Thundering Force: Chapter 13: “Daughters and Sons of the Force.”

“Thundering Force”

Chapter Thirteen: “Daughters and Sons of the Force.”

By Paul Cousins.

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It was nighttime where Sidious was located. Sidious was sitting in a chair, behind a desk in a dimly lit room. He was reading a datapad in his right hand. The datapad had Republic Intelligence reports on what was going on within the Confederacy of Independent System.

It has been a months since Sidious had able to contact any his agents within the Confederacy.

Sidious had grown more concerned with each passing day. Though, he did not allow himself to feel any worry.

Over that time, what Sidious had learned troubled him further. The news was not good.

In the previous months, there has been several political power shifts within the Confederacy. All of the changes in power seem to be connected and well orchestrated. Though, none of the connections were by Sidious' own doing.

As Sidious continued reading the datapad, he thought, 'For months, I have not be able to contact anyone in Confederacy. Not Dooku. Not Gunray. Not even Ventress will answer my calls. I am tempted to call Grievous. But, Republic Intelligence states he has not been seen working within the Separatists military for months. No one knows where he is. He is either dead. Or, the person behind this got to him.'

'From the reports, for months someone from behind the scenes has reshuffled the power structure within the Confederacy. The Separatists Council has been completely replaced. Many the new members of the Separatist Council come from the Confederate Parliament. Thus, someone has given the fools that left the Senate for the Separatists some actual power.'

'Also, that means that old council is likely dead. And with Dooku gone, I am completely cut off from my influence among the Separatists. Given no one else within the Separatist government knows my connections to the Separatists, I have no way to reclaim that power. The only ones that know of my connection, whom still live, are Ventress and a few other agents of Dooku. And they hold no power with the Separatist.'

'Worse is these agents of Dooku held no loyalty to me. I can not use them to try to take over the Separatists.'

'Even though Ventress and the other agents are loose ends, they have disappeared.'

'While the force grants me great power, it is difficult to find someone that want to hide in an area the size of a galaxy.'

'Either these agent have also been killed, run when they had the chance, or they have joined whom ever engineered this take over.'

'Whomever masterminded this is a genius to do so. The timeline of events point to one possible answer. Loki Laufeyson. She has taken over the Separatists.'

'I tried to have her killed, and in response she took over the Confederacy. I clearly underestimated her abilities. I guess we all did.'

'From the alliances she has build during Loki's time as Dooku's agent, by now I am sure Loki's power base is very solid.'

'And Loki did all this under Dooku nose.'

'Loki firm grasp is proven by the moves she has done within the Confederacy. She would not do this if she was unsure of the loyalties of those she is giving power too.'

'She will have already removed anyone from authority within the Separatists whom I might be able to tempt, or bribe to betray her.'

'When I heard she was building alliances both inside and outside Confederacy. I realized this was a possibility. That is why I arranged for Dooku to have her killed. Either directly, or indirectly.'

'But, Loki had clearly already set up a plan to take care of Dooku before I made my move. That was a mistake on my part. Given she can fight Thor, my Enforcer, I should have known better than to believe that Dooku could handle her in a fight.'

'Though, I did not feel Dooku's death. Actually, I do not feel Dooku at all. So, I am not sure if he is alive or dead. But, he knows that since he has failed me, if I learn he is alive, he is as good as dead.'

'If Loki is as cunning as I believe she is, by now I am sure she likely changed the codes to the Separatist battle droids. So, I cannot shut their droid army down.'

'Loki was the one to convince Dooku to allow mandalorians to join the Separatist military on the premise that weak willed people, such as Gunray, could be blackmailed into shutting down the droids and ending the war. That was basically my plan in ending the war. And that plan will no longer work.'

'Even further, the fact that Loki convinced Dooku to take these precautions so soon after becoming one of his agents means she suspected this before she even joined the Separatists.'

'To make matters worse, I am sure that once Loki joined the Separatists, she was able to quickly learn the inner workings of the organization, allowing her to almost immediately begin her plans and efforts to quietly take over the Separatists.'

'Loki did in years what took me decades. Given the speed at which she had done this, in cunning, Loki might be my equal, or superior. In addition, her cunning is not her only power. While she does not use the force, she does possess power similar Thor, and she formidable combat skills.'

'She might have personally defeated Dooku. It is possible. But, if that is the case she likely killed him. That is what a Sith would do... But, she is not a Sith. She might have left him alive. But why?... Does she know about the Rule to Two... If that is the case she kept him alive and sent him into hiding in the hopes of slowing down my desire for another apprentice.'

'Well, that will not work. I will have a new apprentice. Though, that will take time to arrange. After I decide whom shall be my apprentice.'

'The one silver lining in all this she is this intelligence and knowledgeable, she knows better than to directly face me.'

'Though, even if she does not have the power and skills to face me, she is too much of a risk to keep around. She has to die. If she is not killed, given enough time she will find a way to get rid of me and take over the entire galaxy.'

'As I reflect on how Loki came onto the scene. Everything she has done has to the point I lost track of her shows that it is clear she had been planning this takeover even before she joined the ranks of the Separatists.'

'Also, while none of these reports state that Loki is in charge, with only brief mentions of her being sighted from various locations, I am sure that Loki is intelligent enough to not openly claim credit for control of the Separatists. Instead, she is controlling her political puppets from the shadows.'

'Just like I have been doing all this time. If she knows this much about me, she might have even been inspired by the idea to control the Separatists organization from my own tactics.'

Sidious realized something. He felt a sense of worry, as he thought, 'She might know who I am...'

Sidious swiftly reigned in his emotions, as he mentally reflected, 'But, if she does she is keeping that secret to herself. Though, given how devious she clearly is, if I directly go after her, she has likely arranged that if anything happens to her, my secret would come out. Besides, it is the word of an unknown, against someone well respected... Well, relatively unknown. The Republic would not trust her. Though, she has garnered a very nice reputation for herself among the Separatists. They may believe her.'

Sidious felt fury well up inside of himself, as he mentally lamented, 'To make matters worse, I am too busy to personally deal with this matter. Should Loki be this good, she probably has additional plans to count myself, should I try to leave to deal with this personally. She will come at me both directly, while dealing massive blows to my power-base in the Republic during my absence.'

'I am literally trapped in my position of power.'

'Any propaganda to discredit Loki will backfire. Loki had done a good job of making herself out to be the peacemaker of the Separatists. As much as I have tried to control the information in the Republic, even some of those here in the Republic think well of Loki. If I start a propaganda war with her, I might lose.'

'I do not dare reveal that it was her whom is not in charge. If she might let it be known she seized power from myself. Darth Sidious. Such a public acknowledgment of my existence would be harmful to myself. Such publicity may tempt the Jedi into offering an alliance with her, as they have with the girl, as Thor.'

Sidious forced himself to calm down, as he thought, while allowing himself to feel a bit of admiration towards Loki, 'Well played. Indeed.'

'Wherever you came from Loki, you clearly mastered this game before you accounted yourself on Coruscant. I have never faced someone as cunning as myself in such an indirect conflict. This only shows how cunning you are by your refusal to directly face me. Instead, we will lead our armies against each other.'

'This is the whole point of the Rule of Two. To prevent this type of situation. Where the risk of galactic destruction could happen, with nothing left for anyone to rule.'

'But, before that hammer dropped on Geonosis, the Sith, nor even the Jedi. As Dooku confirmed for me. Have any records of having dealt with power outside of the force that could challenge the power of the force. This is new ground which we are all covering. Very interesting ground. When I take full control of the galaxy, I will have to look into the origins of your power, Loki, and the power of Mjolnir. Though, this is a matter for later, when I can invest unlimited resources in such research. I am certain such research will bare fruit.'

'It looks like I am actually going to have to win this war the hard way. No matter what Loki does, I will attain the victories and goals I seek. It will just take longer than I had planned.'

Sidious lips curled into a wicked grin, as he thought, with delight, 'I always enjoy a challenge. This is how I got where I am at. This is how I am going to one day achieve fully conquering the galaxy.'

Sidious went back to reading Republic intelligence reports, on the datapad, as he plotted his next moves concerning how he was going to win the war and still take over the galaxy.


A few days later, on the planet Er'Kit. The planet Er'Kit was the homeworld of the slender, gray skin Er'Kit. Er'Kit was mostly a desert world.

The planet of Er'Kit was located on northern part of the Outer Rim, on the Braxxant Run hyper-route.

At the start of the Clone Wars, planetary government of Er'Kit siding with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. There has been some fighting over Er'Kit, but the planet was not a major front of the war. Most of the fighting has taken place in space, away from the planet, with those on Er'Kit having not suffered any massive damage or serious loss of life.

Presently, the war has gone well for the Confederacy in the area of the Outer Rim Er'Kit was located, with the Confederate forces having pushed Republic military from that area of the Outer Rim south into the Mid-Rim.

On an arid, sandy desert area of the planet of Er'Kit there was a city.

The city was a trading post for off world commerce, with a large spaceport located just outside of the city.

In the city, Loki had set up a small hidden headquarters for herself among the older sections of the city. The base was a castle with domes on it.

Loki bought the castle under an alias.

Most of the servants Loki hired to maintain the castle were Er'Kit men and women. Loki paid them well enough to not ask questions and not talk about what they see.

It was a sunny morning outside, with cool, slightly windy, dry weather.

Presently, Loki was inside her personal office in the castle. The office was a small room, with only one door. The door was across the room from Loki's desk. The office was at the fifth story, with it being on the top floor of that area of the castle. The windows in the room provided plenty of sunlight to see inside her room. When facing the room from the door, the windows were to the right side and behind the desk on the other side of the room.

Loki was sitting in her cushioned armchair, behind her desk. She was holding a datapad in her left hand. She looked over some datapad which had some Confederate Intelligence reports on that she wished to review.

Loki's desk was a simple wooden desk. To her left, on the top of the desk was a small holo-monitor. To her right was a small computer monitor, keyboard, and touchpad. The computer itself was located inside the right part of the desk. On the side of the desk, facing Loki, were draws with basic office supplies and stationary.

There were not chairs in front of Loki's desk.

Loki wore casual green and brown clothing. Among other items, Loki wore a green short sleeve blouse, green pants, brown belt and brown boots.

Loki's long black hair hung loose down her back to just below her shoulder-blades.

Loki was having a pleasant morning.

There was a knock at the door.

Loki looked up at the door across the room from her.

Loki thought, 'I am still working on having an intercom system installed in this room. But, I can sense who it is. My guess has finally arrived. I have been expecting her. While the servants of this castle do not know her name. I showed them all a picture and instructed them that when she arrived for her to be lead to this office. I can sense which servant lead her here and that servant is already heading away. It is nice when the help is competent. And I pay them well enough to not accidentally mess up such matters.'

Loki reigned in her thoughts and emotions behind her mental defenses.

Loki stated, just loudly enough to be heard through the door, “Come in.”

The door Loki's office slid opened.

Loki looked at her guest, as she set the datapad on top the top of her desk.

Loki guest was the slender, bald, pale skin woman, Asajj Ventress.

Asajj wore a gray bodysuit. The chest part of the bodysuit was purple. Over the bottom part of the bodysuit was a long purple skirt. She had gray slippers on her feet. Under her skirt, she hid her two curved red crystal lightsabers.

Loki said, in a kind tone of voice, “I have been expecting you. I hope the trip was not too difficult.”

Asajj commented, “I have had worse.”

Loki requested, “Now please come over here, so we can start this meeting.”

Asajj calmly said, “Certainly.”

Asajj walked over to stand in front of Loki's desk.

A few seconds later, the sensors on the door to the office noticed no one standing next to the door. In response, the door automatically slid closed.

Both women silently looked at each other for a few seconds. They each measured the other personal character's by their body language.

Asajj saw that Loki was a very professional woman, whom was both straightforward, but also hidden, at the same time. Asajj saw Loki showed no fear towards her. And Loki had some sort of mental defenses which blocked the passive use of the force Asajj was doing to try to read Loki's emotions.

Loki saw in Asajj was woman that reveled in her power. But, she was slightly nervous, but hid her anxiety very well. Loki not try to test Asajj's mental defenses.

Loki was the first to speak. She stated, “It is good to see you. When I deposed of Dooku, you disappeared for a while. I am glad you finally decided to come out of hiding.” Loki thought, 'There is no point in hiding from her that I am now in control of the Separatists. You were close enough to Dooku to put the pieces together.'

Asajj had her mental defenses up, as she thought, 'So, it was you that has taken over the Separatist. Interesting. This explains why Dooku forbid me from every meeting you. Now I am talking with you. You offer for accepting this invitation is generous enough to make it worth the risk in speaking with you. Now to find out what you want with me.'

Asajj said, “Through back channels, I heard that in exchange for listening to your offer. If I declined, you would arrange for me to leave this war alive and in one piece.”

Loki responded, “That is my offer. If you do not like the offer I present to you. I will arrange for you to leave this war with money in your pocket. A new identity. And the potential for a life outside of this war. By my reputation, you know I will keep my word.”

Asajj asked, “I believe you will. Now why did you summon me?”

Loki answered, “Simple. Along with a generous monthly stipend. I am willing to pay you a lot of money to do missions for me. All I ask in exchange is for your loyalty towards myself. These missions are voluntary. If you do not wish to perform them, I will have someone else do so. If you have any comments about my mission offers. I welcome such comments. I may miss something that you may notice. Also, I will allow you to take third party missions, as long as those missions are not for the Republic, and that said missions are not against the interests the Confederacy, nor myself.”

Asajj said, “This is a very tempting offer.” Her lips curled into a smirk. She questioned, “Though, why should I not kill you and take over? You have just confirmed what I suspected. You are now the person behind the Confederacy.”

Loki turned Asajj's smirk with her own. Loki calmly said, “Two reasons. I handed Dooku his ass. Something you would be hard pressed to do. If you took over, you would have to both oversee fighting a war, and dealing with a bureaucracy. I feel that neither of these jobs are part of your skill set. We both know you are the type of person that prefers to be in the field and not behind a desk.”

Asajj dropped her smirk, as she conceded, “You might have a point there.”

Loki dropped her smile. She responded, “Here is my offer. Along with what I said. When you take a mission, you follow the mission parameters. No killing and maiming outside of whom I tell you to deal with. If you need help. Let me know. I will assign you help. Do not kill, nor seriously harm the help. In addition, I do not believe in punishing someone over a failing in their mission. I only punish over incompetence. That is a trait you do not have. So, what do you say? Do you want to work for me?”

Asajj though about Loki's offer for a few seconds. Then, her lips curled into a slight grin. She answered, “Sure.”

Loki happily stated, “Good. Your first mission include training wheels. Since you use the dark side, I am sure that sometimes you have an issue with your temper. Not to worry. I know mental techniques that will help you reign in and focus your temper. In doing so, you will become more powerful.”

Asajj commented, “I have no interesting in denying myself the power that angry brings.”

Loki pointed out, “I never said anything about not using your angry. I desire to teach you have to better channel your anger and become more powerful.”

Asajj realized what Loki meant. Asajj replied, “Then, I will give your lessons a try.”

Loki responded, “Thank you. Though, when you work for me, I do not want sniping, sarcasm, or, violent outbursts. I want a professional. Not a loose cannon whom will indiscriminately kill.'

Asajj calmly replied, “I will see what I can do.”

Loki said, “That will be fine.”

Asajj inquired, “So, who do you want me to kill first? Or, do you want me to steal something?”

Loki answered, “Your first mission is not be one of violence. Your first mission deals with diplomacy.”

Asajj was caught flatfooted, as she questioned, “Diplomacy? I am not a diplomat.”

Loki calm conceded, “Of course. Not right now. But, you will be. You will be. I want warriors that can be poets. And poets than can be warriors. Meaning, I want agents that can understand and utilize all forms of combat. Not just on the battlefield, but at the negotiation table. With them using the proper tactics for the proper situation to convince our marks to see our way. Our point of view. Without resorting to threats and violence, unless our marks for us to do so.”

Asajj admitted, “Besides using the threat of force, I have no skills at negotiations.”

Loki commented, “This is what I will teach you. And why I will be coming with you on your first mission.”

Asajj questioned, “Where will that be?”

Loki said, “Your homeworld. The planet is not far from here.”

Asajj, asked, with concern in her tone of voice, “How much to you know about me?”

Loki cryptically stated, “Enough to see potential in you. I know many of your people do not like you for choosing the dark side. I want them to see that it is not the dark side they should worry about. I want you to see how far you have come. I want them to envy you.”

There was silence between the two women for a few seconds, as Asajj thought over what Loki had said.

Then, Asajj spoke, “Alright. I'm in. If for any other reason than to show those old hags how far I have come.”

Loki said, “I can sympathize with your feelings on this matter.”

Asajj stated, “Still, my people are very powerful in the force and in combat.”

Loki promised, “I assured you. Should this mission come to violence, no harm will come to you. I will not allow them to harm you for simply being who you are.”

Asajj replied, “I appreciate that.”

Asajj thought, 'I need to tell her. One of the reasons I came is because he will not stop trying to contact me. It would be best inform her before she finds out on her own.'

Asajj mentioned, “There is another matter. Sidious has been trying to get in touch with me. So far I have been ignoring his holo-calls.”

Asajj mentally lamented, 'I know it is Sidious calling because the force scream danger is she answered the holo-comm.'

Asajj went onto say, “But, I am concerned that eventually you might take more direct manners in having me talk to him.”

Loki responded, “Thank you for informing me. It was wise of you to not answer Sidious' calls. Sidious is very powerful in the force. Also, before you are tempted to join his side, keep in mind that Sidious does not share power. He will not teach you anything that you do not already know.”

Asajj commented, “From what I have heard of Sidious, when Dooku talks about him, I have come to believe that.”

Loki stated, “Should Sidious attempt to physically visit you. Immediately escape and contact me.”

Asajj said, “I will.”

Loki commented, “Should that happen, I will hide you and I have him dealt with.”

Asajj replied, “Thank you.”

Loki stated, “I just hired you. I do not want to lose you. We will arrange for different contact channels after this mission has been concluded. That way it will be more difficult for Sidious to attempt to contact you. Though, when we are ready to leave, I will need you to pilot my ship to our destination.”

Loki thought, 'I cannot bring John and Michael on this mission. And I am still learning. So, I will have to rely on you on this matter.'

Asajj replied, “That will not be a problem.”

Loki responded, “Thank you. Now, I have other matters to take care of this morning. I have already instructed my servants within this castle to have a bedroom set aside for you. Anyone of them will show you where to go. Just ask. Politely. We will talk later on the details of your lessons and your mission within a few hours.”

Asajj said, with a bit of enthusiasm in her tone of voice, “I look forward to our next meeting.”

Loki requested, “Until then. Please, stay out of trouble.”

Asajj replied, “I will do my best.”

Loki stated, “That is all one can do.”

Asajj asked, “Before I leave. How do you wish for me to address you?”

Loki answered, “Loki will be find. How about yourself?”

Asajj replied, “Asajj.”

Loki said, “Alright.”

Asajj inquired, “I was curious. Why did you want us meet on this planet?”

Loki stated, “This is a matter of multitasking. I am busy with several things at once. There were reports that slavery was being practiced on this planet. I have already dealt with the matter.”

Asajj knew better than ask for any further details. Asajj said, “I am sure you will be able to find me when you need me.”

Loki responded, “Yes. Get some rest. We will be very busy soon enough.”

Asajj replied, “Yes Loki.”

Asajj turned and walked up to the door. She pushed a button on a panel by the door to open the door. The door slid open and Asajj walked out of the room. Asajj headed to find a servant to show her to her private quarters. Due to Asajj's force abilities, it would not take her long to find a servant to escort her to her assigned quarters.

A few seconds later, the door slid closed.

Loki let out a deep breath she did not realize she was holding.

Loki thought, 'This meeting went surprisingly well. Asajj is always open to learning things that will make her more powerful. My lessons will help her focus. She is much more mentally stable than I expected. Though, given the changes to what I know, I should not be surprised. My teaching will help focus her rage and make her more powerful. Also, my teachings will make her less of a loose cannon, and more loyal to me.'

'The diplomatic lessons and etiquette lessons I teach her will make her a better leader and a better person to be around. And with my teachings, she will be easier to work with and influence. Thus making a loyal servant whom will benefit from being loyal to me.'

'This mission will be a test to see if she be the agent I hope she can be. If not. I will cut her loose. But, in a way that will not come back to haunt me.'

'While I love power and I desire rule, that does not mean I cannot care for the welfare of my subjects.'

'When it comes Palpatine trying to contact her. While she clearly had no intention of following Palpatine. If Palpatine comes for a visit as Sidious, I am not sure how I will handle him.'

'I was not lying to Padme and Anakin when I stated that Sidious was more powerful than any of us.'

'Though, Palpatine is trying to contact Asajj. That means my plan is working. Palpatine has run out of other people to contact within the Separatists organization.'

'Palpatine could not even contact Grievous. Whom is now wake in his restored organic body. Which is just like his original body was. He is right now in physical rehab, but he is recovering fast. Grievous should return to active duty within a few months... He is another success story on my part.'

'Though, I am not worried about Palpatine trying to take a more personal, direct approach on this matter. He is too busy running the Galactic Republic. He will not leave Republic space. Especially now that he realizes that he has lost control of this war.'

'Even if he realizes I am behind all this and I have taken Asajj as a student, he will not risk personally coming after Asajj, nor even myself. Because he likely realizes that if he did so, while he is away from Coruscant, I might be able to destroy his power base within the Republic, as he tries to personal deal with me.'

'Still, give enough time I will figure out how to deal with Palpatine. If I did not care for people's lives, I would contemplate planetary bombardment on the planet he was on. With around the clock space patrols to make sure no one escaped.'

'Though, that might not work. Palpatine might survive the bombardment. Stealth technology exists in this reality. Also, the force can be used to cloak a starship from sensors and people. In addition, even if I kill him, he might already have a few clone bodies hidden away that he can transfer his soul into, with him coming back to haunt me another day.'

'But, I will figure out something. And it will not just be me he is dealing with him. It will be so many others. Many of whom would love to have a crack him.'

Loki giggled a little at her thoughts.

As Loki calmed down, she continued her thoughts, 'Though, the one problem with taking over the Separatists and running things behind the scenes is I have no time to negotiate and convince more worlds to join the Separatists. The irony being if Dooku had not betrayed me, within the year, I would have convince enough worlds to join the Separatists that the Galactic Republic could have been forced to sue for peace, and perhaps even surrender, from overwhelming numerical superiority.'

'Oh well. I guess I will just have to win this war the hard way with guile and cunning on the battlefield instead of using my tongue within the chambers of government power to convince leaders populations to join us.'

'I was honest with Ventress... I mean Asajj, about dealing with slavers. I heard that some Thalassian slavers had recently come to this planet. They were using this war as a cover to continue their business here. I checked. Under Confederate law slavery is illegal. Though, during Dooku's reign, such laws were ignored. But, I will make sure such laws are enforced.'

'I already deal with the Thallassian slavers that were foolish enough to come here. No one will ever find their bodies. I even rescued any of their victims whom I could find. Though, the victims will not remember was I whom saved them.'

'I will have the Separatist military take care of the Thallassian slavers.'

'As for other groups that are slavers. I will deal with them on a case by case basis. Such, as the catlike humanoid Zygerrians whom are known as having one of the largest slaver economics in the galaxy. Only the Hutts out pace them in this area.'

'Unfortunately, the Zygerrians are members of the Separatists. So, I have to handle things delicately. But, getting them to change should not be too hard. The Zygerrians are currently in the middle of a internal power struggle given I killed their queen, Miraj Scintel, along with the rest of the Separatist Council.'

'I did not expert her to be part of the Separatist Council at the time. I guess the changes of events lead to her taking a position within the Separatist Council.'

'It is clear the Zygerrians do not realize it was I whom killed their queen, or I would have take more immediate and drastic actions against them.'

'Anyway, I will arrange for the new leadership of the Zygerrian to move away from a slaver based economy. I cannot just have them instantly abolish slavery. Much of their economy is based on the galactic slave market. Their economy would crash and they would be venerable to becoming part of a covert proxy war by the Republic. Whereby the Republic quietly sows the seeds of rebellion on Zygerrians without taking credit for doing so. All in exchange for the Zygerrians changing sides to support the Republic.'

'The planet Zygerria is located deep in Separatist held space. If there Republic took control of the planet, even by proxy, the Separatist would be forced to bomb that planet to rubble rather than risk facing military attacks so deep within Separatist held space.'

'But, the Zygerrians can be made to slowly move from such an economy with the slavery to eventually being not having a slave trade market. As I do this, I will arrange for the slaves held by the Zygerrians to be freed.'

'Also, I will try to track down the clients of the Zygerrian slave markets. I will not be able to save all of these slaves. But, I can save most of them.'

'In addition, I will make sure these slaves are eventually freed and move them to another planet away from the Zygerria.'

'If the Zygerria refuse to change, they can suffer the similar fate as the Cathar.'

'I will deal with the large organization of Thallassians slavers. Though, these slavers are splinter group. Most Thallssians are not part of the slave trade. This is more of a organized crime situation than a political situation. Meaning I can handle the matter more quietly.'

Loki turned her attention to the small holo-monitor on her desk. She mentally reflected, 'But this is for later. Now to contact another of my new agents. One I doubt I would ever convince to be truly loyal to me. While Jango believes in loyalty and honor. This one is a pure mercenary. All he cares about is credits. Now that I control the Separatists, I have plenty of credits to pay him with. But, given there is no way to make him loyal, that means he is the most expendable and the one I will use on the riskiest of missions.'

Loki reached over at the holo-monitor with her left hand.

As Loki dialed the number, she thought, 'I hope he answers. I really do not feel like having to call him again. I do not want to leave a message and it is embarrassing for one of the most powerful people in the galaxy to have to call multiple times to contact someone.'

'Still, I need to talk to him. On a few different matters. Including a rumor I heard about from him. At least this communication channel is encrypted, so I am able to have such a conversation with him, without to much worry that someone is listening. Though, I need to keep in mind he will likely record this conversation, and any conversation I have with him. He is a mercenary, after all. So, I need to be careful what I say to him.'

By then, Loki has finished dialing. Loki pulled back her left hand to under the desk and onto her lap by her right hand.

Loki leaned back in her armchair.

The holo-comm rang a few times, until the call was picked up.

Loki thought, 'Good. You answered.'

Above the holo-monitor was a small holographic image of Cad Bane upper body and head. Cad Band was not wearing his coat and hate, but he did have on his brown long sleeve shirt. Also, Cad Bane had a tube attached to each of his two cheeks that went to a small device that was strapped to his upper-back.

Loki thought, 'Those two tubes are a cybernetic breathing system that allows him to breath in atmospheres that would otherwise kill him. He can even close his mouth and completely breath through the devices to filter out any poisons in the air. Though, such a device will not protect him from pressure differences. Still, it is a nice device to have some someone in his line of work.'

'Cad Bane has already done a few jobs for me. I have found his work to be effect and expedient. Though, I have to make sure to be specific on the mission parameters, so he does not harm or kill those whom are not the targets I assign for him to deal with. But, he lives up to his reputation and he follows the mission parameters.'

'I am grateful for Jango helping me get in touch with Cad Bane. Usually, bounty hunters did not like to share clients. Though, this shows he is grateful for my help. Maybe I will someday ask him to help me contact Aurra Sing, when I am ready to contact her.'

'Though, when Jango asked me why I desired to hire Cad Bane. I stated that I need someone to do jobs that were too risky for a single father raising a son.'

'After all, he does have his son, Boba to teach. Giving Jango leeway and aid in doing so is one investment that will likely pay off a hundred fold for myself and the Separatists.'

'Jango accepted my answer at face value. And the answer was truthful.'

'I plan to pay Jango and Cad Bane as my agents. They will do missions feel they can handle. Though, like Asajj, I have no issues with them taking jobs from other third parties. As long as those jobs do not conflict with me, the Separatists, nor my agenda.'

'In addition, Jango, Cad Bane, and Asajj know better than to cross me. And all three have agreed to accept employment as my agents on my terms.'

'Though, I am not sure I want my agents to know exactly whom my other agents are. They could use that against myself. Just as I used that information against Dooku.'

'Now to let Cad Bane make the first statement. He will feel more in control if he is allowed to do so.'

A few seconds later, Cad Bane's smile hologram turned to look over at Loki. He stated, in a no nonsense tone of voice, “What do you want, Loki?”

Loki answered, “I wish to discuss the details of a mission I believe you may desire to undertake.” She though, 'Even if you do not accept this mission, you know better than to sell this information.'

Cad Bane responded, “With your reputation, as soon as I know the details, I am more than likely to accept.”

Loki thought, 'Not just yet.'

Loki inquired, “Before I do so. I heard that you did a job in Coruscant, a few months ago. I only ask because this may have an impact on the mission I have planned for you.”

Bane flatly stated, in a matter of fact manner, “I had a mission that took me to Coruscant. The mission went sideways. I had a run in with Thor.”

At hearing this, Loki leaded up a little in her seat. She commented, with interest in her tone of voice, “Really?... And you obviously escaped.”

Loki thought, 'From anyone else, escaping Thor would be impressive. From you, I would expect nothing less. I may find out the details to that job from my sources. But, that is for later. Though, I have no intention of asking Padme. For her to go after you, on her own, outside of a military sanctioned mission, means you did something to pissed her off.'

Cad smirked. He said, “I learned a long time ago to prepare for anything.”

Loki responded, “Of course. That is why I offer you these missions in the first place.”

Bane asked, So what is the mission? If it is a Jedi, my fee is double by usual payment. If it is Thor, my fee four times my usual rate and I will need access to weapons of mass destruction, with the authorization to use them in populated areas.”

Loki thought, 'Even at those rates, such jobs would be cheap. Though, I will not authorize such destruction and massive civilian casualties to kill one person. Especially, a person whom I like and admire.'

Loki commented, “Not to worry. I have no interest in hiring you to take on Jedi, nor Thor.” Loki thought, 'Nor will I hire Jango to do so. I will hire others to handle such matters. Though...' She stated, “Still, when you are performing one of my missions. You only to disintegrate those targets I tell you to disintegrate.” She thought, 'As I told Asajj. I do not need loose cannons whom will indiscriminately kill. I need professionals.'

Cad calmly responded, “I always strive to please my clients. It brings in more business, with better pay.”

Loki thought, 'Always the mercenary. Just as I had expected from you. Now, let us begin to conduct our business.'

Loki said, “I am offering you this mission because I believe it is a worthy challenge for you, which if successful will increase you reputation dramatically. The job I have in mind which I would like you to work on has no timetable. Though, danger is high, but so is the pay. Of which, half of the pay will be given to you before the assignment.”

Loki mentally reflected, 'Once I am doing with talking to you. I can begin my own plans on the details of the mission I have in mind for Asajj and myself. After I have the details worked out, I will talk to Asajj about our mission.'

Bane's lips curled into a grin. He replied, “I'm listening.”

Loki stated, “It is a team job. I will let you pick the members. On top of your fee, I will provide you with funding for your team and any equipment you need for this mission, within reason. Concerning this mission, timing is everything. Which is why there is no timetable. Basically, I will need you and your team to be ready when the window of opportunity opens.”

Cad questioned, “And when will this window of opportunity be open. I cannot be on call forever.”

Loki stated, “Do not worry. I will not make you wait that long. The window of opportunity should be within a few months. Likely a few weeks to a months time after you have everything ready. And the window of opportunity will have leeway of a few days, giving you time to make the final touches on the setup for this mission.”

Bane inquired, “I can work with that that schedule. How big a team with I need?”

Loki answered, “That depends on how many subordinates you feel that you will need.”

Bane commented, “Sounds like a big job.”

Loki replied, “Yes. It will be a big job.”

Bane asked, “How dangerous will this mission be?”

Loki answered, “It will be more dangerous than dealing with Thor.”

Bane questioned, “Is this mission a direct action against the Republic?”

Loki replied, “Yes.”

Bane commented, “Before we continue. I need to make a few calls. See who is available for the job that are worthy hiring.”

Loki said, “Of course. We will go over possible members for your group. With my resources I can more proper background checks. We do not want any fools or undercover spies in the group you are putting together.”

Bane agreed, “A second set of eyes would be good on such matters.”

Loki mentioned, “Glad you agree. Though, there may be a few perspective members of your team which I may ask you not to hire, because I have separate plans for them.”

Bane stated, “That will be fine.”

Loki mentioned, “Though, I will be busy for most of the coming week. So, we will have to talk about this in more detail when I am finished with a current project I am working on.”

Bane stated, “Take the time you need. You pay well enough that it is worth the wait. You can contact me in a week or so. As you said. There is no rush. Jobs of this level require meticulous planning and preparation to properly pull off.”

Loki thought, with mild astonishment, 'That is very true.'

Loki smiled. She complimented, “Cad Bane. You have lived up to everything I heard about your reputation.”

Bane returned Loki's smile, as he replied, “Thank you for your confidence.” Then, he ended the communication on his end.

Loki thought, 'This meeting went well.' Loki used her right hand to pick up the datapad on top of her desk. Loki went back to reading where she had left off on her datapad, as she thought, 'Now, to look over some business, and make a few calls. Then, I will work out the mission details for Asajj and myself. Once I am ready, I talk will talk with Asajj about our mission. All in all, I believe this will turn out to be a good day.'

Loki continued reading from the datapad, as she formulated her plans and missions for her subordinates.


A few days later, in a Jedi Diplomatic ship was traveling towards hyperspace, towards its destination in the northeastern Outer Rim.

The Jedi Diplomatic ship was roughly twice the size of a H-type Nubian yacht.

Inside the cockpit, Thor sat in the left chair, at the controls. Thor was wearing her armor and helmet. Though, Mjolnir and the sheathed Black Solace, in its scabbard, were in Thor's personal quarters on the ship.

The mission Thor currently was undertaking had come from the Jedi High Council, and not from the Chancellor Palpatine.

Padme has been told the where and when her mission would take place. But, Padme had not bee informed of the reasons and the details of her mission.

Even with Padme's loyal service, like many things, the Jedi High Council was being more secretive than Padme was comfortable with.

Thor was ordered not to talk about her mission with her friends. That she would go on the mission as Thor and that a Jedi Master would be accompanying her on the mission. A Jedi Master whom Padme had not met before.

Due the secretive nature of the situation, Thor decided to go in her full armor and helmet when she met with the Jedi Master. To maintain her secret identity as Padme Amidala Naberrie. Though, the only time Thor did not take helmet and armor off was in her privacy of her personal quarters.

Thor's face looked to much like her normal form's face to take off her helmet in front of the Jedi Master. The Jedi Master would likely recognize her.

Thor even washed and slept in her enhanced form.

Thor ate in the privacy of her private quarters, while she had taken off her helmet.

While the slit on Thor's helmet in front of her mouth was wide enough to be used to eat. Thor found eating with her helmet on to be unseemly. She only did so while on missions and in combat situations.

Thor had purchased other clothing for her stronger form, she kept her armor and helmet on most of the time. Thor did sometimes wear other clothing she had for her stronger form. The clothing she wore looked nice on her. Though, Thor always kept her helmet on when she left her quarters on the ship.

Fortunately, Thor could disperse and call back her armor and the clothing with her armor, when the armor and clothing reappeared the items were clean. As for her other clothing, she would clean such clothing when she needed to do so.

Thor and the Jedi Master were under orders to maintain communication silence during the mission.

Thor and the Jedi Master been together for two days. The only other person on the ship was a medical droid which was currently powered down in the medical bay room of the ship.

Thor and the Jedi Master had only each other to keep company, as they set the ship on autopilot in hyperspace.

Both of them read novels on their personal datapads to pass the time.

They even watched a few holo-films they could agree on, in the living area holo-monitor. These holovids were mostly comedic films.

While they did not speak much to each other, they were polite to each other, and it had been a peaceful trip for both Thor and the Jedi Master.

While Padme did not have her mental defenses up during the entire trip, Padme had reached a point she could tell when a force user was trying to enter her mind. Though, like most Jedi, this Jedi Master respected Padme's privacy and the Jedi Master did not try to read Padme's mind without her permission.

Now that they were nearing their destination.

They had already awoke a few hours ago. Both of them were well rested, cleaned up, and they already had some breakfast.

Thor wore her armor and helmet. She left her two main weapons in her quarters on the ship.

Presently, they were both inside the cockpit, sitting in chairs at the controls. Both of them were trained pilots. The Jedi Master was sitting in the main pilot's seat. To the Jedi Master's left, Thor was sitting in the co-pilot seat.

The ship was on autopilot, with the navigation computer of the ship making sure the ship stayed on course in hyperspace.

During their introduction on Coruscant, where they had met in a large hangar bay in the Jedi Temple, by the Jedi Diplomatic ship assigned to them. Thor had learned the Jedi Master's name was Fay.

Fay appeared to be a near-human. She had fair skin with long blond hair she allowed to hand loose down her back. She was a woman of average height, with an athletic build.

Fay appeared to be a woman in her early twenties. But, from looking in her eyes, one could tell she was far, far older.

In addition, the top of Fay's two ears were slightly pointed and curved towards the back of her head.

Fay wore a white long sleeve shirt, and white pants, over an elegant light brown robe with brown color embroidery on the interior edges of the robe. Fay's robe was dark brown sash around her waist. She had on black boots.

Also, from the way Thor heard Fay's belt sometimes slightly clang as she walked, Thor could tell that Face had a lightsaber holstered on the left side of her belt, hidden under her robes.

Though, Thor did not bring up Fay's lightsaber during the few times they talked to each other.

The two women continued to look at the swirling blue and white lights of hyperspace, outside of the windows in the front of the cockpit.

Suddenly, Fay turned Thor. She asked, in galactic basic, “I have been meaning to ask. I have heard of your hammer. That only you can use it. Do you ever wonder why you are worthy? While the Jedi are not?”

Thor turned to Fay. She thought, 'I might as well answer her. We have nothing else to talk about. Considering you refuse to talk about the details of the mission.'

Thor stated, “Thy does not own this hammer. This hammer is named, Mjolnir. Being a Jedi does not preclude one from wielding Mjolnir. Actually, Master Yoda can lift Mjolnir. Thy believes it is a state of mind that allows one to wield Mjolnir and the power Mjolnir offers. Though, thou believes that Mjolnir has to trust and like the ones that Mjolnir finds worthy.”

Thor thought, 'The fact I am able to wield the hammer is symbol of the worthiness I have gained from my efforts.'

Fay inquired, “Interesting. So you are not sensitive to the force?”

Thor answered, “Not that thy knows of.”

Fay questioned, “And your speech patterns?”

Thor stated, “The price of using such power.”

Fay commented, “Oh. Well, thank you for answering my questions.”

Thor replied, “You're welcome.”

Fay said, “Given we should be coming out of hyperspace within a few hours, in orbit over the location of our mission, I believe it is time to discuss the details of our mission.”

Thor thought, with mild relief, 'Finally...' Thor inquired, “Thy was wondering why thou is on this mission?”

Fay stated, “To be fair. I wanted you to come for multiple reasons. I have been wondering the galaxy for some time. When I heard of you and that the power you use does not come from the force, I wanted to meet you. Due to the sensitive nature of this mission, the Jedi High Council contacted me and offered me of this mission. I agreed to undertake this endeavor in exchange for you to come with me. The Council agreed to my terms.”

Thor lamented, “There are easier ways to meet with people.” She thought, 'So, the Jedi Council is using me as a reward for you doing this mission. I am not annoyed with you. Though, I am annoyed with the Council.'

Fay commented, “That is true. Though, it is rare to meet someone with power equal to a Jedi whom do not use the force. It is even rarer for that person to be as sociable as you.”

Thor responded, “Thy will take at as a compliment.” She thought, 'I might as well ask.' She inquired, “Has thee been informed of thou's true identity?”

Fay stated, “I did not ask. Experience has taught me that a person is defined by their character and actions. Not by their name.”

Thor complimented, “Those are wise words.”

Fay agreed, “True. I have seen holovids of your actions in battle. The power you wield is both impressive and terrifying.”

Thor responded, “Thou will not argue the matter. But, thy realizes that such strength needs to be tempered with wisdom and patience.”

Fay happily stated, “I fully agree. By making such comments, I can see the influence of the Jedi showing.”

Thor pointed out, “Thou was trained by the Jedi. So, that is no surprise.”

Fay said, “I guess that is the case. Still, I have lived a long time. Meeting you is a unique experience for myself.”

Thor stated, “From thee's eyes, thou could tell thee has lived a very long life. Though, the rest of your body does not show such age.”

Fay replied, in a slightly confused tone of voice, “Thank you... I think.”

Thor giggled a little form Fay's awkward response.

While Thor calmed down, she wondered, as she asked, “Since thee has been wondering the galaxy, thee has not been fighting in the Clone Wars?”

Fay answered, “No. Jedi Masters, such as myself, whom wonder the galaxy are hard for even the Council to keep track up. Besides having a few of us wonder behind even their knowledge in case something happened to the Jedi Order. So the Jedi will live on through such wondering masters to pass on our knowledge to futures generations.”

Thor thought, 'So the Jedi Council is intelligent enough not to put all their eggs in one basket.'

Fay went onto say, “The Council was fortunate that I kept in touch with a few of my friends still living in the Jedi Temple. The Council had my friends as me to contact them. I did so.”

Thor replied, “Yes. That was fortuitous.”

Fay said, “After this mission is over I intent to do some relief missions. Then, I will go back to wondering the galaxy. I do not plan on fighting on the front lines. Due the way I left to wonder the galaxy, the Council cannot force me to fight their battles.”

Thor inquired, “Aid is welcome in all forms. Though, is thee considered one of the Lost Twenty?” She thought, 'Well, nineteen when not counting Dooku.'

Fay responded, “You have heard of them?”

Thor stated, “In passing.” She thought, 'One day during my training, I have heard the term, lost twenty and I asked Anakin about the matter. He explained what the term meant.'

Fay said, “No. Unlike those Jedi Masters, I never resigned my commission from the Jedi Order. The Jedi High Council allows me to wonder the galaxy due to an agreement I made with them.”

Thor thought, 'That must have been an interesting agreement.'

Thor asked, “Thank you for the answer. Thou hopes thee is able to avoid the conflict. So what does thee have to comment on the mission we are about to undertake?”

Fay stated, “There is much too talk about. The planet we are going to is dangerous, even for those as powerful as us.”

Thor thought, 'For a Jedi Master to make such a statement is a serious matter. Outside of black holes, and other cosmic dangers, I can name on one hand how many places I know of in the galaxy that present danger to myself, as Thor.'

Thor commented, “That is interesting. Thy knows we are heading for the planet, Dathomir. Though, concerning is not much in the public records concerning the history of the Dathomir people. There is only the mention of the planets location and a warning for would be travelers avoid the planet.”

Thor mentally reflected, 'Along with the warning and location. The only records I could find in the Senate data archives was that Dathomir was once an ancient penal colony and that the local populations only have access to primitive technology.'

Fay commented, “Dathomir orbits one star, Domir. Dathomir has four moons. Dathomir was one time a penal colony. But, the reason there are so few records on the planet is that the place is where the Jedi Order made a serious mistake.”

Thor thought, 'This would not be the first time I have found the Jedi Order erasing records to hide their scandals from the public. Now to find out the details.'

Thor inquired, “What mistake?”

Fay said, “Six centuries ago, there was a Jedi Knight named, Allya. A human woman. She was brash, and she was bold. She was powerful in the force. She had mastered the use of force illusions and telekinesis. Also, she had a strong connection with nature and animals. Though, she held very unorthodox views on the force. Allya viewed that since life gestated inside women, that women held a deeper connection with the force than men. And due to this women should be leaders in the use of the force.”

Thor asked, “Thou has wondered that from time to time. Is that true? Do women have a deeper connection to the force?”

Fay flatly answered, “No.” Fay continued, in a calmer tone of voice, “In my experience I have learned that the body is but a shell. One's connection to the force transcends that shell. I have known people that ended up little more than brains with robotic limbs, whose connection to the force was deeper than even my own.”

Fay went onto say, in a much more sober tone of voice, “Unfortunately, Allya's own views on such matters lead her down darker and darker paths. Until she fell to the dark side of the force. Allya's views reached the point she felt that men should not be allowed to use the force at all. That only women held a true connection to the force. And that she should lead those that practiced the force.”

“But, those women among the Jedi Order, that Allya hoped to convince to become her acolytes. Whom she confided in. Did not agree with her views on these matters. They informed the Jedi High Council concerning this matter.”

“Allya was caught and tried before she could harm anyone.”

“The Jedi Council of the time felt that killing her would create a rift between the women and men of the Order. A rift that Allya would likely welcome at the cost of her life.”

“Her former teacher pleaded mercy for Allya's life. The Council granted that mercy. Instead of spending the rest of her life in a prison cell, she was sent to a primitive penal colony, where there was hope she use that time reflect on her views, realize her mistakes, and turn back to the light.”

“The Jedi Order did not take into account how ambitious Allya had become. Ten years later, when the Jedi Order check on how she was doing on Dathomir, we found that she had completely subjugated the planet's population to her will. She had enthralled the women and she had enslaved the men. She taught those women that were force sensitive how to use the force. They began the loyal, female acolytes she so desired. Her witches, as she named them, helped her solidify her brutal authority over the populations of that planet. The most unfortunate matter was we had to leave her be.”

Thor asked, “Why was she not dealt with by the Order?”

Fay answered, “She made it very clear she would sacrifice the population of the entire planet rather than hand over her power. Since she had no means for her followers, nor herself, to leave the planet, the Jedi Order of the time decided to be leave her in control of the populations of Dathomir.”

Thor thought, 'Given some of the actions in this war, I am not surprised the Jedi Council would condone tyranny, as long as it did not effect the Jedi Order.' Thor responded, “We are cleaning up a mess, and we were sent because we are women?”

Fay stated, in a straightforward manner, “We were sent because of who we are, and that we are women. We are heading to a savage, matriarchal society that holds little value for weak women, and less value for men. They consider strong men to be their enemy. Still, even there your name is known. So is mine. As bigoted as Allya was, she did have leadership skills, and she has built a society that has outlived her by centuries.”

Thor asked, “So we are going to be meet with a group of dark side force users?”

Fay inquired, “How much do you know of the dark side?”

Thor replied, “More than I care to.”

Fay responded, “I can say the same. Though, fortunately we will not be facing such a situation. While Allya had fallen to the dark side, she did set up some rules that showed she did not fully fall to the dark side. After her death, as time passed on Dathomir, her followers soon realized the dangers of the dark side of the force. They took further precautions, including amending the rules Allya has first created. These rules dealt with using emotions to enhance the force. They banned force the use of abilities that are from the dark side of the force. Such allowing oneself to give into angry while using the force.”

“Though, compared to the Jedi Order, they have a far looser form of rules when it comes to using the force. But, they follow their rules.”

“Eventually, the women became known as the Witches of Dathomir. Each of their villages became a separate clan. There are outcast sects that do practice the dark side of the force. They are very dangerous. They are called the Night Sisters. These Night Sisters are frowned upon by the rest of the Witches of the planet. Especially, given that traditionally, once a night sister used a man to become pregnant, she murders that man.”

Thor stated, with disgust in her tone of voice, “That is disgustingly evil.”

Fay stated, “To say the least. The Witches we will be meeting oppose the Night Sisters.”

Thor commented, “Good. This means we will light not find ourselves conflict with them.” She thought, 'Years of sparring with my friends. And my fights with force users. Such as Count Dooku. Have taught me that in a fight, those whom use the force are always cagey and unpredictable.'

Fay said, “I hope our meeting with be peaceful. Though, all the witches only use men for labor and the healthiest men are used by the witch to become impregnated.”

Thor inquired, “Sad, but given everything else thee has mentioned, this is not surprising. Who raises children?”

Fay answered, “It depends on the village. Some villages allow the fathers to raise the sons. Some villages ban men from having anything to do with raising the children. Some Clans have various women assigned to raise all the children. Both girls and boys. But, for all the witch clans the daughters are raised by the woman.”

Thor thought, 'This is sad. As a child, my father had a profound, positive impact on my life. Without his influence and teaching I would not be where I am at today as both a senator and a soldier.'

Thor questioned, “What species are the witch clans?”

Fay stated, “Due to Dathomir once being a penal colony that planet is populated by several species. Though, mostly humans and near humans. Though, strangely while most of the members of the Witch Clans have mixed parental heritages, they mostly take on the appear traits of their human parents.”

Thor replied, “That is odd.” Thor thought, 'Most of the time when a human and near-human have children the children take on the appearance traits of their near-human parent. But, this is a mystery for another time.'

Fay commented, “Personally. I believe this could mean that most of the ancestry of the witch clans were human, with some exceptions.”

Thor said, “That is possible.”

Fay mentioned, “Though, some are so clans are so mixed that the women and men appear very different from one another. There is one Clan of Night Sisters where the woman look like pale skin Rattataki with hair, while the men looked like bald, multiple color skin Zabrak with small horns on their heads. Do you know of the two species I am referring to?”

Thor stated, “Yes. I know of both species. That is interesting.”

Fay said, “From a genetic standpoint, it is interesting. Also, the witches refer to their powers as magic, not the force.”

Thor commented, “Thou doubts they know the difference.” She thought, 'I am fairly sure Loki and I use real magic and not the force.'

Fay pointed out, “If there is a difference.”

Thor thought, 'I do not want a debate on the matter.' Thor said, “This is a conversation for another time.”

Fay stated, “Agreed. Not all the witches just use the force. Some are also very skilled warriors with primitive weapons. Such as melee weapons, and bows and arrows. These warriors are known to ride rancors into battle.”

Thor thought, with mild concern, 'Oh. Rancors. Well, they are more of an annoyance to me than a danger.'

Thor commented, “Thou never cared for fighting rancors.”

Fay said, “Neither have I.”

Thor inquired, “How did rancors end up on Dathomir?”

Fay stated, “That is the mystery. Some believe Dathomir is the homeworld of rancors. I disagree. I have traveled to many worlds across the galaxy and I have seen rancors living in the wild on a number of worlds. I believe the rancors were brought to Dathomir. But, as for how, why, and when. Those are mysteries I have no way to answer. Though, from what I could piece together, the rancors were there before the penal colony.”

Thor commented, “The galaxy is full of mysteries we will likely never have the answers to.”

Fay said, “That is very true. From what I have told of you, I hope you can understand that these women are misguided by their teachings. Though, they are not evil.”

Thor questioned, “Thy will keep that in mind. It sounds like thee knew this Allya.”

Fay looked down, as she commented, “She was my student.”

Fay's comment took Thor by surprise. Thor said, “Thee does not look that old.”

Fay turned her head to her right side, away from Thor, as she coyly said, “We all age in our own way.”

Fay turned back to look at Thor. She smiled, as she requested, in a more casual tone of voice, “And please. No Yoda jokes.” She groaned, “I have heard them all.”

In response, Thor giggled for a few seconds.

As Thor calmed down, Fay continued her story, in a sober tone of voice, “I still remember when Allya was but a padawan learner, and I took her as my apprentice. I believe the happiest time I ever saw her was when she completed her trials to become a Jedi Knight.”

Thor thought, 'I remember how happy Anakin was when he completed his trials for knighthood.'

Fay let out a breath. She went onto say, “After her trial for betraying the Jedi Order, my last act before I left to wonder the galaxy was to see to Allya's exile on Dathomir. Afterward, I called in some favors within the Jedi Order, and I was allowed by the Jedi Council to wonder the galaxy without having to worry about being called back to the Temple.”

Thor thought, 'So, that was the agreement.'

Fay commented, “And so I traveled the galaxy. I doing various odd, though honor jobs to pay my way. As I traveled I aid the people I met. I used this time to reflect on where I went wrong with my student. I never taught her once to consider one gender to be held in less regard than any other gender. The Jedi teach that all life is sacred. We may have to kill, but we do so only when we have to. And we still hold value for those lives that are lost to violence. Even those lives lost by our own hands.”

Thor said, in a calm, sincere tone of voice, “From what this sounds like, thou believes that thee is not at fault for your student. A teacher is not always at fault for their student's actions.”

Fay responded, “I have long since come to the same conclusion. Allya's own pride lead to her downfall. My mistakes were two fold. I feel that because Allya did not have any attachments. And she did not have any male friends. With all of her friends being female. With her never having much use for men. This lack of connection with men lead to the seeds for her beliefs.”

Thor thought, 'Sadly, some people just do not like those outside of their gender. I have known some women like that. And I prefer to have nothing to do with them, because they are prejudicial in their judgment of other people by what they are, not what they do.'

Fay continued, “My other mistake was allowing her pride to go unchecked.”

Thor thought, 'Pride is the one concern thou has for both my friends and myself.”

Thor stated, “Pride is a flaw we must all be constantly vigilant of.”

Fay agreed, “This is very true.”

Thor commented, “Thou does not like the fact that thy was brought to this mission solely because thou is a powerful woman.”

Fay stated, “Unfortunately, I need a strong female warrior with a reputation for being powerful in battle. You are know across the galaxy for the power you display in battle. Even the Witches of Dathomir have heard of you.”

Thor stated, “Thou has worked very hard to get where thy currently stands. Thou came from a middle class family. Thou reached thy's present standing through hard work. Both before and after gaining Mjolnir. Thou does not like it when someone is shown preferential treatment for something as simple as gender.”

Fay said, “I can appreciate your feelings on this. I agree with you.”

Thor said, “Then, thee is simply showing pragmatism.”

Fay responded, “Yes. As a Jedi, I was taught that sometimes a situation will call for specific people fulfill a task. We can disagree with the reasons for the requirements, but the task still has to be done”

Thor commented, “Thou understands. Thou may not like the reasons, but though will complete the takes.”

Fay replied, “Thank you for being reasonable.”

A thought occurred to Thor. Thor inquired, “Did Allya have any children of her own?”

Fay stated, “Yes. And before you ask. She treated her sons as harshly as the rest of the men she had enslaved. In some ways, Allya did not treat her daughters any better. While she taught her daughters to use the force. I know for the fact she held back in her teachings to keep them from turning on her. Also, Allya used her daughters as political pawns to solidify her rule over the populations of the planet.”

Thor thought, 'Sadly, this is not the first time I have heard of parents using their children as pawns to gain further political power and prestige. I wonder.' Thor asked, “Do those on Dathomir know your connection to Allya?”

Fay answered, “Only a few. None of those whom know are the ones we shall me today. Still, I am one of the few Jedi that is treated well on the planet.”

Thor questioned, “Are they expecting us?”

Fay said, “Yes. I called ahead. They do have basic radio technology. Each village uses a different set of radio frequencies. A few centuries ago, some traders learned of Dathomir and they tried to sell goods to the clans on the planet. Their attempts fell through, but before the traders left they setup a hyperspace beacon in orbit of Dathomir which is set to relay audio only holo-comm transmissions back and forth to the specific long range radio frequencies each of the villages use.”

Thor responded, “Simple and effective. When will we be arriving?”

Fay answered, “We will be arriving on the planet within about ten hours. There are not guidance systems from the ground to help us. We will have to go in make a few passes around the planet, as we use our ship's sensors with the ship's navigational computer to make the proper course trajectory. Not to worry. I have done this many times. I know the village we are heading to.”

Thor asked, “It is best to take precautions than to fly in while blind to one's surroundings.” She thought, 'I have done that a few times. Where even the instruments did not work right. It is not fun. Especially, when I am just using the hammer to fly. Slamming into a building, or hitting the surface of a mountain going at even a tenth of the speed of sound can be painful... Now who exactly are we going to meet.' Thor inquired, “Which clan will we be meeting?”

Fay answered, “We be heading to the village of the Dreaming River Clan. It is a located in a river valley. Their leader is known as Balara. She is referred to as, Mother Balara. Though, I have not seen her use the force. I can sense she is powerful in the force.”

Thor commented, “Thou would expect nothing less from a leader of such a culture. Though, thy will follow your lead, with thee doing the talking.”

Fay replied, “Thank you. I have visit this village a number of times over the years. Many of the members of that clan will likely recognize me on sight. I actually first met Balara while she was traveling the galaxy as a mercenary. Fortunately, our meeting was a chance in counter during lunch as a restaurant on a planet in the Mid-Rim, and not in battle. We had a wonderful conversation that afternoon. We have been friends ever since.”

Thor thought, 'So, the clan leader knows a few things about life beyond Dathomir and you are friends with her. This could be useful.'

Thor inquired, “Such familiarity between thee and the village members will be helpful. Besides the witch clans, are there any other sentient groups we may need to worry about?”

Fay stated, “The witches have organized their villages so most large groups of men are kept mostly separate from the women. These men live in villages were they work at farms, or in quarries. Also, there are the Kwi. The Kwi have scales which blue with black strips along their bodies. The Kwi are bipedal creatures with a long tail, a large head with teeth, to small arms and two large legs along their body, between their head and their tail. Though, do not let their appearance fool you. While they are not very intelligence, they do have their own form of communication. They care for their own people. And they recognize other sentient beings. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone.”

Thor asked, “Thou will keep what thee said in mind. Now what exactly is our mission?”

Fay said, “You may have heard that something has happened within the Separatist organization. There has been a shake up, with power shifts within the group.”

Thor commented, “Yes. But, thou did not receive any details.” Thor thought, with mild amusement, 'Though, I heard rumors that my death marks, as Padme, have all been rescinded. Which is nice. I wonder who did it? I will find out later.'

Fay stated, “Details are sketchy at the moment. Though, what we of the Jedi Order do know. Among other things. Is that the Separatists have been doing a lot of changes internally and externally. This includes making more allies. One report stated that the Separatists have become more interested in bringing force sensitive people into their organization in large numbers.”

Thor said, “I believe Dooku would not allow this.”

Fay mentioned, “Everything we have heard leads us to believe that Dooku is no longer leading the Separatists.”

Thor commented, “That actually sounds like good news.” Thor thought, 'If Dooku is not there, it is possible that Sidious has lost control of the Separatists.'

Fay stated, “It can be seen that way. From certain points of view. But, a more rational leadership makes for a more cunning and stronger adversary. An adversary we are currently fighting.”

Thor pointed out, “Unless they pragmatic to offer the Republic an armistice.”

Fay commented, “Given you are a soldier, and the power you display, I find it interesting you hope for peace.”

Thor coyly stated, “Why thou finds myself skilled in the arts of war. That does not mean that thou takes joy in making war.”

Fay responded, “Point taken. Unfortunately, I have not learned of any reports of the Separatists making overtures on of peace towards the Republic. Back to the matter at hand. While all reports state the Separatists have no interest in recruiting former Jedi for fear of allowing powerful spies and saboteurs within their borders. Our spies in the Separatist organization have stated that Dathomir is one of the places the Separatists are looking for force sensitive recruits. But, they are not planning to do so by force. Instead, they desire to do so through diplomacy. The Separatists are sending their most skilled female diplomat, which is...”

Thor interrupted, “Loki.” She mentally grumbled, 'Just great. Every time I face her, she makes me look like a fool. Given how skilled she is at politics, diplomacy, and manipulation, I have no doubt Loki could pull off such a mission.'

Fay stated, “Exactly. We are going to Dathomir to stop any such alliance. We know which village Loki is heading too. We are to get there first and convince the elder matriarch to not accept any offer by the Separatists.”

Thor inquired, “Okay. What do we have to offer Balara...” Thor caught her mistake, as she continued, “Thou means Mother Balara, for declining any such Separatist overtures?”

Fay answered, “Nothing. The Jedi Order considers the Dathomir to be a rogue sect of force users. And those within Republic government whom know about the Witches of Dathomir have no interest in sexism from any gender. Both the Jedi High Council and the Republic government consider the civilization of Dathomir to be backwards and not worth their time. They do not wish for such an alliance between the witches and the Separatists, but they do not care to off any incentive by the witches to not accept such an alliance.”

Thor commented, “Then, this will be a challenging negotiation.”

Thor thought, 'From my experience as a politician. The worst move is to ask for something in return for nothing. But, there is nothing we can officially offer. I do not want to use my weather powers for irrigation for them. Because I do not support these types of cultures. Making threats would backfire against a primitive warrior culture. This sounds like one battle we will lose without a shot fired. Still...'

Thor asked, “If they say no, and they aid the Separatists, will the Republic army invade the planet?”

Fay commented, “Strangely, from what I was told, the Chancellor informed the Jedi High Council that he will not send any troops against the Dathomiri people. I was told his reasons were that he has no intention creating a massacre of an entire planetary population of primitives over the actions of a few of their people.”

Thor thought, with suspicion, 'Somehow that excuse rings hollow. Though, I am not sure why. Maybe Palpatine is worried that while a handful of force users may join the Separatists. An invasion might drive most of the force users to join the Separatist cause. This would be a good reason to leave the people of that planet alone.'

Fay went onto say, “Though, I have been in worse negotiations.”

Thor inquired, in a casual tone of voice, “How many of those negotiations ended with a lightsaber being used?”

Fay answered, “Only a handful. And none in the last few decades.”

Thor thought, 'Interesting. Though...' Thor responded, “In such situations how often does thee have to rely on the force?”

Fay answered, “More times than I care to admit.”

Under her helmet, Thor smiled. She replied, “That sound more like it.”

They continued their conversation about more casual topics.

A few hours later, their ship came out of hyperspace in orbit over Dathomir.

Fay had the ship go around the planet a few times to allowed the navigational computer to use the scans of the planet to find and plot a course to the landing location near the village of the Dreaming River Clan. This took a few hours.

During this time, Fay told Thor the code to open the outer door locks of the ship.

Once Fay found the village on the ship scans and she had the navigational computer plot an entry course, she used the ship's cockpit instruments to steer them towards the planet at the proper angle, for the landing location.

After they finished reentry, and came closer to the surface of the planet, Thor saw that it late afternoon, near sunset, in the area of the planet they were heading towards to land on.

It was a partly cloudy day. The ship's sensors stated it was a moderately warm day, with a slight breeze and mild humidity in the air.

As Fay piloted into the Dream River valley, Thor saw the valley was dotted with forest thickets and open areas of grass. There was a river running through the middle of the valley.

Thor used her enhanced vision to look out the windows and see the village in the distance.

It was decent sized village which was a roughly two kilometers wide, and a kilometer and a half long. The outline boundaries of the village made the village oval shaped. The village looked to be a stable, well kept village, with the river running by the village.

Soon, Fay brought the Jedi diplomatic ship to a hovering stop above an open clearing. Fay had the ship extend its landing gear. Next, Fay lowered the ship to the ground.

Once the ship was on the ground, Fay began to power down the engines of the ship.

Fay was still wearing the her clothing from earlier that day. Thor was wearing her helmet and armor.

Both of them got up from their cockpit chairs. Fay headed for the main outer door of the ship. While Thor headed to her bedroom to retrieve Mjolnir and her sheathed Black Solace.


A few minutes later, Thor joined Fay in a hallway by the main set of door to the outside.

Thor had her sheathed Black Solace vibro-katana strapped around across her back, like she preferred to have it. Which was for strap to go across her back, to her lower right side to over her left shoulder, with the hilt sticking out behind her left shoulder.

Thor held Mjolnir in her right hand at her right side.

Thor came to a stop by Fay, by the door. Thor stood to Fay's left side.

Fay turned to Thor. Fay asked, “Ready?”

Thor looked over at Fay. Thor answered, “Yes.”

Fay turned towards the outer door. Fay used the control panel by the left side of the outer door to extend the ramp from the outer side of the door to the ground. Once the panel display showed the ramp had finished extending, Fay pressed another button.

The outer door slid open.

Thor turned to look outside. She saw the ramp to the ship being extended.

Fay looked at Thor. Fay stated, “We are half a kilometer from the Dream River village. I hope you do not mind walking. Experience has taught me to put some distance between my ship and warrior villages.”

Thor complimented, “It is a wise precaution. Thou does not mind walking. Though, thou could fly, but thy realizes this could cause problems.”

Fay stated, “It would be best if you walked.”

A thought occurred to Thor. Thor inquired, “Thou hopes they do not request thy leave thou's weapons behind. Doing so could cause problems.”

Fay said, “As long as you do not have a blaster or a lightsaber, the witches could care less. Though, they might ask to spar with you.”

Thor replied, “Thou will go easy on this.”

Fay said, “I would not recommend going too easy. They may take doing so as an insult. Also, I have sparred with a few of the most battle experienced witches. Between the force and their warrior teaching, their skills with a sword are almost on par with a Jedi Master.”

Thor inquired, “Thou will keep that in mind. Do you have to leave your lightsaber behind?”

Fay stated, “No. They know me. It is okay. Not that I need it.”

Thor replied, “Thou hopes you are correct.”

Fay inquired, “Do you remember the code to unlock the outer doors to the ship?”

Thor answered, “Yes.”

Fay stated, “Good. You go first. I will close and lock the door. Then, I will follow behind you.”

Thor walked passed Fay, and down the ramp.

Meanwhile, as soon as Thor was half down the ramp, Fay step outside onto the ramp. She turned around to face the entryway. Fay use the numerical pad on the panel right side of the doorway to have the door slide shut and locked. The only way to open the door without causing damage was to use the code on the numerical pad by the door. Or, the numerical pads by the other outer doors to the ship.

Only Fay and Thor knew those codes.

Fay turned around and she walked down the ramp to join Thor on the surface of the planet.

A few seconds later, Fay came to a stop, to stand to Thor's left side, on the ground.

Both women looked around.

Thor felt the slight breeze for the warm, slightly humid outside air.

The sky was partly cloudy.

Thor saw the clearing that Fay have landed was a few kilometers wide from the center. Though, Fay landed them close to the village and the clearing stretched the half a kilometer to the Dreaming River village.

Thor saw the front of their ship was the facing the village. Also, Thor that Fay and herself were facing one of long sides of the oval shaped village.

Thor thought, 'An open field of view is a good idea for several defensive and offensive reasons.'

Then, Thor noticed some people coming in the distance, from the village. They appeared to be four women. Each of the women rode atop a saddle which was strapped to the back of the head of a large rancor. Each woman held the reins of their rancor, with their reins connected to a bridle in the mouth of the rancor.

The rancors were approaching the Thor and Fay at a walking pace.

The women riding the rancors were wearing green and brown clothing. Each woman wore a brown shirt, green pants, brown leather boots, and light weight open green robe. Each woman had a spear strapped to their back. The spear had a wooden shaft and point bronze blade at one end.

The warrior women ranged in age, skin tone, and hair color. Though, all of the women are very physical fit.

Thor thought, 'Fay was not joking about the women riding rancors. I admit this sight looks kind of cool. If I have the chance, I might polite request a few lessons on riding a rancor. As the very least, it will be an interesting experience. I will not be able to tell my friends about doing so, but it will be entertaining.'

'I have seen Anakin have some fun trying to ride on large animals. Though, as long as I do not allow myself to be trampled, nor eaten, I should be fine.'

Fay noticed the approaching women riding atop rancors. Fay kept her eyes on the rancors and the riders, as she stated, “Relax. This is the usual welcoming committee. Though, do not make any hostile gestures.”

Thor continued to look at the rancors and the riders, as she heard was Fay said. Thor replied, “Thou was not planning to start any trouble.”

Thor thought, 'Though, these women are likely all force users. I need to use my mental defenses. Just in case there is trouble.'

Thor reigned in her emotions and thoughts behind her mental defenses.

Fay noticed this change from Thor. But, Fay did not comment on the matter.

Thor and Fay patiently stood, as they waited for the rancor riders to reach them.

Several minutes later, the warrior women riding the rancors reached Fay and Thor. The warrior women had their rancors come to a stop twenty meters from Thor and Fay. The rancor stood in a row facing Thor and Fay.

Thor smelled the rancor in the wind long before the rancor and the witch riders reached Fay and herself.

A dark skin warrior woman, with short black hair, whom rode atop rancor that was in the middle left of the row looked over at Fay and Thor. The dark skin woman stated, in galactic basic, “Sister Fay. You are expected.”

Fay recognized the dark skin woman. Fay responded, “Sister Shuyak. I am glad you received word of my arrival. How is honored Mother Balara?”

Shuyak said, “She is in good health. We hope she continues to lead us for many years to come.”

Fay stated, “I am relieved to hear this.”

Thor thought, 'Yes. A sudden change of leadership would throw this mission out the window before it has even begun.'

Shuyak turned to Thor. Shuyak inquired, “Are you Thor?”

Thor answered, “Yes.”

Shuyak said, “I expected you to be taller.”

Thor commented, “Stature has no bearing on one's valor.”

Shuyak commented, “True. If you will follow us, we will take you to the gate. You will proceed into our village to meet with Mother Balara, while we continue our patrol. Sister Fay knows the way from there.”

Thor turned to Fay. Thor saw Fay looking at her. Fay nodded once in confirmation that the situation was okay. Both women turned back to look at the rancor riders.

Shuyak and the other warrior women turned their rancors around, and they started steering their rancors to head back to the Dreaming River village.

Fay and Thor following behind them on foot.

Fay and Thor stayed several meters behind the rancors. Though, both women found that the walking pace the witch riders had set was slow for a rancor, but a slightly faster walking pace than normal for someone the size of a human.

Fortunately, Fay and Thor had no problems keeping this pace.


Twenty minutes later, Thor, Fay, and the rancor witch riders reached the entrance to the Dreaming River village on that side of the village.

Thor saw the village was surrounded by three meter high brown wooden log fence, with the brown wooden logs tied together by rope lashings made of dead vines. The vines were once green, but the dead vines had darkened to brown and yellow as the vines dried.

There were wooden set of double-door gates attached sides of the wooden fence. The gates were wooden logs lashed with vines. Each wooden gate was three meters high and three meters long.

Both gates were left open, and were facing into the village. The entryway into the village was six meters wide.

Though, Thor did not see how the gates were hinged and attached to the fence. Thor was more concerned with the guards and her village she was following Fay into.

The gates to the entrance of the village were open. Though, guarded with warrior women.

Shuyak and the other rancor riders turned and headed out on their patrol, while Fay and Thor continued into passed the gates, and into the village, without being stopped by the guards.

Fay took lead, while Thor followed a meter behind the Jedi Master.

A few seconds after Thor and Fay walked pass the guards and the gate, to enter into the village itself, Thor thought, 'All of the guards must have been informed of our arrival.'

As Thor followed Fay through the village, Thor was careful to keep in mind which direction their ship was. This was easy to tell in relation to the sun.

While Thor and Fay walked down a dirt road, which began at the gate entrance and lead into the village, Thor looked around at the more primitive surroundings.

Though, while vastly technologically primitive to the standards of the Galactic Republic, the village was very clean and orderly. Whiles the roads were dirt and soil, the roads were laid out in a gird fashion.

The buildings within village were spread out, and the area within the village was slightly hilly, with gentle slopes dotting the area.

There were were a few trees dotting the area around the buildings. Also, many of the homes and buildings had bushes growing by the homes.

Thor thought, 'This is very open for a fenced in area. But, with some of them riding rancors, they would need to space things out some to make room for such large beasts to pass by without any problems.'

Thor took a close look at the buildings.

The homes and other buildings of the village were made of brown lumber, with brown wooden roofs. The homes ranged size from a handful or rooms, to a home with several rooms. There were larger building nearby.

All the buildings were single story. Though, Thor noticed some of the buildings had a double-doors set low to the ground, a diagonal angle against an outer wall.

Thor thought, 'Those must be doors leading to basements and food cellars. I read once that some primitive culture used cellars and other underground rooms because they could control the temperature better and keep the rooms dry, even without basic heating and air conditioning technology. This would be good for long term storage of grain, some types containers with alcohol, and even dried meats.'

Then, Thor noticed some small one room building places through out the cities. These buildings were set away from the other buildings.

The smell from the small buildings tipped Thor off as to what they were.

Thor thought, 'Outhouses. I guess it is better than a hole in the ground. I have roughed it before, so this will not be a problem.'

Thor turned her attention back towards Fay. Thor thought, 'I wonder what this Mother Balara is like. I forgot to ask Fay about her on the ship. I guess I will find out in a soon enough.'

Thor continued followed Fay though the village, she saw various people around them, going about their day.

Most of the villagers wore casual clothing that suited their needs.

Though, Thor noticed some of the women wore metal armor and helmets of a similar style to hers. A few had swords, along with bows and quivers full of arrows. And some of the women had staffs, or spears.

Thor thought, 'The heads of the spears appear to be made from bronze. Their swords appear to be made of iron. And their arrowheads are made of stone. Though, I see they have no modern weaponry. But, with that force and their rancors, that may not be a deciding factor in any potential battle with them.'

Thor did see a few men among the many women. These few men were being used as labor to build things or carry large items from one place to another.

Thor was reminded of Anakin's origins, as she thought, 'Slave labor is disgusting not matter who is the slave and who is the master. Though, I need keep in mind many of these women are force users. And I should continue to keep my mental defenses up at all times.'

Thor reinforced her mental defense, as she continued to followed Fay.

Fay and Thor soon passed by a large fenced area to their left. The large fenced area was not attached to the outer ring fence of the village. To their right, across from the large fenced in area was a small hill with no buildings on it.

Thor focused on the large fence. Thor saw that like the outer fencing of the village, this fencing used large brown wooden logs lashed together with vines.

Though, this fencing was far higher than the five meter high fencing around the village. This log fence was thirty meters tall. The logs were also notches on the top, bottom, and sides, so the logs would fit together more easily on top of each other and hold better with the vines without following over.

There were to large, double-door gates attaches to opposite sides of the fencing, which faced Thor and Fay. The gates were made the same way with notched brown wooden logs and vines lashing the logs together.

Though, unlike the rest of the fence, Thor could tell the hinges to the gates were made of bronze.

Thor thought, 'So, these people use metal for their construction besides their spears. But, for them metal is likely a rare resource that is only used on the most important of items.'

Fifteen meters above the ground, half way up the gate doors, there were was a set of three large bronze hooks mounted by large metal screws set in a row on outer side of each gate door. The three hooks on each gate door line up in a horizontal row. On the large hooks was a single long brown wooden log.

And there were logs set at an diagonal angle against fence and into the ground to help keep the fence stabilized.

Thor saw through a few of the gaps of the logs there there were at least least three or four rows deep.

Thor thought, 'The logs are likely three or four rows deep to help keep them together and not fall over. And from the angle of the curvature of the large finish, I would saw in fenced in area is around one hundred meters in diameter.'

On the outer side of the fence facing Thor, there were steps with an outer wooden railing leading up to wooden platforms at the top of the fence. The platform was semicircle ring around the top of the fence, with a wooden railing on the outer side of the platform.

Then, Thor noticed the smell and sounds from the fenced in area.

Thor realized, as she thought, 'This must be one pens where the rancors are kept.'

Then, Thor realized how the hinges on the large gate doors were mounted and how the log on the hooks worked.

Thor thought, 'The large doors move inwardly. That way a rancor cannot push the gates open from the inside. Also, if a rancor tried to pull the gate open the log on the outside would prevent the rancor form doing so. That is a practical design. The log on the hooks are on the outside, the log likely removed using the force.'

'Though, even with such precautions, the rancors could likely break out of the fence if they wanted too. I am sure that those overseeing the pens are force users experiences in using the force to control the rancors.'

Thor turned to look at Fay, whom she continued to follow. Thor thought, 'I am glad I do not have that job.'

Several minutes later, of Thor following Fay, the two women came to a medium sized house.

Fay came to a stop where the road met a dirt walkway up to the front door of the home.

Thor stopped a meter behind Fay.

Fay turned around.

Fay and Thor looked at each other.

Fay stated, “This is Mother Balara's home. She is a very wise woman. Her leadership has lead to many good years for her Clan. Though, she can be extremely cagey. While we are friends. We both represent opposing factions in this situation. We both know this and we have no illusions on the matter. Do you understand.”

Thor thought, 'I guess the friendship angle is out.' Thor replied, “Yes.”

Fay responded, “Then, let I will introduce you to Mother Balara.”

Fay turned around and started walking up to the front door. Thor followed a meter behind Fay.

As Fay and Thor approached the front door, the door suddenly opened inward on its own.

Then, a gentle wind blow towards them, with the breeze carrying a female voice which said, “Please. Come in.”

Fay and Thor had seen and done so much in their lives, this little trick did not even faze them, as they heeded the voice to enter the home.

Fay was the first to walk inside.

As Thor walked inside, she thought, with mild amusement, 'Interesting use of the force. But, I can do crazier things with the wind. Later, I will see if I can use my Mjolnir to carry my voice on the wind.'

After Thor passed by the door, the wind outside cause the door to gently shut on its own.

Though, the door closing on its own did not bother Thor and Fay in the least.

Thor found they were in a short, shadowy hallway, with an open entryway leading to a medium sized room. Due to the outside door being closed, the only light in the hallway came from the medium sized room.

The hallway was large enough for the two women to comfortably walk through single file.

Thor noticed the floor and walls were made of stones set together, while the ceiling was an exposed row of wooden trusses with wood boards used as the roof on the top of the trusses. The wooden boards were nailed to the trusses with small nails. There was some sort of black tar showing through the cracks between the wooden boards which made up the roof.

Thor thought, 'It is possible that black tar is some sort of sealant to keep rain water from leaking into the home.'

Thor turned her attention to in front of her, as she followed Fay through the short hallway.

As Fay stepped into the room, she walked to her left. Fay came to a stop to the left side of the room, by the wall. Thor followed to stand by Fay. Fay's right side, against the wall.

Thor looked around the room.

There was small fire, in a fire pit in the center of the room, that allowed illumination in the room. The smoke vented up in to through a hole in the roof. Though, the top of the hole was closed, with the sides of the hole being open.

The fire from the pit was not much. Though, there was enough fire to see with and the fire made the room slightly hotter than outside, but not to hot.

The fire gave off light that put the room in constantly moving hues of orange, red, and yellow as the flames flickered and moved about the pit.

The main room was a living area. The room had comfortable red fur rug on the floor which was used to sit own. The rug surrounded the fire pit in the center room. There was a walkway around behind the rug, along the walls.

Also, the room had entryways that to other parts of the home.

Across the room from Thor and Fay, Thor saw an slender, tan skin elderly woman facing them. The elderly woman was sitting cross-legged and upright on the rug. The elderly woman set her hands on the top of her thighs in a relaxed position.

The elderly woman had long loose white hair which draped down her back, to just above her waist line.

The elderly woman appeared to be in good physical health.

The elderly woman wore a fine green robe. The green robe was left open to reveal the woman was wearing under the robe a purple long sleeve shirt, with part of the purple showing out from the ends of the sleeves on her robes. Also, the woman wore brown pants and brown leather slippers.

The elderly woman as looking at them.

When Thor saw the elderly woman's eyes, Thor thought, 'This woman has a calmness in her eyes that likely belies much wisdom. I hope.'

The elderly woman spoke, in fluent galactic basic, without a hint of an accent, “You may set your weapon down. You will not need it here.”

Thor thought, 'She must be talking about me. Her lack of an accent means she has traveled the galaxy, like Fay said. It is best I do as she says. I do not want to ruin our negotiations before they even behind.'

Thor set Mjolnir down, on top of its head, by the wall, to her right.

The elderly woman noticed the hammer stood up right in a way it should not be able to. But, the elderly woman did not comment on the matter.

The elderly woman turned to Fay. The elderly woman commented, “Sister Fay. It is good to see you, again.”

Fay calmly said, “And I to you, Mother Balara.”

Balara commented, “I sensed both of you when you entered orbit over Dathimor.” Balara turned to Thor, as she stated, “From your weapon, I can assume that you are Thor?”

Thor chose her words careful, as she said, “Yes. I am.” She thought, 'I do not want to risk jeopardizing this negotiation by my odd speech patterns in this form.'

Fay noticed Thor using, 'I', in her speech. Fay thought, ''I guess Thor can speak normally if she focuses on doing so.'

Balara responded, “We have heard of you. I am Mother Balara of the Dreaming River clan.” Balara turned to look at Fay, as she asked, “Now Sister Fay. Why are you here? When you contacted us a few days ago, you said you wished for a meeting. But, you did not stated why.”

Thor thought, 'Oh no. Not giving details to the other party before the negotiation can damage the chances of coming to an agreement during the meeting. Though, negotiations over a situation as important as this may require multiple meetings. So both parties can think over what was said and done during each meeting and come up with better strategies in achieving their goals in the subsequent meetings.'

Fay inquired, “Before I go into detail. I must ask. Are you aware of the war ranging in the galaxy?”

Balara stated, “If by aware, you mean sensing the deaths of countless lives being extinguish, lost like droplets flowing down from a rainstorm. Then yes. We are aware of the war ranging among the stars.”

Fay commented, “Part of our galactic nation has fracture and split from the nation. This has created a war between those that wish to leave and those that wish them to stay.”

Balara commented, “A few had decided to go their own way, and the Senate of your Republic is having none of that.”

Fay said, “Yes. We have learned that the opposing faction. We call them, Separatists. Though, they also call themselves the Confederacy. May come to this world to enlist the aid of your people.”

Balara calmly accused, “You fear that my sisters and I could tip the scale in favor of them. And in doing so, counter your Jedi teaching.”

Thor thought, 'It seems that Balara is knowledge about the basic politics of the situation.'

Fay admitted, “Yes.”

Balara soberly responded, “At least you are honest. Which is a rarity for a Jedi.” Balara thought, 'Your honesty is the reason I respect you, Sister Fay. In all our meetings over the years, you have never lied to me.' Balara continued, “I am well versed in the dealings of the galaxy. When I was younger. I left the Dathomir for some time and I found work as a mercenary.”

Thor thought, 'This confirms what Fay told me.'

Fay commented, “Then, you must know that dangers that those from the rest of the galaxy pose to you.”

Balara stated, “Of all Jedi, you know how potent a weapon the force can be.”

Fay said, “Even I will admit that orbital bombardment can counter all but the most powerful abilities of the force.”

Thor thought, 'Did you just threaten her? Or, just remind her of potential blowback to accepting such a deal. It is clear while you are friends, you are both being professional in your discussion. Neither of you are letting your friendship effect the parties you each represent. I am not sure how I feel about such a matter. It is interesting to watch such a situation unfold while looking in from the outside.'

Balara responded, “True. But we Dathomiri are well versed in illusions. We can simply hide ourselves from the sight of the rest of the galaxy.”

Thor thought, 'That would be an interesting way to use the force.'

Fay pointed out, “If you worked together, you could achieve that goal. But, your society is fractured.”

Balara conceded, “Fortunate for you. Unfortunate for us.”

Fay said, “I am not asking you to decide my request at the present time. But, should you accept what I am asking, I know you can contact the other Mothers of Dathomiri, inform them of this matter, and help convince them of the dangers the situation may pose for you.”

Balara responded, “I believe your request will be difficult to accept, considering our other guests, whom arrived here a few hours ago.”

Thor was barely able to hide her emotions behind her mental defenses, as she thought, with dread, 'Oh no.'

Thor and Fay saw two women come into the room, through an entryway across the room which connected to an auxiliary room of the home.

The two women were Loki and Asajj. Both of whom were dressed casually.

Loki was dress in a green shirt, green pants, brown belt, brown boots, and a green jacket that was left open.

Unlike her usual long skirt and bodysuit. Asajj was dress in a white blouse, dark blue pants, black slippers, and a light blue jacket which was left open.

Loki walked in first. Asajj followed behind Loki.

Loki turned and walked to to left side, along the wall, until she stood by the entryway leading to the hallway to the front door. The doorway was to Loki's left.

Asajj came to a stop by Loki, with Asajj being to Loki's right side. Both women stood against the wall, as they look at Thor and Fay.

Balara undid her legs and turned a little to her left so she could most easily look at both groups of woman. Then, Balara sat down cross-legged as she did before.

Balara maintained her calm mannerisms, as she alternated between looking at Thor and Fay, and Loki and Asajj.

As the two pairs of women look at each other, Thor saw that Asajj's face was a mask of calmness, while Loki's lips were curled into a slight smile.

Loki maintained her smile, as she commented, “We would be honored if you would join us.” She thought, 'I was able to hide our presence from you, Thor. And you, Jedi Master Fay.'

To stop a fight from happening, Fay kept her eyes on Loki and Asajj, as she immediately ordered, “Stay your hand, Thor.”

Thor turned to Fay, as she replied, “Yes Master Fay.” She thought, 'I was not planning on fighting anyway. Unless we are attacked.' Thor turned back to look at Loki and Asajj.

Fay immediately turned to Balara, Loki, and Asajj, as she calmly said, “I would be happy to continue this conversation.”

Thor could see that Asajj was not happy to see her. Thor thought, 'Good. She remembers the last time we met. I have not forgotten that incident in the B'omarr Monastery, on Teth. Nor, the reasons that brought us there in the first place.'

Asajj looked at Thor, as she did her best to hide her fear of the Storm Bringer. Asajj thought, with concern and worry, 'What is she doing here?... Well, from what I have heard. Loki is one of the few people whom can handle Thor. She did defeat Dooku. So I will let her handle this situation.'

Loki asked, “So would I. And I agree there should be no violence.” She turned to Asajj.

Asajj noticed that Loki was talking about her. Asajj turned to look at Loki, to acknowledge Loki's comment. Both women then turned back to look at Balara, Fay, and Thor.

Loki went onto say, “Though, before we continue. I believe everyone needs to be introduced?”

Fay said, “Very well. I am Jedi Master Fay. The woman with me is General Thor. Whom might you two be?”

Loki stated, “I am Loki Laufeyson. The woman with me is Asajj Ventress.”

Thor thought, 'It is nice to put a name with a face.'

Asajj tried to be polite, as she commented, “It is nice to meet you. I have heard good things about both of you.”

Fay replied, “I feel the same way.” She thought, 'While I sense the mental defenses of both Thor and Balara. I cannot sense anything from Loki. Though, I sense dark power from Asajj. But, her emotions are not directed towards us. We should be able to keep things peaceful.'

Thor snapped, “At least thou does not kidnap babies.”

Fay thought, with mild annoyance, 'I spoke too soon.'

Asajj eyes turned hard. She turned to look at Balara, then back towards Thor. She commented, “I have seen people do far worse.”

Thor thought, 'Don't you mean done far worse by you.'

Balara look at all four women. Balara firmly said, “Silence. There will be no more of this. Or, you will all be expelled from the village. Any violence will be harshly dealt with.”

Thor looked at Balara. Then to Asajj. Thor commented, “Thou can behave if ye can.”

Asajj turned to Thor. She said, “I have no interest in creating trouble here.”

Balara looked between the two groups, as she stated, “Now let us continue our conversation.” She turned to Loki, as she went onto say, “Loki. You may go first.”

Loki looked at Thor and Fay. She turned to Balara. She said, “For those whom just arrived. I will start at the beginning. First, we realize that the Dathomiri are not trustful of the galaxy beyond this planet. Concerning our offer, we are willing to start small. To being with we would prefer to hire a handful of witches at very lucrative rates for both the individual witches and their in their Clans. If this works out, we will be open to expanding our arrangements.”

“Now, while I am sure your warriors are very skilled in melee combat. We are looking for those of your Clan whom are expects in use of the force, not experts of the swords.”

Balara commented, “I can appreciate you sentiments. While the force is formidable in almost any situation. A sword is not much against a blaster weapon.”

Loki replied, “I am glad you realize that.”

Balara stated, “If we accept your offer, we will only offer witches whom are skilled in the force. Though, most will able be skilled in the more mundane forms of combat.”

Loki said, “I am sure that will be the case.” Loki thought, 'Your sense of honor and reputation will demand that you do so.'

Loki went onto say, “The missions the witches will be offered will be on voluntary missions. Each will will be given a retainer, along with payment for each mission they accomplish. Failure will not be punished. Only incompetence will be punished, and in this case the witch in question will no longer be employed by use.”

“In addition, should something happen to the witch. Such as being severely injured, or killed. And the witch is no longer able to do her job. If she wishes, she will be returned to her home Dathomir. If the witch is injured, the witch will being given proper medical treatment until she recovers or she can decide what she desires to do next.”

“Though, this treatment can be done anywhere. And if the witch decides to stay with us. That is her choice.”

Balara commented, “We will have to talk on this matter. But, I believe that will be fine for those witches to be able to decide if they wish to remind off world.”

Loki responded, “I am glad you feel that way. If a witch is dies. Whether by accident, or in battle. Her body will be returned to her family. Unless the witch in question made other arrangements, any credits... Currency she has, and her belonging will be returned to her Clan. Her wealth and property will be divided, with twenty-five percent going to the clan mother and the other seventy-five percent going to the witch's immediate family. This immediate family will include the witches female and male relatives.”

Balara spoke up, “That could cause problems. On Dathomir, men are not allowed to own property, including both tangle wealth such a property and intangible wealth such as currency.”

Thor thought, with mild disgust, 'I suspected that was the case.'

Loki went onto say, “We will work something out. If there are any problems during their employment, at any time they desire, except for when they are on a mission, the witches can either leave their jobs and look for other work in the galaxy, or they can return to their homeworld. The only condition we require on this matter is if they decide to leave our employ, they do not join the Republic and the Jedi against us.”

Balara commented, “I doubt that will not be a problem. The Republic and most Jedi do not care for us. For our beliefs, some Jedi would prefer to see us imprisoned, or dead.”

Balara look over at Fay. She say Fay looking at her.

Balara went onto say, “But, not all Jedi.”

Fay gave Balara a small smile. Balara returned Fay smile with a slight grin. Then, Balara turned to Loki.

Loki, Thor, and Asajj noticed the smiles, but they did not see anything on the matter.

Loki look at Balara. Loki turned to look at Asajj. Loki turned back to Balara. Loki continued, “In addition, as you can see. We Confederates even have a Dathomiri in our employ.”

Balara turned Asaj. Then, she looked back to Loki. Balara commented, “Having a Night Sister working for you does not help your request.”

Just as Asajj was about to retort Balara's comment, Loki turned to Asajj.

Loki said, in an even tone of voice, “Enhance your calm, Asajj. We talk about this before we arrived.” Loki thought, 'About people baiting you. That it is not being worth replying.'

Asajj turned towards Loki. They looked into each others eyes. Loki saw barely restrained fury in Asajj's eyes. Though, Asajj's saw that Loki's eyes were like cold hard steel.

Asajj forced herself to calmed down, as she thought, 'Loki is right. This is more important that my pride. I have much to gain if I can control myself. I need to remember the lessons Loki has shown me. To focus my mind and emotions are already increasing my force powers. While allowing me to still use her rage. Though, in a more focused manner.'

Asajj nodded once in obedience.

Loki returned the nod. Both of the women turned back to Balara.

Balara, Thor, and Fay noticed all this transpire.

Thor realized, as she thought, 'Wait a minute. Asajj Ventress is a Night Sister. She looks like a Rattataki. I wonder if she a member of the Night Sister clan Fay mentioned. Likely so. Not that is matters. It is none of my business. Asking about such a personal topic from Asajj Ventress would only cause problems for everyone involved.'

Balara commented, “My. You have taught her manners.”

Loki stated, “I am in the process of teaching her diplomacy. I prefer my... Allies to be versatile.” She thought, 'I must be careful not to let it slip that I not control the Separatists.' She looked over at Thor and Fay, as she continued her thoughts, 'It would be bad for me if they reported such findings to the Jedi Council and Palpatine.' She looked back towards Balara.

Balara stated, in an amused tone of voice, “If you can civilized her.” She turned to Asajj. She looked over at Loki. She continued, “I may support your offer on sheer principle.”

Loki thought, 'Just as I expected.' She calmly responded, “Well, we of the Confederacy are also willing to recognized that the warriors whom leave with us will leave a void in your villages. We are willing to offer generous compensations to the villages whom wish to accept our offer. We can offer gold, jewels, and various galactic currencies. We are very flexible in our payments.”

Balara calmly pointed out, “We Dathomiri do not use such items for trade on this planet. And we have no desire to trade with the rest of the galaxy.”

Loki responded, “As I said. We are flexible in our payments. The clan belonging to each witch that leaves with us will be given various supplies at requested by that clan mother. At the very least, we can offer medical supplies, toiletries, hygiene products, electrical generators, fresh batteries for your radios, artificial lights, indoor heating and cool, hot and cold running water, and indoor plumping.”

Balara conceded, “Those items could be useful for us.” Balara turned to Fay. Balara inquired, “Sister Fay. What does the Republic offer, to counter Loki's proposal?”

Fay admitted, “The Republic cannot officially offer you anything.”

Balara did not outwardly show her reaction, but Fay sense mild surprise towards the answer she gave Balara.

Balara glared at Fay, as she firmly inquired, “In that case Sister Fay. I have to ask. Did you come here as a lesson on frustration and futility towards yourself?”

Fay replied, “At this point, I am not sure myself.'

Thor did her best to not groan at the losing battle she and Fay had found themselves in.

Balara commented, “Sister Fay. You have been fair to my clan and myself for my entire life. Given this, I will extend you this favor. We will adjure until morning. I have faith this will give you time to offer a more compelling reason to counter Loki's offer.”

Fay gratefully said, “Thank you, Mother Balara.”

Balara looked over at Loki. She stated, “I hope that you do not mind spending the night here.”

Loki calmly said, “No at all. I prefer negotiations which offer opposing points of view. I believe such actions help to further legitimize my requests, when my requests are accepted.”

Balara mused, as she stated, “I can see your point.” Balara alternated looking at both pairs of women, as she continued, “As long as you do not cause trouble. You are free to wonder the village. If there is a problem, report it to one of the sister warriors. And let them handle the matter.”

“In case something like this happened, I have already seen to your sleeping arrangements. Which will be in the village. For tonight. In our guest home, by the barracks of my younger sister warriors. Both of your pairs will each be assigned private suites with two bed chambers. If you do not mind.”

Thor commented, “No. Thou does not mind.”

Fay replied, “Not at all.”

Asajj said, “I am fine with that.”

Loki commented, “I am curious as to the sleeping accommodations your society provides.”

Balara said, “Then, you will soon find out. Now, before you are shown to your rooms, you will first have dinner with us. Then, you will be shown to your rooms.”

Fay turned to Loki. She requested, “Madam Laufeyson. If you do not mind. I need to speak to you, later tonight.”

Loki said, “As long as you are peaceful, I would enjoy a discussion with you.” She thought, 'If the reason you want a talk with me is what I suspect, this could make for an interesting conversation.'

Fay responded, “Good. We will talk in private. After dinner.”

Loki commented, “Since we will be spending the night in adjacent rooms, I do not see a problem with that.”

Balara stood up from where she had been sitting on the red fur rug. As soon as she was fully standing, turned to the other four women in the room. Balara stated, “I will show you to the outdoor dining area. Dinner should be prepared by now.”

Balara walked around the fire pit, to her right. She passed by Fay and Thor, and she was the first to walk of the room, down the hall to the front door of her home. The other four women soon followed, for the outside dinner, with Thor bringing Mjolnir with her.

By the time they reached the dinner tables it was sunset.

The torches on poles near the tables were already lit to offer illumination, with the smoke from the torches helping to keep at bay the small insects which came out at night.

Fay, Loki, Thor, and even Asajj, were seated at the same head table as Balara. All four guests were on their best manners. Though, except for questions by the Dathomiri, the four outsider women remained silence, creating an uncomfortable situation. But, the situation was tolerated by Balara and her subordinates.

It was nightfall by the time dinner was over. The torches being on poles around the village were already lit. This offered plenty of illumination to see with.

As night fell, the clouds had dissipated to make a clear night sky. The temperature was cool, with a slight breeze.


Later that evening, in Loki and Asajj's assigned quarters. A handful of small, oil filled, bronze lanterns, with glass sides, were mounted the stone walls. Each lantern was lit with a small flame to offer light in the living area of the suite. The room had some basic furniture, including chairs and a small table.

There was a clear glass window looking outside. The window had used bronze as outer panes of the window. The window could be opened inwardly. Though, the window was currently closed.

Loki and Asajj sat in armchairs across from each other, with a small table between them. Loki was reading information from a small datapad she had brought with her, while Asajj was using a rag, with a little oil on it, to polish the hilt of one of her lightsabers.

Loki looked up from her datapad and around the room. Then, she looked towards Asajj. She commented, “Asajj. You have a sense of refinement to yourself. It is hard that imagine that you came from such humble beginnings as a society like this.”

Asajj continued to look at her lightsaber hilt, as she calmly said, “Thank you. Though, I was taken from this planet when I was very young and sent to Rattatak.” She stopped polishing her lightsaber hilt. She looked over at Loki. Asajj continued, “Yet, in some ways Rattatak is a more civilized place than this world.”

Loki replied, “That is a scary thought.”

Loki thought, 'Considering Rattatak is reported to be a very violent world with a violent people. Though, this world is a violent world with violent people.'

Asajj responded, “Yes. It is. At least on Rattatak, the homes had toilets, sinks, and hot showers. Here you will only find outhouses and holes in the ground for toilets. Pitches of water are used for both drinking from cups and rising off of the hands. Though, keep in mind the drinking water may not be very clean. Well water might be clean enough to drink. But, river water is not.”

“Also, leaves are used as toilet paper. People do may soap here. But they reserve soap for bathing and cleaning clothing. It is basic soap made from ashes and various planet oils. Liquid planets oils are used to hide one's body odor.”

“There should be a chamber pot set on the floor in a corner of your bedroom. These are in case you need to go in the middle of the night and you do not want to go outside, to an outhouse. If you need to go you might first want to step outside and gather some leaves from the nearby bushes. We usually dump the pots in the morning in a whole we dig near the home were are staying in. And you do not want to know what we use for feminine hygiene products.”

Loki stated, “I probably do not. Such amenities do make a difference.” Loki thought, 'It is best not to think about such matter. Primitive society have been known to all sorts of materials for such problems.'

Asajj agreed, “Yes. This is one of the many reasons I look forward to leaving this planet behind me.”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door to the hallway, which was only three meters from them. The door was to Loki's left and to Asajj's right.

Both women turned to face the door.

To confirm what Loki's senses told her, Loki asked, “Is that Fay?”

With her force abilities, Asajj confirmed, “Yes.”

Loki turned off the screen of her datapad. She leaned forward in her seat and she set her datapad on the small table in front of her. Then, she leaned back into her chair. She looked at Asajj. Loki stated, “Well, she did state she wanted to talk to me. And I agreed to the request. Could you please answer the door?”

Asajj questioned, “As you sure that is wise? We are enemies, on different sides of a war which is currently raging across the stars. She could try something. She is a Jedi Master. With her force abilities, I am not sure I could counter her in a close combat fight.”

Loki hid a smile, as she thought, 'I see my lessons are already having the effect that I wished, by having you think before you act. While at the same time, you are coming to trust me with your thoughts and opinions.”

Loki responded, “To be honest. That is a fair question. Though, we are both on diplomatic missions, representing our respective sides in this war. She is not going to try to fight us. If she did, it would destroy any chance of their side gaining the Dathomiri as allies. Also, if she were to kill one of us, she would likely create a martyr for the Confederate cause.”

Asajj replied, “I can see your point.”

Loki said, “Though, keep your distance. If this does go bad, a few meters will give you an extra second to react.”

Asajj commented, “That is a good suggestion.”

Asajj set down the rag. She put her lightsaber hilt in a holster hidden below her left armpit, under her blue jacket, but over her blouse. Asajj was wearing a double shoulder holster rig which was under her blue jacket and over her white blouse. Asajj's other lightsaber was in her holster below her right armpit.

Asajj stood up, and she walked to the door that lead to the hallway.

When Asajj reached the door, she unlocked the bronze latch above the door which both locked and she held the door in place. Next, Asajj pulled the handle on the door to opened it inwardly to her left side.

Asajj saw Fay standing in the hallway. Fay was dress as she had been earlier that day.

Asajj stood out of the way, by the edge of the door, to allow for Fay to walk into the room.

Fay stood just outside of the threshold of the doorway, as she looked inside. Fay saw that Asajj had stood out of the way for her. Also, Fay noticed Loki had turned her head to look at her.

Loki said, “Please in.”

Fay calmly walked inside, and she passed by Asajj. Fay and Asajj look at each other, as Fay passed by Asajj.

Neither Asajj and Fay said a word to one another. Once Asajj was out of view, Fay turned back to Loki.

Meanwhile, Asajj quietly closed the door with her hands. Though, she left the door unlocked. Then, Asajj turned to look towards Fay and Loki.

A few seconds later, Fay came to a stop by the table between the two chairs where Loki was sitting and Asajj had gotten up from. Fay faced the side of the table with the Loki to Fay's right side and the empty chair was to Fay's left side.

Loki look up at the standing Fay, while Far looked down at the sitting Loki.

Loki calmly asked, “Hello Fay. Why did you want this meeting?”

Fay responded, in a slightly sober tone of voice, “I do not know much of my origins. Nor my species. I feel that you may have information about my species, and the people I came from, due to the rumor that you are a far outsider. I feel there is a remote chance you may have such answers.”

Loki stated, “That is no rumor. I am a far outsider.”

Loki thought, 'Given I am powerful and do not use the force. Along with myself having not records in this galaxy before my arrival. And I have already admitted to Padme that my origins connected to the hammer. There is nothing wrong with stating the obvious.'

Meanwhile, Asajj continued to silently listen to the conversation.

Fay said, “The stories you could tell from outside of the galaxy would likely be very informative.”

Loki looked around at the room, as she commented, “Baring technological differences. That is not much I could tell that you likely have not already heard in one form or another. People are born, live, learn, make friends, have families, go through troubles with various degrees of successes and failures, and die. This is a constant in existence itself.”

Loki looked at Fay, with their eyes meeting. Loki stated, “Though, it is sad to be a stranger in a crowd. I can sympathize. I suspected this was why you wanted this meeting. Now I do not mean to be rude, but before I can answer your question, I need to know how old you are?”

From Loki's eyes, Fay could tell that Loki was being sincere in her comments.

Fay said, “It is alright. I am several centuries old.”

Loki asked, “Where did you gain your name, Fay, from?”

Fay coyly said, “That is a story for another time.”

Loki mentioned, “That is interesting, because, I do know of a long lived species that goes by many names. And one of those names is, the Fay. And your name does sound like this name. Also, those people usually appeared in a similar form as you. Both you and them appearing to be near-human. With pointed ears, with extreme youthful complexion. And the Fay are a long lived species, with vast amounts of power. Such as the amount of power I sense from you.”

Fay stated, “Given what I have heard of you. It is no surprise that you can sense my power.”

Loki said, “I only mean my comment as a compliment.”

Fay playfully replied, “But of course.”

Loki commented, “If I am correct than the power you use is not completely part of the force. My ability is magic. Much like the power that hammer gives Thor. But, some of my magic abilities overlap with the abilities the force provides.”

Fay asked, “Are you saying I may have power like what you have?”

Loki said, “It is possible. The way magic is gained and maintained varies. If that is the case, you may be using both magic and the force. As you have grown stronger in power it is possible the force could augment and replenish such a well of power.”

Fay responded, “Those are interesting comments to make. You have given me much to think about.”

Loki stated, “I have more to say. The Fay are also from beyond this realm. They are also far outsiders. They are experts in the mystical arts. Similar to the schools of magic I use. The Fay like to travel vast distances in both space, time, and various realities. It is possible that you are either one of them whom was left behind. Which is not unheard of for the Fay to leave their children in the care of other species. Or, you are a descendant of one of the Fay, and other species. Without various genetic and magical tests I cannot tell you for sure. Unfortunately, I feel that tests would be... Uncouth. Given we are on opposing sides of a war that is currently be waged.”

Fay commented, “I have seen many wars come and go. I have even helped end a few wars myself. When this war is over. Should we both be alive. Maybe then you can help me.”

Loki replied, “That is a possibility. I do hope you survive this war, unharmed and in good health.”

Fay gratefully said, “Thank you for your time, Lady Laufeyson.”

Loki mused, “Lady Laufeyson... I like that.” Loki commented, in a more straight forward manner, “Anyway, thank you for your time. I enjoyed your company, as well. Jedi Master Fay.”

Fay mentioned, “Also...” She turned to look at Asajj. Then, she turned back towards Loki. She continued, “I noticed how restrained your ally was when the clan mother attempted to bait her. Not many with her... background would have shown such restraint.”

Loki saw Asajj shrug in response to what Fay said concerning her actions earlier that evening.

Loki thought, 'At least you took her comment for what it was worth.'

Loki focused on Fay, as she said, “Yes. Asajj has come a long way. Good night Jedi Master Fay.”

Fay kindly replied, “Good night Loki.

Fay turned around and she calmly walked towards the door leading to the hallway.

Before Asajj could open the door to the hallway, Fay used the force to gently open the door.

Neither Loki, nor Asajj, reacted to the use of telekinesis.

Fay walked into the hallway, and she used the force to gently close the door behind her.

With Fay gone, Asajj locked the latch to the door. Then, she turned back to see Loki looking at her.

Asajj said, “I also heard a rumor that you are a far outsider. I find it interesting that the rumor is true.”

Loki commented, in a calm tone of voice, “We all have our origins. Do not look to deeply into this matter.”

Asajj thought, 'This is clearly a sensitive topic for you. And what you have already given me is worth not looking into your past any more than I already know.'

Asajj replied, “I will do as you request.”

Loki warmly smiled towards Asajj. She commented, “Good girl. Though, I can tell you have other more pertinent questions related to what has just happened.”

Asajj responded, “Yes. Why were you so open with your answers?”

Loki stated, “Nothing I said will hurt the war effort. Sometimes being open is the best approach, because doing so confuses the hell out of our enemies.”

Loki thought, 'If the wars does end on favorable terms for myself, and Fay is still alive, I may help her learn more about her origins. I may do it for any other reasons than to have at least some good terms with Fay and the Jedi Order, along with satisfying my own curiosity concerning Fay's origins. If Fay is one of the Fay. That mean this realm has been visiting from far outsiders more often than I have been lead to believe. This could pose both opportunities and threats which I need to take into account of for both myself, my allies, and my nation.'

Asajj conceded, “I see your point.”

Loki suggested, “Perhaps it would be best that we turn in for the night. So, we will be well rested in the morning.”

Asajj commented, “Well since there nothing to do around here, I believe that would be a good idea.”

Loki leaned forward and she picked up her datapad off the table. Then, she got up from her chair. After she full stood, she walked around the room to help Asajj turned off the fires in the lanterns set on the walls. They turned off the flames by turning a nob at the bottom of each lantern.

While the lights in the room were off, the moonlight showing in front the window in the room offered enough light to see around with.

Loki and Asajj headed to their separate sleeping quarters to get some rest.


Later that night, in Thor's assigned quarters. Thor was laying on her back on the bedding. The bedding was about five fur rugs stack on to of each other. The rugs were just large enough to stretch out on.

There were not pillows, but Thor found the bedding the conformable.

Thor had not planned to spend the night in the village. But, she did not say anything on the matter, so as to not offend the Dathomiri.

Presently, Thor was only wearing her undergarment, which she wore under her armor. This resembled dark blue cloth boyshorts.

As Thor laid on the bedding, she found she was unable to sleep. She was feeling restless.

After laying on the bedding for over an hour without sleeping, Thor sat up.

The small, clear glass window to the outside offered enough light from the outside moonlight to see with.

Thor turned to look in the corner where she had set Mjolnir, the sheathed Black Solace, her armor, helmet and equipment.

Thor thought, 'I usually sleep well in my enhanced form. But, for some reason I cannot get to sleep. While, I am not tired, it is night time in my day-night cycle to sleep. Usually around this time I do not have any problems getting to sleep in this form.'

'It could be that I am in unfamiliar place. Though, during battle campaigns on planets. I have had to sleep on dirt to get some rest. I had no problems doing so...'

Thor realized, as she mentally reflected, 'Of course. I am surrounded by a number of potential dangers. Including, Loki, Asajj, and the Dathomiri...'

'Fay did not tell me what she talked to Loki about. But, I have a feeling that it was personal. So, I did not pry.'

'Now what am I going to do?...'

Thor come up with an idea, as she continued her thoughts, 'I might as well go for a walk. Balara did say we were free to do so. Taking a walk might clear my head. I am tempted to fly, but I do not want to be mistaken as an intruder by the village guards.'

'Is Fay asleep?...'

While the doors were closed, with Thor enhanced hearing, she could hear Fay gentle breathing in a nearby room which meant that Fay was asleep.

Thor thought, 'Yes. She is asleep. I be better be quiet, so as to not wake Fay from her sleep.'

Thor got up off the bedding, and she quietly walked over to where she had laid her items, and Mjolnir.

When Thor reached the corner, she began putting on her armor. Among her pieces of clothing, she put on her bodice, her armor pieces, her gloves, her pants, her belt with pouches, and her boots.

After finishing lacing her boots, she put on her helmet. Then, She strapped the sheathed Black Solace across her back. And finally she picked of Mjolnir by the shaft, with her right hand.

Thor quietly walked over to the door to her room. She gently pulled the handle inwardly to open the door. Fortunately, the hinges of door did not creak. She left the door open as she walked through the common area between her sleeping quarters, Fay's sleeping quarters, and a hallway.

Once Thor reached the living area and the door to the hallway, she slowly pulled opened the latch to the door. Then, she gently opened the door inwardly into the living area to her left. As Thor walked into hallway, she gently closed the door behind her.

Thor continued to quietly make her way down the hallway, until she reached the outside, where she then walked more comfortably, on the dirt, as she began her casual stroll through the village.

It was a clear, cool night, with a slight breeze in the air.

Thor took her time, as she wondered through the village at a casual pace. The torches on poles placed throughout the villages were still lit. This along with the moonlight from one of the Dathomir's four moons provided plenty of light to see with.

The warrior guards Thor passed by left her alone.

A few minutes later, Thor's casual walk down dirt road lead her to walk near the tall wooden fence of the rancor pen.

Thor came to a stop, as moonlight, from one of Dathimor's four moons, along with her enhanced, allow Thor to noticed someone standing on the top, semicircle platform overlooking the rancor pen, which was thirty meters from the ground.

Thor saw that the person was a woman whom was wearing brown clothing and a green robe. The woman held a bundle of white cloth in her hands.

Thor watched the woman tossed the bundle of white cloth into the rancor pen.

As the bundle fell out of sight, Thor heard from within the bundle a baby wail in fear.

Time slowed down for Thor, as she reacted with a combination of several of her abilities at once.

Thor used her sensors to triangulated where the baby was in mid-arc. As she did so, she used Mjolnir to fly through the wooden fence at the angle she needed.

As Thor broke through the wall of fence, at fifteen meters above the ground, and into the interior of the rancor pen, Thor's enhanced sight allowed her to clearly see the baby fall in mid-flight.

Along with her super-speed enhancing her physical speed and reflexes, when she used her super-speed, the speed ability also sped up her though processing ablities.

Thor quickly came up with a plan to save the child, and she implemented that plan.

Thor did not fly directly to the baby. Which given her inertia, she would likely serious harm, or even kill the baby, when she made contact with the young child.

Instead, Thor flew in an arc above the baby, and down towards the baby, using the same inertia direction window as gravity had on the baby.

As paradoxically as it would seem. Thor knew that as she closed in on the baby, she had to slow down for when she caught the child. Or, she could still harm the child.

By the time she reached the child, as the same speed as the child was falling, they were ten meters from the ground.

While holding Mjolnir with her right hand, she used her left arm to catch and hold the baby to her chest, with the baby's head rest against her chest.

Thor then slowed them down, as she rotated to where her feet was facing the ground.

A second later, Thor's boots gently landed on the ground.

A few seconds later, the baby realized there was no danger and the baby stopped wailing.

Thor thought, 'Good. The child has calmed down.' Then, Thor heard the giant foot steps approach her and the child and she remembered where she and the baby were.

In the moonlight of the clear night sky, Thor saw a dozen large rancors advancing them on the flat dirt ground of the pen. Each rancor was around fifteen meters tall. None of the rancors had on saddles, nor other equipment for the witches to ride on the backs of their heads. The closest rancor was about fifty meters from them, and closing.

Though, Thor quickly realized that she was only twenty meters from the fence and there were no rancors between her and the fence.

Thor saw the rancors coming towards her and the baby were approaching from a semicircle pattern.

While Thor looked around at the rancors, she calmly thought, 'This seems like an advancing pattern. The witches likely taught the rancors this tactic. Though, after that gorog, I feel no fear facing these rancors. Though, it looks like I won't get those riding lessons after all.'

Thor swiftly summoned a small, but intense storm over their heads, that covered the village, but did not block out the moonlight coming from the horizons of the village.

No water fell from storm. The only wind near the ground was a gentle breeze, which was not much more than the nature breeze already blowing. But, the thunderous rumblings of the intense electricity in the storm could be heard for kilometers in every direction.

A second later, Thor rained hell down onto the rancors approaching her in the pen. Though, Thor was careful not to have any of the lightning to come near her, and the baby in her arms. Because she feared the electricity might harm the young child.

While the lightning only hit the rancors and around the rancors, the thunder strikes could were loud and could be heard throughout the village. Also, the brightness of the lightning strikes could be seen over the rancor pen.

Though, Thor saw that the rancors were tough. The rancors were able to shrug off the first few bolts of lighting as they advanced on Thor.

In responded, Thor created intense small cyclones to knock away the rancors that were closest to her and the baby. After knocking the large beasts away from her and the baby she held, the cyclones quickly dissipated.

Once the rancors were pushed back, Thor felt that she the rancors were far enough way for her to safely in use her next attack, Thor held Mjolnir in her right hand, and she waved the head of the hammer at the closest rancors. She had lightning come from the head of the hammer.

As lightning rained down on the rancors above, a wave of lightning from the hammer, raked across the pen towards the rancors, with both attacks halting the advance of the giant, carnivorous beasts.

After about half a minute more of the electrical attacks, the rancors began to dropped to the ground.

Ten seconds after the last rancor dropped, Thor stopped with the lightning attacks from Mjolnir, and the storm she had created above the village.

Thor could not tell that the rancors were either dead, or unconscious. At the moment she did not care which, as long as they did not leave where they were laying on the ground.

Thor allowed the storm to dissipate. Then, Thor turned towards the semicircle platform over platform.

Thor saw the woman that had thrown the child into the rancor pen was gone.

Thor thought, 'It looks like I am not going to get answers from her.' Thor turned her attention to the baby she was gently holding in her left arm, against her chest.

Thor mentally reflected, 'Now to check on this child.'

Thor set down the hammer, by her, on top of its head. The hammer stayed in place on the ground, as Thor used her right hand to gently check on the baby.

Thor loosened the white cloth around the baby. She noticed the baby had no signs of bruising. The baby looked up at Thor with a smile.

Thor noticed the baby was a fair skin, black hair human.

Thor thought, with relieve, 'Good. The child appears to be fine.'

A few seconds later, Thor heard a loud thump from on the outer side of the double-doors of the gate.

The gates were about forty meters from Thor, to her left side.

Thor turned towards the double-door gigantic gate to the rancor pen.

Thor watched as the gate doors open inwardly.

What Thor saw concerned her.

As the gate opened, Thor saw an organized crowd of women. In front were two dozen Dathomiri warriors in brown and green clothing, brown leather boots, and green robes, with staffs, spears, and swords in their hands. The warriors were standing in fighting stances, while they faced Thor.

Behind the warriors there were a dozen older Dathomir force witches. They wore white clothing, green robes, and brown leader slippers. The Dathomir force witches were middle-age. While not as physical fit at the warriors, the witches were in good physical health.

In the center of the older witches stood Balara, in her purple clothing, green robe, and brown leather slippers.

Thor saw that to her left side, behind the crowd of women stood Loki, Asajj, and Fay. All of three women wore the clothing they had on earlier that evening.

To Thor's right, beside the crowd, Thor also noticed the large log on the ground. The log had been the hooks on the outer side of the gate doors, as a lock to the gate doors.

The witches had used the force to remove the log and open the gate doors, with the thumping sound being the log being dropped to the ground.

Thor saw the Dathomiri women had neutral expressions on their face, this meant they were ready for a fight.

Though, Loki had a slight look of confusion on face. Asajj looked on in amusement. And Fay had a concerned expression on her face.

Thor was so on edge by the situation that her training kicked, with her quickly raising her mental defenses to protect her thoughts and emotions from others.

Balara calmly inquired, “Well, while your actions out here certainly woke up the village, I more concerned to know why you killed our prized rancors?”

Thor stated, “Someone threw this child into the rancor pen. Thou caught the child and prevented the rancors from harming either of us.”

Balara casually responded, “So? The child was male. He had to die.”

Thor was taken by surprise as how heartless Balara had stated her comment. The lack of compassion for the young child deeply upset Thor. Though, Thor was able to maintain her mental defenses, she did allow her disgust to be evident. Thor all but spat out, “You were going to kill this baby solely because he is male?”

Balara pointed out, “Because he is male and he is sensitive to the force. Even I can sense his sensitivity in the force from this distance, as he instinctively uses the force to reach out for his mother. It is the law that we have to kill him. This is one of the highest tenets handed down by Mother Allya, herself, to protect ourselves from a potential rebellion by men.”

“The law being that all males, not matter how young, whom are found to be force sensitive have to be immediately executed. The mother is the one whom is usually tasked to decide the method of execution and carry out the executed so she could maintain her honor within the Clan.”

Thor could barely contain her anger, as she thought, 'No only do they murder innocents, but they force the mothers to be the executioners. Dooku has more morality that these... savages. And from her tone, this sounds like this is done often.'

Thor inquired, with her voice like steel, only allowing hints of her true anger to let through, “So, this is regularly done to force sensitive boys?

While showing no hints to understanding why Thor was furious, Balara calmly said, “Yes. Now give us the child. After he is dealt with, we will head back to my home to discuss how the Republic will compensate us for our rancors.”

Thor looked down at the baby boy she was holding. She thought, 'I should have expected the witches were doing this. It is one thing to hear about some such crimes. But, it is another to see such unspeakable asked committed first hand. The boy may want his mother, but his mother has forfeited any right to have him.'

Thor looked over at the witches. She flatly stated, with her voice as cold as ice, “No.”

Balara responded, “All you are doing is forfeiting your life. We will have to take the child from you by force and kill both him and you.”

With the young child in her left arm, Thor gently pulled the child closer to her chest, without harming the child.

Thor outstretched her right arm and hand to her right side above Mjolnir. On Thor's mental request, the hammer lifted and rotated, as it flew into Thor's right hand, with the head of the hammer facing upwards.

Once the shaft of the weapon was in her right hand. Thor firmly closed her right hand around the shaft.

Thor pointed the headed of the hammer in front of herself, and towards the Dathomiri. The circular flat head of the hammer faced downward and the axe head faced upward. Thor firmly stated, “Thou has fought Sith Lords, towering giants, and entire armies. I do not fear any of you.”

Just then, Fay jump over the crowd of women, to land by Thor, to Thor's left side.

As Fay landed, Thor turned to Fay.

After Fay landed, she turned to face Thor.

Thor cautioned, “If you are trying to convince thou to...”

Fay cut Thor off, as she stated, “No. I fully support your decision not to hand the child over to them.” She looked over at the warriors. Then, she turned back to Thor. Fay continued, “But, these women will be a handful for you. Give me the child. I will take him back to the ship and you can meet us there.”

Thor coldly warned, “If this is a trick, not even the force will save you.” She looked over at the warriors, as she commented, “Nor them.” She looked back toward Fay.

Fay replied, “This is no a trick.”

Thor realized something, as she accused, “You knew about this. That they were committed these crimes against the innocent.”

Fay looked away from Thor, and towards the ground. Fay sadly admitted, “Yes.”

Thor asked, “How can a Jedi...” Thor realized likely how many in the Jedi Council know about this, as she continued, “How can the Jedi condone such actions?”

Fay continued to look at the ground, as she answered, “It is easy when one does not see the crimes being committed. Out of sight. Out of mind.” She looked at Thor.

Thor could see regret in Fay's eyes.

Thor looked over to the Dathomir, whom look prepared to start a fight the moment their leader, Clan Mother Balara gave the word to do so.

Thor mentally lamented, 'She is right. I cannot protect this child and fight them on my own. Even if I made it to the ship. Even with my abilities, I will not be able to prep the ship in time before they reached us. With the force they can keep the ship on the ground as the riders have their rancors rip the ship apart. Like how Anakin held onto Dooku's small shuttle on Geonosis, while I fired lightning at the ship. There is only one thing to do.'

Thor turned to Fay. She stated, “Then redeem yourself, Jedi Master Fay.”

Thor took a few steps closer to Fay.

Fay realized what Thor was doing. Fay stepped closer to Thor.

The two women came to a stop, half a meter apart.

Thor loosen her left arm, as she allowed Fay to take the baby boy into Fay's hands.

Thor firmly said, “Do not disappoint me.”

Fay gently took the child with both her hands, as she held the baby to her chest.

Fay looked at Thor. Fay firmly stated, “I won't.”

Just then, Thor enhanced hearing allowed her hear footsteps approaching her from her left, on the dirt ground, in the opposite direction from the gate and the Dathomir warrior.

Thor turned to face the direction of where the sounds were coming from. Though, Thor did not see anyone.

Thor's enhanced hearing allowed her to hear the footsteps approach her, but she continued to not see anyone.

Thor held out the hammer and had the hammer radiate a field of electricity towards the sounds.

The electrical energy was not enough to harm anyone. But enough to be painfully felt.

In front of her, Thor saw two middle-age women in white clothing and green robes suddenly appear three meters from her. The two force witches recoiled from the shock. Though, they were otherwise unharmed.

The two witches quickly backed away from Thor, Fay, and the young baby boy.

Thor thought, 'Nice try. Now, my turn. But first.'

Thor turned to her left side, in the direction of the location of the ship they had used to come to the planet. The direction being to the left of the group of Dathomiri women by the gate. The direction was across where the rancors had been.

Thor held her hammer in that direction, and she fired a bolt of lightning, from Mjolnir, between the rancor bodies towards the fence.

When the lightning bolt hit the fence, the blast created a large hole in the fence.

Thor turned to Fay. She stated, “Go. Now. Thou will meet thee at the ship.”

Fay gently held the baby close to her chest, as she turned towards the hole in the fence. Fay used the force to speed up her movements. Though, Fay wisely kept her distance from the rancors, as she ran between the large beasts. Just in case the rancors were not dead.

As soon as Thor saw Fay exit the pen through the hole she had created, she turned her right to see the two witches has circled clockwise, away from her, by the fense and towards the gate, where the other Dathomir warriors and witches were.

Thor turned, as she followed them with her eyes until the two witches rejoined the Dathomiri warrior women at the gate.

Thor faced the small army of Dathomir warriors and witches.

Under her helmet, Thor smiled. Thor held up her hammer in her right hand over her head. Then, she roared, as she charged at the Dathomiri women. As Thor ran towards warrior women, she lowered Mjolnir to in front her chest, as she gripped the shaft of the hammer with both hands. She held the hammer in a defensive position as she continued running towards the warrior women.

In response to Thor's challenge, the two dozen warrior women roared back, as they charged at Thor.

Meanwhile the dozen witches, Balara, Loki, and Asajj, stayed in place.

A few seconds later, Thor and the warrior women reached each other, with the battle beginning.


Meanwhile, as the battle began, Loki and Asajj turned to each other. Loki stated, “This is not our fight. Fall back to the hill behind us.”

Asajj did not verbally reply. Though, she did as Loki requested.

Asajj and Loki back away from each other women, as they headed for a nearby hill that was in the village.

Balara noticed this, but she said nothing. Instead, Balara focused her attention on the battle in front of her, which was only twenty meters away.

While the warriors directly fought Thor, the witches next to Balara provided range support with force illusions.

Though, the battle was not going the way Balara had thought outcome would.


As Thor fought, she quickly found that the warriors and witches were no match her. Their primitive weapons were useless against her. Thor's mental defenses protected her against their force illusions.

Thor found the combined abilities of the warriors and the witches were nothing compared to what she had already faced during her war campaigns.

So Thor decided to go easy on them. Thor did not seriously injure, nor killing those she was fighting.

But, Thor did not do this as a mercy towards the Dathomiri. Quite the reverse. She went easy on them so they would survive this a rout. This defeat. For them to live with the knowledge there was someone out there that was vastly beyond their abilities to counter. A person that was a powerful woman whom did not agree with their beliefs. A woman whom did held disgust of them for their actions and beliefs towards those most innocent, whom could not defend themselves, the children the witches had no problems killing, even if they were babies, if the babies were boys.

When Thor was sure that Fay and the baby boy had a far enough head start, Thor left go of Mjolnir with her left hand. Thor held Mjolnir in her right hand as she used Mjolnir to fly up into the air and towards the Jedi Diplomatic ship that Fay and her had used to come to the planet.


By then, Loki and Asajj had reached the hill top of the slope on the opposite side of the dirt road from the rancor pen. They turned around and they watched from a distance, as Thor flew up into the air, and away from the Dreaming River village.

Loki commented, “I guess the battle is over.”

Asajj stated, “I sense that that one was killed. Nor even seriously harmed. I find is surprising that after what Thor said, she would spared these women.”

Loki thought, 'I sense the same thing.' She said, “I doubt she did so out of mercy. Sometimes letting someone live and having their pride injured is worse than killing them.”

Asajj asked, “True. After what happened are you sure you want to do business with them?”

Loki lamented, “A fair question. I have much to ponder on the matter. I will decide what to do when we meet with Balara in a little while.”

Asajj questioned, “Are you sure she will see us?”

Loki stated, “After such a display by the Republic representative, her sense of honor will demand that she do so. All we have to do is patiently wait for the invitation.”


While Thor flew through the air, she uses her enhanced sight to spot anyone that could try to fire an arrow, or throw a spear at her. With the force abilities of the Dathomiri, she was not taking any chances. In addition, she checked to make sure that Fay and the baby boy did not been ambushed.

Fortunately, as she flew in the direction of the ship, she did not have any trouble, and she did not see Fay anywhere.

A few minutes later, she reached the Jedi diplomatic ship. As she approached the ship, she saw Fay standing at the open door to the ship, at the top of the ramp, with the baby boy in her arms.

Also, Thor noticed that Fay was looking at her, as she approached Fay and the baby.

A few seconds later, Thor landed by Fay, on the ramp.

Thor could hear from the breathing rhythm of the child that the child was asleep.

Thor thought, with mild amusement, 'I guess the Jedi mind trick has its uses in raising children.'

Both women looked at each other.

Thor thought, 'Now to deal with the matter at hand.'

Thor asked, “Was there any trouble getting to the ship?”

Fay commented, “A few of the sisters tried to stop us. But, after repeatedly using the force to knock them to the ground, they understood my message and left us to our chosen path.”

Thor responded, “Good. It would be best if we leave before the Dathomiri get here. Take the child medical droid, and have the medical droids check the child over. Thou will head to the cockpit to prep the ship for flight.”

Fay said, “As soon as I have the medical droid check to make sure the child is fine, I will leave the child in the care of the droid, and I will join you in the cockpit.”

Thor thought, 'As soon as we are in hyperspace, I will check on the child.'

Thor responded, “Okay. And while thy does not regret thou's actions over the matter. Thou is sad that your friendship with these people has ended on such a sad note.”

Fay looked down at the child in her arms. She commented, “I cannot think of a better reason to end such a friendship.” She turned back to look at Thor.

Thor agreed, “Neither can thy.”

Fay pointed out, “Though, time can heal such wounds. Mother Balara understands our reasons. I understand their reasons. So there is hope.”

Thor said, “Thou wishes the best for thee on this matter.”

Fay stated, “I will give it a year or two. Then, I will contact Mother Balara by holo-comm. We will go from there.”

Thor commented, “Waiting is likely for the best. Thy suggests that we plot a course for Coruscant.”

Fay replied, “I agree. Even if the Order does not accept this child.” She looked down at the child wrapped in white cloth. She continued, “There are other resources on Coruscant we can use to make sure this child is well taken care of.” She looked at Thor.

Thor stated, “I assured you. I know many Senators in the Senate whom would be more than happy to make sure this child is given a bright, and prosperous future.” She thought, 'Starting with myself.'

Fay said, “Good. It is always nice to have options.”

Thor agreed, “That is very true.”

Fay headed inside, with the baby boy, to the medical bay, in search of the medical droid.

Meanwhile, after Thor entered the ship, she used her left hand to push a few buttons on the interior panel by the outside doorway to close the outer door and retract the ramp into the ship.

Next, Thor headed to the cockpit to prep the ship for launch. This included checking the ship instruments, making sure the ship was sealed, and starting the engines of the ship.

Also, Thor noticed through the windows cockpit windows that the Dathomiri did not chase after them.

Thor felt fortunate that she would to use the weather to stop the Dathomir warriors from attacking them.

A few minutes later, from the pilot's chair, in the cockpit, Thor had checked the ship's instruments. Once Thor found everything was fine. She turned on the ship's engines and she began hover the ship upwards.

Next, Thor retracted the landing gear. Then, Thor flew into the air towards space.

Once they had exited the Dathomir atmosphere and were in orbit, Thor had the ship's navigation system plot a course Coruscant. After the course to Coruscant was plotted, Thor had the ship jump to hyperspace.


A little while later, Balara sent one of her middle-age witches to summon Loki and Asajj to a private meeting, in Balara's home.

Loki and Asajj soon arrived at front of Balara's home, where Balara was standing. Balare sent the witch to perform her other duties, while she lead Loki and Asajj into her home.

Loki and Asajj followed Balara in the same living area as they had met before, earlier that day.

Balare stood on one side of the burning fire pit, while Loki and Asajj stood on the other side. The flames of the fire pit provided plenty of light to see with.

Asajj stood to Loki's right side. To Asajj's right side was the doorway leading to the front door. Across the room, Balara stood where she had been previously sitting in their previous meeting.

Balara look at Asajj and Loki, while Asajj and Loki look at Balara.

Balara questioned, “Now that we are here. I noticed you turned your back on the battle we had with Thor.”

Loki calmly stated, “That was clearly an internal matter on your part. I had no desire for my associate...” Loki nodded once toward Asajj. From the corner of her right eye, Loki saw Asajj notice her nod. Loki turned back to look at Balara. Loki continued, “And I to interfere.”

Balara responded, “I as much thought. I believe we of the Dreaming River Clan will accept the Confederacy's offer to send some of our witches to fight in your war. In exchange for what you have offered. And we will do our best to convince the other clans to take up your offer, as well.”

Loki said, “Unfortunately, I will have to rescind my offer. I have come to believe the Confederacy will not need your witches after all. I cannot condone such wastefulness as I saw displayed here, earlier tonight.”

Loki thought, 'One should value all those whom have the potential for gaining power. Not just only those of a single gender. Still, there is the other matter to inquire about which is related to this situation.'

Loki continued, “Though, I hope you will honor our other bargain, which we discussed when we first arrived.”

Balara stated, “I will. Though, it is unfortunate that Thor made such a display. I was not aware the infant boy would killed tonight.”

Loki replied, “It is fortunate he was not killed. If he had, Thor would not have left peacefully. Still, Thor's actions will provide cover for our current arrangement.”

Balara agreed, “True.”

Loki requested, “Also, I may need you to take a call from the Jedi. They may contact you in the next few weeks to a month and ask you about how this mercenary offer went. Be honest. Tell them the Confederacy withdrew the offer over differing views on various matters. Doing so will help keep Dathomir from the gaze of galactic politics.”

Balara questioned, “I can see reason in your request. I will do as you ask. Though, I am not sure they will believe me.”

Lok pointed out, “As time passes and they see not witches fighting on the battlefields against them.” Loki turned to Asajj. She continued, “Save for Asajj here. Whom they know joined the Confederacy long before we made this offer.” Loki turned to Balara. She went onto say, “They will come to believe you.”

Balara complimented, “That is a good point.”

Loki replied, “Thank you.”

Balara turned to Asajj. Balara asked, “Before you leave. I have heard of you. Though, I do not have answers as to why you left our planet. I had my own reasons for doing so when I was younger. Though, what were yours. Why did you leave this world in the first place? Especially, so young.”

Asajj firmly stated, “My mother and I sought to have me leave this planet since the day my baby brother was born. Like you. Some of us night sisters do care about the males of our family. Though, the same day he was murdered by the clan we belonged too for him being found to have great force potential. The clan mother stated she believed he would pose a future threat to the clan if he survived. After that day, we both felt no loyalty towards that clan. It is just unfortunate the clan mother learned of our plan and she decide who found to take me off the planet. And that my mother was not allow to come with me.”

Balara replied, “Oh.”

Loki turned to Asajj. Loki commented, “I knew there was a reason I liked you.”

Asajj looked over at Loki. Asajj gave Loki a weak smile.

Balara remained quiet on the matter.

Loki and Asajj looked at Balara. Loki stated, “We will be in contact.” She turned to Asajj, as she continued, “Let's go.”

Loki and Asajj turned and walked of the room, through the front hallway and they exited the home using the front door.

When Loki and Asajj reached the outside, they began walking towards the exit to the village that would take them to Loki's personal ship. Loki's ship was located by a quarter of kilometer from the outer side of the village from where the Jedi Diplomatic Ship had been located. The ship had been landed near a forest thicket, so it would not be easily spotted from the sky.

They walked beside each other, down a dirt road which left to the exit of the village near their ship. Loki was to Asajj's right side.

As they walked, Asajj turned to Loki. Asajj commented, “Thor has now kidnapped a baby, as well.”

Loki immediately realized what Asajj was alluding too. Loki turned to Asajj. Loki stated, “I heard about that mission on Teth, which Dooku sent you on.”

Loki saw Asajj's body tense up.

Loki went onto say, “Not to worry, I am not upset with your actions concerning that mission.”

Loki thought, 'Considering you clearly learned from your mistakes on that mission. Given you are still scared of Thor. Which is a sane response towards someone with such vast power. And not just from the power that hammer gives her. Still...'

Loki noticed Asajj relax.

Loki pointed out, “Though, the reasons for your actions and her actions were far different. One's reasons for their actions are just as important as their actions.”

Asajj said, “I will keep that in mind.”

Loki calmly requested, “Please do.” She thought, 'I am sure you will.'

The two women soon exited the village without any problems.

Twenty minutes later, Loki and Asajj had reached Loki's ship, which was parked by a forest thicket.

As soon as Loki and Asajj has boarded the ship. Loki and Asajj made sure the outer doors were closed, the ramp to the ship entrance had retracted, and the ship was sealed. Then, the two women headed for the cockpit of the ship.

Asajj saw in the left cockpit armchair, while Loki sat in the right cockpit armchair.

Loki watched as Asajj did the preflight check. After everything showed the ship was fine, Asajj started the engines of the ship, she hovered the ship into the air, she retracted the landing gear, and she piloted the ship into orbit.


An hour later, the Jedi diplomatic ship travel through hyperspace towards Coruscant. The ship was set on autopilot.

The human baby boy was being attended a medical droid on board in the medical bay of the ship. The medical droid has already reported to Thor and Fay that the child was healthy and the child currently resting.

Meanwhile, Thor had left Mjolnir and the sheathed Black Solace in her personal quarters.

Fay was still in her clothing from she had on earlier that night. Thor had on her armor and helmet.

In the living area of the ship, Fay and Thor stood beside each other, with Thor to Fay's left side. They had used the holo-monitor, on a nearby table, to contact the Jedi High Council on Coruscant.

Once they had contacted the Jedi Council, Fay and Thor had given the council a report on what had happened on Dathomir.

The three dimensional holographic display, above the holo-monitor, showed a semicircle, of various Jedi Council members sitting in their chair. Though, due to the abruptness of the meeting, many council members were absent.

And the semicircle view of the hologram was a trick of the eye done by the holo-monitor designers to show a the full three hundred sixty degree view of a room in a hundred and eighty degree panoramic semicircle holographic form. Also, some of the seats showed only holograms of the Jedi members whom were away from Coruscant, and they were communicating by hologram.

Fortunately, the holo-comm system was designed to clearly show a hologram of a hologram.

Thor and Fay had reported what had happened. From landing on the planet of Dathomir, to meeting with Balara and Loki, to Thor rescuing the baby boy, to them escaping off world.

Fay and Thor allowed each other turns to give the report. Though, Fay gave most of the report.

After Fay and Thor gave their report, they waited for the response by the Jedi Council. The Council's response was not pleasant. Especially for Thor.

Presently, Thor was getting a dressing down by the Jedi Council, for her wrecking the mission she was assigned to complete.

To make matters worse, at the beginning of the meeting, Thor was inform that her two best allies on the Jedi High Council, Jedi Master Yoda, and Jedi Master Mace Windu, were on missions and they could not attend this emergency meeting.

Thor did her best to remain professional as she was verbally dressed down. Thor hid her thoughts and emotions behind her mental defenses so as to appear more professional and not let any of them know how she truly felt about their opinions on the matter, with differed greatly with Thor's own opinions.

Though, whole the Jedi Council members know that Thor was Padme, they also realized that Fay did not know who Thor was. So, the Jedi Council members only referred to Thor, as General Thor.

From the holo-comm, Plo Koon asked, “General Thor. What were you thinking?”

Thor tactfully stated, “Thy saw the need to take action. And thy took action.”

Depa Billaba questioned, “But was it the proper course of action?”

Thor stated, “It was the only course of action that thou could live with.”

Shaak Ti commented, “General Thor. We realize you were in a tight position, but you have to think of the bigger picture. The greater good, as it is.”

Thor thought, 'I was thinking of the bigger picture. And we clearly have different views on what is the greater good. Given the politics of this situation, while I did the right thing, in the context of my mission my actions are considered wrong because I destroyed any chance of stopping a union between the Separatists and the Dathomiri. Though, we had been denied anything to negotiate with. So, I have come to believe the mission was a lesson in futility.'

'But, I do not regret my actions one bit. I saved an innocent baby's life today. It was worth it. I felt every better went around an forty-five minutes ago, the medical droid stated the baby is healthy and he will be fine.'

Thor calmly said, “Thou was thinking of the bigger picture. And the sacred value of an innocent life. The greater good has to build on the sanctity of life. Especially, innocent life.”

Saesee Tiin commented, “Be that as it may, your actions have destroyed any chance of stopping the Dathomiri from joining the Separatists.”

Thor replied, “Thou understands this.”

One of the more recent Jedi whom had been appointed to the Jedi High Council, Kit Fisto spoke up. He stated, “At least you do.” Kit turned to Fay, as he asked, “Master Fay. What is the status on the child? And what do the test results show?”

Fay answered, “The child will be fine. Tests show the child is healthy. His potential is in the mid level range in use of the force.”

Depa stated, “Master Fay. Since the child has force potential. When you reach Coruscant, you are to bring the child to the Jedi temple. He will be raised by the Jedi Order.”

Thor thought, 'Now to ask the question.' Thor inquired, “What would have happened if the child had been shown not to be force sensitive? Or, at least not strong in the force?”

Fay turned to Thor. The Jedi Council holograms look over at Thor.

Both the members of the Jedi Council and Fay's silence were deafening.

From the corner of Thor's right side, she saw Fay looking at her. Though, Thor did not take her eyes off of the holograms of the Jedi Council members.

Thor stated, “Thou thought as much.” She thought, with disappointment, which she hid behind her mental defenses, 'I am disappointed, but not surprised that none of you would lift a finger to help someone that was not touched by the force. Or, weak in the force. Not even a baby. Still, if that were the case I would make sure to find the child a good home and a loving family whom would raise him.'

Ki-Adi-Mundi broke the silence by changing the subject. He commented, “Give the circumstances of what happened. Along with the difficulties of this mission. General Thor, you will not be reprimanded for your actions. Though, you and Jedi Fay are ordered not discuss the events of this mission with anyone outside of the Jedi Council.”

Fay turned to the holograms of the Jedi Council. Fay replied, “Yes, Master Mundi.”

Thor did not verbally protest the subject being changed. Though, Thor thought, 'Meaning you will be sweeping this entire incident under the rug. And I cannot tell Anakin, Ahsoka, nor Obiwan of what happened this Dathomiri.'

Thor firmly stated, “Yes sir. And thou will be checking on the child, from time to time.” She thought, 'To make sure he is alright. If he ends up being sent to the agro-crops, I will act to give that child a much better future.'

Ki-Adi-Mundi replied, “You are more than welcome to do so.”

Shaak Ti asked, “Does the child have a name?”

Thor spat out, “If he did, they never told us. Chances are the mother did not give the child a name.”

Shaak Ti calmly said, “I am sure that will be resolved soon enough. Contact us if there are any further developments.”

Thor was too busy trying to reign in her emotions at the utter lack of emotions displayed by the members of the Jedi Council.

Fay replied, “We will.”

Shaak Ti said, “See that you do.” Shaak Ti pressed a button on on the front of the right arm of her chair and the transmission ended.

Fay looked over at Thor.

While Thor's face was hidden behind her helmet. Fay saw Thor's body language was very stiff. Fay did not need the force to tell that Thor was upset.

Fay gave Thor a calm facial expression, as she commented, “Dealing with the council can be infuriating at times. This is one of the reasons I prefer to wonder the galaxy, allowing the force to guide my destiny and not the council.”

Thor turned to look at Fay.

Thor could tell from Fay's words and facial expression that Fay was trying to help calm her down. Thor forced herself to calm down.

Fay saw Thor's body relax a little bit.

Thor mentioned, “Qui-Gon Jinn held a similar opinion concerning the council.”

Fay inquired, with mild curiosity, “You knew Master Jinn?”

Thor stated, “Only for a brief time. Far shorted than thy would have wished. But, he was a good man.”

Fay agreed, “Yes. He was.”

Thor questioned, “Will the Jedi treat the child fairly?”

Fay stated, “Yes. I will stay at the temple for the next month to make sure that things are settled concerning this matter. I will sure the baby is well taken care of.”

Thor requested, “If there is trouble concerning the child, contact thou. Thee can do so by contacting with Jedi Knight Skywalker. Or, Jedi Master Kenobi. Both of them will promptly relay thee's message to thy.”

Fay responded, “If the situation arises, I will do so. Since we do not have a name for the child. And since you rescued the child. I believe it is just for you to name the child.”

Thor stated, “Name the child, Ra. On Naboo, Ra means power from the sun. Or, power from the light. A proper name for a Jedi.”

Fay complimented, “I fully agree. That is a fine name for a member of the Jedi.”

Thor stated, “Thy is going to check on the child. Then, head to thou's quarters to attend to some work. Thee can find me there.” She thought, 'Given the recent events. I am too awake to get any rest any time soon.'

Thor turned and walked out of the living area of the ship, and towards the medical bay to check on the human baby boy, Ra.


A few hours later, Thor was in her private quarters on the ship. The room doubled between her bedroom and her office.

Thor was sitting in a gray armchair, at a black desk with built in computer. The top surface of the desk had a monitor, keyboard, touchpad, and other controls built right under a clear top that was thin enough for the touch controls to work beneath the top covering.

The front of the desk was set against a wall of the room.

Across the room, was a table set against the wall. The top of the table, which rest against the wall, was the longer part of the table, with the shorter part being the depth of the table going out from the wall.

On the small rectangular table rested Mjlnor in a diagonal position. The head of the hammer rested on the upper left corner of the table, while the bottom of the shaft, with the small metal ring at the end was resting bottom right corner. The was facing towards the left bottom corner of the table, while the flat head of the hammer faced the upper right corner.

On top of the hammer was the sheathed Black Solace. The hilt of the vibro-katana was placed on the upper right corner of the table, with the outer end of the curve of the covered blade facing the lower right corner. The scabbard of the Black Solace met Mjolnir's shaft near the middle of the weapon. The tip of the covered black hung off lower left corner of the table.

Between the flat head of the hammer and the hilt of the sword rested Thor's helmet. The helmet rested on its bottom end. The bottom of the helmet was flat enough to stay upright. The slits the helmet faced where the hammer’s shaft and the sword's covered blade.

Presently, Thor had on the rest of her armor.

Thor was currently using the ship's communications to use the datanets on Coruscant, in the Senate Building. Thor was using her Senatorial account to review some legislative bills that has been presented for the Senate for debate on the monitor screen display mounted in the front part of the top of the desk, with the text on the screen angled to face Thor.

Suddenly, the holo-monitor built into the desk began to ring.

Thor thought, 'I wonder who it is?'

Thor set the holo-monitor to audio only for her side, but a hologram for the other side.

Thor thought, 'While my body and hair look different between my two forms. My face does not change that much, and I do not feel like retrieving my helmet.'

Thor pressed a button on the top of the desk to answer the call on the holo-monitor.

Thor saw Loki's small holographic form appear in front of her, on the middle top part of the desk. Loki was wearing what she had on earlier that night.

Thor looked at Loki's hologram. Thor asked, “Does thy want to know how thee made this call?” Thor thought, 'Even I do not know the number to the holo-comm on this ship.'

Loki replied, “It is a small matter. And do not worry, there will not be a record log of this call on the computer of your ship.”

Thor thought, 'That is nice. Now why did you call me?' Thor inquired, “Why did thee call?”

Loki stated, “I did not call to gloat. But to talk.”

Thor requested, “Just say your piece and leave.”

Loki casually said, “I am happy you are willing to listen. You may find it interesting that after the whole mess with that baby boy, I have decided to rescind the offer of the Witches of Dathomir from joining the Confederacy. I do not wish to have such misandry in the ranks of the Confederacy.”

Thor replied, with a little interest escaping into her tone of voice, “Thy is surprised to hear this.”

Loki admitted, “I was behind the whole plan. The mercenary plan was just a side project which you helped change my mind about. I decided to rescind my offer. You being there and rescuing that baby was a happy accident. My main plan is far broader. That being while Balara put on a good show. In truth she was disgusted with the act of killing children just because they are force sensitive and male. I came to the Dreaming River clan, to specifically see Balara. This was because I read a report by the Confederate intelligence concerning Balara.”

“One of her old friends, during her mercenary days traveling the galaxy talked with a Confederacy agent. The person stated that Balara had informed him that she mentioned the practice and she was disgusted by it. That is why I contacted Balara.”

“For you and Fay to show up, I guess I got a leak somewhere. But, that is an issue for another day.”

“Anyway, I made a deal with Balara before you arrived. Right now, Balara is using the radio in her home to secretly contact some of the other clan mothers whom she trusts and whom feel the same way about this practice.”

“In a few days, I will get back with her, and we will start an underground railroad of sorts to spirit these the boys of the Witches of Dathomir to the Confederacy. Along with other children. Both force sensitive children and those children that are blind to the force. These children will be well taken care of by the Confederacy.”

Thor thought, 'Well, you are doing the same thing I just did. Leave it to you, Loki, to show me up on a far grander scale. Though...' Thor inquired, “Is thee sure? Balara made it very clear that she was going to kill the child.”

Loki responded, “While I support your actions. Keep in mind that Balara was surrounded by her most devoted warriors and witches. If she openly went against the laws of her people, they would have killed her.”

Thor firmly questioned, “Would Balara have killed the boy?”

Loki admitted, “I do not know. But, you have had enough experience in politics and war to see both sides of that situation. Where good people are made to do bad things. While also good things can only be done with discretion and secrecy.”

Thor conceded, “That is true. So, what does thee have in mind for these children? Or, it is the obvious?”

Loki stated, “It is the obvious. Though, it will be a while before I have a force sensitive army. And it will not be an army for this war. Those children whom are not force sensitive, or too weak in the force, will not be turned away. I will find something for them to do. I will make sure they will be fine.”

Thor could not help but smile at Loki's comment. Thor said, “Thy is not upset by this news. Actually, thou finds this news to be comforting. But, what does thee actually have planned for those children that are not force sensitive at all?”

Loki commented, “They will be adopted into good families. It may surprise you to know that I was taken from an abusive family that left me to die for being too weak. I was found and placed with a good family. As such, I have a soft spot for children in similar situations.”

Thor stated, “Thou is happy that some good has come from all this.”

Loki said, “Not all I do is evil.”

Thor replied, “Good.”

Loki mentioned, “You may find the same is true of Asajj.”

Thor asked, “What do you mean?”

Loki stated, “Asajj's little brother was not as fortunate as the baby you saved.”

Thor dropped her smile. She said, “Thy will keep that in mind. Good night, Loki.”

Loki replied, “Sleep well.”

Loki's hologram showed Loki turning off the communication from her end.

After Loki's hologram disappeared, Thor went back to reviewing the government documents she had displayed on a monitor screen built into the top the desk.

While Thor read the documents, she thought, 'For so many important reasons I do not feel like today was a defeat for me. Not in the least.'

'And after how coldly the Jedi Council acted earlier, when they found out what happen, I will keep what Loki told me to myself.'

'If I tell them about this conversation and Loki withdrawing the mercenary offer, they may ask for more information on my discussion with Loki. They may look further into this matter and learn about Loki's real plans. In which case, they will try to stop these rescues from happening.'

'Even if I tell only Fay of this, while it may help her relationship with Balara, she may try to stop this. And her friendship with Balara is not worth the cost of any innocent lives due to the bigots from a primitive, backwater world.'

'Besides, Fay did not tell me what the witches were doing in the first place, before we landed on Dathomir. She should have. If had known the truth then, I would have taken different steps in negotiation to help these children, like Loki has done.'

'I see no harm in what Loki is doing. Besides, Loki is correct. Loki's saving these children will not effect the outcome of this war. And if we do not find Sidious and stop him, the galaxy may need such force users in the future.'


Elsewhere, Loki's ship that was now in hyperspace, heading for Confederacy space to the galactic northeast deeper from their location in the Outer Rim in the northeastern part of the galaxy.

Beforehand, Asajj had piloted the ship into orbit and had the navigation computer set their course, which was a. After which, Asajj had the ship jump to hyperspace and she set the autopilot.

Loki and Asajj's destination was a Confederate spacestation to refuel the ship. Then, they would leave for the next destination Loki desired.

In the living area of her ship, Loki was sitting in a cushioned, high-back armchair.

In front of Loki, on a small table, was a holo-monitor which she had just turned off, after talking with Thor.

On the other side of the small table was Asajj, whom was standing, as she looked down at Loki. Asajj's location allowed her to avoid the holo-camera built into the holo-monitor.

Asajj inquired, “Why did you just contact our enemy and tell her all this information? Including what I told you in confidence?”

Loki look at Asajj. Loki answered, “While we may be on opposite sides of this war, that is only for this war, when this war is over, I hope that we will be on good terms with her and her friends. I have no interest in upsetting Thor to the point she will hunt me, nor you. With her power she could be dangerous to everyone. Including herself.”

“As it stands now. She only uses her full powers on the battlefield. In this way, she is predictable. As you may have noticed, she uses much restraint outside of her battles. In such cases where she is on the battlefield, we can expect her to be a force of nature that can be avoided and worked around. But, if she were to hunt us, she would be unpredictable in the use of her powers.”

Asajj began to realize what Loki meant. Asajj commented, “I see what your saying. The diplomacy you are doing in on multiple levels, with it not just being towards the Witches, but also towards Thor, myself, and everyone else.”

Loki admitted, “Exactly.”

Asajj thought, 'I have vastly underestimated you.' Asajj requested, with slight eagerness in her tone of voice, “I want to learn more from you.”

Loki said, “And you will. All in good time. Also, I hope you were not too annoyed that I mentioned your little brother.”

Asajj commented, “I believe you had a good reason.”

Loki stated, “I did. This will help humanize you towards Thor. So, should you meet her again. After she learned this. She will be less inclined to try to harm you. Or, at least refrain from attempting to seriously harm you.”

Asajj requested, “Those are good reasons. Though, do not share my personal information with others again without my permission.”

Loki stated, “I will do as you request. Though, Thor will not share this information with others. She is not the type of person to share such personal information with others. She would consider doing so beneath her station.”

Asajj inquired, “I believe you. So did I pass your test?”

Loki responded, “Yes. You were fine. A little rough around the edges. But, I feel that with time you will come to be very skilled at diplomacy. Once you learn how to use the force to aid you in negotiations. In the proper manner. I have no doubt that you will be a power to be reckoned with in ways that even Dooku could not have predicted.”

Asajj smiled at Loki. Asajj replied, “That is all I wanted to hear.”

Loki returned Asajj smile. Loki commented, “Go get some rest. We will talk when you wake up.”

Asajj turned and she walked towards the hallway that lead to her quarters.

Loki watched Asajj walk away.

A few seconds later, Asajj was in the hallway and out of sight.

Loki rested her arms on the armrests, as she leaned back in her chair. Loki continued to smile, as she happily thought, 'Today we saved the lives of innocent children. A good day in anyone's book.'

'I leaked the information of my visit to Dathomir to the Jedi order. Including, which clan I was meeting. I found out when the Jedi were coming and I timed our arrival so that Asajj and I arrived a few hours before they did. I wanted to create a debate situation as a way to strengthen my position in convincing the witches to take up my offer by showing the Republic and the Jedi had little to nothing to offer to counter my proposal.'

'I already made Clan Mother Balara my secret offer before the Jedi arrived. And Balara gladly offered to help in my plan. Though, I did tell her I had another offer for her, but after her the Jedi arrived, with the Jedi being part of the discussion. She did not ask how I knew the Jedi were coming. And she said she that after learning of my rescue plan, she wondered what other offers I may have for her and her people.'

'Also, Clan Mother Balara was instrumental in insuring the tolerance showed by the rest of the Dreaming River clan towards Asajj and myself. Those of the Dreaming River clan immediately recognized that Asajj was from a night sister clan. It was a mistake on my part to not take that into account beforehand. But, Balara kept the matter from becoming a problem.'

'Balara mentioned to me that she believed one should not be judged solely by their origins, but also by their actions. I told Balara I fully agreed with her comment.'

'The risk of leaking the information was small and the payoff is still worth it.'

'I did not realize Padme was coming until I sensed her land near the village with Fay. I should not be surprised that Padme came. Between her diplomatic skills and her persona as Thor, this mission would be perfect for her.'

'From the way Clan Mother Balara treated Jedi Master Fay, I feel that is a history between them. This likely deals with the time Clan Mother Balara left Dathomir when she was younger. But, that is a mystery for another time. And so is Fay's origins. But, I was not lying in my offer to help Fay. Just not right now.'

'While I adjusted my plans, after Padme saving that baby boy and making a spectacle out of the incident, my own personal honor demanded I rescind my offer to hire the witches as mercenaries. To do otherwise would be for me to appear to condone the actions of the witches murdering babies, even if that is not the case.'

'While my mercenary witch plan fell through, my plan to save the force sensitive boys and other children on Dathomir is moving along nicely. So this whole mission is still a win. I will get my force army. Though, it will be a while before I will be commanding such an army. But, I am immortal, so I can wait.'

'In a week, I will leak to the Jedi that the Confederacy withdrew their offer due to conflicting views on various matters. That is honest enough. And if the Jedi contacted the Clan Mother Balara, she would confirm this. I even ask her to accept a call from the Jedi to confirm this. She agreed to do so, while keeping our other plan secret.'

'As I told Asajj and Clan Mother Balara, over time, as the Jedi see there are not witches fighting for the Separatists, save for Asajj, the Jedi will come to realize that Clan Mother Balara is telling them the truth. And this way, the Jedi, Palpatine, and other force groups, will not realize what I am doing until it is far too late to stop me.'

'Though, if the Jedi visit the Dathomir again, or sent probes to monitor Dathomir, I will adjust my plans accordingly.'

'Still, I doubt the Jedi will visit Dathomir any time soon. Though, the Jedi do not like sending their subordinates to face groups of force users outside of the Jedi Order. There is a higher chance the Jedi sent will be killed, or converted.'

'This is likely why the Jedi sent Jedi Quinlan Vos to investigate the Star Temple on Dathomir years ago. There was no way the witches would be tempted to try to recruit a male Jedi. And Jedi Vos was even strong enough back then to defend himself if the witches had tried to enslave him.'

'Speaking of Quinlan Vos. I do not know where he is. Though, I do know in this timeline he did not join Dooku as an undercover agent. Actually, in this timeline, Dooku did not create a small group of Dark Jedi to serve him. After I deposed Dooku, this made clean up much easier for myself to deal with.'

'I guess between Thor effect on the war. With it being know she was trained by the Jedi, which likely discouraged most former Jedi from defecting to Dooku and risk facing Thor. And my later arrival and showing how I could convince world after world to join the Separatists without firing a shot. I believe Dooku decided he did not need a Dark Jedi squad.'

'Though, back to Dathomir.'

'Fortunately, when we first came out of hyperspace over Dathomir, I was surprised to find that I could not stretch my senses for any monitoring devices in space or in on the ground. Given the history of this planet, I am surprised that neither the Jedi Order, or Palpatine, did not set up a space probes to monitor this planet.'

'They must believe that the dangers on Dathomir are either buried, or in the case of the witches, the witches are harmless as long as they have no way to travel off planet in large numbers.'

'It is no secret that the Clans are divided, so this is not a large worry for them to leave the planet as an army. Even with my offer, which has now been rescinded, the Jedi and Palpatine will not take a threat from Dathomir seriously.'

'Still, in this belief they could not be further from the truth. If Sidious and his small group force agents could cause this much of a mess that we call the Clone Wars, a large group of force users, such as the Witches could do even more damage to the galaxy.'

'At least a few of Sidious' previous agents, including Asajj, are from Dathomir. While most of Sidious' agents, including Asajj, do not know Palpatine is Sidious, this does not change the fact that Sidious was pulling their strings. For Asajj, until very recently, when both she and I took measures to cut those strings.'

'Many of the Clan Mothers on Dathomir are almost as cunning, if not as cunning as Sidious. While they may not be as powerful as Sidious, they are a threat to him and myself under different circumstances. But, with the changes in the timeline I doubt Sidious will realize this.'

'One of my long term goals is to make sure the Witches of Dathomir does not cause problems without people being killed in mass numbers.'

'Fortunately, for the galaxy the warrior women and witches of Dathomir do not appreciate some of the natural gifts the females of most species have. If what Asajj and the Dathomiri women I met today are anything to go by they are ignorant of the understanding that brute force is not always the best approach to having power. Subtlety through seduction is very useful, especially when I would is doing the seduction.'

'Later, I will teach Asajj this lesson. After I am sure she is completely loyal to me.'

'On the matter of the Republic secretly monitoring Dathomir. I will do something about that later. I already have plan I intend to set in motion that can be combined with that idea. I do not want to the Republic to learn what I am doing. If that happens, a lot of innocent children will likely needlessly die.'

'Still this meeting was not just to present my offers, and to help teach Asajj. I went to meet the Witches of Dathomir to get a sense of their temperament. I find most of them, especially their leadership to be too stubborn and arrogant to do business with. Balara and other Clan Mothers will help save the children to ease their own personal troubles, but they will not do much else.'

'This is unfortunate. If that had not been the case I would have also worked out a deal to research the ruins of the Star Temples on the planet.'

'While the Dathomiri do not know the truth. I do. The primary star temple house, the Prime Gate, was one of the last functioning Infinity Gates built by the Kwa Builders. The Builders were an ancient species whom figured out how to use technology and the force together for their own flavor of mage tech.

'At their height, the Builders were on par with the Gree. Those two species were only second in use of the force to the Celestials.'

'If there was a way to leave this reality without burning a lot of my magical reserves, it would be through an infinity gate, or through a similar type of technology.'

'Unfortunately, the Star Chamber inside the main Star Temple, where the Prime Gate was located on Dathomir was destroyed over a decade ago because the Jedi and a night sister clan refused to share it.'

'This is due the fact an Infinity Gate can be used as a mana font for the force. A person whom can use the force can use the Infinity Gate to become empowered with the force energies gathered and stored by Infinity Gate for later use.'

'If I ever found an Infinity Gate, I would keep those I know whom use the force away from it. Such as Asajj. The temptation to abuse such power would be too great for any of them.'

'As for the other infinity gates. The ones I know of were either shut down or destroyed thousands to tens of thousands of years ago.'

'Most of the infinity gates were shut down soon after the Builders made the mistake of sharing their technology with the Rakata. The Rakata were a brutal warrior species whom enslaved part of the galaxy using the mage tech they built from what they learned from the technology of the Builders.'

'The Rakata forced the Builders into a retreating battle, where the Builders were forced to shut down their Infinity Gates to isolate the Rakata from much of the galaxy. The Builders retreated to their homeworld of Dathomir.'

'Unfortunately, they were so scared of the Rakata they stop venturing from their Dathomir. Eventually, their civilization collapsed and the Kwa Builders devolved into nomadic lizard people known as the Kwi. The Kwi are barely sentient.'

'Fortunately, I guess the force had enough of the Rakata and the Rakata lost their connection to the force. Without the force they could not use their mage tech and most of them died when their slaves rebelled against them. Only a few Rakata survived to retreat to a handful of worlds where they had no slaves. Most of the descendants of the surviving Rakata eventually became savages. In someways they ended up no better than the Builders.'

'The only Infinity Gates I know of that could still be intact were placed in a power-down mode and were programmed to only work for a very specific number of conditions and people. Though, technology is gullible and I see no reasons that will not be the case here. So, if I found such a Infinity Gate, I am sure I could figure out how to make the gate function in the manner I desire.'

'It is sad the Kwa Builders whom hid from the Rakata on Dathomir devolved into Kwi lizard people. Though, there is always hope. There are the Gree and their Hypergates. Still, the Gree are very secretive of their technologies, to the point the Gree species has slipped a little from their technological height.'

'The members of the Gree classes whom were assigned to be masters and teachers of their technology got into the habit of not passing on some technologies to their students before they died. Fortunately, the Gree are intelligent enough to rediscover and backward engineer much of their technology, so not all of their technology completely lost. And their civilization still exists. Though, their civilization is likely on a very slow decline.'

'The main issue with the Gree is that the Gree are reclusive. Even the Jedi and Sith are wary to cross the Gree. Both the Republic and Separatist forces have standing orders to not attack, nor invade any worlds, moons, and spacestations belonging to the Gree Enclave, the name of the Gree Empire. As such, I would not seek help from the Gree unless doing so was absolutely necessary.'

'As for the Celestials. Most of the members of that species has left this galaxy. Those that remain are secretive and they have their own agendas. If one of them sought me out such a meeting would likely bode ill for myself.'

'There are several types of dangers from such technology as the Infinity Gates and Hypergates. I need to keep in mind that Infinity Gates and Hypergates can be used to summon dangerous beings from beyond this reality. Beings far more dangerous and powerful than I could ever hope to be. So, if I was able to use such technology, I would be very careful in doing so.

'Still, I will not worry about such things. I have no real interest in leaving this galaxy just yet. But, it would be nice to have some options.'

'I would like to do have research teams comb over the ruins of the Prime Gate. While the Prime Gate has been destroyed, I have found that in the right hands even broken equipment can be repaired.'

'Something may be learned. Though, I would still have to work out something with the witches. And I would have to prepare the research team for possible threats on Dathomir, such as giant worms or wild rancors they may run across.'

'On a related matter. Dathomir has four moons. I believe I read somewhere that Dathomir's fourth moon, Koratas had mineral deposits used for the production of durasteel. I will have a Separatist research team quietly research Koratas, with orders not to go the Dathomir. Also, I will have the Separatist research time search for any long range monitor devices by the Republic in that area of space to spy on Dathomir. And I will have the Separatist setup long range space probes to make sure the Republic does not interfere with Dathomir. A bit hypocritical on my part, but necessary to save lives.'

'Though, I only intend to keep track what ships visit the planet and what the weather patterns are on the planet. I do not want to accidentally sent a team to the planet where the landing sight is having a strong storm. And it is best to keep tabs on who is visiting the planet.'

'I will even have the teams I assign to rescue the Dathomir children check on the spy probes as they enter Dathomir orbit from hyperspace. Though, I will have to assign women to these teams. But, that will not be a problem.'

'Also, these teams will use different looking ships so it will be harder for those on the ground and in space to figure out these teams are working together.'

'Also, since the Kwa traveled across the stars, it is possible they had colonies on one or more of Dathomir's moons. That opens the possibility of finding Builder technology that may have been left undisturbed for tens of thousands of years on those moons. Or maybe even on some of the other planets in that star system and the moons around those planets.'

'But, that will come later. The jobs I already have planet for the research team will keep them busy.'

'Though, now that I think about it, the one mystery in this puzzle are the rancors... Rancors were found on both the Kwa homeworld of Dathomir and Rakata Prime. Both of whom were enemies. And the Rakata never learned the location of Dathomir... Of course, the Kwa Builders used the rancors as servant species.'

'The Witches of Dathomir have showed that a force user can control rancors. Rancors make both for a very large guard dog that everyone thinks twice about messing with and as a beast of burden in the form of a walking construction crane.'

'The Kwa likely found rancors on another planet, and they realized how useful rancors could be. The Kwa brought them to their homeworld of Dathomir and with them as they traveled the by their Infinity Gates.'

'The Kwa probably used rancors to help them building their larger buildings and moving their technology. Such as the Infinity Gates, Star Temple and Star Chambers.'

'And as Kwa traveled, the local populations likely took one look at the rancors with them and the locals decided to do what the Kwa wanted, or just leave the Kwa alone.'

'Still, when the Kwa uplifted the Rakata, the Rakata likely saw the Kwa using the rancors as a servant species and the Rakata believed that force users should control those that do not use the force. This laying the seeds of both the distruction of the Kwa and the Rakata.'

'Or, maybe it was not that simple.'

'During the time the Kwa was at their peak, the Celestials were more open in their presence towards the other inhabitants of this galaxy.'

'While the Kwa were not as altruistic as some would believe. The Kwa were not conquerors. The Kwa were probably more like missionaries bringing their view of the force to the peoples across the galaxy.'

'Though, while the Kwa believed in the concept of the force being that the force just is. The Celestials believed the force was divided in the light, gray, and dark, with these three concepts needing to remain in a balance.'

'It is unknown if the Kwa believed in destiny or free will. Most Jedi believe in free will in the concept of the Living Force that a Jedi should focus on the here and now. While some Jedi believed in the Unifying Force, that the force is a guiding the fate of the people and even the fate of this galaxy.'

'I could make arguments for both cases. So, I believe the truth might be a bit of both.'

'Back to the Kwa and the Celestials. This difference of opinion on the force could have cause problems between the two species.'

'But, the Celestials did not take direct action against the Kwa. Or did they? For that matter how did the Kwa learn so much about using the force with technology? The concepts of the Kwa technology and the Celestial technology are similar in some ways.'

'It is possible the Celestials used the Kwa as a servant species. The Celestials taught Kwa what they knew and the Kwa eventually rebelled and won their freedom. During this time, the Kwa rejected the Celestials view of the force and they adopted the concept of the living force.'

'The Celestial were also known as the Architects. The Kwa were also known as the Builders.'

'The architects design and the builders build.'

'There is symmetry in this theory.'

'The Celestials may have had a hand in the Rakata's corruption as a way to destroy the Kwa. If so, the Rakata did a thorough job. The Rakata drove the Kwa to the Kwa homeworld of Dathomir and shut down their Infinity Gate system.'

'Then, the Celestials could have spent eons subtly using the force to collapse the Kwa civilization on Dathomir and slowly devolve the Kwa into the lizard like Kwi. That would be a level of revenge which even I would likely never attempt.'

'Such patience, such thoroughness, in such a manner is a terrifying concept to think about.'

'After the Kwa were no longer walking among the stars, the Celestials could have used one of their other servant species to clear out some worlds for personal use that they did not want the Rakata to learn about. Such as the planet Tython.'

'The Celestial servant species, the hive mind insect humanoids, the Killik, would do well for such a job to cleanse planets of sentient life without destroying everything else. Anyone that learned of such attacks would come to believe the situation was that a ravenous alien insect swarm was going from world to world on a mindless rampage.'

'But, what about the Je'daii? How did they fit in all this?'

'After the fall of the Kwa, instead of a single species, the Celestials choose to bring several members of various species, all of whom were force sensitive to Tython to work together to learn how to use the force.'

'The Je'daii was the organization that both the Jedi and Sith eventually split apart from.'

'Tython would make for a good location, due to the planet being a force nexus point for the light of the force. While Coruscant is a nexus point for the dark side of the force. Though, that does not mean Coruscant is evil. This means the planet likely leans more towards the dark side of the force.'

'The Kwa even place an inactive Infinity Gate and a defense system against the Rakata in a mountain on the planet that Je'daii later used to defend against a Rakata invasion.'

'It seemed that Kwa had made some holocrons the Je'daii found. And Kwa personality in the holocron seemed to like the Je'daii members and the Kwa AI helped them with advice on occasion until it was destroyed in turning on the Infinity Gate and defense system against a invasion by the Rakata.'

'Though, this still leaves out the original reason for the Celestials creating the Je'daii organization.'

'By then the Rakata were slowly losing their connection to the force. This slow loss of the force later caused the collapse their civilization as they lost the ability to work their force based technology and control their slave populations.'

'It is likely the Celestial were behind the Rakata losing their connection to the force. The Rakata did their job of driving the Kwa back to Dathomir. Though, the time between the Kwa going to hiding and the collapse of the Rakata was ten of thousands of years.'

'Celestials likely did not care what happened to those they believe to be lesser beings than themselves, and the Celestials probably wanted to see what a savage primitive culture, such as the Rakata, would do to the galaxy if giving such power and technology.'

'When the Celestials were satisfied with their answer, they made the Rakata lose their connection to the force.'

So, the Je'daii were not meant to cleanse the galaxy of the Rakata.'

'Maybe the Je'daii were meant as a living anchor point in the force. The light and the dark do create waves in the force. And organization that believed in balance and a gray point of view could be used an an anchor point.'

'Or, maybe the Je'daii were originally intended as holy warriors to spread the Celestial message of the force across the galaxy.'

'Not that it really matters. Clearly the Rakata learned of the Je'daii, found the Tython and the other populated planets of Tython star system at a far earlier time than the Celestials planned for the Je'daii to make contract with the outside galaxy. And this meeting between the Je'daii and the Rakata was very violent.'

'At the end of the Rakata invasion, while the Je'daii had defeated the invading Rakata forces, the balance within the Je'daii was heavily tilted with dark side force users. Among these dark side force users were some from the Je'daii. Though, the majority of the dark side force users were slaves of the Rakata whom were freed by the Je'daii.'

'These slaves were tortured in cylinders, with their pain created dark side energy which was extracted in the cylinders to power Rakata technology.'

'While the slaves were freed by the Je'daii, the Je'daii were never able to correct this imbalance and this imbalance lead to the schisms which eventually created the Jedi of the light and the Sith of the dark.'

'These schisms likely wrecked the plans of the Celestials. The many Celestials grew tired of the populations of the galaxy not going along with their plans and this is why most of the Celestials decided to leave the galaxy for other locations.'

'Taking all this together. This looks like an eons long holy war that ended in a stalemate, where those involved either left or were destroyed. There were no records having survived the war outside of likely the Celestials. There is nothing to show for this holy war but a lot of death and destruction for countless innocent lives across the galaxy whom had been caught up in this proxy war.'

'Just like the proxy war we now how with the Clone Wars.'

'Though, I am now in charge of one of the sides in this current war and I intend to see things go right for once.'

'As for the Celestials whom stayed behind, in hiding from the rest of the galaxy. Why those Celestials stayed behind is a mystery. They could have volunteered. Or, they where assigned the job as a form punishment their actions which the Celestials did not agree with. Or, maybe a bit of both.'

'There are incidents dealing with three specific Celestials whom stayed behind which could be called into question. Like the actions of some of those the three Celestials befriended. Such as them being negligent and allowing their servant to become what is now known as Abeloth. Along with the Celestials, Abeloth is one person I do not want to meet.'

'As I think about all this, I am not sure how do the Gree fit into these events. Where they another servant race of the Celestials whom rebelled and gained their freedom. Or, the Gree could be from another galaxy, or plane of reality. Though, if the Gree are far outsiders, given the Gree keep to themselves and they are polite to outsiders, the Celestials and Kwa likely left them alone. And the Rakata likely never discovered them.'

'Though, all this contemplation and potential discoveries are for later. For right now, I will enjoy my victories. I will worry about potential troubles tomorrow morning.'

'It is unfortunate that John and Michael could not come with Asajj and I on this mission. But, I did not want to risk their lives by bringing them to Dathomir. Though, Asajj is a skilled pilot and I made sure this ship had a top of the line autopilot system.'

'I have having John and Michael teach me to pilot a ship. If I work at it, within a year, I will be skilled enough in fly on my own. Though, even if I do, I will John and Michael on because they are good at what they do and I have no desire to fly myself when I can be chauffeured place to place as a lady of my station should.'

'Speaking of lady. I like that Fay called me, Lady Laufeyson. I like that title. It roles off the tongue. I will have to keep that title in mind for my future dealings with... everyone.'


When Fay and Thor arrived on Coruscant, they brought Ra to the Jedi Temple to be taken care of.

Fay soon left for parts unknown, while Thor headed by to the Resolute by transport shuttle which she piloted. Padme brought her luggage and Mjolnir with her.

The trip Padme took through hyper-routes to reach the Resolute, by shuttle transport, would take a week.

A day before Padme reached the Resolute by transport shuttle, Padme had a holo-communication with Yoda. Yoda had informed Padme that Ra was doing find in the nursery section of the Jedi Temple.

Padme was happy to hear the news and she was glad that some good came out of her actions during the whole Dathomir fiasco.

When Padme arrived on the Resolute, she met with her friends on the ship.

While Anakin, Obiwan, and Ahsoka, heard rumors that something happened concerning Padme's recent mission, they did not ask for details. Padme did not give any details because she was under orders not to do so by the Jedi High Council.

The local time on the ship rotation schedule of both the Resolute and Negotiator was late at night. It has been two days since Padme returned to the Resolute.

The Resolute and Negotiator were orbiting the Republic planet, Baltizaar, in the Northern Mid-Rim. They were waiting to be resupply ships to meet them the next morning. Then, the two ships could continue on their way.

On board the Resolute, Padme was alone in her quarters as she slept in her bed. The lights built into the walls were dimmed, and Padme was in a blue nightgown. Mjolnir rested on top of its head, on a small table, across the room.

As Padme slept she dreamed.

In Padme's dream she was in floating in space, as Thor, in her armor and equipment. She held Mjolnir in her right hammer in her right hand.

Thor held out the hammer in front of her. Suddenly, about thirty meters in front of her, a circular hole in time and space. A portal. Swiftly began to form. The portal was two meter wide in diameter. The hole was big enough for Thor to pass through.

Thor could see on the other side of the portal was as city during nighttime.

Thor flew through the portal without any resistance.

Thor found herself in the sky above Coruscant during nighttime. The city buildings lit up with so many lights that there were as many lights below her as above her from the stars the sky.

Thor felt the gravity of Coruscant pulling her down, though she used Mjolnir to hover in place.

Thor turned to look at the portal, which was dark on the other side. Then, Thor willed the portal to close. The portal quickly closed.

Thor pointed Mjolnir in another direction. In the direction she pointed Mjolnir, she opened another portal near her. The portal was a wider than the previous portal by a meter. This three meter wide portal was dark on the other side.

Once the portal was formed, Thor flew through the portal. She found she was back in space. She turned around to look at the portal. She saw the city on the other side of the portal.

Then, Thor willed the portal to close. The portal swiftly closed, leaving Thor in floating in space.

Suddenly, Padme eyes snapped open and she was awake in the darkness of her room. The only lighting in the room being some lights built into the walls which were dimmed. Though, the illumination was enough to allow Padme to see around in the darkened room.

Then, Padme recalled her dream in vivid detail.

Padme leaned up straight. In the slightly dim lights of the room, she turned to look at Mjolnir resting on a table, across the room.

Padme thought, 'That dream... Could I do that?... But, why would I dream of it now?...' She focused on the hammer, as she continued, 'Unless you were trying to teach me that I could do this.'

Padme's lips curled into a smile, as she gained an excited expression on her face. She continued to look at Mjolnir, as she thought, 'Maybe this has something to do with me rescuing that child. And you waited until now to rewards me with that lesson, when the opportunity was presented itself to allow me to try out this new skill.' Padme stated, “Thank you.”

Padme jumped out of left side of her bed. As she stood on her feet, she turn towards the hammer.

Padme outstretched her right hand and arm, as she stated, “Now let us go try that technique out.”

The hammer flew off from its table and into Padme's right hand.

Padme closed her right hand around the weapon, and she changed into Thor, with her armor, helmet, and equipment. This included the Black Solace sheathed in its scabbard, which was strapped to her back, with the hilt sticking out behind Thor left shoulder.

Thor turned and headed for the door which lead to the hallway.

A few seconds later, Thor reached door. She pushed a button on the panel by the door to open the door. The door slide open and Thor entered the hallway.

Thor turned left, down the hallway, as the door to her quarters slid shut behind her, with the door automatically locked on the hallway side.

Thor walked in the direction which lead her to the nearest airlock on the level she was on.

While Thor walked, she found the hallway was empty.

As Thor made her way to the airlock, she swapped hands to hold Mjolnir by the shaft with her left hand.

Thor used her right hand to reach under the right side of her helmet, to take a button on the lower back of her ear, with the button attached to her earpiece.

Thor thought, 'I am so glad Anakin gave me this new upgraded earpiece when I returned from here from Coruscant. This upgrade wraps around the back of my ear, with all the buttons located below my ear, where I have no problems reaching the buttons with my fingers, without taking off my helmet. Also, I can rotate what encrypted channels to you. From a channel for my allies, to a frequency that only goes to the command bridge of the Resolute, to turning off the earpiece altogether.'

'Right now, I selected the earpiece from being off to talking to the command bridge of the Resolute.'

'Also, it is nice I can fly in vacuum without a enviro-suit. I do not have to breath in this form. I have found flying around in space as Thor, withou an enviro-suit, to be as fun as swimming.'

'On one of my vacations to Naboo, I had fun using this form, with Mjolnir, to exploring the many underwater cave systems on my homeworld.'

'If I got lost, I would just make my own hole to the surface. Though, I kept a tracking device on me that helped keep me from getting lost. Fortunately, there was no serious problems for me when I did when cave exploring underwater. And I found it was fun to do such exploring.'

'Though, some of the bigger fish and other underwater creatures did try to eat me. But, they quickly learned the error of attempting to do so.'

'I might as well go to Naboo and see if I can go home and return in the record time.'

'I will create a portal in the upper atmosphere, so if there is a vacuum suction it will not be serious. I will have time close it without risk of anyone being seriously harmed.'

'Behind that high up will lead to being less likely to attract attention. And I will think of a place that is empty, so no one accidentally hits me.'

Thor swapped hands to hold Mjolnir back in her right hand.

While Thor continued walking, she stated, “This is General Thor to the command bridge.”

On the other end of the communication, one of the officers on the bridge replied, “Yes General.”

Thor said, “Thou is going to step outside. Do not be alarmed if anything... Weird happens. And do not alert General Kenobi unless thou is gone for more than two hours.” She thought, 'That should be a long enough time. And it is best I do not wake him.'

The person on the other end of the transmission stated, “Yes General. We will do as you request.”

Thor said, “Thank you.” She thought, 'While I do not have a command rank, I have learned that I can still give orders when they concern myself, and control of information about myself, as long as those orders do not conflict with orders from someone of a higher rank or position than I have. Obiwan even confirmed this for me. I wish someone had told me this sooner. Oh well. Now to have some fun.'

A few minutes later, Thor found an airlock and she exited the ship into space.

Thor spent a few minutes flying away from the Resolute, in the opposite direction than the planet Baltizaar.

Thor slowed down. Thor turned around.

In the distance, Thor saw the planet of Baltizaar, the Resolute and Negotiator.

Thor noticed that the Negotiator orbited in a different location around the planet, Baltizaar than the Resolute.

Thor thought, 'It is best that I put some distance with the ship. In case something goes wrong.'

Thor turned back towards space, away from the Resolute and the planet. Thor thought, 'Now, to see if this works. If I am right, it should be nighttime over Theed, on Naboo.'

Thor raised Mjolnir in her right hand, in front of her. She thought of a portal forming to Naboo, high in the atmosphere over the her home city of Theed, in a location was empty, with the portal being just big enough for her to fly through.

Suddenly, Thor watched as thirty meters in front of her, a circular portal open. The portal quickly expanded to be two meters wide.

Thor saw the portal was big enough for her body to fit into.

Thor saw there were some clouds and a planetside night sky on the other side of the portal.

Thor thought, 'It worked. Now to see if I can pass through this hole... This portal.'

Thor flew through the portal. As she passed through the portal she noticed there was no resistance.

Thor came to a stop a few meters on the other side of the portal. She floated in place, as she looked around.

It was partly cloudy that night. Though, two of the three moons orbiting Naboo provided plenty of light to see with.

Thor felt Naboo's gravity pull at her. Thor used Mjolnir to hover in place.

Thor turned back to look at the portal, and she saw there were problems. The air was not being sucked into the portal.

Thor tell by the nearby clouds were going with the air currents and not towards the portal.

Thor thought, 'Good. There is no backwards suction through the portal into the vacuum of space. Also, the magic of the portal likely prevents other environment hazards from getting through, from one side to the other. Like radiation. I hope. I will check that out later with a scanner.'

'Also, in space, all objects are in motion. The orbit around Baltizaar, the rotation of Naboo, the orbits of the planets around their stars, and the orbits of the star systems around the galaxy. But, the portal is staying in place as it moves in unison at the different speeds of the two locations. I will consider this part of the magic of Mjolnir.'

'I believe it is best I do not close the portal until I return back to the other side. I do not want to accidentally trap myself in a situation of being absent without leave. While given the circumstances, I doubt I would be subject to a court-martial over the matter, it would be embarrassing.'

Thor turned around and looked down at the city of Theed.

Thor's enhanced vision her to see city of Theed in detail. Theed was lit up at night, by streetlights and lights coming from the buildings, with the moonlight cascading against the waterfalls of Theed.

Thor thought, 'Theed is so beautiful. I believe I can see my parents home from here. This portal ability will come in very handy. I will be able to go anywhere I want in a matter of moments. This will save me time and money on fuel.'

'Now, I can go visit my family any time I want. They are now merely minutes away. So is my Senatorial job... Oh, this is going to be a fun ability to have.'

Then, another thought occurred to Thor, as she mentally reflected, 'What if I not limited in space, but in other ways. Like time. There have been a few cases of time travel. It is rare. Very rare. But, it does happen. Though, given all accounts state that time travel is a bad idea for a number of reasons, I believe attempting to do so would be unwise. Also, it might be unwise to try to travel outside of this universe.'

'Though, when this war ends I might look for the origins of Mjolnir and Loki. But, those concerns are for a much later time.'

Thor turned back to look at the portal. Thor thought, 'Now to head back. Anakin, Obiwan, and Ahsoka are just going to love being able to have me take them anywhere in an instant.'

Thor flew through the portal. As she did so, she began to realize other implications of her new traveling ability. She lamented in thought, 'Still, that could be problematic. If the Jedi Council, or Republic military get wind of this ability this could cause problems for myself.'

'Before I decide what to do next I will talk to my friends and get their opinions.'

After exiting the other side of the portal, in space in orbit over Baltizaar, Thor came to a stop five meters from the portal. She turned back to look at the portal.

She thought, 'Now to see if I can close this hole in space.'

Thor thought about the portal closing.

Suddenly the portal became smaller, until is closed and disappeared.

Thor thought, 'Good Now, to head back to the ship.'

Thor turned around and she saw the Resolute in the distance. She used Mjolnir to fly back to Resolute. She soon made it to the air lock she had used to exit the ship. After using the air lock to enter the ship, Thor checked with the command bridge to inform them that everything was fine and she was returning to her quarters.

A few minutes later, Thor reached her personal quarters. The lights in her quarters were still dimmed.

In the privacy of her quarters, Thor changed back into her normal form.

Padme was not only wearing her blue nightgown.

Padme walked over and set Mjolnir on to of its head on the table she had it beforehand.

Then, Padme turned and walked over to see on the middle edge of the left side of her bed. Her feet touched the floor.

In the darkened room, Padme thought about what had just happened, and what she could do with such abilities, both for good and for ill.


Unfortunately, for the rest of the night rotation, Padme was so wired from her experiences with creating the portal that she found she could not get to sleep.

Padme thought about her experiences. Then, she watched a few holo-films on a holo-monitor on the desk in her room, as she sat at the armchair of her desk. Also, Padme read a few holo-novels on a data she had.

The next morning, or what passed for morning on the morning schedule rotation of the ship, Padme was back in her normal form.

Padme had cleaned up and she was dressed in a blue short sleeved blouse, a red clothing pants tied with a short dark blue sash, and blue slippers the same color as her blue blouse.

Padme allowed her long brown hair to drape down her back.

Padme waiting for a specific time. When the clock by her bed stated the proper time, Padme left Mjolnir in her quarters, as she walked out of her quarters and into the connecting hallway of the ship.

Padme knew when her friends times usually awoke. As after Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obiwan had awaken at their usual times. Padme met with them at the mess hall.

Though, Padme could not hide her excitement, she was able convince them to come to the Jedi recreational room before having breakfast.

Padme stated that she had something very important to tell that, which could not wait.

All three of the Jedi decided to that follow Padme to the Jedi recreational room, also known as the break room, where they could have some privacy.

They were in their usual clothing. Though, they were not yet fully awake.

After the four of them entered the Jedi recreational room, the door automatically slid closed behind them.

Padme had been the one to open the door to the room, and she had been the last one to enter the room.

After the door slid closed, Padme stood just inside the room, with the door right behind her. She had a grin on her face that spoke volumes, considering her usual calm demeanor.

The lights in the room were on.

Nearby, the three Jedi came to a stop. They turned to look at Padme.

Obiwan said, in a tired tone of voice, “Padme. Please do not take this the wrong way. I do hope you have important news. Because if you do not, I am going to be upset with you.”

Padme smiled widened. Padme stated, with a bit of excitement in her tone of voice, “Oh. I do.”

Ahsoka asked, “So, why did you call to come and talk to you before breakfast?”

Anakin halfheartedly said, “Yea Padme. Don't take this the wrong way. But, it could wait until after we have coffee and something to eat.”

Padme commented, “I do not believe so. You are not going to believe what happened to me last night.”

Obiwan casually responded, “Knowing you. That could be anything.”

Padme stated, “Last night, I learn how to create a portal. A dimensional fold between to points in space.”

Padme's comment took a few seconds to register in her friends' minds. But, when the importance of what Padme had said sunk in, the realization of what Padme said caused all three Jedi to swiftly wake up.

Ahsoka commented, “That is a neat trick?”

Anakin questioned, “How?”

Obiwan requested, in a calm, sober, awake tone of voice, “Padme. Please explain what you mean?”

Padme responded, “Last night, I had dream where I believe Mjolnir intentionally showed me this ability. That being, I change into Thor and I can create a portal. A doorway to another place. I traveled through the portal, to the other side. I closed the portal at will. I created another portal to the same location I began at and I returned returned though that portal.”

“When I awoke, I took the hammer, I changed to Thor, went into space through an airlock. After I was some distance from the ship, I used Mjolnir to create a portal. I traveled through it. I looked around. Returned through the portal. Closed the portal. And I returned back to the ship.”

Obiwan inquired, “What was the size of the portal? And how large can the portal be made into?”

Padme answered, “I envisioned a portal that would fit me. The portal was just large enough to do so. I guess I can make a portal any size I want.”

Anakin asked, “Where did you go?”

Padme stated, “Naboo, over Theed, at night, high in the atmosphere.”

Anakin questioned, “In case there was a vacuum sucking through the portal into space?”

Padme said, “Yes. But, that was not the case. People and things can travel through. But, I believe whatever power I used to create this portal also keeps environment effects from passing through the portal from either side. Though, I am not sure.”

Obiwan stated, “We will check later if radiation and other environment hazards might leak through the portal.”

Padme replied, “My thoughts exactly.”

Obiwan inquired, “How long does it take you to create and close these portals?”

Padme answered, “A matter of seconds and I can maintain a portal as long as I desire.”

Obiwan said, “Good. That level of control will minimize problems in using such an ability.”

Ahsoka inquired, “How far can you travel?”

Padme admitted, “I do not know.”

Ahsoka asked, “Can you also travel through time? And other dimensions?

Padme stated, “I believe it is best that we leave time travel alone.”

Obiwan commented, “That is for the best. The Jedi actually have recorded a few instances of time travel. Such incidents did not have good outcomes.”

Padme said, “I have read such similar time travel account. Such accounts rarely end well for the time traveler. Also, I have no interest trying to leave this reality while this war is going on.”

Ahsoka commented, in a disappointed tone of voice, “I can see your point.”

Padme said, in an uplifted tone of voice, “Do not worry. There will be time to make good use of this ability.”

Padme's words cheered up Ahsoka. Ahsoka smiled towards Padme, as she replied, “I'm sure of that.”

Obiwan said, “While the possibility of altering the timeline is disconcerting. That is not our greatest concern on you new abilities. What is worrisome is what this ability can be used for in this war?”

Anakin realized where Obiwan was going with his logic. Anakin commented, “This would be a very powerful tactical ability. Especially if you could move whole ship, or even fleets, anywhere in the galaxy.”

Ahsoka realized what Obiwan and Anakin were thinking. She dropped her smile, as she commented, in a worried tone of voice, “Or, send bombs through portals located where near key people and locations. This ability could be terribly abused.”

Obiwan looked around at his three students, as he stated, “This could shift the war in the Republic's favor. But, at what cost? The Separatists will no longer hold back.” Obiwan focused on Padme, as he continued, “And Padme, this could make you become a far larger target. Right now, from a strategic standpoint the Separatists consider you to be like a wondering storm. You can only be at one place at once and you have to travel from place to place like everyone else. But, if you can show up at a moments notice, anywhere in the galaxy, the Separatists will take greater efforts to kill you.”

Padme thought, 'I thought about that last night. I am glad you realize this.'

Padme responded, “I realize the dangers that such an ability can present to both myself and the rest of the galaxy. This is why I came to you three to discuss this ability. And for us to figure out what I need to do next.”

Anakin suggested, “Given how dangerous this ability is, perhaps we should not mention this to the Jedi Council, the upper ranks of the Republic military, nor even the Chancellor?”

Obiwan said, “I agree.”

Ahsoka replied, “So, do I.”

Padme mentioned, “We do need to keep this information from them. Though, that might be problematic. Those on the command bridge last night might know a few things. Last night I did tell them I was heading out into space, and for them to not to alert you should anything weird happen.”

Obiwan stated, “I will talk to those on the command bridge from last night. I will make sure that any recordings of you on the computers are on a pass code lock. In addition, I will amend my order to the crew concerning them not talking with anyone about you. Not even their commanders. Unless they are directly ordered by someone of a higher rank than me. Meaning a member of the Jedi Council, or Chancellor Palpatine.”

Padme commented, “That should work.” She thought, 'They will not ask about the matter, if they do not know about the matter.'

Obiwan responded, “I am happy you agree. Though, I wonder why Mjolnir would show you this ability now of all times?”

Padme thought, 'It is possible that Mjolnir showed me this ability in my dreams after Mjolnir decided that my actions in protecting an innocent on Dathomir warranted such a reward. Not that I can tell you about what happened there. Nor, am I allowed to even tell you that I went to Dathomir. Still...'

Padme coyly said, “Maybe I have been doing things in the line of service that Mjolnir finds honorable.”

Obiwan inquired, “I am not sure what that would be. But, that might be the case. Now, do you have anything else to talk about?”

Padme answered, “No.”

Obiwan said, “Good. Then, this matter is settled. Let us go have some breakfast.”

Padme replied, “Of course.”

Ahsoka said, “Finally.”

Anakin commented, “I could use something to eat.”

Ahsoka turned to Padme. Ahsoka asked, “So, Padme. With this new ability. When you do get leave. Where are you planning on going?”

Padme looked over at Ahsoka. Padme's lips curled into a wicked, as she said, “Anywhere I want.”


“You got the words right, Livy. But you don't know the tune.” Mark Twain, AKA Samuel Langhorne Clemens, responding to his wife Livy, AKA Olivia Langdon Clemens, on her mocking his swearing.

To be continued.


Author's Notes:

In this chapter, I wanted to show two points. How Padme sense of equality and the believe of freedom for people clashed with the amazonian Dathomiri women that held boys and men in such low respect.

The other point was to show how much of a magnificent lady the Loki in this story can be.

And not just in how she convinced Asajj to serve her, with her teaching Asajj diplomacy and better self-control.

Remember, this is the A-Force Loki. She has maternal instincts. She had adopted two daughters whom she cared for and loved. Yes, she messed up in Arcadia. But, she still cared about her daughters.

Unlike Sidious, whom as some points have kidnapped force sensitive children with the intent to make into his servants. And the Jedi Order, whom are borderline on this issue. Loki used the sexist situation on Dathomir to her advantage.

Loki is now having force sensitive boys being given to the Separatists/Confederacy, whom would have been murdered for being force sensitive boys.

Those putting Loki in a heroic role, for the moment. And while she plans to use these children for her own ends. She is not going to make the children slaves. Loki will make sure those boys will be raised well.

And while she cannot rescue all of those Dathomir. She can save some people.

In addition, this chapter allowed me to show few different things of the Star Wars franchise, in a different light.

I know it is a little arc welding to have it so Fay was Allya's teacher. But, doing so helped the plot. And Fay's history was never really explained. Except that she preferred not to use her lightsaber. She was strong in the force. Ageless, thought centuries old. And she saw to bring peace and harmony to the galaxy.

Keep in mind that that person, Fay, whom is telling Padme about the Witches of Dathomir is a Jedi, and the one responsible for exiling Allya to Dathomir on the first place. Fay would not view Allya's actions on the planet, and even the “light side” witches as being members of the “light side”.

So, Fay is old enough to be Allya's teachers. And it would be ironic that a woman of peace taught a woman that created a savage, violent group of force users.

Concerning Darth Maul, whom is also from Dathomir. Maul was born into night sister clan.

The Clan Mother (leader) Talzin of a night sister clan was allied with Sidious.

No one in the clan realize how much force potential Maul had until years later.

Around the time Maul was found to have force potential, Talzin had allied with Sidious, and Sidious was looking for a child with force potential to mold into a powerful servant.

While not directly stated, it could be inferred that Talzin did not want to kill Maul because she could give him to Sidious to strengthen their alliance.

Also, Talzin was the one whom gave Asajj from her mother to a criminal named Hal'Sted to save their clan. But, given how powerful that night sister clan in the Clone Wars series, I feel there is more to that story.

That is why I added a few more details into this story.

I was not wildly crazy about when the Clone Wars series changed Asajj Ventress origin to Dathomir. But using that change helped this chapter well.

While it is not made clear whether Asajj and Maul are of the same species, they are from the same Dathomir clan.

I found those making the Clone Wars series trying to connect too many characters back to same Dathomir clan to be a bridge too far.

There are many inconsistencies to such changes. For example, depending on which Clone Wars series, comic series, novel series, TV series/continuation novel/comics you want to pick there are multiple endings for Asajj Ventress final fate ranging from her being tired of the fighting and she fled to an unknown location, to her being killed in combat.

Another example is Maul's parentage being in question.

If circumstances had been different, their fates could have been reversed. With Asajj sent with Sidious and Maul sent with Hal'Sted. That would make for an interesting set of stories.

Savage Opress was a similar situation as Maul. Dooku was looking for a powerful servant in the force. Dooku likely know that know that Asajj and Maul came from the same night sister clan, so Dooku went to that witch clan and talked to their leader, Talzin, to provide him with a powerful force servant.

It is interesting how Savage Opress was a case of infusing someone with the force and not providing a powerful force sensitive to Dooku.

Talzin shows more pragmatism on her part than most dark side force users.

As for why Fay was called “sister” by Witches and not Thor. Fay uses the force and she is on good terms with the witches. While Thor is unknown and she does not use the force.

“Balara” is a female name derived from Latin. The name means “strong” A fitting name for the character.

Shuyak is named after Shuyak Island which is part of the Kodiak Archipelago in the state of Alaska, USA. As the name implies, Kodiak bear live on the island.

I figure Shuyak is fitting to name a warrior woman riding a rancor given Shuyak is named after an island where Kodiak brown bears live.

Why did I use the Dreaming River Clan. At one point in the Star Wars: Expanded Universe original timeline, The Dreaming River Clan was taken control by the Imperials. In stands to reason among the clans whom could be keeping in regular contact with the outside galaxy, that the Dreaming River clan be the most likely to do so considering the outside galaxy, in the form of the Imperials, established a base near their village.

When I read the book, “The Courtship of Princess Leia”, I found the story to be interesting, but also disconcerting. I find amazon style stories to be power trips towards women. “The Courtship of Princess Leia” story had two very different female dominated societies. The Hapes Cluster, a super-rich, heavily armed galactic sector nation ruled through feminist style elitism taken to the extreme. And the Witches of Dathomir, which took the amazonian concept and gave those women access to using the force.

The end of the novel literally tried to lay the seeds to marry the two extreme cultures into one culture.

Still, I found how those to two feminist cultures clashed to be a bit hilarious.

Though, power trip stories usually make for bad stories. Not always. But, most of the time.

Now, I hope you do not view I was too heavy handed in this chapter. But, I abhor prejudice in any form, from anyone one. And amazonian style characters are prejudicial towards men. And I wanted to point out such prejudice in this chapter.

And yes. The Witches of Dathomir are reported to murder any boy found to be sensitive to the force. So, Padme rescuing a baby boy from the witches was a good way to show such prejudice.

On the portal ability. For Padme making the right decision, with Padme rescuing that baby boy from the Witches of Dathomir, Mjolnir decided to reward Padme by informing her this portal ability and bestowing Padme the ability to create magical portals.

Why it took so long between the event and the lesson was that Mjolnir spent some time think if Padme was worthy to learn such an ability. Eventually, Mjolnir decided Padme was worthy of learning and using such an ability as creating magical portals from place to place.

On how Mjolnir showed Padme this portal ability. I had to figure some way for Padme to learn that abilities. And a dream seemed the simplest way.

Also, Mjolnir is not just a weapon in this story. Mjolnir is a character. And Mjolnir has been doing its best to help Padme and her friends.

As for what Loki thought about during the later part of this chapter. It is just some possible theories on various subjects that were never really explained in the Star Wars franchise.

Though, there is one oddity in the Star Wars franchise that leads to the possibility that the Kwa Builders used rancors.

Due to what a rancor is, the roles the rancors had were likely as giant guard dogs and construction labor.

As the Loki narration explained. Rancors are found on both Dathomir and Rakata Prime. This can only really be explain as the Kwa bringing the rancors with them to Rakata Prime. This lends to the possibility that the Kwa used the rancors as both guards and as beasts of burden.

Dathomir was shown to have rancors living on the planet in a number of various Star Wars titles. The first being the Courtship of Princess Leia.

Rakata Prime was shown to have rancors living in the wild at the end of the first Knights of the Old Republic roleplaying computer game.

The only logical way that rancors would be in both places would be that the Kwa Buildings brought rancors with them when they met the Rakata.

I recommend play the first Knights of the Old Republic game and the Star Wars Old Republic MMO (as long as it lasts). Both are great roleplaying games.

But, the second Knights of the Old Republic game leaves a lot to be desired because those behind the second game's production were rushed in the game's release and this is apparent in the later half of the gameplay.

I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter.

Until next time. Have fun.

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