wore a white sleeveless gown and white flat sole slippers. She wore a blue-green belt around her waist. Over her white gown she wore a speckled green and blue Chancellor's robe which was similar to the Chancellor's robe Finis Valorum had worn while Supreme Chancellor. Chancellor Valorum was the Chancellor whom held power before Palpatine became Supreme Chancellor.

Padme left her robe left open on the front.

Padme allowed her long brown hair to drape down her back.

Satine Kryze was the leader of the Neutrality Alliance. Satine was present to represent the Neutrality Alliance.

Satine's organization had helped to crafted the treaty. After the armistice was declared, and Padme was confirmed as the new Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Satine 's organization helped with the treaty, as such she was present to represent the Neutrality Alliance.

Satine would increase the legitimacy the treaty with her signature.

Though, with the signing of the peace treaty, the Neutrality Alliance would officially be dissolved, with the membership of twelve hundred worlds either going to rejoin the Galactic Republic, or join the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Once the armistice had been declared, there was much discussion among the members of the Neutrality Alliance. Some of the members came to believe that it might be best, for economic, social, or logistical reasons to join the Confederacy, instead of rejoin the Republic. Sometimes the reason was that the member planet was located deep in Confederate held territory.

The Confederate officials welcomed those whom wanted to join. The Republic officials and Neutrality Alliance officials were not opposed to this as along as the member planet had a good reason for doing so. Fortunately, no problems came form this, and this issue was worked into the Treaty of Geonosis, as the treaty was being discussed.

After the Neutrality Alliance as dissolved, representatives from those worlds joining their respective governments. Either as Senators of the Galactic Senate, or Representatives of the Parliament of the Confederacy.

These hundreds of worlds were ready to do this. So, few difficulties would likely happen with the break up and transfer of powers and authorities.

As for Duchess Satine, she would continue her leadership over the planet of Mandalore. And her people would rejoin with the Galactic Republic. While the Mandalore system was in the northern Outer Rim, the location was near the Mid-Rim and Mandalore was directly connected to the borders of the Galactic Republic.

Padme had set Mjolnir on top of its head, on the ground, next to the table, on the right corner near her. Padme brought Mjolnir in case of trouble, which there is none. Due to having Mjolnir be present, Padme did not wear her small right thigh holster and small blaster pistol.

Not far behind Padme, Garm, and Satine, stood a group of delegates for the Republic. Among them was Minister of War Anakin Skywalker, Minister of Foreign Affairs Obiwan Kenobi, Minister of Treasury Bail Organa, Ahsoka Tano, and Jedi Grandmaster Yoda.

Yoda sat in his small hovering pod, which floated at meters above the ground.

Behind Anakin, Obiwan, and Ahsoka, stood C3-PO and R2-D2. Due to C3-PO being the Chief Senior Aide for Chancellor Amidala, the gold plated droid had a right to be there. And no one wanted to leave R2 behind, because R2 had saved many people in the Republic delegation, both before and during the war, including Supreme Chancellor Amidala, Anakin, Ahsoka, Obiwan, and many other people.

C3-PO stood to R2's right side.

Also, there was a group of delegates standing behind the Confederacy, on the opposite side of the table, with the front rows of both groups standing next to the opposite sides of the table.

On the side of the Confederate delegation, in the front row, nearest to the other side of the table, stood Loki Laufeyson, Parliament Leader Voe Atell, Head of State of the Council of the Confederacy Bec Lawise, Parliament Representative Mina Bonteri whom helped broker the treaty. And Mina's teenage son, Lux Bonteri.

Years ago, after being appointed the Confederate Head of State, Bec Lawise had physically slimmed down and lost a lot of weight to have a much healthier physique.

In the previous months, Lux had joined the youth legislative program that Confederacy had created.

Loki wore something different than she usually did. Loki wore a formal green gown long sleeve, down to her ankles. She wore a green flat sole slippers. Over her green dress she wore a dark brown cloth cloak that was held in place be a silver clasp in front of her throat. There was a green emerald stone that was one centimeter in circumference which was set into the front of the silver clasp.

Loki let her black hair hang loose down her back and down the front sides of her shoulder. This gave Loki a slightly wild look to her demeanor, which was exactly the impression she wished to give at this gathering.

Behind them were a number of high ranking military personnel, Confederacy Council members, and invited guests.

Among the military personnel was General Grievous in his normal form with his gray naval uniform and white bone mask.

Nearby, among the group was Jango Fett, Boba Fett, Asajj Ventress, and Aurra Sing.

Given Boba was nearly an adult. Except for Jango having a few more scars, Boba looked almost exactly like Jango. Though, Boba had trimmed back his black hair a little bit from the hair style he had when he was younger, his black hair was still longer than Jango's black hair.

Jango wore a formal blue and dark gray mandalorian style cloth suit, with black boots. Boba picked a more teal and light gray mandalorian style cloth suit to wear, with light gray boots.

Asajj wore a red dress. Also, she had stopped shaving her head. Allowing her natural brown hair to grow out, giving her a semi-crew cut hair style.

Aurra wore a dark brown and dark orange dress-suit cut and styled to her tastes. While the clothing looking a touch off on Aurra, the clothing was respectable and no one said anything about the matter.

Due to the treaty signing was organized on Geonosis, the Geonosis Queen was invited. But, she declined. Her reason was that it was tradition for Genesis Queens to remain in the darkness of their nest.

Though, the Geonosis Queen did welcome the treaty signing on her planet in exchange for the freedom of her planet and her people.

As such, the Geonosis Queen requested that control of her planet, Geonosis, be turned over to her control when the celebrations of the treaty signing were concluded, with all Republic military personnel leaving the planet.

The Republic Senate and Confederate Parliament gladly agreed with the request.

Geonosis had already been formally inducted as a member of the Confederacy, with all rights and powers granted to Geonosis and its populations within the charter of the Confederacy of Independent System. Though, this was one of the few planets outside of the large Confederate blocks of the northeastern parts of the galaxy which were allowed to be a part of the Confederacy.

While the Confederacy would hold a presence in the southeastern part of the galaxy, from the Arkanis system and a few other solar systems around the Arkanis system, compared to the Confederate northeastern galactic holdings this was not a large area and much of the areas in the treaty where the borders were dotted between the two galactic nations was in the southeastern part of the galaxy.

Though, the Geonosis Queen did send a few Geonosian dignitaries to represent Geonosis in her place, with the representatives standing with the Confederate delegation.

A week before the treaty signing event, Loki quietly requested, by holo-comm, to the intermediaries of the Geonosis Queen, for the Geonosis Queen not try anything with her brain-worms to control and infiltrate the people coming to the planet for the treaty signing ceremony.

Loki pointed out that doing so could wreck the whole situation. The Geonosis Queen intermediaries told Loki their queen would comply as long as Loki and the others held up their end of the bargain for their freedom, which Loki had every intention of doing.

A few minutes after the crowds were told to stand, the treaty was signed by Padme, then Garm, then Satine, then Bec, then Voe, and finally Loki.

As each individual official had to sign their name once on each copy, there were multiple pins for those signing to choose from.

While most of those signing did so in galactic basic, Loki decided to sign her name, Loki Laufeyson in english cursive. This was due to Loki's trickster nature and how she knew that people for the next few generations will wonder what language she signed her name in.

While the galaxy used datapads, the importance of this treaty was so great, they use two copies of the treaty. One copy for the Republic to take back to Coruscant. And one copy for the Confederacy to take back to Raxus Secundus.


As the treaty was being signed nearby, in the front of the group of Republic delegates, stood Anakin and Obiwan, in their red and white Republic government uniforms. Though, they had their lightsabers on them. Along with Yoda and Ahsoka. Though, all four of the individuals had their lightsabers hidden in their clothing.

Anakin stood next to Obiwan, to Obiwan's left side. Anakin turned to Obiwan. He noticed how Obiwan was looking at Satine.

Anakin quietly said, “You know, I can see how you are looking at her. And you are no longer a Jedi. Also, I checked. She is currently single.”

Obiwan turned to Anakin. For a few seconds, Obiwan's expression was unreadable. Then, Obiwan smiled, as he happily replied, in a quiet tone of voice, “You know what? You're right.”

Obiwan and Anakin turned back to look at the signing of the treaty.


Near Anakin and Obiwan, stood Ahsoka, whom was wearing the red dress uniform of a student of the Republic Youth Legislative Program. She had overheard what Obiwan and Anakin had said, and in response she silently smiled.


Half a minute later, Loki held up the pin, with her right hand. Signifying that the treaty was now officially signed by all involved parties.

In response to Loki signally the signing of both copies of the treaty was completed, everyone in the crowd around them, and almost everyone across the galaxy at seeing the broadcast, erupted in celebration at the official end of the Clone Wars.

Loki lowered her right hand, and she set the pin the table by the copies of treaty.


As celebrations began, near the center of the arena floor, the Republic and Confederacy groups of delegates converged near the table, with them walking over to talk to with each other and celebrate.

When Obiwan reached Satine, he came to a stop. He said, “Duchess Satine.”

Satine turned to Obiwan. She asked, “Minister Kenobi. Is there something you wish to discuss with me?”

Obiwan smiled, as he answered, “Yes. The future.”

Satine had a suspicion of what Obiwan was planning on talking about. She coyly inquired, “Really? I heard you were no longer a Jedi?”

Obiwan's smile became a little wider, as he commented, “I was recently reminded of this fact.”

Satine smiled, as well. She said, “Good. With the treaty signed and ratified, signally the Neutrality Alliance being dissolved between the Republic and Confederacy, there are no longer any conflicts between us.”

Obiwan continued to smile, as he replied, “My thoughts exactly.”

Then, Obiwan and Satine had a very productive conversation concerning their possible future together.


Not far away from Obiwan and Satine, Ahsoka came up from behind to stand to Anakin's right side.

Through the force, Anakin sense Ahsoka come up to stand to his right.

Both Ahsoka and Anakin noticed Obiwan and Satine talking to each other.

Ahsoka said, “That is nice.”

Anakin commented, “This will be good for the both of them.”

Ahsoka turned her attention to another group, which included, Jango, Boba, Grievous, Asajj, and Aurra.

Ahsoka suggested, “Let's go talk to Asajj, Jango, and the others.”

Anakin looked over towards the group in question. He asked, “Are you sure that is wise?”

Ahsoka responded, “No. But, I doubt we will ever have an opportunity like this again. To just have a casual conversation with them, without worry of us and them trying to kill each other.”

Anakin conceded, “That is a good point. Let's go.”

Ahsoka and Anakin head over to speak with the group of Confederates.


Less than half a minute later, Anakin and Ahsoka walked up to Grievous, Boba, Jango, Aurra, and Asajj.

Anakin and Ahsoka came to a stop a few meters from the group, Anakin stood to Ahsoka's left side.

As Ahsoka and Anakin faced the group, from left to right was Asajj, Aurra, Grievous, Jango, and Boba.

The group turned to looked at Anakin and Ahsoka.

Aurra said, “Well, look who showed up.”

Anakin commented, “I know it is odd for us to meet this way.”

Aurra said, “That is an understatement.”

Anakin stated, “But, Ahsoka here point out. This is a rare opportunity for us to hold a civil discussion.”

Asajj commented, “Yes. This is a rarity.”

Jango stated, “Yes.” He looked around, as he continued, “It all started here. And now it has ended here. This seems kind of poetic.” He turned back to look towards Anakin and Ahsoka.

Anakin looked over at Jango. Anakin replied, “I agree.”

Asajj turned to Anakin. Asajj said, “It is unfortunate that the war is over. I believe I might someday have bested you in battle.”

Anakin turned to Asajj. Anakin said, “You never know. You still may someday have that opportunity.”

Grievous commented, “There always hope.”

Aurra halfheartedly suggested, “Well, we could always restart the war. We are only thirty seconds into having peace. I believe if we did we might set a new galactic record.”

Jango stated, “Let's not. I would prefer for my son and I to leave this place alive. Besides, it would ruin the mood. And the party has only just begun.”

Aurra shrugged, as she agreed, “True.”

Ahsoka stated, “Yes. No one is going to fight in this situation. But, we certainly gave each other a lot of close calls.”

Aurra offered “Very true. If you ever want to reminisce about old times over some drinks, give me a call.”

Ahsoka replied, “I just might.”

Jango cautioned, “Careful now. She can drink you under the table. And by the time you sober up. Your credits will be out of your pockets and long gone.”

Anakin questioned, “Personal experience?”

Jango admitted, “Yes.”

Aurra giggled a little at Jango's comments.

Ahsoka looked between the dress Asajj was wearing and the suit Aurra was wearing.

Asajj and Aurra noticed this, with Aurra no longer giggling.

Ahsoka realized they had noticed she was staring at them.

Ahsoka focused on Asajj, as she commented, “Honestly. I always figured, of the two of you, that you were the tomboy.”

Boba commented, “You are not alone.”

Asajj lips curled into a slight grin, as she commented, “That shows what you know.”

Aurra stated, “I am a lot older than I look. I grew out of wearing dresses a long time ago.”

Ahsoka turned to Aurra. Ahsoka comment, “Interesting. Well, dressing for war is a bad position to take when seeking peace.”

Aurra responded, “Thank you. I think. Where did you here that line from?”

Ahsoka answered, “Obiwan.”

Aurra stated, “From the reports I have read about him, that sounds like something he would say.”

Ahsoka smiled. Ahsoka stated, “You do not know the half off it.” Ahsoka looked over at Asajj, as she complimented, “Your hair looks nice. I look forward to seeing it when you have grown it further out.”

Asajj calmly replied, “Thank you.”

Ahsoka mentioned, “By the way. I tried that mirroring trick with my lightsaber forms. I did find that it helped me.”

Asajj smiled. Asajj replied, “I am glad my advice aided you.”

Aurra turned to Anakin. Anakin noticed Aurra looking towards his direction.

Aurra teased, “Careful now. She may poach your student from you.”

Anakin said, “I doubt that.” Anakin turned Ahsoka. As Ahsoka looked back towards him, he continued, “She is a complete handful.” Anakin looked over at Asajj, with Asajj looking back towards him. Anakin halfheartedly commented, “You would return her within the week.”

Everyone chuckled a little at Anakin's comment.

A few seconds later, as they calmed down, Grievous turned to Ahsoka. He asked, “I heard you are going into politics?”

Ahsoka answered, “Yes.”

Grievous complimented, “That is unfortunate. You have a talent with your lightsabers.”

Ahsoka said, “That does not mean I am going to stop practicing.”

Grievous replied, “Good.”

From behind Grievous, the group heard a woman state, “Besides this means she will be moving to a more cut throat style of fighting which is full of guile and intrigue.”

Everyone turned to see Mina standing there, with her teenage son, Lux, standing right behind her, to her left.

Mina looked over at Ahsoka, as she continued, “I would very much like to see how she will turn out as a politician. She could not turn out any worse that Palpatine. At least with her, you know she can tell if you are lying.”

Ahsoka looked over at Mina. Ahsoka commented, “That will definitely be to my advantage.”

Mina commented, “No. It isn't when people lie to you that you should worry. It is when they tell you the truth.”

Jango turned to Ahsoka. Jango commented, “Young one. Listen to this woman. She knows what she is talking about.”

Ahsoka thought, 'I remember Bail telling me something similar soon after I came to work for Padme, as her aide and bodyguard.'

Mina turned to Jango. Mina replied, “Thank you.”

Anakin turned to Grievous. Anakin stated, “Grievous. I have for few questions for you?”

Grievous turned to Anakin. Grievous said, “As long as the questions are not a matter of the state, I may answer you, Skywalker.”

Anakin asked, “When you become big. Does the change effect your mind?” Anakin thought, 'You might be the only person whom can answer a few question I still have about Jar Jar.”

Grievous replied, “No.”

Anakin commented, “Good. I would not want to see someone in a bad mood with such strength.” Anakin thought, 'From what Padme told me, when she fought Jar Jar in his larger form, Jar Jar was terrifying when he was enraged.'

Grievous responded, “I fully agree.”

Anakin questioned, “Is the transformation painful?”

Grievous replied, “No. Changing back and forth can be discomforting. But, doing so is not painful.”

Anakin inquired, “That is nice to learn. When you changing back and forth, does doing so leave you hungry?”

Grievous responded, “No. Changing does not effect my hunger. I believe you are asking these questions due to your concern for your fallen gungan friend. It does not take much to tell that the story released to the public were lies and that Loki gifted your friend with his power. Though, I highly doubt Loki was the one to send him on his dark, ravenous course.”

Anakin admitted, “Yes. I have to ask. It is a matter of closure for me to know how he took such a bad turn in his life.”

Grievous stated, “Whatever caused him to stray towards such a dark path, it was not Loki. She would not knowingly allow such horrific actions to be taken with the gifts she provides.”

Anakin responded, “Thank you. This confirms what I have heard from other sources.” Anakin kept looking at Grievous, as he thought, 'Such as Padme. It is best that I not look towards Padme. I do not want you to know where I gained this information from.' He continued, “That his mind was warped by Sidious... I mean Palpatine.”

Grievous commented, “From personal experience, I can attest that Sidious has much experience in warping the minds his servants to do his bidding and carry out his dark desires.”

Anakin understood the subtext of what Grievous said. Anakin thought, 'From your days as a cyborg, serving Dooku and Palpatine, you would know. It is obvious that Loki was the one to fix you. And I am glad she did so.'

Anakin questioned, “Loki did not just heal your body, but your mind as well?”

Grievous chose his word careful, as he stated, “Let us just say that I owe Loki much and leave it at that.”

Anakin said, “Of course.” He thought, 'I have no wish to start an argument over the matter.'

Ahsoka noticed Lux staring at her. Ahsoka asked, “What are you staring at?”

Everyone turned to look at Lux.

Lux calmly responded, “I was just thinking. We all know this peace will still allow for much underhandedness. Only with ambassadorships being used for spying. Like always. Though, in some ways this situation is even more dangerous than open warfare. And this is a unique situation. Where two galactic nations existing at one time, which are not dictatorships. This has not happened in known history. We are charting new ground in several ways.”

Everyone else in the group quickly realized a few things about Lux. One. Lux clearly understood history and politics. And two. Lux was the type of person to quietly listen and learn, with him only speaking when the matter was important enough to do so.

Grievous turned to Mina. Grievous complimented, “You are clearly a skilled teacher.”

Mina looked over at Grievous. Mina said, “Yes. But, he is a naturally talented student.”

Ahsoka turned to Lux. Ahsoka complimented, “And well spoken.”

Lux turned to Ahsoka. He happily said, “Thank you.”

Anakin noticed this, as he thought, 'I am so happy that the Padme and I were able to help Ahsoka escape her black and white morality issues, allowing us to have this wonderful conversation, which she suggested.'


Nearby, beyond the earshot of the group Anakin and Ahsoka were with, Padme stood alone.

As Padme looked around, as she smiled. Padme thought, 'I never thought I would come back here. And not like this. I have stopped the war. And in doing so, I have fixed my greatest failure. Trusting Jar Jar to by my proxy all those years ago. After everything I have learned, it is clear that it was Palpatine tricking Jar Jar into submitting the Emergency Powers Act which gave Palpatine the authority to have his army and start this bloody war. Well, with help I have now stopped this war, and we can begin to rebuild and heal from the damage that Palpatine inflicted upon the populations of the galaxy.'

Then, Padme noticed Loki walked towards her. Padme continued her thoughts, 'And here comes one of the most devious people I know of. She deserves as much credit for stopping this insanity as I do. As she was instrumental in helping me to defeat Palpatine and saving the galaxy.'

Loki came to a stop to stand a meter in front Padme. There was no one else around the two women.

The two women looked at each other. Loki said, “Chancellor Amidala.”

Padme replied, “Lady Laufeyson.”

Loki commented, “This is one of the few times I am glad I was wrong about the future. I am glad you survived the birth of your children.” She looked around, as she continued, “And you lived to experience this new age of peace.” She looked over at Padme.

Padme kindly replied, “I fully agree.”

Loki looked at her subordinates and Padme's friends whom were clearly having fun talking to each other. Loki said, “I am surprised they are getting along so well.”

Padme turned to looked at the group Loki was viewing. Padme commented, “Not really. They all enjoy battle. But, they know when to behave.”

Loki agreed, “True.”

Padme stated, “I bet your subordinates enjoy a party as much as my friends do.”

Loki responded, “If so, we better never let them party on the same planet. Said planet might survive the experience.”

Padme giggled a little, as she replied, “I agree.”

Loki stated, “And you are correct. They all enjoy fighting. Both your friends and mine.”

Padme said, “True. Even Obiwan has admitted he enjoys an occasion dueling match.”

Loki commented, “That is not surprising. When is came to violence, he always seemed to protest too much.”

Padme replied, “That goes without saying.”

Loki admitted, “After the war ended. For a while, I did toy with the idea of trying to create a fighting tournament with some of the more famous warriors on both sides of the war. Though, it would not have been a death match. But, I could not figure out how to keep the match from be too lopsided one way or the other.”

Padme responded, “With such a diverse set of skills and abilities, that would have been a challenge.”

Loki replied, “Exactly.”

Padme requested, “If you do figure out it. Let me know. Instead of just watching, I might desire to participate.”

Loki said, “Of course. You would be the first name on my invitation list. If I do, we will figure a way to do this which will not effect you day job.”

Padme replied, “I can appreciate that.”

Loki looked at Ahsoka. Loki asked, “I heard a rumor that Ms Tano is now a member of the Youth Legislative Program?” Loki thought, 'I am glad the Confederate Parliament set up a similar program.'

Padme looked over at Ahsoka. Padme stated, “She is. I was able to get her into the program right under the cut off date for her age and species.”

Loki commented, “Good. She has leadership potential. I would hate for such skills to be squandered due to the rash actions of a few old fools.”

Padme continued to look at Ahsoka. Padme said, “I felt the same way.”

Loki looked over at Padme. Loki inquired, “I would guess she is now assigned to directly work with you?”

Padme turned to Loki. Padme answered, “Yes. She assists my cabinet and myself.”

Loki said, “Good. I believe the experience will be most enlightening for young Tano.”

Padme replied, “I fully agree.”

Loki turned back towards the nearby group. She focused on Anakin. Then, she turned back to Padme. Loki commented, “You know. Your husband, as Minister of War, still has the same job as what he would have ended up with. Only he is now in better physical shape, more emotionally mature, with a better outlook on life, while having better managerial skills, and having better management from above.”

Padme responded, “Thank you. I realize you helped a lot in how things came about.” Padme thought, 'And so did Mjolnir.'

Loki looked at Padme, as she stated, “You are welcome. Also, let us not mess this up. We have both worked very hard to reach this point.”

Padme said, “I have no intention of allowing anything to go wrong at this point.”

Loki responded, “I understand. I can settle with running a third of the known galaxy. It is a lot better than the small island I had original planned to take over.” Loki's lips curled into a mischievous grin, as she continued, “But, I still plan to come out and occasionally play. Especially, after your children are grown.”

Padme smiled an equally mischievous grin, as she stated, “I look forward to it.”

Loki commented, “I wonder if you plan to have any other children?”

Padme dropped her smile. Padme responded, “Not for a while. But, we will see what the future holds. How about yourself? You mentioned you had two adopted daughters. When you mentioned them, it was clear how painful it was for you to lose them. Do you plan to someday start another family?”

Loki dropped her smile. Loki said, “Not until I have had found someone to share my life with. I have been a single parent. I enjoyed raising my adopted daughters. But, I would not want to go through that again without some help.”

Padme commented, “From personal experience, it would be wise to wait until you have help.”

Loki inquired, “By the way, where are your children? I highly doubt you brought them here.”

Padme thought, 'She probably already knows the answer.' Padme answered, “They are with my parents, my sister, and her family, on Naboo.”

Loki responded, “That is nice. It is good they will be able to spend time with their extended family. And thank you for confirming that piece of information for me.”

Padme thought, 'Yes. You already knew.' Padme admitted, “You're welcome. Though, given the political positions both myself and Anakin are in, I worry about their safety.”

Loki's lips curled into a slightly wicked grin, as she said, “Do not worry. I made sure no one is going to bring them harm.”

Padme groaned, as she questioned, “Do I want to know how you knew where my children are? Or, what measures you took to protect them? Without my permission.”

Loki widened her wicked grin, as she responded, “No. But, let us just say that you don't need to take any guff from such swine. If you have any trouble. Remember you can always send a holo-comm to the right people.” Loki thought, 'I loved both the book and movie versions of that story.'

Padme flatly said, “I will take your word on that.”

Loki's smile became much warmer. Loki mentioned, “You know. I heard you named your children Leia and Luke.”

Padme answered, “Yes.” Padme thought, 'The names of my children are public knowledge. This could not be helped, given my position as Supreme Chancellor and as Thor.'

Loki shrugged, as she casually said, “I guess some things are destined to happen, after all. I was tempted to tell you, during our meeting. But, I decided to let things play out and see what happens.”

Padme realized what Loki was talking about. Padme asked, “You do not mean?”

Loki gave Padme a warm, caring smile, as she answered, “Yes.”

Padme spent several seconds joyfully laughing at the poetic irony of their situation and how some things still happened within their timeline.

As Padme calmed down, Loki commented, “Now, for a topic that is a little more serious.”

Padme casually asked, “What do you wish to discuss?”

Loki inquired, “Have you ever heard of the Death Star project?”

Padme responded, “No. Please, tell me what a Death Star is? Such a name sounds ominous.”

Loki said, “Oh. It is.”

Loki filled Padme in on what she knew of the Death Star, except for where and when she learned of the Death Star, due to them talking in public.


Nearby, Bail Organa was watching his friends talk to their one time enemies, and now somewhat peaceful neighbors.

Bail thought, 'It is unfortunate Breha could not be here. But, governing a planet takes precedence. Besides, we cannot have all our government officials in one place. Should something happen. Though, this is a wonderful sight to see. Civil discussion instead of violence.'

Then, Bail heard a female voice, to his right, ask him, “I wonder what are you thinking about?”

Bail turned to see Voe Atell standing next to him. Given their height difference, Voe was looking up at Bail, while Bail was looking down at Voe.

Bail answered, “The future.”

Voe commented, “With this treaty, there is hope for the future.”

Bail said, “True. The future is looking brighter for everyone. But, we will have to work to maintain the peace.”

Voe stated, “I believe that will not be too difficult.”

Bail replied, “I hope not.”

Voe said, “If nothing else, we can at least enjoy the moment and the hard earned respite we have worked towards.”

Bail complimented, “Pragmatic. But, wise. More so than one of your age usually belies.”

Voe stated, “Being put in a leadership role has tempered much of my impatience.”

Bail said, “That is a good sign of a leader.”

Voe responded, “Thank you. Though, it is unfortunate we could not get a mutual defensive treaty. As Lady Laufeyson had wanted.”

Bail commented, “Yes. It is unfortunate. I believe that would have helped solidify the peace. Though, I feel if a grave situation threatened the galaxy, our two governments would come to the aid of one another.”

Voe stated, “We can hope so.”

Bail questioned. “Still, I wonder why Lady Laufeyson would feel we needed such a measure?”

Voe commented, “I do not know. But, given Lady Laufeyson is from outside the galaxy, perhaps she feels there are other beings outside of this galaxy whom would pose such a threat to warrant taking such measures.”

Bail shrugged, as he responded, “That is possible. But, that is for tomorrow. Today. Let us enjoy the victory we have achieved.”

Voe smiled, as she said, “I fully agree.”

Bail and Voe continue their conversation for a little while longer, before they separated, and they headed to talk to other officials whom were members of various planetary and galactic governing delegations.


While Yoda sat in his hoverchair, hovering a meter floor from the dirt floor of the arena, Yoda silently used his abilities to watch and listen to the conversations going around, between friends and those that were one direct enemies. And now, more civil rivals.

Yoda smiled, as he thought, 'Such an interesting turn of events.'


Near Yoda, C3-PO turned to R2-D2.

C3-PO commented, “I guess things will calm down as become most predictable.”

R2 turned its head towards C3-PO. R2 beeped and whistled, which translated into, “No. All we have to do is wait. The next adventure will come along soon enough.”

In response, C3-PO looked at the crowd, as it whined, “Oh dear.”

Seeing C3-PO's whimpering caused R2 to happily react with laughter, in the form of beeps and whistles, for several seconds.


The celebrations over the treaty signing lasted for most of the day. When the party finally slowly ended, the Geonosians headed for their nests, while guests heading to their starships, to head to their homes throughout the galaxy.


A week later, Supreme Chancellor Padme Amidala was able to find where Death Star was secretly being constructed and what funds and groups were building the super-structure of the large spacestation.

Padme found that Palpatine had set up and hid these organizations and funds in such a way that she missed them during her purges. That years after Palpatine was deposed and armistice was put in place, Padme was still living in Palpatine's shadow. This made Padme have her subordinates due a more thorough investigation of any other possible secret funds and projects that Palpatine had been able to hide for all these years.

Fortunately, all evidence pointed that while the Death Star project was still underway, there were no signs that Palpatine has been involved since he was impeached.

Loki gave Padme a lot of such possibilities. Padme did not ask where the list was from, but she trusted Loki on this matter.

Padme found the very existence of the Death Star to be monstrous and a threat to the peace she and the rest of the galaxy had worked so hard to achieve.

After learning of the Death Star project, and having the existence of the Death Star confirmed by her subordinates, Padme publicly leaked the Death Star's existence to create the political capital she needed to have the giant, partially constructed death machine destroyed.

Once the Death Star was made public, Padme, Loki, along with the Republic and Confederate governments were able to openly double check to see if there was a second Death Star was being constructed. Fortunately, no one could find any evidence of a second Death Star presently being constructed.

Loki personally wished for the Death Star to be completed. Loki even offered Padme the funds and manpower to do so. Loki was concern the weapon may be needed in the future, with control of the Death Star being a join venture for the Confederacy and Republic.

But, Padme, Galactic Senate, the Jedi Order, and most of the Confederate government, desired the destruction of the Death Star.

Loki could understand feelings of Padme and other people on this matter. That the Death Star was a symbol of tyranny of a madman whom almost claimed the known galaxy as his own. As such, Loki respected the wishes of Padme and everyone else.

Everything about the Death Star was blamed on Sheev Palpatine. Which was not exactly true. But, given Palpatine had orchestrated and controlled much of the war on both sides, from its creation to the point where Loki deposed Dooku and she secretly took control of Confederacy, no one questioned Palpatine being fully blamed for creation of the Death Star.

To further distance themselves from the Death Star project, Confederate Parliament and Council of the Confederacy supported the destruction of the Death Star as a good public relations which would help solidify the peace treaty between the Confederacy and Republic.

Except for Loki, it seemed that everyone wanted to get rid of the Death Star, and sweep the giant weapon away with the rest of the remnants of the war, as quickly as possible.

A week after existence of the Death Star was made public, Padme, Anakin, Obiwan, along with Loki, as the representative of the Confederacy, were present on the bridge of a Republic Star Destroyer. All four of them watched the Death Star skeleton being towed away from the planet it was being constructed in orbit of. Then, the skeleton of the Death Star was destroyed with demolition charges placed through the structure.

The explosives were detonated in a manner which would blow the Death Star debris in a direction away from the nearby inhabited planets, moons, and the hyperspace flight routes used by those planets and moons.


A month after the destruction of the Death Star, Padme and Anakin had a second wedding, with their family and friends in attendance. This included their young children, Padme's family and friends from Naboo, various friends Anakin had made during his travels as Jedi. And a few others.

Even Loki dropped in on the wedding. Though, she came to the wedding unannounced and uninvited. Still, since Loki was polite and she behaved, she was allowed to attended the wedding. During the reception, after the wedding, Loki even able to separately dance with both the bride and the groom.

For Loki, this was done all in good, harmless, kind humor.

Loki's wedding gift to Padme and Anakin was most inventive. Loki gift was to spend a few minutes with Padme to inform her how to use Mjolnir to find her children, husband, and anyone else whom Padme cared for.

Later, when Padme used Mjolnir to test the technique out, she found the magical technique worked. Years later, when her children were teenagers, Padme found much use in utilizing such abilities.

All in all it was a pleasant wedding that everyone in attendance enjoyed.

Padme went onto to rule the Galactic Republic over an era of galactic peace and freedom, with her husband and children.

When Padme's second term in the Chancellorship ended, her successor in the Chancellorship requested Padme to be an adviser to the new Chancellor. Padme accepted her new role as adviser.

After Padme ended her term at Chancellor, her husband and her friends also found new jobs and roles. This included Ahsoka, whom was well on her way to becoming a Galactic Senator of the Galactic Republic.

But, even the brightest of lights can cast a shadow. While that galaxy is a peace, this only meant that there was no open war, but the battle always continues in some form.


Months after the ceremonial signing of the Treaty of Geonosis, on the a tropical resort planet, it was a warm, midday on the private tropical island which Loki anonymously owned, under the name, Medusa Danvers.

On the east side of the white sandy beach, on the interior of the small bay on the island, Loki laid back in a reclined armchair, facing the beach.

Loki was wearing a green two piece bikini and dark sunshades over her eyes.

To shield her body from the sun, she had a large giant umbrella protecting herself and the small table that was to her right side. On the small table was a holo-monitor, with the table in reach of her right hand.

Loki relaxed as she enjoyed the sea breeze gently blowing against her body.

After enjoying the breeze for a few minutes, Loki heard the holo-monitor begin to ring.

While the holo-monitor only rang a few times, Loki used her super-speed, as she clearly thought, 'Ah. The daily status report from Jango. He is only person in the galaxy with this number. I have this holo-monitor on the ultimate mystic no call list, except for Jango'

'I let Padme know if she wants to contact me, she should find Jango. She has done so before. So, I am sure she can do so again.'

'While I prefer not let people know when I go on vacation, Jango is professional enough not to care. Also, I pay him and his son enough not to care.'

'Jango is only calling to report on how the team I have put together is doing, in training together, and doing missions together.'

'Jango. I am so glad you and your son took me up own joining the team I was building. It seems that Asajj, Aurra, Grievous, Luna, and Luna's Gray Squad of mandalorian soldiers all seemed to be fine with you leading the team.'

'Jango is the leader. Boba is the second in command. After spending time with Boda, on various missions, with Jango present, I feel that Boba has reached the point he is worthy of being Jango's second in command on this little venture of mine.'

'Among the other team members, Grievous, in his larger form, offers direct support, with Grievous with Asajj Ventress providing short to medium range assistance. Aurra offers medium to long range assistance.'

'The entire five person squad is back up by the ten mandalorians, Captain Luna Starband, and her Gray Squad.'

'I put this team together for a number of reasons. One of the primary reasons was to make sure minor rebellions, and other problems, on various Confederate worlds do get out of hand and end in open warfare. Though, my team will minimize causalities. Especially preventing civilian causalities.'

'In theory, this team could take down Padme in her Thor form. Though, I have no desire to test this theory.'

'When is comes to problems from the various populations of the Confederacy, I am trying to arrange for the best life for those within the Confederacy. I will tolerate protests and petitions.'

'Actually, I have looked into many various cases of petitions and grievances. In the cases where such complains are justified, I try to have those problems peaceful solutions that benefit everyone involved.'

'But, while my authority is mostly secret, I will not tolerate violence against my authority. I will deal with those whom create such problems in a swift and efficient manner. Though, with a modicum necessary bloodshed and violence.'

'As for the rest of the galaxy. I will deal with any problems on a case by case basis. But, should a threat to the galaxy arise, I am more than willing help. And I am going to bring a lot of my friend with me.'

'Now, to talk to Jango.'

As the small holo-monitor rang again, Loki leaned up. She used her right hand to press a button on the holo-monitor.

A second later, above the holo-monitor a small three dimensional hologram of Jango Fett, with him wearing his full, blue and gray mandalorian armor, and weapons appeared. Though, Jango did not have his helmet on. Instead, Jango had his helmet tucked under his left arm.

Loki and the hologram of Jango looked at each other.

As Loki focused on Jango's face, she thought, 'As a security measure, we agreed that I would only talk to Jango by holo-comm with his helmet off. Just to make sure someone does not try to pretend to be Jango. Though, with the millions of clones he has, there is still a risk. But, given Jango's skills, this is a risk worth taking.'

Loki casually said, “Hello Jango.”

Jango calmly replied, “Hello Loki.”

Loki asked, “How is your son, Boba doing?”

Jango stated, “Fine. He has come a long way. He needs a few more years to temper the impatience of youth. But, he is more than ready to go into combat, under my lead.”

Loki thought, 'As I had hoped.' Loki inquired, “How is he doing with your other team members?”

Jango said, “Grievous and Boba seem to have struck up a good friendship. Grievous sees the same potential I do in him. We both agree we do not want my son's potential to be squandered. Aurra and my son seem to have reached an understanding. Much like I currently have with her. Boba and Asajj respect each others boundaries. Captain Luna Starband and her squad seem to respect Boba because he willing to lead from the front. As I taught him to do.”

Loki cautioned, “Good. Also, it would be wise to make sure to teach your son not to pull, the dad is boss card with them.” She thought, 'I do not want him to be serious injured or killed over such a trivial mistake.'

Jango stated, “He knows better. And he knows if he tried that, he will have the most to worry from me.”

Loki asked, “Fair enough. Along with your team members, are you able to integrated with Captain Starband and her Gray Squad?”

Jango answered, “Yes. They are all disciplined. And they are more than willing to take orders from those that respected.”

Loki thought, 'As I expected.' She responded, “That is what I wanted to hear. Also, how has Grievous' heavy weapons training coming along?”

Jango stated, “Once we are able to fabricate the weapons for his larger form, he came to enjoy practicing with these weapons. He can now either be a walking weapons platform. Or, he can directly tear into an enemy with that sword you made him. I am thinking of fitting his larger form with mandalorian armor. So we can incorporate some of those weapon into the armor. This will free up his hands. He is not opposed to the idea.”

Loki said, “That is a good idea. With those armor and modern weapons, Grievous could become a real unstoppable juggernaut on the battlefield. We will talk about this later.”

Loki hid her smile, as she thought, 'Someone as powerful as Grievous augmented further with powerarmor. That is brilliant. And Jango, that is why I made you leader of this team.'

Loki suggested, “Also, we could give the rest of your team armor?”

Jango stated, “That depends on if they want it or not. While Captain Starband and her squad uses a variation of the armor Boba and I use, Captain Starband made it clear she believes it is best if she and her squad are not equipped with rocket packs. I have talked to the other team members about having such armor. Asajj said such armor would slow her down. Given her force enhanced reflexes, I agree. Aurra prefers to stay light and mobile. She states that wearing armor messes with her aim. I believe that Aurra's marksmanship skills right now is next to perfect. I do not want to mess with such perfection.”

Loki conceded, “Those are good points.”

Jango commented, “About the sword you gave Grievous. That weapon seems indestructible and is able to freeze almost anything the blade touches, to the point of shattering the items with the cold. At least in battle.”

Loki said, “Correct. I call Grievous' large, mystical, claymore sword, Brynhildr. When I gave Grievous the sword, I told him the name and I gave him the power to summon summon his sword with his will. The blade will only freeze enemies it touches. The sword will not harm those that do not seek the wielder, nor the sword harm. That is a safety measure I put in, just in case.”

Loki thought, 'Grievous would not be able to use the sword against me, unless I first turn on him, or the sword.'

Loki went onto say, “After Grievous losing my previous sword I made for him, I decided to not just give him a tough, sharp, light, mystic sword. But, a sword with its own power. It can not only freeze items to the point of shattering. Also, with practice the sword allows the wielder to summon and control blizzards and the individual elements composing a blizzard.”

Jango asked, “Okay. What if he loses the weapon? Or, if it is stolen?”

Loki answered, “I added a few more abilities. Including Grievous being able to summon the sword by will to him and teleport to the hand of his choice. Also, his sword will protect him his body the cold.”

Jango stated, “Interesting. This explains why it sometimes gets cold, cloudy, and snows when he practices with his sword. Even on otherwise warm, sunny days.”

Loki commented, “He needs practices to gain control of such abilities.”

Jango said, “I agree. I will leave such lessons to you.”

Loki replied, “In a few weeks, I will give Grievous some lessons concerning this matter.”

Jango inquired, “Good. So, the name of the sword. What is its meaning?”

Loki answered, “I named Brynhildr after a warrior woman whom at one point was trapped in a ring of fire. What better than a weapon of ice and blizzard to be named after someone whom could have used such abilities.”

Jango commented, “I see your point.”

Loki mentioned, “Also, the sword can be used let him fly like Thor uses her hammer, Mjolnir, to fly.”

Jango said, “Interesting.”

Loki stated, “Though, I want him to learn that ability on his own.”

Jango commented, “That is... Playful...”

Loki giggled a little.

Jango waited a few seconds for Loki to stop giggling.

As Loki calmed down, Jango requested, “I think it might be wise to acquire similar weapons for the rest of us.”

Loki responded, “I agree. We will talk about that when we have more time.”

Jango asked, “That we will. Loki. If you do not mind me asking. While you told me the basics. I would like some details as to why you formed this team?”

Loki said, “I do not mind telling you. I did this because the Jedi fight the Sith. And the Sith fight the Jedi. Over and over again. In an endless cycle that harms everyone. Neither the Jedi, nor the Sith will admit the truth. There are no absolutes in life. It is time to do something different. It is time to show this galaxy there is a different ways to do things.” She smirked, as she continued, “And I am all about doing things differently.”

Jango stated, “I believe I understand what you are saying.”

Loki maintained her smirk, as she stated, “Good. That is why you are the leader of this team. I will contact you when I need you. Have a good day.”

Loki used her right hand to press a button on the holo-monitor to turn off the communication. Jango's small hologram disappeared above the holo-monitor. Then, Loki touched a button on the holo-monitor, which she had already programmed to show an holographic image.

A second later, the small hologram of a planet appeared above the holo-monitor. The planet was the living planet of Zonama Sekot.

Loki stated, in a more serious tone of voice, “Because someday we are going to need you, and as many heroes as we can inspire to fight the coming darkness.”

Loki thought, 'This cold war we are going to have between the Confederacy and the Republic will be a good excuse for both sides to built their armies up, and keep everyone sharp. Because, we are going to need every hero and soldier we can find and produce... Along with military weapons, equipment, vehicles, needed logistical supplies and production...'

'Funny I should thank Anakin, of all people, for giving me this idea. But, that man has always been sharp, cunning, and ruthless when he wants to be. Impulse control was his problem, which Padme has definitely helped him with.'

'Though, it was unfortunate that I had to arrange for the Death Star to be made public knowledge. But, it was a gamble that by informing Padme of the Death Star, she would either keep it, or destroy it. I was sure either way that she would make the Death Star existence known.'

'I could understand everyone's reasons for wanting to destroy the Death Star.'

'Still, the destruction of the Death Star itself was a small loss. While everyone was focused on the Death Star itself, I was able to quietly find and copy the blueprints to the Death Star. And with the resources and wealth I have amassed, I can rebuild that Death Star anytime I want. And I can afford to build a few Death Stars at once.'

'Still, I will wait a few years before I do so. I do not want to restart the war I worked so hard to peacefully end. I will wait until that galaxy is in need of such weapons. There will be signs before all hell breaks loose. I will watch for those signs. So, I should have time.'

'But, should I need to build a new Death Star. I will build a Darksaber version of the Death Star. A paired down Death Star in the shape of a giant cylinder. With only the super-laser, energy shields, energy reactors, standard compliment of weapons for a ship that size, a few hangar bays for fighter squadrons, and a hyperdrive engines. With the rest of the super-structure not present, the recharge time for the super-laser will be far quicker.'

'Given the size my version of the Death Star will be, even not counting the super-laser, each of the Darksabers will have the firepower equal to one or two Super-Star Destroyers. Also, I will be sure to fix any weaknesses I know of from the Death Star Design. Outer vent covers and backwash filters would go a long way to fix a few of these problems.'

'The Yuuzhan Vong and their Chazrach slave soliders in their organic ships would not be able to withstand the firepower of a fleet of Darksaber Death Stars. No one could. Not even Galactus, nor Unicron. I am glad I ran across the Transformers, GI Joe, and Jem franchises. Since Star Wars is real. Those realities are real as well. I read that Unicron is suppose to travel the multiverse. So Unicron might someday come here. Though, I hope not.'

'I admit I found the way holographic technology was used in the Jem series and the technology the Cobra organization developed to be inspiring.'

'Finding the people to redesign the Death Star to my specifications should not be too hard. Though, building such weapons will be the hard part. Since I want to keep all this secret. Especially, from Padme, the Jedi Order, the Republic government, and much of the Confederate government.'

'I do not believe Bec and Voe would understand why I am doing this. Mina might, but she would still oppose the idea on grounds that building such super-weapons would risk threatened the peace between the Confederacy and Republic. And she would be right. But, we need to have these weapons on hand when the Yuuzhan Vong arrive here.'

'Funds will not be hard. I have quietly amassed more wealth in secret accounts than most nations. Mostly from investments. When I make all those deals for Dooku, and later on my own, to help the Confederacy. I might have more wealth than the Royal family of the Hapes Consortium.'

I secretly invested in the stocks of those companies and the bonds of the regional governments. The return on my investments are almost incalculable. And due to the investments being secret, they are not taxed, nor regulated. And with my power and reputation, no one would dare try to steal my wealth from me.'

'Also, I will not kill those whom build these weapons. I may need more such weapons to be built. But, before these weapons become public, I will need secrecy. I may try to have the workers commute to a nearby system, of which they do not know the location of. Or, I may have to keep the workers and their families on a planet or two, until I figure out how to make these secret weapons stay secret, without resorting to violence and death.'

'Using magic to alter the memories of the populations of entire planets does not really work that well. There are always those whom remember and the others people affected by such spells eventually remember, as well.'

'Though, if I have to contain a population to a few planets to build these weapons, I will make sure these are nice planets. And the workers are well paid and their families are well provided for.'

'I do not want to resort to slave labor and prison planets.'

'In addition, given the size and complexity of building such a large weapon, if I have the groups only build certain sections and parts. With each group only having access to a small part of the design. These groups would not realize what they are building these parts for. These items can be assembled together later into complete Darksabers.'

'I might even build spare parts for the more important parts of these weapons. It is always nice to have access to working spare parts when something breaks down.'

'But, this is all for much later.'

'One thing I can do is begin to look into finding the lost Katana Fleet. The heavy cruisers are a bit dated in this timeline. But, the fleet numbered two hundred heavy cruisers. That number of ships would definitely be helpful in being used as support ships for newer heavy cruisers. They could be used to help turn the tide of battle against Yuuzhan Vong in small battles.'

'If nothing else, the Katana Fleet ships could be used for parts and for defense in various locations, to allow more powerful ships to handle any conflicts that are happening.'

'The problem is I believe that Katana Fleet is in the southwestern Mid-Rim, around the Halm Sector. That is very deep into Republic space and far from any Confederate locations.'

'Maybe I can cut a deal with Padme. I will find the fleet. We will split the ships between the Confederacy and the Republic. A hundred heavy cruisers for each side. Padme might go for the deal. The ships are dated enough that letting us have half of them will not be a huge political, or strategic risk.'

'I will have to think about this matter.'

'Speaking of super-weapons. It is tempting to look into creating giant monsters, like that giant, cybernetic gorog that was killed on Inoc Sev. I am still not sure how Thor and the Jedi pulled off stopping that creature. Though, from what I heard I believe Anakin, or someone else force chocked the beast. That is a pretty impressive feat.'

'But, such creatures are heard to control and keep healthy. I could get in a lot of trouble with Padme and other people, if I am caught working on such projects. Taking all this into account, such research projects are not with the hassle.'

'That reminds me, I recently check on that researcher, Lo'Ran. Lo'Ran is doing fine on his homeworld of Skako.'

'Also, the other people I have helped over the years seem to be doing fine. It is nice to follow-through on various matters, to make sure nothing comes back to bite me in the ass.'

'The only person I cannot follow up on is Dooku. Because, I have no idea where he is. I sure he is doing fine. He knows better than to cross me. I even kept my promise to him. With the treaty he is a free man, and I make sure his wealth and holdings were maintained. The castle I confronted him in is ready for him to move back into. So, I do not need to worry about him anytime soon.'

'Now I need to focus on my more immediate next steps. Maybe I will find a way to free Cad Bane from the prison planet I found out he was placed on. I am glad I was correct, and Palpatine let him, and his subordinates live, with them all being sent to prison.'

'I would prefer to free Bane and keep an eye on him. Instead of letting him eventually break himself out. If he broke himself out of jail, he might come after me for allowing him to stay there for so long. He is too skilled to be allowed to do that, and I do not want to kill him because he is still potentially useful to me.'

'I wonder if it might be cheaper to bribe the warden of that prison planet to let Cad Bane go. I do not want to alert the Republic, especially Padme, to Cad Bane being freed.'

'A loud, assisted escape would draw attention. While a quiet bribe, through third parties, will not.'

'Too bad that Mace and the other former Jedi sent to prison are located in another prison, on a moon in another sector of space. Still, my plans for Mace and those former Jedi can wait. I am not worried about them escaping. Actually, allowing them to finish their prison sentences might be best for everyone, because once they are freed, there will be no one looking for them, and I will not have to worry about the hassle of hiding them.'

'When I do get Bane free, I will use the excuse that I needed to wait until the war was over before doing so. He will likely buy the excuse. Especially, since I will start offering him nice paying jobs. Also, I will help him replace his equipment and ship.'

'On a related matter, I need to look into the other players whom should be soon coming onto the stage. Whom may arrive under my nose. Or, I may have to convince them to come onto the stage. Though, I will not use force to do so.'

'One such player is Thrawn. I do not even know if he was exiled by the Chiss Ascendancy government in this timeline. I believe the Outbound Flight project happened before the Clone Wars. Which means a lot of people died just by that project taking flight. I need to check into that.'

'Though, given that was the story where Palpatine may learned of the Yuuzhan Vong. The events of that story likely happened. Though, Palpatine may have learned of the Yuuzhan Vong through other sources.'

'Either way, I need to see if I can find Thrawn and convince him to join us. I do not want the Republic to poach him. If he is not reigned in, he could become a very dangerous enemy to me and the Confederacy. But, he is also an excellent strategist, with leadership skills. He will make a good student for me to teach.'

'Though, it is already possible that he has already joined the Republic Navy. The exact date of when Thrawn met the Republic navy is a little hazy. A lot of events went sideways after Mjolnir landed in the arena on Geonosis.'

'Even if Thrawn is part of the Republic navy, I still might be able to work with him. I will have to check into that. Because, even if I cannot have him as a subordinate, I do not want him as an enemy.'

'Still, Thrawn might have the most potential to be either a great ally or dangerous enemy. Thrawn greatest strength is that he can figured out the tactics and weaknesses of alien species by studying their art and culture. If Thrawn learned my big secret. That this reality, my reality, and other realities were works of fiction that could be read about and maybe even manipulated from other realities, he would not rest until he could figure out how to travel through the multiverse and learn what he could from such a point of view as mine.'

'Thrawn is like myself in this way. He would seek all the information he could from this reality and other realities comparable to this reality, such as Star Trek, Babylon Five, Firefly-Serenity, and even Farscape. Thrawn would likely use this information in attempt to take over the multiverse.'

'With Thrawn's skills in leadership and tactics, tempered with his patience, he might be able to achieve some degree of multiversal conquest. That would create problems for everyone involved, including myself, and even Thrawn, when he eventually encounters a group he cannot immediately deal with.'

'There are a lot of powerful beings and organizations in the multiverse whom are far more dangerous than anyone on this plane of existence. Even I am insignificant compared to some of the beings I have learned about in various fictional franchises.'

'Like the beings from the Star Trek franchise whom use the seventeenth letter in the english alphabet as their name. Even I am not going to accidentally even think that letter, let along say that letter out loud, for concern I might accidentally summon them.'

'In this way, Thrawn may be more dangerous than Palpatine. At the end of the day, Palpatine at his heart is a hedonist seeking power for himself. Thrawn at his heart is an idealist seeking to build something greater than himself.'

'Thrawn is one person that it is best for myself and other people that he be kept in the dark about information on the multiverse and metaphysics.'

'Fortunately, I only told Padme my secret. I am sure she will tell know one because they may question her sanity if she did. Especially, since she has no proof of such claims. On the other hand, everyone already believes I am insane. So, I am not worried about such claims towards myself. The only reason I do not have to worry about this is that everyone knows I am powerful and I am able to achieve the goals I set out to accomplish.'

'Concerning other people I plan to have an eye on. I believe I will check in on Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian. Those three scoundrels should start getting into trouble by now. And even if they never met. Like Boba Fett, they have some real potential. Potential I would like to utilize, at a fair price, with nice salaries and benefits. Though, they may need some training. Those will be investments worth making.'

'Lando and Han are still children. But, Chewbacca is very much an adult. He is around two hundred years old, which is middle-age for a wookiee. With myself being on the Confederacy side, this could cause problems in talking to Chewbacca. But, I have handled more difficult negotiations. Once Chewbacca realizes he cannot rip my arms from my sockets, talks should go smoothly.'

'Also, I need find the Millennium Falcon. I will not allow that nice piece of junk to languish on a planet, in the middle of nowhere. I do not care what anyone thinks. I am going to find that ship. I will have it repaired and refurbished. Then, I am going to make that ship my personal traveling ship. I am sure everyone will question one of the most powerful individuals in the galaxy taking an old Corellian freighter and making that ship their personal ship of choice. But, I do not care. Those that will get the joke will be envious of me.'

'At least I pay John and Michael enough that they will not complain.'

'I may plan to find out if my family and former friends are still alive in some place and time in the multiverse. I know that given how I left them, it will not be a pleasant meeting. I need to find out what happened to them so I can have some closure on those matters. Especially, my two adopted daughters. America and Nico. Due to the powers they have and the lessons I gave them, I am sure both of them survived somewhere in the multiverse.'

'Though, back to people I need to look into. There are many others. Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors, Talon Karrde, Dani, Mara Jade. Though, I am not sure Mara Jade was Mara's original name. Not that it matters. With luck, Mara and many of the others will never lose their families and friends. But, I am sure, if the galaxy is in need of their services, they will arise to the occasion. Either in my service, or Padme's service. In such cases, we would likely be working together to fight the same threat.'

'While he is a competent officer, I believe I will leave Gilad Pellaeon alone. He only really shined years later in the original timeline, when he became Thrawn's second in command and later Thrawn's replacement. Right now, Gilad should be a Captain right now in the Republic navy. I will make sure he made it through the Clone Wars in one piece, but otherwise, I will leave him alone.'

'My attention is needed elsewhere. There are still too many threats and potential opportunities to ignore.'

'On such place a threat could arise is on the planet Byss, in the southwestern Deep Core. Palpatine may have already removed Byss from the galactic maps, like he did with Kamino. But, Kamino was easily found by asking the right people. The same will be true for Byss. I will find this information and figure out the mission plan.'

'In a couple of months. Once my team is finished training with their new equipment, I will contact Padme and organization a join mission to Byss. To make sure Palpatine did not already set up a secret base on that planet. If we do not check on this matter in the present, this could come back to bite us later in the future.'

'Then, there are other threats to the galaxy.'

'If such a cosmic threat as the Yuuzhan Vong invaded this galaxy. Even with a few Darksaber super-weapons. And my fleet. And the Republic fleet. We would still be at a disadvantage. But, my precautions would give us a fighting chance.'

'I will not let the Jedi Order foolishly sabotage my weapons because they believe using such weapons are wrong. Even in the face of experiencing galactic level genocide. Like what Luke's little Jedi Order did in the original timeline.'

'Should the Yuuzhan Vong show up, I would be tempted to try to bring the Centerpoint and the Sinkhole spacestations into play.'

'Though, if either of them are destroyed, Abeloth would be freed. And Abeloth would either seek Thor, or myself out to possess.'

'Having her possess the body either of us, with our political skills and mystic powers, would create a dire threat to the galaxy. I am not sure either Thor, or myself, can take Abeloth down in a fight. As I told Padme years ago. The only weapon I know of that might be able to kill Abeloth is the Dagger of Mortis. And I fear facing those three Celestials would be more dangerous than facing Abeloth.'

'While Padme mentioned the Father of the trio does not view myself as evil. That does not mean the Daughter and Son hold the same opinion of myself as the Father does.'

'So, it would not be worth the risk using those two spacestations in battle, even if the Yuuzhan Vong do invade.'

'Besides, I am already preparing other ways to deal with Yuuzhan Vong, should they come. Though, I hope they do not. I would rather prepare for nothing, than have the Yuuzhan Vong arrive.'

'If the Jedi or Sith give me a lot of trouble, I do know about the planet of Myrkr in the northeastern Inner Rim, and the interesting ability of the small, salamander like Ysalamir animals on that planet. A Ysalamir has yellow skin and is about the size of a house cat, and this animal can create a force bubble that pushes out force attacks a meter in all directions. Ysalamiri in groups can have their force bubbles combine and become even larger. This is a wonderful defense against force attacks.'

'Also, there are the black fur, panther like vornskrs on Myrkr which can be domesticated into pets. They can track those that use the force.'

'I have toyed with the idea of having K-9 military and police units, only instead of the personnel being paired with dogs, which I am not sure exist here, these officers will be paired with vornskrs.'

'The tail of a vornskr can whip its prey and the tail has a mild venom that temporarily stuns its prey. But, cutting off the tail of a vornskr will cause the animal's aggression for hunting to decrease to the point they can be made pets. But, like all wild animals, vornskr can still be dangerous.'

'I intentionally left Myrkr alone. I do not want the Jedi or Sith to realize I know how to counter their force abilities. I even have the the Confederacy intentionally avoid Myrkr.'

'On the matter of lightsabers. Like all technology, I am sure lightsabers are gullible when confronted with magic.'

'It was tempting to negotiate for the Myrkr star system during the creation of the Treaty of Geonosis. But, doing so would have tipped my hand to the Jedi.'

'Since Myrkr animals evolved to use the force, I wonder if there are any dormant force related diseases on Myrkr that could be used against force users without harming the rest of the population. This might be something to look into. But, I would have to make sure the personnel I assign to the task are loyal and do not get any foolish ideas. And I would make sure the was no testing on living creatures. I want to know if it is possible. I do not want to create a plague. Doing so would upset a lot of very powerful people in the galaxy.'

'I checked. Even to this day, the Republic does not watch the planet very much. The planet is not very populated. I doubt only a handful of people in the Jedi Order known what makes Myrkr so valuable. And Myrkr is close to Confederate space. If I need to access the planet and the animals on the planet. This will not be a problem.'

'Then, there are the Kwa ruins on Dathomir.'

'While the main pyramid with the Star Chamber was destroyed, there are other nearby pyramids which are likely still intact.'

'I really need to find a way to send a research team to Dathomir to look over the ruins of the Star Temples to see if anything is left of the Star Chamber of the Prime Gate. While in the original timeline, the Imperials could not find any used pieces of the destroyed Star Chamber, during their Project Nightsaber, that does not mean we cannot find something useful.'

'It is possible the Star Temples were pyramids built to mirror star constellations. On Earth some of the pyramids were built by humans to mirror curtain star constellations.'

'Even if there is nothing from within the temples, the way the temples are built next to each other might be show the Kwa temple system is a large star map. The map might lead to a hidden world where the Kwa did not allow themselves to devolve into nomads lizard like people were are barely the level of sentient.'

'It is a big galaxy and nowhere near fully charted. So this is possible.'

'Such a world, or worlds would may exist. If the temples line up with the stars, then the Star Temple with the Prime Gate would likely represent the star of the solar system of the main planet such Kwa fled to hide from the galaxy.'

'I refuse to believe a species such as the Kwa, whom achieved such greatness, would all allow themselves to slide back to nomadic savages. There was always the risk the Rakata might find them on Dathomir, so some of the Kwa might have fled somewhere else.'

'Though, the Star Temples were built around a hundred thousand years ago. I would have to take into account the stellar drift between then and now. This includes what stars would have soon in the sky above where the Star Temples are in Dathomir a hundred thousand years ago. That would narrow down the possible locations.'

'The carbon dating for when the temples were built would have to be precise, within a few thousand years, to properly figure out the star map.'

'None of this would be a problem. I can even use pictures of the star temples from space to begin this research right now. The average astromech droid could likely do the calculations of such a star map with ease. Though, I will have a few astromechs do the calculations to check over their math.'

'Even if I end up lost in the galaxy, I can create a portal for my ship and myself to head back to a known location. So getting lost is not a problem, as long as I do not run into anything.'

'If such a Kwa world exists. The Kwa on that world might even be in some sort of suspended animation for a day when the Rakata no longer roamed the stars. That would be great for all parties. While the Kwa would be hesitant to help outsiders due to what happened with the Rakata, I am sure I could convince them to help me.'

'Still, to search Dathomir I would first have to work out an arrangement with the witches before I did so.'

'The Kwi, which are what the Kwa Builders devolved to are not really a factor in this matter. Though, there the giant, fast whuffa worms and wild rancors to worry about. But, these problems are trivial when compared to the potential rewards.'

'Though, either way. Like I told Padme. Something needs to be done about Witches of Dathomir. There culture is too dangerous to allow to continue. Even the best of the witches are anti-male. They practice some of the most brutal forms of slavery in the galaxy. Slavery is wrong to use against anyone, women and men.'

'Some of the night sisters could become as dangerous as Sidious.'

'All it would take is one ambitious witch to unite the Dathomir Clans. Then, they will find a way off of world. That number of force users, in a guerrilla warfare situation would be a challenge for both the Confederacy and Republic working together to deal with.'

'While the Witches are raised in a low technology culture, when they leave their planet as mercenaries and thieves, they are able to acclimate themselves well to modern technology. I have seen this firsthand with Asajj Ventress.'

'This has happened in the history of other species. Including humans. When one person unites all the clans of a group. Then, that person sends their army on a rampage across the planet they are on.'

'Then, there is the case of possible ancient Kwa devices which are hidden underneath the surface of Dathomir.'

'The Kwa built their entire technology on manipulating and using the force to bend time and space.'

'All it would take is someone finding such technology. That technology could make them a god among other force users.'

'If a one of the witches found such a device, that woman would do just what I feared. She would use her newfound power to united the clans and take them off the planet to try to conquer the galaxy.'

'But, if a fleeing male slave found such technology, he would use his new powers to free the other men from the women on the planet. Given the way the men have been treated. The men would overthrow the women and the men would return the women's brutality toward them with their own brutality. After which, the man whom created this army would likely seek to find a way off the planet to conquer new lands and planets.'

'Should any of these possibilities happen, having Asajj with me would be very helpful in preventing bloodshed.'

'I have talked to Asajj on this matter. I did not tell her about the Kwa. But, I did talk about the possibilities of the witch clans uniting, or a revolt by the men. She is on board that something needs to be done before one of these possibilities happen. And she trusts me to handle this matter.'

'I would hate to be forced into a situation where I have to bomb Dathomir to rubble to keep such an army of force users from escaping that planet.'

'Especially, after some of the clan mothers leading various clans have been secretly helping me save as many boys, slaves, and other people as the clan mothers can get away with.'

'This shows that many of the clan mother on Dathomir are open to change. So, we might be able to pull this off.'

'Something has to be done before this becomes a problem. I am still working on how to figure a way to do so without a lot of people being killed on both sides.'

'I have come to believe that the Jedi Order does not want the people Dathomir to be civilized and brought into the greater galactic society due to the risk of so many trained force users leaving them planet. With Dathomir still a part of the Galactic Republic, they are a factor in this issue, consider inside the Galactic Republic they have jurisdiction on matters dealing with the force.'

'I believe Yoda and the Jedi Order could be brought to the table if certain conditions were met. But, the witches will never bow to the Jedi Order. So, we might have to have Dathomir declared an independent planet, or annexed to become part of Confederacy to fix these jurisdiction issue.'

'But, doing any of these options could easily restart the Clone Wars. So, I will have to handle these matters very delicately.'

'The reason I do not ask for the Dathomir System in the peace treaty, nor have the Confederacy try to take the Dathomir system by force, was that I knew the Jedi Order would fight tooth and nail to keep the Dathomir planet. The Jedi Order have destroyed the treaty negotiations and restarted the war over Dathomir. The Jedi Order would have destroyed that planet than lose it, for fear of the witches escaping off the planet, en masse, in the confusion of battle, which is a possibility.'

'So, there was no point in rocking the boat in treaty negotiations because due to Padme's experiences on Dathomir left her open to changing the society of witch clans on Dathomir.'

'As Supreme Chancellor, Padme has the final say on such matters. Not the Jedi Order.'

'Poetically, I had nothing to do with Padme's negative feelings on the witches of Dathomir. The witches did that to themselves when they tried to murder a baby boy in front of Padme. A baby boy Padme saved and I believe took to the Jedi Order to be raised to be a Jedi. I am sure that Padme will more sure the boy is fine, even if he does not make it as a Jedi.'

'If we were to try to bring civilization and change to the Dathomiri, we would need someway for them to make money without resorting to questionable means. Otherwise, the various galactic corporations would overrun their planet.'

'Fortunately, I have already come up with an idea to solve that problem, which is part of my basic plan.'

'It is too bad the Witches of Dathomir are so closed minded towards the rest of the galaxy. Between their force illusions, acrobatics, and rancor riding, I would easily arrange for them to make a fortune as a traveling circus among the stars... Oh well. A person can dream... Though, maybe a few of the the various clan members might be open to the idea. I am fairly sure Clan Mother Balara may be open to the idea. I will look into the matter later. There are other ways to arrange wealth for the people of Dathomiri.'

'Years ago, I sent a secret Confederate research team to Dathomir's forth moon, Koratas. A few months after the research team landed on Koratas, they finished their surveying and returned to Confederate space. The report they made stated that Koratas was rich in several types of valuable minerals, including minerals used to produce durasteel.'

'Though, they did not find any signs of Kwa ruins. But, that was not their primary mission.'

'I will send research teams to other moons of Dathomir later. After this is made public, when the clan mothers of Dathomir and the Republic give me permission to do so. If there was rich resources on Koratas. I am sure the same is likely on Dathomir's other three moons and likely Dathomir itself. But, I could only risk sending on research team to a location in secret. So, I sent them to Koratas, where I was sure there were resources to be found.'

'We could bring in mining companies to Koratas and officially off time limited leases for the mining rights to the Dathomir Clans, with the payment in form of a down payment of credits, and a percentage of the gross royalties. This would be a enticement for the witch clans to modernize their culture.'

'Though, we need to be careful to not appear be stealing from them.'

'Unfortunately, even royalties from such a venture when split among the various clans that many ways is not much money. We would have to split it will all the clans, including the night sisters, or the night sisters would cause problems. In this case, the night sisters would have a legitimate cause.'

'Also, I would arrange to have a little money sent to Asajj, due to her being from Dathomir. I could offer to pay her quite a bit of money to be a negotiator on this. Her negotiation skills have come a long way since I first met her. She is a very skilled student, and I have taught her well.'

'Still, it is a start on how to help them make some money that does not involved going off planet to be mercenaries and thieves.'

'When I have a plan ready, I will run it by Asajj and Padme. With luck we will may find a way to bring Dathomir to the greater galaxy and free the people there without resorting to much violence.'

'At least I believe the Jedi Order will not cause me problems for a while. From what I was told, Yoda was the only member of the Jedi High Council whom remained after that coup scandal. I am surprised that Padme went through with her precautions. But, I can understand her reasons.'

'Still, Yoda was able hand pick and assign a number of people whom to the High Council. Most of the appointments I agree with. None of them are hardliners looking for a fight. Jedi Master Fay is even one of the new High Council members.'

'Some of those appointments were from the three councils below the Jedi High Council. I can understand Yoda doing this as a way to both appease the members of those councils, while also allowing other less experienced members of the Jedi Order to replace the members whom were promoted from those councils to the Jedi High Council. This will allow them to gain administrative and political experience with less risk to the Jedi Order if their council assignments to not work out.'

'My offer to help Fay find out more about her origins still stands. I am sure she has not forgotten my offer. Helping her aid in creating good faith between the Jedi Order and myself.'

'If I can find the time, I will help Fay. Though, if she does contract me with a request to help her on the matter, I will see what I can do for her, within a few days of her contacting me.'

'Also, the research team's secondary mission to Koratas was to search for any Republic spy probes near Dathomir. They did not find any Republic spy probes. They did find a few hyperspace relay communication satellites which were very old, but still functioning. Also, the team was able to successfully set up secret space probes to orbit Dathomir, near Koratas's orbit, to monitor Dathomir for the Confederacy.'

'When I have my teams of Confederate women, whom I assigned the task to secretly gather the Dathomir children from the Clan Mothers, go to Dathomir, I always have then check on my spy probes, as they come out of hyperspace in orbit of Dathomir. They check the spy probes by short range encrypted communications.'

'Basically, this an internal diagnostics of the software and hardware of the spy probes orbiting Dathomir.'

'So far the spy probes have continued to be in working order, with the spy probes sending monitoring information on Dathomir to Confederate intelligence. Most of that information is seeing which ships visit the planet and when. Along with the weather patterns of the planet. While mundane, I will need this information if I intend to move forward with my plans for the planet and the people on the planet.'

'I had the ships these teams of women use vary so it would be harder to figure out, on the ground and in space, that this is one large scale operation by a single group.'

'When I am ready, I will send some research teams search Dathomir's moons, the other planets, and the moons of those planets to search for any Kwa technology hidden on the surface or underground. This will include a more thorough search of Koratas for Kwa technology. Though, I will have to be careful since the star system Dathomir is a part of Republic space and I do not want to upset Padme and her friends.'

'After I make the resources of Koratas' moon public and get permission to look at other moons for other resources. While I do so, I will have my teams also secretly search for Kwa technology under everyone's noses.'

'Though, this is for later. When I eventually get around to doing this.'

'On another matter. At least I do not have to worry if something happens to me. Even if something were to happen to me, my team I have put together, the Jedi, and Padme, have survived the Clone Wars. I have already warned them of the Yuuzhan Vong and Zonama Sekot. Also, I have made arrangements, in the event of my death, or should I go missing for over a year, that information packets on the Yuuzhan Vong and a few other possible threats will be sent to my trusted subordinates in the Confederacy, to Padme, and to the Jedi Order. I am sure, even if I die. As long as they know what they are dealing with in advance, they will be able to handle these threats.'

Loki realized a term she had used without thinking, as she mentally reflected, 'Confederacy... We are not Separatists anymore. We are officially a sovereign Galactic nation, that is quietly under control of my guiding hand... A hand I wish to use to protect the Confederacy, and my extention the Republic, from various possible threats. Among those other possible threats are the Hutts, the Chiss, the Killik, the Sith, the Ssi-ruu, the Anzati, and the Hapes Consortium might eventually desire to cause problems for their own benefit.'

'The Hapes Consortium might be the easiest to deal with. They respect strong women such as myself. If the Hapes Consortium becomes a problem, I will simply appeal to the isolationists of the Hapan royal court. That should keep the Hapans from become an issue for anyone outside the Hapes Star Cluster.'

'Unlike Dathomir, while the matriarchal monarchy of the Hapes Consortium does not treat their men well in general. Their men are not slaves. The men do have rights, are allowed jobs they are paid a living wage to do and they can travel through the Hapes Star Cluster within reason. And the men gain permission to leave the Hapes Star Cluster from the Hapes Consortium government.'

'The second easiest group would be the Hutts. The Hutts are not hard to deal with.'

'Though, I would suspect that I will have to deal Hutts sooner rather than later. The Hutts were angry to find out that the Treaty of Geonosis left them on the outside of galactic influence.'

'To the victors go the spoils. The Hutts decided to remain officially neutral during the Clone Wars. But, they stirred the pot of this war when they could. They sold weapons to both sides, and they took advantage of the war to harm a lot of people. I wanted to make sure they would pay for that. So, I used their official neutrality against them. While the Confederacy, the Republic, and the Neutrality Alliance made peace, we excluded Hutts from the treaty negotiation due to their official neutrality.'

'Though, Obiwan and I made sure to include the Neutrality Alliance because that organization kept trying to find a peaceful resolution to the war. They took in countless millions of refugees on both sides of the war. They saved a lot of lives. The Neutrality Alliance earned their place at the bargaining table.'

'As such, the treaty gave me a chance to clean up some of the galaxy. This included removing much of the galaxy from the hooks of the Hutt Cartels. I would have annexed Hutt Space if I could have gotten away with it. But, we just stopped one galactic war. I have no intention on starting another galactic war.'

'Though, finishing a galactic war I do not start is another matter. Should the Hutts attack either the Confederacy or Republic, they will soon find themselves deposed of all their power.'

'While Hutt Space is off limits, for the moment, I do plan to figure out how to free the territories outside of Hutt Space from the Hutt. I would love to figure a way to kick Jabba's ass and his whole cartel off of Tatooine. Along with liberating other worlds held by the Hutts, such as Roon and Ryloth.'

'The Twi'lek species would be very grateful towards the Confederacy, if we liberated their homeworld of Ryloth.'

'If I could take the Spice Triangle away from the Hutts Cartels that would hurt their fiances to the point they will think twice about crossing me.'

'I know about the Death Wind Corridor hyper-route. I am sure I can convince Padme, Bec, and Voe, to organize a joint Confederate and Republic military operation to clean out Spice Triangle of the criminal activity.'

'I really do not care about the drug known spice one way other another. This is more of a taxation and smuggling issue. As long as slaves are not used to collect and package the spices, with well paid workers doing those job, I could care less about spice.'

'While I am tempted to ask for Anakin to join us. All that would do is bring up bad memories for himself that happened on Tatooine. Besides, if need me, I can handle this matter myself, with my own resources and personnel.'

'Politically, this would look good for both the Confederacy and the Republic.'

'On that mater, I still have to deal with the Black Sun. But, that is an issue for another day.'

'When it comes to the Chiss, I am sure Thrawn can help smooth things over with the Chiss. While he was exiled from his homeworld due to internal politics. Wherever he ended up, I am sure he is no longer just a mere exile. And he would likely enjoy rubbing the Chiss Ascendancy's noses that they exiled him and he has returned with the Confederacy and Republic behind him, to talk about the Chiss' relationship with the rest of the galaxy.'

'That reminds me, the Inocs of Inoc Sev have blue skin. Their place, Inoc Sev is about halfway between the Core Worlds and the planet Chiss. The Inocs might be related to the Chiss. But from all the reports I read, the Inocs did not wish to cause anyone trouble. Unlike the Chiss, whom are secretive towards outsides, the Inocs are friendly to outsiders. And from what I understand, the Inocs cook really good food.'

'Besides, the Republic took over the planet and is helping the Inocs. It is best that I not involve myself with a people whom have no interest in causing trouble.'

'The Killik should not be hard too handle, if one knows how their social structure and culture works... I just need to be careful to keep my representatives from being absorbed into the Killik hiveminds...'

'When is comes to the Sith... Dooku and I already have an understanding... And the only other Sith in the galaxy that I know of at in time period prefer to keep to themselves. So none of the Sith currently alive in the galaxy will likely cause me problems... Except maybe for Palpatine... But, if he shows himself, he will have most of the galaxy after him. If he is alive he knows better than to try to come after myself, Padme, or anyone else in the Confederate and Republic power structures.'

'We even found many of Palpatine's secret bank accounts. The Confederacy and Republic split the assets seized between each other. That was a lot of galactic credits. I did not realize that Palpatine held enough wealth to rival the Hapes Consortium. The Hapan's have gems that are worth entire solar systems. Palpatine might have been able to literally buy much of the galaxy if he had not been so greedy and he desired to use other people's money to rise to power.'

'From Palpatine's wealth alone, the Republic and Confederacy paid for much of the expenses for the war and the rebuilding projects the armistice.'

'I have contacts all over the galaxy, where Palpatine might go to find an apprentice. Populations with force abilities, such as Zeltros and Dathomir.'

'My relations with the many of the clan mothers on Dathomir has improved. I am on good relations with Balara. And I have made it known to all the Clan Mothers, including the night sister clan mothers, that if Palpatine shows his face on Dathomir, I will reward the Clan whom captures him, dead or alive.'

'I even have a few contacts on Myrkr, if Palpatine is desperate enough to try to hide himself there and using the force negating energy bubbles created by the Ysalamir animals on the planet, as a way to mask his presence in this force. But doing so would weaken him in the one power he has lift. The force. So, I doubt he will ever to go Myrkr. Though, I am sure he will show up somewhere.'

'Due to the slight possibility that Palpatine might actually be Anakin's father, it is for the best that Padme did not kill him. I do not have to worry about personal blowback on this matter.'

'Even if this is true, Anakin will never trust Palpatine. If Palpatine shows himself anywhere near Padme and Anakin's family, especially their children, Padme will send the entire Republic military after Palpatine.'

'Palpatine has been deposed from power and he has been exposed to the galaxy for the monster he is. Both Padme and myself have spent years having our subordinates look into taking control, or destroying any power structures Palpatine may have hidden. While Palpatine is powerful in the force, his main strength which made him so dangerous was his secrecy, which no longer exists. Everyone knows about the grievous crimes he has committed. He will find no allies. At least not in this galaxy.'

'There are other dangers and possible benefits. I need to track down the planet, Ossus, somewhere in Outer Rim.'

'The Jedi also called this planet, Idux. Up until four thousand years ago, the planet was a massive Jedi strong hold. Then, during one their wars with the Sith, the Sith caused the implosion of a star cluster which neighbored the system.'

'The Jedi could not evacuate everyone before the energy wave hit the planet. The Jedi wrote off the planet and those trapped on the planet as dead. This is likely when the Jedi Order did not have Obiwan mention this planet during the treaty talks.'

'But, while the energy heavily damaged and killed countless people, there were survivors and the ecosystem recovered. The survivors had children and the people on the planet have become nomadic tribes. The people there are powerful in the force, but untrained. They use their force abilities by instinct.'

'Unlike the the witches of Dathomir, this those of Ossus are not hostile to outsiders, they have not enslaved part of their population, and the various tribes do not bother each other.'

'Now that I think about it. I believe the planet is located in the northeastern part of the Outer Rim, in Confederate held space. Though, I am not sure where. Still, the people of Ossus could be an option for possible recruits for my force user organization.'

'But, that would be for later. To being with, I will have my subordinates send first contact experts and work from there. Offer the native supplies and education. Though, not by force. Once we have their trust. Then, we will ask if any of them which to join our organization.'

'Also, the planet has several ancient Jedi artifacts and items likely hidden under the ground which survived the energy wave. The Jedi and Sith both do like their underground reliquaries.'

'Along these possible items there is a very ancient, sentient plant person whom was once a Jedi Master, but now whom slumbers on the planet. I may have to personally meet with him. I believe he might be open to aiding us once he realizes we are not Sith and I genuinely do wish to help him.'

'Then, there is the Lost Tribe of the Sith, on the planet Kesh. The planet Kesh is located far beyond the eastern Outer Rim, passed the Triellus Trade Route, in Wild Space, on the very edge of the eastern side of this galaxy.'

This Lost Tribe of the Sith have been cut off from the galaxy for five thousand years. It might be best to leave them alone. While many of those on Kesh are okay, contacting them is just asking to start trouble with the Jedi Order. These Sith will be there if they are needed. Otherwise, it is best to leave them alone.'

'The one main issue I have with the Sith is that in many cases the Sith require a person to kill a close relative or friend to become a Sith Lord. Though, there are exceptions. The most surprising exception was Darth Vader of the original timeline. He did not kill any close friends. Sure he killed a number of Jedi, but none of them were close friends with him.'

'In the original timeline, Darth Vader did not kill Mace. He cut off Mace's right hand, but Palpatine was the one whom delivered the final blow with force lightning out of the Senate Building and into the distance. And even then, Mace could have survived all that. Though, if Mace did survive, I have no idea what happened to him.'

'Darth Vader did not kill Obiwan. Though, Obiwan almost killed him. And while Palpatine lied to Darth Vader, Darth Vader did not kill Padme. Yoda and Obiwan were responsible for Padme's death. Yet, many of the Star Wars fanbase consider Darth Vader is considered one of the most dreaded Sith Lords ever to exist.'

'The Lost Tribe of the Sith are a small group, whose population is only a few hundred thousand people spread across a number of cities on a single continent of a planet. They lack the means to leave their planet and the rest of the galaxy does not know they exist. Except for myself and a few other people.'

'Due to these factors, I believe that for the most part, leadership of the Lord Tribe of the Sith have done away with such requirements because the populations of the Lost Tribe are close knit communities. Such betrayal easily leads to feuds between families. This is something the Lost Tribe cannot afford. A war which would destroy themselves and their civilization, because there is no help from the outside galaxy if such a war should happen.'

'Another world that is in the northeastern Confederacy is Korriban. Korriban is the former Sith homeworld. But, the planet all but a dead world, due to the Jedi and their allies bombing the surface of the planet over five thousand years ago.'

'The only thing on the planet are deadly animal, dangerous sith artifacts, and even more dangerious Sith spirits. The place is best left alone.'

'Unlike Ossus, I know where Korriban is from the Confederate government record. I had the Confederate government ban any travel to the planet under penalty of a heavy fine and five years of imprisoned. I even lied, and had a satellites placed in orbit around Korriban, which broadcast on short range, in a loop, in multiple languages, that Korriban was a plague world that should be avoided. That will keep more people away from that planet.'

'Fortunately, Bec and Voe trusted me on this matter, and they did not question why I desired to ban travel to Korriban. All I told them was that danger was on the planet and if they desired to maintain the peace, that banning travel to Korriban would prevent possible future problems. After which, they banned travel to the planet.'

'There another location I need to look into. The planet of Nam Chorois. I believe Nam Chorois is near Ossus. So, I believe I can used Nam Corois as a starting point in looking for Ossus.'

'Nam Chorois has a weak sun. Any light that comes to the planet from its sun is like twilight for most worlds. Though, some vegetation will grow on the planet and the planet is inhabited, with its own eco-system.'

'Seven centuries ago it was made into a penal colony by the Grissmath Dynasty. The Grissmath Dynasty was composed of mostly humans. For a time, the Grissmath Dynasty control Meridian Sector of the Outer Rim. This included their capital, the planet Meridian, and other worlds, including Nam Chorois.'

'But, within a few centuries the Grissmath Dynasty collapsed, with their capital planet Meridian ending up a radioactive wasteland. Though, Nan Chorois remained.'

'Later on, the people of Nam Chorois were able to do some minor trading from off world organizations.'

'The history of Nam Chorois becomes more interesting. Four centuries ago, a Hutt, whom was the only Hutt in known record to become a Jedi Knight went to the planet. The Hutt Jedi Knight's name was Beldorion.'

'Force sensitive Hutts are almost unheard of. A Hutt whom is force sensitive, joined the Jedi Order, and became a Jedi Knight is a rarity.'

'But, Beldorion fell from grace. Beldorion discovered some crystals called tsil crystals that could be used to amplify the force.'

'Beldorion decided to stay and take over the planet, so he could study the tsil crystals.'

'Beldorion found a way to remain to prolong his lifespan and remain healthy over the centuries.'

'Unlike most Hutts, Beldorion is very athletic. He is almost all muscle. Between his force powers, his lightsaber skills, and his natural abilities. In a fight, he could be a challenge even for myself. The only reason he was killed in the last book series of the Star Wars franchise was that he was forced into a close quarters fight where his size was used to his disadvantage. And it was Leia whom killed him with her lightsaber.'

'Hutts are even more dangerous in the water. While a Hutt can be surprisingly fast on land, they are extremely fast and agile in the water. Also, a Hutt can hold their breath for several hours.'

'Beldoroin has ruled Nam Chorois for the last four hundred years. Beldoroin used the force and other means to remain young and healthy.'

'The tsil crystals are useless to me because they are sentient.'

'What concerns me most about Nam Chorois is the droch parasites.'

'Before the Grissmath Dynasty collapses, the government of that nation tried to kill the population with droch parasites. This did not work due to the tsil cystals.'

'Drochs breed like cockroaches. And the drochs are like bedbugs from hell.'

'When a droch hatches from its egg, it is five millimeters in size. Very small. The droch burrows into the body of its victim. Then, it feeds off of the lifeforce of the host until the host is dead.'

'When the victim is dead the droch is larger and moves to another host.'

'As a droch grows, the droch will seek out more advanced lifeforms.'

'Eventually, if the droch feeds long enough on high lifeforms, such as humans and near-humans, the droch will become sentient. At that point, as the droch feeds on humanoid life, the droch will take on the form similar to a humanoid. Though, it is still a droch with a droch desire to its species breed and infest other lifeforms.'

'I believe there is a humanoid droch working for Beldorion, whom has been secretly feeding off Beldorion's lifeforce, weakening him some. I am not sure how this droch is being able to feed off of Beldorion because he would be doing so outside of Beldorion's body. And I believe I may not want to know. I believe the droch took a name, Dzym.'

'I am not sure. It is sometimes hard to keep track of all this information. Some of these books I only read once. I have a good memory, but even I have my limits.'

'Still, if this is the case, I might be able to expose what the humanoid droch has been doing to Beldorion and restore Belodorion's health as a way to gain his loyalty. Though, this comes to the main problem on dealing with drochs.'

'The major problems are drochs are hard to detect even by the best of medical scanners. And droch are even harder to remove from the host body. The only symptoms are tiredness and decay of host's skin. By then it is usually too late to save the host.'

'The reason the droch plague did not happen on Nam Chorois was that the tsil crystals realized what was going to happen. The tsil were able to use the light from their sun to render the drochs sterile and stop the plague in its tracks.'

'The problem is that the tsil crystals required sunlight to make the droch sterile. The drochs which were not sterile realized something was wrong at an instinctual level and the drochs fled into the darkness of the planet, where the tsil crystals could not do anything about the drochs.'

'Though, the drochs are not completely useless to society. When someone eats a droch, chews it up and digests it, the person eating the droch gains its lifeforce and this extends the person's lifespan.'

'This is a trick that many Hutts know about. What is concerning is there is a business for drochs as a appetizer for Hutts.'

'Those in the market have the drochs feed on smaller lifeforms, until they are the sides of bugs that can be eaten.'

'Some of the black market drochs farmers use people to feed the drochs to create more potent drochs to sell to the Hutts and other groups..'

'Once I have figured out how to detect drochs with medical scanners, I will find out where the droch producing farms are and shut them down. Drochs are too dangerous to farm. It is too easy for one to get loose and start a plague on a planet.'

'I do not want to accidentally create a plague by destroying the droch black market. So, I have to wait until I can scan for drochs and figure out a treatment to remove drochs from people before the drochs kill them.'

'Beldorion fed on drochs and used the force to remain healthy and youthful. Though, I believe he had his cooks grow the drochs. Though, I am not sure if by animals or people. I will have to check into that. If he was in directly feeding on people through devouring drochs that had been fed people, I may decide to make other plans.'

'Either way, with Nam Chorois in Confederate held space, the Confederate government and I have the authority to deal with the matter.'

'While Nam Chorois did not have a place of the bargaining table, those making the peace treaty believed in taking a hands off approach for those worlds which wish to be left alone. Except when there is a danger present on that world which could threaten that planet or other worlds. The droch would present such a danger.'

'Though, Beldorion is a dark sider with Jedi training. Actually, I am impressed that Beldorion made it all the way to passing the trials and becoming Jedi Knight before he fell to darkness.'

'But, being a dark sider does not automatically make someone evil. Power is a tool. It is how one uses a tool that matters. I have personally known three dark sider since coming here. Dooku, Asajj, and Aurra.'

'Asajj and Aurra warmed up to me once they realized I would treat them well and not betray them.'

'While Dooku betrayed me, when I joined his organization, we both know that given my skills and power, we would have eventually have a falling-out. At least I arranged events so we both ended up better than we otherwise would have.'

'Maybe someday, Dooku and I will have a chance to have a friendship. If we had met under different circumstances, we might have become good friends.'

'There is another angle to this situation. Hutts are hermaphrodites. One Hutt can breed huttlets.'

'The Hutts are referred to as male for their masculine personalities. That and some Hutts have a preference for keeping beautiful women as slaves. Though, when a Hutt reproduces, some Hutts take on a more feminine personality. But, this is not always the case.'

'While the Hutt culture is treacherous, Hutts are not born evil. Hutt culture was not always so cutthroat. There have been Hutts whom were genuinely honorable. It is only that the worst of the Hutts control the culture of the Hutt species.'

'Beldorion shows that a Hutt in their physical prime is a work of art in their way. There is room to improvement if those worst of the Hutts were no longer controlling their culture.'

'Beldorion has been young and healthy four hundred years. He could have had children in the span of time.'

'A family of force user Hutts taking over Hutt Space.'

'Or even only Beldorion. Nobody would expect a hut to be a force sensitive Hutt. It is very rare for a Hutt to be able to use the force.'

'Beldorion might have been forgotten by almost everyone except a few Jedi whom were alive four centuries ago. Like Yoda and maybe Fay. I am not sure how old Fay is.'

'Due to Beldorion being physically young, the other Hutts would not make the connection. Beldorion would have to change his name and make a few other changes. But, those would be minor issues.'

'Though, this all depends on if Beldorion would like to take control of his species. There is a lot of risk in this plan, and I would have strings attached to my deal with Beldorion.'

'Also, Beldorion has either likely already learned, or he will soon learn, how the Confederacy and Republic screwed over much of his species with the Treaty of Geonosis. But, he might not care. Hutts are strange in that if one betrays a group of Hutts, another Hutt might not be upset if that betrayal does not effect said Hutt and the betrayal of the other Hutts were done in an artful way.'

'Still, any deal would begin with him to freeing the tsil and help return any tsil crystals that were taken off world. He might not even realize the tsil crystals are sentient.'

'If power is what Beldorion seeks. I can offer far more power and knowledge than studying the tsil crystals for a thousand years would yield him.'

'I can even offer eternal youth and immortality in exchange for his loyalty. That will allow him to no longer have to eat the drochs to retain his youth.'

'If Beldorion when along my plans to take over Hutt Space, I would want a return on my efforts. I would want Beldorion to use his reign as leader of the Hutts to change the law and cultures in Hutt Space for the better.'

'I would want Beldorion rule is a be more just towards everyone compared the rule of the Hutt Ruling Council. That will not be difficult, considering the low bar the Hutt Ruling Council has set on the matter.'

'Also, I would request that Beldorion free the slaves, end the slave market, end the droch black market, clean up the crime, and create better market controls within Hutt Space.'

'Other than that, I would not interfere in Beldorion's governance along as he did not make war with the Confederacy, nor Republic. Though, I admit that is a lot to ask from someone.'

'If things turn out badly, I can use what happens as an excuse to invade and annex Hutt Space for the Confederacy. Then, I will solve those problems through use of the Confederate military. In which case, I would have a lot of negotiating to do with both the Confederacy government and the Republic government on why Hutt Space needs to be annexed. Why the Confederacy should sacrifice lives and resources to do so. And why the Republic should not be worried about this matter.'

'I will deal with Beldorion and start the ball rolling on these plans when I feel the time is right. Depending on how our meeting goes, I may include him in my greater plans, or I would deal with him at arm's reach.'

'Though, when is comes to Nam Chorois. As dangerous as it is, I need to research possible ways to detect and treat for drochs. I am sure my magic could be useful in this goal. But, it is best to be ahead of any possible plagues. Especially, plagues which are so hard to detect.

'Also, there are the Rakghouls. This is a zombie plague waiting to happen. While force sensitive people are immune to the Rakghoul plague, other people are not. I know there is a treatment to protect normal people whom have been infected from turning into Rakghouls. Though that treatment was lost, I am sure a similar treatment can be developed.'

'Also, there is at least one Sith artifact, the Muur talisman, which can create and control Rahghouls in large numbers. The talisman possesses the spirit of the Sith Lord Karness Muur.'

'Karness Muur created the talisman to process the body of the wearer and to control Rakghouls and turn people into Rakhouls in large numbers.'

'Immortality and enslavement of large numbers of people by turning them into a monstrous mutants that can spread their mutation like a zombie That is so evil that it seems cliche.'

'If the timeline is correct, the talisman is attached to the neck of the human woman known as Jedi Master Celeste Morne, whom is asleep in a stasis casket called the Dreypa's Oubliette. The name translates to Dreypa's Secret Dungeon.'

'Dreypa's Oubliette was designed and built by Remulus Dreypa, whom a Sith Lord and rival of Karness Muur. Sith Lord Dreypa realized the dangers of the talisman Sith Lord Muur was creating and Remulus created a prison to contain that dangerous Sith Artifact.'

'Unfortunately, Sith Lord Dreypa's own violent actions lead to his servants betraying him and imprisoning him in one of his oublietts until he was awakened thousands of years later, where he was eventually killed by the descendants of his servants. A lesson on not knowing when to quit and walk away.'

'Concerning the stasis casket with the Muur talisman and Jedi Morne. I know that casket is shielded from scans, this is likely to keep the influence of the Muur talisman from effecting the outside.'

'It is possible Sith Lord Dreypa figured out how to create a material that blocks the force. I will have study the Dreypa Oubliette, once those inside have been safely removed and dealt with.'

'Though, I have no idea where the Dreypa's Oubliette is.'

'But, I do know that as sick as it sounds, the Dreypa's Oubliette and what is inside has become forgotten, and the Dreypa's Oubliette has become collector's item of art for the rich and the elite. Over the millennia, the stasis casket has passed through many hands. Fortunately, none of those hands have so far tried to open the stasis casket, likely because it would ruin the market value of the item.'

'I will put some feelers out for the Dreypa's Oubliette, also known as the Jebble Box.'

'It might be easier just to buy the status casket from the current owner. Once I have the casket. I will move it to a remote location on a world that is not populated. After which, I will contact the Jedi Order.'

'This is one Pandora's Box that does not need to be opened until those involved are ready.'

'I am going to need the Jedi's help in dealing with that matter. They will likely help for three reasons. One, as force users they are immune to the powers of the talisman. Two, the Sith talisman needs to be destroyed. Three, they will have the opportunity to save one of their own Jedi, whom has been asleep for almost four thousand years.'

'Fortunately, I believe the Jedi would be willing to deal with this matter on the terms I suggest. They will handle this matter in a setting where they can prepare for the confrontation beforehand. They might be able to save Jedi Morne, by getting the talisman Muun off of her neck and then destroy the talisman. With no non-force sensitive people in the area to turn into Rakghouls, they only have to deal with Jedi Morne and her abilities. If they are fast enough, they can take Morne's lightsaber before she fully awakens. Also, she might be in control of her body at the time and with Jedi there, this might turn into a very quick mission for the Jedi.'

'I am sure that Master Yoda, with his skills and power, could use the force to pry that talisman off without harming Jedi Morne. Though, Yoda would not be the only Jedi present. Yoda will have help to suppress Sith Lord Muur's spirit as they get that talisman off of Jedi Morne's neck. Once Jedi Morne is free and the talisman destroyed, the Jedi can then help Jedi Morne assimilate back into the Jedi Order, or at least help her come to terms with being almost four thousand years into the future from when she came.'

'Though, I will have two requests for their help. That they destroy that Sith talisman, and I am given what remains of Dreypa's Oubliette after the battle.'

'I am sure they would agree to these terms. They will likely do not realize the value of the oubliette even if it is destroyed into pieces. The material itself might be able to block the force. That material would be worth ten times its weight in gold.'

'Though, I will not be directly involved with the confrontation. I am probably immune from that talisman's effects. But, I am not taking any chances. I will make sure Padme knows to avoid the situation, as well.'

'Speaking of ancient weapons, I need to see if I can track down the remains of HK-47 assassin droid. The remains still might be intact enough to rebuild the assassin droid. Though, I doubt I will rebuild that assassin droid. I only want to make sure no one else will. Though, I doubt I will destroy the remains. I might set the remains as a trophy somewhere. Or maybe, I will sent the remains as an exhibit for a museum somewhere in the Confederacy.'

'Though, I will make sure security is tight so no one is able to steal the remains. Doing so would be bad for several reasons. Such fools would be tempted to rebuild and activate HK-47. That droid is cunning and skilled enough to be a danger to myself, my plans, and the galaxy as a whole.'

'Given HK-47 sarcastic personality, I believe that assassin droid might find it hilarious that meatbags would come far and wide to pay money and view his remains, while showing a bit or respect on their part towards the droid.'

'Then, there are The Ones. The three Celestials. The Father, the Daughter, and the Son. The Father perhaps likes me because I may know things about this galaxy he does not. That is a possibility. The Father is getting old and he may be searching for a replacement for himself to keep the Daughter and the Son at peace.'

'Anakin is clearly not an options, so the Father might be open to someone else doing the job.'

'From personal experience, I understand the whole godly pantheon dynamics more than most people. After my home reality collapsed, one of the few things I did not miss after I ended up on the island of Arcadia was that I did not have to deal with such godly politics. But, I may be willing to help the Father.'

'Still, it is likely the best solution is not to continue their little soap opera and instead either convince them to head into the dark veil between galaxies, or wherever the rest of their species left for. Or, for them to move to this galaxy and meet new people.'

'The Daughter and the Son are both clearly suffering from extreme cabin fever.'

'From what I saw in the Clone Wars animated series, the Daughter has emotionally withdraw from everyone and everything, while the Son is lashing out at anyone he meets. This is because both of them are bored out of their minds.'

'After being with the same people for hundreds of thousands of years, that would make anyone start to go crazy. Actually, by that point most people would be completely insane.'

'The only real solution is to have them return to their people, or move to this galaxy. But, they will need help for either venture. Only Padme and myself have the power to keep them in line if there is trouble. With them there will likely be trouble. This is not counting any trouble Abeloth might cause the next time she is able to free herself from her prison.'

'Speaking of Abeloth, I may be able to barter a trade for the Dagger of Mortis with those three for helping the Ones. But, price might be to high for that dagger. While that dagger can kill Abeloth, that dagger can also kill Celestials. Also, while they have the dagger, they chose to imprison Abeloth instead of kill her. This shows they actually still do care about her. They likely care about her in a similar way as a family cares about a insane relative they keep locked in the attic. It is not a healthy love.'

'As for the Abeloth. Without the help of the Ones, I am not sure the Abeloth can be helped, short of giving her a swift merciful death. I am not sure the Ones actually want to help Abeloth because they likely do not want to admit that they have not handled Abeloth in the proper ways they should have.'

'As long as Abeloth is insane and alive, the Ones have an excuse to imprison her. If a way was figured out how to at least cure her of her sanity she would still have her vast power and her sanity would make her vastly more dangerous towards everyone, including the Ones. If Abeloth is permanently killed, she might become more powerful in whatever afterlife force users to to after they die.'

'The home of the Ones, Beyond Shadows and Mortis are only purgatories for the souls of force users. Those places are not the final destinations for such souls.'

'This means that the Ones are trapped in their own purgatories due to their stubbornness.'

'It is sad that most Gods tend to be stubborn and the Gods would rather end entire worlds than admit they were wrong. As long as it is not their worlds.'

'Abeloth's problems are four fold.'

'Abeloth drank from the dark Font of Power and light Pool of Knowledge. This made her body the focal point of both a dark force nexus point and a light force nexus point. The pull of these two diametrically opposite powers are constantly tearing her mind, body, and soul, apart and remolding her.'

'When the Ones found out what Abeloth did, they rejected her. This psychologically damaged her already fragile sanity.'

'Add to that over a hundred thousand years of isolationism and imprisonment, she is likely so insane that she too far gone. I would kill her, but only to put her out of her mercy.'

'What happened to Abeloth likely hints as to the reason why the Father is so old, yet the Daughter and the Son are still young. The Daughter and the Son's youth are probably due to the Daughter using the Pool of Knowledge and the Son using the Font of Power. But, the Father does not use either of these two sources of power.'

'This does show without an outside power source, a Celestial of this reality will eventually grow old that the mortality of old age is a possibly. This might be why the other Celestials left this galaxy. The force of this galaxy was not enough for them. They sought other sources of power to prolong their lives and grow their species.'

'From the Yuuzhan Vong, I know there are other galaxies in this reality which are inhabited with intelligent life. Maybe not good life, but none the less, intelligent life.'

'Maybe the Celestials whom left succeeded in finding some power in other parts of their universe, or other reality. Or, maybe they died trying to find such sources of power. I have no way of knowing. And I know better than to investigate such matters and risk gaining the attention of such powerful beings.'

'Though, all this is for later. Now to check on something more important to me than the Sith, or these other possible troubles...'

Loki leaned up and used her right hand to touch a button on the holo-monitor. Then, she leaned back in her chair.

The holographic video video feed showed some people taking care a few dozen children, ranging in age from babies to toddlers. Most of the children were boys. Though, there were a few girls. The children looked happy, healthy, nicely clothed and well fed.

Loki looked at the video, as she thought, 'It is nice how things are coming along from the boys from Dathomir. It is good that deal went through. The really do not want to kill their boys. But, given their traditions and matriarchal society, they would consider force sensitive boys to be a threat to their way of life.'

'Also, I decided to look further into the matter. I have also saved of the children that were part of families that were exiled from the Clans. When a Clan on Dathomir exiles someone, they also exile their immediate family. Using that is just the mother and her children.'

'While my agreement with the various Clans of Dathomir prevents me from officially saving the exile in question. I can take the exiled children off world. And there is no reason I cannot leave the exiled mothers in a better place on Dathomir, away from potential problems, with plenty of supplies to take care of themselves for years.'

'I can continue to do this until I come up with a plan to civilize the Dathomir.'

'I have saved dozens children so far. Even a few that were hidden before I made these deals. They are all in good health. And so far, they are happy. I regularly check on their status. It is not the best situation for anyone. But, it is a workable situation.'

'In a generation, I will have the beginnings of my own force user army. My own Force Corps. When I am ready, I will use them as the core members of my force organization, as I invite others into my organization. Mainly adults. With a few exceptions. I know for a fact that those that learn about the force as adults can become some of the most stable force users around. Thus decreasing the chance of them turning to the dark side, and honoring our bargain with the Jedi Order.'

'Though, in about a decade, along with schooling, I will start needing someone to teach my wards how to use the force. And since I do not use the force, I will have to be find someone else to do the job.'

'Aurra and Asajj are not really the teaching types. Nor is there much maternal instinct in either of them. Unlike myself.'

'Though, by then Mace Windu and the other former Jedi masters whom were jailed should start being released from prison.'

'I may have to call Padme and ask if I can have them come over to my galactic nation. She knows what I am doing. I already told her. So, it is not a secret for her. But, doing so may cost me a few favors with her. Though, that is the fun and challenge of politics and diplomacy.'

'Even when Padme leaves the chancellorship, she will still have enough connections and favors within the Republic government which she can use to aid me. If I need the help. And I have a good reasons for asking for such help. These are not favors to waste on trivial and mundane matters.'

'But, when it comes to those that do teach my children, I am going to make it clear that I want soldiers. Not fanatical paladins. I want them to have a life outside of their jobs. And I want them to have families. We will just be careful when it comes to the dark side angles of the force in these situations.'

'I do not want to create a Psi Corps, like from the Babylon Five series. Which the Jedi Order could arguably be viewed as. Though, the Jedi Order in this age at least does not practice breeding projects.'

'In addition, I am not going to turn away a person that has only weak force abilities. I will find a way to make them useful. That is one of the major weaknesses of the Jedi. If a person was weak in the force, they had them leave the Jedi Order. Some people take longer to develop, but that time allows them a stronger grasp and understanding of their abilities. I am proof of that. It took time for me to develop my mystical abilities. But, I am now one of the best sorcerers I know of.'

'I learned this from reading about Darth Krayt and his One Sith. While those weak in the force were not made official Sith. Those loyal and competent were given other jobs, such as being spies.'

'Speaking up Hett. I did look up the information on his father. Aurra did kill his father. There is not much I can do on the matter. If this becomes an issue, I will step in and insure that I do not lose a an ally and the Jedi Order does not lose a member.'

'I will not allow such vendettas to tear everything I work towards and value apart.'

'I am tempted to try to track down the worlds with Jedi Agrocorps projects on them. To try to convince those that failed their padawan or knighthood trials to joining my Force Corps.'

'But, I do not know which worlds these are. After looking over the treaty, after it was finalized, the Jedi were able to have Obiwan sure all the worlds that had Agrocorps and other projects directly control the Jedi remained within the Galactic Republic and their control, by listing those worlds.'

'The Jedi Order slipped one by me. It happens. It is rare, but it does happen.'

'Even as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, I doubt Padme can doing about this matter. The Agrocorps and their members are under Jedi jurisdiction. If I tried to recruit from that population pool, I would risk restarting the war between the Confederacy and Republic. Though, this is a matter worth thinking about later.'

'If someone wants to leave my organization. I will let them. Until some conditions. Mainly just for them to keep in touch. Obey the laws of the Confederacy. And I do not want them to foolishly delve into knowledge that would be a danger to both everyone, including themselves.'

'I am tempted to anonymously release basic information on force mechanics to the public and basic defenses against the force. Such as using third parties to contact force users and being aware of mind trickery. But, while the Jedi Order would not be able to link myself to the information release, they would be able to link the Confederacy to the information release. And informing the public of such knowledge might provoke the Jedi Order into convincing the Republic government into restarting the war.'

'I will figure something else out on the matter of how to inform the public about the force, without starting a war. But, this will have to wait for later, after the galactic situation between the Confederacy and Republic has cooled for at least a few more years.'

'But, this does not mean I cannot track down knowledge of the force for myself.'

'Along with Ossus and Dathomir. I might want to track down and visit the planet Tython in the Tython system of the northern part of the Deep Core. The planet of Tython is where both the Jedi and Sith philosophies originated. Before the schism, these force users were known as the Je'daii. And Tython is where the first split between light and dark followers happened. I would like to see if any secret archives exist of the Je'daii. Their teaching of force could offer and insight into a balanced approach of the force I would prefer for my children and other people to learn.'

'The Je'daii believed the light and dark parts of the force were natural. That it was best to maintain a balance between light and dark. The Je'daii believed that one could stray to far to the light side or the dark side of the force. In essence, the Je'daii believed to take all things in moderation.'

'I agree with this belief. The dark side relies on the emotional strength of passion. Also, known as strength of will. Or, willpower. It is just that anger is the easiest emotion to draw such passionate strength from. But, it is possible to learn to draw such strength of will without anger or other strong emotions and turn it into power. The Green Lantern Corps proved that. Since this reality is real, I am sure the realities the Green Lantern Corps exist in are real as well.'

'Though, I am sure there are dangers on the worlds of the Tython system. Especially, the planet Tython. So, any team I send will have to be very careful.'

'If the Rakata had not invaded the Tython system, the schism may have never happened and the Je'daii may have continued to exist. At least for that timeline. Such a timeline might offer interesting insights in research and applications of the force. But, this is for later.'

'Still, it would be nice to learn some things from the Je'daii.'

'Such as the origins of the lightsaber. The lightsabers were based off of Rakata technology. Specifically, forcesabers. The difference between a lightsaber and a forcesaber was at a lightsaber used a powercell, crystal, and emitter to create a electromagnetic enclosed plasma blade. A forcesaber use similar technology, but a forcesaber was powered with angry and the dark side of the force.'

'The use of the forcesabers causing their wielders to embrace the dark side might have been one of the reasons behind the original schisms of the Je'daii which lead to the creation of the Jedi and Sith.'

'The Je'daii, or the Jedi eventually figured out how to make a weapon which created an energy blade without using the anger and the force to do so. This lead to early lightsabers that used a battery on the belt which attached to by a cord to a lightsaber hilt. As energy cells became smaller and more efficient, those behind this technology were able to place the battery in the hilt, with no need of a large battery and cord to make the energy blade. Once this was accomplished, the basic modern lightsaber was created.'

'If I could get my hands on a forcesaber, I might be able to figure out the secret of how it turns the emotion of anger, while using the force, into an energy blade. Once I learn how it is done, I can figure out how to make other emotions with the force, or even magic, to create similar effects. Such as energy blade that is a mix of technology and magic. Or, a energy shield that used a mix of both technology and magic. Mixing technology with magic would save me energy when I use my magic by having technology handle part of the load.'

'Such concepts are the foundation of the Green Lantern power ring technology which turns emotions into solid light tools, items, and sentient energy beings.'

'Also, I would like to know how the Je'daii created and tame winged rancor-dragons. I am sure such creatures go over well as gifts to the Witches of Dathomir. The Dathomiri rancor riders would likely love to have a chance learn how to tame and rider such flying beasts.'

'People of this galaxy have a healthy respect for regular rancors. Facing flying rancors would likely give even Jedi and Sith nightmares.'

'Though, I will have to give them also specially built, enclosed pens to hold the rancor-dragons. These beasts would just fly out of the simple open air pens they use to hold regular rancors.'

'Such a give might be enough to convince the Dathomir to send a research team to the ruins of the Star Temples to see if I can find any remains of the infinity gate technology. Or, other technology and records the Kwa Builders may have left behind. If the Kwa did consider the Star Temple was one of their first major creations in walking among the stars, the Kwa would have to have left some blueprints of the infinity gates and a map of the infinity gate system somewhere in the remains of those temples.'

'A good builder knows now to keep and maintain such information by their creations. So, the blueprints are likely in one of the small pyramid temples which were not destroyed. I believe some of the smaller temples are intact, so I still might gain some information on the infinity gates. Or, at least a map of where all the infinity gates were located when the Kwa shutdown their system of infinity gates.'

'Still, I would have to take into account stellar drift over the eons when searching for the other infinity gates. But, that would not be a problem.'

'If I found a gate that was shutdown. If the gate is intact, I am sure I figure out the secrets of that gate and figure a way to get the gate working. After all, technology is very gullible when confronted with magic.'

'Though, researching Tython and Dathomir are tasks for a much later date. I have much on my plate, as is. There are other more immediate matters to be concerned about.'

Speaking of the Kwa. The Ssi-ruu are similar to the Kwi, the devolved lizard people that Kwa. But, the Ssi-ruu use similar technology as the Kwa, though the Ssi-ruu have many different skin tones. The Ssi-ruu are in the Unknown Regions of the western part of the galaxy. But, their technology is simile to both the Kwa Builders and the Rakata. Only the Ssi-ruu suck the force and souls of people to power their technology. I this find very distasteful.'

'It is possible the Ssi-ruu are an offshoot of the Kwa, whom were on Dathomir, when they realized they were devolving. They left the planet for the Unknown Regions. They were able to stop their devolving, at least physically. Though, sucking the souls of people shows immoral evil and devolving in far worse ways than physical regression.'

'It would be ironic if the star map theory I have for the pyramids on Dathomir lead me directly to the Ssi-ruuk Star Cluster, where the homeworlds of the Ssi-ruu are located, and the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium, the governing body of the Ssi-ruu. I believe the planet Lwhekk is their capital world. Though, this would confirm the theory of a connection between the Kwa and the Ssi-ruu.'

'If the Ssi-ruu realize they are connected to the Kwa, they might try to claim all Kwa technology, and even Dathomir as their own. I will not let that happen. Such actions would likely start a whole new set of wars. This is why I will keep such theories to myself.'

'On the topic of energy sucking devices. I need to see if Dooku every assembled the ancient Sith weapon, the Dark Reaper.'

'Should Dooku soon start to show himself, I may ask him about the Dark Reaper. Given I kept my promises on him being free and retaining his status as Count, his wealth, and the castle he had been using, I believe he will be willing to part with the technology.'

'I will keep a watchful eye out for him. Though, I am sure I can handle him, if he starts to give me trouble.'

'Besides, I have my spy networks already in place. They are on the look out for Dooku and a number of other possible threats. Including, Palpatine possibly trying to make a play against me. Or, the galaxy as a whole. Though, my spies are under orders not to attack Dooku and instead inform me if they see him, and to tell me if he was seen with anyone else. If I do learn Dooku is active again, I will figure someway to keep him from becoming trouble for myself.'

'If Palpatine is spotted, I ordered my spies to get away from him and reported to me. From there I may just call Padme and let her deal with him. She as a far longer past with Palpatine than I do.'

Loki let out a breath in relief, as she continued her thoughts, 'But, those worries are not for today.'

Loki leaned up, and she turned off the holo-comm. Then, she leaned back in her recliner, as she continued her thoughts, 'Today I get to relax. Trouble will come. But, I have some time to relax as I prepare, until I, and the rest of this galaxy have to face these troubles.'

Loki smiled, as she thought, 'I win... I won. I have the command of a third of the known galaxy. I have the trust and respect of my subordinates. Which I have earned. With no fear of betrayal by those whom serve me. I have helped to bring peace and stop a galactic war in its tracks. Without resorting to creating a galactic police state.'

'I guess in my own way, I am a hero. Though, I am not the only hero of this tale.'

'Padme has won, as well. She saved her Galactic Republic. Ascended to power. Kept her husband from becoming a monster. Survived the birth of her children. And now she is surrounded by family and friends, while she oversees the rebuilding of the Republic as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.'

'Not many stories allow for happy endings for both leads on opposing sides of the story. But, this clearly is the exception.'

'And this is a true trick. A trick worthy of a trickster.'

Loki maintained her smile, as she closed her eyes, and she enjoyed the quiet sounds of the wind and surf, which allowed her to relax and enjoy her working vacation.


In another part of the galaxy, on a populated Republic planet in the Mid-Rim, in a secret Republic research station, a monster that had been experimented on had just escape.

The monstrous creature knew his name was once Durge. But, now, he felt like something much more powerful.

Where once he was a mass of regenerative tendrils inside a humanoid shaped armor. Now, his body had been fused with a bio-organic metal that was nearly indestructible. But, the bio-metal was flexible.

His tendrils were once a combination of violet hues of pink, purple, blue, and red. Now, his tendrils, along the rest of his body, was a dark shade of red. Blood red, with a metallic sheen to his body.

The bio-metal tissue could regenerate just like his normal tissue. And he could control these bio-metal tendrils better than his old tendrils. For unlike his old tendrils, he have each tendril form a meter long straight or curved, nearly indestructible blades that could cut through almost anything. And he could form hundreds of these blades at once. And even retraced individual blades, or all the blades at once to form back into the smooth ends of his tendrils.

The fusion process had been painful, but once he realized what was done to him, he realized the power he know had.

Though, presently all he could think about was that he needed to escape and recover from what had been done to him. Then, he would claim what he had always hungered for, the glory of battle.

To be glorious in battle. And he wanted a fresh start. A new title to build a reputation from. He planned to no longer to go by the name of Durge. Instead he planned to use the nickname given to him, by the scientists and researchers that had gifted him with such power. A name known as a horror across the galaxy. That name being, Rathtar.


On a spacestation, the teenage adult, Marlek Denival was sitting in a chair, at a table, inside a restaurant, on a spacestation. The spacestation was located in the Corellian system, in the eastern Core Worlds.

The spacestation was known as Centerpoint Station. This spacestation was larger than some small moons.

Marlek was on layover for his adjoining flight.

The last few years had not been kind to his family, since Thor had killed his father, Odus Denival.

Marlek, his younger sister Elichia, and his mother, Solania Denival had moved in with his Solania's parents on a rural farming world in eastern Colonies Regions. Though, his mother and younger sister were doing fine there.

Through the help of his family and his family's political connections, he had been able to arrange a position for himself, as a student at a prestigious university, on the planet, Corellia, which was located in the star system Marlek was current in.

Marlek planned to study business and finance.

As Marlek watched a holo-monitor, from across the room, showing a newscast about Supreme Chancellor Padme Amidala, AKA Thor. Marlek still lamented on the events surrounding his father's death. Both seeing Thor finish choking his father to death. And Thor's warning that Odus' victims may someday see vengeance against Marlek and his family.

Marlek was no fool. He knew his father killed a lot of people. And his father had hurt many more people. Especially, on Balmorra. But, Odus Denival was still his father.

As such, Marlek was still trying to decide whether to attempt revenge against Padme, or not.

Though, Marlek also realized if he did seek vengeance. Given Padme's political abilities, along with how powerful she and her friends were. That there were no violent, nor political avenues for him to take for him to seek his vengeance.

But, Marlek did realize that Padme had one weakness. A weakness that all political leaders had to yield before to maintain their power. They had to yield to the laws of math. The laws of resources. The laws of finance. Such as the laws Marlek was planning to learn.

Also, Marlek realized that success can be seen as the best form of revenge.

Marlek further reflected on his plans. What he would do once he reached the university on Corellia. When he arrived at the university, he was scheduled to meet with his patron, whom was sponsoring him in becoming a student there. That person was a human man, senator, baron and banker named, Rush Clovis.


In orbit around the planet, Rasterous, in the eastern Inner Rim, the star destroyer, Negotiator, had just finished repairs while docked at a ship yard belonging to the Kuat Drive Yards.

The ship had only finished a full check over and shakedown for any problems a day ago.

It was mid-morning rotation on the Negotiator.

With the repairs complete, the Negotiator was sent on its next mission, to a location in the eastern Expansion Region. The mission was to patrol for possible pirate. This was a minor matter for the experienced crew of the Negotiator.

The ship uncoupled itself from the dock and move away, as the navigation computers calculated and recheck the calculation to jump to their next destination on the path to where their mission would send them.

When the Negotiator had reached the proper location away from the ship yards and other ships, along with having the proper calculations, the ship jumped to hyperspace.

The ship had entered hyperspace only minutes ago. The ship heading towards a destination on the eastern Expansion Region. In one of the hangars of the star destroyer, Captain Rex was in his full both white and blue armor. Though, Rex was not wearing his helmet. Rex had set his helmet on a nearby table.

Rex had his two blaster pistols holstered on the holsters on the sides of his thigh armor.

Rex was overseeing his squad of soldiers, whom stood at attention, while in full armor and helmet. Each soldier has a blaster rifle in their left hand, with the barrel resting on the front of their left shoulder.

The squad was new recruits assigned to Rex. In the time between the destruction of the Resolute to the present, the members of his old squad had either been reassigned, or they had left the Republic military.

As such, when Rex decided to stay for a few more annual tours of service, Rex was reassigned to a few different areas of service. Rex did not complied and he learned a lot about the Republic military that as a front line soldier he did not know.

Presently, Rex has been assign a new squad to oversee and make sure survived their tours.

Due Rex's excellent service record, the military brass decided to assign him green recruits whom had just finished basic training. So, Rex could break them in and turn them into a formidable fighting force.

Rex welcomed the challenge.

Rex stood in front of his squad of soldiers. He noticed that some of his soldiers are different heights, with some armor was small and some a little larger.

Rex inspected his squad, as he thought, 'So, this is my new squad. I need to keep in mind that many of these men are volunteers. Since the Kaminoans are no longer making more of my brothers, the military has accepted more volunteers. A few of these new recruits are volunteers just out of basic. While others are clones like myself, whom trained since we could walk.'

'Still, these are the new men under my command, and I will make the most out of them that I can.'

'Fortunately, I do not see much mistake in their armor. A smug here and there. But, given how green they are. I will be firm, but not too hard.'

'I will likely start seeing some more women within the ranks, as well. Still, that is neither here, nor there. I just do my job and make sure those under my command survive to do their job.'

'I am glad I decided to stay in the military. I can understand some of my brothers have left. But, some of us need to stay to set the proper, honorable example for those that come after us.'

'Though, one of the reasons I decided to stay in the military was mostly due to the fact that my brothers and I now have much more time than we once had. The genetic treatments, our aging is no longer accelerated. We now age normally. With no terminal genetic flaw for when we start to grow old. So, my brothers and I can each easily see fifty more good years. And maybe a decade or two after that.'

'Also, we have those damn control chips removed from our skulls. I am glad those chips were never used. I do not think I could live with myself if I was forced to do something horrible that I did not want to do.'

'I may not like Loki. But, I will give her credit. Sharing this information with us did earn her a few points with me.'

Rex looked across the hangar, as someone. He thought, 'And Padme has even given respect and reward where it is due. Among those clones that choose to remain in the service of the Republic military.'

Across the hangar, in his white naval officer's uniform, the captain of the ship, Clone Marshal Commander Cody.

After many battles and the recommendation of General Kenobi, Cody has been promoted from Commander to Clone Marshal Commander. And after the war, his service record allowed him to be one of the clones to be assigned to command a Star Destroyer.

Commander Cody had been walking through the ship, as he looked in on his crew. Presently, Cody was in the same hangar as Rex.

Rex saw that Cody was smiling, as Cody at the professionalism displayed by the ship's crew, whom were working near him.

Rex thought, 'A few minutes ago, Clone Marshal Commander Cody walk into the room. Someone announced Cody's presence. And everyone stood at attention. Save for two technicians whom had their hands in the guts of a hyperdrive engine which had been removed from a starfighter. It took the two technicians a few seconds to free themselves and stand at attention.'

'Once everyone stood at attention, Cody had allowed us to return to their duties.'

'From what I know. Cody was one of the first clones to be allowed to transfer to the Naval staff. But, not the last. Cody's transfer to the Navy was not easy. But, he made it. Over the course of the few years, Cody has served as the second in command for the previous captain of this ship, with the previous captain having replaced Jedi General Kenobi as commander of the Negotiator.'

'Recently, when that captain was promoted and transferred to a staff position. Due to Cody's excellent service record and that captain's recommendation. Cody was allowed to be promoted to captain of the Negotiator.'

'After Cody was given command of the Negotiator, he requested for a few of his brothers to be assigned to his command. Including, myself. I welcome serving under him. He is a fine officer. We have known each other for years. We have drifted apart, but we are on good terms. And he is a very skilled card player.'

'I can tell that Cody could not be happier being given command of a ship he had served on with his brothers, for years. And as captain he will look out for those of his crew. Both his brothers and other people under his command, with him knowing his entire crew is loyal to him and the Republic.'

'As I look at him checking on this crew, I believe I could not ask for a better ship captain.'

Rex lips curled into a very slight smile, as he continued his thoughts, 'This is going to be a good tour. And I am not doing this tour because I have too. But, because I want to. With each of my brothers now having the choice to set our courses for futures we please.'

Rex turned back towards his squad. He soon finished his inspection. Then, he had his men do some basic training for the morning. After which, his squad would do some target practice in one of shooting ranged in the Star Destroyer.


It was morning, a few hours after sunrise in the Dacho District on Coruscant. While the Dacho District was on the same side of the planet as the Senate District, the Dacho District was far away from the rich trappings and illuminations of the Senate District.

From those looking up from the surface of Dacho District would be pressed to tell that it was daytime, save for the red and orange hues created when the sun hit the smoke clouds the constantly over the district.

For part of the Dacho District was The Works. A mix of functioning and abandoned refineries and factories. Where workers for the functioning refineries and factories usually commuted from nearby, more prosperous districts.

The Dacho District was also nicknamed the Dead Sector.

But, there were populated areas in the Dacho District, where many of the poor and forgotten of Coruscant lived.

This was a place where the law was ignored and crime reigned. Where the weak suffered and the strong held power.

In one of the larger crevasses on the surface of the Dacho District, where what little daylight shined into the area, there was a market place.

Among those in the market was a tall, slender man there. He wore a simple brown hood and cloak. With the cloak covering his body and the hood pulled over his face. Under his cloak was a simple brown shirt and brown pants. He had no use for shoes. He wore simple clothing because he went through such clothing quite often.

The man stood in place, with his hands holding a bowl of soup, with a spoon in the bowl. Which him eating and drinking the soup for breakfast.

As he had his breakfast he watched a broken holo-monitor by a wall. Which showed the holo-broadcasts, but the audio was broken and not functioning.

While the man had always been cursed to be foolish. He had been many things in his life. Outcast, hero, politician, monster, and back to being an outcast. An exile. But, this time an outcast by choice.

He remember many things that had lead him to this point in his life. He remembered his deal with the black haired, Loki. A deal for power. And Loki did give him power of the body.

Then, something dark. Someone dark, had gotten a hold of him, and twisted his mind as his body had been twisted. This dark being had filled him with so much hate and rage. With such darkness leading him to commit such unspeakable crimes. So many unspeakable crimes.

He had become a monster in every sense of the word.

Then, eventually he faced Thor in a grueling battle that both combatants knew could have gone either way. With him being dumped into large vat of molten steel.

But, his regenerative abilities had saved him. And as he sunk into the molten steel, he forced himself to fight through the pain. He stopped screaming and held his breath to keep from breathing in the molten steel. Even his regenerate abilities would likely not save him from such an injury. He began to swim through the hot metal liquid, under the surface, until he made it to the edge of the large vat.

With the hazy heat hiding his presence, he pulled himself out, and he fell over fifty meters to the floor, where he was hidden in the shadows of the vats.

He had landed on his back, with him being too tired from the pain to move.

There was no one around as his body continue regenerate itself, with his body flaking off the cooling metal that covered his skin.

All throughout this process, from falling into the vat of molten steel, to escaping the vat and laying on the floor, he had felt nothing but pain. Searing pain.

Soon, he was a healed with no scars. His body had shrunk to its normal size. He felt strong enough to stand and walk. To disappear before anyone nearby noticed he was present.

A he left the area, he did some mental self-reflection, and he had found the pain had done something wondrous to his mind.

Pain can do many things to people. Pain can drive a sane person to madness, or even death. But, pain could also bring a person back to their senses, and restore their sanity.

Through the pain, this man had been snapped back to his sanity. He had come to his senses. While he was not completely his old self. He was close enough to realize what he had done was wrong.

While some of the rage was still present, there was no spitefulness, no bitterness, no sadism, no dark hunger. Though, he still remembered the crimes, he did not grasp the passion behind the crimes. And he was thankful for that.

Also, he was thankful towards Thor, for she had freed his mind. And from what he learned, the galaxy thought he was dead. And he was fine with the rest of the galaxy maintaining that belief.

He realized he was not destined to live among civilization.

He was always more at home in the wildness. Whether it was a wilderness of swamps and forests, or concrete and steel. It did not matter.

After several adventures through the dark corridors of the underground levels of Coruscant, he had found his way to the surface area of the Dead Sector. The Dacho District.

A lawless place where innocent people needed someone to defend them. And he was more than happy to do so.

While as his normal form, he was in complete control of his mind. When he was a larger bestial form, he still had a temper. But, a temper that bought him power. And a temper he could control enough to use to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, with him remembering his actions in both of his forms.

Since no one gave a damn about the Dead Sector, no one came looking to investigate his actions. The man was perfectly fine with the arrangement of not having to deal with the planetary security forces.

When he had learned that Thor was Padme Amidala all he could do was laugh at the irony. Though, he held no animosity towards Padme for her keeping the secret of being Thor away from him. He realized that by keeping that secret from him, they had prevented even more heartache between the two former friends.

The man was sad they were no longer friends. But, at least this way they would not be at each others throats.

Presently, the man watched the holo-monitor showing the upper body of Padme, whom was wearing a fine red dress, while wearing a green and blue speckled robe that was left open in the front, over the red dress.

While the audio broken, the man did not know the context of why Padme was so well dressed, nor what she was doing. Though, he did not care.

The man happily said out loud, “Padme is as pretty as always.”

Suddenly, the man felt a bump against his back, that cause him to lose his grip on his bowl. Though, he was able to keep himself from falling face forward onto the ground.

With the bowl spilling the soup on the floor. The man swiftly reigned in his anger, as he turned to see whom had bumped into him.

He saw six men, of various species standing in front of him. The men were dressed in similar clothing. Meaning they were part of a gang.

The six men looked at the lone man.

One of the gang members whined, “Watch where you are going.”

Another of the gang members noticed the man face under his hood. He asked, “What do we have here?”

A third gang member recognized what the man was, as he stated, “A skinny gungan. You are a long way from home.”

A fourth gang member pulled out a knife, as he said, “He will not have to worry about that. He will be dead soon enough.”

The gungan pulled back his brown hood to reveal that he was Jar Jar Binks. Then, Jar Jar took off his brown cloak. Jar Jar dropped the clock by his right side.

Jar Jar looked at the gang members. He smirked, as warned, “You would not like to see mesa angry.”

Then, Jar Jar allowed himself to get angry, which set off his swift transformation.

As Jar Jar began to grow larger, more muscular, with his tan and white skin darkening to brown, as he ripped through his clothing. He thought, 'While mesa is sure Coruscant Security will not come looking for mesa. Mesa does wonder if Padme as Thor will eventually come. Maybe even bring Annie and Obiwan. Mesa would like to play with them. But only to just play with them.'

'And mesa notices that the angrier mesa becomes, the stronger mesa becomes. Mesa could be the strongest there is. Strong enough to move planets.'

As Jar Jar became larger, the gang members realized in horror they were in literally way over their heads.

A few seconds later, the Coruscant Beast announced his presence with a roar which sent the gang running away in terror.

The Coruscant Beast chuckled at the sight of the terrified gang members. The Coruscant leaned down and he used his right hand to pick up his brown hood and cloak. Then, Coruscant Beast turned and he headed towards an entrance that would lead to the underground areas of the Dead Sector. Areas no one would follow him into. He did this so he could find a peaceful area where he could calm down and change back into his normal, smaller form.

After which, Jar Jar would find himself some more clothing to wear, to replace the clothing he had destroyed by transforming into the Coruscant Beast.


Meanwhile, in the Temple District, it was a cloudy morning, but it looked like the clouds would finally clear and the city would have a sunny day.

From his seat on the Jedi High Council, in the High Council chamber, Yoda noticed this, through the windows of the Council chamber. He considered this a good omen for the day.

Then, Yoda turned his attention back to the Jedi Council he had formed. While the Clone Wars had decimated many Jedi, and the political purge in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt had destroyed their leadership, there was still a large enough pool of Jedi members that the Jedi Order would recover.

When the war ended, and the other Jedi High Council members had resign. Yoda was lead ruling the Jedi Order by himself. Soon after, Yoda called in his Jedi and he an accounting of the membership. He reshuffled the entire organization. With him putting the people in place that he wanted in place. Not for his personal power, but because he knew those Jedi members could to do those assigned jobs and do those jobs well.

Also, Yoda had promoted a number of Jedi Knights to Jedi Masters, whom were not already masters because they were considered too weak in use of the force. Yet, these Jedi members were wise and skilled in every other way that mattered to the Jedi Order.

Having only those strong in the force be made masters was a policy Yoda disagreed with. But, he had previously be overruled by the previous Jedi High Council members. Now, he could change this policy, and he did so.

Both the Jedi Order, and the Galactic Senate considered Yoda to be one of the wisest individuals in the galaxy. It was proven that Yoda was on record as opposing the coup attempt. No one questioned his actions. Nor were any of his appointments called into question.

For those joining Jedi High Council itself, Yoda focused on the personal character of the members, not the power they had. While some where old and some where young. Yoda knew from the actions and deeds that they were all good people. And it was strength of character and the wisdom of temperance that was needed for this new age of peace. Not arrogance and power.

Yoda pulled a few members from the three other councils within Jedi Order which served under the Jedi High Council. The Council of First Knowledge, the Council of Reconciliation, and the Council of Reassignment. The replacements on those councils would offered the chance to have some administrative and political experience with little risk to the Jedi Order itself if one or more of those replacements made a mistake.

Yoda had even called in many wondering Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters, to be the teachers of new generations of Jedi. With some them even being requested by Yoda to lead the Jedi as new members of the Jedi High Council. One such new council member was Jedi Master was Fay. Another new council member was Jedi Master A'Sharad Hett.

A'Sharad Hett has become a Jedi Master a few years after the start of the Clone Wars. Like many of those whom had become Jedi Masters in recent years, he was appointed Jedi Master due to his skills and leadership in the battle campaigns of the Clone Wars.

Yoda even appointed some Jedi Masters whom were already being considered appointment to the Jedi High Council by some of the other former members of the Jedi Council.

One such person was the woman, Jedi Master Sar Labooda, whom had long since fully recovered from her wounds during the first battle of the Clone Wars, the invasion of Geonosis by the Republic military. She had already achieved the rank of Jedi Master during the Clone Wars due to her excellent service record.

Master Labooda was also the sister of former Jedi Council member Depa Billaba. Depa Billaba had been off world during the coup attempt and she had been one of the former Jedi to be sentenced to the penal colony on Neborn Six, for five to ten years.

A month before the Jedi coup attempt against former Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, both Mace Windu and Depa Billaba had petitioned to put Sar Labooda on the list for consideration for the Jedi High Council. Yoda found no reason not to promote Master Labooda to a seat on the Jedi High Council.

Jedi High Council member Sar Labooda kept in touch with her imprisoned sister, with Sar making sure Depa Billaba was doing relatively fine in prison.

While many of the Jedi Council members lacked leadership experience in their roles, Yoda was sure he would be able guide them, until he knew they could handle matters on their own. From the way things had been going, this would thankfully be sooner, rather than later.

Among the new teachers at the Jedi Temple was Jedi Master Quinlan Vos. Whom had walked a dark, treacherous path during the Clone Wars. Though, he did find his way back to the light.

Another new teacher was Jedi Master Jerec whom lacked the eyes to see the daylight, but whom never lost his way from the path of the light.

Yoda had complete faith that this new era and the Jedi Order would do fine. Though, he planned to keep a watchful eye for as long as he could.

Though Yoda could feel his age, and while he sometimes thought that maybe someday he would retire and go to a quiet corner of the galaxy, he knew it would not be today, nor any time soon.

For Yoda still enjoyed his life too much to give it up just yet. For this was a life worth living.


That afternoon, it was a sunny day in the Senate District on Coruscant.

The Skywalker family and their close friends had decided to take the day off.

Padme, her family and her friends were inside her family's new, larger apartment in the Senate District. The new penthouse apartment offered quite a few of the cityscape.

Mjolnir was set on top of its head on a circular white marble and brass pedestal, in the living room of the home.

Inside the dining room of the home, on one end of the long dinner table, Padme and Anakin are trying to feed their young twins, Leia and Luke, with humorous results. Meanwhile, Ahsoka was nearby helping them. R2-D2 and C3-PO were trying very hard not to be in the way and failing. With Obiwan, Satine, Bail, Bail's wife Breha Organa, whom were sitting in chairs on the other end of the table.

Breha was the Queen of Aldaraan. She was visiting her husband and his friends on Coruscant. Breha was sitting by Bail.

On the other hand, Satine had recently been spending more time with Obiwan and his friends, as she was courting Obiwan. As such, Satine expected this, as she sat by Obiwan.

Obiwan, Satine, Bail, and Breha were looking on at the whole spectacle with amusement evident on their faces.

Though, none of them were worried. They all knew this was one of the better moments in their lives, and they were going to enjoy these moments to their fullest.


Meanwhile, across the galaxy, in the eastern Mid-Rim, it was night time on the penal colony on the moon Neborn Six.

Neborn Six was a moon with its own atmosphere, with an arid terrain that had some grassy hills, but not much else.

Inside the mid-level security section of the prison which Mace Windu and the other former Jedi council members had been sentence to, Mace was inside his cell.

To avoid problems, each of the former Jedi had been assigned their own cell.

Presently, Mace sat in his prison cell mentally counting the days to his release, as he meditated on his bed, while he had his eyes closed.

As one of the guards passed by. The guard looked into the cell and he saw Mace smiling. Since Mace and the other former Jedi were some of their most behaved prisoners, the guard said nothing. But, he did wonder why Mace always seemed to be smiling.

Meanwhile, as Mace heard the guard walk away, Mace mentally reflected that he is smiling because the Prophesy of the Chosen One had been fulfilled. And balance in the force had been restored. Though, not in the way he had expected. The deed was done by another much different Chosen One than he and the other members of the Jedi had put their hopes and faith in.

Still, Mace was not complaining, because he sensed no darkness in the force around him, for as far as his force senses could stretch.

Being a Jedi was all about personal sacrifice, and service to others. And if stopping the darkness meant that it would cost him and his Jedi friends a few years of their life in prison, he knew all of them would gladly pay that price.

Mace and his friends had already spent three years in prison. He would be out in two to seven years. He could wait that long.

More than likely, Mace believed he and his friend would soon be released in less than two years from prison, at the five year mark of their sentences, due to their good behavior.


In the southern Outer Rim, it as early evening, right before sunset on Cloud City. Cloud City hovered in an area of breathable atmosphere, above the gas giant Bespin.

Bespin was a mixture of yellow, orange, and red clouds. This was a contrast to the mostly white Cloud City. Though, during sunrises and sunsets, the sunlight of the single star in orbit cast the white city in hues of yellow, orange, and red, in a color scheme similar to the gas giant Cloud City orbits, Bespin.

Most people on Cloud City found the sunrises and sunsets cast their city in a beautiful light.

The sunrises and sunsets were often on Cloud City due to Bespin's daily rotation was twelve standard hours.

Presently, it was considered the middle of the day for the daily rotation of the population of Cloud City.

There was two story building, on the top surface area of Cloud City. The building housed the small, but upper class Floating Fish casino.

Dooku was dressed in a formal dark gray suit, so he would not look out of place in the casino. Though, he had his lightsaber hidden among the clothing he had on.

In the quiet bar area, on the first floor of the small casino, Dooku sat in a chair, at a table, as he silently sipped the alcoholic drink he had.

Dooku held the glass in right hand. He took a sip. Then, he gently set down the glass on the table in front of him.

Dooku was five meters away from the quiet tables of the more skillful sabacc players. Those that played the card game for the love of the game. Those that were gamblers. But, patient, quiet gamblers, whom knew that value of silence, patience, and keen observation. These gamblers were those whom only spoke when the situation required doing so.

Dooku respected such people.

While there were closer tables to where Dooku sat, those gamblers were the closest people to him, with the tables by Dooku being empty due to it being midday on the rotation schedule. Casinos like the Floating Fish did most of their business in the evening, not during the middle of the day.

Dooku began to muse about how his life had taken such strange turns for him to wind up where he currently was.

Dooku mused in thought, 'These last few years have been pleasant. I have mostly been in hiding. But, with my vast holdings, connections, and powers, I have been hiding in style.'

'I am willing to admit to myself that I allowed some time to slip by. Though, enjoying the galactic party circuit has been fun. I find it humorous that no one would think to look for a man of my status there.'

'With the amnesty from the Confederacy-Republic Treaty, I am now a free man. I am probably the first Sith Lord in a long time whom is not wanted by anyone. Save for the Jedi Order. But, after much of the ruling council having been removed, arrested, tried, and imprisoned. The Jedi Order has lost their taste for hunting Sith.'

'I checked. Loki... No, Lady Laufeyson. She has earn that title... Well, Lady Laufeyson has kept her promise. I am still officially the Count of Serenno. I still have my wealth. And I have no doubt the castle I left under her care is still in good condition.'

'Lady Laufeyson has kept all her promises to me. I think I will let her continue to lead the Confederacy. And I have not problems with Amidala leading the Republic. Both those roles will keep those two women from even thinking of coming after me.'

'But, like all things, it was time to go back to work, and find something productive to do with one's life.'

At the moment, from behind him, Dooku heard a man's voice requested, “Is this seat taken?”

Dooku turned to look at the man in question, and whom he saw made him do a double-take.

Dooku immediately recognized the elderly man. Though, the man worse far simpler clothing than the last time they had seen each other. But, the black suit the other man wore was not so simple as to attract attention from the casino staff.

In front of Dooku stood a very healthy looking Sheev Palpatine.

Dooku immediately reign in his emotions and thoughts behind his mental defenses.

Sheev Palpatine appear to be fully recovered from his fight with Thor, Mjolnir, and the Jedi.

Dooku calmly said, “Go ahead. I believe this would be a good opportunity to catch up on old times.”

Palpatine calmly stated, “Yes. I agree.” Then, he walked around and sat in the chair across the small table from Dooku.

As both men looked at each other, Dooku asked, “So, how did you escape?”

Palpatine inquired, “Do you remember that scroll I showed you, on how to use to bend space time, with a force storm and lightning? To teleport across lightyears of space in an instant?”

Dooku answered, “Yes.”

Palpatine lips curled into a slight grin, as he stated, “It works. Though, it hurts to do so.”

Dooku dryly said, “But, you clearly recovered.”

Palpatine dropped his slight smile, as he calmly commented, “Of course. I always do.”

Dooku commented, “Still, I thought you were dead. I have even begun to looking for a new apprentice.”

Dooku thought, 'Though, after everything that had happened, it will not be any of the candidates I had in mind. Anakin, Obiwan, and Padme, are too loyal to each other and their family. Including, Ahsoka Tano. Asajj Ventress has throw her lot with Loki. But, I am sure I will eventually find someone worthy of an apprenticeship to the Sith.'

Palpatine calmly stated, “You have my blessing to take a student and continue the Sith. For neither Palpatine, nor Sidious can continue to exist in this era. One must acknowledge the truth of the situation, if one is willing to move towards a more prosperous future. I clearly lost. I am willing to admit that.” His lips curled into a smile, as he continued, “But, it was still one hell of game.”

Dooku thought, 'So, you are being gracious in defeat. This is nice. Though, I am not letting by guard down for you.'

Dooku responded, “Quite true. I can understand why you are retiring from the game.”

Palpatine commented, “I find it humorous that as one of her first acts as Supreme Chancellor, she had most of the surviving Jedi High Council members arrested and they are now in prison for the last few years. And they will be staying there for at least next few years.”

Dooku said, “It is surprising the Jedi council members, well former council members, were willing allowed themselves to be arrested, tried, and imprisoned.”

Palpatine responded, “Yes. But with her power and connections I am not surprised. If I had known during the battle that this would have been the outcome. I may have bowed out of the battle earlier and let events play themselves out. While it was not the outcome I wished for, I can settle for the Jedi leaders being humbled in such a manner.”

Dooku inquired, “I have similar thoughts on various battles. So what shall you do?”

Palpatine answered, “There are other troubles I was planning to concern myself with. But, since they are being handled by others, I will not worry about them. Instead, I will do as I always do. Seek to become more powerful. Though, I have found I tire of politics. There is no point in trying to reclaim what I lost in such a manner. I am too open and exposed in this era to even try to attempt to do so.”

Dooku said, “There is nothing wrong in walking away from a game one cannot win.”

Palpatine responded, “I agree. I am beginning to understand why my form master, Lord Plagueis, focused more on the inner workings of the force and less about politics and controlling others. Besides, dealing with simpletons can be tiring and frustrating.”

Dooku stated, “I fully agree. Though, I thought that the Sith Lords could only retire one way.”

Palpatine commented, “Actually, there is precedent to retire peacefully. There was Darth Vectivus whom peacefully transferred his title. I know that because he died peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his family and friends. Records state he died of natural causes and he was mourned by many of the people whom knew him in life.”

Dooku said, “That is rare for someone like us.”

Palpatine agreed, “True.”

Dooku commented, “Though, I have not heard him before.”

Palpatine stated, “You would not have. Most of our line are either warriors or researchers. The warriors are more well known due to their actions dealing with death and conquest. While the researchers are quiet and only known when they want to be. Darth Vectivus was a businessman. He applied the teaching of the Sith to business?”

Dooku commented, with interest in his tone of voice, “That is an intriguing idea.”

Palpatine stated, “Yes. It is. He was quite a successful businessman before he studied the force. And the teachings of the dark side only made him more successful. Though, he was only ruthless in business. He believed in the passion of success and enjoying life. He had a family and he had friends. Unlike us, he lived by a very strict moral code. He was pragmatic in his judgment and actions. He only killed when he had to. He did not use the force for gain outside of business. He may go down as the most well liked Sith Lord in history.”

Dooku said, “I guess since the Jedi have had a history of allowing more than a few members into the Order whom were of dubious character, that there would be a few Sith Lords whom believed in morals and honor.”

Palpatine responded, “The Sith and Jedi have around for so long that both Orders have members from all walks of life. Though, do not let Darth Vectivus' actions and moral code fool you. He was powerful. Not as powerful as us. But, he was powerful. He even developed an interesting force technique to create force wraiths with ease. Though, how he achieved this feat died with him. It is rumored he made a holocron. But, I could not find any trace of where that holocron could be.”

Dooku commented, “This might be worth looking into.”

Palpatine said, “Go ahead. I have my own plans. While I do not know how to create force wraiths like he did, I know several counters to such force techniques.”

Dooku replied, “I fully expected you would.”

Palpatine mentioned, “In truth, I based much of my political life off of his ideals in applying the teachings of the Sith to politics, as he did with business.”

Dooku, inquired, “This explains a lot. So, do you plan to quietly retire into anonymity and obscurity?”

Palpatine said, “No. As I fought Padme, I felt the power she wielded. That power was on par with any form of force use which I know of. That power originated from somewhere. I intent to find out where, and claim that power as my own.”

In response, Dooku began to warmly chuckled, with Palpatine soon joining him.

As they calmed down, the two men continued to have very pleasant discussion, over a few drinks, before they went their separate ways, towards far different destinies.


In another reality, far removed in space and time from the Star Wars branch of realities, another destiny was about to be changed.

The location and time was within Star Trek reality. The time was a few years after Star Fleet Captain Benjamin Lafayette Sisko as the Emissary of the Prophets, in the Fire Caves on Bajor, sacrificed himself to save the galaxy from the Pah-wraiths. After the end of the Dominion war, won by the Alpha Quadrant forces over the Dominion.

The location was on the Klingon homeworld Kronos, also known as Qo'noS, the capital planet of the Klingon Empire.

In a rural part of the planet, covered in grassy plants, it was a warm, cloudy midday.

On a private estate, inside the living room moderately large villa several kilometers from anyone else, sat in middle-aged Klingon man in a comfortable arm chair. The man was dressed in casual blue shirt, purple pants, and dark brown shoes.

The room was well furnished, and the man did not lack any amenities.

The man was know as, Worf son of Mogh, of the Klingon House of Martok. He was the current Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire.

Presently, the Klingon High Council was not in secession and Worf had decided to take a few days off, to spend in his personal villa. To relax in the peace of the countryside.

As Worf leaned back in his cushioned armchair, he relaxed. He had occasionally sipped from a goblet of warm bloodwine which was currently set, within reach, on a small table to the right of his chair.

One of the pleasures of visiting the country side was he could play his favorite pieces of Klingon opera music as loud as he wanted. With him listening to the music from speakers hidden in the room.

This was one of his few vices, and he enjoyed this vice very much.

Worf occasionally hummed to the tune of the music. And he sometimes sang a few lines with the singers.

Things had been going well for Worf over the last several months. He son, Alexander, was doing fine. His friends were doing fine. Both Worf and the Federation were on good terms with the Klingon High Council.

Concerning that the current Klingon Chancellor, Chancellor Martok, had invited him into his family. Soon after, Worf had killed the previous Chancellor, Gowron, which allowed Worf appoint Martok to the Chancellor position. To say the situation was good for Worf with Martok was an understatement.

But, this was also a problem for Worf. He has spend much of his life exploring and adventuring. He still craved adventure. The adventure of exploring with the crew of the Enterprise. Or, holding the line at Deep Space Nine against the Dominion.

Unfortunately, like all great warriors, whom are too skilled and too lucky to die in battle, the burdens of responsibility began to weight down on Worf.

Still, the payoff for his responsibility had been great. In the eyes of the Klingon Empire, Worf had restored both his own honor and his son's honor. He was now welcome within the Klingon Empire as a great ally to his people. As an ambassador of the Federation to the Klingon Empire he had a position authority both within Federation, and position of respect withing the Klingon Empire.

The only thing he regretted is that he could not share all this success with his deceased wife, Jadzia.

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion outside the his home. He felt the room he was in shake, as he saw from the windows, that dust and dirt had been kick up in the outside air.

Though, Worf had his home built to withstand far more powerful blasts than what he felt. Even the goblet of bloodwine only rattled a little, but did not spill from its place on its small table.

Worf stood up from his chair. He ordered, in Klingon, “Music off.”

The computers in the home immediately complied to the voice command and music was swiftly turned off.

Then, Worf headed for the front double-doors of his home.

Soon Worf made it to the front doors. He pushed down the latches and he pulled the door open. After which, he walked outside, while leaving his front doors open.

By then, the dust has begun to settled, and Worf could see from the light of the cloudy sky that a small crater had formed not fifty meters from him.

Worf saw a metal chrome shaft in the center of the crater. There was a small chrome ring on the end of the shaft.

Worf could sense the item was calling to him. Soon his curiosity from life of exploration got the better of him, with him quickly making his way down into the crater.

When Worf reached the creator, he made his way down the hole to stand by the metal shaft. He saw the metal shaft was attached to a large head of a hammer. Once side of the head had a circular flat head, and the other side had a axe blade.

On a the side of the hammer facing Worf, between the flat circular head to his left and the axe blade to his right, Worf saw an english inscription engraved right side up for him to read.

While Worf read the words, he thought, 'Whomever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor... Thor?... God of Thunder... As in human Norse mythology?... Why not?...'

Worf leaned down and he used both hands to grip the middle of hammer's shaft. He right hand was closer to the head of the hammer, while his left hand was behind his right hand, a little further down the shaft, closer to the smaller ring on the pommel, on the opposite end of the shaft from where the head of the shaft was.

Worf leaned up, as he lifted the hammer. He found the hammer was surprisingly light. He barely even felt the weight of the hammer.

Woft continued to lift the hammer over his head, with left hand sliding towards the pommel and right hand sliding towards the head, with the curved axe blade pointing downwards and the flat circular head of the hammer pointed upwards.

A second after Worf raised the hammer over his head, he felt power flow into him, with a flash of light, and a thundering force.

Worf knew what he was first going to use for this power for. The one adventure he had not yet faced. The one adventure he had read, as a child, in several human mythologies.

Worf was not sure how he was going to do so. But, Worf was going to figure out how reach the afterlife while remaining alive. Where he would then storm the gates of Sto-vo-kor, and reclaim the soul his wife, Jadzia.

This thought brought a smile to Worf's lips. Another great adventure. An adventure that would be worthy of writing a full Klingon Opera about. An opera worth singing.


“And that folks is the rest of the story.” Radio announcer Paul Harvey.

The End of this Adventure And the Beginning of Another Adventure.


Author's Notes:

Well folks, this is it. It has been fun writing this story. I hope you have enjoyed reading this story.

The last scenes of this chapter with Yoda, Skywalker family, and Mace were written while listening to the song, Under Pressure, by Queen.

This has been a long story. As of the completed second draft, this story is over nineteen hundred pages. Over 887,000 words. This is not counting the outline.

Yes. I did have Loki in the above chapter paraphrase a line from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Think about it, Hunter Stockton Thompson would be the type of author that a trickster like Loki would enjoy reading the books of and watching the movies based off of said book.

Basically, in the scene, in the above chapter, where Loki and Padme were talking, Loki was hinting at she quietly contacted a lot of the more unsavory people in the galaxy she knew. To let them pass the message that if any harm came to the Skywalker twins, Leia and Luke, those responsible would not just face the wrath of the Republic, but also the might of the Confederacy.

Loki is a thinker and a planner. Almost all Lokis are shown to do some incredibly complicated gambits. Such gambits require a lot of thought and preparation beforehand. In the beach scene with Loki, I wanted to show some of the topics which Loki thinks about and how she prefers to handle such matters.

The treaty signing allowed me the rare opportunity for Anakin and Ahsoka to have casual conversation with Jango, Boba, Asajj, Aurra, and Grievous. None of them were trying to kill each other. This is the type of scene with is rare to do outside of a parody stories and still make the scene work.

The scene was a wonder opportunity for Obiwan and Satine to take the next step.

The cameos of Gregar, Rush, and Finis were fun to write.

I was on the fence with doing a cameo with Thrawn. But, I got to thinking about it and this made sense. Thrawn is a master strategist. The treaty signing would be one of the rare times all the major players would be in one place, and someone could look at them from a distance in a crowd and not be noticed.

Loki did not notice Thrawn in the ground. But, Thrawn was there high in the stands, and he got a measure of the character of the major players at the treaty signing in the arena.

Thrawn is where I would expect him to be if the Republic did not become a Empire. He would a Captain in the Republic navy, in command of his own Star Destroyer. Also, he would still be climbing the ranks of the Republic navy.

Thrawn still might become reach the rank of grand admiral in a decade or so in the timeline of this story.

And Loki might allow that to happen, because as she pointed out, Loki does not want to make Thrawn her enemy. Beside, Thrawn is an excellent leader, and he is an asset to the Republic military.

I have come to feel that as a writer, I should leave you readers with an ending that leaves you wanting more, but not a dreaded cliffhanger. Instead, I prefer endings where the adventure, or just life in general, continues.

Since the Confederate government was never a copy of the Galactic Republic government, there was no point in changing this. What was changed was a few points in the shift of power and how officials could be appointed within the Parliament and deposed with impeachment. These are changes that Loki and others would make to help keep power from shifting to a single person and to maintain the power within the various branches of the Confederate government.

Loki is going to continue to secretly find and build weapons and technology that might help against a possible invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong. This could come back to bite her

Yes. In the Tales of the Jedi about the Je'daii, the Je'daii were able balance in the force. They followed a belief in the force to take things in moderation.

The Je'daii practiced everything from what would later be considered light side healing in the force to dark side Sith alchemy. This included experimenting on living creatures. The Je'daii used their alchemy to give rancors wings. These winged rancors were known as rancor-dragons.

While writing the part of the thought reflections by Loki on the Je'daii in the above chapter, I had an epiphany. The core of the Sith belief in achieving power was through passion. But, this was not romantic passion. This was through using strong emotions to empower one's strength of will to increase their power in the force. Anger is just one of the easiest emotions to use to take into one's strength of will.

Even in real life, anger and hatred can keep someone alive and motivated for a very long time.

The term, “righteous fury”, comes to mind.

The core of the power of the Green Lantern Corps and other Ring Corps of the DC realities was learning to harness and use the power from the emotional spectrum. This included willpower for the Green Lantern Crops.

The Green Lantern Corps are not the counterparts to the Jedi Order. The Green Lantern Corps are counterparts of the Sith philosophy. At least the most basic parts of the Sith believes in how to use emotions and strength of will to empower oneself in the force.

That would make for some interesting crossovers should the Green Lantern Corps and other Ring Corps meet the Jedi and Sith.

Also, by the very nature of the lantern rings using strong emotions to empower their rings, Jedi trying to use to lantern rings would likely fall to the dark side of the force.

There is some evidence of this, concerning such matters. In the Tales of the Jedi dealing with the Ja'daii, the Ja'daii are shown how to create forcesabers. Forcesabers were created by the Rakata for their forcehounds, non-Rakata servants whom use the dark side force to perform missions for their Rakata masters.

The forcesaber was the original weapon a lightsaber was based on with one major difference. A lightsaber used a energy cell and a crystal to create an electromagnetically enclosed plasma blade.

A forcesaber created a similar blade as a lightsaber, but a forcesaber was fueled by the dark emotions of the force user wielding the forcesabers.

Like a lightsaber, the crystal the forcesaber used determined the color of the blade.

Loki is correct that technically, a forcesaber uses the same basic concept as a power ring. If Loki could find a working forcesaber to study, she could use the forcesaber technology, in using emotions and a crystal to create an energy blade, as a foundation to create her own power rings, like the Green Lantern power rings.

The Tales of the Jedi comics concerning the Ja'daii hint that use of forcesabers among the Ja'daii was one of the causes which lead to the force schism which created the Jedi and the Sith.

Since Arcadia Loki has read as much modern pop-culture fiction as I hinted at, she likely ran across some DC comics, TV series, animations, including comics on the Green Lantern Corps.

It has been hinted in both Marvel and DC comic series that in those realities the other reality is considered fiction, with the same being true in other Earth based modern realities.

In the Marvel realities, the DC characters and series exist as comics and other franchises. In the reverse is true for DC realities, the Marvel characters and series exist as comics and other franchises.

At the beginning of this story, I stated there were other Mjolnirs that flew across the multiverse, to different realities, locations, and times.

I have been teasing Star Trek comments throughout this story. So, I gave an example of another Mjolnir going into hands another worthy individual in the multiverse.

Of all the Star Trek characters, Worf would likely be the most worthy to wield a Mjolnir. So, I gave him a Mjolnir like the Mjolnir Padme wields in this story.

Worf is truly worth to be a Thundering Force.

Worf is likely one of the greatest warriors in Star Trek. His actions have either directly, or indirectly changed the course of the galaxy several times. Worf is directly responsible for putting two people in the Chancellorship of the Klingon Empire.

If Worf had to do this for a third time, he would likely take the Chancellorship for himself. He could have done so the second time, considering Worf killed Chancellor Gowron himself.

Instead, Worf wisely placed Martok as the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. With Martok being a wise, honorable leader. It helped that Worf and Martok were friends.

Worf is likely on a very short list of the top ten most badass Klingon warriors in Star Trek. Worf is likely only second to Kahless the Unforgettable. And that is debatable. Also, Worf is certainly the most honorable Klingon in the Star Trek Franchise.

So, I gave Worf a Mjolnir after his adventures had ended. So, Worf could have more adventures in ways he had never dreamed possible beforehand.

Now, Sto-vo-kor is where Klingon souls, whom lead honorable lives, go in the afterlife. While Jadzia is a Trill, and not a Klingon, she married into a Klingon family, and before the marriage, she passed all the cultural tests to rightfully marry a Klingon.

Mythology is full of empowered heroes going into the underworld/afterlife to retrieve their fallen friends and lovers. Given Worf's upbringing by his foster human parents, Worf would know about Norse mythology, Thor, and other various human mythologies. So he would have an idea of the power he now wields. The fun part is what Worf will do next with this power.

Whatever armor Worf now wears with the power that Mjolnir gives him, I am sure it will be very fashionable for him.

Of course, if Worf journeyed to the afterlife, he would have to face both loved ones and enemies. Also, he would have to face his actions. Such as the lives he has taken, including the human boy, Mikel, he accidentally killed when he was a child. It was accident during a soccer game, with Worf and Mikel playing against each other. Worf collided with Milek and the impacted kill him. A very tragic accident. That meeting might be beneficial toward Worf because that death is the reason he was always so uptight and careful. Such a meeting might allow Worf to fully close that chapter of his life.

Do I plan to continue this story? Not at the moment. But, this does open up further possibilities. I do enjoy charting the possibilities through my writtings.

A fun fact. You know those tales of a princess under a mystic spell to sleep inside a far off castle, waiting for her hero to come and rescue her.

The original story is from viking mythological origins. The woman was not a princes. She was a fallen valkyie, named Brynhildr. And she was also surrounded by a circle of flames.

Long story short, Odin wished for Brynhildr to pick the victor of a battle between two kings. She knew which king Odin favored. The older king. But, Brynhildr aided the younger king. This upset Odin. In response, Odin made Brynhildr mortal and put her under that spell, until she could be rescued and married.

Sigurd was the one to rescue Brynhildr from her sleep.

But, due to the plotting and actions of an evil, though youthful sorceress named Grimhild, involving a lot of shapeshifting magic, this turned into an epic tragedy which ended with both Brynhildr and Sigurd dying.

Anyway, I figured it would be cool to make Grievous's second mystical sword not only a large claymore sword, but having the power to freeze anything its blade touches, while in battle. Along with an experience wielder of the weapon being able to control blizzard. And naming that claymore sword, Brynhildr. The reason that the blade will only freeze people or things that present a threat to the weapon or the wielder, is to prevent accidental deaths from the weapon.

Just for fun, I threw in the sword giving the wielder the power to fly.

Onto other subjects.

On Count Dooku enjoying the galactic party circuit.

Think about this, Count Dooku always seemed the type of reserved man that if he had been given the chance he could be a real party animal.

The Sith are all about passion and the partying requires passion.

Much like the actor whom played Count Dooku, Christopher Lee. For those whom do not know, before Christopher Lee died, he was producing his own music with his rock band into his NINTIES!

On a side note. Christopher Lee also played Saruman in the Lord of the Rings films. I can see Saruman standing atop Isengard tower, rocking it hard with an electric guitar, while lightning and thunder rumble around him.

As for Palpatine allowing Dooku to continue the Sith, with Palpatine not planning revenge. The reason is simple. Palpatine has his eyes on greater prizes than galactic conquest, and being a part of the Sith lineage would be counterproductive to Palpatine in seeking the treasures he now has his eyes on.

Palpatine knows that allowing Dooku to continue to Sith would deflect any suspicions he is still among the living. Also, Palpatine and Dooku know that Dooku could not defeat Palpatine in a battle. So, Palpatine allowed Dooku to continue to Sith has few risks and doing so would keep any Sith spirits paying attention to him from causing him trouble for not allowing the Sith line of succession to continue.

By Palpatine mentioning Darth Vectivus, Palpatine found a loophole to allow him to let Dooku continued the Sith without Palpatine dying.

Darth Vectivus was likely one of the more honorable, moral, and pragmatic Sith Lords. And I can see how Palpatine could have used Darth Vectivus' teaching on applying Sith tactics to business as a basis to allow Palpatine to apply Sith teachings to politics and allow Palpatine to rise to power.

Yes. I “Weapon Xed” Durge. And why I did that, and gave him the 'Rathtar' nickname is real simple. Given the way rathtars moved and attacked in the Force Awakens movie, that reminded me of some of the movements and attacks that Durge employed in the Clone Wars OVAs.

For those that do not know, on Coruscant, during the Clone Wars, the Dacho District is sort of like the equivalent of Marvel Comic's Hell's Kitchen for Coruscant. Only far larger. The reason the Dacho District is nicknamed the “Dead Sector” is that most of the district are abandoned refineries and factories. Most of those are part of the Works, which is part of the Dacho District. But, there is still some functioning refineries and factories. And given the size of the district, it stands that parts of the district would be populated, and given the rundown nature of the district, those populations would be poor.

Yes. I bought Jar Jar Binks back to life. But, in a different way. Now, he has control of his mind. For the most part he is back to the lighthearted, good-natured person he originally was.

But, Jar Jar knows what he has done was wrong, and he wishes to make up for it by helping those in one of the places on Coruscant most people of wealth and power do not give a damn about.

In this way, Jar Jar has finally learned to be personally responsible for his actions. A trait he lacked in the main Star Wars timeline.

This Jar Jar is sort of like a cross between the Hulk and Daredevil. He wants to help people, and he can change back and forth from a giant brute at will. Though, he is still foolish. The trade off is he does not have a split personality, and he really can control his larger form. Also, he remembers the time he spends in both forms. It is just that his larger former has a temper due to some of the influence by Sidious that was left in Jar Jar's mind.

Still, Jar Jar is intelligent. But before he was way too trusting of those people around him.

But, after everything that has happened, Jar Jar is less trusting. He is nice. But, less trusting. Thus, he thinks more about his actions, and that makes him far more dangerous.

I am a fan of Thrawn. Decades ago, I remember reading the Heir To the Empire book trilogy. It is a good read.

If I could have figured out how to do so, I would have included Thrawn into this story, besides a cameo in this chapter.

But, if I had Thrawn met Padme, Loki would have found out. It is to early for Loki to learn that Thrawn is already a member of the Republic navy.

Thrawn is a tactical genius. Thrawn lives to be genre savvy. That is what makes him so dangerous. He studies his enemies' culture, history, art, etc, as a way to see insight into his enemies' weaknesses. And that is how Thrawn crushes his enemies.

Thrawn's skill in mixing subterfuge and brute force is incredible.

For those that do not know. When talking about those Star Wars villains that do not use the force, whom are in leadership roles. Thrawn is the person that Star Wars fans use to compare with those villains. Thrawn is that good.

I am happy that Thrawn has returned to the Star Wars franchise in the form of being one of the villains in Season Three of the Star Wars Rebels animated series.

In addition, I mentioned others Star Wars characters. Like Han, Mara, Lando, Chewy, Dina, Mara. This is intended as a nod from Loki that Loki has not forgotten about those people. And neither have I.

Ans so we reach the end of this chapter, where I leave you, dear reader. It has been great.

Until next time. Have fun.

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