What Light Through Yonder Shadow... - Act 0


Before this world was created they were here. The two primal forces, opposites. Call them what you will Light and Dark. Order and Chaos. Masculine and Feminine. Positive or Negative. Where once there had been a universe based on unity it was obvious that duality was the new currency.

The Consciousness was comfortable, it felt a Love for what it was but it was also curious. What would happen if it didn't Love itself? Maybe it could create that reality in a pocket multi-verse and see what it would be like. It began moving. Creating matter. Solid objects appeared for the first time- EVER!

One thought thinking the opposite of the other and in doing so, a physical object was moved in a vibration differing to the other physical creations. These objects, now physically aware separated from the unified consciousness. As the newly created physical objects continued vibrate at differing rates they physically expanded and heated up, eventually exploding into countless different fragments.

And the physical multi-verse was formed. The new physical creations continued to vibrate. This meant that even though they were separating into smaller parts because of the explosion, the continued vibration of the shattered physical conscious objects caused them to continue to grow and remould themselves

Consciousness doesn't automatically create super dense physical objects. If physicality is created from nothing the first physical thing will obviously be the light that is derived from the idea to create. With this process occurring over and over will finally result in the first light becoming hard light, ie. Dense physical objects.

Light was truly the first physical creation. Movement and vibration of light ensured different shades of light, but this was the same as shades of black. Shades of dark. When the time finally came that the light was dense enough to form planets, suns and systems. The Consciousness decided to create people.

Man opened his eyes to discover that he was unable to see in the first light. He was afraid of the Dark.
“The Darkness is confusing and chaotic.” Man told the Conscious Light that he had come from. And Woman was formed. Woman brought the light that Man needed to see and Man was pleased.

Over time Man began to envy Woman and he tried to subjugate her. Woman called for help. When Man was told to cease his attempt at subjugation he complained again. “Why does Woman have Light and I do not?!” The First Light of Consciousness grew weary of of Man's continued complaints.

And Man was imbued with the darkness and Woman with the Light. For millennia Light and Dark raged and warred against each other. But Man and Woman were always meant for each other and the battles were tempered with periods of passionate creation. Thus the human race came to be not one Man and Woman but many men and women, each with the potential for Light and Dark Acts.

But the original Man and Woman remain...loving each other but cursed...with hating each other.


He hunted for food-on-legs. Hiding behind a shade-giver and tightening the hold he had on the pointy hard thing that he made with the other hard thing. He climbed up the shade giver, ready to ambush his food. As he reached the spot where his food would not smell him, he prepared to jump slamming the pointy thing into the thing he would then eat.

As the creature walked below, he launched himself killing it with one blow. As he rose his cave-brother walked up to him. “You get good food-on-legs. Woman-mate eat well.”

The man had no woman- mate so he knew this other wanted to take what was his. “No” said the hunter possessively pulling his food toward him. Unfortunately he was so focused on retrieving his catch that he never saw the rock that ended his life.

The thief and murderer was bigger than the others and he saw no reason to do things for himself when he could just get others to do them for him. If he didn't get what he wanted, he would just kill or take from another. He took the dead man's woman-mate and made her his, he got cub-young from her and killed her when she had done this for him.

She had given him man-cubs but she bored him with her moping and crying over her dead mate. She was of use to him no longer. He enjoyed seeing her pain as she died he grew hard at the sight of the life leave her eyes. He left her in the sun to rot and went looking for other woman-mates.

The Darkness saw this and was impressed. It had been unable to seize the Light from Woman, but maybe if it gave part of itself to this man he could find a way to take light from the other women. And The Darkness found an emissary.

The woman was dead. Her mate was dead, killed by one who would dominate her and then toss her aside like nothing. Her soul burned for revenge. As her soul began to wander as ghosts usually do until she saw a bright light woman. The bright-light woman brought her a message. She was told that she could now be at peace all she had to do was give herself to the bright-woman. The bright-woman would bring the man to justice.

And the Light found it vessel as the woman's body was reanimated. However, the body was unable to withstand the heat of the Light and the Light burned the dead body. But the Light's vessel now was a human soul and took the form of a woman of flame. The Light created a realm of soldiers to stand against the demons of Darkness when Darkness wreaks havoc on Earth.

The Light was powerful, but without a physical body it had a weakness. Finally, it found a vessel a human body with a genetic abnormality, one the could burn without being destroyed. She gave it extended life for a compromise. When in human form the human spirit would reign but when it was needed to battle Darkness, Woman would be in control.

And so it went — every age, every generation a vessel was found for Darkness and every millennia one for the Light. These two primal forces to continue their battle. Although, battle is passion and passion is not only found in battle.

Man and Woman were made to create and it was Man's fear that lead to Darknesses attempted destruction of Light. Due to this every so often they come together in an attempt to achieve their original purpose.


Man and Woman began to realise that they loved one another and that they wanted one another. Their passion was so great, so powerful that it destroyed Atlantis. They blamed each other.
The Light and Dark were at war again. Their offspring saw the damage that it's bickering progenitors created and decided to hide from them. Their offspring decided to work with an emotionally balanced person as an object on their body. And the Balances first and only male wielder was the King of Atlantis. And the Balance took the form of a gauntlet that could become a blade, it protected as well as attacked. It's first act was to travel backward through time.

ROME- A.D. 300

With the rise of power of the Catholic Church, Angels became a powerful force in religion. It was an unnamed priest who named the Light's embodiment on earth The Angelus. If he had lived he would have either been made a bishop or excommunicated but we will never know the because the person that the Darkness inhabited destroyed the entire town where the priest lived in order to prevent others from learning too much about his studies.


Kneeling before the alter in the church Jeanne tried to find order her mind. The voices had started a week before. Voices claiming that she had a divine mission to defend France. Jeanne shivered, and rose before the altar, lighting a candle and praying for a sign that what she heard wasn't the devil.

A light appeared where she had been kneeling a moment before. There was no way that it came through the window as it was too far away for the sunshine to reach the alter area. She stumbled backward as the light grew brighter, eventually becoming a winged woman clothed in flame.

“I am The Angelus. I am the Light the cuts through The Darkness. Jeanne D' Arc you have heard the saints, and I bring you a message and a gift.” Jeanne stood shaking. “There is war coming, fight for your country, but never forget your true foe — the Dark man. He is the emissary of The Darkness. The Darkness brings the war, it brings the evil. The emissary brings the demons that tell the leaders of the enemy what to do.”

“Now take this ornament, my offspring, it shall guide you.” Jeanne took the gauntlet and put it on...it disappeared. In it's place was a bracelet that fit comfortably around her wrist.
There was a disturbance at the back of the church, “Ah,” said the Angel “your witness. He shall verify that I have spoken to you.” Then the angel was gone and she turned to see the priest kneel before her.

The Angelus- October 2009 AD

The Angelus had used it's physical body for longer then was safe and she understood that if she met The Darkness as she was it could have disastrous consequences. She flew to the ocean and discarded of her physical shell which had long ago lost all human free will and had become one with The Angelus.

She found it easier to be in charge of the human-self and with the continued changing between Angelus and human the human had finally submitted to the Light of the Angelus. She now sought a new vessel.

The Darkness- January 2010 AD

Jack Estacado, the current holder of the Darkness was the head of the New York, Pennsylvania, Augusta and Boston Mafia families, effectively controlling all organised criminal activity in the upper eastern seaboard of the United States.

Jackie was different to the other holders of the Darkness in that he wasn't really interested in domination through chaos. Hell, he thought it stupid that the Darkness had a need to destroy the comforts in life. With all that power he got what he wanted. Girls. Money. You name it, and occasionally, not only to satisfy The Darkness but also because he enjoyed it he would show people not to mess with him

The time that the Hernandez group in Mexico killed his top lieutenants after taking them to a small town in Mexico, he had great fun in letting the Darkness destroy the entire Hernandez Company one person at a time each demon taking their time with their prey. He enjoyed that, it felt...amazing.
But random death sprees were nothing but trouble and in today's world he had enough trouble with the metas and dark magicians who wanted what was his.

Jackie's reverie was cut short as he felt a pull and suddenly became intensely aroused. He knew what this was, he had been dreading it since the Darkness came to him. The Angelus. She was looking for a new body and she was vulnerable. Part of the deal in taking the Darkness, was that he needed to attack when this happened.

He shook his head, he understood demonic nature was insane but what the Darkness wanted was pure stupidity. Didn't the darkness realise that the increasing trans-gender culture proved that men held the Light as well.

The pull came from the South Pacific, that meant New Zealand or Australia. He caught the next flight on Qantas. As the Philadelphia families had taken the liberty of planting a bomb on his private jet. He needed to buy a new one. At least he had the luxury of buying the remaining first class tickets.

He boarded the flight to discover that The Darkness had arranged for him to have all of first class to himself. This was a fool's errand, but perhaps it could be salvaged. Who knew, he might end up controlling Australia. He'd heard they were laid back there maybe the cops would be easy to corrupt.

She could feel the Darkness coming for her, it was imperative that she find a suitable vessel. She floated in the air above the major cities of the land trying to find the one human who would have the genetic abnormality that her last host had. She didn't understand why she couldn't feel the correct one. With all the people in this reality with this new meta-gene, surely it should be easy to find a woman who fit the specifcations.

She scanned the cities for the correct body again but she found no one. Finally she decided upon the rural areas, but still she found no one. Again she tried but had no luck. She moved her search to New Zealand and the outlying islands in that area

She felt something, it was unlike anything she had felt before and she knew that she had to find it, it could shelter her from the Darkness. She had to end this war between them, it was time to finish this enmity. Maybe this vessel could achieve that if they changed the contract that would bind them.