The Girl Who Stole The World

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The Girl Who Stole The World-1

by Lynceus

Mallory was promised a lot of things in life. Those promises were broken, leaving the young teen bitter and resentful of those around her. Then she got the power to make all of her dreams come true..but will that power corrupt her?

A Retcon of Cobalt Blue, a Flash villain of some important, that most of you have probably never heard of. Knowledge of the character and/or the flash, or hell, even comics in general, is unecessary to read this story! Some other characters are mentioned, but despite being set in a world with superheroes, this isn't really a superhero story. Yeah, I'm weird like that.

Disclaimer: I make no claims to any character or image owned or under copyright by another party, nor do I intend on profiting in any way from their use. The Comics Retcon Universe concept is the creative property of Lilith Langtree.