The Wolf's Howl

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The Wolf's Howl

Randall Sinclair was on his annual hunting and fishing trip, when he had a encounter of the furry and metahuman kind.

Thanks to Stanman and Lynceus for proofreading and editorial suggestions.

Author's Note: A Retroactive Continuity, or Retcon if you will, is the altering of previously known facts in order for the universe to conform to new story lines. This is mine. This is a retcon of Wolfsbane. Wolfsbane, Rusty, and Tony Stark are the property of Marvel Comics. The Retcon Universe was created by Lilith Langtree. Thank you for letting us play. (The artwork I found online on with no artist credited. There were graphics codes included.)


Randall pulled his rented jeep into his uncle’s ranch, looking forward to a couple of weeks of relaxing, camping, hunting and fishing. His Aunt opened the door as he started pulling gear out of the back. She walked up and gave him a hug, "It's great to see you again, Randy."

He returned the hug, "It's wonderful to see you again, Auntie."

Mary bristled at being called 'Auntie', after all his uncle was only 5 years older than Randall, and she was younger than her husband, "I'll get you for that."

"You always promise, but you never follow through. Where's Rusty?"

"Your Uncle is in town, it was his turn to go shopping. He should be back in a couple of hours. Let's get your stuff inside, and you can tell me what's new with you."

They got the rest of his gear out of the jeep, and carried it onto the porch. Mary got them a couple of beers, and they sat around talking, waiting for Rusty to return. When he got there the three of them carried in and put away the groceries. After they enjoyed a delicious dinner, they sat around talking.

"So how's work been?" Rusty asked.

"Busy, it'll be great to be away for a couple of weeks without any deadlines or sudden problems."

"Mr. Stark works you too hard," Mary added.

"Tony doesn't work us too hard, if any thing he works himself too hard. He's the first one in and the last one out every day. We keep trying to get him to take a break, but he refuses to."

"I still think that he works you too hard."

Randall looked at his aunt, "OK 'Mom'!" Randall got a pillow in his face for that comment.

Rusty changed the subject, "So how's your girlfriend doing?"

"Uh, she's fine. She's spending the week with an old college friend. There having a week of girly fun."

"Didn't you want to join them?" Randall stuck out his tongue and threw the pillow back at Mary.

"June and Jeri definitely don't want me hanging out with them."

A few minutes later Mary asked, "So, Randall, what do you think of the new 'metahumans'?"

Randall blinked a couple of times, he certainly hadn't expected that question. "I, uh, hadn't really thought about them. I mean, they seem to be causing some problems at times, although others seem to be stopping it. Comic books come to life?"

Rusty looked up, "Yeah, some of them are even using names of comic book heroes. I'm surprised that Marvel and DC haven't brought up any lawsuits."

They continued talking for a while, before Randall begged off saying he wanted an early start.

Randall left before dawn, taking a quad ATV to carry the small amount of gear he needed for fishing. It was a couple miles, more than he wanted to walk, but far enough out of sight that no one was likely to bother him. The campsite was old, his great-grandfather had used it, and rumor was that his great-great-grandfather had used it also.

He set up camp, hanging what food he brought from a tree, cleaning out the fire pit, and pitching his tent. With that all set, he went out to gather some wood. With everything set, he got his fishing gear together and went over to the stream. It perhaps wasn't the best time to fish, but it was a wonderful time to relax.

His fishing was successful, much to his surprise, now he had both lunch and dinner! With the fish safely in his creel, he took a break from fishing and went for a hike.

After several days of resting, relaxing, fishing, and otherwise getting back to nature Randall was surprised one evening by a low growling behind him. He slowly turned around to see a large wolf standing only a few yards away. He stared at the wolf, unsure what to do. He had his .45 holstered on his hip, but wasn't sure if he could draw and shoot the wolf before it got to him. And to be honest, he'd rather not have to shoot the wolf.

As he stood there he looked closer at the wolf, and realized that its right front paw was being held off the ground and the foreleg was bent at an odd angle. As they both stood there, the growling increased and before he could draw his gun, the wolf charged and pounced upon him. He threw his left arm up and felt them jaws of the wolf clamp down on his forearm. As he screamed in pain, he clawed his gun out and shot the wolf several times. The last thing he remembered was the wolf collapsing onto him.


Randall woke slowly, his left arm ached, something was lying on his chest, and something else was digging into his ribs. He remembered what had happened and realized the thing digging into his ribs was his gun. He let out a silent sigh, glad that he hadn't jerked his right arm and pulled the trigger again. Carefully letting go of the gun, he pushed the wolf of him, it was surprisingly easy.

For some reason his eyes weren't opening, so he reached up to wipe them clear. Unfortunately before his hand got there he hit his chin with the back of his hand. He was certain that he should have cleared his chin, and nose. He got his hand up to his eyes, and rubbed them with the back of his hand, it felt oddly rough, although his face felt different too.

With his eyes finally open he looked at his hand, and screamed again, or perhaps howled. His hand was covered with grey fur, and he could long claws extending past the end of his fingers. He also noticed the end of a muzzle sticking out the front of his face. He dropped his hand back down to the ground and closed eyes again. He thought, 'I must be dreaming!'

While he lay there, he reached over and felt his muzzle, it was very odd, he could both feel it with his hand, and he could feel his hand with the muzzle. 'If this is a dream, it is the most detailed dream I've ever had!'

'Well let's see if I can get up, and see what else if different.' He struggled to his feet and was surprised to feel his pants fall to the ground. He tried to look down at them, and discovered that all he could see was his muzzle. A slight chuckle escaped from him. 'That doesn't sound like me!'

He kicked off his pants and boxers, then turned to walk to the stream. He felt something hit him in the backside as he turned around. It made him jump and he spun around to see what it was. There was nothing there, but something had hit him again. He spun around, and again nothing, but another hit on his backside. This happened a couple more times, before he started thinking and twisted around to see what was there.

He let out another little yell as he saw for the first time his tail. He reached back and felt the tail. Just like with his muzzle, he could both feel his tail, and feel his hand with the tail. He started laughing as he thought back over the last few minutes. 'I probably looked like a dog chasing its tail, which I suppose is appropriate now.'

When he recovered he made his way over to the stream and tried to look down at his reflection, again his muzzle blocked much of his view. Sighing he made his way into the water, when he got his left arm into the water he expected pain as the water got into the bite. There wasn't any pain, and as he washed the blood out of his fur he couldn't find the bite. Well he found the spot, but it had healed over. He could see the water pink with blood flowing down stream, it was more than was just coming off his arm. He was probably covered in the blood of that wolf, so he pulled off his shirt and started run his claws through the fur.

As he rubbed further up his chest, he noticed something that shouldn't have been there. 'Breasts, I have breasts.' They were small, he guessed a big A or small B cup, but they were there and as real as his muzzle and tail. His hands stopped and then slowly made their way down his chest and stomach were they discovered that he was really a she. She let out a short howl of loss, before regaining her composure.

She sat in the stream for a while not thinking, just sitting, before she realized that she was getting cold and it was getting dark. She climbed out of the stream and shook most of the water out of her fur. Trying to calm herself down, she took a deep breath through her nose, and then sneezed.

The smells that assaulted her shocked her, then surprised her. She could smell the dead wolf, the blood, the expended gunpowder, the gas in the quad, and what seemed like a million other things. Another pause and the thought, 'Don't do that again, unless I am ready for it.'

She got to the campsite and looked around, the fire was almost out, and the dead wolf was covered with flies and other insects. Deciding what to do was important, she didn't want to stay out here, the dead wolf was going to attract who knows what, and even if she dragged it away, the blood would still attract things. Going back to her Uncles farm had its own risks, she certainly didn't look like his nephew Randall.

She picked up, safed her gun, then returned it to the holster. She needed clothes, and judging from how easily her pants fell off, she must be much smaller, a pair of shorts with a drawstring after slitting a hole in the back for her tail and a t-shirt would work. Not even thinking, she grabbed her wallet and a few other things she didn't want to leave out all night. She slung the gun belt over her shoulder and got on the quad to head back to her uncles home.

She pulled up near her uncles, and could see lights on in the living room. She pondered what to do now, a couple of the dogs came her way growling at her, she growled back and they slunk away. A few minutes later, since no one came out, she hit the horn a couple times. A minute later her uncle came out with a flashlight, when the beam settled on her, she raised her hands up as he yelled for Mary to bring his rifle.

With the rifle in his hands and Mary holding the light on Randall, he yelled, "Who the hell are you, and what are doing with my quad?!"

Taking a deep breath she called back, "It's me, Randall."

"The hell you say!"

"Damnit, Uncle Rusty. If you promise not to shoot me, I'll prove it to you and Auntie." As far as Randall knew no one else ever called her 'Auntie.'

She could see Mary lean over to whisper something to Rusty, and was surprised that she could hear the whole conversation. "Rusty, no one but Randy ever called me Auntie." Their whispered argument went on for a few minutes, before Rusty yelled back, "Leave the pistol there, and walk slowly over here."

Randall's dropped down to her hip, where the gun normally sat, then she looked around for a moment, before feeling around for the gun belt. Eventually she lifted the gun belt over her head and carefully set it in the front rack of the quad, looking at it like she didn't remember it being there, then walked towards her aunt and uncle. About ten feet away she sat down and they began talking. After a half hour she still hadn't convinced them that she was Randall, so she tried one last thing. "Call June, and tell her that I have a costume for this years MFF that will make Jeri jealous."

"Huh?" was the response.

"Just do it, then if she doesn't say what the costume would be, ask her."

Mary pulled out her phone, and called her girlfriend June. She heard Mary say what she had told her, then nearly winced -Mary did wince- as June yelled "Where did he find a wolf costume out there in the middle of nowhere?"

She chuckled as both of their jaws dropped, and she could hear June saying "hello" in the background. Finally Rusty asked, "Is that really you Randall?"

She sighed, "Yes, that's what I've been trying to tell you for the last hour."

"What the hell happened?"

"Can I come in first and take a shower. I tried to clean up in the stream, but it's damn cold and I didn't have enough shampoo." She heard Mary say she would call June back in an hour, and that she might want to check into flights to Bozeman for tomorrow.

Rusty and Mary laughed at that, "I guess we can wait a little while."

Rusty went out to take care of the quad and gun while Randall made her way to the bathroom to shower, and was surprised that Mary followed her. She turned around and looked at her. "I thought you might need some help, at least shampooing your back and tail."

Randall nearly collapsed at that, and Mary helped her into the tub. Mary pulled off Randy's shirt, and then reached for the shorts. When Randy went to stop her, she said, "Don't worry. Whatever is in there, I'm sure I've seen it before."

Randy started laughing, almost hysterically at that. Mary felt that that was better than hysterical crying. With Randy settled, Mary stripped to her bra and panties and got the water running. It took them a while, but finally Randy was clean. The first time she shampooed her fur the suds had a bit of a pink tinge to them. She shuddered and they shampooed her again.

Finally feeling clean, she shooed Mary away from the tub, and pulled the curtain closed. Mary was surprised at the sudden sound of water being splattered against the shower walls. Finished, she pulled open the curtain, "I learned that after I left the stream. That water was so cold."

Mary laughed and handed her ex-nephew a couple of towels, "I'll go find you something else to wear."

Mary returned dressed and carrying clothes and pulled out a hairdryer, it took a while but finally Randy was dry and dressed. They went into the living room where Randy grabbed a chair and spun it around to sit on it backwards. As she sat, her Aunt gave her a look, "That's not very ladylike."

Randy looked at her tail, "But it's a whole lot more comfortable. This is going to take some getting used to."

Rusty looked at Randy, "So what happened?"

With a sigh, she told them about his shortened vacation. When she told them about the wolf and shooting it, Rusty talked about reporting it.

"Uh, Uncle Rusty, I'd rather not become a government experiment, and somehow I think that the government would like to do just a bit of testing. I've noticed that most of the Metahumans are staying away from the government."

Rusty sat back at that, "Well, it isn't wolf season yet, and I'm not sure about the laws are, but I'm pretty sure that we need to report it. Well, tomorrow we can go get the rest of your gear and bring in the wolf."

She sighed at that, and jumped when her Aunt's phone rang. Mary answered it and started talking to her girlfriend June. It took a little while, but Mary managed to convince June that she needed to come up there, and that Randy was OK. When she was done she asked, "So who is Jeri, and what is an MFF, and why does she need a wolf costume?"

Randy looked up, "Uh... Jeri is a good friend of June's. Actually June's exgirlfriend. MFF is the Midwest Fur Fest. A, uh... Furry convention. And Jeri is a wolf fur."

As her Aunt and Uncle started to open their mouths, she held up her hand (paw?). "I'll explain. June is bisexual, a bit. She likes men and women, men more I think. She went to school with Jeri, and they dated casually for a couple years and are still good friends. Furries are people that think or want to be anthropomorphic animals. Did you see the CSI episode with them in it?" After they nodded. "Except that like everything else, they showed it in a bad light."

"So Jeri has a wolf costume?" Randy nodded. "Is June one of these, ah furries?"

"Sort of, she's more of a groupie. She doesn't have a costume, and doesn't really do anything but chat online with a few of them, buy some art and go to a couple of conventions a year. Right now she is in Denver." Randy explained and answered some more questions until she yawned, "I'm really tired, can we call it a night?"


Randi woke the next morning thinking that it all had been some sort of weird dream, that idea disappeared quickly when she went to wipe out her eyes and her paw hit her muzzle. She stifled her scream, and started shaking, it didn't take but a moment for her aunt to come in and give her a hug.

She looked up at her Aunt, "It's not some sort of dream? It really happened?"

Mary held her and said "Yes, it's real. Don't worry though, we'll figure something out." The two of them continued to sit there for a few minutes, before Mary suggested they get up and get going.

Randi pulled her shorts and shirt back on, and the two of them joined Rusty in the kitchen. Randi got a chuckle as her Aunt and Uncle played Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who made breakfast and who went out to take care of the animals. They didn't have a lot of animals, but they still needed to be taken care of.

With the chores decided, Randi offered to go help her Uncle with the animals. Mary started pulling out stuff to make breakfast as Randi and Rusty headed outside. They chatted about what else there was to get done today as they walked over to the barn. As they neared the barn, the animals began to act up, banging on stalls, and making a lot of noise.

Randi turned to Rusty, and said, "Maybe I'll just go help Mary. I think your animals would prefer that."

"You're probably right, anyway it isn't something that I don't handle half the time anyway."

Randi chuckled, and headed back to the house.

She walked into the kitchen, and Mary turned, "Why are you back?"

"Your animals don't appreciate me. They may think I'm going to eat them."

"Speaking of eating, exactly what is it that you eat now?"

Randi stopped and got a thoughtful look on her face. "I'm not sure. Thinking about it, meat feels good, breadish stuff ok, sweet stuff good, but vegetable type things don't seem that appealing. Salad just seems wrong."

Mary gave Randi a look, "You have to eat your veggies, so you grow up tall and strong." She was almost laughing at that.

Randi looked down at her, while she was a little smaller, she still towered over her aunt. "Some veggies seem ok, but lettuce, celery, and those sorts are just unappealing."

It didn't take the two of them long to have a large breakfast prepared, and shortly afterwards Rusty came back in. They sat down and began eating. Randi learned something new, it wasn't the easiest to eat with a muzzle replacing her mouth. It took a while for her to figure where to put the fork in her mouth to minimize the spillage. Drinking was almost impossible, and she ended up pouring her OJ into an empty bottle and drinking it from there.

Around noon, Mary came in and told Randi that she was heading off to get June, and that Rusty was ready for them to go get Randi's camping gear.

Randi gave her a hug and told her to come back soon, then headed out to get the gear. Rusty had two quads all ready to go, and Randi noticed that he had both a pistol and rifle. Rusty looked over to Randi, "Do you want this?" He was holding up Randi's .45.

She hesitated, then said, "Yeah, you can't be too safe out there."

They headed out and it didn't take them too long to get where the campsite was. Everything was broken down quickly and packed up, then they went off to where Randi had dragged the wolf carcass.

They found what was left of the carcass, something had been eating it and it was torn up fairly well. Randi took one sniff and said, "Bear, and it hasn't been gone long. By long I mean it ran off when we got close." Both of them dropped their hands to their pistols.

"Are you sure about the bear?" When Randi nodded, he continued, "I guess we don't really need to report this, the bear will probably come back and finish it off. Now that I think about it, I can smell the bear too."

They returned and set about cleaning up the camping gear and Randi's clothes. After they had everything done, Rusty suggested getting everything ready to grill some steaks. Mary had called and they should be back in 20 minutes or so.

Randi agreed and got out the grill and charcoal while Rusty went to get the stuff ready to cook. As Randi was looking for her matches to light the charcoal, Rusty came out, "There's a reason we asked your opinion about metahumans the other day."

Randi looked up confused, "Huh?"

With that Rusty held up his hand and after a moment it burst into fire. He stuck his hand into the grill and started the charcoal burning. He pulled his hand out and held it out for Randi to look at.

Randi stared at the unburned hand, "What the hell?"

Rusty chuckled, "You aren't the only metahuman in the family, or the first."

Randi started asking questions, but Rusty held up his hand. "To answer the most obvious questions. A few weeks ago I tripped and fell into a fire we were burning some garbage in. I rolled out of the fire and started rolling around to put it out, the whole time Mary was screaming. When we finally got the fire out, she started hosing me off with the garden hose, I stood up and was unburned. Even my clothes were unburned, in fact I was just wet. We both stood there shaking for a while, before she gingerly came over and gave me a hug."

"Wow, can you do anything else?"

Rusty shook his head, "Not really. I am fireproof, at least for normal fires. I keep practicing though." He looked at his watch, "You need to go inside, unless you want to meet June out here."

Randi sighed, and headed into the house. A couple minutes later Mary and June pulled up. June jumped out and started asking where Randall was. After a few minutes of trying to talk to her, Mary and Rusty gave up and yelled for Randi to come out. That shut up June, because she knew that he hated to be called Randy.

Randi walked out, and heard June scream, and start running away. It was the reaction that she expected. June stopped when she realized that Mary had walked up and was giving whatever had walked out a hug. June stared at Randi, "What, er who are you?"

"It's me, Randall. Well more Randi, with an 'I' now, but it's still me," Randi answered.

"Prove it," June challenged.

"Can I come over and whisper in your ear?" When June shook her head no, Randi continued. "Ah, hmmm... You and Jeri have identical rose tattoos on your butts."

"Hey how do you know that Jeri has that tattoo?"

"I helped her out of her fursuit Halloween our senior year. Do you believe me now?"

June shook her head again, "Tell me something else, a bunch of people could know that."

"Well, the night before we left for vacation we made love twice, and you were wearing that pink baby doll that I got you at Victoria's Secret. Jeri loves for you wear it at the conventions. And how many people are you letting look at your butt?"

Randi laughed as June blushed deeply. "How did you know that Jeri loves it?"

"She told me to make sure that you pack it, and asked if I really picked it out all by myself."

June ran over and jumped into Randi's waiting arms, "Is that really you in there?"

She whispered something into June's ear and June blushed even deeper. "Yes it's me, a bit furrier and curvier."

While Randi and June cuddled, Rusty went and started cooking dinner. By the time it was done, he had to interrupt the two of them so they could eat. While they ate, Randi told June the whole story and caught up Mary with what they had found.

After everyone had eaten and all was cleaned up, they sat around talking about what to do now. Randi couldn't really go back to his job, he probably couldn't even go into a city now. Sure there were a bunch of Metahumans running around, but they seemed to all have some way of hiding their real identities. How could that forty foot woman hide? Randi figured that he could stay here, out of site, help on the farm, and do so software writing on the side. Rusty and Mary were willing to let her. June was torn, she knew nothing about living on a farm, and didn't want to give up her job.

After talking all evening, Randi decided that was what she would do. June agreed to stay the rest of the week, she had it off. Randi also wanted to call his boss, Mr. Stark, in the morning. He hoped that Tony wouldn't have a problem with the abrupt resignation.

As they retired for the night, Randi told June that she had an incentive for her to stay. June looked at her quizzically, and she stuck out her tongue and licked all the way around her mouth. June's eyes got big and she nearly dragged Randi into the bedroom.


The next morning everyone was woken to June screaming. Rusty busted into the room to see Randall holding June on the bed. Rusty stared for a moment, then closed the door. He turned back to Mary and told her that Randall was back. They hugged and went on about their morning rituals.

As Rusty was finishing up making breakfast June and Randall came down into the kitchen. Rusty looked up, "I see you're back."

Randall looked over and smiled, "I don't know what happened. When we went to sleep, I was furry and female. When June woke up, I was me again, although I seem to be prematurely grey."

June blushed, "Sorry about the screaming, it just surprised me to wake up next to Randall, when I went to bed with Randi."

Mary came in and the four of them sat down to breakfast. Randall started the inevitable conversation, "I guess it's good that I didn't call and quit my job."

They continued talking through breakfast, changing all the plans that they had made the night before. Randall wasn't sure how he would explain his hair, but it was no weirder than some of the others at work, and a lot less weird than some he saw. He did think that it was odd that it was all his hair that had changed, and if he was hairier he would look like wolf even like this.

Their breakfast conversation ended with a shocker, when Randall proposed to June, telling her that if she was willing to stay with him through everything that had happened he would be and had been stupid to keep waiting. She replied that she would have to think about it, about ten seconds after Randall's jaw hit the floor, she said yes and started kissing him.

Randall and June spent the rest of the week at his Aunt and Uncle's, helping out and making plans. They picked a date, actually a couple that would work. They let their parents know, and a few of their closest friends. There were congratulations all around, although Jeri was curious about June still going to Cons with her.

The only thing they found odd was that the animals still didn't like it when Randall came near, and the dogs wouldn't go anywhere near him. He was a bit upset about that, because he had always enjoyed playing with them on previous visits.

By the end of the week, June was definitely ready to go home, she hadn't really liked the isolation of the farm, even she got along with Rusty and Mary well. She was happy when the plane finally set down in San Jose. They got unpacked and spent a relaxing evening unwinding from their vacation.

Saturday morning, Randall called down to work and asked if Mr. Stark was in, the guard on duty chuckled and said, "Where else would he be?"

Randall laughed back, "Well he might be dead, of course Tony will probably work a half day before his funeral."

There was a snort, before the guard could get control, "Anything else you need, Mr. Sinclair?"

"Yeah, I'll be there in about an hour with my girlfriend June, and she'll need a pass."

There was a pause, and Randall could hear some tapping, "June Allison, sure. Just make sure she brings an ID."

An hour later Randall and June walked into the entrance of the plant, and the guard did a double take, "What the hell did you do to your hair?"

"It's a bit complicated, and maybe I'll explain it sometime. I think I need a new photo though."

"You probably should, although Sarah doesn't change hers, of course her hair seems to change every day. Miss Allison, can I see an ID?" June handed over her driver's license and the guard actually looked at it and her. "Here's your pass. Remember there still are areas you can't take her."

"I do. Where is Tony right now?"

The guard looked at his display, "He's in Lab 1, and the lights are green."

"Thanks," Randall said as he led June off to Lab 1. At the lab, Randall checked the lights on the lab, before swiping his card and opening the door. "Excuse me, Tony? Is it OK to bring my girlfriend in?"

"Huh, oh what? Your girlfriend?" He glanced down at his displays. "Sure bring her in, I'm just looking over some data."

Randall led June in and Tony got up and gave her a hug, "Hello June, did you have a good vacation?"

She returned the hug, "Well it certainly was interesting."

Tony got an interested look, "So what happened?"

"Well, it wasn't actually my vacation that got interesting, it was Randall's."

Tony finally took a good look at Randall, "What did you do to your hair? It's a close match for mine now!"

"That's part of what I ah, we wanted to talk to you. Can we go someplace private?"

Tony paused and looked around. "Jarvis."

A disembodied voice answered, "Yes Mr. Stark."

"All recorders off, Lab 1."

"Yes Mr. Stark."

"That's all Jarvis."

June's eyes got big, "You have an AI here?"

Tony and Randall chuckled and Tony answered, "No, it's just a voice activated computer. Calling out the J name activates it, and then it will follow a limited set of verbal commands. It makes it easier while your hands are full. So what did you want to tell me?"

"Well some thing very interesting happened to me on my vacation," Randall started off and then continued on telling the story.

"Can you change back?"

"Honestly, I haven't tried. I don't know why I changed the first time, and I don't know why I changed back. As interesting as it was, I don't really want to get stuck that way." June pouted a little at that.

"Well it's probably a good thing that I am not more interested in Biosciences, because I'd probably want all sorts of samples. If you manage to change again, I would like to do some mechanical tests. See how strong you are, that sort of thing."

"I'll think about it."

"You are still capable of doing your job aren't you?" Randall nodded. "Good, then if that is all?"

June spoke up, "Actually Mr. Stark, there is something else."


"Randall asked me to marry him!"

"I assume you said yes. Congratulations!"

"Thank you. I'd like to ask you something though." He nodded. "My father died a few years ago, would you do me the honor of giving me away at the wedding?"

Randall's jaw dropped, they hadn't talked about this. Tony paused, "I'd be honored to give you away at your wedding, if you really want an old man to do that."

"Mr. Stark..."

"Call me Tony."

"Tony, I can't think of anyone else that I would want, other than my father," June said with a tear in her eye.

"I will then," he said leaning over and giving her another hug and a kiss on her cheek.

The three of them went to Mr. Stark's office and spent a while choosing a final date for the wedding and some other details, he insisted upon paying for it all.

That evening June and Randall went out to eat. They had a quiet romantic dinner celebrating their engagement. They returned to their apartment and were dropped off by the cab a bit away from the door. As they passed an alley, someone grabbed and dragged June into the alley.

Randall charged in after her, and found himself staring at a thug holding June with one arm and a gun in the other. "You don't look bullet-proof hero, so I just suggest that you turn around and leave."

Randall felt something building in him and he growled, "Let her go."

The thug waved his gun towards the street, "One last chance..."

Randall never heard the rest of what he was going to say. He leapt at the thug, changing as she flew through the air. Her left hand grabbed his gun, and her right hand around his throat driving him into the wall. June spun free and stared as Randi bared her fangs and growled menacingly. "You and your kind aren't wanted here, and if I catch you here again... Well I am a bit hungry," she ran her tongue around her lips and snapped her mouth closed.

She gave him her best grin, as she smelled that he had lost control of his bodily functions. She let go of his wrist and neck, and he looked down at where his gun was. Randi followed his eyes, "Leave it. Now be gone and don't come back or face the wrath of Wolfsbane."


Randi and June snuck back into their apartment without being seen, except for the security camera. Randi sat down at her computer, "I have to do something about that recording, fortunately the apartment building uses Stark Security Systems."

Carefully tapping away at the computer, Randi went in and edited the video replacing the two of them with a view of the empty hallway. June looked at her, "How do you know how to do that?"

Randi chuckled, "The editing is simple, just about anyone could do it, unfortunately if anyone examines the recording closely they will notice the edit. Getting into the system, well I mentioned to Doug a while back that our building used Stark Security, and he told me the 'super secret, we don't tell the user, access code and password.' Huh, I wonder if Doug would give me a hand here?"

"So now no one will know you came in here, but what do we do to get you out?"

The two of them went and cuddled on the couch, the adrenaline finally bleeding off, when slowly Randi's body began shifting. The fur retreated, as did the breasts, she grew taller and filled out somewhat. A few moments later Randall sat there naked. June was sitting next to him staring blankly.

He got up and disappeared into the kitchen, returning with a small glass of Scotch, after June had had a drink, "Did that hurt?"

"No it didn't. It felt weird, but not painful." He looked down, "Maybe I should get some pants?"

She looked him over, "I've got a better idea." She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bedroom.

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